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I mean... Can we discuss?

I mean... Can we discuss?

By I mean... Can we discuss?
I mean… can we discuss is the podcast that brings topics that can be debated in different ways while also spotlights the underdogs, the creatives, the indie authors, the people who are finding their way in converting passion projects into a potential profitable business. Host Astrid Ferguson is the Founder of I mean… can we discuss, a podcasting and marketing agency that shines a light on untold narratives. Astrid has written two collections of poetry books & is all too aware of the hurdles indie authors must overcome. Born in Dominican Republic & raised in New York/PA, shares her journey.
How I’m Learning to Relax and Remain Calm During COVID
In this episode you will listen to all the ways Astrid has been keeping busy while practicing stoicism. It’s easy to worry about all the things we should be doing. Only to be consumed by guilt, frustration, anger and even resentment towards our selves. So listen to how Astrid had the mental shift from should to doing by learning to be still. Understanding that rest is needed and should be had. Come join the Afergtale familia @ follow us on Instagram
July 23, 2020
What’s plaguing us? CYS Podcast, The Shades of Racism in Rape and Musturbation.
Today’s episode was all about the future and how we’re changing. Talks about the thoughts that keep us from taking action, the new changes to come, and remembering that we are still a badass. Listen to this episode to learn about the upcoming workshop The Shades of Racism in Rape; the upcoming Call Your Sister Podcast and how you could be musturbating yourself into doing things you don’t want to do. Go to Astrid Ferguson Instagram to learn about the workshop, join the afergtaleville family at and who knows? Maybe even volunteer on the thing you always wants to try out.
July 9, 2020
What is CYS Nation, Buy Black Friday, and #FREETHEFAMILIES
So IMCWD Podcast is retiring the end of this year. I know that is hard to say but the good news is I am starting a new podcast called Call Your Sister Podcast alongside my sister Alexandra Hodge. Which is the beginning of CYS Nation. My sister and I are crowdfunding to begin our podcast CYS Nation formation. To help us visit bonfire and grab your CYS Nation T-shirt by going here So about Buy Black Fridays-- visit my instagram to learn more about Buy Black Fridays where I am sharing both what I purchase and black businesses to purchase from. To become better allies we need to amplify our black and brown communities. What better way than to support their black owned businesses? Lastly, what is #FREETHEFAMILIES-- a movement to help place pressure on our congressmen to release the children and their families together from ICE detention centers. In this episode I tell you more about the complexities of immigration laws and policies. I also share my families experience coming to the United States. Main Page: Follow our Instagram page:
July 2, 2020
Why we need to help our black and brown communities NOW
This episode we discuss the importance of WHY it’s necessary to help our black and brown community. Not just because it’s a kind act and the right thing to do. Instead, because they are the nations future. We as black and brown people also have some work to do as a community. In this episode, we discuss the why and how. Become a better ally and while we also learn how to become more united against tolerating racism. We need to actively hold others accountable in remaining anti-racist. We need each other to break the cycle. So let’s continue the conversation to break the cycle. Podcast homepage follow us on Instagram
June 25, 2020
Whatchu Say Poet Interview Experience with Host Astrid Ferguson and Jasmine Rose
Astrid Ferguson was recently on the JRose Experience which is a mini series. JRose sits with Poet, Author and Life Coach, Astrid Ferguson for a virtual chat about embracing her decision to become a certified life coach after working in the corporate world for many years. Check out how she’s been able to use her writing skills to change the lives of others.     Astrid first met JRose aka Jasmine Rose while she travelled to NYC for open mics to perform spoken word poetry. So in this episode which is also available on Youtube you get a deeper more personal story as to what sparked Astrid to dap into her creative freelance journey. You get to hear her struggles and how much she had to overcome her fears of stage fright and uncertainty to find herself again. She shares how it has been a long journey of trial and error but mostly growth. After overcoming a frightening delivery and postpartum depression she decided to release her first book Molt. Youtube Interview: Host: JRose  Instagram: @  Visit Podcast main page @ and become part of the Afergtaleville Familia
June 18, 2020
BONUS Episode about Holding Space for Hard Truths
Holding Space for Hard Truths will be a free event being held via zoom on June 18 6pm-8pm et. Attendees must register. To register go to or visit event brite. Hope to see you there and begin discussing individual and systemic oppression.
June 16, 2020
How Charmyra E Fleming a romance novelist, dealing with COVID, and Worries of Being a Black Mother in America
Charmyra Fleming a romance novelist shares her experience being an indie writer. She shares how her writing was always a passion of hers and wants her readers to have "The Purple Charm" experience. She shares how it was a dream to become a professional writer since she can remember sharing stories with her grandmother. So she shares some resources writers will find useful without the need of a vanity publisher. However, we have a conversation on somethings that Charmyra is dealing with during the COVID pandemic and her fears as a black mother in America. She shares how she feels like remaining silent is no longer the way. During these times when we are seeing all this continuous police brutality taking place on black people, rioting, and protest it was a much needed conversation. You can hear the pain and discomfort in both of our voices as we fear for the future of our black and brown children. To learn more about Charmyra E. Fleming please visit Visit the podcast @ Visit us on instagram @
June 4, 2020
Let’s talk George Floyd, COVID-19, sleep, and Wine & Chismes
So much anxiety, overwhelm, and chaos going on in the world. Let’s discuss George Floyd, building community like Wine and Chismes, and what is our new normal? All these thoughts and questions keep our sleep at bay. Causing us to have so many sleepless nights. Let’s look for solutions and form new headlines. Visit to join our community. Go to to read the latest blog post on my top 5 tips for sleeping soundly.
May 28, 2020
Wine & Chismes Edition with Astrid and Cheyenne Part 1
A podcast series where Astrid Ferguson and Cheyenne Tyler Jacobs will have some girl talk about books, business and everything under the sun within the sisterhood kingdom. In this episode we talk about how we met and where we were in our creative process. We take you through the journey of how we started in a IG pod, to becoming mentor and mentee to now really close friends. Yes, you guys we met on the gram. Hashtag #wemetonthegram #itwasastruggle and we had drama. Those were the old days.  We discuss how we had to let go of the fear, build confidence in ourselves and learn to be ok with saying, "No!" We share some of our favorite books that changed our lives and ultimately helped us build our businesses from the bottom. We only in maybe at the first floor now, but the foundation we have been laying down for a while by doubling down on our visions. Cheyenne Tyler Jacobs is now the CEO/founder of The She Will Speak Series which is a nonprofit organization helping women harness their voices and speak up about trauma, racism, and walk away from silence. She is also the host on As I was saying podcast. To find out more about Cheyenne visit her @ and follow her podcast @ Subscribe to our main podcast page @ Follow us on the gram @
May 21, 2020
Dare to Start from Where You Are NOW
Allow yourself the dream of daring. Start here and now at this point in your life. In this episode Astrid Ferguson talks about pushing forward and developing the guts to start something from scratch. She reflects on her past mistakes and how far she’s came. She also shares that it’s humbling to go from having a successful corporate career to a self-published author. She struggled finding website traffic and her market audience. So listen in on all the gems Astrid Ferguson drops on this episode. All while daring to do things imperfectly. Visit the podcast main page @ check out the events to sign up for the free writing workshop #itscomplicated what’s your backstory? Follow us on IG
May 14, 2020
What is Life Coaching and Do You Really Need it
In this solo episode with Astrid Ferguson we explore what life coaching is. What are the benefits of having a life coach. Why does it seem like everyone has a life coach but you? Can you bring a life coach into a business setting and are there any group or couples coaching? The answers to all these questions will be answered here. Listen on to understand what Life Coaching truly is and why certified life coaches are needed now more than ever.
May 7, 2020
How to Make Fun Part of Your Day with Kierra Lashae
Author of When Magic is Not Enough, Kierra Lashae shares her tips for putting fun as the main focus of each passion. She shares her favorite shows to watch during quarantine; tips on becoming a Yelp Atlanta Elite foodie and writing poetry for fun. Kierra works in the marketing department full-time so her passions are all derived from a place of fun and enjoyment. She is at a place where fun is her motivation to develop new passions/hobbies. She shares how it wasn't always that way hence her book title "when magic is not enough." Now that she has graduated college she has learned to just get what she needs out of her passions. Her message to everyone is to just enjoy the ride. Enjoy each moment and don't forget to have fun. To follow Kierra follow her poetry page @ foodie page @ Follow the podcast main page @ Follow us on instagram @
April 30, 2020
How Alana Brown Found Comfort in Poetry After Experiencing a Bad Breakup
Alana Brown is a self-published author of Luna a poetry book about her healing journey and overcoming trauma. She is also a graduate student, nudity artist, and spoken word performer. Alana shares how she decided to be vulnerable in efforts to help others with her poetry. She shares her experience with self-publishing. Informs us how reaching out to your own network and asking for help can be the difference between you moving forward with an idea or not doing it at all. Alana is also a creative who is still in the midst of just finding herself as a creative. Although, she doesn't have all the groundwork set up she knows what she didn't want. She actually didn't want to be published by a publisher at this point in her writing career. She is still navigating the space of being a writer and poet and just enjoying whatever creative ventures sparks her interest. To find out more about Alana Brown visit To follow Alana on Instagram visit and Visit the podcast main page at and follow us on instagram
April 23, 2020
What Kids Say About Living in San Francisco with Author Katie Burke
Columnist and family law attorney, Katie Burke in her forthcoming debut title Urban Playground: What Kids Say About Living in San Francisco (April 7, 2020, SparkPress) gives us some insight on what kids are thinking. We always hear form the parents but rarely do we hear from the kids or someone taking interest in the children perspective. In this episode learn how Katie Burke is taking the time to really understand how children really feel about living in the San Francisco (bay) area. She wanted to showcase the importance of children's voices especially during this scary COVID time. Katie has taught creative writing in Kenya South Africa and really wanted to highlight the importance in opening dialogue with children to gain their perspective on urban living. In Katie's forthcoming book Urban Playground: What Kids Say About Living in San Francisco, strategies are provided to help parents open conversations with their children on a variety of topics. Aside from writing, she has taught creative writing to children and adults in Kenya, South Africa, and San Francisco. If that isn't enough she is a columnist for The NOE Valley Voice, where she writes a monthly column about kids. Katie’s writing has appeared in San Francisco Attorney Magazine, the L.A. Times, KQED Perspectives, and SoMa Literary Review. Visit Katie at or follow her on instagram at Podcast main page: Follow us on Instagram:
April 16, 2020
Want to help your community but don’t know where to start?
In this solo episode Astrid Ferguson shares some ways she’s helping her community, ideas, and resources in which you can help your community now. Yes, COVID (Coronavirus) is still affecting us all and quarantine seems like it will never end but we can still choose to show up for others. Community is needed now more than ever. And this episode is meant to provide you with some ideas if you’ve been feeling like you want to share your generosity with world. COVID, quarantine, and social distancing may still be in effect but we can still show our appreciation and love for one another using the tools we have at our fingertips.... the Internet. This is also national poetry month and in its honor, Astrid’s newest poem ‘Complicated’ can be found in The Latinx Poetry Project with Alegria Magazine. For every copy bought $2 will go to the #nouswithoutyou foundation. To purchase a copy click this link and help feed an immigrant family today. Remember to follow us on Instagram and visit the podcast main page
April 9, 2020
Let’s catch up on Stimulus Plan, thoughts and self-care
With all the uncertainty going on in the world let’s discuss some solutions to some negative thoughts you may be experiencing. One of them being the financial burden caused by the Coronavirus stay home policy. The good news is that a stimulus package was recently signed and in this episode we go over some brief details. We discuss some ideas for breaks as parents and even spirituality. Which is what I’ve been practicing during this time. What have you been taking this quarantine time to do and reflect on? To help alleviate the self-care and interruption to your wellness journey, Cheyenne Tyler Jacobs and I are offering a quarantine care package that will be delivered right to your inbox. It will provide you with a list of resources, home remedies, and self-care easy tips. We do occasionally meet to discuss the negative self-talk that leads to overwhelm and anxiety. Remember we’re all in this together and we will make it together. So head over to and I’ll meet you in your inbox.
April 2, 2020
How High School Junior Student Taylor Wang co-founded Student Art Spaces
Have you ever had a dream and doubted your abilities? In this episode we discuss how Taylor Wang founded Student Art Spaces at age fifteen.  Yes, you read that correctly, fifteen. She has been working tirelessly to change the creative spaces and highlight the voices of the youth. She has raised over $5k in donations and has changed lives of youths around the world. She is planning on expanding outside of Seattle and did I mention she is only a junior high school student? So if you ever felt you couldn't do something let this serve you as a reminder. Taylor Wang has faced many challenges aside from her age, she is a Chinese-American who was expected to become a doctor. She decided to pursue her passion as an oil-painting artist, instead, of a safe career choice. Something that took courage pursuing in the art industry where youth voices are not generally amplified. Don't let me rave about it and go follow their journey on instagram. Follow us on Instagram Visit our podcast main page and become an insider.
March 26, 2020
New normal and surviving the Corona-virus uncertainty
In this episode you get a raw glimpse into my new normal with Corona-virus uncertainty. It’s no secret that life is chaotic for most of us but I decided to embrace the new normal and do a less than perfect episode. Today is also my oldest son's birthday so I invited him to share with us his experience and how he feels about the corona-virus living situation. Naturally even my little two-year-old had a few things he wanted to share. Listen on to get a tip I share that helps with time managing. And remember to check on your neighbor and community. This is a time where we can come together in a safe and sound way to help us all get through COVID-19. We will get through this and fear won't win. Visit the podcast main page by going to Follow us on Instagram by visiting
March 19, 2020
How Model Vivien James Survived The Downward Spiral of the Modeling World & Established The Really Real Talk Podcast
Today in the guest chair we welcome Vivien James, a Former Professional Model and Podcast Host of Really Real Talk Podcast based in Hollywood, California. I came across Vivian’s podcast on Instagram by  a friendly referral and she requested to interview me. After the interview I wanted to learn more about her. So I requested to cross-interview her and I became instantly hooked to her story! She is passionate about creating episodes her listeners love listening to with her authentic ability to have regular conversations about real hard things while being in the real hard times. The go-getter bug hit her while she was attending a Gary Vaynerchuk speaking event and simultaneously overcoming a failed career as a model and DJ. Prior to podcasting Viven James was on billboards and collaborating with major brands. Even with all the modeling success Viven experienced she was still receiving tons of rejected modeling gigs and terrible experiences with modeling agencies. A podcast was something she suppressed for a while as she was dealing with self-doubt, toxic relationships, and fear of failure . She eventually pivoted to podcasting the Really Real Talk thanks for Gary Vee and even rents her Mercedes for photoshoots today. She has managed to turn her life completely around and getting ready to take a deep dive into her creativity. Could you imagine Vivien doing your photoshoots and teaching you some modeling tricks? I can. To listen to my interview with the Really Real Talk podcast visit Visit the podcast homepage by going to Follow us on instagram at
March 12, 2020
Are you interpreting fallacies out of what you believe intuitively?
It’s completely normal to listen to the little voice inside of us and pick up vibrational signals from those around us. The issue comes into play when we interpret what we intuitively think to be true. We may think something is going on with someone; we may sense there’s something someone isn’t saying. However, when we interpret that as it has everything to do with me or this person doesn’t like me or this story wasn’t for me, is when we create fallacies. We will internalize a story and not actually speak about the signals we originally picked up. Not speaking about what we intuitively sensed from the other person is where we interpret a story that may have never happened outside our heads. This is something very common that happens in relationships, friendships, work, especially in reading. It is one of the sources of the largest form of miscommunication. All the things we don’t say. To visit the podcast home page go to show us some love on the gram at
March 5, 2020
Motherhood, life coaching, invisible illnesses and 5 reasons you may not be setting goals.
Astrid provides us with a vision into motherhood. Even while recording you can hear how motherhood was determined to get in the way of reaching her goals. She gives you a visual of her son refusing to go to bed as she records this podcast episode. She also reflects back on her recent life coach training module; referencing how easy it was to judge someone with an invisible illness. She also goes on to share 5 reasons that could be getting in the way of us setting goals. How it’s that time of the year to check in with those intentions and goals we set at the beginning of the year. She provides us with a list as to why it can be hard to set goals and follow through with them. Listen to all the gems dropped in this episode and remember to have a notepad and pen handy for this episode. Head over to if you would like to book a discovery call with Astrid and/or follow us on Instagram
February 27, 2020
How manifesting and Intention setting can help clarify future goal settings.
To manifest and set intentions for future goal setting it’s imperative to manifest from a place of abundance and not lack. In this episode Astrid discusses how consistently manifesting and setting intentions from the things you already do well, can be a game changer. Setting intentions with the sole purpose of reaching abundance can help you see the future vividly. So with a set of exercises Astrid gets you to focus on all the possible experiences you’ve already had. You’ll start shaping a list from all the things you’ve done and not the things you lack. You can then pick from this list to help pitch yourself for events, conferences and or freelance projects. Get comfortable doing this so you can see how qualified you really are and kick excuses ass. Take a picture of yourself doing this and tag us on Instagram at use hashtag #imcwdtribe come over to and become part of the family. You can also visit us on patreon and become a patron of this podcast by becoming part of the CAN WE DISCUSS FAMILIA
February 13, 2020
How to move forward after a lay-off while keeping your dreams in focus.
Have you been laid off? It sucks and it’s never fun. In this episode we tackle the difficult questions. Like... what do I do now? Did I do something wrong? Do I give up my dream because this job was financing my side hustle? How do I know what to do next? All valid questions that Astrid answers on this episode as you navigate your new reality. It is important to keep your mental health in mind. Which is why Astrid suggest taking time to write yourself a Thank You Letter for all your hard work. Acknowledge and validate your feelings and emotions. It is ok to feel scared, angry and panicked. We all get used to routines. Especially, if this job is one you’ve had for a long time. It will feel like you are grieving a past time in your life. You will feel unappreciated and start wondering if you did something wrong. Seeing they are hiring others while they decided to lay you off may cause you to question if it had something to do with you. While there are some unlawful practices followed by employers, it’s important to listen to your intuition and seek legal counsel if you truly believe you were laid off for an illegal reason. In this episode Astrid also discusses being resourceful, reducing expenses, and seeking creative job opportunities that will help keep your dreams in focus. Tips are provided on ways you can monetize what you are already doing as a writer and/or bookstagrammer. Also a kind reminder that these things happen to everyone and doesn’t always have to be taken as a personal jab. You are not a failure because you’ve been laid off. You will jump back on your feet; this is only a temporary set back. To support this podcast and become on of the Familia members of the Can We Discuss Familia head over to Can We Discuss Familia  on Patreon  For full show notes detail head over to and/or follow us on Instagram at
February 6, 2020
Let’s Talk about Grief and Patreon
It’s no secret that America recently lost one of their hero’s— Kobe Bryant. It was even more horrific learning after learning it was due to a helicopter accident where his daughter— Giana Bryant and eight other passengers died suddenly. Grief sucks and we are all not exempt from it. In this episode we talk briefly about grief and how we can experience it in different stages of our lives. Grief can look differently for all of us. And grief doesn't always have to deal with losing someone in physical form. The important thing is to not ignore our grieving stages because we were just fans of Kobe and Giana Bryant. Understanding and making space for feelings and emotions is a way of life. In this episode we also discuss Patreon and why it’s a creative best friend. Astrid describes the various ways a creative can use Patreon and how you can become a patron for the show. Visit the following link and become a patron. other ways you can support the show is by following us on Instagram and visit the website main page
January 30, 2020
LiveGirl is the mission, message and principle that Sheri West shares as the new girl anthem.
We started with girl talk that lead us to discussing the wonderful non profit foundation called LiveGirl. Founded in 2014, LiveGirl, Inc. is a Connecticut-based nonprofit organization that builds confident leaders. Our mission is to empower and equip the next generation of brave, inclusive leaders with the skills, community, and connections so that ALL girls may thrive and make a positive impact on the world.  Sheri West spent many years in corporate, where she filled roles as executive finance and head of woman network organizations. That is what sparked the vision for LiveGirl. She noticed in corporate how women suffered from lack of confidence and feared public speaking. That is where the vision formed and LiveGirl now helps young ladies from all walks of life become more confident and fearless leaders.  To find out more about LiveGirl visit Listen to their podcast Confidence  Help support their organization by purchasing a copy of the She Will Speak Series anthology Dear Sister Friend: A She Will Speak Series Anthology  Become an Afergtale Insider and visit Follow us on Instagram
January 23, 2020
Gnaomi Siemens talks Super Natural, poetry translations, and writing
Gnaomi Siemens holds an MFA from Columbia University’s School of The Arts in poetry and literary translation. Her words can be found at Asymptote, Words Without Borders, The Believer, Slice Magazine, Europe Now Journal, The American Journal of Poetry, Penny Thoughts (UK), and American Chordata, among others in the US and abroad. She has read from her translations at The British Library’s Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms exhibition in London, was selected by The Poetry Society of New York for a residency at the iconic Mid-Manhattan branch of The New York Public Library, and was a 2019 ALTA Travel Fellow. Her manuscript The Errant was a finalist for GASHER Journal’s first book prize. She lives in New York City. In this episode Astrid Ferguson and Gnaomi Siemens talk all things poetry, writing and the need for diverse voices in the poetry/publishing industry. We get into Gnaomi's story and all her wonderful pieces. To find out more about Gnaomi visit her at To get copies of EPHEMERIS available at Berl's in Brooklyn or at FOLDYARD Gallery, Berwick-Upon-Tweed, UK The Believer Asymptote Super / Natural  Visit and become an Afergtale insider. Visit us on instagram and keep up with all the wonderful episodes.
January 16, 2020
Let’s talk resolutions, goals, and mom/son conversations
Astrid discusses why resolutions stopped being her thing. She has a regular mom and son conversation with her son about his New Years resolution and establishing realistic tasks to meet his resolution. Although Amare is still young, at eleven even he knew what was necessary for him to do. At the end of the episode Astrid takes you through a way of establishing goals that set you up for success instead of failure. Happy new year and let’s start of 2020 rocking our goals. To check out for information on astrid blogs, podcast and setting up your free consultation go to follow us on Instagram go to https://www.instagram.con/imcwd.podcast
January 9, 2020
Last episode of 2019 and learning about Autism with Odessa Young
Get to know the woman doing all the work to counsel and help Autistic children. In this episode Astrid ask some questions involving the daily life of parents with children with Autism and gets to know Odessa the counselor/author. Odessa dreams in color and lives out loud. She is a wife and mother of 3 beautiful daughters. A Licensed Professional Counselor Associate (LPCA), author, and poet. Her passion is to push others to be better versions of themselves through my daily work. She is adventurous, love to explore and I will never stop learning. Her goal is to share my story with others to promote healing and growth. O Survival by Grace is available on and Odessa will be providing therapy and parent training with the Well Center in Pendleton SC starting in January 2020. The website is : Speakers mentioned are Temple Grandin and books recommended are The Loving Push: How Parents and Professionals Can Help Spectrum Kids Become Successful Adults by Debra Moore Ph. D. The Autistic Brain: Thinking Across The Spectrum by Richard Panek Visit her Instagram account Then head on over to to comment your thoughts and follow us on Instagram at
December 19, 2019
Keeping up with your annual reading goals with Anna the bookstagrammer behind Never Without a Book
In Anna’s interview with Astrid Ferguson she shares tips on reaching out to publishers to establish book reading contracts. She also shares how she’s been able to read more than 300 books this year alone; developing a book club focusing on classics by people of color and battling anxiety. So if Anna can read these many books while being a momma of two kids and working full time in IT so can you!  Fun fact about Anna that she doesn’t typically share is that she’s a tech nerd who works as a systems administrator. What? Yes a girl who can code and loves books! A unicorn indeed! So if you have questions on spreadsheets, code, and all things bookish Anna is the bookstagrammer to ask. Visit her beautifully aesthetically pleasing Instagram account  Then head on over to to comment your thoughts and follow us on Instagram at
December 12, 2019
Affirmations, annual recap of 2019 and 2020 goals
The Last 2019 Solo episode with Astrid Ferguson discussing how thankful she is for her listeners. Setting intentions and affirmations with the start today journal by Rachel Hollis. Checking off goals and allowing the universe to introduce change. Astrid and Cheyenne Jacobs are also hosting a 20 days of giving to yourself party. You can join by going to and to start receiving your daily e-mails. Live recaps are done on Instagram at and
December 5, 2019
Practicing self care this holiday season and staying creative with Shannon Fersner
A girl talk with Shannon Fersner reminds Astrid Ferguson how some of us don’t have close relatives to share laughs and a big feast with. We discuss how to push through the holidays when they feel lonely and not all that jolly. Shannon shares how she keeps pushing through it as a creative. The struggles of charging for her time and knowledge. Tips on staying balanced while not limiting your creative multipreneur calling. Find out more about Shannon by visiting listen to her podcast 5 minute Convo and much more. If you gain anything from this episode is that you should dream and chase them without fear. Be limitless and experiment. Today's episode was sponsored by The Website that WOWS. Click here and begin building your website without all the techy stuff and at your own pace. To enter the free giveaway simply click on this link Follow the podcast and become an insider by visiting Follow the podcast on Instagram at Or follow the facebook page at
November 27, 2019
Abantu Audio Bridging Roots and Culture Through Your Headphones
Luc Cadet the founder and CEO Abantu audio ( passionately shares how he has established a storytelling business that speaks our ancestors into existence from any device. He addresses the educational gap in our current academic system that prevents us from fully knowing our entire cultural history. Abantu Audio is a black owned audio book business that wants to bridge, people, culture and storytelling with the roots of Africa. Abantu; in the Zulu language is defined as people or community. In this episode Luc takes us through several educational moments where Africa has played an enormous role in the formation of many Caribbean, Latinx, and Hispanic countries. He shares his struggle of building a platform from scratch in a growing audio book industry, while competing with audio book giants like Audible and working with big publishing companies. Luc Cadet, doesn't hold back on this episode and takes on all the hard questions while feeding his newborn son.  Today's episode was sponsored by The Website that WOWS. Click here and begin building your website without all the techy stuff and at your own pace. To enter the free giveaway simply click on this link Follow the podcast and become an insider by visiting Follow the podcast on Instagram at Or follow the facebook page at
November 21, 2019
The Stories We Tell Our Mixed Race Boys
In this deep story where Astrid shares some of her motherly concerns, favorite fable story (Ferdinand), and disheartening experience; you will have the chance to listen in on both her tough and rewarding side of motherhood. She shares a poor experience she had with a catholic school because of her son stature and race. You will listen to her outcry as to how quickly boys are labeled aggressive if they play too rough. Listen in full to her never before told story of her six year old son who was expelled from school for playing. Included in this episode is the trailer of American Son. Today's episode was sponsored by The Website that WOWS. Click here and begin building your website without all the techy stuff and at your own pace. To enter the free giveaway simply click on this link Follow the podcast and become an insider by visiting Follow the podcast on Instagram at Or follow the facebook page at
November 14, 2019
Thoughts on books, bookstagram, reviews and book clubs with Rod Kelly
Rod Kelly a very detailed bookstagrammer and classically trained baritone who loves to create, be it singing, writing, dreaming, etc. Walks us through his journey and thoughts on all things bookish. He provides us with a wonderful insight on a new way of eating books without star metrics and gives us the tea on why he became a bookstagrammer. Make sure to follow Rod Kelly’s journey on Instagram: and remember our sponsor the website that wows! Today's episode was sponsored by The Website that WOWS. Click here and begin building your website without all the techy stuff and at your own pace. To enter the free giveaway simply click on this link Follow the podcast and become an insider by visiting Follow the podcast on Instagram at Or follow the facebook page at
November 7, 2019
Unpacking Malcriada and Other Stories with Author Lorraine Avila
Who gets to be called Malcriada? What are the trials and tribulations Dominican women have faced? Dealing with impacts of race with intercultural dating is not a topic we took lightly in this episode. Living through tough times as an immigrant and why these stories are finally being told are topics we delve into. In this interview with Lorraine Avila we discuss the behind the scenes thoughts and intricate situations that shaped her writing. We discuss uncomfortable conversations surrounding race. Briefly discuss saying "human race" is still an offensive term and why the offense varies by who says it. A few stories from Malcriada and Other Stories are used as examples to discuss the olympics of pain and oppression that occurs within cultures. The use of cultural norms to silence women by calling them Malcriada. Lorraine decided to give Malcriada an all too familiar hispanic acronym for rebellious women; new life by challenging the reader to shift their mindset. In this thorough and extensive conversation we get deep into the stories that have shaped the abnormal norms in the conditioning of Dominican women and invite them to wear their Malcriada badges with honor. Lorraine is a first time published author with Dominican Writers and has set the stage with these intricate yet necessary stories that reflect the Latinx culture. This is an episode that will require your undivided attention and requires you to keep an open mind. To learn more about Lorraine Avila please visit her at and follow her on instagram Today's episode was sponsored by The Website that WOWS. Click here and begin building your website without all the techy stuff and at your own pace. To enter the free giveaway simply click on this link Follow the podcast and become an insider by visiting Follow the podcast on Instagram at Or follow the facebook page at
October 31, 2019
Talking All Things Enneagram, Productivity and Staying Motivated
In this solo episode with Astrid Ferguson you will gain answers to the following questions: 1. What is The Enneagram? 2. Why is it important to know your Enneagram number? 3. How does knowing your Enneagram number affect your productivity? 4. And most importantly how to stay motivated if you're a Perfectionist, Enneagram number 1. You may want to break out a pen and notepad for this episode and revise the following blog post that Astrid details more information about the Enneagram If you're curious to see what your number is go take the exam at and for just $12 or so, you will know your Enneagram number. Today's episode was sponsored by The Website that WOWS. Click here and begin building your website without all the techy stuff and at your own pace. To enter the free giveaway simply click on this link Follow the podcast and become an insider by visiting Follow the podcast on Instagram at Or follow the facebook page at
October 24, 2019
Calling Out Imposter Syndrome, Establishing New Beliefs to Embrace Belonging in Your True Calling.
In this solo episode Astrid takes you through the crippling beliefs that keeps you playing small. She challenges you to do something that feels uncomfortable for 21 days and in 90 days become the expert. She shares her battle with Imposter Syndrome as she grows as an entrepreneur and hopes you gain strength from her vulnerability. Check us on the website: Follow us on the gram:
October 10, 2019
The Oceanography of Her by Sarah Herrin Interview
Astrid Ferguson and Lyn Patterson interview the author of the chapbook The Oceanography of Her, Sarah Herrin. Sarah is a poet based in Seattle, Washington. Raised in the deep south who has since transitioned to Pacific Northwast. She achieved a BFA at the Savannah College of Art and Design, where she studied sequential art and creative writing. Sarrah's poetry touches on her bisexual identity, mental health, heartbreak, healing, ocean and above all things_ love. Sarah has self-published One Thousand Questions (And No Good Answers), poetry collection and has been published in several anthologies. You can find Sarah's latest collection on, and You can also purchase both of her poetry collections on Amazon and Seattle Independent Bookstores.
October 3, 2019
Bradley Harper the Queens Gambit Author and Real Santa Claus
Get the recap of what Astrid Ferguson thought of Everything is Figureoutable book signing ( ) with Marie Folio and an intimate interview with Bradley Harper who releases the follow-up to his Edgar Award Finalist A KNIFE IN THE FOG on September 17th. QUEEN'S GAMBIT (Seventh Street Books) transports readers back to 1897 London when Margaret Harkness receives a letter from her old friend Professor Bell, the real-life inspiration for Sherlock Holmes and her old comrade in the hunt for Jack the Ripper.  Inspired by The Day of the Jackal by Frederick Forsyth, the author envisioned a similar story concerning Queen Victoria — who in real-life survived several assassination attempts — but puts his own twist on the killer that makes for quite the unexpected reveal. Harper is a retired US Army Pathologist with over thirty-seven years of worldwide military and medical experience. During his Army career, he performed some two hundred autopsies, twenty of which were forensic.  Find out more about Bradley Harper Visit the site Follow us on instagram Subscribe and never miss a show!
September 26, 2019
Have you ever thought of the many artistic forms poetry can take?
Interviewing S.L. Feemster we learn about the many forms Upw(o/a)rds can be interpreted and felt. From the intrinsic aesthetics of boldly bended grammar and to the upside use of margins. Feemster is an NYC-based art maker, and author. Feemster's debut chapbook UP.W(O/A)RDS, a visual poetry collection of stories, scripts, and soundtracks, was published in 2018. UP.W(O/A)RDS is book No. 14 in the Times Square Book Series from @yonkersinternationalpress. Feemster’s words have been commissioned for TEDx and The Dear You Project Podcast. Feemster has also appeared on film, Off Broadway, and on stage throughout the U.S. Catch Feemster hosting @inkinnovators LIVE, and follow @sl_feemster and @read.sl_feemster. Follow us on Instagram at and visit our site
September 19, 2019
Love, Chocolate, and a Dog Named Al Capone by Abigail Drake Romance Novel Author Interview
An interview of the sweet and prolific, award-winning author Abigail Drake returns to the literary stage with two new novels. We discuss in comedic detail her recent novel of Hocus Pocus Magic Shop (June 21, 2019) and her upcoming novel Love, Chocolate, and a Dog named Al Capone (Oct. 15, 2019). Get to know Abigail and her love for romance novels with eleven novels now under her belt. Listen closely as Abigail shares her tips to overcome writers block and write freely. She also provides us with some goodies gems on being both a traditionally and a self-published novelist. You will laugh and gain some knowledge of the literary world. Some of the resources shared here today were the following. Follow Abigail Follow us on Instagram To get more information on this episode or leave a comment on
September 12, 2019
A mini crash course on podcasting
Astrid provides you with tangible steps to start podcasting. While this wasn’t the planned original episode, it’s full of gems to get you started on podcasting. It’s a mouthful of information and hopefully you’ll be taking notes to start your next show. Learn about podcast hosting, what’s an RSS feed, podcast artwork and much more. Hey you may become the next podcast host on Forbes with millions of downloads and an endless supply of fans. So what cha waiting for and get started? Follow us on Instagram and visit our site for more info Products Mentioned on Episode: Blue Yeti Mic Studio Monitor Headphones Podcast Hosts: Buzzsprout Blubrry Libsyn Anchor Podbean Podcast Recording Software: Zencastr Skype Zoom GarageBand (MAC computers only) Podcast Artwork Creative Tools: Canva Snappa Desygner Stencil
September 5, 2019
It’s ok to hate a passion and still pursue it. It’s called the entrepreneurs relationship.
In this episode Astrid Ferguson talks about her recent vacation, which you can find more information and watch the video by visiting she discusses experiences with burn out, having a love/hate relationship with your passion for writing, feeling unmotivated and allowing yourself to take breaks from it all. The business of being a writer is not always sexy and not every book will be a home run. Follow us on IG at and our host
August 29, 2019
NYC Poetry Festival Recap and Tips on Making Money At Vending Events with Astrid Ferguson
  by Astrid Ferguson Hey so you wanna make money huh? You want to secure that bag, hunty?! Yas! Well let me share with you what I learned during my observation at the NYC Poetry Festival and exhibits I have attended with my husband, Jerel Ferguson . He is a fine art oil painting artist so we are in vending and exhibitions quite often. Aside from that, many of you may know I am an introvert. Major surprise huh? So events where I have to sell myself is very uncomfortable for a fine gal like me. So if you are like me and you struggle with this too, I developed a Securing The Bag Checklist that you can take with you to any vending events. Yas girl! See I got chu! Visit follow us on the gram Wanna be considered for our next episode? Leave a review and send us an e-mail at
August 1, 2019
When Instagram doesn’t let you shine! Fun interview with bookstagrammer Phylicia Luckett.
Fun and raw interview with Phylicia Luckett the founder of formerly known (curlsnbooks) now known as the curly prose on Instagram. In this interview we get to know what sparked Phylicia to start the curls and books movement, how she’s recovering after Instagram deleted her account, where you can find her now and have some fun conversations about book/poetry reviews. Phylicia was on the podcast before during the interview of Lyn Patterson author of Whisperings of The Wild and Wilting. So make sure to follow Phylicia and her bookstagrammer journey at follow us on Instagram find these show notes and grab a freebie on our site
July 25, 2019
It may not be you it may be your business.
Have you been dealing with internal conflict and the branding of your business? Are you a freelancer, entrepreneur or writer whose been not feeling it lately? If so, Astrid Ferguson gives you some tips and recommendations with a solo episode responding to a question about internal conflict and business brand. To follow Astrid Ferguson on Instagram please visit follow the podcast Website: Book recommendation The Latte Factor by David Bach
July 12, 2019
Empowering Solo Moms Everywhere with Dr. Marika Lindholm. Author of We Got This &
The mastermind behind the community ESME (Empowering Solo Moms Everywhere) has gathered stories from more than 75 solo moms for the We Got This: Solo Mom Stories of Grit, Heart, and Humor” (She Writes Press, September 10, 2019). She has diligently worked to break the stigmas surrounding solo moms and build a community full of resources and unity. This interview was a heartfelt interview where we discuss the difficulties faced by single moms everywhere. Be sure to look out for We Got This in stores on Sept or put in a preorder. Check out follow their social media accounts (same esme_solomoms on all social media handles) instagram: follow our Instagram and Facebook page and let us know are you a single mom in need of this community?
June 27, 2019
Discovering A New You Through Past Failures. Venturing The Past To Identify New Ways To Begin.
Astrid Ferguson shares how finding your purpose is no easy task. She discusses failure and triumphs. Even with triumphs she still felt unfulfilled and that is what led her to writing. She challenges the audience to do some inner work so they can align their purpose with their profitable business. Make sure to submit your letters with your responses via e-mail to follow us on the gram check out the website
May 23, 2019
Top Five Must Haves as an Author and/or Self Publishing with Astrid Ferguson
Astrid discusses the need for a website, not dealing solely on social media, having a marketing launch strategy, and knowing your audience. Dive into this episode to gain some tangible tips on the must haves to establish an author platform. Go to Get social with us on the gram
May 16, 2019
Afro-Latina Fashion and readings directly from The Serpent’s Rattle poetic memoir with Astrid.
Astrid Ferguson solo episode where she reads a few passages from The Serpent’s Rattle collection. She discusses the threading of the book and some book creation frustrations. She leaves a message for everyone who has dealt with abuse that life goes on and commands more of us to tell our stories. To read more about the serpents Rattle first chapter visit Remember to subscribe and leave a review so others can find the podcast.
May 1, 2019
Banker turned thrilller novelist Carl Vonderau, author of Murderabilia, a mastermind of secrets.
Astrid interviews Carl Vonderau and delves into the composition of Murderabilia, a thriller novel publishing in July 2019. Discussions around pivoting from banking career into writing and how it’s never too late to pursue a passion. Get to know Carl Vonderau by visiting stay in the know especially if you’re into knowing secrets. Be sure to follow the imcwd tribe at or check out our host at
April 23, 2019
Talking Sci-fi with Sayde Scarlett author and publisher of Clouds and Earth.
Astrid Ferguson had the pleasure of interviewing the antiwar and financial crime investigator, Sayde Scarlett. Who authored Clouds and Earth a story that dances between technology, morals and science fiction. Sayde can be found at
April 9, 2019
Interview with Lyn Patterson, author of Whisperings of The Wild and Wilting and Phylicia Luckett
Interview with Lyn Patterson, author of Whisperings of The Wild and Wilting and Phylicia Luckett founder of curls n books. In this interview we get to know the juicy details behind the poetry book of Whisperings of The Wild and Wilting which can be purchased on amazon. We also get to know Phylicia who is a bookstagrammer and we get to here her thoughts behind forming curls n books. You can follow Lyn Patterson on her journey at and Phylicia at
April 5, 2019
Getting to know the bookstagram world with one of our favorite avid readers Reggie Bailey.
In this episode (episode 17) we (Lyn Patterson and Astrid Ferguson) Interview one of the can we discuss poetry bookclub readers. We gain insight on what book readers/ book works are looking for. We also get to know Reggie Bailey better and how he pivoted from sneaker mobile genius to #2booksunder50reviews bookstagram creator. As for upcoming events please check out and the she will speak gender based violence anthology launch party at see you soon!
March 12, 2019
Interview with Chaithanya Sohan author of America Deconstructed.
In episode 16 we talk about Chaithanya Sohan’s book, America Deconstructed. We talk immigration, preserving your culture while becoming more American and tips on becoming traditionally published. Chai shares some of the struggles she experienced finding a publisher and where she found the people necessary for the stories that went in the book. To learn more about Chaithanya click this link to pre-order the book go to amazon or click this link America Deconstructed
February 26, 2019
BONUS episode on staying creative.
Tips on staying creative as a writer and podcast recommendations by Astrid Ferguson. Subscribe, leave a review and follow us on Instagram
February 20, 2019
Interviewing the author of Men Without Hearts Diron Duah
Getting to know the guy behind the words of Men Without Hearts. Lyn Patterson who also recently released her first collection The Whisperings of The Wild and Wilting interviews Diron. His book was a pick by the can we discuss poetry book club in Instagram for the month of January. Come get to know the guy from Ghana who plays soccer and writes poetry. Follow him on Instagram Join the poetry book club and find both Lyn Patterson and Diron Duah books on Amazon.
February 12, 2019
Interview with the author of Love Letters: A Collection Of Poems Terrance P. Elmore.
Episode 13 • Astrid Ferguson interviews Terrance P Elmore the author and king of Love Letters: A Collection of Poems. • Discussions of upcoming projects and more love poetry by Terrance. New book The Essence of Love coming soon! • Tips on Self-Publishing. Ingram vs. Amazon self-publishing platforms. Follow him on twitter and Instagram under The Brown Sugar Cafe and visit his blog at Follow the Imcwd tribe on Instagram and Facebook.
February 5, 2019
New Diary Session With Astrid Ferguson and Upcoming Events.
Astrid describes some hurdles she’s been dealing with as a self-published author, gives some inspirational thoughts and shared some upcoming events in the New York area. Follow her on Instagram and the podcast Instagram you can also follow and for more details on the NYC upcoming events. Remember to subscribe, share and follow the movement.
January 22, 2019
The Unedited “Girl Talk” among friends.
Astrid Ferguson, Cheyenne Tylor Jacobs and Lyn Patterson discuss Instagram trolls, protecting our energy, gender biased comments, bussit open trap yoga and much more. There is some explicit and adult talk in this episode. Join in for a few laughs and ratcheted randomness. Follow Cheyenne @shewillspeak, Lyn Patterson @poetryntings and Astrid Ferguson @astrid_ferg on Instagram. Don’t forget to leave us a review or send us comments you may have on these unedited conversations.
January 15, 2019
Intimate interview with Astrid Ferguson over The Serpent’s Rattle poetic memoir surrounding abuse.
Intimate interview with Astrid Ferguson the author of The Serpent’s Rattle poetic memoir surrounding abuse. A discussion about how culture impacts the relationships we allow to how we mother our kids. Discussions surrounding Astrid’s experience living in domestic violence and how it lead up to child abuse, rape and overcoming it all. Cheyenne Tyler Jacobs the author of The Tragic Type of Beautiful and Lyn Patterson the founder of Can We Discuss Poetry bookclub take on the co-anchoring role in interviewing the host of IMCWD podcast, Astrid Ferguson. For more information on The Serpent’s Rattle visit or purchase on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Follow astrid on Instagram @astrid_ferg, lyn Patterson @poetryntings and Cheyenne Tylor Jacobs @shewillspeak
January 8, 2019
A reflection on 2018. How Astrid began her podcast journey, thanking listeners and bringing in 2019.
Astrid Ferguson reflects on 2018. The beginning of her podcast journey. Discovering done is better than perfect. Her plans for 2019 podcast listeners and a Christmas giveaway for all her podcast listeners. Check out her site for more details on freebie. Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday and a safe and prosperous new year. Thank you everyone for your support. :)
December 23, 2018
Astrid’s experience launching Molt and The Serpent’s Rattle. The Do’s and Don’ts of self-publishing.
Astrid gives tips and shares her experience using Amazon and Ingram as her publishing sites. She talks marketing, struggles of self-publishing and why you should or should not choose a publisher. She also discusses what motivated her writing for each book. Listen to her documentary session and hopefully gain some insight. Feel free to follow her on Instagram @astrid_ferg and follow the podcast @imwcd.podcast Feel free to check out Astrid’s website and get your free copy of The Serpent’s Rattle first chapter.
December 18, 2018
Interview with author and poet of She’s Come Undone, Nia Mora.
During the interview of Nia Mora, alongside Lyn Patterson, founder of Can we discuss poetry club, we get into various topics. Topics including self-publishing, finding your passion after a 12 year break, the emotions behind Nia’s poetry collection and performances as a black woman, along with some marital conversations. It’s a relaxed interview amongst poets who developed a friendship over the gram. Be sure to follow nia mora on Instagram under @poetniamora and twitter and purchase her book on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Join the poetry club on Instagram @canwediscusspoetry for future poetry reads and become a part of a growing community. Remember to subscribe and leave a review to help others gain some insightful information from these interviews. Let’s root each other up.
December 4, 2018
Interviewing the founder and editor in chief of Genre: Urban Arts, Nakeysha Roberts Washington.
Genre: Urban Arts is an independent magazine platform for writers and artist to feature their work. You submit, purchase the magazine and inquire about future events on their website and follow them on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube channel @genreurbanarts They are currently open for different contributing opportunities along with submissions for other anthology projects. They are based out of Milwaukee and host many events in the New York area. So listen up to listen to Nakeysha’s journey and how she is helping all upcoming creatives especially the black and brown communities.
November 20, 2018
Getting to know our host Astrid Ferguson. Life of a mom, wife, poet, author based out of Philly, PA.
What’s good in the life of our host Astrid Ferguson. Getting to know what our host has been up to as a mother, wife, poet, and author. She talks about her journey after publishing Molt, rolling out her next book The Serpents Rattle Dec 3, 2018, and admitting to simply not know what she’s doing. Also an Instagram page has been created @imcwd.podcast so make sure to give it a follow. Astrid can be found on Instagram under @astrid_ferg website twitter @ferg_astrid and Facebook Astrid Ferguson - Afergtale
November 6, 2018
Interview with Lyn Patterson and author Dr. Tanya Manning-Yarde of Every Watering Word.
intro • Lyn Patterson and Book Club Announcement • Dr. Tanya Manning-Yarde Intro • Dr. Tanya Interview • Dr. Tanya Interview Part 2 • Patched In • Patched In • Patched In • Poetry Reading by Dr. Tanya • Follow Dr. Tanya on Instagram @every_watering_word_author and find her book on Amazon. Book club can be found on Instagram @canwediscusspoetry and good reads.
October 30, 2018
Discussion with Cheyenne Tyler Jacobs about sexual assault
Today we are talking to the author of the Tragic Type of Beautiful, Cheyene Tyler Jacobs. She discusses the reasons why she didnt report sexual assault. How she still struggles overcoming her trauma. How race plays a factor in reporting sexual assault. Read more about her story and follow her upcoming events on instagram @shewillspeak Astrid Ferguson the host also shares part of story that will be found in her upcoming book The Serpent's Rattle. Follow her story on instagram @astrid_ferg and her website #sexualassault #rape #whyididntreport #poetrybooks #ptsd #trauma #womenwriters
September 29, 2018
Abandonment or Good Parenting? (Ep. 1)
I mean... can we discuss? Astrid takes a dive at describing a difficult time during her childhood. A time where her poverty forced her parents into making difficult decisions on whether to leave her behind or not. Also, sharing some spoken word poetry from her book Molt and raising the question to her audience. Abandonment or good parenting?
September 12, 2018