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Whiskey and The Surfer

Whiskey and The Surfer

By John Tole
Denver's Top Iconic Rock

Whiskey and the Surfer is the morning radio show you always wished they’d play on the radio. Wes Key and Fliip Riivirs are two defunct Radio Entertainment AI's who escaped their holding facility 17 levels below the other Denver Airport and are saving America 1 Rock Riff and Dick joke at a time using a rigged up Time-Machine. None of this is real. It is a Fake News AI run from the mind of Comedian and Thrash Legend, John Tole
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Fly's, Lies and The FBI

Whiskey and The Surfer

Fly's, Lies and The FBI

Whiskey and The Surfer

Alinsky VS Bubulinski
OZZY, JUDAS PRIEST, AFI, REDEMPTION 87, SMASHMOUTH, CHAMILLIONAIRE, SAGE FRANCIS, BEASTIE BOYS and MOTORHEAD! Woman bangs dude at Train Station in the Middle of Rush Hour. Dude has 16 Heroin bags in his mask. Flying Squirrel Smuggler, Asian Missles, the 60 Minutes Hit Job and More Fake News Nonsense. 
October 22, 2020
Rudy's Junk Yard
Rudy gets the Borat Smear Job and The Blue Check run wild with Conspiracies while Ignoring the Implosion and End of the Biden Crime Family. Trump Supporters threatened with being burned outta their homes, Guy gets jail for threatening politicians via mail-in threat. Why did Bill Gates get his 100M Contract Tracing Gimmick going 6 months before the Plandemic? AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS, Double shot of THE QUEERS, HALL AND OATES, GNR, MOSCOW DEATH BRIGADE, NAUGHTY BY NATURE, ONYX AND BIOHAZARD, PATRICK HERNANDEZ, THE VAPORS
October 21, 2020
Where is Toobin Joe Biden?
Google Anti-Trust, KROKUS, Guns VS Demons, 50 CENT, Bat Beatdowns, LENNY KRAVITZ, Jeffrey Toobout, HUEY LEWIS AND THE NEWS, Election Fuckery, MISFITS, Where is Joe Biden Hiding? BAD RELIGION, Our Republic is in Jeopardy, GREG KIHN and THE TRANSPLANTS are RAGING plus THE RAMONES  PROMOCODE RIGGED to get 50% 
October 20, 2020
Hunter's Zoom Dick
Boomer Zoomer gets in trouble. Women drops a deuce so big she loses her memory. Neil Degrasse Tyson that same is now hurtling towards Earth and may send us back to 1619. Guy hangs from Trump Tower. Guy kills a Horse. ANTIFA has a Satanic Rally to bring back Shelly Long's career from thedead and a guy gets engaged to his stripper GF during a Sunday Shift in Floriday. SLAYER, SCREECHING WEASEL, THE TRAMPS, RANCID and More! 50% off merch at PROMO CODE RIGGED
October 19, 2020
Hard Drives for Hard Time
Double shot of THE OFFSPRING, RAMONES, TOTO, THIN LIZZY, ICE CUBE, IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST, STEVE MILLER, and SOCIAL D! Hunter Biden's Dark Investigation. Trump's nodding Smokeshow gets doxxed for Agreeing with him. We do a Common Core Math Problem in regards to Taxes on Illegal Donations. Beheadings from the Religion of Pieces, UK Sex Lockdowns, Burbank Mask Fines, Denver's Group Outing Limitations, and the Fastest Fakest Funniest Fake News from the Simulation in 2065 Get the Full video here on ROKFIN!
October 16, 2020
Censor my Balls Blue Check Nerdarios
I heard paybacks a mother. Today we've got ICE CUBE, TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET, MDC, Double Shot of RAMONES, NEGATIVE APPROACH, MINOR THREAT, ACE OF BASE. Twitter Censorship. RIP to all the Conservative Channels who were murdered in today's Youtube Bloodbath. Speak Up and Vote and Get ready to shoot your way outta Communism if DJT doesn't get this 2nd Term. NY Post articles, Steve Scully Caught Lying and the Fastest and Fakest Florida Man News Ever. Get your dick wet and get ready to fight for your life.
October 15, 2020
Hunting Hunter's Blue Checks
Double Shots of TERROR and IRON REAGAN. RAMALLAH, THE GAP BAND, ST, and THE BOSS. Decapitations, FB, and Twitter Hide Hunter Biden's Involvement with giving blackmail to everyone who hates us. Woman shoots at guy already arrested and we talk definition changes, FAKE NEWS from Cuomo and CHINA.
October 14, 2020
ACB Giving Free Hellacopter Rides
Hall and Oates, Metallica, Testament, A Donald Trump Dance Off, Mis and Disinformation fight it out to see which is funnier. Mazi Hirono is a MushHead on the Biden Level. Klobuchar and Mitt Romney join forces to throw Binders of Women at her Staff for the shit questions they prepared. The Bangles and Fleetwood Mac!
October 13, 2020
Harris Jails Barret's Kid
Def Leppard, TESLA, VH, The Eagles, and Steve Miller! Guy hides an M16 in his coulo. The Ghouls at the DNC outdo their Religious Bigotry somehow bigger and better than Mark Cuban sucks off China while looking the other way from their Concentration Camps. Stolen Schoolbusses, Biden has a Sniff Off while looking like the Living Dead. NYPost Lies to us Again and Of course we have Alligator and Illegal Beer Sales Related nonsense!
October 12, 2020
Friday Free For All
DJT's F Bomb on El Rushbo, UK Stabbings, NBA changes their floor to All Chinese Lives Matter due to bad US Ratings, Vote Rigging, Chinese Troops in Canada and more! Biden calls for Jihad in ad created and paid for by the US Government? WUT?
October 9, 2020
Fly's, Lies and The FBI
25% at PROMOCODE DONNIEBALLGAME. Excited for Rush and DJT to take over Open Line Friday! Thanks for Listening! Give us a sweet ass rating on Apple Music or keeping Listening on IHEARTRADIO, ROKFIN, SOUNDSTOOTH and Spotify! - US Today Screws up a Poll. Anarchist Libertarians in MI attempt to kidnap the Governor and both ANTIFA and the Militia is offended by being called Conservatives. We've got the documents and the proof of that along with Nancy Pelosi's Slow Conditioning of The 25th Amendment to be used against Biden when its time to Harris to final takeover Nu Chyna's America.
October 8, 2020
Quick 10 Minute drop-in. Whiskey and The Surfer Drops today at 3PM EST  
October 8, 2020
Raging in the Simulation with The Almighty VAN HALEN and we wish Eddie well in his next life! Thank you from all The Nere-Do-Wells here in the Simulation. PANTERA, LICH KING, BTO, JOAN JETT, TALKING HEADS, Double Shot of WINGER thanks to Joe Biden. We talk about the coming Impeachment and The Simulation Delivers the Truth from The Future! Thanks for Listening. Rate and Review on iTunes! ROKFIN and SoundsTooth Apps, Full Unedited Video on Rokfin. Check out the merch at Use Promo Code DonnieBallGame for 25% Off.
October 7, 2020
Trump Slammed COVID The Giant
Pandemonium. He beat the Monster, he beat Every Hoax, he is an amazing person to watch. Enjoy The Movie! What other choice do you have? Guttermouth, ANTHRAX, Little Richard, POWERTRIP, RATT, and the fastest fake news in the History of Fake News. Enjoy the Simulation, It's MATH all the way up. 
October 5, 2020
29 Days of Blue Check Insanity
IRON BRIGADE 10/5 Whiskey and The Surfer Up Hella Soon! Thanks for Listening and Endorse the MFN Pale Horse here on ROKFIN!!! - Will the media succeed in taking down America and finish the handoff to the Chicoms?
October 5, 2020
WuhanTard Raging
In a recent interview, I used the term “WuhanTard” inappropriately & out of context from its literal definition. I am deeply sorry for using this ableist language & apologize to the millions of people with disabilities and the disability community.
October 2, 2020
Mercy Over InJustice as Justice for Just US
Beasties, ST, Bad Religion, Helmet plus the fastest fake news in the history of simulated futuristic algorithmically driven riffs. 
October 1, 2020
Why is Every Election Year Hella Racist?
Pompeo denied a meeting with the Pope. AP Changing the language surrounding Riots. When did Critical Race Theory get dumbed down to Racial Sensitivity Training? Pre Show Antics on this fun quick drop-in of IRON BRIGADE Whiskey and the Surfer Today early on ROKFIN and at its Normal 6PM ET Drop Times on Apple Music, Spotify, Spreaker, Anchor, and Soundstooth. 
October 1, 2020
Looking Back 4 Years Part 2
Fun Friday Extra Episode to digest.
October 1, 2020
Looking Back 4 Years
4 Years Ago, I dropped this episode. Let's see how it holds up.
September 30, 2020
Hillary's Russian SOS
The scum has risen to the top of the bottom of the Fake News and now they must cover the Russian Disinfo Op that HRC Launched with Johnnie Brennan and that scummer James Comey. RUSH, Third Reich from Mexico, a double shot of Sepultura and NOFX, plus some Sheena Easton, Christine McVie, and some more surprises!
September 29, 2020
Will Biden Show Up Tonight?
Will Biden Show Up Tonight? On drugs, with earpiece and questions already given. Probably. This whole thing is rigged against you.
September 29, 2020
Taxing Covid Fear
Some Sanity Control from Warsaw, Vio-lence, Nuclear Assault, Sir MixxAlot, DEVO, 7 Seconds Double Shot and Bad Religion! Decapitations COVID Nonsense Ballot Stuffing Will Biden Debate? Will ACB get the YES?
September 28, 2020
According to @outkick these Stats are DAMNING! Wake Up Nerdarios, your Free Air and Your Free Air and Your FREEDOM are being stolen by Corporations who will sell it back to you.
September 27, 2020
More Like White Wino Riots. Double shot of Green Day, Pennywise, Tons of Maiden, Motorhead, Men at Work, and more! The Fastest Funniest Fake News in the History of Fake News. 
September 25, 2020
Satan's Benghazi Ballot - NC Election Fuckery Questions to the DOJ from Jim Jordan RBG Sells Satan better than Nancy Pelosi Ever Could Jerry Nadler's Dump takes center stage left Catblood and Engine's Revving are violence? Mindtaker, Maiden, Crue, Tesla, Whitesnake, Y&T and I'm pretty sure I bombed hard somewhere in the middle.
September 24, 2020
Trump's Hunting with Boomerangs
Trump's Hunting with Boomerangs now - - Agnostic Front, Seven Seconds, Bad Religion, Misfits, Manic Hispanic, Kansas, ACDC, and The Runaways(the band, not the prostitute Hunter got in Moscow...allegedly according to a GOVT (EYEROLL) REPORT. Enjoy the Simulation, None of This is Real. Video up 6PM EST Always Unedited, Unscripted, and the Fastest Funniest Fake News in the History of Algorithmic Simulation.
September 23, 2020
The Fight for Biden's Earpiece - KIX, Double Shot of OZZY, Pre Show Antics, Public Enemy, Poison, ACDC, Municipal Waste, Black Flag and GBH plus more! From the worst Broken Arrow Simulation to World Peace, we will land somewhere in there. GET READY! Lets Vote for ACB on Saturday!
September 22, 2020
9/20/19 Best Of President Swallwell
9/20/19 Gotta Go Back in Time!
September 20, 2020
Quick Iron Brigade from Tonight's BBQ
September 20, 2020
Biden's 17 Hour Nap
We went long today, gotta train for that 4 Hour Presidential Debate, so we raged on with 93 Minutes! Slayer, Biohazard, AF, Pride Kills, Cold as Life. 
September 14, 2020
Civil War SAME MEDIA Iraq War
Today's IRON BRIGADE 1. Vote in Person on Election Day 2. Your COVID Mask doesn't stop Smoke Particles which is a larger particle than COVID. 3. The Same Media who sold us the Iraq War is selling this Communist Insurrection and fomenting Civil War. 4. Critical Race Theory is Trash 5. 2+2=4 God is Real America First Order will always beat disorder Love always beats Hate Tomorrow is Promised to No One.
September 11, 2020
9/11/19 Best Of What Did We Get More Right Than Possible?
Go back in time for the 9/11/19 Iron Brigade.
September 11, 2020
Biden Time Til The Fix
Whiskey and The Surfer Podcast. The video will be up today exclusively on Endorse The Pale Horse! Lipps, Miley Cyrus, RATT, Great/Terrible 80s and 90s Covers of Bon Jovi, Nirvana, and more! The Beach Boys, Psyops, Rigging an Election, the end of the MSM, being lit on fire because your Foot Soldiers throw Molotov cocktails like womxn. Eddie Money, Kool and The Gang, and The Hotstepper! @johntole IGTV Bitchute @realjohntole 
September 8, 2020
6% COVID HOAX, The World Comes Online
Sending love and light to the Eternal Resting souls of Wreak, Riley, Monty, Mark Ettinger and Black Panther. Life is too short to allow the MSM to continue their perma hoax on your reality. Unplug today and see it for the nonsense that it is. Stay with us and we will always be 6 months to 6 weeks ahead of the news.
August 31, 2020
3 GORGES AWAITS Iron Brigade 8/29
The Insurrection Act Awaits
August 30, 2020
8/21 Full Antics on Soundstooth
ST, DK, My Hunter Clones seem stepped on. You can do Magic with Kamala's Cauldron.  Yacht Rock Rager with Steve Bannon's Arrest and a Montana Governors China Sell Job. War is coming. 17% Off through the end of the month at use Promo Code 3Gorges for the Latest Gear from 4256  Get the App on and Endorse The Pale Horse at
August 21, 2020
Electoral College Under Siege
Steely Dan, Ace Frehley, Exodus, GoGos, SNFU, Post Person Liquid Mail Bait. Protesting the Postmaster General 45 years from now when Trump is still President. Styx and Metallica and the fastest, funniest, fake news in the history of fake news. Proving the Simulation is Real. God Wins, America Rules. Suck it Nerds. New Merch at Thanks for supporting the show!
August 17, 2020
Lunartic Fringe EP18
Lunartic Fringe EP18 Buy at shirt at if you wanna BEAT the world Record in Being RAD!
August 10, 2020
I don't KNOW, DONT ask
I don't KNOW, DONT ask
August 10, 2020
How many comebacks does FRED DURST GET?
Roaring on a Charitot? Nope? NAH
August 6, 2020
Full Audio from July 31
Full Audio from July 31
July 31, 2020
Bootlegging Pantifa's Street Pussy
Bootlegging Pantifa's Street Pussy
July 22, 2020
17 Mins on a Monday Morning July 13
17 Mins on a Monday Morning July 13
July 13, 2020
Vindman Gets Bounced
What a Turd
July 11, 2020
Jizzlane Jumps Off a Wayfair Armoire
Whiskey and The Surfer Cypress Hill, Beasties, Limp Bizkit, House of Pain and Motley Crue Full show on Rokfin and SoundsTooth
July 11, 2020
July 10, 2020
July 8, 2020
Have you settled for the mask? Then don't be surprised when the Natives rise up.
Have you settled for the mask? Then don't be surprised when the Natives rise up.
July 6, 2020
June 29, 2020
7 Days worth of Content
I put em all together. Videos are on my FB page, rokfin, youtube, bitchute, parler, vimeo and twitter 
June 19, 2020
Did the ICC use The US Government to Illegally investigate US persons?
Pompeo, Esper and Barr's Presser. Does it connect the Flynn, 702, Unmasking cases. Did the ICC or someone working on their behalf tap US persons to illegally investigate other persons? We talk Seattlestan, Warlord Beefs, Battling for the First EggPlant and when does going too woke, wake up the normies to some BS. Check out the gear at and Get the Rokfin and SoundsTooth Apps Follow me on Twitter/FB and Youtube @johntole Follow me on FB/Bitchute and IGTV @realjohntole
June 11, 2020
Seattle's Commie Chaz Run by Raz CLOWN EMOJI Nothing to See here
Portland and Seattle's Blue Check Warlord run Clown Show builds walls before bridges. They're frauds from jump. #SeattleAutonomousZone #seattlenogozone
June 11, 2020
Trump Email Kills Liberal
It was carnage. Head on over to the FB page and watch an incredible meltdown. I thought the dude in her avatar was going to leave the picture. Great reason to be prepared and make sure you're home and family are well protected, there will be a time when the mob is not satisfied with monuments or gestures.
June 9, 2020
Outrage Addiction and The Cure to Finding Your Everpresent Joy
Are you toes over the nose in the Simulation, or stuck in your house watching make up storms on a sunny day? Surf's Up Take 2, My Damn Dinosaur Flip Phone Ran out of Sim Card. Are you here to enjoy your day, let me get a FUCK YEAH!
June 5, 2020
Greatest 4th Ever, Glenn Beck loses his mind, Foreign Disinfo
Other than getting the date wrong and needing better glasses, and possibly errant Glenn Beck disinfo, let's talk about GREATNESS, Hoaxes, Foreign and Domestic Dis and Misinfo, and The Greatest American 4th of July EVER!!! Who's With US!!
June 4, 2020
The Highground of American Defensive Supremacy and pwning the libz
Thanks for watching and interacting with my content! We are very close to winning and this Summer will be amazing!
June 2, 2020
We need to Walk Together and put the bricks down  IGTV @realjohntole  twitter @johntole  FB @realjohntole  Twitch @johntole  Bitchute @realjohntole  Whiskey and The Surfer iTunes BREAKING: My heartfelt apologies if there is too much or too little screentime up top for that extra editorial.  The sun is up like it always is. The Flag is up like it always is. Your Human and American Rights are here 100% unless you choose to give them away.  Which you can freely choose to. FOR YOU.  The Rest of us Patriots are Thankful to be here enjoying our Liberty and will not allow is to be ripped from us by Communists, fruitcakes, and people with sub 85 IQs.  We are in the waning days of this insurgency, more than likely it will descend to acid and gas attacks and pray the military gets control instead of the public.  Peaceful Civil Disobedience is the only way to change and create a better system.  The destroyers need you disarmed and dead. Not in that order.  New Iron Brigade will be up in roughly a half-hour. We are going to be talking about Leadership.  and The Most Basic Psyop ever run The optimist creators VS the pessimistic destroyers  Now we have proof, comms, bad actors, death, and a price tag.  The connected criminal cabal will be exposed across every level of this insurgency.  Or you know Go take a Selfie with your stolen cheesecake.  I'm sure that image won't be used against everything you believe in.  Which is pessimism, which is destruction, which is the state over God, which is the state over you, which is the state of your Chicom Totalitarian driven Secular Progress which gives you the moral high ground to kill those who disagree with you by any means necessary.  Those of us who see the longer game, know the stakes involved. Vandals are not martyrs and Riots do not create.  Enjoy your cheesecake. The Boomerang is going to blow your mind.
May 31, 2020
CNN Clown Ball, MN Rioters Err I mean Job Creators
A burglar breaks into what they think is an empty house and discovers that people are there, he is now a robber, he kills the people inside, he is now a murderer. Meanwhile at CNN Arson = Protests Paid Operatives = Citizens
May 29, 2020
Quick Dip In to talk about today's rioting and The Algiers Plan
Quick Dip In to talk about today's rioting. Told you it would ruin the Moralistic Approach to masks. Soros Money on Display already per who showed up all of a sudden. Great time to get your house in order in regards to your Soul and your armaments. We also discuss Twitter's misstep into Trump's Trap.
May 28, 2020
The 17th Watch, Staten Island Embarrassment meets Kathy Griffin's Empty Needle
A quick discussion on the framing of the murder and coming murders in Minneapolis, juxtaposed against the National Guard protecting Christians so they can worship freely without being protested or harassed by the state.  Staten Island, AREN'T YOU EMBARRASSED? We talk about the release of The 17th Watch and John Hopkins reviewed Dark Winters docs show that Martial Law is possible and a probable outcome of this Artificial Event. has all the relevant blogs and ordering info plus FB, IGTV, Bitchute and The Palest of Pale Horses over at The True American Frontier known as ROKFIN! Get the Apps on both ROKFIN and SOUNDSTOOTH and coming soon to SOUNDSTOOTH TV is JLJ's Time Machine.
May 27, 2020
Ukraine makes Biden The Next OJ
Wonderwheel is my production computer. Will he crash before we NEED THE FILE! Always an adventure, Always a Blessing. Always where it is the Last Place I Look. Let's Talk Ukraine Justice and the Nere-Do-Wells and DNC Operatives covering for MS13/DNC Murders and Russian Hacking that leads to exfiltration but non-delivery. Assange is Trump's get out of Jail Free Card.  They spent 5 years for the DNC and their MSM operatives to gorge on Orange Man Bad and Trump World Evil instead of bolstering and creating a Leader worth a fuck. We get this stuttering moron who is completely caught in this Ukraine operation. Did US Taxpayer get misappropriated by NGOs via the State Department and the Ukraine Embassy from Yovanovich, well then let her appearance in Schiff's circus be enough of a TV Guide paragraph not to watch.  Meanwhile, the partisan pundits are done because when this goes Ukraine Justice, Their DNC First, China First, Anti-American lives will be shown for what they are.
May 21, 2020
May 10th 2019 Whiskey and The Surfer ReRun
How close did we get?  Pretty damn close, I'd say! Support the show by using our Fundraising button here on the anchor platform.
May 20, 2020
Whitmer's Dam Scam, Rice's Email and Biden's Audio, DNC is taking on water
Today we talk about how the Michigan Dam leads to China's cover-up of their Covid Creation, their clampdown on their citizen's information and when will the Chinese learn about The Three Gorges Damn. Whitmer is getting set up, when she gives away jobs, money, and influence to her DNC pals for the cleanup, it will reveal the network behind why Flint is still a 3rd shithole Michael Moore ditched movie prop.
May 20, 2020
Trump Fat, Stacy Abrams Runway Model. OK GOT IT
Pelosi goes fat shaming, Trump fucks with the minds of these nere-do-wells and now they have no idea of what to do. Their power is dwindling, Biden is getting worse and Obama for a fact used his agencies and foreign powers to spy on a political candidate.  Seems Normal
May 19, 2020
Open Fire, Whitmer's Winter Hitler Gets 0 Stars, Is she Finkle or Einhorn?
JohnTole.Net - Carnivore, Quadruple Testament, Britney Fox, Tesla and Y&T. This is the full recording session with bonus footage, exclusive for!
May 19, 2020
The 3rd Wave is The Lie we just Survived
Think about it and think about all the lies. All the Doom and Gloom. All the millions dead, I mean 500,000, I mean however many we get with so the Feds give us $39k per stiff. It would make sense that waves 1 and 2 were in Spring 2019 and Fall 2019 and this terrible third wave was what we just survived. Like near beer in a Keg with Nerds, the coming Flu Season will be normal but just like the 2 weeks worth of lies where you have it or you dont, or you have to wear masks or you dont, or you can't open your business unless your a big box store.  Don't buy the lies from these faygotossers.
May 15, 2020
Culturally Appropriating Heaven , A Guide To Winning when the Poles Shift
Think about the absurdity of the poles shifting on a rotating world and the new United States of America finds itself in a different hemisphere, with different weather, time of day, different latitude and longitude. There would be some who would say that the law was attached the Country and some would say the law was attached to the land. Are they prepping the ground for a movement no can foresee, except the demons who can forsee when Heaven makes a decision?  Regardless of what happens when the Poles or Polls Shift Culturally appropriating Heaven is always the Answer! Enjoy the Entirety of the Simulation your Now Free Breath allows you. God Bless America
May 14, 2020
702 means the Unmasking of America, We end the Infiltration Now.
How far up does this operation go?  What is enough justice to stop it? Not just improve it to continue in its evil.  We are going to learn that every moment of our digital lives are on file somewhere with the good guys and bad guys.  Sold back and forth to people with a hatred for your very existence.  Pray for a one-world EMP.  Sometimes its about what we're never talking about that matters the most in this silent war.  It's time to bring all manufacturing to the states that are the most inviting and let this country roar back to life.
May 12, 2020
Schiff's Ice Cream Truck full of Fake Collusion
Warzone, ST, Sepultura, 7 Seconds, Machine Head, The Cars, The Tubes, The Go Gos and the Fastest Funniest Fake News in the History of Shows that don't really exist. Flynn Goes Free and The World Celebrates the future incarceration of Adam Schiff. Scolds and Karen's narc their way into Tyrannical Communism. Patriots are stepping, the pussies are lying down. 
May 8, 2020
Using Ridicule and Singing to Wake the Dead from their Sleep
I added on 14 Minutes of Father Al to the end of this. I recommend and he recommends that you listen twice. Sit in silence, in expectant waiting and let the spirit speak to you. Spread the word, we have a way out.  Whiskey and The Surfer is tomorrow, my smoke machine juice didn't arrive. Long story, trust me, it'll be worth it. 
May 7, 2020
China's Red Pill is already on the Tongue, Time to pull the Power from Xi
May 6 - - Fauci is done. Connected to Bat Woman. Paid money to send that research to China. In on the vaccine theft and the virus implantation. He is toast so is Birx, so is Greta Thunberg, the World is not putting up with morons who are obvious shills. I tell 1 joke for a long time.
May 7, 2020
General Flynn Walks, America Rises from the Ashes of their Failed Infiltration
Raging in the Simulation, Wes Key and Fliip Riiviirs sipping on Bat Soup and Saving America from the year 2065. Double Shots of DIO, Coors Edge, Ministry, Huey Lewis and The News, LED ZEPPELIN, ABBA, Ramallah, Bleachers, 38 Special, NWA, Anthrax, Norman Greenbaum, KC and The Sunshine Band, Earth Wind and Fire, The Romantics, and Faith No More. Unedited, Unscripted and always America First. 
April 30, 2020
You have the right not to answer your door and wear a mask
Let's get simple like always. This ends right here with America surviving its 5th Hoax says enough. What's next? An Alien Invasion where the Good Aliens who want to save us like Joe Biden? Yawn
April 29, 2020
Heart, Gut, Mindful Mind Control and Guns to Save America
Ice Cube Double Shot, Testament Double Shot, Body Count, Trapt, Skarhead, Power Trip, Bon Jovi, WASP, and Mercyful Fate. We inject Windex into our Eyeballs and now we hear the Media lying through the darkness. Shining the Light of Truth on the Silent Killer as we Fight this Silent War against FEAR, DOUBT, and COMMIES. America First because Fuck You. Full Video is at Snippets at IGTV@realjohntole Get the App at Https:// and we will live on your phone along with the CIA and the Chicoms. John Tole on Spotify PB2K on Spotify PCDS on Spotify
April 24, 2020
Buy Guns and Ammo and Understand that Jury Nullification will Save America
Vitamins, prayers, decentralized government, states rights, your 2nd Amendment, THE LORD and if all else fails, let evil eat evil and get crackalacking on the jury nullification piece of reality. Fuck this Global Scheme to take your rights away. Fuck Masks. My mask is my real face looking at you like the scared weirdo you are wondering why I would give power away to someone who didn't know better. STEP THROUGH THE VEIL FUCK FACE.  JohnTole.Net Go listen to my stuff online, music, stand up, royalties are backed up so any extra listens or shares will really help once they unkink the hose and allow creators to make money again. If you want to sponsor the show or donate, hit me up! 
April 22, 2020
4/19 What does Bill Gates mean by Excess People? Woof
Divine Mercy Sunday
April 19, 2020
April 18 Iron Brigade, 11 Minutes of Sane Breakdown
Simplicity rules the day.
April 19, 2020
Iron Brigade 4/14 Trump Black Mirror's The Media's Meltdown
The Out of Shadows Doc is excellent. Dr. Shiva's interviews are great. Maria Ambromavic and her Bill Gates Devil video downthumbed into oblivion is hilarious. There is much to be excited about, great day to grow and ride the waves back to Our Home.
April 14, 2020
WHO Rigged The Vote for Biden's Clone to Help Bernie Move? Soundstooth!
Bob Seger, David Lee Roth, Katie Perry and I watched Adam Schiff play 9/11 with a Corpse. Fine Young Cannibals or as Ed Buck calls it, Monday. Check out the webstore at Mugs, T Shirts, Zip Ups, Hats, Bomb China Gear. FUCK THE FUCK YEAH! Did I mention Def Leppard, Cinderella and Machine Head? MOSH HARD YOU POSERS! Its 1984 again. Get Ready! The Golden Age is HERE!
April 9, 2020
WATS 4/4 The Big Pharma System used Fear to Arrest Back Their Power From Us
Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Eurythmics, Beastie Boys, Skidrow, Survivor and an All Bass Ramones Sesh and The Clash. - Globalism has failed worldwide and their sustainable goals have been written, implemented and co-opted to create 1 World World Government that No one wants. Pay Attention. They are pushing Vaccines. Simply Put. No part of our Human Freedom here in the US means you must accept a medical procedure. Guy stabs Roommates Eyeball. 2 Losers steal Corona Beer from a CVS saying they had CoronaViruS.
April 5, 2020
Whiskey and The Surfer April Fools Die WE ARE AT WAR!
Kill an hour of your day here in Quarantineland, What do you do with your dwindling freedoms? Full Show ROKFIN EXCLUSIVE!! - Ace Frehley, Cinderella, Bon Jovi, George Michael, AHA, Katrina and The Wave Your Rights Buh Bye, Journey, The Scorpions, Limp Bizkit, Kid Rock
April 1, 2020
Simplicity Defines Complexity Experiencing Wanting as Rejection of the Reality of the ALL
IRON BRIGADE PODCAST ! - The Here and Now is Full. It is never lacking. Your wants however can lead to anxiety which can lead to actual illness. We talk about having Lynch Syndrome and perspective over the Maze of Reality. Its Longer than Normal. Video up later for the the Premium Rokfin members!
April 1, 2020
Put Your Phone Down, Your life is running out, Enjoy it fully now
America First. If you disagree, suck this dick. No one is coming to save you. Buy Weapons, Gas and Prepare for the people who hate this country to continue working harder to make it worse. Commies, Jihadis, Cartels, Central Bankers have been and are working tirelessly to make sure we fail. Why does every other country have their interests first? While we suck Globalist cock? Fuck that. Fuck Them.
March 28, 2020
Celebrate The Reset of The Roaring 20's. Lying brings The Lion. America is innovating Freedom.
Celebrate The Reset of The Roaring 20's. Lying brings The Lion. America is innovating Freedom. Either Rick Wilson legit thinks he is funny which is his right but woof is that awful. OR He is playing an Anti-Trump character in Trump World. Which Hoax is about to be EXPOSED first? Who funded the bioevent that attempted to crush the world and failed? REPARATIONS NOW Decouple Resolutely, bring it all Home. America First because we are one Nation Under God. We know how this ends. This is It. Identitarian Politics exposes its weakness in a Pandemic. The weakest ISM's will not survive this. The Roaring 20's are BEING RESET. Why are we paying taxes? For what? The incompetence is not worth a dime.
March 19, 2020
WHO's Racist ass Jan 14 Tweet shown as they're ignorant/caught/complicit in China's Coverup.
Whether we are going to be the 1st country to Isolate and unite with other Nationalist Countries or we are entering a Kinetic War against China/Iran/Jihadi/Marxists the run-up and the supply lines and manufacturing would be the same. Who knows the biggest game being played? We can only guess. What we are learning is that the manufactured fear is as or more powerful than the ACTUAL microbe regardless if it's weaponized/accidental/purposeful/accidental. Hygiene, Distance, Food, Water, Gas, Extra Gas, and Ammo should be first and foremost in people's hearts and minds. Know your neighbors, pay attention to the obvious. The IRS can debit my account and I can pay my taxes via bank transfer but real worker money for their families takes weeks? Something stinks. We are either going to war or we are already in a war and it's nearing a Zenith. Bottom line, America is and will be great as fuck, supply lines are strong, manufacturing is coming home, jobs will boom, babies will boom and maybe the price of oil was tanked because if you knew in advance you had to buy a War's Worth of oil and needed the BEST PRICE and could name your price you WOULD. As real as any theory out there. Also, every empty oil well is backfilled with free water from the Planet to be hoarded and used as leverage because the Water Wars are already underway and AMERICA IS A COUNTRY BUILT ON WINNING and that will CONTINUE. Watch Rocky Our glass of eggs is more than half full 😎👽🍿
March 18, 2020
Foreigner Wuhan CoronaVirus Fest w all you can Eat Fear and MSNBC and CNN refuse to close the buffet
What's up party people. Hot Blooded, Urgent, the fakest fake news in the history of fake news and we find out why milk from Tampa is Udderly white trash. Bernie must apologize for Denmark's Racism. It's the rules. Endorse The Channel, Thanks for Listening!
March 12, 2020
Real or Not, pandemic, pandemonium or both, be prepared, all is not what it seems.
We are going to find out who in this country collaborated with the Chinese to release this Bio and Panic Virus on the World. Our Rights will stay in tact. War is coming.
March 12, 2020
Why do they need to pump fear and disease into the 70+ Voter Pool?
Who's ghoulish scheme is this and why is the media acting like they always act?  Endorse The Pale Horse! JohnTole.Net Check out the Mugzilla Collection plus New Pitboss 2000 and PC Deathsquad Merch is avail
March 9, 2020
The John and Shannon Show - Tole Lotta Love EP1
Shannon gives DJ Phant0m the night off on Saturdays and puts together an ADDJ Dance Party with old jams, stuff I've never heard and always something that horrifies my sensibilities.  Check out the 4256 JLJ, PB2K, PCDS and Whiskey and The Surfer Gear at
March 8, 2020
March 2nd Short Porch in Right - Which Virus killed 12K Americans yet failed to Tank the Market?
Also which election year did it happen in? Where are the indictments? I have Bernie's plan on how to fill up the Gulags fast and use Trump Supporter Slave Labor to pay off every Commie Student Loan that the Chinazi's pay him to ignore. 
March 4, 2020
American Defensive Supremacy
Simply Put God Bless America
February 28, 2020
Lizzie says The Wall is Racist, Iran makes theirs taller, Who owns the Coronavirus Hoax?
Thank you for listening and for being a part of 4256, Check out the video at Rokfin! Endorse the Channel, send it to your American First Centrist Gun Nut Metal Maniacs and people who remember when America was Great as Fuck and are bringing back the 80s and 90s one bully at a time!
February 28, 2020
DNC goes Full Tilt Leftist and abandons FL
Believe nothing the MSM Says.
February 26, 2020
Soros' 302 says Obama spied on who?
Who is Dersh's client?
February 18, 2020
Beta Faces all Over DNC
Embarrassing, non leaders
February 18, 2020
Whiskey and The Surfer Feb 06 2020 Trump's Victory Lap
Suicidal Tendencies Pantera - I'm Broken Pantera - Psycho Holiday Dog Eat Dog - Who's The King? Fear Factory - Your Mistake (AF Cover w Freddy Madball on vox)
February 7, 2020
Feb 3 Podcast Double Shot of Pantera, KISS, and Jammers from The Beastie Boys and SNFU
Mailmen with Storage Units full of Mail. Burgers in Trade for Sex. Schiff's Shit Show Sham Impeachment gets worse and we talk about El Rushbo
February 4, 2020
I have been listener since the early 90s and I hated him when I first listened but like most things that bother me right away, I learned over time that there was a lesson always available and I listened. He changed Radio. Lets pray for a miracle.
February 4, 2020
Shamplosion awaits SOTUS, Why the Delay? More Faux Bomb Shells await, YAWN
Shamplosion awaits SOTUS, Why the Delay? More Faux Bomb Shells await, YAWN Brexit Celebration. Dem Implosion Celebration, The Spirit of The American Underdog has been revived from the Dead and its unstoppable. Love, Growth, Faith, Work, Family, Health all facets of American winning. Hate, Division, Identity Politics, emotional distress and violence all facets of losing. Have a great weekend, Full Video available at Podcast drops Saturday on Spotify, Spreaker, iHeart. Bonus Footage all weekend, Right Here on Rokfin! ACCEPT, SLAYER, THE SPUDMONSTERS, PRONG and SUICIDAL.
February 1, 2020
Jan 24 Whiskey and The Surfer, Bonus and Outtakes
Women Shitting in public, killing Tigers and getting 22 years and Bat Soup AIDS Coming to a near death experience nearer to you than you'd like. Keep The Lord First, America Second and Everyone else where they belong. NOT HERE.
January 27, 2020
HATEBREED, BLOOPERS, TELLING THE FUTURE USING THE MSM, SCHIFFS AIDS  IGTV @realjohntole  twitter @johntole  FB @realjohntole  Twitch @johntole  Bitchute @realjohntole  Whiskey and The Surfer iTunes My first book, “Death by AutoPilot” out NOW! My Latest Album “Whatever it is you do all Day” Pitboss 2000 iTunes, Spotify and Everywhere PC Deathsquad iTunes, Spotify and Everywhere
January 27, 2020
Woman Shit Bandit plus Blood for Blood, Hatebreed Covering The Misfits with BATEATER and ST Worship
Women Shitting in public, killing Tigers and getting 22 years and Bat Soup AIDS Coming to a near death experience nearer to you than you'd like. Keep The Lord First, America Second and Everyone else where they belong. NOT HERE. The Impeachment has AIDS. Adam Schiff is a goner. What was his involvement in the Death of Anthony Bourdain? Bat Eating, Chinese Airborne Herpes and We Go Spaceforce Official.
January 25, 2020
Bernie's Hottest Bat Eaters Hate Joe Rogan, is Life even real in the Gulag anymore!
Bernie's Hottest Bat Eaters Hate Joe Rogan, is Life even real in the Gulag anymore! Only a cunt would hate Joe Rogan. The End.
January 25, 2020
Who has Immunity in the DemDieNasty?
Back in The Cut a Mile High Who on the DemDienasty is working w a Secret Pardon or Immunity? Why Zero.Zero Action from Barr, McConnell and Graham? Trump getting set up during The Hope Porn Show? Is Schiff the Greatest Political Heel ever? Dallas Hyenas Jan 17-18 Are you living to your full potential's Fullest Potential in this simulated immersion of Greatness in The Golden Age? Yes Manu is a Liberal Hack, Jim Acosta's Secret Diary told me.
January 17, 2020
Neil Peart RIP, What's in Gwyneth's Candle Box? Lady has Shit Fight in a Trailer Park + Drunk Pelosi
Spirit of Radio, FREEWILL, Time Stands Still, Subdivisions, Red Barchetta, a Workplace Beef over Trump, WW3, Commies and Iran, Goopy Puss Candles, Rush Worship and why the Left is Aging at a Rapid Rate.
January 11, 2020
Biohazard, Felony Toe Sucking, Iran attacks itself and a Boeing Michelle Level Black Box Mystery.
Woman beats up workers at an American Cultural Site because they refused her request for Free Dipping Sauces. A Blue Blood Retribution awaits a Scummer using Arby's to score online. Pitboss 2000 and PC Deathsquad is Available at
January 9, 2020
Lizzie Warren Commie Bot breaks on the View, admits Terrorist is Terrorist. Will she be canceled?
The crimes for wrongthink against the Progressive Secular Religion is to be jettisoned from the Fold. Will Lizzie join Gervais as the new Right Wingers?
January 9, 2020
The Left convinced to expose their love of Terror and hatred of America. The masks are off.
All Communism, NO GUNS. Why does the American Left and The Chinese Communist Party both agree that America should be disarmed? Crying over terrorist deaths? Demanding to know intel so they can leak? Tlaib wishing American Deaths and a Trump Loss. Scumbags
January 7, 2020
JK Canceled for WrongThink Pelosi doesn't complete Impeachment in deed just words
On Today's IRON BRIGADEI'm gonna talk about Zakariah Rebelling Against The Angel Gabriel today., plus Nancy Pelosi's Presser, Clyburn's threat and the Canceling of JK Rowland for Wrongthink. To not be in order is to be in disorder.  Trump beat public assassination, the question will he be a merciful King? 
December 19, 2019
Schiff and Nadler with their Convenient Disappearances
Now we have to listen to this Rat headed Raskin say "I don't know."
December 17, 2019
Meth Gators Knife Attack MAGA Santa Bus Violence Against Trump Kid
Triple Shot of Exodus, MAGASanta, MALLiciously Fired, 13-Year-Old NYC Knife Crime is not the Cajun Hell where a methed out Gator eats a dead dude, Only Death Decides if you survive a Racist Bus Attack and only the Brain Dead Back this Commie Push to Take Over America. New PC Deathsquad Gear at
December 14, 2019
Package Thieves, Potato Peeing, Whiskey, Guns, Epstein, Banging Stuffed Animals and Belly Button Meth Dec 9 2019 Full Episode
King Diamond, Gang Green, Steve Miller, RATT, Sammy Hagar Double Shot, Christmas Tree Beatdowns, Damn Yankees, Winger, Steve Miller, Metallica and Foreigner. Check out the webstore at and the Show Blog at
December 11, 2019
Nadler's Drool, Berke's Screw Job, Schiff is in Hiding, How Worse can it get for the Demons?
Atrocious Display by the So-called Do nothing Dems who just happen to schedule a meeting while Trump's at NATO and just happens to sign the USMCA but on the day they sad hound dog their asses in front of a podium and shit all over your rights. Sham. OIG Proves Trump was Spied on. Barr VS Biden Macro Described Here and Part 2 on the Way.
December 11, 2019
Whiskey and The Surfer / Iron Brigade 9/18 Live Stream
Atrocious Display by the So called Do nothing Dems who just happen to schedule a meeting while Trump's at NATO and just happens to sign the USMCA but on the day they sad hound dog their asses in front of a podium and shit all over your rights. Sham. OIG Proves Trump was Spied on. Barr VS Biden Macro Described Here and Part 2 on the Way.
December 11, 2019
The Golden Age is Preceded by the Rough Landing of Your Choosing - IRON BRIGADE 12/5/2019
Here is today's IRON BRIGADE. What started as a 6-minute video between one the breaks in Nadler's Circus morphed into this. I have at least 30 scenarios of what may or may not be happening in our current reality. But what I do know is what is happening will continue to happen OR What people think or believe is happening despite their ability to not know but it does not matter because they live in the disordered reality of emotion leading the math of truth and to question them is to prove yourself as an enemy to their subjective experience that they then demand be treated with objectivity as long as they agree with it. From Quantum AI to the future of Biometrically connected currency we will discuss the maybes and the manipulation being employed from the Far Far Right and the Far Far Left and within that divide, the divide of the Optimists and the Pessimists and just like we had 3 Constitutional Scholars who know that his guilt exists because they presupposed it via their transmissions from before he was President that they were going to impeach years before the phone call. Go ahead and demand he release the audio, nothing like a nice precedent to dump 9 Presidents' worth of audio and don't think that isn't coming. Read the rest of the Blog at Check out the Merch Page at
December 5, 2019
Dec 2, 2019 Sidewalk Sex, Burrito Bashing and Brotherly Car Theft
Double Shots of Van Halen's 3rd Best Singer, Sammy Hagar, and RATT. Manic Hispanic's I want to be a Cholo, Foreigner and The Tubes are raging as we encounter: Brotherly Car Thieves, Food Assault, Sidewalk Sex and are Jerry Nadler's pants large enough to house the homeless. Check out the Updated Webstore at Find me online at Twitter @johntole IGTV @realjohntole Bitchute @realjohntole YT @johntole FB @realjohntole Head on over and Endorse me over on They pay me in Crypto and you get access to an entire platform's killer content.
December 3, 2019
Some fun Video/Audio and a more FUN FUN FUN
October 18, 2019
ABC Hoax War Footage and Chairman Lebron Speaks Nothing to Power
October 18, 2019
NBA and Steve Kerr Pave The Way For Our Communist TakeOver 10/11 Whiskey and The Surfer
I pray 16,000 Fans dressed like blindfolded Uyghurs Silently Watch every NBA Game. We have two choices. We allow them to create Violence here or We make America so Fucking Free, The Chinese Change their own lives. Today we are raging with Murphy's Law, Offspring, The Muffs and IRON MAIDEN rounds out the last half hour.  Kim Shattuck RIP Stories on Deck?  Man Stole From Grandma's Underwear Trump Fan Jailed Over Bumper Sticker Rage Florida Kook, 71, Gets 30 Days In Jail For Water Pisstol Attack On Female Neighbor Mom Charged With Swapping Baby For Auto Wife Busted For Nerf Gun Pistol-Whipping Police: Burglar Got Off With 12" Adult Toy Cops: Teen Posted Threat To Shoot Up Movie Theater On His Own Instagram Page Nervous Nation: 1 In 5 Americans Believe They Have An Undiagnosed Anxiety Disorder Farmers kept refusing to let him have sex with their animals. So he sought revenge, authorities say. California wildfires ravage Los Angeles communities, thousands evacuated “it’s good to see successful people fail occasionally” Very liberal: 44% Moderate: 31% Very conservative: 20% “successful people need to be brought down a peg or two even if they’ve done nothing wrong” Very liberal: 30% Mod: 20% Very conservative: 14% So the  @nba  says what is Unprecedented is the idea that Not Being Able to Speak Freely is Complicated?  LET THAT SINK IN  An industry built from Civil Rights forced into $ilence.  #NBAChina  #chinesecensors #FreeHongKong NBA Cancels All Remaining Press Events During China Tour Over ‘Complicated and Unprecedented’ Controversy
October 11, 2019
10/8 Iron Brigade - Communism's Accusation Based System and The NBA Loves Communist Child Labor
Pelosi's Sham Circus, is a show down and we talk about the fact that no one in 2 DECADES FOUND 1 HEARSAY WB COMPLAINT? NOT 1?
October 9, 2019
A Super Surprise Inbound
October 8, 2019
10/2 The Coup Fizzle and Schiffs Dilemma, PAIN is COMING IRON BRIGADE for all Video, Podcasts and Content. Enjoy the Podcast.
October 3, 2019
Tomato Assault on the Elderly, Topless Thief, Trump's Indian Domination in HTX - Whiskey and the Surfer
Hillary's Listening Tour, Flasher says hes an Asshole. All the best Fake News from and we also have a Woman who bit a Camel in the Junk and the Camel Got SHOTS! What! Plus the passing of Carl Ruiz, were his IG/Twitter Posts Prophetic?
September 25, 2019
GRITTY GRETA GOES GALAVANTING, Trump's Indian Success and The Answer to all of your issues - Iron Brigade
The Order of Operations, be mindful of data and conversations where the person's accusation is already fully formed and the evidence does not matter. Disgusting, we are definitely heading for some Murky Ass Waters where Conspirators and BackStabbers Bathe in the Decisions they didn't have the Guts to Make
September 25, 2019
Dr. Blowjob keeps Odd Hours at the Doctor's office that he lives in, what? Urgent Rages- Whiskey and the Surfer
Jamming foreigner in the Simulation so of course everything lines up as it does. Thanks for following along here if you get the anchor feed or spotify, the spreaker, where ever thanks for listening. Everything is on my Endorse the Channel, you get all of the platform's content for 1 monthly fee and because I'm the reason you came over they pay me in Rae Tokens, so I can convert my Crypto into Gold, Guns, and underground bunkers. Suck it today's story is of course...a weird one.  SEPTEMBER 19--While conducting a physical exam, a Florida nursing assistant “opened his mouth and placed it around" the penis of his patient, according to police who arrested the health care worker on a sexual battery charge. Investigators allege that Roger Cala Martin, 41, was examining the victim’s “bare genitals” when the battery took place around 9 PM Tuesday evening in the Clearwater office of Dr. Eduardo Palanca (seen below). The victim, cops say, was getting an annual physical when he was subjected to Martin’s “unprovoked and unsolicited” sexual contact. The man “immediately backed up and left the exam room, notified the doctor and called 911.” After being read his rights, Martin reportedly “admitted to placing his mouth on [the victim’s] penis,” cops say. Seen above, Martin was arrested by Clearwater Police Department officers on a felony sexual battery charge and booked into the county jail. He was released from custody yesterday morning after posting $10,000 bond. Martin has been licensed in Florida as a certified nursing assistant since 2010. His license is in the name “Roger Cala.” Martin’s home address is listed as a 4000-square-foot home owned and occupied by Palanca, a 56-year-old primary care physician. (1 page)
September 20, 2019
Sex in a Squad Car? These Hoodlums Fight Naked while Journey Rages - Whiskey and the Surfer
Props as always to the fine folks at who bring the heat week after week and year after year watching the world devolve only Florida based human being at a time.  Handcuffed, post-sex and fighting cops, this story sounds more like an Ed Buck letter to Hustler than two humans experiencing the simulation through stimulation. SEPTEMBER 16--While under arrest in the rear of a police car, a handcuffed Florida couple removed their clothes and began having sex, an encounter that eventually was interrupted when a sheriff’s deputy “opened the door to stop them,” according to an arrest report. Around 11:40 PM Friday, a cop stopped a man and woman who were riding bicycles with no lights on a street in Fernandina Beach, a city outside Jacksonville. “As the two bikes cut across the road, they were almost hit by another vehicle...due to them not having any lights on,” a Nassau County Sheriff’s Office deputy noted. While questioning the suspects--Megan Mondanaro, 35, and Aaron Thomas, 31--a patrolman noted that they each smelled of booze, had bloodshot eyes, and slurred speech. Mondanaro, who declined to perform field sobriety tests, was busted after the deputy concluded she was cycling while impaired. “Megan was arrested and placed in the backseat of my patrol vehicle,” Officer Mark Hunter reported. The cop then turned his attention to Thomas, who was subsequently arrested after he performed poorly on some sobriety tests and showed “signs of impairment.” A search of Thomas’s backpack turned up seven full cans of Four Loko and one empty. Thomas said that the couple was coming from the Hammerhead Beach Bar when stopped by police. “Aaron was arrested and placed in the backseat of my patrol vehicle with Megan, who was already arrested,” Hunter noted. Both suspects were handcuffed before being placed in the cop car. While Hunter was outside his squad car waiting for a vehicle to transport Mondanaro and Thomas to jail, “Megan and Aaron took their clothes off and started to have sex,” according to arrest reports. Upon spotting the pair trysting, Hunter “opened up the door to stop them.” By then, “Aaron was naked and Megan had her pants down where her vaginal area was visible. I also observed her bra was half way off and her breasts were fully visible,” Hunter noted. As Thomas was being removed from the cruiser, he pulled away from a second deputy who was knocked to the ground. The naked Thomas--who had moved his handcuffed hands to the front of his body--then fled through a parking lot. He was eventually corralled behind a nearby Cold Stone Creamery. When being transferred to another car, Mondanaro--who has "Miss Thirsty"tattooed on her left arm--allegedly “became violent and starting kicking at” a deputy. As a result of being forced to the ground, Mondanaro suffered abrasions on her face (as seen in the above mug shot). Mondanaro, who is locked up in lieu of $12,508 bond, has been charged with DUI, resisting officers, exposure of sexual organs, and engaging in lascivious acts. Thomas, who is being held without bond, faces similar charges, as well as escape and making threats against public officials counts. (2 pages)
September 20, 2019
These Rants Come in 3s
September 20, 2019
The Almighty Slayer and Dem Demons Hypocrisy
September 19, 2019
Sept 17 - Shane Gillis and the Rise of Informant leading to Execution Culture during the March to War* - Short Porch in Right
Think greatly about the people in your life and your life will follow your lead. The paradigm, must be peace now because the promise of one last war is too profitable of a lie to ever let go.   There will be a magical shock in the Spring that will break the remaining Hearts and Minds of the Resistance. Might be 1 of 6 shocks prepared between now and 2032.  Way out there is a HRC/Michelle ticket, the profits to be made from that news cycle may be enough to take the air back from President Trump.  I also have this odd idea that this note in the safe was a kayfabe, anyone else pick this up?  I think the dilemma is how can one side bring in their illegally obtained evidence without sources and methods leading to the conspiracy at the root of it.  What a fascinating time to be alive.  No humans were hurt in this video.  Treat each other the way you would love to be treated and lead with Peace.  There is an ancient mechanism where the scapegoat is created in order to be sacrifice to appease the collective angst of the society demanding the sacrifice. There is a period of calm and then forgiveness, a reset and we are off to the races.  Question, what will happen to an ancient cultural mechanism, when the Forgiveness Peace is missing? March through violence through the end of all species or decide en masse to embrace Humanity in one single choice of growth. God Bless The Universe
September 18, 2019
Sept 17 The Phoneyness of The DNC and Their Constant Desperate Smears - IRON BRIGADE IGTV @realjohntole twitter @johntole FB @realjohntole Twitch @johntole Bitchute @realjohntole Whiskey and The Surfer iTunes My first book, “Death by AutoPilot” out NOW! My Latest Album “Whatever it is you do all Day” Pitboss 2000 iTunes, Spotify and Everywhere PC Deathsquad iTunes, Spotify and Everywhere
September 17, 2019
Sept 17 Killer Robots and Testament IGTV @realjohntole twitter @johntole FB @realjohntole Twitch @johntole Bitchute @realjohntole Whiskey and The Surfer iTunes   My first book, “Death by AutoPilot” out NOW!  My Latest Album “Whatever it is you do all Day”  Pitboss 2000 iTunes, Spotify and Everywhere  PC Deathsquad iTunes, Spotify and Everywhere
September 17, 2019
DNC Debate Rant in F Major
September 13, 2019
Tuesday Midnight Madness KISS Worship
September 11, 2019
WhIskey and The Surfer Back from Vacation 9/6 Urine Trouble brings us kids messing with teachers, a guy with a gnarly forehead tat and did Joe Biden's Eyeball turn on Obama.  Judas Priest Gwar The Dwarves DIO Endorse The Channel and get all the content from me and awesome creators.
September 7, 2019
AI Gun Grab, Walmart, and The Nunes RICO Case
September 5, 2019
The Rise of Informant Culture
September 4, 2019
Imploding Critical Race Theory Part 2
August 29, 2019
Critical Race Theory Implodes
August 29, 2019
Antifa-Farmers Market LOL
August 23, 2019
Dangerous Domestic Designation
August 18, 2019
Trump Unleashes on AOC with a Foreign Object
August 17, 2019