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The World Class Basics Podcast

The World Class Basics Podcast

By World Class Basics
A light-hearted podcast covering topics such as fitness, nutrition, supplements and business, to help enhance your performance & everyday life. 'World Class Basics' means doing things that are actually going to make a difference. We cut through the nonsense, providing you with simple take home points to improve your health, fitness & nutrition. Put together by Tom, Adam and Liam who have experience working with Professional Sports Teams & Players, 1-to-1 'everyday' clients and we all run our own businesses so our stories are worth listening to!
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1.1. The Truth About Diet & Women's Protein Powder

The World Class Basics Podcast

3.2 - Tom Grennan - How Fitness Changed His Life
Join us as we chat to Tom Grennan, fresh off the back of his no1 single. Tom tells us how finding fitness last year transformed his music writing and mental health and find out what his eureka moment was. We also ask the important questions such as "How do you eat your Kit Kat?" and Adam and Tom have a similar love of a certain food type... Brought to you by Liam Holmes –,, Tom Lowe - Adam French -,,
March 02, 2021
3.1 - 2 Things You Need To Be Doing in Lockdown 3
We're back for Series 3 and this week we give 2 simple but effective things you need to be doing to help during these difficult times. In other news - find out why Adam wimped out of surfing and why people are queuing up outside Tom's flat. Brought to you by Liam Holmes –,, Tom Lowe - Adam French -,,
February 19, 2021
2.6 The Truth About Sugar - Is It Good or Bad?
Is Sugar Good or Bad? That is the question! We debunk a few myths as to whether "healthy sugars" such as Date Syrup or Coconut Sugar are better for us than refined sugar. Liam tells us when it's the best time to have sugar in our diet AND we give the truth about artificial sweeteners, especially sucralose. Is it the devil it's made out to be? Brought to you by Liam Holmes –,, Tom Lowe -  Adam French -,,
December 15, 2020
2.5 - Nutrition & Training Through The Menstrual Cycle with Becs Sandwith
This week we’re joined by CrossFit Coach and registered Nutritionist Becs Sandwith to give a clear guide of how a female’s nutrition and training may need to be altered during the phases of the menstrual cycle. It’s a perfect listen for women who want to get more educated and make the most of their training AND for men to gain a greater understanding. Adam and Tom certainly took away some amazing insight – a MUST listen! Find out more on Becs here - Follow The World Class Basics POD on IG - Brought to you by Liam Holmes –,, Tom Lowe - Adam French -,,
December 04, 2020
2.4 Q&A - The HONEST Answers To The Common Health & Fitness Industry Questions
Things getting a little out of hand when the lads all do 10 quick fire questions each. Question is, does Tom even know what’s in a Welsh breakfast?And Liam has to choose a Snog, Marry, Avoid. Where does Carole Baskin rank? On a more serious note, we cover the following questions: Do women need to take creatine? What’ the best protein powder for muscle gain? Why am I waking up at 3am every night? What’s the science behind this? Do any foods boost testosterone? And Tom tells us about his military career. It’s a cracker!!
November 27, 2020
2.3 - Lean Muscle Diet For Women - How Chloe Got Ripped in 6 Weeks
We talk to Chloe Salter, a CrossFit coach & athlete AND registered Nutritionist, who carried out a 6 week Lean Gains study to see if eating more each day would help her performance, mental health and help her get ripped by putting on muscle without “getting fat” in the process. Chloe also tells a personal story of when she trained with Patrick Vellner and why she, and the lads, think “he’s cute”. Find Chloe on Instagram -  Brought to you by: Liam Holmes - & Tom Lowe - Adam French - &
November 20, 2020
2.2 - Managing Expectations
This week we talk about managing expectations – how Tom and Liam work to set realistic goals for their clients to hit and achieve them.  We also listen to Adam and Liam talk through the struggles COVID has had on their businesses this year but are their businesses better off because of it? Brought to you by: Liam Holmes - & Tom Lowe - Adam French - &
November 13, 2020
2.1 - How To Stay Positive & Motivated Through Lockdown 2
WE'RE BACK!!  After a 3 month break we're back with Pod 1 of Series 2.    We talk through how to stay positive and motivated going into Lockdown 2. Liam gives some tips on how your diet may need to be tweaked and Tom talks us through his morning routine to get him ready for each day! Plus loads of other tips to keep you entertained & motivated.   Watch video online here - Brought to you by:  Liam Holmes - & Tom Lowe - Adam French - &
November 10, 2020
1.11 Intra Workout Nutrition
Want to make the most of your longer sessions or ensure you don't hit the wall on that Sunday ride?? Then this is the pod episode for you! We also debunk the myths surrounding some very popular supplements & discuss when intra workout may not be needed.
July 31, 2020
1.10 - Pre Workout Nutrition
It's now time to talk pre-workout nutrition and what & when you need to eat.  We cover pills vs food, myth busting and debate what is more important - pre or post workout nutrition!  In other news, we find out some more natural supplements that get people "ready for the bedroom"...
July 24, 2020
1.9 - Post Workout Nutrition
Find what you need to eat post-workout and when you need to eat it.  We also talk about whether the "30 minute anabolic window" is a myth, when is best to eat depending of when you workout throughout the day and how fasting can effect it all. In other news, Tom gets curious about how much The Queen can lift and Liam gets confused when Adam starts talking about Nigella's midnight snacking.
July 10, 2020
1.8 - How To Safely Return To Training
Gym offering classes &/or outdoor weight training?  This week we give some advice on how best to safely return to the gym & nutrition advice to best avoid DOMS. It won’t be long until all gyms will be open so time to get prepared too! 
June 26, 2020
1.7 - Bloopers
We're on our mid-season break this week so we've put together some funny snippets & bloopers from the moments before & after we record the pod each week. It's definitely explicit so watch out!  We guarantee to make you laugh :-)
June 19, 2020
1.6 The Anxiety Around Training
This week we get deep and talk about how the current situation may be giving you anxiety due to not being able to train. We give you some advice about how we're dealing with it & it gets emotional. In other news, find out what Tom is doing to make his head so smooth! Brought to you by: Tom Lowe - Liam Holmes - ( & Adam French - ( &
June 12, 2020
1.5 - Meat-free vs Meat BBQ Food
Ever wondered which is better for the BBQ – meat-free or meat options? Well in this POD we look to find out! In other news, Liam calls out both Adam and Tom for saying 4g of protein isn’t enough. Find out why Adam and Liam don’t need fashion advice from Tom and why Tom thinks Adam has invested in a certain range of vegetarian food! Email – Brought to you by: Tom Lowe (@tomlowefit) Adam French  (@adamwheyd @wheyd) Liam Holmes (@liamholmesnutrition @ph_nutrition)
June 05, 2020
1.4 - Fitness Trackers
We uncover how accurate fitness trackers are at tracking calories and review the main benefits & drawbacks of using them. It's surprising the results you can achieve!  In other news, Liam gives a story about "The Red Room" at Fulham FC, we find out what bet Tom & Liam have, why Adam can't track his favourite activity & we set a challenge for our listeners.
May 29, 2020
1.3. Supplements To Improve Strength
Find out what safe supplements we recommend to use that are TRIED AND TESTED to help improve strength.   In other news, Tom gives a story about his gramps boozing with the British & Irish Lions. We find out what is making Tom want to sandpaper his face and Liam unveils what the lads at Fulham FC were taking pre-match to get them pumped up for a game.
May 07, 2020
1.2. Steroid Use in Amateur & Professional Sport
In this straight-talking episode we give an honest review of performance-enhancing steroid use in professional sport, the military and by influencers in the fitness industry. Tom also comes clean for the first time on his encounters and personal stories with steroids. In other news find out what a "c*ckwatcher" is & Adam uncovers whether steroid use has benefits in the skateboarding industry.
May 07, 2020
1.1. The Truth About Diet & Women's Protein Powder
In our inaugural POD, we give you the truth about what women's and diet protein powder actually are and how the supplement brands are deceiving you.  It's shocking what we uncover... In other news, find out what your nan might put in the gravy to help her lose weight, what Tom & Adam think Liam took for 12 weeks before conceiving his first child & why Tom might be rugby tackled if he buys this 'special' product.
May 07, 2020