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Looking At The Career of Wrestling Promoter Jerry Jarrett, Randy Orton & AJ Styles Smackdown Promo on Independent Wrestling.
In this week's episode of The Wrestling News Blog Podcast we look at the history of Memphis Wrestling promoter Jerry Jarrett. Ed also discusses the segment from last week's WWE Smackdown involving AJ Styles and Randy Orton plus a recap of recent wrestling news headlines from wrestlingnewsblog.com  SEGMENTS: AJ Styles and Randy Orton This Week In Wrestling News AEW Update A Look at The Career of Jerry Jarrett Editors Note: *We open the show with remarks about the horrible events that took place in New Zealand. Our prayers are with all who have been affected. 
March 18, 2019
King Kong Bundy Passes Away, AEW Update and More
In this week's episode Ed remembers King Kong Bundy, All Elite Wrestling has been in the news, Jim Ross announces he is leaving WWE and much more. SEGMENTS King Kong Bundy Weekly News AEW Women's Triple Threat at WrestleMania is set? Blast from the past (Jerry Lawler and his foes)
March 11, 2019
Let's Get It Started - The WNB Podcast
There are 4 Segments in today's podcast along with an audio clip that you don't want to miss.  Segment One - WNB Podcast Mission Segment Two - Recent Examples of Wrestlers Sharing Their Faith (Roman Reigns and The Undertaker) Segment Three - Ronda vs Becky Segment Four - "Blast From The Past" - The Original Concession Stand Brawl. Lawler and Dundee vs Latham (later Moon Dog Spot) and Farris (later Honky Tonk Man).
March 4, 2019
It all begins February 2019
A new kind of wrestling podcast is coming!
January 22, 2019
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