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Spice Station

Spice Station

By Theodora Imaan Beauvais
Hosted by the creator of Yungnollywood, IgboSpice talks about everything usually overshadowed by shame. Communication changes culture and this podcast is a platform to create conversations free of harsh criticism. Join her and her friends as they share cringe experiences, give advice, unlearn and reveal intimate details of living life off the beaten path.

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Fishers of Men

Spice Station

Fishers of Men
To explore the theme of Gold-digging we chose the 2006 film 'Fishers of Men' that centres on a newly widowed woman and her two children, a son and daughter and how she encourages them towards reckless survival, all the while making sure she's taken care of in the process. Listen as we discuss how dating to secure financial freedom is normal, justifiable, recommended as just as hard a job to do as any. Is she a gold-digger or are you upset that you cannot afford to have her? You too can join the conversation by submitting anonymously here: or email: You can support what we do by becoming a yungnollywood patron:
August 18, 2022
Sleeping with the Enemy
Welcome to season 2 of the podcast! What's new? - We begin to discuss certain topics and how they occur as themes in various nollywood films.  On this episode, it's all about submission. What did the leading female characters in Billionaire's Club (2003) and Sleeping with the Enemy (2004) have in common? Listen as we dissect various reasons for accepting or/and rejecting submission. Is submission limited to one gender? Is it slavery with a different packaging? Is this topic too archaic for our current society? 
July 22, 2022
50/50 Dates and a Bottle of Orijin
What do broken down cars, breathtaking sunsets and parking lot stalkers have in common? They're all essential parts of the date stories in this week's episode. Listen as igbospice shares and dissects the best and worst date stories she's had and that you have submitted. Also, we answer a listener question about the being 20-something, interfering friends and the peer pressure to date now.  You too can join the conversation by submitting anonymously here: You can support what we do by becoming a yungnollywood patron:
June 20, 2022
Sexual Roulette
On this episode, listen as we respond to a dilemma submitted by one of our yungnollywood friends - "...last week I was giving him oral sex and I noticed some growths around his genitals, I won't lie, they scared me a little..." When is it a good time to bring up STI testing and how do you talk about it?  You too can join the conversation: Support what we do by becoming a yungnollywood patreon:
June 09, 2022
Am I a Fool? (Bonus TMI Episode)
On this bonus episode, it's a quick catchup with igbospice. Listen to lot's of personal stories, pet peeves, reasons to be grateful and life advice learnt from avoidable mistakes from 2020 till now. You too can join the conversation: Support what we do by becoming a yungnollywood patreon:
June 09, 2022
I hate Virgos (Astrology Q & A)
Following her appearance on Korty's astrology themed youtube video, igbospice answers your questions about astrology. What do you need to know about your career, your love life and can astrology really predict the future. Don't forget to drink every time a libra asks you for her opinion on them and don't worry, she doesn't really hate Virgos.  You too can join the conversation: Support what we do by becoming a yungnollywood patreon:
May 19, 2022
Premature Adulting and ResentMENt
On this week's episode we ask the question- Do you think that a reason why men resent/mistreat their families is because there are women who convince men to start families/have children/have more children knowing that they weren’t ready? Do you think this is a good reason to resent your family? Considering we live in a patriarchy where men are expected to provide. You too can join the conversation: Check out our new column: Support what we do by becoming a yungnollywood patreon:
May 09, 2022
Ageing, Dating and other Action Words
On this week's episode, we discuss the pros and cons of wide age gaps in dating. What could a 44 year old doctor want from a woman in her mid 20s? Is a 19 year old age gap too wide for a healthy relationship?  You too can join the conversation: Check out our new column: Support what we do by becoming a yungnollywood patreon:
May 08, 2022
Multiple Boyfriends and their Benefits
Why have one boyfriend when you can have four? On this week's episode, we discuss the pros and cons of Roster/Rotational Dating.  Join the conversation:
April 09, 2022
The Broken Hearts
What do sex tapes, an STI, long distance insecurity tantrums and mild stalking, have in common? They're all components to the stories of this week's theme, the painful phenomenon that is... Heartbreak. 
April 03, 2022
The Abortion Economy
This week igbospice joined by guest host, and little sister Chidimma, discuss the necessity of having children. Listen as they breakdown the submitted reasons to have a baby, the perfect circumstance for surrogacy, why they approve of Blac Chyna's two day co-parenting schedule and their solution to a special case of a plan B proof pregnancy.  Want to join the conversation or have a question you need an answer to -
April 02, 2022
Breaking the Bro Code (Young, Famous and African Recap)
This week's episode is inspired by 'Young, Famous and African,' a recently released reality TV show on Netflix that centres around 8 individuals and their relationships with each other. Specifically, we talk about the triangle between Diamond (Tanzanian musician and superstar), Zari (self made business woman and the mother of Diamond's children) and Andile (successful music and sports TV producer and personality and Zari's new love interest). This led to the question... Would you date your friend's ex? Especially if, like in the case of Andile and Diamond, your friend has clearly moved on and is pursuing other people. 
March 25, 2022
Crème de la Coochie
On this R-rated episode inspired by a personal conversation, igbospice discusses the possibility of good p*ssy being a skill.
March 19, 2022
Dating a Ritualist
Let’s talk about self doubt. Have you experienced it? Do you still? How does doubt make you feel?  How do you deal with the feeling? Also, in a world full of criminals, do you draw the line at dating a ritualist? 
March 12, 2022
Great Lovers
On this episode, amiss her instagram woes,  igbospice asks what makes a man or woman a great lover? Is it how they treat you, emotional depth or just how great they perform in bed? Also what's the most you've ever done for an unofficial partner? 
March 03, 2022
S.O.S (Slut on Slut Justice)
IgboSpice spends the first part of this episode discussing slut statistics derived from polls submitted by the yungnollywood audience; the second part defending the Euphoria character, Cassie Howard, and then concludes with why faith without works is dead, a.k.a keeping an eye out for the proof in the manifestation pudding. 
March 01, 2022
The Fatphobic Sisters
On this episode, Igbospice and her sister Chidimma use the Ere.wellness Body Image and Conversation cards to confront the subconscious theme of fat-phobia present in most people. These cards are a wonderful conversation starter for dissecting why we treat ourselves the way we do. For more details about the conversation cards, please check out @ere.wellness on instagram.  Also, to get tickets to our first official party #yungandthewicked, please visit the website or click here. 
January 10, 2022
Love is not a Dead Language
On our first of many live recording shows, igbo spice discusses various love languages submitted by the baebaddies and their reasons behind wanting to be loved this way. Also, for the first time ever we have people call into the show and we learn why realistically, your love language should really be all of them and more ;) 
November 02, 2021
Spice Station by Yungnollywood!
A 60 sec intro to the podcast.
October 22, 2021
Jealous and Envious Stories
What do you do when you find yourself wanting more from a polyamorous relationship? Or you find out your ex has moved on to someone who looks just like you? Or maybe you have a friend that refuses to acknowledge what you do but copies everything behind your back? Unpack these and more stories surrounding the theme of this week's episode, Jealousy. 
October 11, 2021
OmogeDollar$ Speaks
Welcome to Spice Station, a podcast by Yungnollywood. In this first episode, I answer questions about dealing with closeted bisexuality, being a Nigerian vegan, nollywood sex scenes, tips on how to be a bad bitch and more ;). Theme Song performed by Bby$slut; produced by KvngCube; mixed by Faith (ForeverTired).
October 01, 2021