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Backpacks & HairWraps

Backpacks & HairWraps

By Corinthian
The Book of Corinthian’s podcast “Backpacks and HairWraps” by Corinthian is all about healing, inspiration, and art. In this podcast, Corinthian shares her freedom journey while encouraging others to heal themselves. You can look forward to meditations, spoken word poetry, affirmations, words of encouragement, stories, interviews, music, etc. All of that is love and love is what we need! Visit for more updates!
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Healing Your Inner Child

Backpacks & HairWraps

Healing Your Inner Child

Backpacks & HairWraps

Education Reform
This week school started back for most of us. While I am happy to reconnect with some of my old students as well as meet some of my new ones, I have to address the fact that education needs to evolve in more ways than just offering virtual and hybrid methods of teaching. It’s time that we change what students are taught in school s a whole. Tune in for the discussion on education reform as I share my vision for transforming education globally as well as some of my experiences in the classroom. Also check out my latest YouTube video welcoming my students back and my article in Pop Out Magazine on this topic
September 11, 2020
Let’s Talk Mental Health
In this episode Corinthian Elizabeth is addressing some common topics regarding mental health, both anxiety and depression, by giving some insight from a holistic perspective. She provides some tips on managing your mental health along with a guided meditation that you can use at any time that you need to get grounded in reality and feel more present. Visit for more tips and resources for mental health by utilizing the search bar. For a longer meditation, visit and subscribe! To book services you can do so at
August 27, 2020
Finding Your Purpose
In this episode Corinthian Elizabeth is touching on the planetary shift that we are currently undergoing while addressing a common question that many people are asking right now, “What is my purpose?” You can look forward to a bit of poetry, some words of encouragement, and a guided meditation to assist you with diving deep into your core to bring awareness to the purpose that is already within you.
August 14, 2020
Healing Your Inner Child
Corinthian Elizabeth is kicking off this first episode with healing, art, and inspiration all in one coming through your speakers. This episode includes spoken word poetry from a vulnerable piece thats included in The Book of Corinthian Chapter One: Beauty in the Bayou along with a guided meditation that helps with healing your inner child. If you’re interested in releasing baggage from your heart to heal then this episode is just for you! Visit for more healing, art, and inspiration! Visit to check out the rest of The Book of Corinthian Chapter One: Beauty in the Bayou. Visit for more on healing sessions. Tune in every other Thursday for new podcast episodes!
July 30, 2020
About This Podcast
Here is a quick preview of what to expect from The Book of Corinthian’s podcast “Backpacks and HairWraps”
July 16, 2020