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The Money Doctor® Money Talk Podcast by Mildred Dillon CPA

The Money Doctor® Money Talk Podcast by Mildred Dillon CPA

By Mildred Dillon CPA
Here's how you can make 2021 your BEST MONEY YEAR EVER...

1. Learn something new here - a tip or strategy - most of these are short, so you won't need long.
2. Apply it in real life - even if it sounds a bit crazy! We do things differently over here - #ourstuffworks!
3. You start seeing that extra $$$ in your account, now you're hooked!
4. As you visit again and again, maybe check out our website (, get a course or some one-on-one help,
5. I'll keep adding episodes each Wednesday, and giving you that next tip.

And THAT's how 2021 becomes your BEST MONEY YEAR EVER.
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#14 The 4 Cs of Credit

The Money Doctor® Money Talk Podcast by Mildred Dillon CPA

#20 Family Finance Fun! - Part 1 of 2 - Marriage & Money
It's hard enough for most of us to feel "smart" with money starting out, but imagine two people coming together in marriage feeling that way, unprepared and maybe just skipping over the money conversation entirely.  Now that's scary! Well it was for me.  And as you'll hear, I had a rocky start with figuring out the "how," which is why I had to invite cousin extraordinaire, Dr. Jonie Steward, to share with us on how she approached the topics in a more healthier way and helps families do the same.  Thanks Jonie!  🤗❤️    1:35  Special Episode Introduction - Featuring Dr. Jonie Steward   4:00  The Insecurities Start When We're Young   6:07  Sometimes A "Scary" Situation (Like A Pandemic) Calls For A Pivot   7:35  How The Money Doctor® Service Helps You Invest Smarter 13:00  How To Get Your Spouse On The Same Page  14:45   Haven't Made It to The Altar Yet?  It's Not Too Late To Ask These Questions 20:00  Next Steps To Have "The Money Talk"  21:45  FREE "TOP 10" MONEY CONVO STARTER RESOURCE 23:25 Next Episode We'll Include The Kids Links mentioned (if they don't open, just copy/paste in a separate browser): Top 10 Money Convo Starter Resource: Dr. Jonie Steward Contact Info - Cell Phone: 504 939 1887, Email: Website: Instagram: Facebook Page:
October 28, 2021
#19 Want To Weather Whatever Storm Heads Your Way? Build Back "Mobile!"
Many people are surprised to hear I was once "The Google Girl" at a local area Best Buy back in 2012.  It was during the launch of Google's Chromebook, and not only did my TECH get me the gig, but it's kept me afloat and with a vibrant business during all kinds of storms.  So I'm excited to be featuring and sharing with one my colleagues who was part of that project, Lenny Washington, educator, business owner, and gamer (whaaaa???) Yep, he's aka RavenXero on  Please say a big "HI" and WELCOME to Lenny!   1:00  Lenny Introduction - Educator, Business Owner 3:08  How Technology Kept Me & My Business Going Through Many  6:07  Google - An "Education" We Can All Take Advantage Of 8:35  The "Old Way" vs The "New Way" - TECH IS THE NEW WAY! 10:15 Want to Run Your Business From Anywhere? This Is How We Do it! 17:30 Here Is MY #1 Way To Start Your "Mobile" Construction - GET PAID FASTER. 18:25 Meet Your Construction Crew - The G Suite!  (or Office365, Or iCloud iWork) 22:41 Looking For Or Need A New Career? Get G-Suite Certified!  24:45 How "Mobile" Accounting Improves Cash Flow  26:04 Get In Control Of Your Own Accounting Can Get You Paid Faster During a Disaster 25:58 Get a FREE PREVIEW of "Let's Get Credit Ready" at Links mentioned: Lenny Washington Contact info:, Website: Instagram: Facebook Page
September 23, 2021
#18: Swipe Left and Swipe Right - It's THAT Easy To Get Your Money Right!
So here's an encore from guest host Charlotte Harris - you remember, Ms. Phenomenal Woman herself from Podcast 16? Well, she's still at it, being phenomenal and being on top of her finances at the same time.  Pretty awesome huh? Of course we always have a great time sharing, but looks like we have just as great a STRATEGY to help anyone who wants to take action on those New Year's Resolutions to get our money on track this year.  Wow that seems like years ago!   1:00  Charlotte Introduction - Pt 2  2:00  Here's Why We All Need Charlottes! 4:30  We Also Need A Handle On Our Money! 5:27  New Course *Testimonial* 7:00 Let Tech Do The Heavy Lifting! 8:22 When The Teacher Is Ready (me), the Student Appears! 10:37 All Income Is NOT Equal (When It Comes To Tax Deductions) 13:50 Larger Refunds Come From Deductions - So Keep Your Day Job! 14:30 The Power of the Detailed Plan 16:00 Charlotte's 90-day System 17:00 What's the Extra You Have Each Month For Retirement? Here's How We Help 18:30 Reports and Tech Show The Way 19:39 Get a FREE PREVIEW at Links mentioned:  Website: Instagram: Facebook Page
August 26, 2021
#17 YES, Family Finance Can Be Fun!
Hopefully you're enjoying summer and spending "quality time" with family.   Can we suggest an activity?   Let's go over the household finances - all together, ALL AT ONCE, and as a T-E-A-M. Reggie Parker, parent "extraordinaire," is giving you the "cheat sheet" for including the kids in what's going on financially, for getting everyone talking, and young minds THINKING before they spend. Wow! And those cash payments from the Biden Administration's Advanced Child Tax Credit program just took away all our excuses! So let's take some of that "CREDIT" and give kids a bit more "CREDIT" in the process and change their financial futures, like Reggie did with his son.  I can't wait for you to hear this! 1:00  Introduction, Who We Are 2:00  Reggie's take on the Advance Child Tax Credit Payments, The Benefits of Allowance, And Starting To Use It At Home 4:00  Introducing Business Ownership vs the Job 6:00  Here's How "The Rich Get Richer" - They Include The Kids! 8:00  Looking for Tools to Start Your Money School at Home? We Got You! 9:00 Home Study Course for Study AT HOME 11:00 Here's How That Family That PAYS Together SAVES TOGETHER 13:00 Show wrap-up - We'll Continue The Family Finance Discussion Next Month With REAL-LIFE Testimonials Links mentioned: Facebook Page Website: "FOR KIDS" tab for Family Finances Instagram:
July 29, 2021
#16 Here's How to REALLY Think & Grow Rich!
So it's summer time, but you know what doesn't take a break? Money matters! So for the next few episodes we're going to talk about how to make it more FUN with the FAMILY and wait until you hear who's schooling us on how to get it done.  Charlotte Harris, real estate investor, planning expert is showing us how to work "smarter" so we can reach those goals - one by one.   2:00  Charlotte Introduction, "Why" & Purpose 4:00  Why It's Important to Tell Our Story 6:00  The Path (& Pitfalls to Purpose) 8:00   Intention & The Step-by-Step Approach 10:00 The Power of "Family" Goals 12:00 Power of Celebrating Our Wins 13:30 Writing or Tech? Try BOTH!  15:00 Flexibility & Being Ok With A "Different" Outcome 17:00 Flowing With Teams  18:30 Charlotte's 90-day System. Try it with us!  21:00 The Power Of The Mastermind (Group) 24:30 Show wrap-up Contact Charlotte to learn more about Phenomenal Women Mastermind Group or to join in with the 90-day planning  Charlotte Harris Contact Info: Email: Links mentioned:  Facebook Page Website:   "FOR KIDS" tab for Family Finances  Instagram:
June 24, 2021
#15 The FIX is in! The Bad Credit Fix, that is...
We've been talking about 3 of the 4 Cs, (Capital, Capacity, Collateral)  But I know THIS is the C on everyone's minds!  It's the one that gets the MOST ATTENTION: CREDIT SCORE.   So in this episode, I, and colleague, Larry Miles, are giving you the "Rx Prescription" for all things CREDIT REPAIR - and how you can get started right at home. 2:30  The problem with NOT having credit education  4:15   Larry's Credit Story & "Why" 6:30   What to Focus On FIRST to Get Back In the "Credit Game"  (It's NOT the Score!!!!) 9:00   Feeling a bit nervous about diving in? There's an APP for that! (snd it's FREE) or an alternate method 12:30 What about ERRORS? KEY places to start for getting the junk off and increasing your score, and MISTAKES to avoid 15:00 Do You Speak the Language of Credit? No problem! We've got the Interpreter. 18:00 We're actually graded based on our credit score! 21:00 We've been on the road to rebuilding! We're here to help 21:45 Upcoming Podcasts: Business Credit, Kids & Money Summer Program  Links mentioned: Learn More About the Kids & Money Summer Program: Kids & Money Program Facebook Page Website for Kids & Money: - see the "FOR KIDS" tab Instagram: Larry Miles Contact Info Email: Phone: 877 997 9626
May 26, 2021
#14 The 4 Cs of Credit
Many people would be surprised to hear I had bad credit for 7 years...yep, it’s true.  It’s why I’m so passionate about SAVING MONEY. In this #14 Episode SHOCKER, I talk about how a DIFFERENT C (Capital), helped me rebuild not just my finances, but my credit also. You can do it too! 3:43 Ever struggled juggling business & personal finances? 5:43 Credit is a HUGE part of the PAST & the RIGHT NOW of your personal finances 7:00 Character - My Credit Story (Part of It) -   10:30 Capital - My Confidence Came With Cash (and some great deals!) 13:30 Capacity/Condition - Can You Handle More? What's Your Current Position? 16:20 Collateral (& Sources of It) 19:40 Reports Will Show All These C's - that's OUR "LANE" 22:40 Check Out The Facebook Group - It's A Social Learning Group Links mentioned: Money Collective Facebook Group: Facebook Page - contains Credit article post from Website: Instagram:
April 22, 2021
#13 The Best "Formula" For Using Your Stimulus
As millions of Americans prepare to receive stimulus checks, in this episode, I lay out my signature prescription for financial success called my MoneyRx. This is the exact roadmap I followed for rebuilding my finances that hit rock bottom during the 2008 recession.  You'll never believe who my coaches were:  5 little kids who are making money, saving money, keeping track of spending, investing and even using credit. Yep, it's true and that was the start of what would eventually become our signature MoneyRx.  You have to hear the story to believe it and how timely, when children and their wellbeing are the focus of this latest economic bill.   1:00 The passage of the U.S. Stimulus bill, preparing to receive your money 1:45 Introducing The Money Doctor® Kids 2:30 Here is the MoneyRx formula of how to manage and grow your money 5:10 This works with Credit as well - just rinse and repeat the formula with other people's money 6:34 Meet the Kids and see the formula at our websites 10:30 Our weekly check-in will now happen at our Blog; the podcast will now be a longer monthly show. 11:07 New show format is monthly & featuring guests each show 12:06 Follow us, Message us, Contact us at the website Links mentioned: Blog: Kids & Money Program: Instagram: Facebook Page:
March 11, 2021
#12 What's Your "Net?" Speaking the Language of Your Small Business Lender
Small Business loan applications contain an interesting mix of personal and business questions, but a true business always shows some sales. But how much did you have left over after expenses? Are you showing any profit? Small business bankers are interested in all of those, but chief among the questions is those gross receipts or sales, and what you have left over after expenses (net income). Do you know your numbers? Here are a few minutes to getting to the answer of “yes.”
March 4, 2021
#11 Withhold While You Work? The Ins and Outs of Payroll Taxes
In this episode I resume the discussion from Ep#10 on how the W-2 versus 1099 affects your ability to save money, taking a deep dive into the concept of refunds and "overpayments" on taxes. 1:22 The financial consequences of overpaying taxes 2:30 How Withholding Works 3:55 How 1099s differ from W-2 6:05 How to get your money! Links mentioned:   2021 Form W-4 (
February 25, 2021
#10 Mail Mastery Course Announcement (Guest Interview)
So why all the talk about mail and a course on paperwork? Because I've had more clients than a few, PAY me to help them with it, before we can even get to the money conversation. It's also derailed many a financial plan with missed FINAL NOTICES, bank overdrafts, late and delinquent fees. So in this episode, we're giving a bit of an update to our ongoing "reality show" about the challenges of staying on top of the paper and ways we do it. Links mentioned: Free Course Link:  "Mail Mastery" - From Mountains of Mail to Money Matters Handled In Minutes!
February 18, 2021
#9 A (Tax) Tale of Two Clients
In this week's episode, I take a deeper dive into the biggest two documents tax documents people are receiving this time of year: the W-2 and 1099, the differences and how you can take advantage of each. I do that by telling the story of two different clients, both with back tax issues and describing how the documents they had made all the difference. I am including the link I referenced for more IRS guidance on the subject and especially if you’re a business owner, how to correctly classify your workers for tax reporting purposes.
February 11, 2021
#8 Getting Organized (Guest Interview)
You know there’s a saying that TWO are better than one, and I have to say that couldn't be more true than talking about getting ORGANIZED.  This  was a really fun interview I gave right before the new year, when I heard the replay - and the different take on the topic, I had to share it with the Podcast family!  PLUS we did have that tax season delay, so I figured, "why not, we can squeeze this in!"   If you’re on top of it all already, just sit back and enjoy the ride because we move full speed ahead into tax season and we’ll be diving right into getting our small business owners up and automated and ready to file those taxes.  Enjoy! 
February 4, 2021
#7 What Kind Of Worker Are You?
In this week's episode, I take a deep dive into the biggest two documents tax documents people are receiving this time of year: the W-2 and 1099 the differences and how you can take advantage of each. I also am including the link I referenced for more IRS guidance on the subject and especially if you’re a business owner, how to correctly classify your workers for tax reporting purposes.
January 28, 2021
#6 Money Success Starts with Money "Organization"
In this episode I describe a LIVE mail session showing how I” put money in it's place” - and that was by tackling my mail, on-camera previously"sight unseen" - and I do it in LESS than 20 minutes! You can too. But you'll need to SEE it to fully believe it, and since this is audio world, you’ll need the link NOT just to the video, but a FREE mini-course designed to take the "fear factor" and overwhelm out of dealing with money matters that come in the mail. Our new website launches on Jan 25, and we published this episode a few days before, so if you do want to get a jump on things. send us a message and we’ll send you the OneDrive link.
January 21, 2021
#5 About Those New Years Resolutions ....
In this episode I talk about how easy it is to take our eye off the ball, lose focus and even quit altogether. The year is still “new” and there is still time to refocus our efforts to reach our goals. Here’s a tried and true strategy I’ve used for several decades to stay motivated no matter how rocky things may get.
January 14, 2021
#4 Here’s a REAL Holiday Payoff
And by pay off, I mean "LITERALLY" paying off what we spent during the holidays, but even more is possible and I share all about how in this episode I share with you a secret weapon to jumpstart your savings and maybe even replace the money spent for the holidays. The keys to building some serious savings start with what's happened in the past - and there's a quick easy way to find out.  Just look at your last month's bank statement and in just minutes, you'll find out all the withdrawals affecting your money future.  Give it a try! Links mentioned: Money "Boost" Savings Download
January 7, 2021
#3: Getting Organized For The New Year
Today I’m sharing with you six key organization tools to help you go into the next year super prepared and super on top of the paper.
December 30, 2020
#2: The Gift of “Financial Health” is Priceless.
If you hadn't heard last week's episode, this is a continuation of the combination of "financial diet and exercise."   This week, we go deeper into what it means to have a healthy financial diet and what we need to have in place to have one.  :10 The Money Doctor® Your "Financial" Physician :35 The Financial "Diet" 1:25 Credit, Good Debt vs. Bad Debt 2:05 Assets & Insurance Go Together 3:43 So Do Investments & Accounting 5:26 Taxes - They Don't Have To Hurt! 6:23  Great place to get started - those debts!!! 7:20 Next week:  Getting Organized for The New Year 8:17 Stay Connected With Us   Links mentioned:  Debt Download
December 24, 2020
#1: Cure For Holiday (Over)Spending
You'd expect a money advisor to tell you "not to spend" too much for the holidays, but would it matter much considering we're: a) creatures of habit, PLUS  b) when it  comes to plastic, it's EASY to get a bit carried away.   So year after year, we repeat this cycle, but THIS year is going to be different! Get a "preview" of what's to come from me in the way of content for 2021 - oh - and while you're at it, get a jumpstart on next years money goals! :10 The Money Doctor® Welcome :25 Meet Your "Financial" Physician 1:10 Financial "Diet & Exercise" 2:30 Effects of Holiday Spending 3:35 Get Ahead of the Debt 4:30 How the Debt Log works 5:30 Why You'll Want to Write This 6:11  Get Your Weekly Check-in Links mentioned: Download Link for the Debt Download:
December 16, 2020