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The Good Council

The Good Council

By World Future Council
Changing the world, one policy at a time... In each episode, listen to two changemakers – young visionaries and planetary elders – discussing their work towards a sustainable present and our common future. These intergenerational dialogues involve inspiring stories, lived experiences and personal conversations about what it means to be trailblazers, changemakers & more. A podcast by the World Future Council
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Indigenous Past, Present and Future—Pauline Tangiora in conversation with Annika Weis

The Good Council

Stronger UNited for tomorrow—Maria Fernanda Espinosa in conversation with Annika Weis
A trailblazer for women across the world, Maria Fernanda Espinosa held positions in government in Ecuador and at the higher echelons of global diplomacy for sustainable and peaceful development, women’s rights and gender equality, and universal health coverage. She’s an example of someone with determination and strength who never lost her personal convictions and empathy for others. In this episode, we’re looking back at where she came from, where she’s been, and where she’s going…
January 17, 2022
Creating spaces for African Women - Hafsat in conversation with Akinyi Obama-Manners
Hafsat Abiola made a name for herself through standing up for women’s rights and empowering democracy and development on the African continent. She is the founder and board president of the Kudirat Initiative for Democracy that envisions an Africa where women are full participants in the continent’s social, economic and political development. Our Youth:Present representative Akinyi Obama Manners (24) interviews Hafsat Abiola and takes a deep-dive into how Hafsat’s own experiences have shaped her work and the spaces that African women should be occupying.
November 29, 2021
Indigenous Past, Present and Future—Pauline Tangiora in conversation with Annika Weis
A Maori elder and leading figure for indigenous communities, she is a daughter, mother, and grandmother, not only to her family but to many people around the world. Because she fights tirelessly for the rights of nature, for peace and disarmament, and for intergenerational dialogues: Our Honorary Councillor Pauline Tangiora. We want to get to know her as a person. Why does she do what she does? We want to learn more about her views on life, her work, and her community, as well as her message to current and future generations.
November 15, 2021
Von Faktor Fünf bis Faktor Zukunft—Prof. Dr. Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker in Konversation mit Raina Ivanova
Ex-MdB, Präs. Club of Rome, Prof. Dr.; Als Ehrenratsmitglied stärkt Prof. Dr. Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker dem World Future Council mit seiner vollen Expertise den Rücken. Er schrieb Bücher wie “Faktor Fünf” und klärt in den Medien u.A. auf zur Klimakrise, Globalisierung und Energie. Seine Ideen zur Umverteilung der CO2-Emissionen sind zukunftsweisend. Was sagt der Pionier und einer der einflussreichsten Denker der Welt über die weltweite Klimabewegung, die Klimapolitik in Deutschland, und Ideen für ein besseres Morgen? Unsere Youth:Present Repräsentantin Raina Ivanova (17) fragt nach...
November 01, 2021
Writing for a sustainable future—Angelina Davydova in conversation with Annika Weis
A household name for future-proof journalism, Angelina Davydova has more than 20 years of experience in Russian and international media, think tanks and academia, and is an expert in Russian environmental policy. She’s a facilitator and people connector. In this episode, we’re unfolding her journey from a city in a country that no longer exists, to the present-day adventures of a Russian journalist abroad.
October 18, 2021
An extraordinary life in the service of future generations — Prof. Herbert Girardet in conversation with Annika Weis
Filmmaker, poet, ecologist, author, co-founder of the World Future Council. What causes a person to dedicate their life to creating a sustainable future for future generations? Stories from the man who dug a tunnel under the Berlin Wall, organised the Notting Hill Carnival, and lectures expertly on regenerative cities—enter stage left, Prof. Herbert Girardet...
October 04, 2021
Unternehmer, Stifter, Bürger— Prof. Dr. Michael Otto im Gespräch mit Anna-Lara Stehn
Er ist einer der erfolgreichsten deutschen Unternehmerpersönlichkeiten der Gegenwart, Aufsichtsratsvorsitzender der Otto-Group, Mitbegründer und Initiator zahlreicher visionärer Initiativen und Stiftungen, und Träger des Großen Bundesverdienstkreuzes mit Stern: Prof. Dr. Michael Otto. Hören Sie ein inspirierendes Gespräch über seinen Einstieg in das Familienunternehmen, die Verantwortung der Wirtschaft, bis hin zu seinem gesellschaftlichen Engagement und seiner Unterstützung als Mitgründer des World Future Council.
September 20, 2021
Willkommen bei "The Good Council": Dem Podcast des World Future Councils
Was sind die besten Praktiken und nachhaltigen Lösungen für unsere gemeinsame Zukunft? Wie können wir den Planeten in einem besseren Zustand für künftige Generationen hinterlassen? Herzlich willkommen zum ersten Podcast des World Future Council! Entdecken Sie unsere Arbeit und die Antworten auf diese Fragen, indem Sie den generationenübergreifenden Dialogen zwischen unseren Gründern, einigen unserer erfahrensten Ratsmitglieder und jungen Unternehmer:innen und Aktivist:innen aus aller Welt lauschen. Diese Podcast-Reihe gibt einen Einblick hinter die Kulissen, wie eine revolutionäre Idee Wirklichkeit wurde, von den Anfängen des World Future Councils bis hin zu seiner aktuellen Agenda - und bietet Inspiration, Lacher, bewährte Verfahren und Denkanstöße. In jeder Folge werden unsere Ratsmitglieder mit jungen Aktivist:innen und Changemakern aus der ganzen Welt zusammenkommen, die auch Teil unseres Jugendforums Youth:Present sind. Neue Episoden werden ab dem 6. September 2021 jeden zweiten Montag veröffentlicht.
September 06, 2021
Saving the world, one policy at time— Jakob von Uexküll in conversation with Annika Weis
For the first episode of The Good Council, we’re hearing from a man with a revolutionary idea: Jakob von Uexküll, founder of the World Future Council. Why did he set out to create an organisation with a focus on policies? What did he learn from his time on the international stage? And what are his hopes and fears for the future? A personal retrospective with inspiration and lessons for us all...
September 06, 2021
Introducing ‘The Good Council: The Podcast of the World Future Council’
Changing the world, one policy at a time... What are best practices and sustainable solutions for our common future? How can we leave the planet in better shape for future generations? Welcome to the season 1 Trailer for the first podcast of the World Future Council. Discover our work and the answers to those questions by listening to intergenerational dialogues between our founders, some of our most senior Councillors and young entrepreneurs and activists from around the globe. This podcast series provides a behind-the-scenes insight into how a revolutionary idea became reality, from the very beginnings of the World Future Council to its current agenda—providing inspiration, laughter, best practices, and food for thought. Each episode will see our Councillors get together with young activists and changemakers from around the globe, who are also part of our youth forum Youth:Present. New episodes will be released every other Monday, starting 6 September 2021.
August 12, 2021