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The Yet Again Podcast

The Yet Again Podcast

By Yet Again
Welcome to the podcast of Yet Again, where we aim to understand mass atrocities through socio-political and legal lenses.
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Episode #4 Children’s Drawings of the Genocide in Darfur: a chat with writer Barnabas Balint

The Yet Again Podcast

Episode #7 The Shoah in the East
In this episode, Jack Thurlow talks to Jaya about his article, 'The Shoah in the East' which details the shooting squads, the Einsatzgruppen, employed by the Nazis in eastern Europe. Article extract: The Holocaust is known by most for the murder of Jewish people in death camps such as Auschwitz-Birkenau, Treblinka and Chelmo. Familiarity is also found in the name of Bergen Belsen and the Warsaw Ghetto, and the names of Anne Frank, Oskar Schindler and Wladyslaw Szpilman ring synonymous in conversations about the Shoah. However, something that isn’t usually found in conversation is the unique topic of Eastern Europe and the horrific events that took place there in the early years of the 1940s. Edited by Rachel Kinnear
July 21, 2021
Episode #6 Remembering Srebrenica 25 Years On: An Interview with Safet Vukalić
In this episode Jaya interviews Barnabas Balint, in whose article Bosnian genocide survivor Safet Vukalić recounted his experiences. In this episode they discuss both the article and their own experiences of interviewing survivors of genocides. Article extract: With his father and older brother arrested and taken to a concentration camp, Safet, his mother and sisters faced danger everyday as their idyllic life of school, sport, and play turned genocidal. His family eventually released, Safet has since built a life in the UK and dedicates much of his time to teaching others about genocide. ‘Our story’, he says, ‘should – and must – be heard’.  Edited by Rachel Kinnear.
July 07, 2021
YAxDGN World Press Freedom Festival
As part of the 'YAxDGN World Press Freedom Festival' our Podcast Manager Jack Nicholls sat down with Jack Street and Brett Lee of Demographica UK (DGN) to talk about the concept of press freedom, why it is important and who has stood up for it in recent history.  For more information on the 'YAxDGN World Press Freedom Festival' please visit our website Home - Yet Again ( or that of our partners Demographica UK Home | The Demographica Network ( Many thanks to DGN for hosting and editing this episode!
May 06, 2021
Episode #4 Children’s Drawings of the Genocide in Darfur: a chat with writer Barnabas Balint
In this week's episode, Joe Collins talks to Barnabas Balint about his article 'Children’s Drawings of the Genocide in Darfur', which takes a look at the artwork made by children living in refugee camps and how these drawings were subsequently used as contextual evidence at the International Criminal Court.  Edited by Katie Bovington
March 03, 2021
Episode #3 Ruth Barnett MBE: Reflections on Genocide and Racism
In this episode, Joe Collins talks to Kindertransport survivor Ruth Barnett about her piece for Yet Again, in which Ruth reflects upon the human race's propensity for genocidal and racist behaviour.  Edited by Katie Bovington
February 24, 2021
Episode #2 The Origins of Modern Nationalism: The Rise of the Nation-State in Europe: a chat with writer Michael Flowers
In this episode our Deputy Editor Jaya Pathak talks to one our writers, Michael Flowers, about his article entitled 'The Origins of Modern Nationalism: The Rise of the Nation-State in Europe', which was published on our website on 19 September 2020.   Edited by Katie Bovington
December 27, 2020
Episode #1 An Introduction to Yet Again
In this episode (recorded in October 2020) Jack, our Podcast Manager, sat down with the three co-founders of Yet Again - Joe Collins (Editor), Jaya Pathak (Deputy Editor) and Kirsty Robson (Outreach Manager) - to talk about what Yet Again is, how it came about and where it aims to go. Edited by Katie Bovington
December 27, 2020