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By alonein thelabyrinth
The (ir)regular podcast of Sofinho, author of the Alone in the Labyrinth blog. Principally concerned with OSR and sandbox style play in ttrpgs, but occasionally delving into weird fiction and other stuff.
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20...and now for something completely different...
A call from Jason (Nerds' RPG Variety Cast) followed by a run-through of some PARIAH with Mr Kent (@MrKentKomiks) and Oisín (@OisinoftheHill).
May 27, 2021
19. The City of Glass
Call-ins to this episode were from: Spencer/Free Thrall of Keep off the Borderlands Keep off the Borderlands • A podcast on Anchor Keep Off The Borderlands (@FreeThrall) / Twitter Goblin's Henchman Goblin's Henchman (at home; BLM) (@GoblinsHenchman) / Twitter Goblin’s Henchman • A podcast on Anchor Goblin's Henchman ( The collaborative gygaxian train assembly project organised by Skerples of Coins and Scrolls can be found here: Folder - Google Drive Barney of Loco Ludus Loco Ludus • A podcast on Anchor Loco Ludus (@loco_ludus) / Twitter Jason of Nerd's RPG Variety Cast Nerd’s RPG Variety Cast • A podcast on Anchor Joe Richter of Hindsightless S4E30 There's a Time to Live, a Time to Die, a Time to Meet Your Maker by Hindsightless • A podcast on Anchor Additionally, I read out messages to from Semiurge of Archons march On Archons March On ..and Leon/Bubblereg of Garblag Games Bubblereg | Leon Osborne (@leonjosborne) / Twitter (14) Garblag Games - YouTube
May 24, 2021
18. Hello Dear Listeners (cupboard-cast)
Calls from Barney, Jason and Safer of Loco Ludus, Nerds Variety RPG Cast and Safer Fantasy Crafting. Prompt: 100 people you meet in the City of Glass...
May 13, 2021
17. 1d6 Brooms by Semiurge
Semiurge responds to my silly prompt with characteristic flair and imagination. Visit his blog at
May 07, 2021
16. Briefest of Notes (1d6 Train Carriages)
WARNING: this episode features swearing (well, one instance of the "F" word), a tired and unimaginative host and general low-quality audio! Postcards from Cable Street is available from and
May 06, 2021
15. Notes from the Labyrinth
Mind-vomit. Please check out the following: Changed Stars Kickstarter: Garblag Games patreon Louis' Youtube Channel:
April 29, 2021
14. Jennifers on Quad Bikes
Jennifer aka JFUR is a lapsed farmer, recovering poet, eternal queer witch supreme of the illuminati, and current social work graduate student. One freezing  cold/incredibly mild Monday evening we sat down with one another (on either side of the Atlantic) to talk about aliens from the moon invading 19th Century Europe, Slovenian ski resort inspired Adventures for Electric Bastionland, anthroposophist agricultural communities and... uhh... the weather! The show features the song Champagne Ladies by And The Kids. The song is used without permission for non-commercial/fair use purposes on a non-commercial podcast. And The Kids do not in any way endorse this podcast.  Support And the Kids here: JFur's itch page: Some of the other things mentioned in the podcast... Pretendo Games - Jason Tocci Cave Girl's Game Stuff - Emmy Allen: Bastionland - Chris McDowall Signs in the Wilderness - Joe Fatula Tribes of Ogg and the Gift of Suss
December 24, 2020
13. Pariah Session 24 Round-Up
No doubt a more comprehensive write-up will be available at this address: Meanwhile, help me feed my children by buying stuff I make:
December 20, 2020
12. Our Man in [the] Moscow [Metropolitan Area]: Interview with Eugene
I chat to one of the regular players in the PARIAH campaign about:  the Russian-language RPG scene Eugene's unlucky PARIAH characters... Eugene's Russian-language PARIAH one-shot... The joy of Stonehell Intro music by Sofinho's alt, Youssef Ifscapulet, accompanied by Tiffany All other music sampled from Никто не в безопасности (No-one is safe) by Supruga: Used without permission: fair use in non-commercial context. Supruga do not endorse this podcast or PARIAH! Order the digitally printed edition of PARIAH Vol. 1 distributed by Soul Muppet: Pariah wilderness supplement available here: The mega-dungeon Stonehell by Michael Curtis can be bought from Lulu:
December 18, 2020
11. The Call-In Episode + A Poem and a Song
No interview today but I respond to the very kind messages from Spencer of Keep off the Borderlands ...and Barney from Loco Ludus The poem I read at the end is Bogland by Seamus Heaney, one of the greatest poets in the English language. All music in this episode is recorded by my alt, Youssef Ifscapulet, apart from a hint of death grips. Death grips do not endorse this podcast but your mum does.
December 07, 2020
10. THE JIMTERVIEW — Interview with Jim Parkin of D66 Classless Kobolds
Jim Parkin is an RPG blogger and game designer on the FKR fringe of the OSR. Despite this, he hates 3 letter acronyms! He's also a father of (at least) two and we spoke about introducing children to adventure games, alongside other game stuff. ...that "other game stuff" includes: his Swords & Sorcery hack of Into the Odd known as  Weird North... Any Planet is Earth, a  his rules-lite hard sci-fi game inspired by a FKR approach to traveller. Galaxy Far Away, an interesting spin on one of the world's most popular franchises! Walk on music is performed by DJ Kool, who does not endorse this podcast in any way, but used here under fair use for a non-commercial project. Jim's blog: Any Planet Is Earth Weird North A Galaxy Far Away
December 07, 2020
9. ARCHONS MARCH ON PART DEUX: Still got a Semiurge
All music in this episode is by Death Grips and is used without permission in this non-commercial podcast. Death Grips do not endorse this podcast nor Goblin Punch. Website is here My conversation with Henry Kissinger continues, with talk moving onto LBJ's junk. Less talk about elfgames and more bad language. ANOMALOUS MEDIA: Archons March On: Throne of Salt I don't remember that move Original Black Auction posts:
November 30, 2020
8. ARCHONS MARCH ON: Summoning a Semiurge
I talk to Henry Kissinger aka Semiurge of about elves, vampires and Talk-to-Transformer. Contains strong language. LINKS: Middenmurk Elves Goblin Punch Elves  Ynn Sidhe Garblag Games playing the Free League Alien RPG You Got a Job on the Garbage Barge by Amanda Lee Frank: Lexi's blog: a Blasted, Cratered Land The mech game: Oblidisideryptch (please call on in with pronunciation advice!) Numbers Aren't Real, Deus Ex Parabola's blog: Dawn of Worlds RPG Throne of Salt on solo RPGs: Hikikomori RPG by Ewen Cluney: Goblin's Henchman's Hex Flower Cook Book:
November 29, 2020
7. No Podcast for an Old Man
The pre-podcast for the soon-to-be-broadcast interview with Semiurge. NB: SEMIURGE DOES NOT FEATURE IN THIS EPISODE Intro music by Sofinho. All other non-library music courtesy Death Grips. This is a non-commercial podcast, used without permission but fair use? Keep off the Borderlands discussing Shamanic Magic:
November 29, 2020
6. Breaking Up is Hard to Do - a conversation with Alex
I've been running a regular (ish) drop-in game on my server Recently one of my regular(ish) players messaged me to explain that they weren't happy with how the game was going and why they felt they weren't able to continue playing. While this was upsetting, I really appreciated it and asked Alex back to more fully explain himself and why I thinks PARIAH is such a terrible game!
November 21, 2020
5. LBB I: MEN & MAGIC (Part One)
Sofinho reading the first 16 pages of LBB I: Men & Magic.
September 13, 2020
4. Last Night's PARIAH session
Find Keep off the Borderlands HERE: Alone in the Labyrinth BLOG can be read HERE: Buy PARIAH or get a FREEcommunity copy on itch: Order a print-on-demand copy of PARIAH on DRIVE THRU RPG! Thanks those who played in this session (not present in this recording but take my word for it, they exist!) Jen Furious, Alex Thezanderd and Semiurge  ( UPDATE: twice in this episode I say PAGODA when I mean PERGOLA. Apologies: I have designed and built pergolas (pergolae?) and lived in a land full of pagodas (also, many pergolas) and not sure why I made that error... apologies!
September 06, 2020
What a hiatus! Fear not though, I have returned. Special thanks to Spencer of Keep off the Borderlands for the message, sorry for the late reply! This is episode is mostly me reading this blogpost: Witheringly footed in the point is played by Semiurge of Archons March On (yes I know it is a /k/ sound there, sorry for my mispeaking) Fox-through-the-Stream is played by Sach Gauthier aka Big thanks to Eugene for playing Quiet One, Rides the Grave and for breaking PARIAH in Russia! Characters were generated using this thing I made: Spwack's Meandering Banter blog shares the free DIE TRYING rules hack PARIAH available in PDF and print-on-demand at
September 03, 2020
2. Five on Friday, Volume XV
February 13, 2020
1. Five on Friday Volume XIV - Library of Babel
Sofinho's favourite OSR/RPG blogposts from the past seven days broadcast fro your listening pleasure! This is my first attempt so apologise for low production values, lack of script, awful incidentalmusic, absence of any focus, hairloss, depression. Do not operate heavy machinery while listening to this podcast. Focus on the machine you dolt. Featured blogposts:
February 03, 2020