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I Think So. . .

I Think So. . .

By Azania Love
Understanding depression wasn't enough to stop me from being depressed. Once I started to understand the Nature of Thought, how they move, how they hide, when they attack, everything, for the first time started to make sense. In my late 20's till my mid 30's I really didn't want to be here, I thought my life was pretty pointless. I couldn't seem to bring, to life all my projects, business ideas, that plagued my mind daily. I saw a life of freedom and expression, but was stuck in a life of struggle & pretense. Watch Your Thoughts is how I stopped being terrorised by my thoughts.
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Your Thoughts Need An Anchor!
After attempting to produce 1 piece of content for multiple platforms and failing, I manage to come with this! Your thoughts need an anchor and any anchor will do. The more negative the better. On this week episode, I know I say that like I released an episode every week😅. Anywho, I speak about how your thoughts only exist because we anchor them into our thinking and if we don't attach to them they can't exist. I missed being on here. I actually have 3 episode in draft to release so be sure to subscribe and check them out when i let them go:) Until the next episode Watch Your Thoughts Azania❤️
May 30, 2022
It's The First of the Month. Now what?
Hello June, Hello May, Hello September ... like argg kill me now! But that's the thing, we just keep on repeating the cycle, never stopping to think, why do we do things this way. And only when we're burnt out, disillusioned with life, do we stop to consider, what's it all about. in this episode I talk about feeling tense around the start of each month as for many years I have bought into the concept of fresh beginnings and all that comes with it. It's only when I realised, that not everything I wanted came to fruition, no matter how many times I wrote it out and down. It's the first of the month, how could we look at it differently or maybe we could just ignore the monthly reset and go with the natural flow. Azania❤️
April 03, 2022
Are We Naturally Negative ?
The level of maintenance  we need to do in order to stay 'grounded' is astounding. If we are not throwing rocks, crystals or bones, we're frantically pulling affirmation cards, writing down what's troubling us, going for walks, signing up to the better health app, (ok thats a recent thing I see amongst all the creators  I've subscribe to on YouTube) letting go of those that are openly negative, not tuning into the mass production of negativity, all in the hope of lifting our mood or raising our vibration.  In this episode, I wonder & talk about if we or at least me is set to negative. The natural question that arose here was can we just be, without having things lined up to do? As always thanks for listening and if your coming from spotify, hit the subscribe button:) Have you got the Mind Notes notebook yet. Grips It here 👇🏾 Loving the Podcast Buy me a coconut here👇🏾 Wanna now what all the dramatics about heat and buildings about, have a nose here 👇🏾 Until the next episode Watch Your Thoughts ! Azania ❤️
March 31, 2022
Lacking Creativity !
Sounding like a bitter Betty for not having Twitter Followers😂 I know. And I also know there others factors to no-one following, i.e not finding the right people I want to follow, so that I can genuinely comment on their tweets, etc etc.. but I was making harnessing the point that just to start something, that appears authentic, doesn't immediately afford you an audience!  Original creation hs to take a backseat to repetitive un-original creation as those with more abstract minds tend not to seek out the same or find themselves in the sea of sameness and so I believe it's perhaps harder to find each other and create communities we actually want to be part of.  In this episode I was caught in thought and wanted to express my feelings towards what it takes to be a creative and the spaces, mentally we can end up in. Fancy supporting future episode, you can do so here👇🏾 Purchase the notebook here👇🏾 Until the next episode Watch those thoughts x
March 26, 2022
The Secret Art Of Dropping - How To Let Thoughts go.
You can't live in two realities at the same time and experience peace.  The art of truly dropping something is having no attachment to it. There is no longer a need to express your feelings toward the subject. To debate about the topic. When you drop thought, you actually forget, the issue, until it's get raised by somebody else. Lots of people will declare that they've let and issue go. Or they don't care anymore, but the fact is they are still carrying, the pain, the hurt, the disappointment.  In this episode (If I can remember as it was in my draft for a few days😅) I talk about what it means to really drop something and free yourself from the trappings of feeling like you let go but really still stuck and just secretly carrying the issue.  Have you got the notebook yet. Purchase here👇🏾 Loving the Podcast so far🥳 Stop mouth dryness and support the Podcast 👇🏾 Until the next upload  Watch Your Thoughts Azania ❤️
March 14, 2022
Neither For Nor Against You …
This was in my drafts and I was like it’s 2022, we said weren’t doing this. So here it is .. 3 huge pauses, but some genuine nuggets to help understand how thoughts move ! It was meant to be the second episode but here we are it being the 8th me thinks…. I tell you what was nice to hear me say I was choosing the designs for the watch your thoughts notebooks, knowing that as of right now you can purchase your books on Amazon 🥳 so happy .. Grab the book and join me as we watch our thoughts together… x
March 09, 2022
I'm In The Sunken Place
What happens when you start noticing your thoughts and then expose them? In this episode I moan quite a-lot about Instagram and the perils of trying to delete your account. But more than that, I talk about catching the thoughts that send you to the sunken place and speak about what I did to get back. Keeping the script short and sweet today as I have a YouTube video to edit and the wifi here in Zanzibar is quite shite, so it may take me all night, although I want to release at 19:00 So until the next long winded script, keep watching those thoughts. Azania ❤️  
March 06, 2022
You Don't Know What You Don't Know
I don't like routine or repetition much. So recognising the patterns that life takes you in was a long time coming, although it shouldn’t have been. In this episode, with my slightly flat voice haha, I talk about how at the end of 2021 I became so acutely aware of not wanting to repeat this dead cycle, or at least from the same perspective as I had been. I also speak about relinquishing me connection to spirituality. In other great news my notebook dedicated to thoughts is ready 🥳🥳🥳 Not sure why I cannot use the link button😏, once i figure that out i'll be back with a link, maybe google azania love mind notes on Amazon. Until the next episode...Watch Your Thoughts ❤️
March 05, 2022
Keep Africans In Africa & How We Ingrain Our Thoughts
First of all, Mission,  Keep Africans in Africa is all about guiding those Africans that believe everything is perfect further a field is to show them it's not. And Melanated peoples still struggle within these countries. Also It's about updated them on how to really be free, which I understand, having access to jobs gives certain freedoms but to understand you're still a slave to the jobs in other countries.  I know people will say there are some studying for less or free in other peoples institutions, but the doctorate you may be studying for may not be worth it. There are many doctors, professionals leaving there jobs for the freedom of working online or creating business they actually love. I also know the argument for being able to earn and save more with menial jobs, but it still comes at a cost. Ok that said, In this episode I give an example of how thoughts get ingrained in our minds and eventually come back to bite us in the mental a£$$. When we put a lot of energy, emotion behind the things that occur for us we inevitably end up ingraining that thought or thoughts to our neural pathways. This is why any childhood traumas, experiences keep repeating over and over in our mind. They then attach to similar thoughts and can spin us out of control in no time. Which is why it's important to pay attentions to our thoughts at all times, until we have this practice on lock, so to speak. I give an example of how my I let my passion for justice spill out onto instagram and how I cleaned it up. We are what we eat and we are also what we pay attention to. When your beginning to work with thought and thinking it's really important to not allow yourself to get to distracted with what's happening outside yourself and outside of what you can control Sasa, I am going to leave it there and thank you so much for listening and until the next episode  Watch Your Thoughts  Azania ❤️
March 02, 2022
Do You Know What Your body Feels Like?
Have you ever touched your body without thought ? In this quick little episode I speak about how our thoughts are always there telling us what we should be thinking and feeling about our bodies. I didn't mention that our thoughts have been programmed, but i'll go into that at a later date.  For today, the take-away is, what exactly does our body feel like without thought.
February 28, 2022
I Don't Want To Be Here & The Repetitive Nature of Thought
It's the repetition for me.  Thoughts have a way of just repeating themselves. They can quite happily just say the same thing over and over again. Take me for example I spent 20 years staring at my belly ( after giving birth ) wondering what I was now going to do about this distinctly 'ugly' belly. The thoughts kept on plaguing me around size, shape and attractiveness. Regardless of what I tried to do / change about my stomach, the thought always keep me focused and unhappy with what I was looking at. In this episode I talk about not focusing on the issue, i.e. my belly is fat, or whatever the body issue is and focus on the thought itself. Putting the thought in the spotlight. When you do this the thought acts different. I don't want to be hear. I speak about this in depth, in another issue, but it is just to be aware that the same thing happens when the thought continues to throw into your awareness, what's the point, of you being here, I believe using the last episode technique and thinking about the thought not the real worlds issue, can challenge the way that you think about that said issue. If you’re  listening on this through Spotify i am sure I've left a space for questions, feel free to send what your thinking about thought. Until the next episode, keep thinking about your thinking and Watch Your Thoughts.
February 27, 2022
Breaking Up With Your Thoughts
Thoughts appear to be, natural to our being. We wake up and we're flooded with thought. We sit in our cars and remember all the things we should have done before we left the house. We could be minding our own business and we're interrupted by obtrusive thoughts. We spend most of our time in thought.  And we are attached. As a prerequisite to our little chats about thought, I need you to do me a favour and see your thoughts as separate to your being. There’s you and then there's your thought. When I started learning about thought. I believed this concept to be a little strange and a little confusing. But as time went on and i began to watch and notice my thoughts and thinking patterns, it became clearer. Here's what I did. I started to see my thoughts as sheep. Each time one popped into my head, I would see it and count it. For example: I got this bill to pay - thought I don't have the money to pay it - thought I can't stand my job -thought That bitch at my Work-Place - thought Regardless whether they are true, your current living experience, they are all thoughts. All you need to do at this time is separate and recognise them. In the podcast it appeared that I gave you many things to become aware of, (sorry for that) but the main premise is just to separate from your thoughts. Once you begin to see them as separate from you. You can easily begin to recognise changes in feeling, i.e. why am I feeling bad etc and start to regain control over them and your life. As for the flies someone let me know 😂 Keep up with me over on Youtube @ I'm not sure whether I mentioned in the first episode I'm creating thought Journals. Well now I've finalised my design, so looking forward to getting them out. Stay tuned for those. Until next time thanks for listening and watch those thoughts Azania❤️
February 25, 2022
I think so
In this episode I talk about finally releasing this podcast on THOUGHT and how said thoughts has stopped me from, in the most dramatic ways. Living my life in the way I visualise it to be. (I actually wrote something else however it disappeared so I'm now guessing what I had said before.) Anywho, I briefly mention how thought plagued me to the point of not wanting to be here, and how once I began to understand the nature of thought for my self, not only have I started to know thought better and how it moves, hides and disrupts I am also able to recognise how to speak to thought in a way that allows you live in a better state of being. I also quickly say I am in the process of creating a thought journal and how and what to write in so you don't further ignite the wrong thoughts. I would love to create a community based around thoughts, that's not just for stuffy academia, to where understanding your thoughts is attainable by all. Well I look forward to the next episode. Thank you for reading and listening  Azania 
February 16, 2022