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Undivided Minds

Undivided Minds

By Youth2Youth 4 Change
A podcast to feed your mind
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Can I see your ID?
Undivided Minds hosts explore tobacco and alcohol compliance checks.  Thank you to all the retailors who check IDs and ensure the safety of our youth.  
May 4, 2021
COVID vs. Teachers
Undivided Minds explores how the pandemic has impacted the roles and lives of high school teachers.  
March 12, 2021
College Experiences & Prepping for the Future
Undivided Minds host Imelda Dominguez interviews three local college students about their transition from high school to college and how to prepare.  
February 5, 2021
Do you wonder how a piece of clothing represents you?
Have you ever had a dress code violation?  Undivided Minds Hosts continue exploring what it means to be a girl.  
January 11, 2021
Have you ever thought about how society shapes young girls?
How do you feel when someone says you throw like a girl? Undivided Hosts explore this topic in a 2 part podcast with local girl and women.  
December 12, 2020
Unheard Youth Perspectives on the 2020 Election
Undivided Mind hosts discuss the presidential election and the impact of their generation.  
November 30, 2020
Ever wonder about the people who deliver your mail?
Do you know how your packages get delivered to you?  Or how the pandemic has affected mail services?  Hosts Imelda and Kaylee interview a local mail carrier and hear her perspective on these questions.  
November 6, 2020
How alcohol affects the Latino Community
Is alcohol a drug? Listen to find out.  Undivided Mind hosts discuss the affects of alcohol and the impact on the Latino Community.  
October 16, 2020
What do you know about the army and sexual harassment?
Undivided Mind hosts sit down and chat with a National Guard member and with Joan Curtis from the Sexual Assault and Recovery program of Rock and Green County.  You can find more information about SARP at  The 24 hours crisis hotline number is 1-866-666-4576
October 2, 2020
The History and Impact of Youth2Youth 4 Change
Director Debbie Fischer and alumni Maria Acevedo share the history and impact of Youth2Youth.  
July 20, 2020
Youth Perspective on COVID-19
A talk with youth explaining their worries and opinions on the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the city of Beloit.
July 1, 2020
Perspectiva de la Juventud Sobre el COVID-19
Una conversación entre jóvenes explicando sus preocupaciones y opiniones sobre la pandemia de COVID-19 y su impacto en la ciudad de Beloit
July 1, 2020
Youth Perspective on Vaping
Would you smoke a cigarette in a classroom? Of course not! Vaping is essentially the same thing. Two high school students, Alyssa Harmon and Imelda Dominguez discuss what it is like to be a youth during the vaping epidemic.  
May 29, 2020