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Marlene Holmes

Marlene Holmes

By Marley
Yup, She Said It is a podcast dedicated to inspiring and provoking thought amongst listeners. Marley combines her athletic experience and corporate America journey to tackle current social topics through the lens of a black woman. Marley shares personal stories to provide tangible examples on how to overcome daily trials on one's journey to success. Marley also shares her doctoral journey as a PhD student.
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Appreciated, Not Tolerated (featuring India G. Timpton)
On this week's episode Marley had the pleasure of interviewing India G. Timpton who is a former collegiate athlete that now works as a Productions Assistant at ESPN. She shares her journey of transition from being the star on the court to being a star behind the scenes at ESPN.  You can also watch her interview on YouTube (air date 11/17/20 @6pm EST): Check out her bio below:  Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, India G. Timpton fell in love with sports at an early age. Looking back, she found success in many sports, but Timpton found herself lacing up her basketball shoes from age eight through college.   Timpton continued her athletic career on a full ride at The University North Carolina at Greensboro.   Graduating with a Communication Studies degree in 2017, Timpton knew, although done on the court, her love for sports wasn't ready to hear the final buzzer.  So off to Syracuse University, on a partial academic scholarship, she went!   While there, Timpton spent just over a year interning with Cuse's Athletic Program and her winter break with ESPN Radio in California. She also had the opportunity to work on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, for six weeks, where she covered politics. All of those experiences helped her to earn a master's degree in Broadcast and Digital Journalism with a Sports Emphasis Certification in 2018.   Following a six-month position with the Women's Basketball Coaches Association (WBCA) in Georgia, which concluded with her attending and working the Women's Final Four in Florida, Timpton took a job that brought her home! Now back in the 704, she recently celebrated one year with ESPN as a Production Assistant. So far, Timpton has created television content for collegiate Field Hockey, Soccer, and Basketball airing on the ACC Network, SEC Network, and other ESPN platforms.   Timpton's career aspiration is to be a television Sport's Analyst, and as she continues to make that dream a reality, she loves to share how sports have contributed significantly to her successes while helping to shape her future.   Contact India:  E:   Contact Marley: E:  W:
November 17, 2020
Exclusive Interview (featuring Marley Holmes)
In this week's episode, our host, Marley, gives listeners early access to a recent interview she did for the Power of Story Podcast. Marley shares how her professional journey and athletic journey developed and enhanced her skills to succeed as an entrepreneur. She believes that her story can empower current, former, and future athletes to expand their goals beyond the societal limitations placed on athletes, black athletes, and black female athletes. Contact Marley: E: W: YouTube:
November 2, 2020
Alternate Route, Same Purpose (featuring Sherneil Charlery)
Marley is joined Sherneil Charlery, the Founder and President of Supporting Girls In Sports! Together they explore her journey as an advocate for women and sports in St. Lucia!    The podcast is available on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Iheartradio, Stitcher, and more!  You can also watch the interview segment on YouTube at: Check out her bio:  I am St.Lucian Sherneil Charlery. I am the Founder and President of Supporting Girls in Sports. I hold a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Sport Sciences with a concentration in Sport and Exercise Science. Presently, I am a Sports & Athletic Organizations Advisor on the Sports & Athletic Organizations Unit of the Resource Mobilization Committee on the Caribbean and Americas Regional Committee of the Commonwealth Youth Council. I am also a member of the St.Lucia National Youth Council Sports Committee, the Assistant Treasurer of the Choiseul Youth and Sports Council, a member of the St.Lucia Basketball Federation Marketing and Women’s Development Committees, one of the St.Lucian representatives in the FIBA Americas Adelante Women’s Forum, a member of the St.Lucia Olympic Committee Public Relations and Marketing Committee and a member of the Commonwealth Youth Gender Equality Network. I am passionate about sports, youth development and gender equality. I hope to one day become a sport performance analyst.   Contact Sherneil:  E:  W:   Contact Marley:  E:  W:
October 26, 2020
Too Close To Give Up (Featuring: Jeermal "Mr. Me Too” Sylvester)
Marley is joined by Jeermal Sylvester aka Mr. Me Too! Together they discuss his personal journey of success and challenges throughout her personal and athletic career. This is definitely an inspiring story for current and former athletes.   Be sure to subscribe to the channel and the Podcast. The podcast is available on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Iheartradio, Stitcher, and more!   You can also watch the full podcast interview on YouTube: Check out his bio:  Jeermal Mr. “Me Too” Sylvester is a motivational teacher, Certified Youth Specialist, Adversity Advisor and the CEO of Beauty for Ashes Inc. The purpose of his organization is to inspire as well as address the needs of youth and adults by providing character-building life skills and etiquette training to prepare them for a sustainable life. Jeermal has found success beyond sports, by teaching others how to succeed despite their current or past experiences with proven principles and steps that allowed the former three-time dropout to push through the noise and complete his college degree after twenty-four years.    Social Media Handles   IG= mr_me_too_indy  LinkedIn= Jeermal Mr. “Me Too” Sylvester   Email:   Contact Marley:  E:  W: IG: @the_bfca_experience @yupshesaidit
October 12, 2020
Learn and Serve (Featuring Fred Johnson)
Marley is joined by Fred Johnson to discuss his personal journey of success and challenges through academics to entrepreneurship.  Below is his bio. Be sure to subscribe to the channel and the Podcast. The podcast is available on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Iheartradio, Stitcher, and more! You can also watch this interview on Youtube: Fred Johnson's Bio:  "I've served as an educator for three years at the high school and middle school levels teaching Physical Science, Honors Biology, and Human Anatomy and Physiology. Since 2017, I've served as a Manager of College Completion with Collegiate Academies (New Orleans, LA) creating and implementing strategies for increasing access to and persistence in college. I am also the founder of Grind To Grad which is an organization dedicated to increasing graduation rates for Black undergraduates. I am also the CEO of Fourth Education Firm, LLC which is a dynamic education and consulting firm that provides academic support and post-secondary guidance to high school students, college access workshops for high schools, student success and leadership workshops for colleges and universities, and direct support to college student organizations." Contact Fred Johnson: E: W: LinkTree: IG: @grindtograd Contact Marley: E: W: IG: @the_bfca_experience
September 28, 2020
Show Up and Show Out!
Welcome to Season 5! Marley opens this new season by acknowledging the challenges of racial injustice and athletes discovering their voices. Marley is joined by Tamika Newman to discuss her journey to become an athlete and develop the foundation of self to find her purpose. She now impacts the lives of others as an Assistant Volleyball Coach and author of Grateful & Greedy.  Check out Tamika's Bio and contact info: Shattering the glass ceiling, setting a new standard, leading the way and winning best describes Tamika R. Newman's journey. She is a native Houstonian. Tamika' passion for sports and desire to help students in underserved communities has kept her  in education for over a decade. Tamika is the owner of Grit and Grind Athletics LLC, an athletic service provider. She is committed to providing affordable and professional skills and leadership training to players and coaches. Tamika holds a Bachelors  of Communications  and a Masters in Business Administration. She is a graduate of Prairie View A&M University and Texas Southern University. Tamika has a passion for professional and personal development, and mentorship. A firm believer in paying it forward, she takes on new mentees yearly. You can also watch her interview on our YouTube Channel: Tamika's Contact Information: Email: Website: YouTube:         Contact Marley: Email: Website: IG: @yupshesaidit @the_bfca_experience
September 14, 2020
All or Nothing (Featuring Taneka Rubin)
Marley is joined by Taneka Rubin to discuss her journey into professional basketball. Taneka shares both her challenges and triumphs through her new book called, "Winner's Win." Check out her bio below:  Taneka Rubin is a professional basketball player overseas, youth mentor, and author of the book, Winners Win. She graduated from Florida A&M University with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration. She also graduated from the University of East London with a Master’s in International Business. Taneka has lived in five different countries where she’s learned to appreciate the beauty of cultural differences. She uses her experiences on and off the court to encourage and inspire the next generation.   You can also watch the interview on YouTube: Contact Taneka:  Instagram: @Tanekarubin  Email:  Website:   Contact Marley:  Email:  Instagram: @the_bfca_experience @yupshesaidit  Website:
June 14, 2020
There's Space For You (Featuring Brandon Vega)
Marley interviews Brandon Vega to discuss his journey from athletics to celebrating the upcoming book release.  Check out Brandon's bio below:  Born and raised in Miami, FL. Vega is an author, poet and educator. In his spare time he's  involved in public speaking, coaching and mentoring children in both scholastic and athletic capacities. Vega continues to serve as a positive resource to those around him, by remaining active in his community. Being a former athlete taught him many valuable life lessons. Basketball gifted Vega opportunities to explore the world—gaining a more fulfilling outlook on life. Adversity is not something he is unfamiliar with, as he has embraced the element of change and its challenges.  His experiences and environment helped him create EATN which is known as the acronym for Exist Above The Noise. His survival enlightened his commitment to help the community. At times self doubt played a major role in his life. Just as many others may have experienced at times. Through a conversation about community and upbringing, and the motivation to make it,  Vega was bestowed the gift of the idea. Then EATN was born.  Watch on YouTube:  To Contact Brandon Vega:  Email:  Website:    Contact Marley:  Website:  Email:  Instagram: @yupshesaidit @the_bfca_experience
June 7, 2020
We The People: It's Time To Show Up (Featuring State Rep. Attica Scott)
Marley is joined by State Representative Attica Scott from Louisville, Kentucky. Representative Scott shares her journey in politics as a Louisville native to empower others to do the same. Together Marley and Rep. Scott discuss the similarities of pursuing and being successful in both politics and athletics. The preparation, commitment, and the passion are all common denominators in athletics and politics.   Watch interview on YouTube: To learn more about Representative Scott please visit her website below and follow her on all social media platforms:   Instagram and Twitter: @atticascott4ky  Website:  To contact Marley:  Instagram: @yupshesaidit @thebfcaexperience  Twitter: @futuredrholmes  Website: Email:
June 6, 2020
You Are More Than Enough (featuring Classye James)
Marley is joined by Classye James to discuss her journey from athletics to the field of tech!! She is truly a visionary and stellar entrepreneur.  Check out her bio below and contact info:  Classye is the Founder and CEO of Shakeout LLC, a consulting business assisting athletes during their transition out of competitive athletics. Additionally, she is an Operations Manager at Cisco Systems a part of the Cisco Webex organization whose responsibility is to help support, transform and scale a $1B+ cloud collaboration business. She has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for projects in which she has led, and was the first Cisco employee to lead a project in which an NBA player was featured in a Webex marketing campaign.  Growing up in the heart of Silicon Valley provided her a unique lens into the technology and entrepreneurial industries at a young age. She is currently in the process of raising funds for her first tech start-up, S-Connect (Shakeout-Connect) an online platform that will connect Athletes with sports wellness professionals, jobs, resources, and other athletes.   Classye holds a Master's of Business Administration from Santa Clara University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from San Jose State University.    Contact Classye:  Website:  Email:  Instagram: @shakeoutllc   Contact Marley:  Website:  Email:  Instagram: @yupshesaidit @the_bfca_experience
May 24, 2020
Help and Heal (featuring Chris Daughtery)
In this episode Marley opens up with a guided meditation session to support and provide a moment of stillness to the listener. Today Marley is joined by Chris Daughtery to discuss and bring awareness to the impact of sexual trauma towards men.  This interview was recorded prior to the comments made by Rapper, Lil BOOSIE, on why he believes his sons should be raised a certain way. You can also watch his interview with Marley on Youtube at  Chris's Bio: Chris Daughtery is the founder of the Mentoring Program and author of the book “From Boys to Gentlemen” He is a motivational speaker and consultant for at risk youth. The book is the tool he uses to help young men grow into being strong husbands and fathers.  It also serves as a conversation starter for improving communication and relationships between parents and children in the home. As a father and military veteran himself, Chris understands the importance of being a role model for youth. He has his Bachelor's degree in Communication from Abilene Christian University and is studying for his Masters in Human Development at Hardin Simmons University.   Contact Chris:   Email:   Instagram: @cdaught3    Contact Marley:   Email:   Website:   Instagram: @yupshesaidit @thebfcaexperience   YouTube:
May 17, 2020
The Past Supports The Future (featuring Brittaney Jackson MSOT, OTR/L)
On this episode Marley is joined by Brittaney Jackson to discuss her journey through collegiate sports, and how an injury introduced her to a profession which supports and empowers others. She shares her journey of being a transfer student-athlete and which transferable skills she took from sports and applied to her profession. To contact Brittaney Jackson: Email: To contact Marley: Email: Instagram: @the_bfca_experience @yupshesaidit Website: YouTube:
May 10, 2020
COVID-19: Time To Have A Real Conversation
Marley was recently interviewed by the Founder and CEO of Inspirational Mentorship, Apryl Collier. Together they discussed the alarming statistics that are happening across the country, and how a particular community is statistically at risk. You can also watch the interview on my  YouTube Channel: To Contact Apryl Collier Instagram: inspirational_mentorship To Contact Marley: Email: Website: Instagram: the_bfca_experience
May 3, 2020
Embrace The Disruption (featuring Haley Major)
Marley was joined by Haley Major who currently works in the field of  Academic Support Services for collegiate student-athletes at Penn State. Listen as she shares her journey in collegiate sports, recovering from an ACL tear, and explaining how faith was the tool which led her to inspiring current student-athletes. Marley also opens this episode with a Guided Meditation Session. Be sure to  check out the interview on YouTube: Contact Haley Major, Penn State Football Academic Support Assistant   Email:  Instagram: @haleymajorr   Contact Marley:  Email:  website:  Instagram: @the_bfca_experience @yupshesaidit
April 26, 2020
Faith and Fitness (featuring Shanicka Tairu, CEO of Purposely Fit)
Marley opens this episode with a guided meditation to encourage people to utilize faith and commitment to self to remain encouraged through the current pandemic of COVID-19! Marley is also joined by Shanicka Tairu to discuss her fitness business and the importance of merging faith and fitness.  You can also watch the interview only on Youtube: Contact Purposely Fit, Shanicka Tairu CEO and Founder  Email:  Instagram: mrsnicka_purposelyfit   Contact Marley:  Email:  website:  Instagram: @the_bfca_experience @yupshesaidit
April 19, 2020
Embrace The Transition (featuring Taj Dashaun)
Marley opens this episode with another meditation session by popular demand. She is also joined by Taj Dashaun to discuss his business and how he can assist athletes with a transition out of sports. You can also join Marley and DaShaun on YouTube to catch their interview together! YouTube Channel (Video will be available  4/12/2020 @12pm EST): Contact Marley: Email: IG: @thebfcaexperience @yupshesaidit Website: Contact Taj:  Email:  IG: @tajdashaun Podcast: Thrive After Sports
April 12, 2020
Now You Know (Featuring Makisha Boothe)
Marley opens this episode with guided meditation as the world continues to navigate through this pandemic known as COVID-19. She recognizes that happiness, safety, and stability are lost in this new way of living. Marley is a certified meditation instructor and truly believes that even in the midst or sadness and sorrow, stillness can still speak. During the second segment, "Who Got Next," Marley is thrilled to introduce Founder and Head Coach Makisha Boothe of Sistahbiz Global Network. Together they discuss the journey of entrepreneurship and essential skills that a new business must encompass to succeed. As founder of Sistahbiz Global Network, a business accelerator for Black women entrepreneurs. Sistahbiz Global Network helps Black women solopreneurs and micro-businesses build measurable, profitable businesses. As a rapid improvement coach, Makisha helps small businesses rethink their revenue strategies, brands, systems, resource allocation, and human capital strategies. Also be sure to watch and subscribe to Marley's YouTube Channel for past interviews: Contact Marley: Email: IG: @yupshesaidit Website: Contact Sistahbiz: Email: IG: @sistahbiz
April 5, 2020
The Time Is Now (Featuring Vanessa Nettingham)
This episode opens with a brief guided meditation session to clear the listener's mind of chaos and confusion during the COVID-19 pandemic.  She reminds listeners to take advantage of this time, but also to pray for all who are hurt by this pandemic. Marley is joined by Founder and Creative Director, Vanessa Nettingham to explore and discuss her journey from athletics to the professional and entrepreneurial world. Vanessa has created her own company, "BLK Graffitti," to shine the light on the journey and experience of entrepreneurs. She believes in transparency and authenticity with one's journey to success. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast and Marley's YouTube channel which were you watch the actual interview!!  YouTube Channel Interview: Contact Vanessa: IG: @blkgraffiti_llc Email: To Contact Marley:   Email:   IG: @the_bfca_experience        @yupshesaidit   Website:
March 29, 2020
Preparing For the Next Chapter (Featuring Margo Snipe)
Marley opens this episode with providing a motivational message to encourage listeners through the current pandemic the world is experiencing. During her second segment Marley interviews Margo Snipe who is a graduating student-athlete at Georgetown University. Together they discuss her athletic and academic journey to explore her successes and challenges with balancing internships and volleyball. You can also watch this interview on Marley's YouTube Channel: Interview Part 1: Interview Part 2: To Contact Marley: Email: IG: @the_bfca_experience        @yupshesaidit Website: Contact Margo: Email:
March 22, 2020
Athlete to Entrepreneur (featuring Derrick Collins)
Marley traveled to Daytona Beach to interview Mr. Derrick Collins to learn more about his experience from athletics to entrepreneurship. Collins has made a significant impact in his community for all ages.  Between the Mr. and Ms. Mentoring Program and the Stress and Anxiety Center, the services truly make it a one stop shop.   If you would like to contact  Mr. Collins: Email: Company Website: Instagram:                       @mr.andms.mentoringprogram Contact Marley: Email: Instagram: @yupshesaidit @the_bfca_experience Website:
March 15, 2020
Create Your Own Template (featuring Styled By Kami)
Marley is joined by stylist and content creator Kami! This episode is all about following your passion and creating your own path based on your intuition. Kami chose to go the road less traveled and is now a YouTube/social media sensation! Contact Kami and follow: Instagram: @styledbykami YouTube: Contact Marley: Email: IG: the_bfca_experience YouTube:
March 9, 2020
You Ain't Them (Featuring The Anomaly Lifestyle)
Marley is joined by two sisters who are determined to empower others to live beyond the social constructs designed by society. They share their inspiration behind they re-branding and how they are committed to making change one person at a time. Marley also reminds listeners that you have to be committed to your passion and limit the outside noise. Remember that your gift is your gift! Contact Marley:  YouTube: Instagram: @yupshesaidit @the_bfca_experience Email: Contact The Anomaly Lifestyle: Instagram: @theanomalylife YouTube:
March 1, 2020
Are You Awake Or Woke? (featuring W.O.K.E Athletes)
Marley is joined by 3 student athletes from Bryant University who developed an organization based on needs they identified on campus through interpersonal and external needs for student-athletes.  Be sure to check out the visual interview on YouTube . Marley also opens the episode with a motivational message challenging listeners live life with purpose. Below is a little more about each student-athlete featured in the interview: Derrick Leroy Jr. St.Augustine, FL, a student-athlete at Bryant University, member of Football. I’m currently a junior, majoring in Business Administration with a concentration of Human Resources Management and minoring in communications and sociology. Co-Founder & Treasurer of W.O.K.E Athletes. Incoming IOLDP at Travelers Insurance . Brianna Bruny My name is Brianna Bruny I am a second semester senior originally from Miami,Florida. I am an applied psychology major with a double minor in Human Resources And communications. I am the captain of the women’s volleyball team and Vice President of Woke athletes. After I graduate from Bryant I hope to pursue a career in Speech-language pathology particularly in public schools to reach underprivileged populations. Vice-President of W.O.K.E Athletes. Matthew Caruso is a Junior Student-Athlete at Bryant University pursuing a double major in Finance and Economics. He is from Brockton, Massachusetts and is the Co-Founder and President of W.O.K.E Athletes. At Bryant, Matthew is actively involved in multiple different organizations on campus. He is a member of the Multicultural Student Union and one of 15 students on the student advisory council with the university president. He is also a Wide Receiver on the football team and a member of the Omnicron Delta Kappa honor society. Matthew will be interning this summer at  Goldman Sachs in private wealth management in hope of landing a full-time position in that industry. Words of Knowledge Empower Athletes = W.O.K.E Athletes to advocate, educate, and serve Purpose Woke athletes is to act as a representative body of multicultural and international student athlete’s community at Bryant University. Woke is a student athlete organization with the mission to raise awareness and educate the athletic community on cultural issues amongst team cultures at Bryant University – PWI’s. To act as a liaison to unify multicultural and international student athletes and the entire Bryant University student athlete’s community. To help educate and assist the Bryant university athletics community in diversity issues. Provide a support system for multicultural student athletes. Provide alternative programming with the thought of better servicing the underrepresented student athletes, not excluding majority student athletes. To provide multicultural and international student athletes for community service opportunities that represent the core values of the group. To fundraise for WOKE Athletes and its causes as the discretion for the group leadership. Provide coaches with resources and strategies to athletic staff to attract a diverse student athlete population. To assist in the retention of multicultural and international student athletes at Bryant University Contact W.O.K.E Athletes: Email: Contact Marley: Email: Instagram: @yupshesaidit @the_bfca_experience
February 23, 2020
They Know Your Value, Do you? (featuring Vanna Cure)
Marley opens the episode by discussing value, self-worth, and self-identity. She challenges the listeners to explore who they are and how they emotionally and mentally arrived to the current place. During this interview Marley and Vanna discuss the salaries of college coaches in comparison to athletes. This conversation was sparked by an article that outlined salaries ranging from coaches to strength and conditioning coaches. They also discuss the CBA agreement in the WNBA and so much more. Marley closes the episode by sharing two upcoming conferences/presentations she was invited to since launching her athlete development business called, "The BFCA Experience: Value The Athlete Beneath The Jersey." You can also watch the interview on Youtube beginning at noon on 2/16/2020 Contact Vanna Cure: Email:   Contact Marley: IG: @yupshesaidit  @the_bfca_experience  LinkedIn: Marlene "Marley" Holmes  Email:  Website:
February 16, 2020
Values: Getchu' Some (Featuring Joshua Clark)
On this episode Marley is joined by Joshua Clark to discuss his research and the importance of mindful parenting when it comes to raising an  black male athletes. Marley also takes time to share her feedback on the recent backlash Gayle King has experienced by discussing double standards and the historical broken system within the black community. Also be sure to catch the YouTube After Show! Contact Marley: YouTube: The BFCA Experience Email: IG: @yupshesaidit @the_bfca_experience Twitter: @FutureDrHolmes Contact Joshua Clark: Email:
February 9, 2020
It's Already In You (featuring Derrick Furlow Jr.)
Marley is joined by Derrick Furlow to kick off Season 4 Episode 1. She opens this episode with an inspirational message that encourages the listener to focus on 3 key areas to ensure success and happiness in 2020. Derrick Furlow shares how he navigated through academics, athletics, and personal challenges to elevate his life as a successful entrepreneur in athletics. Marley also highlights a listener who left a voice message on the Anchor App sharing how a past episode inspired her.  Don't forget to catch the YouTube After Show: Contact Marley Instagram: @yupshesaidit @the_bfca_experience Twitter: @futuredrholmes Email: Contact Derrick Furlow: Instagram: @derrickfurlowjr Twitter: @derrickfurlowjr Email: Website:
January 19, 2020
Your Fight Is Their Success (featuring Brad Hambric)
Marley opens this episode with an inspirational message dedicated to those who are striving for success, but feel tired and overwhelmed. This episode can provide some inspiration and insight to individuals work anywhere from athletics to the corporate  world. Marley is joined by Brad Hambric who currently provides outpatient services to student-athletes at the University of Georgia. They discuss everything from mental health to colorism amongst athletes of color. He also shares about an upcoming conference focusing on mental-health for student-athletes. Check out the information for the inaugural conference: Brad Hambric Email: Yup, She Said it After Show: Contact Marley: IG: @thebfcaexperience @yupshesaidit Email:
December 15, 2019
Pass, Set, Attack=Volleyball is Life
Marley takes an interesting approach to demonstrate how life is similar to the 3 main skills utilized on the volleyball court. She encourages listeners to examine their current life, next steps, and ultimate goals. She reminds listeners that consistency, communication, and conviction are all relevant when going for your goals. Marley also sheds light on the recent loss of George Atkinson III, who was a former NFL athlete that battled mental illness. She explains how individuals who work with athletes (not just mental health), and all professionals must be committed helping and supporting others. Marley brings some humor into this episode when discussing OT Genesis and his recent remake of Keyshia Cole's infamous song entitled, "Love." Lastly, she closes the episode with upcoming events in 2020! Contact Marley at: Email: Instagram: @thebfcaexperience                       @yupshesaidit Twitter: @FutureDrHolmes LinkedIn: Marlene "Marley" Holmes
December 9, 2019
Be Authentic (featuring Dominique Williams)
Marley reminds listeners that success is achieved through authenticity. Marley is joined by a  fellow social worker who has utilized her personal challenges to uplift and inspire the lives of others.  This episode is dedicated to those who have lost their authentic selves, and are searching for who they truly are. Both Dominique and Marley explain how helping others and identifying needs within a community is the key to making shifts within society. Be sure to check out Part 2 of this interview on YouTube! YouTube: Yup, She Said It Podcast After Show:  Dominique Williams Contact Info: Instagram @miamisocialworker Email: Marley's Contact Info Email : Instagram: @yupshesaidit @thebfcaexperience YouTube: The BFCA Experience LinkedIN: Marlene "Marley" Holmes
December 1, 2019
Overtime: God vs. You
Marley opens this segment by challenging listeners to assess the various roles they play  in their own lives. Do the roles connect and contribute to your life? Marley explains that sometimes you have to leave "Team You" and join "Team God," to accomplish your goals and be authentically true to you. She also shines the spotlight on one of her favorite podcasts and addressed recent comments made by Stephen A. Smith in regards To Kap aka #7! She closes the episode with some updates on how she is preparing for 2020!                                                                                                       Contact Marley at: Marley's Contact Info IG: @yupshesaidit @the_bfca_experience Email: YouTube Podcast After Show: Twitter: @thefuturedrholmes LinkedIn:Marlene "Marley" Holmes                                                                               Special thank you to BirkinKiller for becoming a sponsor!  BirkinKiller Instagram: or @birkinkiller                                                                                                    Be sure to check out this podcast! Mandy Moments Podcast:
November 17, 2019
Make A Path
Marley begins this episode by inspiring listeners to recognize that their destiny is not just for them, but for those coming next. She opens the episode with a scripture from Hebrews 12:11-13 that really explains and gives meaning to her current status as she continues to embark on her destiny. Marley also talks about the importance of Social Workers being aware of their skills and how to advocate for themselves in spaces where our services are needed. She also sheds light on a recent video clip that discusses the possible undermining motives by the NCAA in regards to the "Pay to Play Act," which was shared by Jay Bilas who is an ESPN basketball sports analyst. Lastly, Marley  closes the episode with sharing her recent trips to conferences in Denver and Portland. While there she met others in the field of athletics and also presented on the challenges that female collegiate athletes experience. She realized that the week of travel and networking was strategically done by God to confirm that her progress and process through shaping her own business and dissertation is intentional. Trust the process. If you or anyone you know would like to be featured on this podcast or would like to interview Marley please see contact information below.  Marley's Contact Info IG: @yupshesaidit @the_bfca_experience Email: YouTube Podcast After Show: Twitter: @thefuturedrholmes LinkedIn:Marlene "Marley" Holmes
November 3, 2019
Run Your Own Race (Featuring Vanna Cure)
Marley is joined this week by a special guest who shares her journey from the basketball court to Washington D.C.(contact info below). Throughout this episode and within the interview Marley reminds listeners to embrace their journey despite their past or anticipated future. She also shares a recent scripture that inspired this episode while on her current 30 day prayer fast. Lastly, Marley shares about a recent presentation, upcoming presentations and events in Denver and Portland.  If you or anyone you know would like to be featured on this podcast please email Marley (contact info below). Marley's Contact Info IG: @yupshesaidit @the_bfca_experience YouTube Podcast After Show: Twitter: @thefuturedrholmes LinkedIn:Marlene "Marley" Holmes Vanna Cure Email:
October 20, 2019
No Fear, More Faith, Just Flow
Marley shares her current journey and self-reflection over the past week. She is currently on a 30 day prayer fast  as she tackles the journey of preparing for a new business launch in January 2020.  Marley shares how her recent knee injury was actually a blessing to re-connect with herself and connect to the purpose that God has given her.  She also acknowledges the tragedy and murder of Atatiana Jefferson in Fort Worth, Texas. and how it caused at true emotional response. Marley closes the episode with talking about her traveling plans, upcoming conference presentations, speaking engagements,  and the serious grind to make sure her new business launches successfully in 2020. Contact Marley: Instagram: @yupshesaidit @the_bfca_experience LinkedIn: Marlene "Marley" Holmes YouTube: The BFCA Experience Email:
October 13, 2019
I'm A Benchwarmer
Marley explains how the role of a "benchwarmer" can be the beginning of one's success. She shares her experience through athletics from high school to college sports. She also discusses the recent California bill that was signed by Gov. Newsom in California called "Fair Pay to Play Act." She explains why this change is needed for future athletes along with the support of professional athletes. She even gives a quick secret on how she developed a change of heart for Lebron James. Marley also sheds light on why she is upset with the Emmy's...again!  Contact Marley: Instagram: @yupshesaidit @the_bfca_experience  LinkedIn: Marlene "Marley" Holmes YouTube: The BFCA Experience Email:
October 2, 2019
The Ball Is In Your Court (Featuring Dr. Joscelyn Shumate-Bourne)
Marley encourages listeners to take control of their journey and never forget their ability to make choices that support their vision and gift. On this episode Dr. Joscelyn Shumate-Bourne shares her journey of recovering from and ACL tear, playing collegiate basketball and pursuing the field of physical therapy. Of course, Marley tackles this weeks hottest topics including the 2 year referee suspension for cutting off a black wrestler's hair, and calling out the "trolls" who came for Dennis Rodman after an emotional interview on the hit morning show called, "The Breakfast Club." Be sure to subscribe and leave a review for this podcast! Contact Joscelyn Shumate-Bourne PT, DPT, CSCS:   Email:             Instagram: @jshumatebournedpt   Contact Marlene "Marley" Holmes PhD Student, MSW  Website: Email:  Instagram: @yupshesaidit  @the_bfca_experience  Twitter: @FutureDrHolmes   Facebook: Yup, She Said It
September 22, 2019
Before The Water Runs Dry (featuring Nicole Collins)
Marley encourages listeners to take a leap of faith, dismiss the fear of rejection, and embrace the journey of a new start.  Marley is thrilled to have a special guest by the name of Nicole Collins. Nicole shares her journey of pursuing and accomplishing her goals of being a film producer in Los Angeles. Marley does not hold back in her "You Tried It Segment." She tackles the topic of Antonio Brown and the recent release of Lyfe Jennings new controversial song. You can watch Nicole's recent film, "Guilty: Female Sexuality" at: Please note that this film has explicit content and visuals. May not be appropriate for children. IG: J_NicoleCollins Twitter: @J_Nicole504 YouTube: Magnolia A Productions Follow Marley: IG @yupshesaidit @the_bfca_experience Twitter:@FutureDrHolmes YouTube: The BFCA Experience LinkedIn: Marlene "Marley" Holmes Email:
September 15, 2019
Pre-Season is Over featuring Zakayla Hughes
Marley is joined by Zakayla Huges to discuss her journey as an entrepreneur into the world of athletics after making the decision to leave corporate America. As always Marley provides an inspirational message that reminds listeners that your journey through life was your "Pre-Season," and now it's time for you to show up and show out. Marley also tackles the recent controversy over Jemele Hill's recent statement regarding black athletes and HBCUs. Marley also announces that she has officially launched her podcast after show on YouTube called, "The Yup She Said It, After Show."  Please follow Zakayla Hughes at: IG: _mytwentyfour_ Podcast: Behind The Number Website:
September 8, 2019
Pain to Passion (ft. Latrice Sales)
Marley reminds listeners to allow their pain to be a guide towards their passion and peace.  Marley reminds you that your peace and happiness should never shift based on external factors.  This episode features a guest speaker; Latrice Sales. Ms. Sales shares her personal and professional experience in athletics which led her to finding her passion.  Like Marley, Sales has also pursued the journey of earning her doctoral degree. Together they plan to make a major contribution to the world of athletics and the experience of black female athletes. Latrice Sales    Twitter: @latricesales    Email: Be sure to subscribe, and leave a review!      IG@yupshesaidit @the_bfca_experience      Twitter: @FutureDrHolmes      Email:
September 2, 2019
Call The Play
Marley encourages listeners to start calling the plays in their lives. She explains that preparation is key. She wants listeners to embrace their journey and recognize that a loss is actually a lesson. Marley also gives more insight on the  Jay Z and NFL situation along with Popeye's spicy chicken sandwich.  She also gives some updates on some upcoming events she will be at and working towards. Be sure to subscribe to this podcast and leave a review. Marley is always accepting sponsors for this podcast. Email: YouTube: The BFCA Experience IG: the_bfca_experience Twitter: FutureDrHolmes
August 26, 2019
Cut To The Core (featuring Lauren Danielle)
Marley is joined by author Lauren Danielle to discuss her new book entitled, " A Journey to well-being: 21 Day Guide to Mind-Body-Spirit Health." This episode focuses on the journey that we each individually must take to fulfill our purpose. Marley breaks down the meaning of "cut to the core" through the lens of self evaluation. She also gives her opinion and recent poll results she conducted regarding Jay Z and the NFL in the "You Tried It Segment."  This episode will keep you on your toes. To purchase your copy of Lauren Danielle's book visit: Follow her on IG @soul_divine_vibes Please remember leave a review or email Marley at: or Follow Marley on IG @yupshesaidit and @the_bfca_experience
August 18, 2019
Peace On The Inside, Peace On The Outside
Marley is back for Season 3! Marley introduces new segments and continues with her same motivational vibe! This episode is all all about inspiring yourself and others. Marley stays true to keeping REAL all the time. If you would like to sponsor or be featured on an episode you can click the in description or email Marley at or
August 11, 2019
The Power of Stillness
In this episode Marley explains what medical crisis she experienced, and the lesson in taught her in life! She discusses during the "You Tried It' segment the recent response from Dr. Jill Biden towards Anita Hill and the Central Park 5 movie called, "When They See Us." Marley introduces her new sports segment and shares the launch of her youtube channel called, "The BFCA Experience."  Marley also discusses her upcoming conference and recent interview and more!
June 7, 2019
Look Beyond The Horizon
In this episode Marley encourages listeners to develop a solid foundation which will allow them to prepare for the future and not just the current moment. She explains the importance of trusting the process and being aware of one's abilities to succeed. During the "You Tried It" segment she gives her opinion on the most recent episode of Red Table Talk and the topic of pornography with Jada Pinkett-Smith and friends. She also shares her opinion on Meek Mill being blacklisted and her experience with companies who discriminate against minorities (specifically black and brown). Marley makes a special announcement for the podcast and invites listeners to follow her new IG page @the_bfca_experience which provides updates on what Marley is working on as it relates for black female collegiate athletes. 
May 28, 2019
Part II It's Bigger Than Your Wildest Dream!
Marley continues to encourage you to shoot for your wildest dream, but understanding your "why" and being prepared for the "so what?" She continues to discuss latest updates on  how individuals are trying to use "black love" to minimize Robert F. Smith's contribution to Morehouse, Oprah checking her haters, the homicide of Pamela Turner, and the recent abortion laws. Marley is focused on bringing urgent matters to the forefront. Change can only happen when knowledge is shared!
May 21, 2019
It's Bigger Than Your Wildest Dream!
Marley comes through with some encouragement for you and your future. She also touches on latest media topics including Maleah Davis, Pamela Shantay Turner, and Amara Le Negron. She brings light to social justice issues towards children and black women. Marley believes that she has a responsibility to share the facts on issues that are facing communities and this country.
May 20, 2019
Let'em Get Mad!
Marley brings the heat! She reminds listeners that everyone will not support your vision.  She refers to Muhammad Ali's ability to be committed to his vision despite societal challenges.  She also refers to one of her favorite songs by Mary J Blige that reminds women to go for it regardless of who doesn't believe in you. During her, "You Tried It," segment she discusses her frustration with a recent headline involving Kim Kardashian and the release of 17 inmate (FAKE NEWS),  a recent viral video of racial profiling (including her own experience with racial profiling), her happiness for Auntie Wendy Williams, and the raw talent of Jennifer Lopez's daughter!!
May 13, 2019
I Fight Back!
Marley comes with the heat on this episode! She shares some recent encounters which forced her to defend herself in order to protect herself mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  She also introduced a new title for her inspirational segment entitled, "Marley's Message." Marley definitely gives her opinion on the Taylor Swift foolery,  why she supports Ayesha Curry, her personal encounter with Tyra Banks, and the Kentucky Derby. Marley is currently accepting sponsors for her podcast episodes for businesses, events and more. 
May 9, 2019
Being Black is A Privilege..Don't At Me
Marley said, "This may be the blackest and boldest episode yet. She recaps her week in corporate america as a black female.  She explains what she observed, heard and interpreted through her lens and through the lens of white america. Marley shares her unique analysis of being the only female, person of color, and youngest individual in the room (not to mention her credentials).  Marley also shares the impact of Beyonce's Homecoming and how her efficient use of her platform is a contribution to societal success for black women. Marley discusses the NFL Draft and her experience of "locker room talk." 
April 28, 2019
Today Is The Day!
Marley encourages listeners to incorporate T.I.T.D (Today Is The Day) into their daily lives. She reflects on the death Nipsey Hussle and the inspiration she has received from his journey. Marley also discusses some hot topics in women's boxing and TIger Woods taking home the trophy.
April 15, 2019
Owning Your Power!
Marley spits some knowledge on how and why it's crucial to your personal development to master the skill of "Owning Your Power." She also shares her perspective on the positive messages being displayed in L.A. in honor of Nipsey Hussle and why the black community must continue must continue to make more changes such as this and stop clout chasing!
April 8, 2019
What Is Marley Up To?
Marley provides some behind the scenes info on an epic weekend! She shares her current journey as a doctoral student, recent Symposium event, Madea's Tour, and her "AHA" moment. 
April 3, 2019
Deliverance over Death
Marley defines and explains how death can be an emotional, mental and physical journey that limits one's opportunity to be present in life. She explains that your purpose can only happen if you release the destruction that causes defeat in your life. She discusses her take on Omari Hardwick  and Beyonce, because Marley is a BeyHive VIP member. 
April 3, 2019
Practice for The Win!
On this episode Marley motivates you to work as if you knew what success awaits you in the near future. She reminds you that success should be expected not wishful. Marley also discusses current hot topics including Wendy Williams admitting to residing in a sober living facility, Cardi B collecting her coins, and the excitement of her alma mater making history in collegiate sports.  Marley is currently accepting inquires for upcoming interviews and also gives some inside tea on latest professional updates.
March 25, 2019
Expansion Is Now!
Marley brings forth a powerful motivational message that focuses eliminating self destruction by dragging along past pain. She explains how your breakthrough comes in the when you implement S.T.E.P. Marley gives her perspective on the recent "College Admissions Scam," and how it impacts black/brown youth, affirms the need for HBCUs, Affirmative Action and more.  
March 17, 2019
Shot, Not Shattered!
Marley discusses the importance of recognizing how the past has left wounds, but it has not destroyed your purpose. Marley provides numerous examples of why recognizing the pain can lead to healing. Marley also discusses current pop culture topics including Aoki Simmons powerful insight, and the hidden message and lesson we all can learn from in regards to the R.Kelly news and Jussie Smollett news. Marley is also currently seeking sponsors for episode features. Email Marley at for feedback or questions! She would love to hear from you. Don't forget to leave a review!!!
March 10, 2019
From Isolation to Elevation
Marley continues to provide insight and motivation for those who are tapping into their purpose. She explains that isolation is often a stage of preparation before the elevation. Marley also gives her opinion on the most recent Red Table Talk featuring Jordyn Woods. She reminds us that we have all made mistakes, but the true lesson is how we learn when moving forward.  Marley also shared that she is currently seeking sponsors as she prepares and plans to launch her upcoming youtube video.
March 3, 2019
Season of Second Wind!
Marley encourages you to go for IT!!! The motivational message empowers you to step into the spotlight that was designed specifically for you! She hits up the latest hot topics and discusses the common constructs between all the popular media stories. She even reflects on a personal experience with a former friend in high school. Marley is currently accepting sponsors for episodes and provides contact email for future collaborations of potential guest features for "Yup, She Said It!"
February 24, 2019
Avoid, Deny and Defend!
This episode Marley discuss 3 essential steps of "Avoid, Deny, and Defend," in regards to living a productive life. She wants you to increase your self worth and self awareness to limit the pain and sadness from entering your life. Marley also gives her take on why Black History Month needs a "CONTROL,ALT, DELETE" evidenced by the Grammy's and Jussie's situation.  
February 17, 2019
Reset, Refine and Resurface
Marley is back!!! She shares the details of her unexpected pause and how life forced her to "Reset, Refine and Resurface." Marley gives her take on some recent personal experiences with race along with current media topics of a NFL player and husband who moves his girlfriend in with him and his wife with Alzheimer's. 
February 10, 2019
Risk The Fall
Marley introduces the first episode of Season 2. This episode focuses on taking a chance on yourself! Marley is joined by the Best Selling Author, Ashley Little. She is the co-author of , "Dear Fear." She shares her journey to success and being true to herself after overcoming challenges in corporate America as a black woman. Contact Ashley Little on IG @_ashleyalittle for any additional information
September 10, 2018
Who Said That?!
Join Marley as she provides a motivational word on finding your place and passion. She recaps her trip to Chicago and concert experience at On The Run Tour 2 with Beyoncé and Jay Z. She spills some serious tea and brings a Part 2 in regards to the Black Pastors that met with Trump (popular demand). She even shares what she would say to Omarosa. Be sure to click below to support this podcast. All donations support the growth of this podcast! Feel free to email with any feedback or comments in regards to this episode or past episodes.
August 21, 2018
Your Journey, Your Voice
Join Marley as she discusses the importance of "Subscribing to Success." Marley gives insight on how making mental changes brings forth physical and emotional growth. She also shares her insight and opinion on recent events including "Black Pastors at the White House." Lastly Marley does her Moment with Marley focusing on Tiffany Haddish.
August 9, 2018
Elevate and Eliminate
Marley discusses the importance of sharing your success with others in order to promote community success. She spills some tea in response to recent emails and an Instagram meme that discusses relationships, text, and self worth. Marley touches on the murder of Nia Wilson in Oakland, CA. Marley closes with "Moments with Marley" by sharing what questions she would ask Thyra Edwards who was a black social work pioneer and global activist.
July 30, 2018
Release the Pride and Rise!
Marley discusses how pride can be a barrier to one's success. She shares her personal and professional experience to provide insight on negative impact of too much pride. She discusses the new trend of cops being called on black and brown people for "minding their own business," along with the in my feelings challenge. Tune in and see what historic figure Marley would love to have a moment with!
July 22, 2018
You Gotta Be Normal For What !?
Marley explores the definition of normal and the recent cultural shift to redefine normal. The Anomaly Sisters are featured cohosts that discuss why avoiding the norm is crucial for self fulfillment. Together they share their experiences along with who in the media inspires them to push past the normal.
July 15, 2018
That's My Attitude!
Marley shares how athletics and the evolution of her attitude directly correlates to her success and challenges. Marley is joined by Whitney McCauley as a guest speaker to share her journey as a Division I basketball player to successful actress, model, and on-air personality. Together they share their experiences as former Division I athletes to discuss the importance of preparation beyond sports as black women. Marley also introduces a new segment entitled, "Moment With Marley." This week's moment is with Whitney Houston.
July 9, 2018
Time To Glow Up!
Marley shares her journey of self neglect to self care. She provides raw and real challenges of how her life was changed through the practice of meditation and holistic techniques. Marley is joined by Basu Lauren who is a holistic educator and teacher from South Carolina. Together they share their journey self care, the struggles of black entrepreneurship, and female empowerment.
July 1, 2018
This Ain't Nothing New!
Marley drops some knowledge on the importance of needs vs wants! She takes it back to ol' school terminology to explain the importance of balancing your mind, body, and soul in order to accomplish your goals. Marley sheds some light on how history is repeating itself! This isn't new!! She even gives her unapologetic opinion of a black woman's growth process based on their experience evidenced by Beyoncé embracing all her blackness.
June 26, 2018
Who Are You Hunty?
Marley gets into the realness of identifying your authentic self. She discusses the importance of keeping it SO real with yourself and others! Marley even takes a glimpse at history through her lens as an educated black woman. Oh and she discusses how her BIG SIS IN HER HEAD drops new music!
June 19, 2018
Change It and Check It!
Marley drops some hot tea on self motivation, overcoming the odds, and checking the haters! She shares her experience of shaderation in corporate America and breaks down the insanity. Also Marley shares what new social media show she's in love with! She even provides tips on how to tap into you a happier and healthier life.
June 19, 2018
Welcome to Yup, She Said It!
Welcome to Yup, She Said It! Marley welcomes you into her world through the lens of realness, rachetness, and of course she drops that knowledge! She provides an overview of what to expect on future episodes. She provides you with some motivation and insight on daily challenges that she experienced in hopes of helping you through your journey called life.
June 19, 2018