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We're Totally (Not) OK

We're Totally (Not) OK

By We're Totally (Not) 💀K
Caleigh & Justin explore the intersection between mass media culture & mental health. We bring on entertainment industry professionals to talk about any and everything - but especially how they stay sane day to day!
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Spiritual Rocks w/ Naranjan Nota

We're Totally (Not) OK

Demystifying Method Acting w/ Rachel Bailit
Actor and acting teacher Rachel Bailit not only gets generous with her time and expertise, she also helps us understand what generosity has to do with the work of an actor in our chat about demystifying method acting and how to balance the use of our own selves and memories in our work with the ability to let go and stay attentive in the moment. Pull out all your masks and shove this in their earholes and then go get the vaccine. ONE COOL THINGS: Rachel: Communicating through Ancient Greek vases. (Rachel's "Sense Memory in Art tour discussing an ancient Greek Amphora" video) Cales: Kintsugi & vaccines Rachel Bailit: www.rachelbailitteaching www.Rachel IG: @RachelBailitteaching FB: @RachelBailit  and @actingforanimators Clubhouse: Methodacting Rachel’s book reco: Acting : The First Six Lessons by Richard Boleslavsky Theme music by Tessa Good & Petr Balaz Send your cool things & Qs into:
May 05, 2021
Comedy & Heart w/ Dena Jackson
Justin’s been taking on more responsibility with his new puppy; Cales showers then gets back into no bra forever howwillshemakeitbackoutinrealworlds; and thank goddesses for our guest who is the ever-delightful, brilliantly-witted, comically-inclined Dena Jackson. Friends, she’s a breath of fresh air and talking to her feels like talking to heart. Shove us in the tunnel tubes to your own heart and listen to Dena talk about comedy, reiki, and tiny egos with loud voices. Also, it’s t bitty’s birthday (date recorded)! SO HAPPY BORN DAY TO THE QUEEN. 👑 COOL THINGS: Dena: mindfulness showers Cales: home herbs & mood mail forewarning! Justin: wins it all again with puppy Aspen making a guest appearance! THAT FACE! 🥺 Dena Jackson: Twitter/ig: @denatalks Theme music by Tessa Good & Petr Balaz Send your cool things & Qs into:
April 28, 2021
Story Principles w/ Rodrigo Portaro
Story’s all around us — selling us, buying us, moving us, halting us. But what the heck is it? How do advertisers and screenwriters and friends and fam use it? Gimme the basics, WTNOK! New friend and long time Story Creator Rodrigo Portaro breaks Story down into basics. He also shares his own story about leaving a career that was making him sad and finding his new path in life, helping others tell stories. Shove us in your earholes to listen to the… story. Rodrigo Portaro: Site: Twitter: Instagram (but it is in Portuguese): COOL THINGS: Rodrigo: Justin: Christmas music, meow! Don’t matter that it ain’t Christmas! (Just cuz it’s April don’t mean it ain’t currently snowing in Canada, baybeeee 😂) Cales: Unplug. (Especially when the universe forces you to when you get too wrapped up in being busy.) Rodrigo’s Recommended Books: Story, Robert Mckee: The Golden Theme, Brian McDonald: Invisible Ink, Brian McDonald: Theme music by Tessa Good & Petr Balaz Send your cool things & Qs into:
April 21, 2021
Composers & Concussions w/ David Federman
From frequencies and ethics around shaping sound for film to working with masters and having an actual dragon as a part of production, composer David Federman chats with Cales about the work they’ve done together and the journeys he’s experienced along his trajectory as a music maker in the film industry, including all the Spanish dancing and concussions along the way! COOL THINGS: David: I'm the arranger/orchestrator of Back and Forth (music/book/lyrics by Dayjan Lesmond), which is a musical about... totally not being okay. It explores the artist's journey and struggles with mental health... and by the way, we have a dragon. Avail to watch here: Cales: Meet yourself where you’re at.  Justin: sneakin’ in there via Happs audience member Frank’s “⏱” post (fun lil Easter egg for ya beauty live viewers!) Additional links: David Federman: @federmusik on FB, TW, and IG. “The Monster in Me” Theme music by Tessa Good & Petr Balaz Send your cool things into:
April 19, 2021
The Glossy Things w/Jessica Schmiedchen
Captivating. Keen. Killin’ it with the analogies. We zoom-sat-chat with Jessica Schmiedchen to hear how she balances being a mom with her role as a CBC TV exec and all the notes in between (specifically, those given around the dinner table). AND! The coach you never knew you needed until you got a platinum pixie cut! COOL THINGS: Jessica: Yoga With Adriene ( Cales: Home-made disinfectant spray [80% rubbing alcohol, freshly squeezed aloe vera, and your fav essential oils for fragrance] Justin: Reach out! Theme music by Tessa Good & Petr Balaz Send your cool things into:
April 07, 2021
Zoom Date w/Meagan Allison-Hancock
ZOOM DATE with Meagan... ok not a zoom date, we’re still on @happsnews but we talk about zoom dating. And life as a talent agent. And a cat that walked out of a house fire as the sole survivor. Down to earth gab fest full of real talk, peloton and mugs of wine. Shove us in yer earholes, babes. Meow. COOL THINGS Cales: Saje essential oils (they’re delicious). Meagan: Library Justin: Dumplings from scratch Theme music by Tessa Good & Petr Balaz Send your cool things into:Not
April 02, 2021
Lazer Pirates w/Mike Donis
Is art in the doing or in the result; in the act or the product? This was a night-long conversation Cales had with her grand pal Donis & we decided to continue it on in a WTNOK episode to not only watch Cales’ head almost spin off its axle, but so y’all could be privy to how effing cool of a pirate Mike Donis is — filmmaker, director, editor, actor, and yes, an actual pirate. Shove us in yer ear holes for clarification (& antics).  Donis on  Instagram: @mikedonis  “ on Twitter (which he never uses): also @mikedonis  Check out more from his composer for “Pete Winning” here: and on insta:      Cool things: Donis: “For my own mental health, I wake up every day at least two hours before I have to leave home. I essentially just sit by myself for the first hour, before starting to get ready to leave during the second hour. No matter how early I have to get up, 95% of the time I do the two-hours thing. It helps me feel settled before gearing up for the day.” Cales: jeans (but also something significantly deeper, mentioned mid-ep, which none of us could remember by the end, so maybe not so deep actually, but rather than re-listening to her own voice again, yay, a fun Easter egg for you!) Justin: Drawing as an act of mediation!  Theme music by Tessa Good & Petr Balaz Send your cool things into:
March 26, 2021
Inclusive Politics w/DavKat
Dav, like Cales, doesn’t necessarily care for labels, though several deem her a sensational journalist and we feel confident enough saying she is a delightfully passionate conversationalist and bright, shiny soul! This gal can not only talk up a storm but has the gumption and confidence to keep advancing her own conversations on her own platforms, even in the face of adversarial voices. She opens up about personal prompts to want to be vocal, political plies that fuel her fire, and references one of Cales’ favourite poets with a quote we cannot help but share here again: “The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.”     ⁃    William Butler Yeats COOL THINGS: Dav: self-compassion Cales: “Opening Scenes” Scriptnotes episode ( Justin: Onesies & March of Remembrance and Hope Canada ( Theme music by Tessa Good & Petr Balaz Send your cool things into:
March 25, 2021
Excuse this Interruption w/Revolution MacInnes
TRIGGER WARNING! Sensitive topics discussed! Watch this Ep on Youtube: Has isolation offered us a sense of “more time?” Have social apps that “bring us together” made us feel “less alone?” Has having these technologies at our disposal or even roofs over our heads left us feeling “less stressed” or “more put together?” Honestly, NOPE. Today’s guest makes us feel OK about not always feeling OK, opening up about personal moments of vulnerability — being homeless, having packages arrive in the middle of an interview, pushing forward in the fight to fight the good fight that often feels like a fight with yourself. Revolution has his own @HappsNews show, where he aims to create space for good conversation with good-hearted people and, as he was the one who introduced us to the platform, he also shares a bunch of things he loves about the community! Find more of Rev here: Twitter: @RevMacLive Happs: @RevMacLive IG: @revmaclive COOL THINGS: Rev: @HappsNews Cales: Thank you. (You’re welcome.) Justin: IS GETTING A PUPPY!
March 17, 2021
Almost Oscar w/Gavin Michael Booth
SEASON 3! WE MOVED! We’re LIVE! We’re on @HappsTV! And we also forgot to introduce ourselves in this episode because we were SO FREAKING EXCITED. So allow us to do so now.  Hello, and welcome to We’re Totally (Not) OK.  But that’s OK. A podcast about the intersection between mass media culture and mental health.  I’m Caleigh Le Grand. And I’m Justin Van Lieshout. And we promise to try to remember things that make you feel comfortable and nostalgic and just plain informed because basics, right? WE’LL NEVER FIGURE IT OUT AND WE’LL NEVER GET IT DONE AND THAT’S OK! We’re hashtag blessed to have a dear friend, Gavin Michael Booth, as our first episode for season three, because he’s literally perfect for our podcast — a filmmaker who just released his film precisely dealing with intricacies of mental health. Gavin tells us about some of the challenges he faced putting together his double-single-take feature film (yes, you read that right), shares his insanely adorable dog (which you can actually see if ya head over to Happs TV to catch the broadcast replay), and we all get to interact with fans who watched and commented live-time while we conducted the interview! Check out more of Gavin's work:
March 10, 2021
"Digging in the Dirt" (Part 2) w/ Omar & Dylan
Don’t start here! Go one ep back! This is part 2 of 2 of our conversation with documentary filmmakers Omar Mouallem and Dylan Rhys Howard, creators of “Digging in the Dirt” — a documentary film about addiction, suicide, and men's mental health in the Alberta oil sands. Find it on CBC Gem, and listen on to hear them share views on things like: How do we think about work? Is productivity worth more than life itself? Not sure anyone would openly conquer, but what does our economy’s last — oh, I don’t know — few hundred years reflect? How much of our identities are intrinsically tied into our occupational endeavours? Is work the epitome of our cultural values? Is there that much more of a culture of silence around men’s mental health, given our hegemonic ideologies about masculinity? Does reporting on suicide expose and curb paths that lead to them or encourage copycats? What kind of fear is good to have as a journalist? Emotionally, how does communication like texting or typing differ from speaking the words from your mouth? So. Many. Questions. They also open up about their own mental health whilst working on a documentary about suicide. Spoiler alert: one starts going to therapy, the other claims to have been going to therapy long before it was cool. Let’s get deep and have fun about it. E-book: Mindset: Reporting on Mental Health “Digging in the Dirt” on CBC Gem: Cool Things: Justin’s: SPJ Code of Ethics Cales’: Coffee grounds (obvi) but for plants! Theme music by Tessa Good & Petr Balaz Send your cool things into: This interview was recorded on June 4, 2020
August 25, 2020
"Digging in the Dirt" w/ Omar & Dylan
We dive into the social, economical, and emotional expectations of men in the oil & gas culture with documentary filmmakers Omar Mouallem and Dylan Rhys Howard. Their film “Digging in the Dirt” (on CBC Gem) focuses on addiction, suicide, and men’s mental health in the Alberta oil sands. They explore the layers underneath the culture of silence that surround men’s mental health and how men are sometimes stoic to their own detriment. The more they learned about men’s mental health, the more they were able to reflect on their own personal mental struggles and journeys. If the work didn’t begin personal, it certainly became so. This was such a poignant and deep conversation that we kept Omar from his kids for an extra episode’s worth of discussion. So, here’s part 1 of 2. “Digging in the Dirt” on CBC Gem: Alberta’s Mental Health Line 1-877-303-2642 Cool Things: Justin’s: Breaking the fourth wall Cales’: Sadhguru & “The Most Unknown” (2018) on Netflix Theme music by Tessa Good & Petr Balaz Send your cool things into: This interview was recorded on June 4, 2020
July 14, 2020
Crying Out Loud w/ Alexie & Shannon
Four ladies found each other after each losing their spouses. Their connection led them to start a business together — one that would help others learn how to handle life’s hardships or how to be there for others going through hard times. Alexie and Shannon from Lost + Found (soon to be known as “Crying Out Loud”) join us for a beautiful convo and an even more lovely reminder that it’s totally OK to not feel OK. Pause and have a cool little listen. It’s totally fine that you didn’t get everything done today. Be kind to yourself. You deserve it. N.B.: Some details are intentionally left out to safeguard the wishes of associated individuals. N.B.B.: Keep it shoved in your earholes ’til the very end for sneak peeks. ;) insta: @lostandfoundto Cool Things: Alexie’s: Running to podcasts Shannon’s: Puzzles + Onesies Cales’: @thesweatspot @ryan.heffington Justin’s: App: Routines by Care/of Theme music by Tessa Good & Petr Balaz Send your cool things into: This interview was recorded on May 19, 2020
July 07, 2020
Spiritual Rocks w/ Naranjan Nota
TW: spirituality; therapy; reframing obstacles and pain as gifts and opportunities for growth (on a large scale); feeling 'crazy'; triggers in general. We’re all about personal growth. Sometimes, therapy’s a part of that. For Cales, that means running, meditating, spending a third of her budget on crystals and soul-talk; for Justin, it’s pasta. But what's in a soul? Has anyone ever been able to aptly describe a soul? Heck, nah. Does that stop us from trying to deconstruct it in this episode? Also, nah. We interview Naranjan Nota — a spiritual intuitive — to try to understand what it means to “get deeper” and learn common issues her clients are facing in their days of isolation. Cool Things: Cales’: Disconnecting from social media (hypocritically, of course) Justin’s: Beautiful homemade postcards Connect with Naranjan: Theme music by Tessa Good & Petr Balaz Send your cool things into: N.B.: This interview was recorded on May 27, 2020.
June 30, 2020
Find Your Tribe w/ BDB Productions
It’s friends like these that make us miss being in each other’s personal presence that much more and also friends like these that remind us what presence even means — as actors, as producers, as creative forces of nature. Four of BDB Productions’ team members — Franckie Francois, Lovell Adams-Gray,  Adrian Walters, and Emmanuel Ofori — join us to share how they came together as actors in times of strife and began finding their own individual voices as well as that of their collective to tell underrepresented stories. They talk about their first steps as new producers, what the production landscape looks like in a rapidly changing industry with new COVID-19 related safety measures and regulations, shining light on the Black Lives Matter conversation and presenting different voices within the black community through their art, balancing self-belief and faith in something greater, and finding their tribe that made all the difference in moving forward. Everything culminates in a heated debate that we all turn over to you, the audience. To help us settle the debate, share your voice at COOL THINGS: Lovell’s: "Da 5 Bloods" from Spike Lee (Netflix) "The Autobiography of Malcolm X" by Alex Haley (dictated by Malcolm X) "Revolutionary Suicide" by Huey P. Newton Autobiography of Marcus Garvey "The Wretched of the Earth" by Frantz Fanon "Lost cities of Africa" by Basil Davidson Adrian’s: Meditation with Insight Timer Taoism/Daoism Franck’s: "Tokyo Ghoul" written and illustrated by Sui Ishida "The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom" by Don Miguel Ruiz Manny’s: "The Five Love Languages" by Gary Chapman Cales’: "so what?" Justin’s: BDB Productions (& being on top of proper plugs) FOLLOWS: BDB Productions Franckie Francois insta: @franckiefrancois Lovell Adams-Gray insta: @lovelladamsgray Adrian Walters insta: @AdrianWalters_ twitter: Adrian Walters Emmanuel Ofori insta: @doitfortheculture1 Theme music by Tessa Gooden & Petr Balaz Send your cool things into:
June 23, 2020
Cocktails & Creatives w/ Navin Ramaswaran
We’re still isolating. So, we Zoom’d with Cales’ good pal Navin Ramaswaran — director, editor, classic cocktail consumer extraordinaire — to chat about post-set blues, how he chooses his creative teams and prepares as both a commercial and narrative film director, and how he celebrated his 40th birthday in isolation with a bartender wife! Y’also get to hear just how gross some of Cales’ shut-in meals have been and, honestly, it’s wholly due to laziness -- she had proper meal foods. Cool Things: Navin’s: Siiiiiiick Harley Quinn graphic tee from Frequency IMDb link (Love how Cales called it a father-daughter flick, when it's about the son. We remember what we want 🤷🏻‍♀️) Filmmaker Oriol Paulo (Films to check on flix: “The Invisible Witness” and “Mirage”) Cales’: Art of Being Yourself by Caroline McHugh Justin’s: Dump card. What’s a dump card? Ohhhh, baby. Listen. Listen, Linda! (And check out our IG story for visual aids.) Mom-made Calvin and Hobbes birthday painting Theme music by Tessa Gooden & Petr Balaz Send your cool things into:
May 27, 2020
Disney Princesses w/Carly Holt
Anybody up for tea? This week we're jumping across the pond and talking to Carly Holt about her experience moving from Toronto Ontario to London England. She opens up about never settling for less than perfect and the challenges of leaving behind the opportunities you have while starting fresh.  This episode was recorded over a video chat thanks to COVID! We've been working hard to keep content from a number of perspectives coming to your ear holes, so please don't mind the short delays or lack of studio quality. We love these convos. We love these people. And we want to share them no matter which pandemic gets in the way.  ONE COOL THINGS Carly: selective consumption (you don't HAVE to watch the tiger king) Cales: Visualization and  Justin: Gratitude Journal/Bullet Journal
May 20, 2020
We're Totally (Now) Kinky w/ Erin Pim
From a young age, Erin envisioned her future self as a blooming Bettie Page. Today, you can not only catch her in stunning pin-up photos, she’s on-stage, behind the camera, and regularly on the mic with her own Sonar Network podcast The Bed Post Podcast. This past weekend, you may have caught Cales and Justin guesting over there. Now, we give you the other half of our conversation about sex, kink, comedy and more with Toronto performer, producer, sex worker Erin Pim. We learn Beyoncé is the answer to protecting your sex vids, BBC doesn’t always stand for the British Broadcasting Corporation, and that you can catch a supportive community of Toronto doms getting their park on some weekends to play with their non-human dogs. One Cool Things Erin’s: Sex worker support network Cales’: Man in Polyester, 1980 by Mapplethorpe Penis Justin’s: Sex toys are an essential service!!! You're welcome!
May 05, 2020
Washing Machine Macaroni w/ David Elmaleh
Did we interview one of Caleigh’s exes? Did we shove a joke-a-minute into this new favourite episode? Is this one big sponsored ad for Whirlpool? MOSTLY, NO. ONE-AND-A-HALF YESES. (But actually sponsored by the dating app, Hiii.) We’ve been holding out on you — David Elmaleh stopped by near the beginning of this year and we kept him all to ourselves all this time because HE’S SO FAHKING GREAT. But, like, fine. We’ll share. David opens up about depression, taking pills, crossing lines with comedy and entertains ALL 👏🏽 DAY 👏🏽 LONG 👏🏽. It also warms our hearts because there is no mention of the coronavirus… oops, until just that then there now. Meh! This’ll distract you! (But then go educate yourself and wear an effing mask.) SHOVE IT IN YER EARHOLES. Cool Things: Justin’s: Cheese Chocolate? Whatever you enjoy, DO IT. HAVE IT. LIVE IT. Cales’: Looping Cellist Raphael Weinroth-Browne David’s: Sabrina the Teenage Witch, the original TV series! (Don’t ruin it by watching that new shit.) Theme music by Tessa Good & Petr Balaz Send your cool things into: This episode is sponsored by Hiii, the dating app with icebreaker games and quizzes for creative, interesting people. We even made a quiz for it (so fun)! Take our hilariously merrymaking quiz at
March 31, 2020
The world is a freaky place. Like REALLY freaky. Instead of spending half an hour adding to your Covid anxiety, we're talking about another reason to lock your doors and say goodbye to the sun: stalkers. Much like Covid, you'd rather not have it, and if that means social isolation for a few weeks, then so be it. How do we behave with social media? Or when your place of work is listed on a public linked in? Learn about some of our creepy experiences and the takeaways (along with professional advice) that you should probably know. Just in case.  Meh. Life’s short. 😳🤷🏻‍♀️ Professional Resources: Canadian Resource Centre For Victims of Crime Call: 1-877-232-2610 Text: 1-613-208-0747 American Centre for the National Victims of Crime Victim Connect Resource Centre (North America) 1-855-484-2846 Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-7233 If you are in immediate danger, CALL 911 Stalking Awareness CBC News Article: COOL THINGS: JVL’s The resources we mentioned exist, and you can literally walk through them with a step-by-step guide. Cales’ Say no. Send your cool things into:
March 24, 2020
Wildlings w/Sarah Ney
N.B.: This episode was recorded on an earlier date. The superbly delightful Sarah Ney joins us in-studio to talk about Wildlings — an educational camp for kids, providing authentic outdoor experiences and equal access to programs by children in all areas of The Georgian Triangle. Sarah shares her vision for Wildlings, her joy for nature, and a personal story that brought her to where she is with it all. Please note, we talk about some sensitive stories, which may have the potential to be trigger-some — things such as PTSD, suicide. We also talk about those moments we say, “I’m fine,” how it’s OK to go to therapy, take medication, or cancel plans. A girl who rarely spoke as a kid, Sarah opens up and runs our hearts over with love, for her, for our younger generations, for each other, for this world. Supports the passions of kids at the Wildlings by sending a child to camp or donating here: COOL THINGS Cales’ Her fam jam. Sarah’s 1. If she could go back in time, would she change what happened? No. 2. Her badass nieces. Justin’s That ending scene in Bombshell about believing victims’ stories, and a heartfelt thank you to Sarah for “being that person” for us. Theme music by Tessa Good & Petr Balaz
March 19, 2020
Bollywood Teeth w/ Sharadha Ramjit
We all have struggles, right? Maybe not. Sharadha’s just not a believer that life has to be a struggle. It’s all about POV, baby. And my-oh-my, does she not only have us believing in the potential of positivity, she leaves ya with a feeling of blissful inspiration. Sharadha is a former (let’s not lie, a soon-to-be-re-emerging) producer, stylist, and obsessive sewist. She opens up about kicking off her producing dreams at the ripe age of 16, leaving TV, building clothes, her relationship with her modern audience, meditation, and taking responsibility rather than blaming other. We also learn the ONE thing Justin’s not good at. And while this episode’s supposed to be all about Sharadha, we spend a LOT of time complimenting Justin — which he does 👏🏽 not 👏🏽 like 👏🏽. Don’t worry, we also reveal the most exciting thing in life: getting back to yourself. Oh, and why you should watch Bollywood films specifically for teeth. #millennialsewing #sewcial ONE COOL THINGS Cales’ Dream journaling Learn what stage of sleep we dream in here: And Find Sharadha here: Theme music by Tessa Good & Petr Balaz
March 12, 2020
Host with the Most w/Justin
Well firstly: Welcome to Season Two!   We've got lots of exciting news to share this season, with a lineup of awesome guests and interesting people. BUT BEFORE WE DO THAT; Let's spend a bit of time getting to know Tanya 2.0 (AKA Justin!).  From theatre, to interior design, and beyond, Justin sits down and shares a little bit of his experience including how he and Cales met! It's a doozy.  We also talk about SIM Card boys, traveling the globe, and much much more.  While it's bitter sweet to say goodbye to Tanya, it's time to say hello to Justin.   FUN NEW THING: Submit your questions, thoughts, and favourite musical through the very FREE anchor app. Follow this link to get featured in our Podcast!  ALSO FUN ALSO FUN (ALSO THANK YOU) THING: WE HAVE NEW MUSIC! @tessamusic & @producer.pete are the magnificent wizards behind the composition of our new theme tunes. Fall in love with the beats they've made for us all (and mega thanks for keeping @tanyabevan_'s treasured laugh off the top & letting @cales drop some vocals on the track -- she's tickled pink)! Justin's Cool Thing: Graffiti (The Wynwood Walls)  Cale's Cool Thing: Grandfather's Ham Radio Mic  Where You Can Find Us Check us out on Instagram (@wtn_ok) Or Facebook (@WereTotallyNotOK) And even Twitter (@wtnotok) Cales has a page on her website (Justin is working on his): and Sonar does too: All of our info to Podcast Locations and more can be found on our Anchor Landing page:  Have a question? Thought? Random fact? Cool thing? Shoot them to or submit them via here:
March 05, 2020
Bye Bye Bitty w/ Tanya Bevan
She did it, folks! She flew south! (T minus one week ’til I get to visit her) and holy bejeezus do we miss her! Bitty’s been working on her O1 Visa for quite some time now. What does that mean and what has the process been like for her, as an actor, trying to make the jump across the border? Find this out and more (i.e.: some differences between Hollywood & Hollywood North, how an American production shooting  in Canada might affect Canadian actors, what differs an agent from a manager, and how an actor not only has to search for their own self-identity but must wittingly & carefully shape their persona — or “hit,” if you will — as she builds her career) by shoving this in your earholes and shedding a single tear from each eye simultaneously à la Demi Moore in Ghost because we’re actors and that’s how we support one another. Bitty Bae, we wish you all the best and are SO STOKED to watch you grow and play and sprinkle your glittery dreams across the globe. This episode is sponsored by Hiii, the dating app with icebreaker games and quizzes for creative, interesting people. We even made a quiz for it (so fun)! Take our hilariously merrymaking quiz at hiiiiiiiii Justin. byeeeeeeee Bitty. 🦄🦄🦄 C&J&T One Cool Things: Bitty’s “Everything is Fucked: A Book About Hope” by Mark Manson Justin’s Bumbering, as is done in “The Importance of Being Earnest” by Oscar Wilde Cales’ “Walden” by Henry David Thoreau
February 18, 2020
SOMEBODY DATE US! w/ Carley, Lauren & Asal
Woah! The tables have turned and WE get interviewed! Tanya and Cales head over to Carley, Lauren & Asal's studio to spill the dishies on the fishies they've been dating... and on times with empty ponds. It's also WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY! So, the girls from the Somebody Date Us podcast ask us a bunch of personal questions that have answers we never would have shared with you otherwise! So, head on over their way and check out some of their other chats once you're done letting us embarrass ourselves.  Oh, and we even managed to reel in a couple o' cool things this ep! COOL THINGS: Carley's:Undersea cables AKA THE DARK NET Tanya's:Naps. What else? Cales':Be a dumb kid.
February 15, 2020
Do(n’t read) Yoga w/Shehla Khan
THIS EP ACTUALLY AIRED ON OCTOBER 18th! We had technical difficulties. Please forgive us.  When Cales & Tanya took their yoga teacher training courses at The Yoga Sanctuary downtown Toronto, Shehla Khan taught them the history and philosophy of yoga’s lineage and traditions. While their world views and behavioural practices have shifted and expanded, they’ve also learned that those months of lectures, books and studies were just the tip of the iceberg. In this episode, we get a little deeper, testing the waters of our existence through conversations on the unconscious, tantra, chaos and order, heart rate variability, how our throats are connected to space, and why you shouldn’t read articles about yoga. Again, we’re left off feeling like we’ve just scratched the surface. So, sorry if you’re left wanting more but, hey, that just makes you human. One Cool Things: Shehla’s Yoga Nidra Cales’ Great news! Shehla’s next Yoga Nidra Workshop is ON! It’s happening March 20-21, 2020. It’s a 6 hour workshop for $225 (get your early bird special on before March 1st). Go to for details. If you can’t make this one, don’t fret — send us a DM on instagram @WTN_OK or email us at and we’ll put together another one when there’s another wave of interest! Tanya’s (No)thing
December 14, 2019
Toronto After Dark w/ Lee Lawson
Toronto actress Lee Lawson is racking up the indie horrors, which naturally has us curious as to what’s been going on inside her headspace. How does she choose a role? What makes an actor “right” for a role? Does she feel like she’s hiding behind her characters or sharing the true “her”? We get deep into Jungian territory to find what similarities she might share with her characters through a collective unconscious. Oh… and if you’re on social media, you’ve got your head in a bear’s mouth. Find out how on our latest episode! And check out her film tonight at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival! One cool things: Lee’s: The Sirens of Titan by Kurt Vonnegut Cales’: Apphole (A meta app.) (She should probs patent this.) Tanya’s:
October 22, 2019
EAT. SLEEP. GROSS. w/ Luke DePron
LEVEL UP your health and fitness with Luke DePron! Luke hops on the phone with us all the way from San Diego, Californ-I-A, to chat about healthy habits, having a gross mindset versus a fixed one, and rightfully calls Cales out for having prioritized moving three coffee makers into her new home over a bed. If you’re looking for some tips on how to start shifting your mindset towards a path that helps you find more health and happiness, look no further. In fact, just close your eyes and pop this in your earholes. From navigating the online world of cross-border connections to digging into the here and now with your physical form, Luke shares his journey towards feeling good and reaching for more in the fitness industry as well as the world of entertainment! P.S. This might also just be one giant anti-Wayfair commercial. Who can never be sure? HILARIOUS ADDENDUM: You’ll hear Luke speak about the “growth mindset” not gross — referring to a term coined by psychologist Carol Dweck. We won’t bother explaining how Cales rationalized “gross” as the for sure thing Luke said. We’ll save that for another story and leave the title, so we can laugh at Cales. Luke DePron @livegreatlifestyle Cool Things: Tanya’s: Cales’: GUYS! THEY HAVE THEM ALL:
September 27, 2019
Neuroplasticity w/ Kristina Virro
Kristina Virro is a Psychotherapist and Holistic Nutritionist. She sat down with us in between her busy schedule to chat about the type of mental health help she offers others as well as the kind of help she gives herself. She dives into neuroplasticity, describing how we can rewire our brains through action and thought. You can find her book, ‘The Anxious Teen’ via her website: ONE COOL THINGS: Kristina Morning & evenings texts to partner: - AM: What are you looking forward to? - PM: What are you grateful for? 
Tanya Dr. Amen & Tana Amen Cales Adobe Capture: Betty Boop (on our insta!) Flux & other apps for blue light/orange light
August 05, 2019
Wannabe Balanced w/ Crystal Escobar
It’s cool to know someone miles away has been reading the exact same books as you. It’s super cool to know they’ve also been so moved as to start their own podcast to talk about similar thoughts, journeys and connections. It’s even cooler to hop on the phone with them. In this episode, we share a delightful chat with mother, author, podcaster, entrepreneur, (and so much more, we’re sure,) Crystal Escobar from the Wannabe Balanced Mom podcast. Though we get real deep, it felt like we still only scratched the surface of the million things we’d love to continue chatting about with her — even after learning how she lost her religion, started meditating with crystals, and became the concern of her entire community because of her choice of underwear. After you’re done listening to this episode, go listen to Crystal’s podcast, buy her book, follow her on socials, try to be her friend — SHE IS SUCH A DELIGHT! CRYSTAL ESCOBAR: Fb: “Wannabe Balanced” IG: @wannabebalanced YouTube: “Wannabe Balanced Mom” Podcast: “The Wannabe Balanced Mom” Book: 1 COOL THINGS Crystal’s: Wannabe Balanced Elephant Rocks ( #wannabebalancedrocks Bitty’s: LISTS!!! Cales’: TRUE CITRINE ( which I learned about from Crystal Cave (
June 04, 2019
Tangible Movement w/ Torri Shack
Have you ever skipped plans to take a “me” day? Do you admit to it? Do you give people a general, “Oh, I’ve got a doctor’s appointment,” when you’re, in fact, getting acupuncture for the fourth time this month? Why do we feel the way we feel about our own mental health and how do we talk about the way we treat ourselves? This episode’s guest, Torri Shack — Tangible Movement Founder and Executive Director, chats with us about the connotations that rear their weird heads in dialogues about mental health and mental illness, and how she shifts her position within said conversations from one that is affected by them to one that is affecting them. She speaks about her personal challenges with depression, addiction, suicide, bipolar II, and personal relationships, and how she came to form a movement that supports the education, awareness, recovery and wellness of those dealing with similar matters. We wish you all acceptance, authenticity, and ultimate self-care! xoxo TANGIBLE MOVEMENT Facebook: tangiblemovement IG: @tangiblemovement Twitter: @tangiblemovemnt Cool Things: Cales: Tanya: Meditation Walks
March 15, 2019
Confidently Weird w/ Stacey Russell
Move over, Stacey’s Mom. It’s your daughter who’s got it goin’ on with STACEYSECRETS.COM. Stacey Russell, creator of Stacey’s Secrets, is a Social Media Curator and all-around magical human. She breaks down what her job title entails, what it’s like to work in a world of likes and follows, and how she empowers other women with their online businesses. Happy (now belated) birthday to Stacey and now HAPPY BDAY FROM Stacey to ALL OF YOU! Use the special promo code “instabirthday” to get $50 off all of Stacey’s courses on! #FAIRWARNING: Bitty swears more than usual. (See if you can suss out her true feelings over the concept of instagram followers.) 1 Cool Things Stacey’s @goddessbosscoven “The Bill Murray Stories” (Netflix) Cales’ Witnessing. Be an observer in your own life. Also Tarot. For her and for the characters in her screenplays, because sometimes they get lost, too, and as a writer, YOU’RE THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN SAVE (/KILL) THEM. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Tanya’s “American Meme” (Netflix) Also rage. Just, like, in general, rage. (Which will lead perfectly into the RAGE YOGA classes Tanya & Cales plan on teaching.)
February 18, 2019
You Are What You Act w/ Albert Nerenberg
Wonder how action heroes from movies become action heroes in real life? Curious as to what the difference is between North American actors and British ones? Want to fall in love? Get As to these Qs (and find out what “sexy dots” are) from our interview with Canadian filmmaker & laughologist Albert Nerenberg, whose documentary You Are What You Act hits the Documentary Channel on January 7th. Experts in the film ask: Will changing your posture make you more confident? Can you fall in love by acting in love?  Can you become brave by acting brave? If you walk around like you are lost, will you become a loser? They may sound crazy but they’re not. They’re from Stanford University, The Washington Post, University of British Columbia, University of California at Berkeley, among other leading institutions. Find out more (and experience fun “actorcize” exercises) at Cool Things Cales’: Errrthing John Mulaney Tanya’s: Errrthing Nick Kroll Netflix. Heard of it? After you’ve checked out errrthing Albert, support all these no-namers. They need love, too.
January 04, 2019
Immaculate Shitception w/ Kristian Bruun (pt 2 of POO)
Yes, this interview is still 90% poop jokes. You’re welcome. We also get even deeper into both real talk as well as what turn out to be our own individual bottles of wine. Cool question Kristian and Cales disagree on: what if we let our brains run with our biggest fears instead of rationalizing them to keep from going insane? Guess which person’s most likely to live in a constant state of wide-awake nightmares of conflicting emotions! LOTS of ghost talk - the military kind, the kind Cales dated in grade six, and the ghost of Larry David that lives in the basement. Aaaaaaaand special prize goes to closest guess for how many times Tanya poops in total during this interview. Disclaimer: We do not apologize for the clinking of glasses and bouncing around of bottles or the fact that we just stopped trying to edit them out 5 min into the episode, and we definitely do not promise to stop drinking while conducting our v professional interviews. One Cool Thing Kris’: Gratitude Journal Cales’ 1 Cool Thing: Bitty’s: MEW TUBE. Google it. Mario Andretti Quotes If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough. If you wait, all that happens is that you get older. Everything comes to those who wait... except a cat.
December 21, 2018
Shit Hath No Class w/ Kristian Bruun (pt 1 of 2)
Yo, our guest Kristian Bruun is one of the BEST HUMANS ON EARTH. He's ours, don't forget it -- he was born in Toronto General Hospital. So, just because he moved to LA don't mean he's anyone else's. We still get to be his best friend first. (It does, however, mean we all get to hear about differences between the 6 and la la land of dreams.) Also, this kid is dope smart, hella talented, and gets super weird with us, which is why we fucking love him. Here's part 1 of 2 in your dreams coming true. 1 Cool Things: Kristian's 1 Cool Thing: You're gonna have to tune into poop 2. Tanya's 1 Cool Thing: Still pooping. Cales' 1 Poo Thing: Fucking listen to numero deuce. kthxbyeeeeeeee
December 02, 2018
Due South Passion & William Shatner Small Talk w/ Sarah Davis
First off, find us a home. #realtalk Tanya and Cales are trying to find the new perfectest place to live. We want all the space, with the most beautiful hardwood floors, lots of natural light, 10-foot ceilings and parking. Not too much to ask, right? #SOS Also, our incredible guest, Sarah Davis — a project manager with Toronto marketing agency Innovate By Day — joins us to talk about the effort that goes into understanding audiences for film and television media campaigns; her first-hand experience learning William Shatner get what he wants, like catching his good side on camera; and how being the most passionate 14-year-old Due South fan landed her the job she still enjoys today. Also, in this ep, we say fucko a lot. There’s your warning. Sarah’s Cool Thing: Gratefulness, in the workplace, at home, for all of life’s things. Tanya’s Cool Thing: “The Healing Power of the Breath” by Richard P. Brown, MD Cales’ Cool Thing #1: Cales’ Cool Thing #1.5: Cales’ Cool Thing #2.5: Cales’ (sneakily added) Cool Thing #3.5: Rob Lowe is the everyman. That’s it, that’s all.
October 24, 2018
All Dressed & All Spicy w/ Filipe Dimas
We sat down with fellow dumb-dumb comedy genius, Filipe Dimas, who also learned how to clone himself into being in 18 places at one time - he’s a writer, producer, improviser, actor, mostly just a dumb-dumb. Stick your stupid earbuds in your stupid earholes and try to keep up with his pace, producing live improv shows, writing for Canada’s satirical hit The Beaverton, and making dumb-dumbs look fucking OK. He’s also OK with cats. Just listen. We’re busy with wine. Byeeeeeeeeee. Filipe Dimas: Twitter @filipedimas IG @dimasfilipe Filipe's 1 Cool Thing: 24-Hours of Improv Cales’ 1 Cool Thing: Bitty’s 1 Cool Thing: MEOW OUTREACH: “Is there a support group for people who wake up on time but lay in bed until it’s late? Because that’s me.” - Tanya
September 25, 2018
B.A.B.E. Toronto w/ Macy Cheng
ATTN: THIS FRIDAY is our very first #BABETRAIN interview series at an incredible event: the B.A.B.E. Toronto’s One Year Anniversary Party, brought to you by the one and only, humble and unwittingly hard-working Macy Cheng, founder of B.A.B.E. Toronto and We’ll be hosting a SIT & REPEAT — much like the step and repeat of a red carpet, we’ll have wonderful guests but they’ll actually take a hot second to answer some of our questions and introduce themselves to you via our insta live feed (@wtn_ok) from the event. More importantly (and coming at you RIGHT MEOW), we sat down with the wondrous Miss Macy Cheng to chat about her growth, both IRL & in the digi-world; how she keeps her cool under fire; and the friendships she’s made that she never expected. (Also, how she’s essentially a professional friend, Tanya makes physical gestures you can hear over the pod-waves, and I analogously equate almost everything to superheroes). If you want to be a real cool venue that hosts an even cooler event, get at this B.A.B.E. for her next shindig! And if you wanna catch some live footage of our hot, hot action, tap dat heart & follow on Insta: @wtn_ok Chirp @ us on Twitter: @@WTnotOK Macy Cheng B.A.B.E. Toronto @macycheng.styles Cales’ Cool Thing Bitty’s Cool Thing Morning Mindfulness Macy’s Cool Thing WTNOK! @WTN_OK @WTnotOK #wtnok #WHATtheNOTok #BABETRAIN
September 12, 2018
Baby Menopause w/ Annick Sheedy McLellan
If you’ve ever wondered what the difference is between an actress and doing hard core porn, you’re probably one of the people we make fun of in this episode. Fellow hilarious actress Annick Sheedy McLellan is some of the most powerful stardust we’ve ever had the privilege to sit and chat with. Listen to her weigh in on what it feels like to have to talk about what we do for work and let her astound you with the unknown prowess she possesses maneuvering her way through this insanely challenging industry whilst managing more invisible illnesses than she can sometimes even remember. Trust us, you’ll want to ignite your own spark after listening to this baby in menopause. Also, shout out to Saje (in our “Cool Things” ending segment, so…. sponsor us?) Cool Things: Lupron & Hot Flashes (because hot can be cool and you should ask your doctor about Lupron, if only to educate yourself) Crystal Dreams (& crystals in general) Body Scans (scan your body with your mind) Abraham Hicks (youtube vids galore!)
June 17, 2018
Dungeon Master w/ Kyle Bottom
Given Tanya’s & Caleigh’s ever-growing obsession with Magic, Story, and Comedy, it’s no surprise this episode’s guest is a fellow Canadian comedian whose newest comedy album is entitled “Dungeon Master.”  These witches snagged a quick interview with Vancouver’s own Kyle Bottom before he hopped on a plane back out of Toronto.  From being raised byTV & video games to performing live in a state of complete sensory deprivation, Kyle shared some of his life stories and tons of his laughs. Listen to him again on his live-streamed show, May 15th, at Kyle Bottom @kylebottom (insta, facebook) @kylesbottom (twitter) 1 Cool Things: Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeep Waaaaaaaaaaaaalks
May 14, 2018
PLAY FUCKING LOUD w/ Lewis Baumander
Life is nuanced and contradictory, we make the rules up as we go. As actors, we collect tips, tricks and tools to help us slide in and out of the mindsets of different characters on a day-to-day basis, but there is no single method or format that works for all actors across the board. Becoming an actor means becoming a student of as many lifetimes as is possible in order to continually build up your mosaicked understanding of the human condition. We’ve learned just as much about ourselves as we have about our scene work from inside the classrooms of our long-time coach, mentor and friend, Lewis Baumander. Lewis is busier than anyone we know, so we’re especially thankful that he took the time to sit and chat with us about Story, where it comes from and how it differs from culture to culture. He’s the kind of person who knows how to remind you of your own innate abilities and leaves you wanting to drop all the bullshit in your life and pay more attention to the matters that matter. Surround yourself with the people who nudge you towards your dreams because, let’s be honest, they’re the least likely to fuck you up. Here’s one of the best of ‘em! Enjoy! Cool Things: To calm your coughs, wear Vicks-Vapo-filled socks to bed.
April 21, 2018
Ep 11: Celebrity Cultures w/ Samita Nandy
In this episode, we learn (via sniffles) that T-Bitty is sick and that if Cales were to study a celebrity, she would place her in a test-tube and probably forget to feed her like the aloe plant sitting shrivelled on her window sill. Thankfully, Tanya and Caleigh got to sit down with Samita Nandy, who runs the Centre for Media and Celebrity studies, to chat about the study of celebrity cultures and how celebrities themselves can be understood as texts and systems of signs that carry meaning, shaped not only by their own actions but by the contributing contexts that media and audiences build around them. We stretch back to the Greek era to look at Fame’s origin story and unravel the semiotics between Canadian celebrity culture and Hollywood’s Wild West frontier. If you’ve ever wanted to pull apart the nuts and bolts of the “Dream Machine” that turns humans into immortals, this is the episode for you. P.S. we recorded our intro & outro in Tanya’s haunted apartment, so whoever guesses the exact point at which her ghost decided to chime in wins a prize. P.P.S. You're all invited to Caleigh & Garrett's wedding. P.P.P.S. Zac Efron? Really? ______________________________________________ Samita Nandy The Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies www.cmc/ The first article that popped up when we googled “Matt Damon allegations”: Cool Things: Cales: NPR’s Ted Radio Hour: “Manipulation” (Fri, Oct 13, 2017) Tanya's: Manifesting Change by Mike Dooley
March 30, 2018
Ep 10: Laughing at Death w/ Aphiraa
Let’s talk about heads, baby. Let’s talk about you and me. Let’s talk about how many times we’ve knocked our brains around. Real talk: today’s guest is seriously cool and she tells a serious story and we make fun of life and art and how she almost died. If you’re into dark humour, beautiful art, and people who’ve been through more incredible experiences than could ever fit into this podcast, you’re going to fall in love with Aphiraa. She’s a visual artist, a magnificent soul, and she’s saving the planet with her sustainable fashion line. Also, Filipe, I hope you’re OK! Aphiraa, Visual Artist IG: sunshine.peppers Sustainable designers from Toronto: Omi woods - Ashley Alexis Peggy sue collection - Peggy sue Fashion takes action Air ink: Turning pollution into ink. Kalu yala: An institute that offfers sustainable community. Burwigan: An art collective to protect indigenous islands from climate change. Himalayan Salt Lamp benefits:
March 03, 2018
Ep 9: Tempo, Gender, and Writing Assholes w/ Angela Cavallin
Fellow unicorn-writer-director, Angela Cavallin, joins us in the studio (shout out to those who saw her at our live show for The Sonar Network launch event at Bad Dog Theatre in Toronto). We chat about how her initial journey into the entertainment industry as an actor has come to shape her writing and directing skills and how she loves writing assholes and will probably be an asshole herself in her next table reading by forcing her actors to read to the tempo of a metronome. She also shares her joy for following in-the-moment urges and how this wonderfully selfish tool can be uber useful. What’s a line-read and how do actors feel about it? We talk about it. Also, she’s a WOMAN. We mention that. Is that a THING for you? Also, Caleigh’s phone dings a lot. Deal with it. AND AND AND, a newly pregnant Angie says the words, “eat a dick,” and we left it in because it, too, is important. (Tanya would also like to add: “Tiny is hungover and it hurts.” Because we already sounded too put together in this episode.) @tarangela_yo
February 18, 2018
Ep 8: S.M.A.R.T. Art w/ Michelle Leduc Catlin
There’s no better interview to kick the new year off than our conversation with Michelle Leduc Catlin, an artist who has reinvented her artistic style and skill set throughout her many becomings - as a broadcaster, a host, an actor, a filmmaker and an all-around beautiful human being. She shares how she strives to maintain integrity within her own moral values while necessarily finding her artistic niche. She created her own path by creating her own work, which led her to a much deeper, more personal transfiguration, working through the ego to be comfortable with the idea of simply being. Find more of Michelle’s work at Notes: S.M.A.R.T. goals: Specific: Goals should be simplistically written and clearly define what you are going to do. Measurable: Goals should be measurable so that you have tangible evidence that you have accomplished the goal. Usually, the entire goal statement is a measure for the project, but there are usually several short-term or smaller measurements built into the goal. Achievable: Goals should be achievable; they should stretch you slightly so you feel challenged, but defined well enough so that you can achieve them. You must possess the appropriate knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to achieve the goal. Results-focused: Goals should measure outcomes, not activities. Time-bound: Goals should be linked to a timeframe that creates a practical sense of urgency, or results in tension between the current reality and the vision of the goal. Without such tension, the goal is unlikely to produce a relevant outcome. The Sudden Impulse Film Festival Subscribe to us on iTunes: Follow us on Facebook: Twitter: Insta: Web:
January 07, 2018
Ep 7: Honesty, Gaslighting & Oversharing w/ Chelsea Ricchio
People learn through Story. In this episode, Caleigh swaps personal stories with Chelsea Ricchio, Communications Manager for Healthy Minds Canada. Chelsea was kind enough to also share her favourite online resources, from Youtubers recounting their own mental health journeys to her very own blogs, where oversharing flourished her career. Check out more resources here: Chelsea Ricchio: chelsearrr (on most social media platforms) Chelsea's recommended Youtubers: Zoella Philip DeFranco IISuperwomanII Kati Morton Chelsea's recommended Blogs, Speakers & Other Resources:
October 24, 2017
Ep 6: From Biology to Technology w/Bruno Maruzzo
In this episode, Caleigh and Tanya release an interview from their archives. Bruno Maruzzo sat down with Caleigh at the end of last year to speak about technology in-the-making - a machine learning based digital psychiatric expert system designed to offer clinicians a powerful new tool capable of assisting with the process of diagnosis and personalized treatment planning. From mental health issues like depression and PTSD to what this technology means for the ongoing conversation about mental health and even how men and women are neurologically wired in a different way, we bring you a discussion that bridges biology and technology. Also, Caleigh may or may not refer to the founder of Facebook as Mark Zuckerburger. But, hey, we’re sure her brain’s not the only one that stores his name near a fast food item. Digital Medical Experts Trans-cranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Therapy EmojiHEALTH
July 17, 2017
Ep 5: Stop Trying, Start Failing w/ Adam Weitner
Here's your sign to STOP TRYING and START FAILING. Take a risk. Do scary things. Be loud, proud and wrong. You'll gain experience from your adventures and grow from your undertakings. This is one of those episodes we listen to over and over again. We get to speak with Adam Weitner, newly entrepreneured with his studio launch in the East end of Toronto. Adam is ambitious, passionate, kind, and every bit business savvy as he is empathetically wise. He opens up about the mental exercises he challenges himself with to stay on his toes in his ever-busy lifestyle, deeply engrained in the entertainment industry and shares his philosophy on searching internally rather than externally for an understanding of identity. Holler at Adam if you're looking for studio space or production facilitation in anything digital. Reach him here: Check out his one cool thing - one of his favourite podcasts: And our one cool thing here: Note: Apologies, in advance, for the strange clipping sounds through some of Tanya & Cales' convo - we're dinks for not fixing it!
April 01, 2017
Candy Track 1 - Yoda Lecture
Times are tough, especially now. But that's not uncharacteristic of our world, so we're keeping our message general in this extra tidbit of a mini episode for you. Here's that speech Caleigh promised to deliver in audio version - an exit lecture form one of her favourite university professors, Sharon Sliwinski, nearing the end of her academic studies. It's an adaptation of a commencement address given by Mark Danner at Berkeley in 2005. Caleigh reads it when times are tough, or when life's confusing, or when she's feeling invigoratingly brainy. They're just words. But they're damn good ones. The kind you wanna, "take out back and make out with," as a friend once put it. Everyone should hear them.
February 08, 2017
Ep 4: Movies, Madness & Mental Health w/ Geoff Pevere
One day we'll speak about our mental health with the same ease as our physical health. In fact, we'll realize its importance just might outweigh that of the latter. We hope. We dream. We make film festivals about it. Well... Geoff does. In this special #BellLetsTalk episode, Tanya & Cales speak with Geoff Pevere, one of the masterminds behind the Rendezvous With Madness Film Festival - a fest that focuses purely on movies that touch on aspects of mental health. Share your feelings with your friends. Listen to them when they do the same. It's healthy. It's healing. It's human. Now go call your mom. @GeoffPevere Saje Pocket Farmacy
January 27, 2017
Ep 3: Comedy, Boundaries & Lady Pals w/ Kirsten Rasmussen
From a dog on Red Bull to a comedy school filled with screaming students to a stream of studio-hopping, Tanya & Cales battle the sound waves in an episode about cutting through the noise to find your voice and your sanity. Cales sits down to chat with Toronto comedian Kirsten Rasmussen about life behind the curtain of comedy, how it can be both an outlet and succubus, and how to balance your boundaries and shield yourself from the pitfalls of "ugly places". Tanya shares tells you about her "positivity chair" and the difference between "Hallmark" and "HBO" acting, and the girls call for a show of hands from our lady listeners to determine whether or not their next event should be a gal pal friend swap. Follow Kirsten Rasmussen on Twitter: Insta: Tanya's "Positivity Chair": Dr. Henry Moller Subscribe to us on iTunes: Follow us on Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:
December 29, 2016
Ep 2: Addiction, Depression & MC Hammer w/ Katie Robinette
In our second episode, we sit down with Healthy Minds Canada Executive Director, Katie Robinette, to chat about addiction, workplace depression, and how the art of film fits into the organization's advocacy for mental health awareness. We talk about the similarities between self-help books and acting resources and, if you listen closely enough, you can hear Tanya colouring in our adult colouring book that helps with stress reduction, as well as our dance moves near the end of our episode when we share the secrets behind "Hammer time" - little bits of magic that, left to the hands of professional editors, would have been cut out. You're welcome. Resources: Katie Robinette, Executive Director, Healthy Minds Canada Documentary: "The Stairs" by Hugh Gibson Book: "The Surrender Experiment: my journey into life's perfection" by Michael A. Singer Host's Instagrams: @calesleg @t_bitty
December 09, 2016
Ep 1: Acting, Mindfulness & Rosana Zammit
In WT(N)OK'S very first episode, Caleigh and Tanya introduce themselves and share some of the reasons why they're joining the important conversation about mental health. WT(N)OK welcomes special guest and resident psychotherapist, Rosana Zammit, who draws on her backgrounds in law and entertainment to share her specialized insight into the intersection of mass media culture and mental health. Rosana Zammit Psychotherapist 647 677 MIND
November 16, 2016