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Edmund Hardy

Edmund Hardy

Talks and discussions.
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Art’s Emancipatory Promise Commodified But Also Recast

Edmund Hardy

Art’s Emancipatory Promise Commodified But Also Recast
This talk considers art's commodification and political potential, considering some recent critical views of art in a time of crisis (delivered at Cambridge English Faculty in Oct 2019).  Four critical themes or re-castings of art's political potential are surveyed:  Romanticism (incl. communist art / absolute art, Stewart Martin, Keston Sutherland, Nicholas Brown); Sabotage and Real Abstraction (incl. Annie McClanahan, Amy De'ath) Speculation Now (incl. Gail Day, Marina Vishmidt) Fanon and counter language (incl. Fanon, David Austin on Linton Kwesi Johnson, Nat Raha)
June 03, 2020