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Young Life Warrior Podcast

Young Life Warrior Podcast

By Dale Hancock
The Young Life Warrior Podcast has been created to empower the kids in this world to fight! Become great at whatever they wish to be great at! To make changes not excuses, to build self esteem not self not be a worrier but instead be a warrior of life!
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001 - Intro To The Young Life Warrior. How To Teach Children To Believe In Themselves?

Young Life Warrior Podcast

#011 How To Empower Young People To Thrive Achieve & Succeed with Sam Moinet
What ca we do as young care providers to help a child thrive, achieve and succeed in life?  Well, ex teacher and Student Breakthrough founder Sam Moinet has a fair idea! In this episode we chat about: - motivating children - how to listen to children - what makes kids tick Pretty important listening if you are a teacher! Check Sam out on Instagram: @studentbreakthrough And remember if you  dream of building a life of passion, purpose and prosperity doing what you love while serving at the highest level and want to become a Life Coach for Kids.... 1) Find me on IG: @dalevincentcoaching 2) Message me "KIDCOACH"  3) Watch the free training 4) Book a call to qualify Have a powerful day!
October 18, 2021
#010 How To Use Law Of Attraction To Remove Fear From Kids By The LOA Twins!
THE LOA TWINS!! LOA stands for Law Of Attraction and these two legends are amazing and completely know their stuff, I love how we just bounced off each other and had a gentle casual conversation about: - the education system, how it helping and hindering children - how to identify fear and own it - what is the Law of Attraction and how to use it - manifesting greatest into your life - operating at a high vibration Such an incredible chat with Candice and Tesha! Check out their POWERFUL facebook group and follow them on IG @loatwins Have a powerful day! REMEMBER: If you want to learn how to be a Young Life Coach message me "KIDSCOACH" on Instagram: @dalevincentcoaching
October 15, 2021
#009 Why being different is a good idea say 11 year old martial world champ.
WE'RE BACK!!!!! And kicking things off literally is......FAST FOOT FREDDIE!!!! Imagine being 11 years old and KNOWING exactly what you want to do with your life!!! I only found out when I was about 28! Freddie talks about: - why being different is important for young people - his ambitions of greatness that anyone can get - supportive family and friends is important - how people his age can be confident in life Such a powerful episode! Check him out on IG: @fastfootkidssquad REMEMBER: If you are interested in becoming a Young Life Coach for kids send me (IG: @dalevincentcoaching) the word "KIDSCOACH" in my DM and I shall secure your place on the live webinar as place are limited! Be powerful!
October 11, 2021
#008 What A Communication Expert Says About Talking To Your Kids
The LIFE PRIATE!!! Callum has complete control of his controllables! He has lived in some pretty cool places in the world from the UK to Bali to Spain. Callum opens up and shares how losing two of the most important male role models in his life has helped him adapt in the big wide world. This absolute mind expert dropped all the knowledge bombs.
March 1, 2021
#007 How To Create Peace Over Panic In The Pandemic!
Mallory is a TEDX speaker! As well as that she is an administrative business partner of Google! Yes google! Mal is so awesome because she empowers teens level up on their personal development journey to fulfil their purpose! A cool episode recorded in front of a live audience!
February 18, 2021
#006 Kids have a relationship with food...make it the right one... Epic advice from a nutritional social influencer.
Aaron Darko and I are chatting about the importance of what we think about food not what food you put into your body. Super important for kids not to think about certain foods being negative. ENJOY WARRIORS!!!
February 9, 2021
#006 your ego damaging your child's life?
In this episode we have the amazing Gordana Biernat! Gordana is one a Oprah's YES OPRAH'S Super Soul 100 Teacher, as well as an international speaker, global mentor and best selling author. Today we were talking about: Parenting and ego Putting your child in a life prison Lockdown tips for parents Understanding how to nurture the personal growth of your child The most harmful things you can say and do as a parent We hope you enjoy and grab all the value!
February 2, 2021
#005 5 Steps In Becoming A Young Entrepreneur Over Lockdown With Lentia Live From Australia
Lenita has been coaching children for 8 years now with a focus of developing an entrepreneurial mindset! In this episode we learn the 5 key steps for children to begin to make their own money. This episode was recorded in front of a live young audience!!
January 29, 2021
#004 - Cyber bullying advice from a martial arts expert TikToker with 2.6 Million likes!
In this episode we are talking with Matt Stait!  Martial Arts Expert 306k Tiktok followers 2.6 Millions likes International speaker Multiple best selling author  The topics are bullying, cyberbullying and how to get around social media safely. Enjoy warriors!
January 22, 2021
#003 - He began his entrepreneurial journey at 13, now 18 and his OWN BOSS!
Jez is an 18 year old with a success social media marketing business WITH employees! He began wishing for this when he was 13! He never gave up and now he is earning a very good income whilst STILL studying at college!
January 17, 2021
#002 - I seriously cannot believe a 13-year-old speaks like this!
Hanalei, firstly has an epic name! BUT more importantly she has a stupid amount of drive, fire and ambition!  She is a best selling author, successful entrepreneur, artist, international keynote speaker, ethical fashion designer and student of Dr John Demartini! Hanalei is a stunning soul and powerful role model!
January 14, 2021
001 - Intro To The Young Life Warrior. How To Teach Children To Believe In Themselves?
This episode is an intro to the Young Life Warrior Podcast! We are also discussing what self belief really is as well as the easiest and most powerful way to teach it. 
January 8, 2021