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Wrong Story Short

Wrong Story Short

By Joe McIntyre
"Wrong Story Short" is Braithwaite Communications' podcast that takes brief looks into why certain marketing communications don’t work, can’t work and won’t work as constructed. Then, we talk about how some simple adjustments can take those wrong concepts, executions or deliveries of marketing and communications and turn them into something that succeeds.
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The Wrong Content Marketing

Wrong Story Short

Media Training - Joe McIntyre
On our latest episode of "Wrong Story Short," Braithwaite's Allen Vickers and Joe McIntyre highlight the importance of media training. The pair take a deep dive into how ensure your interview goes as smoothly as possible. Lack of preparation before an interview could be the difference in looking like a thought leader or becoming a meme on YouTube. At Braithwaite, part of our job is to ensure spokespeople are prepared and interviews always stay on track. Our staff is full of experts to help brands tell their story without ending up as a meme or bad soundbite. What's in this episode: 1:00 – Braithwaite’s approach to media training   1:18 – Molding Media Training to fit companies needs 2:36 – A positive example of Braithwaite Communications media strategy put into practice 5:49 – Dealing with Questions Coming out of left field from reporters   7:00 – Dealing with hard hitting questions from media
December 10, 2021
Sustainability Messaging Do’s and Don’ts
On our latest episode of "Wrong Story Short," Braithwaite's Allen Vickers, Kim Cox and Katie Rosenberger explore the topic of sustainability and how companies can better represent themselves. Using real-world examples, our hosts discuss what big brands are saying from a sustainability perspective, what pitfalls to avoid in your own sustainability messaging and where companies going from here. This episode also features details from a Long Story Short highlighting how communications pros and baseball front offices are turning to Moneyball metrics like marketing funnel velocity and customer lifetime value to invigorate their work. What's in this episode: :34 – Introduction 1:18 – Why transparency is key 5:24 – The sustainability messaging snowball effect 7:45 – Long Story Short Insights – Moneyball for Marketing You can listen to the podcast by clicking the button below or by finding us on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Anchor, RadioPublic, Google Podcasts, Overcast or Pocket Casts.
September 03, 2021
Navigating Content Marketing and Analyzing the Benefits of a Community Focused Marketing Campaign
On our latest episode of “Wrong Story Short,” Braithwaite’s Allen Vickers, Jason Rocker, and Alessia Brunori discuss the positive impact a community oriented marketing campaign can produce. They discuss the various benefits a business can receive when prioritizing the community and how crises can help businesses grow through storytelling. The world of content marketing is complex and that’s why we are thrilled to have Braithwaite Principal Jason Rocker explain how to execute this form of marketing successfully. A publication of our weekly newsletter, Long Story Short, is also mentioned in this episode explaining how marketing methods from the past can teach us a lot. Timecodes: 0:06 - Introduction 1:10 - Prioritizing a community - A new take on marketing in the Olympics 1:49 - The business benefits of focusing on community initiatives 4:45 - Crises and how to turn a hardship into a story 7:03 - Navigating content marketing 7:38 - Braithwaite’s definition of content marketing 10:04 - Setting goals for content marketing 12:11 - Long Story Short insights - Why Streaming Platforms are Copying Cable
August 06, 2021
Exploring Rebranding and Discussing the Importance of Knowing Your Audience
On our latest episode of "Wrong Story Short," Braithwaite's Allen Vickers, Joe McIntyre and Bryan Soder discuss the importance of knowing your audience. They dig into what some brands get wrong about what their audience wants, even when they’ve spent decades talking to and marketing to these audiences. Navigating your way through a rebrand can be difficult, but Braithwaite Associate Vice President Joe McIntyre shines a light on how to make a rebrand successful.   This episode also features a Long Story Short feature highlighting importance of a customer's experience with a company and how, for some companies, that experience includes what the brand smells like. Visit to learn more. 
July 09, 2021
The Wrong Way to Create a Podcast for Business or a Brand
On our 10th episode of "Wrong Story Short" Braithwaite's Sarah Promisloff Ross and Joe McIntyre discuss how businesses and brands can create a podcast, who should create a podcast, and what it takes to podcast successfully. They talk about some of the wrong reasons businesses develop their own podcast and the mistakes that even the good ones make along the way. Then, they get into how exactly Braithwaite has helped clients put together a podcast that actually delivers results. 
November 15, 2019
The Wrong Way to Think About SEO
On our 9th episode of "Wrong Story Short" Braithwaite's Megan Matthews and Joe McIntyre discuss search engine optimization or SEO, including what exactly it is, how it works from Google's perspective, and what companies get wrong when they want to "optimize" their websites.
August 23, 2019
The Wrong Way to Think About Content Marketing
On our 8th episode of "Wrong Story Short" Braithwaite's Ben Cooper and Joe McIntyre discuss the wrong ways to think about content marketing. Content marketing is no longer just articles written by companies. It's everything from infographics, to short-form and long-form videos, to eBooks, to podcasts, and everything in between. Ben and Joe talk about what companies are missing in their content marketing strategies and why these more advanced content formats aren't as complicated as some may think.
March 22, 2019
The Wrong Way to Critique Design
On our 7th episode of "Wrong Story Short" Braithwaite's Lisa Suszek and Joe McIntyre discuss the wrong ways to critique design. From the differences between critiquing art and design (there is a significant difference), to some of the key questions to ask when thinking about the effectiveness of design, Lisa and Joe take a deep dive into the wrong and right ways to examine design.  
February 08, 2019
The Wrong Way to Announce a New B2B Product
On our sixth episode of "Wrong Story Short" Braithwaite's Jamie Haynes and Joe McIntyre discuss the wrong ways to make a B2B product announcement and talk about how even small- and mid-size B2B companies can stand out when announcing a new product.
December 07, 2018
The Wrong Way to Run a Trade Show Booth
On our fifth episode of "Wrong Story Short" Braithwaite's Freddy Braithwaite and Joe McIntyre discuss the wrong ways to run a trade show booth and chat about how to actually create leads as well as media coverage without spending an arm and a leg on a spectacular booth.
October 19, 2018
The Wrong Transition Communications
On our fourth episode of "Wrong Story Short" Braithwaite's Alex Dalgliesh and Joe McIntyre discuss what mistakes companies make when communicating to employees and other internal stakeholders during a merger or acquisition. And of course, they discuss the right way to handle M&A from a communications perspective.
August 08, 2018
The Wrong Way to Apologize in Crisis
On our third episode of "Wrong Story Short" Braithwaite's crisis expert Steve Wanczyk and Joe McIntyre discuss the wrong ways to apologize during times of company crisis and if it's actually possible to apologize too much (it is).
July 13, 2018
The Wrong Content Marketing
On our second episode of "Wrong Story Short" Braithwaite's Alex Irwin and Joe McIntyre discuss content marketing—what it is, why it's often done wrong, and what it takes to create the really good stuff people actually enjoy reading.
April 27, 2018
The Wrong Media Relations
On this episode, Braithwaite's Sarah Promisloff Ross joins host Joe McIntyre to discuss media relations and specifically, what qualifies as a bad media pitch and what actually goes into creating a good one.
March 30, 2018