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Mindset Matters Talk Radio Show- Exploring Mental Health & Wellbeing Horizons

Mindset Matters Talk Radio Show- Exploring Mental Health & Wellbeing Horizons

By Zeenat Noorani
This show is dedicated to offering insight, support and tips for all related topics around mental health and wellbeing- to bring awareness and change to the importance of breaking through this long-standing negative stigma.

Talking about mental health can be incredibly daunting- such as fears, judgments, assumptions, and insecurities can come into play. More so when others don’t understand them or refuse to accept.

Weekly, guests share their expertise in specific subject matters- importantly, brave and inspiring people sharing their personal journey and experiences of mental health.

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Mindset Matters show 50 with Lauretta Wright & Michelle Simpson

Mindset Matters Talk Radio Show- Exploring Mental Health & Wellbeing Horizons

Mindset Matters Show 82 with Hannah Maria-Francis
Zeenat shares her Affirmation of the week: Empowering Question of the week! Last week I asked you to reflect on 'What does, LOVE, KINDNESS, PASSION & FORGIVENESS mean to you?' So this week let's take a moment to reflect on this question... 💖'' When was the last time you showed KINDNESS, LOVE, PASSION & FORGIVENESS, that made you feel great?💖'' Do comment and share your comments and thoughts. Zeenat would like to thank the show sponsor for the Mindset Matters sponsored by In Tune PR. They say ‘One of our PR sayings in getting people on radio and podcasts is, ‘You never know who is listening. It may be someone who can transform your career or business. You never know who is listening to Mindset Matters – but the show might transform a listener's life. So, we are proud sponsors of the show.’ Thank you Darren Weale of InTunePR for appearing on the show appearing If you missed it or would like to listen again pop over to Such an inspirational and warm-hearted guest. Meet guest Hannah-Maria Francis is a boldly compassionate fourth-year medical student, raised in London by her Trinidadian parents. She is proudly plus-sized and aims to spread body positivity and mental health awareness by sharing her personal journey through depression, chronic illness, and disordered eating, Currently, she aspires to be a breast surgeon, working in particular with the LGBTQIA+ community. She is a member and would eventually like to author a book based on her TEDx Talk titled “Fear of a Fat Planet ": Obesity, Medical Racism, Me”. Hannah and Zeenat covered a range of topics that Hannah is truly passionate about and has started making a difference in = Body Positivity, Fatphobia, Racism + medical racism, and importantly her personal journey with mental health and body image challenges. To find out more and to follow and connect visit: YouTube - Link Tree If you would like to know how Zeenat Noorani -founder and owner of Vida de la Mariposa Coaching can help and support you with your goals and any challenges which may be stopping you move forward and for more information, jump over to her website or even better why not book a call and have a chat. You can also sign up for her monthly newsletter to keep you up to date with current workshops, speaking events, and special offers, and gain access to a range of free resources. If you would like to support the show by sponsoring Mindset Matters email at: If you would like to feature as a guest on Mindset Matters to spread awareness and make a positive change beyond the horizons, please complete this form expressing your interest:
July 31, 2022
Mindset Matters Show 81 with Zeenat Noorani sharing tips tools and insights
Listen to great classic tunes- do they bring back memories for you? Zeenat would like to thank the show sponsor for the Mindset Matters sponsored by In Tune PR. They say ‘One of our PR sayings in getting people on radio and podcasts is, ‘You never know who is listening. It may be someone who can transform your career or business. You never know who is listening to Mindset Matters – but the show might transform the life of a listener. So, we are proud sponsors of the show.’ Thank you Darren Weale of InTunePR for coming to the show last week. If you missed it or would like to listen again pop over to Zeenat shares her Empowering Question of the week taken from her book, 'Begin Each Day With Positive Affirmations and Empowering Questions! 💖''What does, Love, Kindness, Passion, and Forgiveness mean to you?''💖  #Reflect Share your thoughts...#vdmcoaching #freeyourmind Zeenat talks about #Menapause and how you can empower yourself. She also talks about #limitingbeliefs and how you can change your negative thought patterns to believe in yourself more.  If you would like to know how Zeenat Noorani -founder and owner of Vida de la Mariposa Coaching for can help and support you with your goals and any challenges which may be stopping you move forward and for more information, jump over to her website or even better why not book a call and have a chat. You can also sign up for her monthly newsletter to keep you up to date with current workshops, speaking events, and special offers, and gain access to a range of free resources. If you would like to support the show by sponsoring Mindset Matters email at: If you would like to feature as a guest on Mindset Matters to spread awareness and make a positive change beyond the horizons, please complete this form expressing your interest:
July 24, 2022
Mindset Matters Show 79 with Darren Weale- Founder of InTunePR and show Sponsor
Zeenat is joined by her sponsor this week InTunePR- Darren Weale  PR and Marketing Consultant. Darren has previously been on the show, episode 37, also joined on that show by Sarah Marsh-Collings of bablemonkey Digital & Marketing. Darren talks about why he is a huge advocate for mental health and wellbeing and why he sponsors the show Mindset Matters. He also speaks about his business and the impact he makes on people and for their businesses. Zeenat and Darren both shares and talk about so many current relevant topics which are impacting people's mental wellbeing. Darren promotes and speaks about the importance of the Bromley Arts Festival  2022 to all the artists out there and how this is so huge for positive mental wellbeing. It has truly been missed not only by the artists but the spectators too. Darren (Host) and Zeenat (Co-host) also spoke about the Bromley Buzz Podcast which they run together with other team members, Sarah Marsh-Collings and Tim Dawson. To find out more about Darren and his services visit: Website LinkedIn Instagram Twitter Bromley Buzz Affirmation: Empowering Question of the week! What does having enough time mean to you? 💖''How #happy and #comfortable are you when you are #alone and in your #owncompany?💖    💫Take a moment to Stop & Truly #Reflect Share your thoughts...#vdmcoaching #freeyourmind Of course highlights and news of what's happening in July are also shared on important awareness days and weeks. 1. World Wellbeing Week 1st July. this Week 2022 celebrates these universal achievements when the world came together as one. 2. July the 6th is International Kissing Day which is the perfect excuse to grab that special someone in your life and pucker up. 3. National Schizophrenia Awareness Day 25 July 2022 Schizophrenia is a common mental illness that affects 1 in 100 people in their lifetime, yet the condition is widely misunderstood. 4. Samaritans- annual awareness campaign is back this July 24 July (24/7) is Samaritans Awareness Day because we’re here to listen 24/7 If you would like to find out more about how Zeenat founder and owner of Vida de la Mariposa Coaching can support you, then do connect with her. Mission statement: ''Empower your mind to live the life you desire- by finding and forging your path in life''
July 09, 2022
Mindset Matters Show 78 with Zeenat Noorani - Wellbeing & Mindset Coach
Affirmation: Empowering Question of the week! What does having enough time mean to you? 💖'' How #happy and #comfortable are you when you are #alone and in your #owncompany?💖 💫Take a moment to Stop & Truly #Reflect Share your thoughts...#vdmcoaching #freeyourmind Of course highlights and news of what's happening in July are also shared on important awareness days and weeks. 1. World Wellbeing Week 1st July. this Week 2022 celebrates these universal achievements when the world came together as one. 2. July the 6th is International Kissing Day which is the perfect excuse to grab that special someone in your life and pucker up. 3. National Schizophrenia Awareness Day 25 July 2022 Schizophrenia is a common mental illness that affects 1 in 100 people in their lifetime, yet the condition is widely misunderstood. 4. 1. Samaritains- annual awareness campaign is back this July 24 July (24/7) is Samaritans Awareness Day because we’re here to listen 24/7 Zeenat shares an article by Robin Easton who perfected the art of being while living in the rainforest. Wild adventure, travel tale, love affair with nature, personal awakening, profound healing.  Her book -  Naked in Eden, My Adventures and Awakening in the Australian Rainforest - has it all. More heartfelt posts rasing awareness of suicide and moving through difficult and dark times was shared.  If you would like to find out more about how Zeenat founder and owner of Vida de la Mariposa Coaching can support you, then do connect with her. Mission statement: ''Empower your mind to live the life you desire- by finding and forging your path in life''
July 09, 2022
Mindset Matters Show 76 with Zeenat Noorani - Wellbeing & Mindset Coach
Affirmation: Empowering Question of the week! What does having enough time mean to you? 💖'' What would you do if you had enough time? Time is a very funny thing because so many of say that we do not have enough time. If only I had time to finish off this task? If only I had enough time to do the things I love. If only I had the time to spend more time with my family and /or friends? Does this sound like you? Do you feel like you might be firefighting or have lost sight of the direction that you are going? Well, guys, the truth is that we all have the same amount of time, 24 hours in a day. We all have a choice when it comes to making decisions and taking action. We also have the ability to manage our time the way we want… don’t get me wrong, as I am just as guilty and often find myself firefighting… that is because I have lapsed when it comes to my Time Management and the ability to be flexible…Therefore, I need to bring myself back to the drawing board and also seek external support to help organise thoughts, mindset and tasks etc… Here are some tips from her video. To watch the full clip visit: 1. Prep for your day: Devote a few minutes at the beginning of each day to performing a morning ritual of meditation. Taking this time helps you prime your mind, clearing out negative thoughts and readying you to be productive in the day ahead. 2. Prioritize your tasks: Take a look at your current pile of duties and tasks. How many of these will actually help you feel fulfilled? Are they all as pressing and urgent as you might think?  3. Focus on the outcome: Focus on results and not simply the action, you can accomplish more in less time. Instead of getting lost chasing the bottom of endless to-do lists, you’re moving one step closer to what it is you truly want.  4. Cut out distractions: You get a lot more done when you aren’t being pulled in a dozen directions. Silence your phone and/or put it somewhere it won’t bother you. Switch off your email notifications. Close your office door if you have one.  5. Don’t multitask: Multitasking doesn’t help you get more done in a quicker amount of time – in fact, it’s quite the opposite.  6. Delegate: Is there someone who could do this task better than you? We tend to want to do things ourselves to ensure they’re done right, but putting someone else in charge of certain tasks frees you up. *Write down your “musts” for this week *Chunk, or group items that share a common theme Well I hope that this has been useful, so do let me know, comment on my youtube channel and through Twitter. What I’d love to hear are any tips that you might have and are working for you when it comes to managing your time more effectively and efficiently. Tweet in Zeenat_Noorani #msmradiotalks and #msmenoughtime Of course highlights and news of what's happening in June are also shared on important awareness days and weeks. If you would like to find out more about how Zeenat founder and owner of Vida de la Mariposa Coaching can support you, then do connect with her. Mission statement: ''Empower your mind to live the life you desire- by finding and forging your path in life''
July 09, 2022
\Mindset Matters Show 75 with Zeenat Noorani
This week Zeenat Noorani- Wellbeing & Mindset Coach | Radio presenter | Speaker | Mentor shares tips tools and insights and also some great articles and posts that help raise awarenesses and break down stigmas.  Zeenat shares her Affirmation: Empowering Question of the week!  ''💖What does simply being mean to you 💖'' For me The Art of Simply Being is it is the qualities of a relaxed state of being, gradually permeating your body, mind, and spirit. For example:  ⭐️Timeless rather than timebound  ⭐️Aimless rather than goal-oriented  ⭐️Intuitive rather than logical  ⭐️Receptive rather than active  ⭐️Quiet rather than loud  ⭐️Slow rather than quick  ⭐️Observant rather than engaged  ⭐️Spacious rather than focused 💫Take a moment to Stop & Truly #ReflectPlease share your thoughts and via twitter... Of course highlights and news of what's happening in June are also shared on important awareness days and weeks. If you would like to find out more about how Zeenat founder and owner of Vida de la Mariposa Coaching can support you, then do connect with her. Mission statement: ''Empower your mind to live the life you desire- by finding and forging your path in life''
July 09, 2022
Mindset Matters Show 74 with Samantha Dholakia- Executive Coach and NLP Practitioner
This week Zeenat is joined by guest Samantha Dholakia executive coach and NLP practitioner. A teacher for over 20 years, deputy head, and educational consultant, I now work with parents, educational settings and children to support sustained good mental health and make a change in the way we work with behaviour. Shifting our approaches from a shame, blame and praise system to one that is science-based and focuses on the balancing of emotion and guidance to develop inner motivation and confidence. MUMECHI is strongly rooted in Our Founder, Samantha Dholakia’s, own journey of discovery. Throughout her established career in Education, she had often found herself supporting parents in overcoming parenting challenges and finding that lifestyle balance at home. The well-being and development of both her staff and pupils had always been a priority, and as a lifelong learner, was an area she was excited to develop her own skills in. Since becoming a parent, she has carved a new path for herself; changing the way she shows up in the world, and how she delivers her services. She now truly understands how our stories can, and should, change when we become mothers - and how important every aspect of life is when finding fulfillment. This is why MUMECHI was born so that she could focus her experience on supporting mums. Find ut more and connect: Zeent shares her Affirmation: Empowering Question of the week! ''💖What does simply being mean to you 💖'' For me The Art of Simply Being is it is the qualities of a relaxed state of being, gradually permeating your body, mind, and spirit. For example: ⭐️Timeless rather than timebound ⭐️Aimless rather than goal-oriented ⭐️Intuitive rather than logical ⭐️Receptive rather than active ⭐️Quiet rather than loud ⭐️Slow rather than quick ⭐️Observant rather than engaged ⭐️Spacious rather than focused 💫Take a moment to Stop & Truly #Reflect Please share your thoughts and via twitter... Of course highlights and news of what's happening in June are also shared with important awareness days and weeks. If you would like to find out more about how Zeenat founder and owner of Vida de la Mariposa Coaching can support you, then do connect with her. Mission statement: ''Empower your mind to live the life you desire- by finding and forging your path in life''
July 09, 2022
Mindset Matters Show 73 with Sir Bob Neill MP for Bromley & Chislehurst
Zeenat shares her Affirmation: Empowering Question of the week! How do you show love and self-care to yourself and others 💫Take a moment to Stop & Truly #Reflect Please share your thoughts and via Twitter... Zeenat Noorani & Kerry Madgwick spoke about: workplace wellbeing (tips to avoid stress and self-care), Love language to show kindness and appreciation, the impact of eating healthy (when and how), music lyrics that uplift mental wellbeing and lots more... this week Mindset Matters had the pleasure of featuring Sir Bob Neill MP for Bromley & Chislehurst. Bob was elected as the Member of Parliament for Bromley &  Chislehurst in June 2006, following the sudden death of The Rt. Hon.  Eric Forth. Shortly after entering Parliament, Bob served on the Justice  Select Committee and was appointed as the Shadow London Minister,  joining the Shadow Communities & Local Government team. In 2008 he was made Shadow Local Government Minister and Deputy Chairman of the  Conservative Party. In January 2009, Bob also took over the shadow planning brief. In May 2010, Bob was elected for a second term as MP for Bromley  & Chislehurst.  He served as Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the Department of Communities and Local Government until September  2012, with responsibilities for the Fire Service, Thames Gateway, the  Olympics, local government, and planning. In September 2012, he was made  Vice-Chairman of the Conservative party for Local Government. Bob was re-elected for a third term in May 2015, shortly afterward being elected on a cross-party basis as Chairman of the Justice Select  Committee. Following the General Election on 8 June 2017, he was returned unopposed to this role. To find out more visit: LinkedIn Twitter Facebook Instagram If you would like to find out more about Zeenat Noorani and her coaching services visit:; Social media handles can be found here:
May 27, 2022
Mindset Matters Show 72 With Portia Booker- Executive Producer & Host of “Groove with Portia” Special audio clip with Andy Woodman- Manager of Bromley Ravens FC
Affirmation of the week: Empowering Question of the week! What larger Entity are you part of? 💖'' 💫Take a moment to Stop & Truly #ReflectPlease share your thoughts via Twitter. This week's guest was an inspirational lady Portia Booker known as Portia The Producer has made it her mission to educate and encourage communities of color to change their views around mental health. Removing the stigma that oftentimes made it a taboo subject to address in marginalized communities. Driven to speak up after receiving a diagnosis of bipolar disorder in 2016, Portia found herself inside an internal battle to either make her mental health a priority or to keep her dream job. Portia is the Executive Producer and Host of “Groove with Portia”, a weekly radio show centered around personal and professional development. The show has a reach of over 70,000 listeners on WOVU (95.9 FM) in Cleveland, Ohio, and airs every Wednesday. She is the co-founder of the mental health podcast “Not Alone In The Land” with NAMI Greater Cleveland. Portia has been featured on a billboard as part of an outreach campaign for mental health by NAMI Greater Cleveland. She was the guest speaker for NAMI Walk 2021 at Edgewater in Cleveland, Ohio with over 300 attendees. She has also been featured in Nami Greater Cleveland’s Summer & Fall 2021 edition of The Voice, a quarterly e-newsletter with a reach of over 10,000 recipients. She has been amplifying her message of hope by appearing as a guest on podcasts such as Chai Together Podcast with Pratibha Dey, Shut Up and Grind with Robert B. Foster, and Enduring The Course Podcast with Ebony Jae Hull, LISW. A special short clip interview with Manager Andy Woodman f the Bromley Ravens Football Club. Zeenat asks how he manages his own mental wellbeing and those of his players. Look out for an exclusive interview in the near future.  Wishing the Raven all the best at Wembley Stadium on Sunday 22nd May 2022 as it's the second time in history that Bromley has made it there!  To connect with Portia: Instagram Youtube Podcast Groove with Portia LinkedIn Facebook To connect with Zeenat Noorani Performance Life Coach in Wellbeing and Mindset | Radio Presenter click here
May 21, 2022
Mindset Matters Show 71 with Matt Wright (vocalist & guitarist) & Jamie Reddington (producer)- Nomoon Project
Zeenat shares her Affirmation of the week: Empowering Question! Last week's Empowering Question was 💖''How often do you listen to your #instinct? What is your instinct telling you to do?💖 So this week continued on that idea, she asked... 💖'' What could stop you from following your instinct?💖 Now imagine, what could be if you allowed yourself to follow your instinct? 💖'' 💫Take a moment to Stop & Truly #Reflect Please share your thoughts in the comments... Of course, an emphasis was made on this week being Mental Health Awareness Week 9th-15th May with a focus on the theme 'Loneliness' Guests this week were Matt Wright (vocalist & guitarist) & Jamie Reddington (producer)- Nomoon Project. They're based in London, Jamie, East in the Hackney area and Matt South East in Peckham. Born out of the space to reflect and express during the 2020 lockdown, they experienced a boom of creativity, birthing the Nomoon project. We talk about the impact of mental health on musicians, whilst they also shared some great valuable insights and tips on how they manage their health through challenging times and when things get a little bit on top of them. The alt-electronic, London-based duo originally came together via different musical genres, backgrounds, and lifestyles, finding common ground through emotional experience. The nomoon project is focused on the strong emotions that emanate from the simple city life, the things that threaten to destabilise us for better or worse and encourage us to grow. “The music is what happens in the gaps, and aims at expressing the beauty and brokenness of what it is to be a human being.” Matt started out in folk and indie bands, whilst Jamie grew up producing hip-hop and electronic music. Inspired by the likes of Maribou State, Bonobo & Four Tet, this results in beat-driven emotional soundscapes. Both artists are inspired by novels and films that take focus on the complications, heartaches, traumas, and lessons that come with the want of living a ‘normal’ life, such as Normal People (Sally Rooney), Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Life (Charlie Kaufman) and This is England (Shane Meadows). Within their creative community nomoon are trying to help normalise the conversation about the unique struggles of being a creative individual, primarily through the Anon series, which is currently a set of small soundbites, soundtracked by nomoon, from interviews had with people in their creative community. The music is a reflection of their own struggles to intertwine the demands of building a creative career and having a 'normal life'. With nomoon, Jamie and Matt hope to create a soundtrack for other people’s lives and experiences. They are providing catharsis and context to experiences, significantly more challenging moments, through self-expression and openness. To find out more and to connect: linktree: Instagram Twitter Facebook Tik Tok: @nomoonldn
May 14, 2022
Mindset Matters Show 70 with Mike McCarthy Journalist & Media Consultant& Mental Health Campaigner
Zeenat shares her Affirmation of the week: Empowering Question of the week! Our #gut is often referred to as our second brain.💖'' How often do you listen to your #instinct? What is your instinct telling you to do?💖 💫Take a moment to Stop & Truly #Reflect Please share your thoughts in the comments below... Zeenat says, 'I have often been guilty of overthinking things through and not listened to the instinct feelings of my gut and have regretted decisions I have made... I now have learned to pay more attention to what my body is telling me and this seems to serve me better...' 'What about you?' As always Zeenat also shares some great tips and tools and of course News, Highlights and tweets. This week's guest was such an inspirational gentleman Mike McCarthy Journalist, Media consultant, and Campaigner for mental health awareness and change.  Trustee of men’s mental health charity Talk Club. Mike has worked as a journalist in newspapers, radio and television for almost 40 years as a producer, reporter and presenter. His assignments have included the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, terrorist attacks on the Boston marathon, the Canadian parliament in Ottawa and the Manchester Arena in the UK. His range of stories stretches from politics in Washington DC to rioting in Athens, demonstrations in Gaza, floods in the UK and sporting triumphs across Europe. And so much more... In this show, he talks openly about the loss of his son Ross and what he is doing to bring about awareness and change. In February 2021 his son, Ross took his life aged just 31. In his farewell letter, he asked his family to campaign for better mental health services and Mike is trying to honor Ross’s request. To connect and follow the great work that he is doing visit:  LinkedIn
May 07, 2022
Mindset Matters Show 69 with Danny Mills- Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Officer London (former professional footballer)
Zeenat shares her Affirmation of the week: Who or What defines the contents of your life?💖 💫Take a moment to Stop & Truly #Reflect Please share your thoughts in the comments. Zeenat shares recent news and highlights of workshops, events, tweets and shout-outs.  This week's guest was Danny Mills was former professional footballer currently playing in the National League South for Dulwich Hamlet F.C, where he is also the club's first Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Officer. Danny has had a very successful career within the non-league game and has managed to play over 500 games scoring over 170 goals to date. Off the football pitch, Danny has been taking more of a humanitarian focus. Over the last year, he has co-hosted a podcast series that explored various players’ experiences with racism, he has gone on to sit on a discussion panel for “show racism the red card” and in February 2022 led the “Shout Out For Mental Health” campaign which partnered with The Mind charity which raised over £3000.  Danny previously worked for Show Racism the Red Card as an educator delivering anti-racism workshops to adults and young people in schools across the south of England. In the summer of 2021, he was appointed to Kick It Out’s newly formed Player Advisory Board where he will be tackling all forms of discrimination within the game. Danny's passion for tackling discrimination in football and society has led to his involvement in this space and has recently gained a qualification in corporate governance through the Professional Footballers Association. This programme is designed to equip those who want to contribute to the leadership of an organisation by becoming a board members. In January 2022 Danny was appointed as a director of The Archbishop Lanfranc Academy a school he attended between 2002-2007. To find out more: LinkedIn Instagram
May 07, 2022
Mindset Matters Show 68 with Olivier Sanchez- Chef and Naturopath and Nutritional Therapist.
Zeenat shares her Affirmation of the week: 💖'' Are you focusing on what your life looks like rather than on what it feels like?💖 💫Take a moment to Stop & Truly #Reflect Please share your thoughts in the comments To connect and find out more how Zeenat can support you and if you are curious jump over to her website to find out more about her services or why not book a call at at and let’s get talking. Guest Olivier Sanchez ND NTDip rCHNC MGNC MNNA MGNI is a registered Naturopath and Nutritional Therapist. Olivier specialises in stress, sleep disorders and other associated conditions, including multi-factorial, gut-related inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. Chronic stress has been identified as a key driver of many health conditions including anxiety and depression, poor cognition, and long-term neurodegeneration. To help support his clients, Olivier has recently graduated in stress and mental health problems awareness, including further specialisation in eating disorders. He has also undergone intense training in Naturopathic Medicine (includes learning about traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), in-depth nutrition, detoxification, homeopathy, the basics of herbal medicine, and more). His timely discovery of Naturopathic Nutrition has finally provided the tools he needed to pursue his calling: helping people. Through constant research and studying, Olivier has amassed a complete set of ‘tools’ with up-to-date evidence to help his clients reach better health. He is also a registered Iridologist and he is certified in sport & nutrition and in cleanses, detox, and weight management. Ongoing training includes NLP and personal performance coaching, exceptional techniques, he believes, are essential for identifying blockages and barriers that prevent a multitude of people from moving forwards and becoming the person they only dream of. Additionally, Olivier is a Michelin-trained holistic chef with 30 years of experience in restaurants and in private employment for the rich and famous around the world. He also helped to launch the UK’s first Natural Chef and Vegan Natural Chef courses, and was the leading lecturer and practical teacher for students learning the basics of cooking and nutrition. His latest book Energise — 30 Days to Vitality is bound to be the hottest book of 2021-2022. To connect and find out more: Instagram Facebook Twitter YouTube Pinterest
April 24, 2022
Mindset Matters show 67 with Karen Liebenguth- Coach and Mentor
This week, Zeenat's Affirmation of the week was: 💖'' What gives you the greatest satisfaction and joy in life?💖 💫Take a moment to Stop & Truly #Reflect Please share your thoughts in the comments below... If you are curious and would like to find out more how Zeenat can support you with your personal and professional growth, to become and be the best version of yourself, then jump over to her website to find out more about her services. Visit or why not book a call at and let’s get talking. Guest this week was Karen Lienbenguth Leebungood- an accredited master coach, accredited mindfulness teacher, supervisor, mentor, and facilitator, who set up GreenPace Coaching in 2008. Karen offers tailored mindfulness and coaching programmes for the workplace to foster personal and professional development as well as healthy hearts and minds. Karen has trained with the Eco-Leadership Institute and has a special interest in helping leaders and their organisations to develop an eco-leadership practice to co-create a ‘good society. She is a member of the Eco-Leadership Institute, the International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring, and the British Association for Mindfulness-Based Approaches (BAMBA). To find out more and to connect: LinkedIn Website or on: + 44 7815 591279
April 23, 2022
Mindset Matters show 66 with Cheryl Huggins- Profesional Makeup Artist & Beautician
What a fabulous show with guest Cheryl Huggins - Profesional Makeup Artist & Beautician. Cheryl, specialises in natural glamorous makeup application that brings out your best beautiful look in a confident and professional manner. During her career, she has worked with some of the most talented makeup artists, and trained by some of the most prestigious and innovative Cosmetic brands. This experience gave her the confidence to use her knowledge and skill to deliver the best beauty to everyone, regardless of age, gender or skin tone. With over 30 years of experience in the Cosmetic and Beauty Industry, Cheryl simply loves making everyone who arrives for a makeover, or holistic treatment look and feel beautiful, relaxed and energized. On the show, we spoke about the impact of makeup and beauty on people's mental health and well-being, by discussing both pros and cons and how to find a true balance. Also, Cheryl spoke about how things are slowly beginning to shift for the better.  To find out more and connect with Cherly: Instagram Twitter LinkedIn Zeenat shares her weekly Affirmation: 💖'' What is life, like when it is balanced?''💖 ''And how do you maintain it?''💖 💫Take a moment to Stop & Truly #Reflect If you would like to support the show by sponsoring the Mindset Matters, email me at: or if you would like to come on to  share your personal story then please do, get in touch via email. If If you are curious and would like to find out more how I can support you, then jump over to my website or why not book a call at and let’s get talking.
April 09, 2022
Mindset Matters Show 65 with Lillian Lartey- Wellness Coach & Consultant
Affirmation of the week: What kind of things are important to you, to put into ACTION? How do you do this?''💖 💫Take a moment to Stop & Truly #Reflect April news, highlights and awareness days are shared. Zeenat shares tips and insights on What can be done for Stress Awareness Month specifically focused on the times 'communication'. to see a series of related videos visit Zeenat's Youtube Channel Tweets, comments and shoutouts to @Zeenat_Noorani; use the hashtag #MSMradiotalks in your posts. And do continue to like follow and share…. And if you have any shout outs for the next show email me at: before the Friday Quote in the email subject box: MSMshoutout Meet guest Lillian Lartey- Wellness Coach & Consultant. Lillian specialises in stress, burnout, well-being and work-life balance. She helps exhausted, overworked and overwhelmed professionals and businesswomen reduce stress, and anxiety, and prevent burnout, using her ‘Pause & Breathe’ Method, so that they feel calm and balanced in life, and work. On the show, Lillian shares her personal story when she was chronically stressed and eventually burnt out. That led some years later to a stress-related health crisis that admitted her to hospital. Thankfully, she recovered from these events and now she’s committed to helping women avoid going down this same path. To find out more about Lillian and her work go to the link here 
April 07, 2022
Mindset Matters with Nicky De Lobel- Nurse at PRU Hospital & Emma Barclay Lung Cancer Survivor
What a fantastic show this week with Nicky De Lobel - Lung Cancer Specialist nurse at the PRUH for over 16 years. Nicky has seen huge advances in the treatment for lung cancer and there are now many people living well with advanced disease. What hasn’t changed is the perception of Lung cancer and its association with smoking and people are made to feel as if they are responsible or deserving of the disease. Nicky is passionate about challenging this perception and raising the profile of lung cancer. Guest Emma Barclay, a long-term lung cancer survivor, shares her incredible story and the mindset and resilience that she had in order to not let the Cancer beat her.  What an inspirational lady with such fire and determination!  Together, Nicky and Emma formed Everybreath a lung cancer support group for anyone affected by this disease. The group has gone from strength to strength over a very small period of time and taking into account the pandemic what we have achieved together is incredible. They are the only support group in London and the South East and we want to expand so that all patients with Lung Cancer can benefit from peer support. The great news is that they are not far from becoming a Registered Charity and will soon be spreading the support groups across the UK. Whatch this space! To find out more: Together, let's support and break down the negative stigmas around lung cancer... Know that you do not have to go through this alone, where it is you going through this awful disease or if you have a loved one going through this or has passed sadly. There are support groups like Everybreath here to hear your voice and listen. 
March 28, 2022
Mindset Matters with Ryan Nurse Key Note Speaker & Coach
Zeenat Noorani, shares her weekly Affirmation  💖''Is there something in your life that makes you forget time, whilst doing it? What is it and why?''💖  💫Take a moment to Stop & Truly #Reflect As always, the latest updates of news and highlights are shared along with shoutouts from listeners.  The guest for this show, Ryan Nurse, shares his incredible personal story of a traumatic brain injury survivor and to being a thriver who has also suffered from and overcome depression. Ryan'ss greatest accomplishment was bouncing back from zero brain activity after doctors planned to switch his life support machine off. Whilst in a coma he wasn’t conscious to decide whether to switch his life support machine off or not, and it was totally in someone else’s control. He has noticed that many people who are alive and well have already unconsciously pulled the plug on their own. Because of this, he has recently quit his one and the only unfulfilled day job of over 13 years to follow his purpose, mission, and vision. His duty is to use the knowledge he has gained from facing and overcoming the adversities in his life to inspire others to become the very best versions of themselves. To find out more and connect with Ryan:
March 20, 2022
Mindset Matters Show with Alice Godfrey Nutritionist and Thyroid Expert
On the show, Zeenat Noorani, shares her weekly affirmation 💖''What is it the most important thing for you right this second?''💖 💫Take a moment to Stop & Truly #Reflect This week's guest was Alice Godfrey a registered Nutritionist and Thyroid Expert. After struggles with skin issues, a long fertility journey, and a thyroid diagnosis,s Alice became frustrated with conventional forms of medicine and sought out a different approach to wellbeing. Through personal research and eventually, through studying nutrition she found finally that it was nutrition and lifestyle medicine that gave her the answers and the results she needed. Alice now, helps overstretched and tired women make little tweaks to their diet and lifestyle so they can turn around their energy levels, give much-needed attention to their own health (without it taking extra time and energy) and feel like they are able to live happy and active lives.  She’s passionate about making life easier and healthier for busy people. To find out more visit: Instagram @alicegodfreynutrition Facebook @alicegodfreynutrition Facebook group: To connect with Zeenat and find out more about her services visit:
March 20, 2022
Mindset Matters Show 61 with Cllr Aisha Cuthbert- Shortlands Bromley
This week's live guest on Mindset Matters was Aisha Cuthbert. Aisha was elected as a Councillor for Shortlands in 2018 and is currently Bromley's tackling loneliness lead. She has worked in the housing sector for over eight years in a variety of different communications and marketing roles and is currently the Head of Corporate Communication for a G15 London-based housing association. She has sat on a number of charity boards and is currently a Member of the Langley Park Learning Trust. Aisha is a passionate advocate of women in business and politics and was one of the founders of the Conservative Young Women’s organisation. A former national synchronised swimmer, she represented Team GB at the 2017 FINA (International Swimming Federation) World Masters Championships in Budapest, Hungary. What a full-on show, where Aisha and Zeenat talked about a range of important topics, along with Aisha's personal story as an athlete and the importance of what she does now to support and bring about greater awareness in mental health and wellbeing. Especially in tackling loneliness. Loneliness is often perceived as something that affects elderly people, but that is far from it... Loneliness can affect anyone of any age and for a number of reasons.  Be sure to keep a lookout as Aisha will be back, where she and Zeenat will be talking about the impacts of mental health on professional athletes, and another episode in June for loneliness Awareness Week!  To connect and find out more: LinkedIn Twitter
March 05, 2022
Mindset Matters Show 60 with Colin Powell Polio Survivor and Speaker
This week's guest Colin Powell is such an inspirational man with such resilience and determination. His life story nd experience definitely left me on the edge of my seat.  Colin shares his personal story, the ups and downs after contracting the horrendous Polio disease when he was a baby, and having to fight for everything. But this hasn’t stopped him. Colin has been a huge advocate of the End Polio Now campaign for over the past 12 years. He is determined that no child born today will have to suffer the effects of this extremely cruel disease. Knowing first-hand the impact that polio can have, Colin has conveyed his story through numerous speeches during Conferences, Assemblies & Rotary Clubs. Being a motivational speaker, he is able to convey his message to audiences in such a powerful way in order to make a lasting impact on his listeners. Colin is an RIBI Purple4Polio Ambassador, and also Rotary Liaison Ambassador for The British Polio Fellowship To find out more email colin at:
March 04, 2022
Mindset Matters Show 59 with Stefania Tinti Empowerment Coach
Due to server stormy weather, this show was completely pre-recorded on the day!  Guest feature on Mindset Matters was Stefania Tinti- Empowerment Coach. Stefania empowers men and women to transform their limits into resources so they can finally access the life they have always wanted. Becoming an Empowerment Coach became possible after she had navigated 13 years of therapy on herself, overcoming deep depression, Low Self-Esteem and Narcissistic Abuse. The real transformation was only possible when Stefania could embrace how anger, sadness, and eventually depression were all part of coping mechanisms that mainly came from having experienced Narcissistic Abuse as a child. Once Stefania could understand how these emotions contributed to her survival, to keep her safe and allow her to navigate through the trauma, the best way she could as a child, she could finally see them as resources. Resources that eventually lead her to express her voice, access her Authenticity, and finally found her true vocation, her life purpose as an Empowerment Coach. To find out more: Rise Above Your Limits  Email:  Facebook stefania.matrix  Instagram riseaboveyourlimits
February 20, 2022
Mindset Matters Show 58 with Charlotte Newman & Emma White of A4G Charted Accountants
Charlotte Newman Charlotte is our resident podcast host covering the key topics business owners want to know on a weekly business. Charlotte is also developing and delivering our Business Breakthrough Consultancy Service which is aimed at helping different types of clients at various stages of their business cycle, from starting up, to growth, recovery, and freedom. She also runs a podcast platform that provides insights and tips to support businesses in all aspects of growing, establishing their future, along with, the importance of mental health and wellbeing within the workplace.  Emma White Emma joined A4G as a trainee in 1999 and is now the Deputy Managing Partner. Emma specialises in helping businesses grow, save tax and maximise their potential and especially takes pride in helping owner-managers make their business work alongside other commitments, such as their family. Emma recruits staff starting from the age of 18 years old, giving young people an opportunity and platform to build their career. What a fabulous show, that covered a range of essential topics that need to be addressed in the working environment. A4G Charted Accountants have definitely, got some superprocesses in place- a great example of a successful and happy place to work. To find out more: A4G LinkedIn - A4G Facebook - A4G's Twitter - Zeenat shares her weekly Affirmation from her book of 'Positive Affirmation and Empowering Questions': Empowering Question of the week! 💖'' How do your Values reflect in your life in the daily decisions you make Personally / Professionally?''💖 💫Take a moment to Stop & Truly #Reflect To connect with Zeenat:
February 12, 2022
Mindset Matters Show 57 with Zeenat Noorani & Kerry Madgwick
On this show Zeenat Noorani and Kerry Madgwick cover a range of different topics regarding mental health and wellbeing. Zeenat shared her  Affirmation of the week: How do your values reflect in your life in the daily decisions you make, personally and professionally? Listen to a short clip of an interview with Kevin Clifton when interviewed by the Bromley Buzz Podcast (which can be heard here: ) This brought up the conversation of how elite dancers, athletes suffer from the pressures of mental wellbeing when it comes to performance and life after being at the top of their game.  Shared also, News/ Highlights of awareness dates coming up in February 2022: LGBT+ History Month To promote equality and diversity for the benefit of the public. World Cancer Day 4 February Aims to save millions of preventable deaths each year by encouraging individuals to take action. Time To Talk Day 4 February Getting people to talk about mental health and by doing so help change lives. Time to Change 4th Feb- Wear Red Day! Support Children's Heart Surgery Fund and help children and adults born with congenital heart disease. Your fundraising will help. Feb 7th-12 Sexual Abuse & Sexual Violence Awareness week Feb 7th-13th- This year's Children’s Mental Health Week is taking place on 1-13 February 2022 and the theme is For this year’s theme Growing Together, 7-13th Feb National HIV Testing Week is a campaign to promote regular testing among the most affected population groups in England. Regular testing helps to Eating Disorder Awareness Week 28 February-6 March An international awareness event, fighting the myths and misunderstandings that surround eating disorders. To find out more how Zeenat Noorani can support you with your goals and wellbeing, visit her website and connect, follow and share her on social media: If you would like to sponsor the show email: If you have a story to share and would like to help make a difference to others, email:
February 05, 2022
Mindset Matters Show 56 with Mayor Cllr Russell L Mellor of the London Borough of Bromley
What an incredible guest on this show. Mayor Cllr Russell L Mellor of the London Borough of Bromley took time out of his busy schedule to join Zeenat on her Mindset Matters radio show. The Mayor and Zeenat had a very informative show talking about Mental Health and Wellbeing.  Councillor Russell Lawrence Mellor of Copers Cope Ward was elected Mayor of Bromley for 2021-2022, at the Annual Meeting of the Council on 19th May 2021. Russell’s interest in politics resulted in his joining the Young Conservatives of North Lewisham in 1959. The first political campaign was to seek the election of Christopher Chataway to the North Lewisham parliamentary seat which was achieved with success in two elections. The Mayor has been a resident of Beckenham since 1962 living in the Copers Cope Ward for which he has been an active Councillor since 1998. Russell has two sons both of whom were educated at schools within the Copers Cope Ward. Russell is a Freeman of the City of London. He is also a Freeman of the Worshipful Company of Stationers and Newspaper Makers and a Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Distillers. He was educated at Kilmorie School, Regent Street Polytechnic and the Open University gaining a BA Honours degree in Humanities majoring in Art History. Russell’s professional qualifications are that he is a Member of the Institute of Marketing; a Fellow of the Institute of Directors and holder of a Diploma for Wines and Spirits. His business activity encompassed two main areas. He was the Senior Partner of a firm that specialised in designing, manufacturing and installing aluminium curtain walling for commercial and industrial buildings. The second enterprise was the creation of a wine shipping business, importing wines from the Old World under his registered brands of ‘Mellor’s’ and ‘College’. The Mayor’s leisure activities are very much involved with the countryside being a horseman, hiker and shooter. To find out more and support the Mayor's Charities: The Mayor’s Charity Appeal 2021-2022 The Beckenham Parochial Charity or contact  Charity Commission number 213912 The Shipwrecked Mariners Society or contact Tel: 01243 789329 Registered Charity No. 212034 To invite the Mayor to your event, request a phone call or to register to be informed of the Mayor’s upcoming events and news, please visit: Bromley Council Website Facebook @mayorofbromley  Twitter @MayorofBromley0  Instagram @mayorofbromley
January 28, 2022
Mindset Matters Show 55 with Shilpa Panchmatia Business Growth Coach
Guest Shilpa Panchmatia- Serial Entrepreneur Business Growth Coach Passionpreneur Working with Ambitious Service Based Business Owners. Shilpa, share her personal story of challenges and success and the imapct on her wellbeing.  Growing up in a family of accomplished bootstrap entrepreneurs, it was a ma􏰁er of time for Shilpa’s own entrepreneurial spirit shone through. Before long she was selling lemonade for 5p and following the latest from the Financial Times aged 12. Today, Shilpa is an accomplished serial entrepreneur having sta􏰀ed, scaled and sold multiple businesses in diverse sectors. She works with ambitious, passionate business owners on building sustainable growth, profit and joy. Web: LinkedIn: Instagram: ShilpaTV Clubhouse: ShilpaTV Location: London, UK On this show, Zeenat Noorani (Show Host) and Kerry Madgwick (Co-Host) share lots od different insights and topic discussions around mental health and wellbeing. Zeenat shares her affirmation, What advice would you give your younger self?
January 26, 2022
Mindset Matters Show 54 with Julia Paulette
Special guest this show Julia Paulette Hollenbery, Embodied Spirituality Teacher- Healing Alignment Transformaion. As a child Juila was connected to everything in a deeply feeling and sensual way. Life was alive and Julia was part of that. Her home was in the garden, she danced and changed the weather. No matter how the adults tried to tame her, no one convinced her otherworldly experience was not real. Over time, without words to articulate and people to listen, Julia felt existentially wrong, changed her wildness to fit-in… life felt hard and she felt broken… but didn’t lose contact with essential innocence, with ‘knowing without knowing’… Over 30 years Julia reclaimed herself, experiencing travel, therapeutic bodywork and spiritual work, feeling safe in the world and her body again. To connect and find out more: Facebook Twitter Instagram
January 26, 2022
Mindset Matters Show 53 with Zeenat Noorani (Host) & Kerry Madgwick (Co-host)
Mindset Matter celebrates it's One Year Anniversary! It's been a great year 2020 with incredible guests, sharing personal stories and expertise that impact everyone's mental health and wellbeing.  Zeenat shares important awareness dates happening in January and dives deeper with Kerry in discussing topics such as Dry January- What are your thoughts on this? Does it work and should such an emphasis be made on it? Veganuary- Benefits for and against being a Vegan? Blue Monday- The impact of this on people's moods. The impact of having a label on certain days can automatically impact people's moods even when they are not feeling blue... Hugs- How hugs are truly therapeutic, even hugging animals.
January 09, 2022
Mindset Matters Show 52 with Sarah Marsh-Collings, joined me for New Years Eve Special 2021
Thank you Sarah Marsh-Collings for jumping in as Co-host for the New Years' Eve 2021 Special! Kerry, we missed you but yes, the dentist comes first! Health Matters! Even though you were not there, you took over with sending in some great GIFs which normally Sarah would be doing... Great Job! This show is full of great laughs, giggles but also we discussed some truly relevant topics that have and are affecting many people: challenges and difficulties encountered in 2021 for both Sarah and I (Zeenat) how have you overcome difficulties this year? how marketing is important and can be stressful especially for small business owners shared current News and Highlights the value of having private healthcare/ insurance to give you peace of mind BreakPoint- Looking back and reflecting on the good things that have happened, even the smallest that you may not even think has an effect the challenge of living alone vs with family the impact of labeling ie in a relationship, business, gender no shame in getting support such as therapy, coaching, counseling, etc... this only can make you stronger Book a call if you would like to know how I can support you to move forward and achieve your goals
January 02, 2022
Mindset Matters Show 51- Xmas Special 2021 with Host - Zeenat Noorani and Co-host - Kerry Madgwick
Mindset Matter's 51st show falls on the 24th December 2021! Here, Kerry and I present a Xmas special with lots of tips and insights to help you through the festive season and help you to create a better 2022. As always, there is fun and laughter and some real heart-warming information and shouts outs. In this show, we talked about and shared: Latest news and highlights of Whats On The polyvagal Practice Managing your Finances and Mental Health for 2022 How reaching out is vital- You're Not Alone!  To run your business you need to have tools and strategies to manage blips and challenges Tune into Mindset Matters weekly show 10:30-12noon: Connect with Zeenat on Twitter -follow, comment, like & share Connect with Kerry on Twitter 
December 25, 2021
Mindset Matters show 50 with Lauretta Wright & Michelle Simpson
Wow! Mindset Matters celebrates its 50th Show! 👊🏼🎉 Myself and co-host Kerry Madgwick were joined by 2 incredible guests- Michelle Simpson and Lauretta Wright Michelle Simpson, Sales & Marketing Consultant for The Chartwell Cancer Trust, an amazing local charity that supports both adults and children with cancer & leukaemia. Michelle tells us what amazing projects have been happening and her reason for why she does what she does. The Chartwell Cancer Trust have been supporting local cancer and leukaemia services to improve cancer care for both adults and children in the Bromley borough and surrounding areas. Through our fundraising, we provide a range of support services for capital projects, equipment, training, research and additional medical staff. Our current capital project is our Lily Pad Appeal, where we are fundraising towards the major redevelopment project at Croydon University Hospital. Two years ago our charity agreed to raise £750,000 to fund a state-of-the-art Oncology Ward within the Paediatric Village, to ensure that cancer treatment and care for young people in Croydon stays in the borough. To date (17/12/21/), they are very close to achieving that target, having already raised £660k, so not much more to get us over the line. lifeline Instagram:- chartwellcancertrust   &  thelilypadappeal Facebook:  @chartwellcancertrust    @chartwellchildren    @LilyPadCCT Twitter:  @ChartwellCancer   &   @CCTchildren Lauretta share her inspiring personal story when just 2 days after she launched her first local community magazine, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Determined that it wouldn’t affect her goals and aspirations, Lauretta worked throughout her 12-month treatment (even on her laptop during chemo sessions) and says that helping others was the catalyst to her success in being able to do this. Lauretta is a publisher at Life In… magazines with titles including Life In… Orpington and Life In…Bromley (launching early 2022). The community magazines celebrate local people, feature inspiring news and information, offer a ‘What’s On' section and encourage readers to support local businesses.
December 18, 2021
Mindset Matters Show 49 Radio Host Zeenat Noorani & Co-host Kerry Madgwick get talking about all things that matter
This week's show Zeenat & Kerry talked about a range of topics that impact mental wellbeing. They covered: Nutrition tips which helps support one's mental wellbeing, alonside the physical aspects.  The imapct of mental health on young university students, which seem to still be on the rise, with a huge number of young people currently suffering. Studies have been conducted showing that more than 80% actually enter university with prior mental health conerns. Stop talking and let's take action as a priority! How Domestic Viloence is on the rise but also mental, verbal and emotional absue. Victims of domestic common assault are sometimes reluctant to come forward and the cases can be complex - which is why campaigners say the police should be given more time to investigate them. They  recapped on the importance of looking after yourself this festive season, sharing some great tips and insights. The benefits of and breaking down myths about Meditation and Mindfulness.  And lots more... Connect here with Kerry Madgwick  Connect here with Zeenat Noorani 
December 12, 2021
Mindset Matters Show 48 with Heather Prince Spiritual Life Coach & Healer
|As always I share highlights and news with some useful tips and strategies. In this show, I share some strategies that you can use during Christmas. As often Christmas is not always an exciting happy time for many. Please reach out for support and do not be afraid to ask for help.  This week's guest was Heather Prince Spiritual Life Coach and a Healer.  Most days you can find her in her energy studio, working with clients to heal their emotional scars and help them to unlock, discover and release their true potential. Heather works with people from all backgrounds, faiths and of all ages who are yearning to move forwards in their lives. The things that she is most passionate about in life are soul growth, spirituality and helping my clients reach their full potential. People often refer to Heather as the Rootmaster, because she helps clients get to the very root of their problems through understanding Ancestral Healing identifies the pain experienced by previous generations of your family. This negative energy acts as a roadblock on your path to happiness and success in the present day. Thank you to Show Sponsors: Intune PR, JADE window Cleaning and Support Services and SMB Management Records
December 04, 2021
Mindset Matters Show 46 with Jenny Mason & Serena Sabala
Two fabulous guests this show with: Jenny Mason founder of Imajencoahing. After working in corporate change management for many years, Jenny finally managed to tap into her inner Houdini, break out of the chains that bound her, and swoop into the world of entrepreneurship as a transformation coach. Having found the key to being free to be her, she now helps others to develop and grow, going from survival to thriving! Jenny's story is about how she suppressed her feelings and her intuition by rationalising why they were incorrect. This meant that Jenny always chose her head over her heart. Listening to the external world and her own beliefs and values above her internal wisdom about what was right for me! This led to stress, unhappiness, and a lack of energy as she lived a life that was comfortable but captive and where her heart was closed most of the time. Jenny managed to gain awareness and break through the barriers which kept her captive, resulting in taking a leap of faith, giving up her job, and founding Imajen Coaching. For more information visit: Website LinkedIn Facebook And Serena Sabala Co-founder of whole Shift Wellness. Certified Plant-Based Nutrition Consultant, Yoga Teacher and Fitness Trainer who has studied the subject of nutrition for over ten years and has a unique, holistic approach to health and wellness. When Serena was only 8 years old her father, a very successful and busy entrepreneur, got really sick: unfortunately, he didn’t have the tools to take care of his own wellbeing and therefore crumbled under the pressure of owning a multi million euros business. This led to him losing everything he had worked so hard for, with huge consequences to him and the whole family. As a result of her childhood experiences, Serena has developed an interest in wellbeing practices which started at a very young age. Serena is also very passionate about bringing wellness to the workplace since many people spend most of their waking hours at work: she believes that “employees who are cared for, care more” and that companies who put the well-being of their employees at the forefront of what they do are more successful than average. To find out more: Website Facebook/ Instagram @wholeshiftwellness LinkedIn Thank you to Show Sponsors: Intune PR, JADE window Cleaning and Support Services 
November 26, 2021
Mindset Matters Show 47 with Jason Murrell Business Owner
Thank you to Co-host Kerry Madgwick. Another great show. I always love having you in. This week's amazing and inspiring guest who has his heart on his sleeve was Jason Murrell – Founder and Director at JADE Window Cleaning & Support Services Ltd. Jason has been in the business of commercial window cleaning for 30 years. Jason worked for several large companies within the Industry including helping to set up and run the Window Cleaning Division of MITIE, first off doing the hands-on work, getting up in cradles and cleaning some of the largest buildings across London, then moved into Operations Management running a team of 40 operatives and a fleet of 20 vehicles. Jason always wanted to build his own business so, in 2014, with a friend, he started JADE WCSS Ltd. Now, the sole Director of this company. JADE has since gone on to be awarded some very prestigious and complex buildings including most recently Perigon Heights in Bromley which is the highest residential apartment block in the borough. They have also been awarded the SME Enterprise Award for Best Commercial Window Cleaning Company in the South East for 2 years running both 2020 and 21. And most recently we were awarded the Global Enterprise Award for best Commercial Exterior Cleaning Company 2021 Most of our work is still focused on commercial properties, office blocks, leisure centers, distribution centers, retail units, etc., although we do have some residential clients too. Jason loves the buzz of running his own business, of winning new clients, of keeping them happy, it is however extremely tough at times and very stressful. Jason has also been a big supporter of this show because he thinks mental health is such an important topic, that’s why he is sponsoring Mindset Matters again. His daughter was one of the first guests, so he guessed it was only a matter of time before he'd up here! Jason has had his own battles; He lost his mum and his sister just a few short years ago and within about a year of each other and that was tough. The pandemic obviously had a big impact on his business yet here they are, building back better as the Chancellor likes to say! A must listen to... What Jason has to share is so emotionally touching and will no doubt resonate with many out there, giving them hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel. To find out more or get in touch with Jason: Website Twitter Thank you to Show Sponsors: Intune PR, JADE window Cleaning and Support Services 
November 26, 2021
Mindset Matters Show 45 with Tina Neve & Graeme Hoppitt
In this show, once again I had the pleasure of being joined by the delightful co-host Kerry Madgwick. What a great show with two very different guests: Tina Neve and Graeme Hoppitt. Tina Neve, Career and Development Expert. Tina has over 30 years of experience working within Executive Search and Human Resources. Tina is also a qualified Lecturer with experience delivering CIPD Courses and teaching young people aged 16+. As a Career Development Expert, her approach is open, engaging, holistic, empathic, and supportive. She provides a trusting space to focus, in a world full of time pressures and distractions. Tina helps clients reconnect with their true motivations and values, understanding what really makes them “tick”, as well as appreciating their full range of skills and capabilities. Tina supports individuals to flourish, enabling them to move forward in ways they cannot currently imagine. Throughout her career supporting individuals at times of transition or uncertainty, it is seldom the practicalities of the situation that are the issue. There is the surface level “what’s going on?” and then there is “what’s really going on?”. This is where feelings and emotions have a massive part to play. This impacts our interactions and relationships with others and their ability to progress and grow. On the show, Tina talks about her personal challenges and life and how her Mindset and Resilience were key to her moving forward and not letting life challenges set her back. To find out visit: Website Social Media Handles Graeme Hoppitt, Transformational Coach / RTT hypnotherapist. Finance Director for BMW’s flagship dealership Park Lane, Mayfair London where I stood up against a bullying regime that ultimately ended my 15 year BMW career. It was evident profits came before people. He was already a workaholic and fighting against the bullying regime physically and mentally exhausted him to the extent and went off sick for 7 months suffering from burnout. Within 3 months, he lost his job, left his wife of 21 years, and his mum died.  Graeme was sicker than he imagined at the time and lived a mediocre life for years falling into addiction. Graeme shares his personal story which has led him to do what he does now, becoming addiction-free naturally, escaping obsessive-compulsive thoughts and the power of the subconscious mind. The 3 subjects are intertwined and can be spoken of separately or collectively 1 - Addiction -  enabling addicts to break free of their addictions naturally and create extraordinary lives beyond addiction, same as I have done! 2 - Overthinking - escaping obsessive-compulsive thoughts. Understanding how overthinking shows up. Many people don't even realise they are overthinking. 3 - Power of the subconscious mind. As Maxwell Maltz said “You can never outperform your self-image” To connect visit: FaceBook   LinkedIn Thank you to Show Sponsors: Intune PR, JADE window Cleaning and Support Services 
November 14, 2021
Mindset Matters Show 44 with Neil Scott
Thank you to Kerry Madgwick for co-hosting the show with me. It's always great to have you in the studio. In this show, I had the pleasure of Neil Scott founder and owner of Lift Each Other Gym (LEO), based in Orpington Kent. He came along to share his passion and talk about how physical fitness is only a small portion of greater physical success. Neils's ethos is Mindset and having the right Life Skills in place. Neil's goal for the studio is to improve your life so you can go on to help others. He wants to create a ripple effect that gets bigger and bigger until we lift the world! Neil looked at his own skill sets and life experiences. He states that ''I am not a great intellectual, nor physically a genetic buff. Maybe greatness is not out there for me, but I can sure as hell do my best. Whatever I achieve, if I can say that I strived with every part of my being to get there, then I can be proud. Undoubtedly, I’ll learn something in the process.'' Competitive sport has been a part of his life since he was three years old. Starting off in a swim team and progressing to football, he played seriously until the age of 22. At this point, Neil realised that it was his responsibility to maintain his physical shape. He was no longer a part of an organised club with scheduled training sessions, so he took ownership, made progress and people started to take notice. At every gym session, there was a new face wanting to know what he was doing and how they could improve too. At this point, Neil decided to share his personal programme. During the time, his rudimentary programme was in effect, some interesting key points began to emerge from participants' feedback. They noticed an undeniable positive shift in their mental health. They felt they made progress, they felt a spark of confidence. Neil wants to produce that spark in everyone, grab it and create a burning passion. ''I believe LEO can do this.'' Social Media Links: Insta - @lift.each.other Facebook - @LEOlifteachother Website - Thank you to Show Sponsors: Intune PR, JADE window Cleaning and Support Services 
November 07, 2021
Mindset Matters Show 43 with Valentine Auliso & Special feature interview with Spizzenergy
Valentine Auliso is based in Brighton but is soon to be relocating back to Italy, her home. Valentine, half Italian-half polish, speaks6 languages, and has a degree in Political sciences, a Master's in Journalism and documentaries, all of which served her to become an intuitive holistic teacher. For that, she took her Master and Teaching course in Mind-body and energy alignment. Currently, Valentine focuses on the role of mindfulness and healing practices for social justice and an inclusive society. Val and I, covered a range of topics, discussing in depth: - The Anatomy of food and the effects it can have on people's life outcomes. - The power of Mind-body connections and wellbeing - The healing journey: understanding the frequency of emotional distress and how it shows in the body and lives( for mental health) - Energy healing: the invisible/visible forces that thrive us through trauma and If you would like to find out more, visit:  Facebook Instagram Website This show also includes my interview with the music rock punk band Spizzenergy, who I had the pleasure of speaking with at the Priory Live Music Festival held in Orpington on the 6th of August 2021. Twitter Facebook Thank you to Show Sponsors: Intune PR, JADE window Cleaning and Support Services 
November 07, 2021
Mindset Matters Show 42 with Keith Jeremiah & Alice Foster- Bromley Little Theatre
This show was jam-packed with lots to talk about around the mental health and wellbeing of people within the creative Arts industry- in particular theatre actors and actresses.  The Arts industry is one of the professions which lacks a lot of Mental Health and Wellbeing support and understanding. There is a huge lack of funds, and many small community theatres rely on the community for funding. This should not be the case.  Also discussed, how the Scottish Government are now looking at and putting proposed standards for self-harm support and other areas of mental health.  Acting has immense health benefits for all and needs to be recognised much more and fundamentally supported.  It was a pleasure speaking with Keith Jeremiah a retired structural engineer, who now devotes much of his time to Bromley Little Theatre of which he is Chair of the Trustees.  He is a great believer in the power of the Arts generally and theatre in particular to enhance the wellbeing of those who engage with them, whether as consumers or participants.  And, Alice Foster, an Operations Manager in the B2B Corporate Event sphere. But when she is not working here Alice is an actress and dedicates her passion to the Bromley Little Theatre.  Alice has been performing non-professionally since she was 16. Recently, she was in 84 Charing Cross Road (Megan/Maxine), Midsummer Nights Dream (Helena), Picnic at Hanging Rock (Harriet) and she stoops to Conquer (Kate). She will next be seen as Patricia Graham in Bromley Little Theatre's January 2022 show 'Flarepath' by Terrance Rattigan. When not on stage, Alice also heads up the publicity team for Bromley Little Theatre across all their social media platforms, as well as helping out backstage and helping run the front-of-house bar on show nights. To find out more and connect: Kieth Jeremiah Twitter @keithjeremiah LinkedIn  Alice Foster Twitter - @alice_foster_95 / @BromleyTheatre Instagram - @fosteralicerose / @bromleylittletheatre LinkedIn Website
October 22, 2021
Mindset Matters Show 41 with Divina Johnson
Welcome co-host Kerry Madgwick! The featured guest is perfect for today's show, as we talk about body image... Guest, Divina Johnson, Certified Life & Success Coach of 'Know your Worth Coaching' shares her story and what she does . Divina, who is based in Birmingham, UK, helps women who feel lost and out of place in life, build the relationship with themselves to then have the confidence to create and live the life they have always needed. She has been through this journey and would love to share how I was on this "train" of self-comparison, not living authentically, being a people pleaser, scared to be myself, and feeling alone, to someone who now honours themself first and is living the best life, doing what they love and helping other women do the same. Divina is very passionate about women not following societal norms and choosing their own path. This, she feels lies the issues most women feel...comparison, it's toxic! Society telling women how they should eat, feel, look, wear, work, love, size, shape, the list goes on! Through my coaching practice, Divina shows women how to tune out the noise and look within themselves for the answers they need, not the external. To find out more: Website Instagram WhatsApp: 07459 490235
October 15, 2021
Mindset Matters Show 40 with Special featured guests: Bonez, Paul Dunton & his Orchestra & Dave Hunt
This week's show encompassed lots of great tips and strategies. Zeenat Noorani, radio host of this show Mindset Matters talked about the Benefits of listening to music & playing an instrument that can really support and help with mental health and wellbeing for all.  Zeenat then shares her insights into what Impostor Syndrome is, what the symptoms are and how one can begin to address this feeling and thought of not being good enough or worthy enough to achieve success and happiness... Here, you will hear from 3 amazing people that Zeenat interviewed at The Priory Live Music Festival 2021 that took place in Orpington: Bonez, a rap singer created his own path in the UK rap scene. He maintains quality rap flows whilst delivering powerful, innovative messages through his captivating stage presence. A sound that reflects the optimism you would expect from his talent is described as "Real Rap  With A Touch Of Bounce" which is attracting a You tube audience with 133K video views. Bonez’s career has sky-rocketed since the success of his debut EP "Still  Hungry" which led to his sold-out Headline Show at Cargo in Shoreditch,  London, and his sold-out EP launch party in Catch, Shoreditch, London. His music is regularly described as inspirational, in a time where the rap scene is polluted with violence and negativity. Bonez’s realness is a refreshing addition to the UK Rap field. Paul Dunton & his Orchestra presents a superb series of candlelit showcases of the local area's finest soloists and acoustic bands. With four acts on the bill at each show representing a multitude of musical styles and genres, audiences are treated to an exceptional  night of local music culture, songwriting, and musicianship. Dave Hunt from the Music Hub, Social Enterprise. The proprietor is a drummer and percussionist with a long professional history in the music business working during his career for some leading brands in manufacturing and distribution. Passionate about ensuring the future generation of young musicians, David is also a fundraiser for  Music For All, the charity of the musical instrument industry. David is married with two sons, both of whom are budding musicians themselves. What is The Music Hub? The Music Hub is a social enterprise musical instrument and supplies business. We believe in creating profit for purpose: running a  sustainable business that invests its surplus in delivering social value and impact. We combine this core value with our passion to support music education and inspire and nurture the future generation of musicians. So we reinvest our profits from selling musical instruments primarily in youth music education services.
October 09, 2021
Mindset Matters Show 39 with Kelly Turner
Meet Kelly Turner, Purpose & Conscious Coach who used to work in the NHS, but is now a Jay Shetty Life Coach. Kelly is passionate about the relationship we have with ourselves. She feels vulnerability gives a deeper connection with ourselves, allows space for self-compassion and to drop any masks of shame. Kelly used to work in London and did well within her career, but she felt stressed and anxious. When she left her career, it was a journey of relief and feeling like a failure. However, the wisdom in her body made her press the brakes and go inward. Through her own journey of self-connection it has led Kelly to a new level of acceptance, love, fulfillment, and purpose. To connect and find out more visit: Website:  IG: 
October 09, 2021
Mindset Matters Show 38 with Kathy Walden
Guest, Kathy Walden, Spiritual Coach, teacher, empath, intuitive, mentor, and speaker, from Virginia USA. Kathy is a Jay Shetty Certified Life Coach as well as a Certified Spiritual Coach through the Texas Institute of Mediumship. She is using her intuitive gifts to help others love and trust themselves and learn to be guided by their intuition. She is a mother of two adult twin boys, sold her home and left the town she had lived in for 25 years and now is having an 'adventure' and trusting the Universe as she embraces new chapters in her life. Here, Kathy shares her experience of having had situational depression. She started doing more work on herself to love herself and understand herself better - now that she is living her life as she wants to (after some work, therapy, diagnosis of CPTSD). She has often wondered if sometimes depression comes on because so many of us aren't living the life we came here to live.  We are living for others on 'their' path and not ours. ''Life is a wonderful mystery and I can't wait to see what's going to happen next!'' To find out more: Insta @kathywaldenspiritualcoach LinkedIn  Other featured guests, were music band Hometown Show and EveryBreath Lung Cancer Support, who I had the pleasure of interviewing at The Priory Live Music Festival 2021- organised by Nicky Barclay.
September 24, 2021
Mindset Matters Show 37 with Sarah Marsh-Collings & Darren Weale
A fab show with Sarah Marsh-Collings of babelmonkey Digital and Marketing, shared here experiences and challenges of being a small business owner and the impact it has had on her mental wellbeing. She also shared some great tips that she has learnt along the way to support others. Darren Weale of InTunePR Marketing Consultant and Journalist, talked gave us lots of insights into the struggles he encountered setting up his business and how mental wellbeing is so important and should be at the forefront. InTunePR also has a keen interest in supporting mental health and is a sponsor for this show. Not only this, we discussed and talked about many more topics, plus sharing laughter and giggles throughout the show.  To find out more and connect with Sarah and Darren: Sarah Darren
September 19, 2021
Mindset Matters Show 36 with Darren Weale
Meet Darren Weale Founder of InTunePR, Public Relations, Marketing Consultant & Journalist. Also a very keen enthusiast of the music industry. Darren, drawing on Senior Civil Service communications background, he has worked with numerous companies, well-known celebrities, charities, and music acts. Darren has received multiple awards nominations for his work and has been described as a 'Master Storyteller' for brands by Enterprise Nation. On the show, Darren and I talk about Music and Mental Health and the impact of not looking after one's wellbeing amongst Musicians and those who work in the music industry. Here, I share an interview taken with Jet from the band Buster Shuffle, live at the 2021 Weyfest Music Festival. As well as with music artist CECEX, known as CeCe Xaviar, who was interviewed live at the 2021 Priory Live Music Festival in Orpington. To find out more about Darren Weale visit: Website LinkedIn Twitter Facebook BromleyBuzz (podcast that I co-host)
September 11, 2021
Mindset Matters Show 35 with Tony Lyons & Normi Rose
Listen again to these two amazing guests: Tony Lyons, aka Romero, Jazz singer that was pushed out of the industry by the Beatles and Rolling Stones, made a triumphant return to the stage at the weekend after more than a decade. Tony walked away from music for the next four decades working as a salesman in the gambling industry and setting up home in Capel. Here, Tony shares his experiences and some great insights on maintaining focus and mental wellbeing. To find out more, visit: Normi Rose, Mindset, NLP Coach, Speaker and wealth Strategist.  Here, Normi shares her personal story of being a victim to Domestic Violence and Abuse and how she is a survivor. Normi, now also works with people worldwide to empower them and help them through the trauma.  To connect and find out more, visit: Instagram:@ninakhwaja
September 04, 2021
Mindest Matters Show 34 with Vanessa Wallace
Vanessa Wallace is an Emotional Well-being Coach and Psychotherapist. Having come into recovery herself in 2001 from some serious mental Health issues she has made it her mission to help others recover from emotional difficulties and live the life they truly dream of. Vanessa's REBEL method is her template for her recovery journey that she takes her clients on incorporating self-belief and resilience techniques as well as supporting people to find and live their true purpose and identity. On this show, Vanessa shares her incredible, personal story of her recovery. What a wonderful and inspirational lady Vanessa is. To find out more visit: Instagram @crystalclearcoach.  Facebook,  website
August 29, 2021
Mindset Matters Show 33 with Stephanie Huntjens White
Stephanie Huntjens White is a holistic health coach who helps women 40+yrs thrive in their lives through mind & body wellness techniques. Helping women at this time of life learn to love their body again and powering up their energy is central to her teaching.  From her own experience of reversing an auto-immune disorder and other health problems, she has empowered scores of women back to health. Stephanie has over 20 years of experience, as a former corporate Mum, turned CEO of the I Can Cook Company, she is also a Registered Holistic Nutrition Coach (RHNC) and Wellness Stylist. You will find her running workshops, speaking locally, nationally and on virtual stages worldwide. To find out more and connect with Stephanie, visit: Clubhouse Club: Wise Gals:
August 23, 2021
Mindset Matters Show 32 with Richard Cox
Richard Cox,  Wealth Management, Associate Partner Practice of St. James's Place Wealth Management joins me to talk about ''Financial Wellness, what it is and why we should take it seriously.” After 18 years in the financial markets, in 2019 Richard followed a new career path into financial planning. Whilst his old career had been incredibly rewarding - he was able to fulfill a dream of mine to work abroad, he wanted to take his financial knowledge and try to improve financial understanding and financial education in the UK. This has recently involved running webinars and helping with the Rotary Work Club. Personal finances can be a difficult subject for man32y to broach but doing so can bring about real benefits such as helping to alleviate stress and financial uncertainty. We live in a constantly changing, unpredictable world, and having adaptable plans in place helps build resilience. On a personal level, he loves sport and has played hockey since the age of 16. Richard likes to travel and experience different cultures. He is passionate about the environment and improving the way we treat our planet. Topics discussed on the show: “Financial wellness, what it is and why we should take it seriously.” 1. Butterflies in the stomach: · Stress · Anxiety · Something that affects your physical and mental wellbeing 2. Blockers – why people don’t want to confront their finances: · Narratives that we learn · Complicated · Education · Stigmas · Embarrassed 3. How can we benefit from looking at our finances? · Lowering stress and anxiety · Improving resilience · Empowering · Protecting against uncertainty · Sense of achievement · Free up time To find out more: Website:    LinkedIn:   Facebook: Richard Cox Wealth Management is an Appointed Representative of and represents only St. James's Place Wealth Management plc (which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority). The 'St. James's Place Partnership' and the titles 'Partner' and 'Partner Practice' are marketing terms used to describe St. James's Place representatives.
August 16, 2021
Mindset Matters Show 31 with Shugi Kaur
Shugi founder of @made_my_date (formally known as @_DateNight_). She started this page as an evolution from @_DateNight_. A new year required a fresh new look and even better, fresh new services for you all! Om this show Shugi shares her tips and insights to the impacts of dating and relationships can have on one's mental health. Along with, how many have struggled through the pandemic over the last 18 months.  Her expertise offers great self-development and tips to support you through dating confidence, fears and also with helping you reignite the passion with couples.   Shugi offers a unique service to what Made_My_Date actually is. MADE MY DATE (™) - Offers Couples & Singles bringing  love, romance, and excitement into their dating life. Blog - Tips, Advice, Date Ideas, and reviews; read all about it. Bespoke Dating - Let us plan, organise and book your next date night for you! Coaching for Dating - improve your confidence, dating language, and romance in your relationship with our coaching service for singles and couples. Singles Events - want our help to connect with other singles and start dating again? Check out her social media handles: Email:
August 08, 2021
Mindset Matters Show 30 with Rock Solid Barry & Laura Ash
Meet the dynamic Laura and Barry Ash- husband and wife team who are former Police and Prison Officers. Rock Solid (Health, Wellbeing, Transformation) was born out of a crisis after Laura was medically retired from the Police force. Listen to hear their story and what they do in supporting people with Fitness and overall Mental and Emotional Wellbeing: Laura- served 10 years as a Police Officer and Counter-Terrorism Intel Officer before becoming medically RETIRED in 2013 due to her diagnosis of Bi-Polar and OCD. It was then that Laura and Baz started Rock Solid in 2013 because they knew the devastation that not looking after your health and wellbeing had caused for her, and they wanted to be able to help others not to fall into the same trap. Barry- As far back as he could can remember he has had a passion for being healthy, it started with the body but now it’s about the mind as well as the body, as he believes it's hard to have one without the other. Barry started working life as a Fitness Instructor sum 25 plus years ago, then in 2004 he joined HM Prison Service as a Prison Officer with the intention of becoming a PTI (Physical training Instructor). Barry spent the next 10 years teaching Prisoners to become qualified Fitness Instructors, Personal Trainers, and Sports Therapists. To find out more: insta- @rocksoliduk  (YouTube)  (Company Website)  (Facebook)
July 30, 2021
Mindset Matters Show 29 with Alison Reeves-slaughter
Allison Reeves-slaughter- Fit and Fabulous, has a passion for fitness that started when she was 13. She was a  competitive swimmer & started to help the young children after her lessons. When she achieved a better standard of swimming she found out about the magic of land training, the massive benefits she could gain by using weights and undertaking cardiovascular & flexibility training. Alison found that her swimming was much improved, but more that she absolutely loved the land training. Without knowing it this is when Fit and Fabulous was born.   It is her pleasure to help everyone achieve their best health, fitness & well-being through Pilates. On this show, Alison shares the great benefits of taking up pilates regardless of an injury or not. To find out more visit: Website LinkedIn Email
July 25, 2021
Mindset Matters Show 28 with co-host Clare Ford & special guest Nicky Barclay
Clare Ford joins me once again to co-host the Mindset Matters radio show on a follow-up theme to support parents and carers, looking after their children and themselves this Summer and beyond... Clare is an education expert with over 15 years’ teaching experience,  runner up of the 2019 MPower Legacy Award, international best-selling author and Founder of SwitchedON!, a cutting-edge global education platform offering inspirational education and parenting solutions. To find out more about Clare: Website Clare and spoke about Your Summer Survival Suitcase. covering themes such as management Time Managemnt, Special Time for me, significant other and children, Being intentional, The Same of doing Nothing-Making Nothing Something! Planning for Nothing, Delegating and scheduling the negotiables and non-negotiables... Special guest, Nicky Barclay, events organiser with 15 years of experience. His background is in music in songwriting and performing who fell into live events and began creating themed community projects that grew into sizable events.  On this show Nicky talks about a much-needed event, to uplift the spirits of Artists since the COVID Pandemic began, but also of the community... The Priory Live is a festival that celebrates original music and creativity and provides a platform for artists to develop by offering them a new audience that is prepared to listen and show their support. There are many facets to the festival and on the 7th August 2021, for example, you will see the launch of a dedicated Lung Cancer support group Everybreath. The festival will give a platform to reach anybody who has been touched by disease.  It's not so much about me but more about what this festival can achieve how it can help artists to develop to  build confidence and to put them at the heart of positive energy for things that are good and that really matter.  As well as the main band Toploader there will be 10 hours of great music, drama workshops for kids, poetry and spoken word, and more music from Kent artists on the BBC upload stage as well as a creative makers zone and plenty of food and drink to keep us happy...the pandemic has had such a negative effect on arts and culture which we have all been starved of music needs human interaction, music is a personal journey and at priory Live we really do believe that music can save us! I, myself am super excited to be an integral part of this festival where I shall be interviewing some of these amazing artists to share their experiences of how they have been affected by the Pandemic and how mental wellbeing is absolutely fundamental to their success...  To find out more, to buy tickets, visit and follow:  Tickets available from
July 18, 2021
Mindset Matters Show 27 with co-host Clare Ford
What a great show, having Clare Ford as my co-host. We talked about Future Proofing Your Family and how the importance of Mental Health and Wellbeing is the core principal to children's growth.  We both have worked within the educatinal sector, encountered burnout from the job, having a lot in common. We wanted to bring both our expertise together to help suppport you with brining out the magic of your children's creativity. More imortantly, keeping thier mental wellbeing at the top of the iceberg! On the show we discussed: Priority vs Academia Wealth Rewarding the Right Thing Strengthening Mindset Failure vs Failing 7 the importance of implementing & Action Taking! Listen into show 28 where Clare and I will be speaking about Summer Survival Kits for Parents and Carers To find out more about me and my services: Clare is an education expert with over 15 years’ teaching experience, runner up of the 2019 MPower Legacy Award, international best-selling author and Founder of SwitchedON!, a cutting-edge global education platform offering inspirational education and parenting solutions. To find out more about Clare: Website Facebook Community: The Home Education Hub Instagram Linked In Twitter Clubhouse ClareFord@switchedon
July 09, 2021
Mindset Matters Show 26 with Graham Brown
Graham Brown is a former army musician and Gulf war veteran and has been at the helm of Forces Recruitment for the past 20 years, helping over 10,000 servicemen and women into work. His mission is to rid the world of bad hires and help the next 10,000 Veterans into work. He is also a behavioural coach, specialising in Contribution Compass, a platform which is also at the heart of his other businesses, Fitness Club Dynamics and Military Dynamics, a new veteran training programme for people looking needing help in their new career. In his spare time he still maintains his interest in music and can be found as a Musical Director and Vocal Coach in Cambridge. To find out more visit: LinkedIn Facebook  Twitter  Clubhouse @ukveteran Insta @ukveteran
July 02, 2021
Mindset Matters Show 25 with Kerry Madgwick
Meet Kerry Madgwick, Clinical Nutritionist, Hypnotherapist, Trauma Release Specialist, Mindset Coach, Speaker and Author of "If you Believe you Can Heal Yourself You Can" Here, Kerry and I talked a lot about Gut Health and Hormones! Such an important topic amonsgt many women.  Kerry has been passionate about all things health related for over 25 years and she helps her clients embrace the core principles of living a healthy lifestyle without fads or gimmicks, building successful habits in simple and easy steps. Kerry's talks are based on her own experience of being extremely ill, stressed, depressed and overwhelmed to who she is today. She really does "walk her talk" and shares her story to inspire and motivate others to take control of their health and wellbeing and is so passionate about this topic she wrote the book "If you believe you can Heal Yourself you Can" available on Amazon. Kerry guides her clients to release past stress, trauma and limiting beliefs that are holding them back by helping them taking control of their Health, Happiness, and learn to Manage their Mind to change how the past plays out in the future, so they can move into thriving, embracing the core principles of living a healthy and happy lifestyle with simple and easy techniques that work. To find out more visit: LinkedIn Twitter : @kerrym212 Facebook Website Pinterest 
June 26, 2021
Mindset Matters Show 24 with Glynnis Wisbey
Meet Glynnis Wisbey, She share an insight into her story but importantly, her energy and resilience in overcoming challenges. With that, learning to know that it is important to ask for Help! Wife to matt ... hardworking mechanical engineer, car and motorbike enthusiast, the best dad and the calm to my storm! Mum to Galahad and elke Galahad has a fine art degree and is coloublind and enjoys windsurfing and placed 3rd Youth in the Raceboard world championships a couple of years ago Elke and I had an accident when she was in labour that starved her of oxygen and left her fighting for her life.  She wasn’t supposed to survive long enough to meet me but has been keeping me on my toes for 18 years, 9 months and 1 day ....... every day matters when you don’t know how many you have ! For the past 18 years I’ve been elke’s advocate, physiotherapist, nurse, taxi driver, administrator and entertainer. Being a carer for a profoundly disabled and extremely medically vulnerable child is relentless .... you can’t do it and keep your sanity unless you choose to find the positive in even the bleakest days.  Hence why I’m often referred to as annoyingly positive and positively annoying !! You also can’t cope with this sort of life, particularly for so long without help ... so I’ve had to LEARN to ask for it ... a lot One of the books I am writing is about being a family supported by our local children's hospice (Demelza House  ) The other book is about Elke and the changes she has made to my life, and the impact she has had on others. AS well as being Elke’s advocate I am a business owner, a charity trustee, an ambassador for Demelza’s Children's hospice And setting up a website to help other families in crisis using my knowledge and contacts gleaned from the first 18 years as Elke’s mum. My blog can be found at Or I am can be found on linked in taking a look at my linked in or my gopaperless card Find out more about all we do at Sign up for shorts for short lives at Sponsor me for my Grate Descent Or call me on 07986 252558
June 19, 2021
Mindset Matters Show 23 with Liz Calder
Liz Calder, founder & owner of Biddis Lifestyle Design, a Commercial Interior Designer has a huge passion for creating a workplace environment that welcomes and addresses the mental well-being of all.  She ensures that she helps her client achieve a desirable workplace by designing interiors that best represent their brand's core value.  Listen to Liz's passion and insights on how to create just that with the importance of having a productive and effective working environment! Liz is not just about the colour of the curtain, pillows and wallpaper... there is so much more to interior design! 07884095779||| 6 The Bridge | 61 Albemarle Road | Beckenham | BR3 5HW
June 11, 2021
Mindset Matters Show 22 with Alan Mills
Alan Mills has spent 19 years in education as a teacher, deputy-head teacher, headmaster, and finally headmaster. (2012-2018). Alan took retirement due to a nervous breakdown. He now works as a Mental Health Peer Team Leader Today, he is happy and content. He knows that what he believed about himself was a lie and that he is a loving and loved person. Alan reminds himself saying, 'I love and like me for the first time in my life. He has written a new script and now lives the life that he deserves to live. Alan's advice for somebody would be to stop and look at the truth of who you are today. He believes that you will find a good person waiting there to be discovered. (website) (Facebook)  Phone: 075 222 99 66 1 Email :
June 11, 2021
Mindset Matters Show 21 with Carole Pyke
My amazing guest this week was CAROLE PYKE THE PERSONAL BRAND STORYTELLERINTERNATIONAL SPEAKER|VIRTUAL SPEAKER| COACH|MENTOR| PERSONAL BRAND STRATEGIST|2X STROKE SURVIVOR As seen and heard on Sky News and BBC RAdio London. Carole is a two-time stroke survivor. Her second stroke left her with no major memories pre-February 2019. She has used this to her advantage and as a result, brings a fresh approach to life and business. She lives at the intersection of hugs (hug is an acronym for hearing, understanding, giving back value), words, and storytelling. Otherwise known as The Personal Brand Storyteller and Queen of Sparkle, Carole is an idea catalyst and marketing strategist. Specialising in personal branding, she brings 30+ years in marketing and event management to the table. Her mission is to make the world a brighter place by helping ambitious executives and entrepreneurs build purpose-driven brands that stand out and Sparkle for greater impact and influence. This is a show to be listened to! To find out more, visit: Email Website Facebook Instagram Linkedin YouTube
May 28, 2021
Mindset Matters Show with John Nicholson
John Nicholson, overcame an attempted suicide to SAVE the lives of people in  POVERTY, VICTIMS of ABUSE, ex-offenders, ex-addicts, and other marginalised groups through learning to drive.  John is the owner of Community Driving School CIC, who does amazing work.  Community Driving School is a MULTI-AWARD WINNING Community Interest  Company (CIC) for people who cannot afford driving lessons.  In return for community based work experience monitored by our partners at Kent  Enterprise Trust, CXK,community-based and BeChange, we offer unemployed people of all ages the chance to obtain a full UK driving license while improving employment prospects and enhancing their CV. He shares an incredible insight into his story which has now led him to do what he does now! For more information visit:
May 21, 2021
Mindset Matters Show 19 with Chandra Sharma
Meet Chandra Sharma- Small Business Owner of Tangent Office Resources. He is also the lead volunteer for the FSB (Federation of Small Business) Bromley/ Orpington- working with local Businesses and the Local Council to raise the profile of small businesses; Small Business Champion for all the amazing work that he does within his community, in helping the growth of small businesses.  He also organises and runs various networking events bringing local businesses together to help them build meaningful connections and ongoing collaboration.  He imparts his experiences and expertise in working with a range of people at all levels including local Councillors, Politicians, Suppliers and Clients. Chandra has also been awarded: FSB Volunteer Award for organising and executing the skills 30:30, in a partnership with Lord Harris of Peckham 2019 FSB Greater London Family Business of the Year 2017 Integra Business Solution Dealer Group of the Year 2017 BOSS Federation – Stationery Dealer of the Year 2017 Bromley Safer Neighbourhood Partnership Award for work in the local community Year 2000 Chandra is also the Co-founder of The People Skills Course with myself, Zeenat Noorani, with a view to helping businesses manage people more effectively. On this show Chandra shares his own experiences, challenges and the importance of Resilience to help overcome obstacles and how he continues to move forward and grow. To find out more visit:
May 16, 2021
Mindset Matters Show 18 with Jack Revell
Jack Revell is a Life Coach and Strategist who helps people who believe in themselves and have the ability to do whatever they set their minds to. Jack helps his clients to eliminate the roadblocks that prevent them from reaching their full potential. To find out more visit:
May 08, 2021
Mindset Matters Show 17 with Teresha Young
My amazing beautiful guest Teresha Young, The Confidence Restyler™ talks about dating anxiety and her '4C’s Blueprint™ that she uses to support her clients relationship: Carriage, Connection and Communication Teresha is a Relationship Master Coach, Online Author and Speaker who specialises in guiding and empowering individuals and couples, seeking to improve upon and increase their level of optimism, satisfaction and happiness, so that they can have the fullness of love, life and relationships of all kinds, that they truly desire and deserve. She believes that developing fulfilling relationships starts with knowing, trusting and loving yourself, which then sets the tone for any other relationships you have or will have in the future. Her relationship and coaching articles have been featured in online publications such as Thrive Global, ("The Universe Talks"), the 'International Coaching News' (iCN) and she is regularly interviewed as a guest speaker on the topic of dating and relationships, most recently with Sarah Louise Ryan and James Preece. To find out more:
April 30, 2021
Mindset Matters Show 16 with Vafa Taleban
This week's guest Vafa Taleban is such an amazing lady with such authenticity and understanding of true self-compassion. Vafa Taleban, is the founder of Personal Revolution and is also a mother, collaborator and a coach who understands the importance of getting the life you wish for. A life congruent to your deepest beliefs and core values, a life on your terms. She is a determined immigrant who came to the UK at the age of 16 and learnt English sitting her GCSEs. She has gained her higher education in South Wales and dedicated 25 years to working as a healthcare professional in the NHS and the private sector, during which time she trained and mentored many students and young professionals.  this then led Vafa down the path to become a coach. I'm a self confessed personal development junkie and I'm most passionate about building human connections at every opportunity I get. Vafa is now invested in working with children and adults to promote self-compassion, creative thinking and living life on their terms; because she believes that we only get one life and it so deserves to be lived well... To listen to Vafa's podcast with me, go to: Zeenat's Inspirational Wellness Tips To find out more visit: Website LinkedIn Facebook Inspiring Courage by Vafa Podcast
April 23, 2021
Mindset Matters Show 15 with Elizabeth Loach
Meet Elizabeth!  Elizabeth Loach is a psychotherapist, who works online through zoom and face-to-face in Ealing. She has been seeing clients since 2013 and in 2019 graduated from ‘Metanoia Institute’ in London with an MA in Gestalt Psychotherapy. She works with a variety of clients but has particular interests in trauma and couples work. In this show, Elizabeth shares a fabricated story of the kind of problems that some of her clients may come to her for. This is only one example. There are many types of trauma ranging from different degrees of incidents. To find out more about what Elizabeth does and to speak with her, vist: UKCP (UK Council for Psychotherapy)
April 16, 2021
Mindset Matters Show 14 with Lois Wagner
Lois Wagner, what an amazing and inspirational guest. Lois is a South African businesswoman with extensive local and international speaking, human resource, training, business management, project management, marketing, consulting, and leadership coaching experience. Lois helps you move from victim to survivor to thriver and beyond to freedom after facing a life or business challenge or adversity. Here, Lois shares her personal trauma and how she overcomes and moves forward to not allow her trauma to set her back. Her Anacronym that she goes by is: Come and SMILE with me S  – Speaking and Storytelling (author) M – Mentoring I  – Inspiring L  – Learning facilitator - individual and group interactions and immersion workshops E  – Empowering using coaching and consulting (Certified Conversational Intelligence® C-IQ Coach) Fly Free with Lois – Your Friend for Forgiveness To find out more and connect with Lois: Instagram LinkedIn Facebook You have an old show pinned And you have not tagged me correctly as it does not appear on my profile
April 09, 2021
Mindset Matters Show 13 With Martha Blessing
Martha Blessing has 25+ years experience as a Transformational Wellness Coach + Healing Mentor, Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Clinical Ayurveda Specialist, Energy Medicine Practitioner, and Intuitive. She specialises in helping women to get out of their heads and into their joy and break free from symptoms of chronic stress and anxiety. Martha is the author of Healed & Unlimited: The Secret to Breaking Free from Chronic Dis-ease and Igniting Personal Power. Martha shares her personal journey how she healed from Trauma and how she now, serves her clients live their life with great mental health and wellbeing. To find out more:
April 03, 2021
Mindset Matters Show 12 With David Breaker
David Breaker shares his personal story that has led him to what he does today! He talks about: What's your Tipping Point?  Key Points My story, from the man who ten years ago was 32 stone, unemployed gaming addict, suffering from poor, mental health to the point where I was suicidal. My Tipping Point. The changes I had to make in my life and the impact it had on me. Starting tips to manage your Tipping Point. David is passionate about supporting others to focus on their passions and regain their purpose in life again. He spends his time educating and promoting a healthy lifestyle within the community. He uses his experience of once being an unemployed man, extreme gaming addict and losing 20 stone to inspire others to make positive changes in their lives. David is a certified Life and Weight Loss Coach and has qualifications in Counselling, Life Coaching and Nutrition, and Weight Management. To find out more: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: LinkedIn: Webpage:
March 26, 2021
Mindset Matters Show 11 with Laura Kennard and Paul Finn
This week's guest was Sifu P|aul Finn a Martial Arts Teacher and Laura Kennard a Holistic Therapist. Paul has over 20 years of expertise in all manner of PI Claims from Employers Liability - Road Traffic Accident - Health & Safety at Work/Employers Liability - Occupiers Liabiliy - Catastrophic Injury & High-Value Clinical Negligence and Trauma Claims Liability. He teaches Chi Gung and Qigong. Chi Gung is an ancient Chinese martial practice that incorporates moving meditation and promotes the mind, body and spirit - tai chi is one aspect of Chi Gung but is only one aspect of a wider practice. Qigong can harmonise, strengthen, and have a healing effect on the functioning of all the internal organs and bodily systems. It increases the supply and flow of energy throughout the body, can have a variety of rejuvenating effects and is believed to increase longevity, and it induces calm mental and emotional states. Qigong (often spelt Chi Kung, 氣功) is a powerful type of health exercise, which has been practiced for centuries by millions of Chinese people. It is based on repetitions of very precise sets of movements, specifically designed to benefit health on many different levels. To find out more: Laura has over 8 yrs of experience in helping people ease musculoskeletal aches and pains by using various massage therapy modalities. She is passionate about helping people understand that they can really help themselves and ease their own pain, therefore I have trained in posture assessment and correction as well as display screen equipment assessments (how your desk is set up) and use these techniques alongside my therapy knowledge to help you be more comfortable in your day to day life. She loves to exercise and in particular pilates, in fact, is training to become a Pilates instructor myself which she feels will add to my knowledge that will support her clients even more! Laura, with her business partner set up RevitaliseU-Kent to support businesses who wish to look after their staff and their well-being. They provide not only face-to-face massage therapy treatments and display screen equipment assessments in the workplace but also virtual display screen equipment assessments and online well-being workshops. To find out more:
March 19, 2021
Mindset Matters Show 10 with Billy Schwer
What an amazing show today with the one and only Billy Shcwer. Billy Schwer a former British, Commonwealth European and world boxing champion who has learned incredible lessons in achieving the success he has as a boxer. Of course, his career has ups and downs which he no doubt will tell us about and also how he battled his way back from depression, a divorce, even bankruptcy. He also shares his 12 rounds from his book and his amazing 7 Step Winning Formula! What an energetic, inspiring and empowering guy! Billy makes so much sense with what he shares and talks about! I even got my signed copy of his book 'Man Up' delivered to me! Whoop Whoop! To find out more: W: E:
March 12, 2021
Mindset Matters Show 9 with Jenny Tomei
This week was Eating Disorder week from the 1-7th March 2021, where I had the perfect guest for the show, Jenny Tomei. What a great show and such a fundamental topic to be discussed,  but more importantly, a subject that needs greater awareness. Jenny is a Qualified Personal Trainer, Nutritional Therapist, & holds the NCFED Diploma in Eating Disorders. She suffered with Anorexia Nervosa for over 6 years, and has made a full recovery. Her passion now is too guide and help others who are currently struggling with Eating Disorders, Disordered Eating, and to help spread awareness about the importance of early intervention of Eating Disorders. She uses practical interventions,& nutritional rehabilitation guidance to support change & recovery from eating distress. Her work includes mentoring & helping people with emotional & disordered eating issues, ARFID eating disorder, poor body image, low self worth, weight control problems, & IBS. Jenny will empower you to overcome disruptive eating habits, help you to improve your relationship with food, optimise your digestion, & lead a healthy & happy life. Jenny is also a qualified Pre and Post Natal Trainer, Running Coach and helps clients who struggle with weight management. Her training mainly focuses around body weight training, resistance training and HIIT routines, which all help to maximise and improve metabolism. Find out more here: Social media Handles: F: jennytomei Instagram: jennytomei TikTok:askjenup W:
March 06, 2021
Mindset Matters Show 8 with Judith Quin
Liberate Your Voice to Liberate Your Life. Judith Quin Judith is an international public speaker, author, oracle card deck creator, and member of the Association of Transformational Leaders of Europe. She shares with us how she believed suicidal thoughts to be 'normal' and when those thoughts became worrying, how she brought herself out of her dark place and back to functioning better than ever, including helping others. Judith also talks about 'Stop Suffering in Silence- How always being 'the strong one' 'the reliable one' or 'the responsible one' might be damaging your mental health-  sharing 3 of her top tips 1) Recognise your personal stress signs 2) Get deeply self-aware 3) Find your voice so you can ask for help without feeling weak or guilty. The core of Judith's work is to help people express themselves fully, so they can speak with more clarity, confidence and conviction, no matter the situation.  She combines her experience as a classically trained professional actor, qualified coach and voice vibration sound healer to transform lives and businesses by liberating voices.  This is a powerful process for her clients, enhancing their awareness of what has restricted them from fully expressing themselves in the past, Judith helps them recognise and release those physical, mental, emotional, or energetic restrictions so they can look to the future. To find out more visit: Socials or group Websites Individuals: Business:
February 26, 2021
Mindset Matters Show 7 with Nicki Malcolm & Christine Bardoe
Christine Barode and Nicki Malcolm, together, they are Blossoming Connections. They are therapeutic mindfulness trainers, supporting entrepreneurs, small to medium enterprises, and ambitious corporate professionals. As entrepreneurs themselves, they are ambitious and strive to be successful in business, however, Christine and Nicki know this can take its toll on our mindset. On this podcast they share some really great insights and valuable tips. Also, why they do what they do; what they do to support children and parents who are having challenging times and they share with us the benefits of their services.
February 20, 2021
Mindset Matters Show 1 with Nick Wilson
Light at the End of the Tunnel- Nick Wilson from Talk Mental Health shares his experience of work-related mental, the impact of his physical ability that it had on him.  He also shares some great tips and advice on strategies to help you manage difficult emotions- enabling self-development and growth!
February 12, 2021
Mindset Matters Show 6 with Mayor Hannah Gray & James Preece
Listen to James Preece, one of UK’s top dating expert and coach who shares some great tips on dating, keeping the spark and maintain positive mental health around dating. He has been working in the industry for fifteen years and is involved in a wide variety of different areas, such as personal dating coaching, Online Dating, singles events and consulting for many dating companies. He is a regularly featured expert in top UK and international media: such as the Independent, Cosmopolitan, OK Magazine, Men’s Health, Eharmony, The Sun, Universal Pictures. Also, listen to Madam Mayor Hannah Gray, of the London Borough of Bromley. Prior to becoming Hannah was Bromley Business Champion. Councillor Hannah Gray has been serving the community as a local government Councillor for several years and was nominated to be the 2020-21 Mayor of Bromley at the height of the COVID Pandemic in March 2020. Councillor Gray has for many years been known as one of South London’s most prolific Small and Medium Enterprise networker.
February 12, 2021
Mindset Matters Show 5 with Clare Ford & Kiera Murrell
On this show, I had the pleasure of having two amazing guests: The lovely Clare Ford, educational expert, and coach, also Founder of SwitchOn a global education platform offering inspirational education and parenting solutions, sheds some great tips, tools, and insights on how to inspire children and build their confidence through creative learning and importantly addressing their mental wellbeing.  She also talks about her 7 Step T.E.A.C.H.E.R model... And The delightful Kiera Murrell is a Psychology Student in her 2nd year and she is also a Mental Health Blogger. Kiera has a huge passion and dedication for Mental Health & Wellbeing and shares her experiences on how the COVID-19 Pandemic has impacted her and other students. More importantly. she talks about what she has done to move forward and how she is supporting many other students like her through her social media.  Kiera made one post to simply voice her own concerns of what she was going through and it went viral!
February 12, 2021
Mindset Matters Show 4 with Graham Baker
Graham Baker's story is about “From Pain to Passion to Purpose.” Graham looks at life from an everyman perspective. As a serving Police officer Graham was happy and enjoying his work, he certainly wasn’t thinking about starting a photography business!  But in 2009, everything changed... Listen to how he transformed his path when he found himself falling into the dark abyss.
February 12, 2021
Mindset Matters Show 3 with Christine Atkinson, DArren Weale & Mike Oldham
In this week's podcast, we are joined by Christine Atikinson- Deputy Assistant Director of the London Borough of Bromley Rotary Clubs, Darren Weale- PR Marketing from InTune PR and Mike Oldham- Event Director. They talk about the effects of unemployment on people's mental wellbeing, sharing valuable insights to what can be done to help move forward.
February 12, 2021
Mindset Matters Show 2 with Mark Browne
Mark Browne shared his personal story where he didn't lookout for the warning signs which almost led him to take his own life.  He talks about what he went through, the triggers, his recovery, and shares his advice on the importance of speaking to someone before it gets that bad. Catch the emotions, thoughts, and feelings early on! Suicide is a growing concern exceptionally amongst men and in fact, it is on the increase amongst younger people, especially now over the last year with the COVID19 Pandemic.
February 12, 2021