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A Balanced Life Podcast

A Balanced Life Podcast

By Dr. Tashia Reid and Dr. Karyn Meadows
Through our podcast, our goal is to educate, encourage and challenge people to live their best life.
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Special guest: Author Lori Bruton

A Balanced Life Podcast

Special guest: Author Lori Bruton

A Balanced Life Podcast

What's happening with our female bodies?
In this latest episode, we round out Women's history month and National Nutrition Month with a focus on female health and some of the conditions that alot of women commonly face. Many women suffer from fibroids, endometriosis and PCOS. Find out what these are and how nutrition can support you.
March 29, 2021
The Book of Ruth
March is National Women’s History month. In this episode, we talk about the book of Ruth in the Bible and discuss how her story of loyalty, faith, strength and restoration can encourage us today.
March 8, 2021
What's your love language?
What does love look like for you? Listen in as we chat about love languages and learning to love someone how they desire to be loved. 
February 22, 2021
A healthy heart
February is Heart Health month along with being the month of love!. Listen in as we dedicate this episode to heart health awareness physically and mentally. 
February 15, 2021
I'm walking on sunshine!
In this episode, we talk about learning to walk away from situations and people that don't grow you or serve you. Whether it be a job, relationships, friendships, situationships and entanglements, if it doesn't grow you then its time to let go. 
February 8, 2021
Far more than rubies
“She is more precious than rubies.” Proverbs‬ ‭31:10. Do you know that you are worth far more than rubies? It’s time to know your value and not accept anything less. Listen in on this episode about self-worth
January 19, 2021
Loving YourSELF
There is nothing wrong with loving yourself and practicing self-care.  In fact it's necessary. Tune in for some helpful tips on taking time for YOU!
January 13, 2021
Jump! Taking a leap of faith
We are in  a new year and now is the time to take a leap of faith and just do that thing! Listen in as we talk and encourage you to just JUMP!
January 4, 2021
Our personal journey through detoxing
Join us as we chat about our own experiences with the detox program and learn how you can do it too!
December 7, 2020
Write the vision and make it plain
2020 has been a challenging year for many so let's start preparing for 2021 with a new financial mindset. We welcome back author Alicia Gage and discuss some financial tips that you can start to implement now and into the new year. 
November 30, 2020
Forgiveness: a path to freedom
What does it mean to forgive? Is it possible to forgive and forget? Listen in as we explore the act of forgiveness and some keys to unlocking it.
November 23, 2020
Mindset your way to a happier life
Do you need a mindset reset? No not a lobotomy but a different outlook on life! Listen as we discuss changing your mindset to change to your life. 
November 16, 2020
Girl, You need to detox and here's why
I'm sure everyone has heard the word DETOX before but how many people understand what detoxification truly is and why its important to our body systems? In this episode, we discuss this process and why we need it. 
November 9, 2020
When all seems hopeless....
What do you do when all seems hopeless?  Let's talk about how to hang on and find hope when everything seems lost.
November 2, 2020
Are you entertaining stinking thinking??
Have you fallen into the cycle of negative thinking? Listen in as we discuss the many ways that we sabotage happiness with negative thoughts and speech and how you can stop it today!
October 26, 2020
Have you lost your faith?
Where is your faith? In this episode, we talk about faith and our experiences with growing our individual faith. We provide some tips and encouragement to go through this journey we call life!
October 19, 2020
Special guest interview with author Alicia Gage
In this episode, we interview author/accountant/entrepreneur Alicia Gage about her book No Thanks, I'm on a budget. 
October 12, 2020
The practice of meditation
In today's world so many of us are searching for an outlet for the stresses of life. This episode we will discuss different types of meditation and the benefits to adopting some form of meditation into your life. 
October 5, 2020
Dealing with the stress of moving
Moving can be a stressful life event. Listen to our stories and various ways you can lessen the stress!
September 21, 2020
Your opinion is not my business
Why do we let other people's opinions affect our value and worth? Let's chat about discovering that you are enough and it doesn't matter what someone else thinks!
September 14, 2020
Finding Your Purpose
Do you ever feel lost or off course? Do you ever feel like your not walking in your purpose? This episode we will discuss finding your purpose as we talk about our experiences on this journey. 
September 7, 2020
Grounding: Finding your connection
In this episode, we will discuss the therapeutic technique of grounding, also known as earthing. It’s time for us to reconnect to the Earth!
August 10, 2020
Supplements: Do we need them?
This episode will discuss basic supplementation of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids and why we need them.
August 3, 2020
When to say No
This episode is all about why is it so hard to say No.  We'll give tips on discovering your voice and learning to say No for a balanced life and well-being
July 20, 2020
Essential oils series: Introduction and essential oils for stress and relaxation
In this episode, we will give you an introduction to essential oil usage and applications. We will also discuss various oils used for stress relief and relaxation.
July 13, 2020
Are you getting enough sleep?
Why is sleep so important to us? Listen in for a discussion on common sleep issues and tips for improving sleep.
July 6, 2020
CBD 101
Cannabis, Hemp, CBD oh my! This episode with give you a basic overview of what CBD really is and what all the hype is about!
June 29, 2020
Special guest: Author Lori Bruton
Lori Bruton is the author of Hole to Whole: Journey to Hope and Transformation.  She is a passionate entrepreneur who loves sharing her stories and adventures about love, travel, wellness and living the Oola Lifestyle. Listen in to hear more about her amazing book and her journey along the way. 
June 22, 2020
What does it mean to be healthy?
In this episode, we will look at general health and what it means to be healthy.
June 15, 2020
Tired of overworking? In this episode, we will discuss different ways to break the cycle of overworking.
June 8, 2020
Eating Right
What does it mean to eat right? In this episode, we will discuss what healthy eating should look like. 
June 1, 2020
What is chiropractic?
In this episode, we answer common questions and help you better understand the field of chiropractic and what it can do in your life. 
May 26, 2020
Finding Your Joy
Are you having difficulty finding joy in your life? In this episode we will help you discover the joy you have been searching for. 
May 20, 2020