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Bobby talks Brad Pitt, Jesse James and Life in Dublin - (WBDP 4)

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By Michael
Wobistdude is a multimedia platform which connects people by providing them with a space for creativity and exploration.

We are expats abroad, entrepreurs, creatives and normal people sharing insights and passions.

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Running Away From Germany | ft. Chelsea - (WBDP 7)
Chelsea was one of the first contributors on the WoBistDude blog. She is on today's show to talk about food, running, wildlife adventures and a whole lot more.  You can learn more about WoBistDude at (timestamps towards the end are a little off)  Show Notes: 0:20  - Introduction 1:20 – Chelsea’s blog posts: how she became a runner, spongebob and moose tracks ice cream 7:20 – Chelsea’s survival guide 9:40 – Veggie to vegan 13:04 – Is honey vegan?  16:38 – Berlin Marathon 19:30 – How to handle aggressive dogs on the road 20:37 – Sights, sounds and food from race day 27:00 – Chelsea ran in a big circle and she cried 24:25 – The move from Germany to USA (this already happened), what do you miss and where do you feel at home? 37:49 – The luxurious Queen Mary   39:09 – Human wildlife conflicts. Man vs Cougar and more 46:03 – educating the general public about wildlife 49:48 – One word answers to some quick fire questions 50:05 – Do you have a role model in your life? 51:50 – “The Hangman’s Daughter” 53:40 – Adventure stories 54:56 – 3 people to take on your rescue team to save Berry from some bad and dangerous people  56:53 – You have a ticket to go anywhere, where would you go?
May 14, 2019
Long legs, raw herring & the things you do in Amsterdam | ft. Brooke- (WBDP 6)
Originally from the exotic land of corn and Lebron James, Brooke moved out of Ohio for the second time 7 months ago when she came to Amsterdam. When she’s not binging documentaries or vegan desserts (often at the same time) she loves to backpack and enjoy canalside coffees. I met Brooke when she visited our mutual friend Massimo in Munich and she's pretty awesome so without further ado, here's our conversation.   Shownotes: 0:00 - Intro 1:38 - Why Amsterdam? 6:10 - Reactions from friends 6:40 - Questions about weed 8:50 - Impressions of the red light district 10:00 - Merchants and morals (or lack thereof) 11:32 - Do they speak english? 13:25 - Living with tallest people in the world, and some other adjustments 15:52 - Who did you vote for in the election?  18:03 - Misconceptions about Amsterdam and the Dutch 19:50 - Have you changed?  20:33 - Dutch Fashion 21:55 - The dating scene in Amsterdam 26:10 - Raw herring 27:30 - What did living in Europe teach you about being an American? 31:08 - Brooke digs into the memory hole and pulls out a curse word 34:48 - Carrying over a hobby from USA 36:20 - Funky questions 36:50 - Chinese brain teaser 39:30 - Bank Robbery Question 40:48 - Series recommendation 41:51 - Michael cried one time 42:07 - Brooke reveals her spirit animal and her powerful pun game
April 5, 2019
Wade on Monkeys, Scorpions, Chopsticks and Love - (WBDP 5)
Almost a decade ago, Wade Million got up from his desk job and left to see the world. Here's a conversation and a peek into some of the adventures and insights that he gained during his travels. As always, you can find the goodies at see some of Wade's amazing photography go to  Shownotes  0:30 - Intro 0:50 - What Wade was doing before he left to see the world 3:18 - Teaching English Abroad 6:15 - China 9:00 - How to chopsticks (culinary adventures) 10:35 - How do families and people relate to each other where you were staying? 12:30 - The Chinese version of Facebook, government controlled web searches and social media 15:15 - Discussing the current Chinese public rating system 17:00 - Going all in, selling all your stuff and living out of a backpack 18:00 - Finding a purpose while traveling 20:20 - The Geese population is exploding, wade is here to help 27:39 - Black Crested Macaques in Indonesia 35:19 - Which parts of travel are over romanticized? 37:00 - Unexpected parts of travel  38:56 - What's it like to date people when you are not tied down to any physical location?  42:00 - Settling down, building a homebase 44:00 - Wade's spirit animal 44:45 - What is one thing you will not eat and why won't you eat it? 46:00 - Recommend a book to us 49:55 - Rob a bank, pick 3 people for your team
March 28, 2019
Bobby talks Brad Pitt, Jesse James and Life in Dublin - (WBDP 4)
Bobby is a longtime friend of Michael. In this podcast they shoot the shit, catch-up and talk about Bobby's life in Dublin, Ireland. You can read Bobby's WoBistDude blog posts here:  Cooling Tower, The Mystery Matinee, The State That Im In Check out the for a variety or stories perspectives from around the world.  Shownotes:  1:00 - Intro 2:33 - Irish literature to a life in Dublin 4:33 - Bobby found love on tinder 7:00 - Transportation in Ireland 8:30 - Mom's reaction to living abroad 10:00 - Recent life update: Bob's new role as sales manager 11:15 - The impossible burger 14:10 - Korean Movie, "Burning" 18:30 - What did Michael have for dinner? 19:53 - The origins of "Ke-Bobby" 22:10 - Something uniquely Irish 23:50 - How to be a tourist in Dublin 26:43 - Gaelic sports 30:46 - Quirky questions begin 30:52 - What is your spirit animal? 32:23 - What is one thing you won't eat? 35:14 - Name your favorite Movie, Book and Song, then explain the common theme 38:50 - Tell us about the first time you remember getting in trouble 40:00 - Pick 3 people to rob a bank with 43:50 - How do you relax? 45:39 - Bob asks Michael, what he would do if he retired...tonight 46:35 - Bob asks about WoBistDude
March 17, 2019
Miriam on Interracial Dating, Anxiety and Hugging Trees - (WBDP 3)
DESCRIPTION This episode of the WoBistDude podcast spans a wide variety of topics from anxiety and panic attacks, to the environmental movement to dating a foreigner. Michael sits down with Miriam, a student and tree hugger living in Munich, Germany. Miriam enjoys Yoga, books and science documentaries. Please follow the WoBistDude social media accounts @wobistdude on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The full versions of our content can be found at More from Miriam at @maidmrm on Twitter and Instagram. Notes: 00:35 Talking about Miriam's blog post on anxiety and panic attacks 05:48 How to help someone who has a panic attack 06:45 What does it feel like to have a panic attack 08:40 Stigma of anxiety being a sign of weakness 11:19 Being in a relationship with someone who has anxiety 14:40 How to better deal with anxiety and panic attacks 16:35 Talking to trees and building a connection to nature 20:55 Visiting a lignite mining site 26:45 Concrete is not sexy 31:30 Do everything right or stop trying? Judgement by environmentalists 36:28 Dating an Asian American - stereotypes and stares 40:20 Misunderstandings and language barriers 43:25 Quick fire questions ADDITIONAL INFO Netflix documentary on corals - "Chasing Coral" Book mentioned - A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara Movie mentioned - Vincent will Meer
March 9, 2019
Empty House Man, Stephen Bates - (WBDP 2)
Stephen Bates is a young man who is bringing empty buildings back into use by addressing the personal and financial issues in housing. He best describes what he does as: "It's a people's game. Getting to know the people is the important part... I really do believe that property is secondary". More from Empty House Man here: WoBistDude here: Show Notes: 0:00 - Intro 3:40 - First time you went to someone's door 11:00 - Current Project 16:00 - Housing issues in big international cities 18:44 - Addressing personal issues in housing 20:00 - Arguing over measurement systems with Michael 22:00 - The perspective of a landlord + advice for young tenants 27:30 - Fun Little Questions 27:50 - Who do you think is underappreciated in society 30:30 - What annoys you? 35:20 - If money was no longer an issue what would you do first? 39:00 - 200 miles on a skateboard 44:18 - A book, a movie and a musical piece
February 5, 2019
Mischa's Got Milk - (WBDP 1)
In the first episode of the WoBistDude Podcast, Michael sits down with Mischa, the inventor of a brand new product which seeks to blend the pursuits of nutrition and sustainability into one package.  Please follow the wobistdude social media accounts @wobistdude on facebook, instagram and twitter.  The full versions of our content can be found at Profile: Mischa is a young entrepreneur living outside of Munich, Germany. He is currently working on a plant-based, milk substitute. Mischa enjoys rock climbing, hiking and a variety of outdoor activities.  To learn more about Mischa, please reach out to Michael at  Table of Contents: 1:30 - An early experiment with being vegetarian 2:50 - The origins of Mischa's Milk 10:00 - Experiments with diet 15:40 - Vegans, opinions and the political nature of food 21:00 - Stumbles and difficult points in product development 23:00 - Master Thesis Issues 24:00 - Startup Weekend 27:00 - Hiring 30:00 - Product Development  32:00 - Applying for a grant 35:00 - Dealing with criticism 39:00 - The current (late 2018) product 40:40 - Mischa hits the table 3 times 41: 00 - Target Group 42:00 - Advice to younger self 45:00 - Coping with the emotional ups and downs 48:35 - Book recommendation on the topic of balance 53:00 - Quick fire questions 56:00 - The first time mischa got in trouble 59:00 - 3 favorite books, movies or people
January 16, 2019
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