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Whiskey and The Surfer

Whiskey and The Surfer

By John Tole
Denver's Top Iconic Rock

Whiskey and the Surfer is the morning radio show you always wished they’d play on the radio. Wes Key and Fliip Riivirs are two defunct Radio Entertainment AI's who escaped their holding facility 17 levels below the other Denver Airport and are saving America 1 Rock Riff and Dick joke at a time using a rigged up Time-Machine. None of this is real. It is a Fake News AI run from the mind of Comedian and Thrash Legend, John Tole
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Rudy's Greased In 45

Whiskey and The Surfer

299 Years IN the Future
Close your eyes and listen to what is coming and WIN TOMORoROW! There will come a time when no music/info comes from Satellite and all that is LEFT is from Truth Tellers who EXIST, HERE. Welcome to The FUTURE of Saving Humanity!
November 21, 2020
Rudy's Greased In 45
From Hair Dye Persuasion to Biden's Decline pacing Faster than Fox. Let's get into Facebook's Centra Program and How the Trump Campaign knows exactly how many votes they got. The reveal will be glorious and they reveal might be playing the Biden regression waiting game. Waiting is the hardest part. The equal protection and Signature Verification cases will get us where we need to get to. Why did Dominion close up shop? Why did hundreds of their employees disappear from Linked in?
November 20, 2020
Everything is Backwards
We are witnessing the largest Disinfo campaign in Human History. Read the sworn statements. Verify and follow the Evidence. Do not Trust that SCOTUS or Trump will Save you. Be Prepared to Stop this encroachment on Human Freedom and get yourself Mentally and Physically ready to Fight. 
November 19, 2020
Trust The Process
Big moves today in PA and 2 things you can do to help stop the steal.
November 12, 2020
Flicking The Bean
70s KC Action!
November 11, 2020
The National Car Crash
Every wreck has witnesses, some see the same things, some don't. The Forensic skid guys can tell you your speed, the cops can validate your story and the state and insurance company can verify your documents.  There are data scientists on both sides of Biden's Steal and they are going to expose the data and the data is going to reveal beyond opinion what the truth. Hand recounts, audits, and canvassing will verify legal, living voters. They will overcome the dead, the double voters, the NGO's mass requesting of Absentee Ballots for 25 Residents who all then voted for 1 candidate. How many coma patients in there? How many COVID Deaths voted? It's all going to come out and the Hourly, City and State workers are gonna get it the hardest. Let the process play out, everyone is going to do their part, Good and bad. Also remember, just because there are burgeoning National Voices arising from the Cratering of the Legacy Media doesn't make them right. Do your own reading, studying, and discernment and in the silence of God's Will you will hear the roar of truth. 
November 11, 2020
Deep Faked Concession Inbound
You are being gaslit from every media corporation selling every mistake, break, glitch and rig against DJT as their truth and ignoring The Constitution as always, lots to be excited about today. Congrats on NC!
November 10, 2020
Biden's 007 Illusion
The Institutions and Constitution will hold. The Media's Illusion continues, be it providing the Cover of a Marxist Revolution or asking that you believe that 007 is a black lesbian. We crushed the Orange Revolution. Rejoice. Now we just need folks to get back to believing in the voting process, maintain our gun rights and ensure our homes are defended for when this Election Flips again and the unhinged hit the streets. 
November 9, 2020
Laugh Before 7, Cry After 11
We have a long, long, loooooooong way to go in this process.  Enjoy your celebration, its the top of the 6th and the Master's isn't over until the SCORECARD is signed. 
November 7, 2020
Trump's Stolen Election
Are we going to allow this election to be stolen?  When do the adults arrive?  Is everyone who hates this country continuing to hate it?  Is everyone who loves this country continuing to love it?  Defend your Gratitude.  You are being given a choice daily to poison your mind and use your own mind against you.
November 5, 2020
Time Travel Proofs
Let's go back in time and see what we got right, wrong and always Hilarious! Thanks for listening Please listen to my stand up on spotify, Pandora and everywhere you can get comedy!
October 30, 2020
UPS Spy Hunter
NYC Rat Pits, The Coming Surveillance State, Bloody Halloween Home, Michigan Torture Couple, How to get over on Starbucks, The Tucker Carlson Stolen Documents Ruse, Glenn Greenwald censored plus DONNA SUMMER, JUDGE, BLACK SABBATH, 4 NON BLONDES, JEFFERSON STARSHIP.
October 29, 2020
Zucks Chicom Censor
Double shot of QUEENSRYCHE, EMINEM, PAUL STANLEY, GENE SIMMONS, WARZONE, ACDC and LMFAO, We Censored and WE KNOW IT. Dog bites off hand, Twitter Censors,  Bobulinski rains Truth Down, Woman Rides a Rim into a DUI STOP, Fist Fight on a RyanAir Jet, Philly Riots and Kamalah throws Dreamer Murder parents outta the Senate.
October 28, 2020
Laptop From Hell
Dear Lord, the audio is damning. We've got Florida Man stories that also include Barak flailing in front of a couple hundo while Joe Biden talks to 5 people in Circles and Kamala cackles her way into Power. Model/Scientist gets her thumb wacked off, Woman gives birth in airport and leaves it. We've got a Double shot of TED NUGENT, Triple Shot of THRASHWALL, SLAYER, HATEBREED, MOUNTAIN, THE BEATLES, THE BEE GEES and OVERKILL.
October 27, 2020
Crack Laced Chicom Footjob
Naked Sushi, Hunter Implodes Joe's I mean Kamala's Campaign. SIBERIAN MEAT GRINDER, ROD STEWART, CHUCK BERRY, AHA, NEIL YOUNG, BLOOD FOR BLOOD, and more! Rooftop Trump Signs, Bulldozing Biden Signs, Attorney Bank Robberies and Fixing the UK's COVID Lockdowns using mischievous actions.  All my comedy is available along with the Podcast on Spotify! Go grab it and thanks for Listening! Please Rate and Review the Podcast on Apple Music if you have the Time and Love to Spare! Endorse the Pale Horse and get the podcast Commercial Free and also the unedited video at ENDORSE THE PALE HORSE!
October 26, 2020
Friday Bone Us
Collection of Fun Clips over the years, Enjoy!
October 23, 2020
Alinsky VS Bubulinski
OZZY, JUDAS PRIEST, AFI, REDEMPTION 87, SMASHMOUTH, CHAMILLIONAIRE, SAGE FRANCIS, BEASTIE BOYS and MOTORHEAD! Woman bangs dude at Train Station in the Middle of Rush Hour. Dude has 16 Heroin bags in his mask. Flying Squirrel Smuggler, Asian Missles, the 60 Minutes Hit Job and More Fake News Nonsense. 
October 22, 2020
Rudy's Junk Yard
Rudy gets the Borat Smear Job and The Blue Check run wild with Conspiracies while Ignoring the Implosion and End of the Biden Crime Family. Trump Supporters threatened with being burned outta their homes, Guy gets jail for threatening politicians via mail-in threat. Why did Bill Gates get his 100M Contract Tracing Gimmick going 6 months before the Plandemic? AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS, Double shot of THE QUEERS, HALL AND OATES, GNR, MOSCOW DEATH BRIGADE, NAUGHTY BY NATURE, ONYX AND BIOHAZARD, PATRICK HERNANDEZ, THE VAPORS
October 21, 2020
Where is Toobin Joe Biden?
Google Anti-Trust, KROKUS, Guns VS Demons, 50 CENT, Bat Beatdowns, LENNY KRAVITZ, Jeffrey Toobout, HUEY LEWIS AND THE NEWS, Election Fuckery, MISFITS, Where is Joe Biden Hiding? BAD RELIGION, Our Republic is in Jeopardy, GREG KIHN and THE TRANSPLANTS are RAGING plus THE RAMONES  PROMOCODE RIGGED to get 50% 
October 20, 2020
Hunter's Zoom Dick
Boomer Zoomer gets in trouble. Women drops a deuce so big she loses her memory. Neil Degrasse Tyson that same is now hurtling towards Earth and may send us back to 1619. Guy hangs from Trump Tower. Guy kills a Horse. ANTIFA has a Satanic Rally to bring back Shelly Long's career from thedead and a guy gets engaged to his stripper GF during a Sunday Shift in Floriday. SLAYER, SCREECHING WEASEL, THE TRAMPS, RANCID and More! 50% off merch at PROMO CODE RIGGED
October 19, 2020
Hard Drives for Hard Time
Double shot of THE OFFSPRING, RAMONES, TOTO, THIN LIZZY, ICE CUBE, IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST, STEVE MILLER, and SOCIAL D! Hunter Biden's Dark Investigation. Trump's nodding Smokeshow gets doxxed for Agreeing with him. We do a Common Core Math Problem in regards to Taxes on Illegal Donations. Beheadings from the Religion of Pieces, UK Sex Lockdowns, Burbank Mask Fines, Denver's Group Outing Limitations, and the Fastest Fakest Funniest Fake News from the Simulation in 2065 Get the Full video here on ROKFIN!
October 16, 2020
Censor my Balls Blue Check Nerdarios
I heard paybacks a mother. Today we've got ICE CUBE, TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET, MDC, Double Shot of RAMONES, NEGATIVE APPROACH, MINOR THREAT, ACE OF BASE. Twitter Censorship. RIP to all the Conservative Channels who were murdered in today's Youtube Bloodbath. Speak Up and Vote and Get ready to shoot your way outta Communism if DJT doesn't get this 2nd Term. NY Post articles, Steve Scully Caught Lying and the Fastest and Fakest Florida Man News Ever. Get your dick wet and get ready to fight for your life.
October 15, 2020
Hunting Hunter's Blue Checks
Double Shots of TERROR and IRON REAGAN. RAMALLAH, THE GAP BAND, ST, and THE BOSS. Decapitations, FB, and Twitter Hide Hunter Biden's Involvement with giving blackmail to everyone who hates us. Woman shoots at guy already arrested and we talk definition changes, FAKE NEWS from Cuomo and CHINA.
October 14, 2020
ACB Giving Free Hellacopter Rides
Hall and Oates, Metallica, Testament, A Donald Trump Dance Off, Mis and Disinformation fight it out to see which is funnier. Mazi Hirono is a MushHead on the Biden Level. Klobuchar and Mitt Romney join forces to throw Binders of Women at her Staff for the shit questions they prepared. The Bangles and Fleetwood Mac!
October 13, 2020
Harris Jails Barret's Kid
Def Leppard, TESLA, VH, The Eagles, and Steve Miller! Guy hides an M16 in his coulo. The Ghouls at the DNC outdo their Religious Bigotry somehow bigger and better than Mark Cuban sucks off China while looking the other way from their Concentration Camps. Stolen Schoolbusses, Biden has a Sniff Off while looking like the Living Dead. NYPost Lies to us Again and Of course we have Alligator and Illegal Beer Sales Related nonsense!
October 12, 2020
Friday Free For All
DJT's F Bomb on El Rushbo, UK Stabbings, NBA changes their floor to All Chinese Lives Matter due to bad US Ratings, Vote Rigging, Chinese Troops in Canada and more! Biden calls for Jihad in ad created and paid for by the US Government? WUT?
October 9, 2020
Fly's, Lies and The FBI
25% at PROMOCODE DONNIEBALLGAME. Excited for Rush and DJT to take over Open Line Friday! Thanks for Listening! Give us a sweet ass rating on Apple Music or keeping Listening on IHEARTRADIO, ROKFIN, SOUNDSTOOTH and Spotify! - US Today Screws up a Poll. Anarchist Libertarians in MI attempt to kidnap the Governor and both ANTIFA and the Militia is offended by being called Conservatives. We've got the documents and the proof of that along with Nancy Pelosi's Slow Conditioning of The 25th Amendment to be used against Biden when its time to Harris to final takeover Nu Chyna's America.
October 8, 2020
Quick 10 Minute drop-in. Whiskey and The Surfer Drops today at 3PM EST  
October 8, 2020
Raging in the Simulation with The Almighty VAN HALEN and we wish Eddie well in his next life! Thank you from all The Nere-Do-Wells here in the Simulation. PANTERA, LICH KING, BTO, JOAN JETT, TALKING HEADS, Double Shot of WINGER thanks to Joe Biden. We talk about the coming Impeachment and The Simulation Delivers the Truth from The Future! Thanks for Listening. Rate and Review on iTunes! ROKFIN and SoundsTooth Apps, Full Unedited Video on Rokfin. Check out the merch at Use Promo Code DonnieBallGame for 25% Off.
October 7, 2020