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Your Gifts Matter

Your Gifts Matter

By Aaron Solly
The intention of this podcast is to guide, educate, and inspire corporate employees, leaders, and professionals to open up and access their inner gifts, talents, and abilities.

You will hear from guests who have overcome career and life struggles by accessing their true gifts. The gifts that are unique to them and make them who they are and what they value.
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Gifts from Julianna Quijano,

Your Gifts Matter

Gifts from Julianna Quijano,

Your Gifts Matter

Gifts from Kevin Scott,
In this episode, you will hear from Kevin Scott, Relationship Expert at Effortless Alpha.   He shares his experience living in a rural farming town in Ontario, Canada. His career journey spanned electronics, farming, retail, finance, live infomercials.  The entire time he was living paycheque. He was focused on doing something great with his career and was struggling financially.   A shift in perspective changed for him when he met a life coach who challenged him to see that he wasn't open to change and seeing his life from a different perspective.   Kevin will share the key gifts he accessed to enable him to become open to change and step into his true self.  Today, he helps other men going through similar experiences he faced in his life.   You can learn more about Kevin Scott at 
July 22, 2020
Gifts from Julianna Quijano,
In this episode, you will hear from Julianna Quijano.  She is a Transformational Guide. She shares her experience as the youngest of six siblings and the only girl in her family.   Her parents divorced when she was around 10 years old which shifted the family dynamic as well as her own sense of belonging.  As a young girl, she was shy and more introverted. You will learn how dance gave her confidence and self-esteem she was missing.  She shares the gifts she found her struggles as a child and as an adult.   You will have an opportunity to experience a breathing exercise to help with stress and anxiety.  You can found more information about Julianna at
July 5, 2020
Gifts from Marian Bourne,
In this episode, I talk with Marian Bourne from the Bourne Practice.  She operates a private health and coaching practice in London, England.  She shares about her experience with living with pain. Pain that she wasn't fully aware of the cause.  While running her practice, she got to the point where she could help clients in the morning yet needed to rest in the middle of the day to have the energy to see clients in the afternoon.  Marian found a profound gift within all the pain and today is able to help others in the corporate world dealing with pain.  She finds a large number of her clients' pain is a result of stress in the workplace.   Marian demonstrates an exercise to help reduce stress and you can use it immediately.   For more information, you can to
June 29, 2020
Gifts from Ruthann Weeks,
My guest in this episode is Ruthann Weeks, Corporate Culture Strategist with Harmony in the Workplace. She shares her story which ultimately brought her to create her company which helps organizations in areas such as violence & harassment in the workplace and workplace wellness. In her past, she experienced relationships focused on control and manipulation which resulted in her becoming very ill. For quite some time, she dealt with the illness on her own.   Until finally, it was so bad she realized she needed to see a doctor. Once she was assessed by a doctor, she was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. Stress is something that is known to be a potentially major cause of this condition. At the time, she was facing a lot of stress in her life and recognized that when the illness showed up previously it was during very stressful times in her life. Ruthann shares about the gifts she found in the middle of the stress and struggles. She shares how she learned to change her perspective on how she viewed the world and ultimately herself. For more information about Ruthann Weeks, you can go to
June 25, 2020
Gifts from Bernadette Bruckner,
My guest in this episode is Bernadette Bruckner from Insideout Communications. She is a Holistic Health Mentor and a Program Designer for Coping Strategies. During her time in the corporate world, she worked in Project Management and Organizational Change.  In the workplace, she was bullied and ridiculed. She had a hard time as a woman excelling in her career. The ongoing stress from the treatment at work led to her being diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa. She came to the point where she planned to commit suicide. You will also hear about her time growing up with parents who were Bakers in a small community in Austria.  The gifts she experienced from this time in her life ultimately helped her to choose to live. You can find more information about Bernadette at
June 16, 2020
Gifts From Michael Tranmer,
In this episode, you will hear from Michael Tranmer who lives and plays in Vancouver, BC.  Michael works as an engineer in the highly specialized field of coastal engineering where he designs and builds projects along the coast.  He shares his struggles related to his career as an engineer and going through a divorce.  You will hear about his realization that training for the Ironman ended up being a method of numbing out.   Michael embodies and speaks on transcendent leadership, drawing on experiences from his professional and personal life. For further information on corporate speaking engagements or live book performances, please contact Michael through his website, 
May 25, 2020
Gifts from Sarah Ross,
In this episode, you will hear from Sarah Ross.  Sarah shares her experience working for 16 years for well known international companies in roles focused on Compliance, Ethics, and Process Improvement.  She speaks about the challenges of being in a role where not everyone wanted to hear what she had to say about maintaining compliance and ethical standards.  Her role left her feeling isolated from the people she worked with.   The stress and pressure of her work resulted in severe migraines and debilitating pain.  She found herself at a place where she created a plan to commit suicide after a six month period.  For six months, she would do things she always wanted to do.  This led her to visit an orphanage in Vietnam and meeting a dying orphan who completely changed her life forever.  You hear about the gifts she accessed to change her plan to stay alive and impact the lives of others.  Sarah Ross is an international award-winning speaker and bestselling author who uses her own experiences with Burnout and Depression to help others avoid the dark place that she found herself in when she left the corporate world.  You can learn more about Sarah at
May 19, 2020
Gifts from Monika Becker,
My guest in this episode is Monika Becker from Clear Directions Coaching.  She is trained as a Horticultural Engineer and working for 12 yrs in Sales & Marketing in German, Italian & Canadian tree nurseries. Eventually, she transitioned from horticulture to the tourism industry and worked as a Team Lead in a Call Center.   She shares how she tended to be a person who would withdraw in stressful situations.  She grew up learning that you are supposed to follow the rules and do what your parents and adults tell you.  Over time, she became very nervous and anxious while at work. It ultimately resulted in a psychosomatic illness.   You will learn about the inner gifts she accessed to overcome her struggles.   For more information about Monika Becker, you can go to 
May 15, 2020
Gifts from Joe Nunziata,
In this episode, you will hear from Joe Nunziata. Joe shares his experience of losing his father at a young age and how he went from being a young boy to becoming the father figure of the house.  As an adult, he struggled in sales positions and experienced two bankruptcies.  You will learn how he overcame these struggles and the gifts he accessed to do so.  You can find more information about Joe at 
May 8, 2020
Gifts from Lori Beard,
Lori shares her struggles growing up in a divorced family as the youngest child. You will hear about her ability to empower herself at a young age and the people in her life that helped her along the way.  She received guidance from an unsuspecting person in her life.  You will learn about the gifts she found in the middle of her struggles and how they help her support her clients today.  You can book a Mind Reset with her by emailing her at 
May 2, 2020
Gifts from Fatima Zaidi, Owner of
In this episode, you will hear from Fatima Zaidi, Owner of Project Instigate and an acclaimed TEDx Speaker. She shares her experiences related to moving a lot as a child, bullying and public speaking.  You will learn the gifts she accessed during these movements of her life and how she still uses them today.  To attend one of Fatima's online seminars, visit  You can also receive a complimentary strategy session by emailing Fatima at
April 24, 2020
Introducing Your Gifts Matter
Welcome to Your Gifts Matter.  Aaron Solly, Owner of Engage Coaching Group shares his intention for this podcast.
April 24, 2020