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You Can Lead BN Podcast

You Can Lead BN Podcast

By You Can Lead BN
Bringing you the unexpected stories behind Brunei’s most talented young people.
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S1E6 Angie Ang - Mother of Mentors

You Can Lead BN Podcast

S1E6 Angie Ang - Mother of Mentors
Meet Angie Ang - A passionate ecosystem builder and advocate for youth in Brunei. join the conversation as Angie shares her best advice for local start-ups and creatives, including why Brunei could be the perfect place for young entrepreneurs to launch their careers. Also, discover what it's like meeting Michele and Barack Obama as one of the 2020 Asia-Pacific Obama Fellows. Angie Ang is a much-loved and respected mentor for organisations such as @startupweekendbrunei, BMEN @darussalamenterprise and She has a background rooted in the legal field of Brunei and the UK and her portfolio of corporate clients includes government ministries, government-linked companies, banks and financial institutions. She regularly does pro-bono work and is involved in various NGOs and charitable organisations across the region.
August 27, 2020
S1E5 Anwar Mohd - Empowering Communities to Create Change
Discover what it takes to build an award-winning NGO with Anwar Mohammed, the founder of SCOT Brunei and pioneer behind the groundbreaking Green Xchange, Social Kitchen and Scot education. In this episode, Anwar shares his insights on combining entrepreneurship with positive social change, the power of your network and the value of mentorship. He also shares exclusive new details on his latest project, the Social Store. To find out more about Scot Brunei, follow them on Instagram @scot_brunei
August 20, 2020
S1E4 Bash Harry - Breaking Barriers
Discover what it takes to break barriers and realise your potential with the multi-talented Bash Harry. Join us as she shares her life as a creative writer, content creator and brand ambassador.  In addition to hosting RTB's Future Wave and working with companies such as Underarmor and Suzuki, Bash gained a law degree from Exeter University and worked on Brunei's recent climate change policy. She is passionate about equality and writes on her personal blog at You can also find her sharing insightful stories on Instagram and Youtube. Plus, join her latest project @thebruneiwriters
August 13, 2020
S1E3 Hamzi Omar - A New Way to See the World
In this special Malay language episode, Hamzi Omar shares the incredible story of losing his sight at the age of just 17 and how that experience became the driving force behind his passion and advocacy for a more inclusive society. Hamzi Omar has been the President of the Brunei Darussalam National Association of the Blind since 2017. BDNAB is also a part of MKOKU; the council for the welfare of people with different abilities. @bdnab 
August 6, 2020
S1E2 Fatin Arifin - The Power of Small Actions
What does it take to transform the lives of an entire community? In this special episode we meet one of the most respected women in the field of social contribution - Fatin Arifin as she shares how it all began with a single trip to Cambodia which changed everything. Outside her work as a Manager at Brunei Halal Foods, Fatin is part of many groundbreaking organisations including SCOT in Brunei and OBCR in Cambodia, she is also the president of the Young Entrepreneur's Association of Brunei, founder of the Brunei Chevening Youth Forum and co-founder of the Young Professionals Network. Among her many achievements, she won the ASEAN Youth Award in 2016 and was recently recognised as a finalist for the 2020 Women of the Future Southeast Asia Awards for community spirit and public service. @yeabrunei @cheveningalumnibrunei @scot_brunei
July 30, 2020
S1E1 Aspa Sah - Turning Your Greatest Challenge Into a Superpower
What if you could turn your greatest challenge into your superpower? Meet the incredibly talented Aspa Mohd Sah who has inspired many young people through her empathic guidance and mentorship. Aspa graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Education and a Masters in Counselling. She is the Manager of Outshine Tuition School, the co-founder of the Young Professionals Network and Director of Education at SCOT (an award-winning local NGO). Recently she was selected as a finalist at the 2020 Women of the Future Southeast Asia Awards for the social entrepreneur category. @scot_brunei
July 22, 2020
S1E0 Noor Affizan - Maximum Impact
A thought-provoking and inspiring keynote speech on identity, purpose and success, given at Brunei’s recent Youth Empowerment Conference, hosted by Progresif and Curious Mind.
July 15, 2020