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 The Bitches Be Brave Podcast

The Bitches Be Brave Podcast

By Bev Steele
The Bitches Be Brave Podcast , hosted by Bev Steele, who works in Corporate America, is trying to raise a family, succeed at her career, and to live unapologetically. She believes work life balance is Sh#%, and we all just want a Life and all that that encompasses. Join me as I discuss being a working mom, relationship struggles, finding time for YOU!. Together we can thrive and be our best selves. If you like Rachel Hollis, Bren'e Brown and Jenn Sincero you will love these ladies!

#workingmom #momguilt
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What's your Story, with Heather Smith, Preserve your Memories, Preserve your Stories, Aging Parents, Growing Children
Episode 95, and I am talking with Heather Smith, the Founder of StoryFile.  StoryFile is revolutionizing the way we connect with each other by introducing conversational video with Audio Visual technology at the forefront of this generation. Through the click of a button, StoryFile magically turns video into a conversation. This next generation of technology uses artificial intelligence to support video conversations on any device. StoryFile transforms traditional one-way video into a two-way conversation. This is the biggest audio-visual evolution since video was first created. You will love listening to Heather share with us how many people are using StoryFile today.  Some are saving memories of people who have made history, and some are saving their own stories, or the stories of the people they love. You can find find Heather on: Instagram  @StoryFile Website  You got this. Be Brave!  You can find me at:  - @bitchesbebrave on Instagram  - Email me at
October 16, 2021
Honestly Mommy, with Stephanie Peltier - Real Mom Talk, Date Night, Raising Kids, Mother of 5
Episode 94 is out, and I am talking with Stephanie Peltier from Honestly Mommy. Stephanie is a 31 year old mom of 4 -soon to 5!- who homeschools, believes in natural health, and work full time from home. She resides in MN with her husband of 13 years and their babies. You can find her laughing her way through motherhood on Instagram as HonestlyMommy (or really just about any platform really) and her mission in social media is to help inspire, encourage, and uplift women; no matter what season of life they find themselves in.  In this episode we get real about what it means to be a mom, how life balance is not something we want to strive for, and even how do to date night when raising a family.  You will love this real life talk about moms supporting moms and all the crazy that motherhood brings. You can find find Stephanie on: Instagram  @honestlymommy Website  You got this. Be Brave!  You can find me at:  - @bitchesbebrave on Instagram  - Email me at
September 30, 2021
Divorce is a Beginning, Divorced Moms, Dating when Divorced with Kids, with Michelle Dempsey
Episode 93 and I am talking with Michelle Dempsey-Multack MS, CDS, who is a writer, mom, coach, certified divorce specialist (TM) (CDS), speaker, and genuine girl power enthusiast. She graduated from Hofstra University with a degree in journalism and communication and then earned a double masters degree in education from Adelphi University. She hosts the weekly podcast Moms Moving On, and writes regularly for Parents, Scary Mommy, and others. If you are going,  or have gone through, a divorce, this episode is for you.  It is time to loose the shame you may have and realize that a divorce can be your new beginning.  Divorce is not something that we need to feel bad about or believe that we have failed.  A divorce may just be the path you needed to travel, in order to get to the life you want.  We discuss how to be open and honest with your children, and why being honest is not teaching them that you don't believe in the value of marriage.  We, of course, talk about dating again, and how and why you need to be real about why you are dating, and what you want from your dating experience.  We also discuss why you don't have to box with your ex, just because he invites you in to the ring.  That was a lightbulb moment for me! You can find find Michelle at: Instagram  @themichelledempsey Website  Podcast The Moms Moving on Podcast Pre order Michelles book, Moms Moving On, on Amazon now! You got this. Be Brave! You can find me at: @bitchesbebrave on Instagram Email me at
September 11, 2021
The Cancer Cartel, Cancer Support, Financial impact of Cancer, with Kerry, Shelly, and Katy
Episode 92 is out, and I am talking with Katy, Kerry & Shelly, 3 strong, brave,  business minded, female cancer survivors who founded the Cancer Cartel, a 501c3 non-profit that combines their passion for luxury fashion, beauty & lifestyle with funding for people fighting cancer.  Cancer Cartel’s important mission is to provide financial resources and relief to those fighting cancer, and we are doing it in fun innovative ways.  Listen as we talk about how they found their mission, started the Cancer Cartel, and how things have evolved, by taking a chance, and seeing what they can do.  With an 11 million dollar goal to give to people fight cancer, you will all want to listen and see how you can help, too. Here is the information for the events coming up.  If you are listening to this podcast after August 2021, go to their website to find out when the next event is happening and how you can help. Cancer Cartel has joined forces with TheRealReal to take your designer donations and turn them into life-altering help for cancer warriors.  Two launch events are scheduled where you can meet the ladies of Cancer Cartel as well as drop off your gently-loved, mens and womens, designer clothes, shoes, jewelry, accessories and more! Join them in West Hollywood at The RealReal 8500 Melrose Avenue on Thursday, August 26th from 4-7PM.  And at The RealReal at Lido Island, 3439 Via Oporto, Newport Beach on Friday August 27th from 4-7PM.  YOU can make a direct, dramatic impact on the lives of people fighting cancer and have some fashionable fun at the same time! After you clean out your closet and meet the ladies at The RealReal, you can update your fall wardrobe at a shopping event with the Cancer Cartel and Intermix on Saturday, August 28th from noon to 5PM!  Sip and shop for a cause at Intermix, 110 North Robertson Blvd, LA. You can find find Kerry, Shelly, and Katy at: Instagram  @cancercartel Website  You got this. Be Brave! You can find me at: @bitchesbebrave on Instagram Email me at
August 20, 2021
Ask Us Beauty, Answers to questions on Plastic Surgery, Beauty Treatments, with Michelle Emmick
Episode 91, and I am talking with Michelle Emmick about the launch of her new magazine, Ask Us Beauty Magazine, and why we as women need to navigate our own path to what beauty means to us.  Michelle, who lists corporate executive, entrepreneur, visionary, two-time best-selling author, and newly added magazine Editor-in-Chief to her list of credits. (Her favorite credit is Mom, of course!). Michelle is well known to all of my podcast listeners, from Episode 83,  as The Plastic Surgery Coach and is the most listen to podcast on Bitches Be Brave. Michelle has always prided herself on being a trusted advisor and thinking like the consumer, all while not taking herself too seriously. After spending years in corporate leadership positions, Michelle saw a need in the market to provide consumers real facts from real industry insiders. Known as The Plastic Surgery Coach, she co-founded MyCoachMD on the foundation of providing consumers the right education and support when it comes to having an elective cosmetic procedure. Now she’s expanding into all thing’s beauty/wellness with a unique magazine that collaborates with authentic beauty experts. Ask Us Beauty challenges the mainstream to elevate and explore all our beauty/wellness options in a fun and empowering way. Michelle and the Ask Us Beauty team, are providing high performing content with real influencers to celebrate people, products, procedures, and services so that everyday women can choose for themselves what beauty means to them both inside and out.  This is a must listen to episode and a must get magazine! You can find Michelle and the Ask Us Beauty Magazine at:  Instagram @askusbeautymagazine and @theplasticsurgerycoach You got this. Be Brave! You can find me at: @bitchesbebrave on Instagram Email me at bitchesbebrave@bitchesbebrave.comFollow 
August 10, 2021
Trash the To Do List, Time Management, How to get things done, with Kris Ward
Episode 90, and I am talking with Kris Ward, Founder and Author, of the Win the Hour, Win the Day philosophy.  After the loss of her husband, Kris returned full-time to her work as a marketing strategist.  She not only learned that her work could survive in her absence, but she could make her life thrive. This episode is a wake up call for those of us working hard and long hours, and for those of us that just can't seem to get to the things we really want to do.  You will hear me have a few light bulb moments as Kris takes us through our time bank accounts and why we need to trash our to do lists. Listen for some game changing tips, that I started using right away!  You can find Kris at: Instagram @kriswardlive You got this. Be Brave! You can find me at: @bitchesbebrave on Instagram Email me at
August 03, 2021
Look and Feel 10 Years Younger, Fashion at 50, Aging and Beauty, with Melissa Meyers
Episode 89, and I am talking with Melissa Meyers,  the Founder and Creative Director of the inspirational lifestyle blog, The Glow Girl. She is an LA-based social media influencer, content creator, and lifestyle writer. With over 20 years of editorial experience covering beauty, fashion, wellness, and lifestyle, Melissa is passionate about sharing her tips with other women on how to look and feel their best at any age. Her focus is on empowering women to be the best version of themselves, age gracefully, and maintain a youthful glow from the inside out. As quoted in Who What Wear, "Not only is Meyers practically a savant when it comes to navigating clean, nontoxic beauty, but she also loves to routinely share her best tips and tricks when it comes to aging. Refreshingly, Meyers is all about embracing the aging process and empowering women to be the best version of themselves.” Melissa is regularly featured on Who What Wear and has also been in People, People StyleWatch, Huffington Post, Hamptons Magazine, and many other publications. She loves sharing her healthy lifestyle for women over 40. In 2019, she was coined “the most stylish 54-year-old on Instagram" and one of “ The Coolest Fashion People To Follow In Every Age Group" by Who What Wear.  Join us as we discuss her 10 tips and tricks for looking and feeling 10 years younger.  This is a must listen to episode with an amazing, inspirational woman. You can find Melissa and her top tips to look and feel 10 years younger at:  Instagram @melissameyers You got this. Be Brave! You can find me at: @bitchesbebrave on Instagram Email me at
July 26, 2021
3" Never Felt so Good, Following your Passion, Women Entrepreneurs, with Jen and Shari
This is episode 88 , and I am talking with Jen and Shari the Founders of the F.Major shoe brand.  You will love these real women who will discuss how they navigated their "next" in life, by satisfying a need that they and many of us women need today.  A great shoe, that still makes us feel hot, but is comfortable, and that we can wear, with most anything.  We all have leaned more in to comfort during and coming out of the pandemic. Now we want to keep that comfort, and have shoes that really fit us.  Think of them as the Spanx of the shoe industry. We have to say, why didn't someone help us find a shoe that supports what we need sooner? Well, we are glad that Shari and Jen did.  They are, in some ways, ordinary women, like you and I, doing extraordinary things.  You will be inspired by their real stories about struggles of being a woman in the workplace and at home. Also, find out why 3" never felt so good and how name F.Major came to be! When you are done listening and have gone to their website, as I know you will want to check them out, make sure you use the CODE Bitches to get 20% off, just for Bitches Be Brave listeners!! You can find Jen and Shari at: Instagram @shopfmajor Discount CODE for 20% , is Bitches You got this. Be Brave! You can find me at: @bitchesbebrave on Instagram Email me at #hotshoes #designer #shoes #weightlossjourney #myfitnesspal #wednesday #hotmomma #transformation  #quotes  #momsclub #podcast #fitness #mom #motivation #rolemodel #balance #recovery #basicmom #inspirational #bossbabe #raisingdaughters #passion  #moms #nofilter #instadaily #relatablememes #podcastersofinstagram  #relatable #workingmomstruggles #parentsquad #instahub #instagood #worklifebalance For your 1 penny bottle of healthier wine
July 15, 2021
Don't feel guilty about wanting to look Hot, Lose Weight, Get in shape, with Lauren Hubert
Episode 87, and you will love listening to this fun talk with Lauren Hubert MS, RD, who is the Registered Dietitian and Weight Loss Expert behind The Sorority Nutritionist. After gaining nearly 20 pounds as a freshman at Florida State University, Lauren was left struggling with her self-confidence and insecure about the way she looked. Determined to lose the weight, Lauren began her weight loss journey sparking an intense interest in food and exercise. Like many young women, to shed the weight she began running for hours every day and cutting out calories from her diet, leading her to being super restrictive with her food choices and scared to go out to drink with her sorority sisters. It wasn’t until she began studying nutrition and changed her degree to Dietetics that she totally realized the self destructive dieting path she was going down. Lauren and I talk about why there is a stigma today about wanting to look hot, lose weight, look good.  Like there is anything wrong with that?  Listen while we break down some of these barriers and have real talk about how it is OK to want it all, a career, a family, and still look, um, HOT!  You can find Lauren at or on Instagram @sorority.nutrionist You got this. Be Brave! You can find me at: @bitchesbebrave on Instagram Email me at #weightlossjourney #myfitnesspal #wednesday #hotmomma #transformation  #quotes  #momsclub #podcast #fitness #mom #motivation #rolemodel #balance #recovery #basicmom #inspirational #bossbabe #raisingdaughters #passion  #moms #nofilter #instadaily #relatablememes #podcastersofinstagram  #relatable #workingmomstruggles #parentsquad #instahub #instagood #worklifebalance For your 1 penny bottle of healthier wine
June 30, 2021
It's OK to be not OK, Mom Guilt, Work Life Balance, with Jennifer Jakobsen
Episode 86, I am talking with Jennifer Jakobsen, who is a certified mindset coach for mom entrepreneurs and a Master’s Level Mental Health Therapist. She helps mompreneurs who struggle with guilt, overwhelm, and a lack of balance to find success in business and life while having fun in the process.  As a wife and mom of three girls, who’s worked many years in the mental health field as a psychotherapist, she has a unique perspective on how to kick the parenting guilt and negative self talk in order to feel confident and in control in life and business. Her passion is to take mom entrepreneurs from the place of feeling doubtful of themselves and overwhelmed to feeling calm, balanced and peaceful in their lives so that they can effectively parent, make money without stress and still find time to take care of themselves. This conversation ebbs and flows, and brings us to the conclusion that none of us our perfect, but what do we need to do to move our self forward to our goals. You got this. Be Brave! You can find Jennifer at jjakobsenlifecoach on Instagram You can find me at:  Bitchesbebrave on Instagram  email me at #coaching #mentor #lifechanges #goals #habits #hotmomma #transformation  #quotes  #momsclub #podcast #fitness #mom #motivation #rolemodel #balance #recovery #basicmom #inspirational #bossbabe #raisingdaughters #passion  #moms #nofilter #instadaily #relatablememes #podcastersofinstagram  #relatable #workingmomstruggles #parentsquad #instahub #instagood #worklifebalance For a healthier wine and your 1 penny bottle, click here.
May 27, 2021
You're Kind of a Big Deal, with Erin King
Episode 85, I am interviewing Erin King, who is a best-selling author, 3x entrepreneur and the CEO of the Socialite Agency.  She is the author of “Digital Persuasion” and “You’re Kind of a Big Deal” which both draw from her personal and professional experiences having founded three companies before the age of 40. On today's episode we explore her story of resilience and how a set back can come right before your comeback, or a few set backs, as may be the case for Erin and many of us.  This is a timely episode as we as women navigate our professional relationships and learn to make bridges to a more personal relationship, at work. This can be even more difficult when the dynamic may be a male / female relationship.  We talk about how we can be persuasive and find our superpower.  We, as women, are often second guessing our relationships in, and out of, work.  This is our time to level up and be ok with saying, I'm Kind of a Big Deal!  You got this.  Be Brave!  You can find Erin King and her book at  You can find me at:  @Bitchesbebrave on Instagram  Email me at #coaching #mentor #lifechanges #goals #habits #hotmomma #transformation  #quotes  #momsclub #podcast #fitness #mom #motivation #rolemodel #balance #recovery #basicmom #inspirational #bossbabe #raisingdaughters #passion  #moms #nofilter #instadaily #relatablememes #podcastersofinstagram  #relatable #workingmomstruggles #parentsquad #instahub #instagood #worklifebalance #author #book #womeninspiration #womenempowerment For a healthier wine and your 1 penny bottle, click here.
May 12, 2021
Being the Child of a Working Mom, Mom Guilt no more, with Kylee Steele
Episode ___ On today’s episode, I am talking to Kylee Steele.  Kylee Steele is a college student at University of California Berkeley, studying Biology and is a pre-vet major.  Kylee is also my daughter, and graciously agreed to come on the Bitches Be Brave Podcast to tell her story about growing up with a working Mom.  This episode is one that I have been thinking about for some time. We, as working moms talk endlessly about our guilt, our stress, our worry about our children and, quite frankly never feeling like we are ever enough at work or at home. Recently, Kylee, my oldest daughter was home and we were having one of our many hearts to hearts about her childhood, and the struggles of wanting it all, and feeling bad about that. Our talk took an amazing turn and I asked her if she would come on and tell her story. Her view of being the daughter of a working mom and her story, may very well surprise you, it did me.  It may also help you to allow yourself to just be OK, with not always being OK, and being unapologetically humanSo here we go!  You can find, and follow, Kylee on Instagram @kyleesteele  You can find  Bev at: Instagram: @BitchesBeBrave, Facebook: Bitches Be Brave and   Email me at bitchesbebrave@ For a healthier wine and your Bitches Be Brave 1 penny bottle, click here.    #workingmomguilt #momguilt #workingmom #lifechanges #goals #habits #hotmomma #transformation  #quotes  #momsclub #podcast #fitness #mom #motivation #rolemodel #balance #recovery #basicmom #inspirational #bossbabe #raisingdaughters #passion  #moms #nofilter #instadaily #relatablememes #podcastersofinstagram  #relatable #workingmomstruggles #parentsquad #instahub #instagood #worklifebalance #author #book #womeninspiration #womenempowerment #momguilt #collegekids
April 08, 2021
Confessions of a Plastic Surgery Coach, with Michelle Emmick
Episode 83, We dive into the topic of cosmetic enhancements. We get the scoop from Michelle Emmick, known as The Plastic Surgery Coach. Michelle is the CEO and Co-founder of MyCoachMD and an Amazon bestselling author with her debut book Blue-Collar Beauty. Michelle has spent close to twenty years in the aesthetics field, having performed over 10,000 patient consultations and working with over 3000 surgeons and support staff. With her mantra of "Know Before You Go," Michelle saw a need in the market for helping others. Women being so busy, they don't always have time to do all the research, whether that means looking into procedure options or finding the right doctor. Her company not only helps the consumer, Michelle, and her colleagues work closely with practices all over the world to provide exceptional patient experiences. We know what excellent service can do for a business, and we want to make sure that every patient not only looks and feels good, that they would refer their friends and family to that practice. Michelle holds an undergraduate degree in Social Work and graduate studies in Business. Michelle is originally from upstate NY and has spent the last 15 years in Florida with her husband Mike, daughter Carson and rescue dog Bailey. We discuss these questions and so much more: -What is the stigma around plastic surgery an is it valid? -When should someone consider plastic surgery? -When and why should someone NOT consider plastic surgery? -How to talk to your spouse, partner or friends about procedures that you may want to have done. -How to find a good doctor and what research to do before you move forward. Find Michelle's book Blue Collar Beauty on Amazon or other places books are sold. My Coach MD:  Find Bev & Heather at: Instagram: @BitchesBeBrave, Facebook: Bitches Be Brave Website:  Email us at: For a healthier wine and your Bitches Be Brave 1 penny bottle, click here. #plasticsurgerycoach#mentor #lifechanges #goals #habits #hotmomma #transformation  #quotes  #momsclub #podcast #fitness #mom #motivation #rolemodel #balance #recovery #basicmom #inspirational #bossbabe #raisingdaughters #passion  #moms #nofilter #instadaily #relatablememes #podcastersofinstagram  #relatable #workingmomstruggles #parentsquad #instahub #instagood #worklifebalance #author #book #womeninspiration #womenempowerment #plasticsurgery #workingmom #workingmoguilt
March 15, 2021
When Sex Feels like a Chore, with Janna Denton-Howes
Episode 82, we are talking with Janna Denton-Howes is a Sex Coach who specializes in helping married women want and enjoy sex more with their husbands. This episode will give you a fresh perspective on how you are approaching intimacy in your own life, on your own terms, and for your own pleasure. You will have some aha moments, and this is a must listen episode. Known for her popular course, The Wanting It More Program, Janna empowers women to create boundaries, trust their intuition and prioritize their pleasure in the sexual experience. After getting married as a teen and struggling with low desire, Janna spent many years trying to increase her libido with no long-term results. She eventually developed her own methodology for healing this, first for herself and now for hundreds of other women. Links Website: Facebook: Instagram:‬ Find Bev & Heather at:   Instagram: BitchesBeBrave  Facebook: Bitches Be Brave   Website:  Email us at:
September 04, 2020
Healing the World, One Woman at a Time, with Michelle Moore
Episode 81. We are talking with Michelle Moore, who is an author, oversees COVID-19 testing response as a senior vice president for Laboratory Corporation of America; by night, she is the founder of Mother’s Grace, a nonprofit organization that has raised more than $5 million for families in acute crisis, assisting more than 6,000 mothers in the state of Arizona and throughout the world. Mother’s Grace addresses the critical needs of mothers and their children in the midst of tragic life events by helping them with housing costs, medication, meals, housekeeping, childcare, transportation, and a host of other immediate needs. Through mentorship and seed grants, Mother’s Grace also assists women in starting their own nonprofits, with the goal of producing a new generation of women leaders. Michelle discusses her upcoming book, A Mother’s Grace: Healing the World One Woman at a Time. You will love how Michelle shares how her adversity became a global movement when she survived an aggressive form of breast cancer at the same time her son faced near fatal complications from juvenile diabetes. Grateful to be alive, she was compelled to make changes in her life and in the lives of others. Michelles personal story, and the stories of the women she has helped are inspiring and a reminder that we are all so much more alike than different.  Y ou can find Michelle on Facebook at Mother’s Grace and at Her book, our now, is available on Amazon.  ‪‬  Find Bev & Heather at:   Instagram: @BitchesBeBrave  Facebook: Be Brave  Website:   Email us at: For a healthier wine and your Bitches Be Brave 1 penny bottle, click here. #workingmomguilt #momguilt #workingmom #lifechanges #goals #habits #hotmomma #transformation  #quotes  #momsclub #podcast #fitness #mom #motivation #rolemodel #balance #recovery #basicmom #inspirational #bossbabe #raisingdaughters #passion  #moms #nofilter #instadaily #relatablememes #podcastersofinstagram  #relatable #workingmomstruggles #parentsquad #instahub #instagood #worklifebalance #author #book #womeninspiration #womenempowerment #momguilt #collegekids #healing 
August 28, 2020
Motherhood and Madness, The Impact of Mental Illness, with Miriam Feldman
Episode 80, we interview Miriam Feldman and discuss what it's like to raise a son with Schizophrenia, but really this applies to every family who faces challenges. Miriam recounts how she supported her family, marriage, career, her son and her own sanity during the most trying times of her life. We dive into  Miriam Feldman is an artist, writer, and mental health activist who splits her time between her Los Angeles studio and her farm in rural Washington state. She has been married to her husband Craig O’Rourke, also an artist, for 34 years and they have four adult children. Their 33-year-old son, Nick, has schizophrenia. With an MFA in painting from Otis Art Institute, Miriam founded Demar Feldman Studios, Inc., a distinguished mural and decorative art company, in 1988. At the same time, she built a strong career as a fine artist, represented by Hamilton Galleries in Santa Monica, CA. When Nick was diagnosed in 2004, Miriam became an activist and a writer. With first-hand knowledge of our mental health system, she decided to be an advocate for those who have no voice. She serves on the advisory board of Bring Change 2 Mind, the non-profit founded by Glenn Close, and writes a monthly blog for their website. Miriam is active in leadership at NAMI Washington and writes for their newsletters. She is a frequent guest on mental health podcasts and is active on Instagram, where she has created a community of family and loved ones dealing with mental illness Find Miriams book: "He Came In With It, A portrait of Motherhood and Madness" at all book outlets. Find more about Miriam at:  Find Bev  at: Instagram: BitchesBeBrave, Facebook: Bitches Be Brave and  Email us at: For a healthier wine and your Bitches Be Brave 1 penny bottle, click here. #workingmomguilt #momguilt #workingmom #lifechanges #goals #habits #hotmomma #transformation  #quotes  #momsclub #podcast #fitness #mom #motivation #rolemodel #balance #recovery #basicmom #inspirational #bossbabe #raisingdaughters #passion  #moms #nofilter #instadaily #relatablememes #podcastersofinstagram  #relatable #workingmomstruggles #parentsquad #instahub #instagood #worklifebalance #author #book #womeninspiration #womenempowerment #momguilt #collegekids #healing #mentalillness #onthespectrum #schizophrenia
August 21, 2020
You can't drive your car to your own funeral, with, Ann Marie Hancock
Episode 79: We speak with Ann Marie Hancock who is an award-winning journalist, radio and television personality, and talk show host who has interviewed many famous people. She has appeared on Bertice Berry, Rolanda, NBC’s The Other Side, The Angel Show and Inside Edition. Hancock is the author of two previous books: Be A Light and Wake Up America. Her latest book, You Can’t Drive Your Car to Your Own Funeral, is based on the three-year journey of caring for her terminal mother and the spiritual as well as practical lessons she learned along the way. She has an extensive background in volunteerism: she served on the Parents Council of The Virginia Military Institute; she co-chaired the State Catholic Concilium on Education, served on the Boards of Virginia Goodwill Industries; Pediatric Infusion, the James River Association, the Virginia Wildlife Festival, has worked extensively with the Make a Wish Foundation, and hosted the first Miss Virginia Wheelchair Pageant. She has been honored by The Virginia Rehabilitation Association and received The Breath of Life Award from The American Red Cross. Ann Marie Hancock lives in Virginia with her husband Tom, a retired nationally recognized attorney in health and hospital law, consistently listed in Best Lawyers in America.  We discuss: How to give and care more the complex and challenging people in our lives. How to DECIDE to live in fear or in love and then move into the place of love. How NOT to own what everybody says to you. How does fear keep us from our own personal truth? How does unforgiveness keep us from joy? Why does it take crisis or tragedy to think about what really matters?   Find Ann Marie's latest book, You Can't Drive Your Car To Your Own Funeral at Amazon and other places where books are sold.   Find Bev & Heather at: Instagram: BitchesBeBrave, Facebook: Bitches Be Brave and  Email us at: For a healthier wine and your Bitches Be Brave 1 penny bottle, click here. #workingmomguilt #momguilt #workingmom #lifechanges #goals #habits #hotmomma #transformation  #quotes  #momsclub #podcast #fitness #mom #motivation #rolemodel #balance #recovery #basicmom #inspirational #bossbabe #raisingdaughters #passion  #moms #nofilter #instadaily #relatablememes #podcastersofinstagram  #relatable #workingmomstruggles #parentsquad #instahub #instagood #worklifebalance #author #book #womeninspiration #womenempowerment #momguilt #collegekids #healing # loss #grieve #unforgiveness #death
August 14, 2020
Mindful Return with, Lori Mihalich-Levin
Episode 78, We interview Lori Mihalich-Levin, JD,  and we discuss how to alleviate the overwhelm, guilt, uncertainty and exhaustion as you return to work. Learn how to set boundaries, stop comparing yourself to others and the importance of transition rituals. Learn how to make time in your relationship to plan, organize and discuss your needs as individuals with your partner. There are tremendous benefits to being a working parent and employers can benefit from the skill sets that working moms and dads bring to the workplace.  Lori is an advocate for working parents and the founder of Mindful Return, a program that helps new parents return to work after parental leave and helps employers to retain their working parent talent.  She is also a health care partner in BigLaw, the author of Back to Work After Baby: How to Plan and Navigate a Mindful Return from Maternity Leave, co-host of the Parents at Work Podcast, and mama to two boys, ages 7 and 9.  Her thought leadership has been featured in publications including Forbes, The Washington Post, New York Times Parenting , Thrive Global, and The Huffington Post.  Find Lori's tips and recommendations as discussed in the interview here: Find Bev & Heather at:   Instagram: BitchesBeBrave  Facebook: Bitches Be Brave   Website:  Email us at: For a healthier wine and your Bitches Be Brave 1 penny bottle, click here.  workingmomguilt #momguilt #workingmom #lifechanges #goals #habits #hotmomma #transformation  #quotes  #momsclub #podcast #fitness #mom #motivation #rolemodel #balance #recovery #basicmom #inspirational #bossbabe #raisingdaughters #passion  #moms #nofilter #instadaily #relatablememes #podcastersofinstagram  #relatable #workingmomstruggles #parentsquad #instahub #instagood #worklifebalance #author #book #womeninspiration #womenempowerment #momguilt #collegekids #healing #returntowork #maternityleave
August 07, 2020
Making Your Life Vision A Reality, with Heather Rangel
Epsisode 77, Whether you think that vision boards are woo woo or not,  you need to listen to this episode where we dive into the power of manifesting a life that you want. We interview Heather Rangel who is the CEO of Ideal Life Vision, where she teaches how to use a proven formula to create your Ideal Life through the power of visualization. This method works and you owe it to yourself to try it. Learn about the power of mindset, how to hold and keep habits and the !% rule: What can you change today and be consistent at to create success in your life. This episode can change your life if you want it to.  Find Heather Rangel at or Facebook: Ideal Life Vision Find Bev & Heather at:   Instagram: BitchesBeBrave  Facebook: Bitches Be Brave   Website:   Email us at: #coaching #mentor #lifechanges #goals #habits #hotmomma #transformation  #quotes  #momsclub #podcast #fitness #mom #motivation #rolemodel #balance #recovery #basicmom #inspirational #bossbabe #raisingdaughters #passion  #moms #nofilter #instadaily #relatablememes #podcastersofinstagram  #relatable #workingmomstruggles #parentsquad #instahub #instagood #worklifebalance For a healthier wine and your 1 penny bottle, click here.
July 31, 2020
Living, Not just Surviving with, Heather Chauvin
Episode 76, Heather Chauvin has been named the next generation’s thought leader in parenting and women’s leadership. Her mission is to crack women open to their deepest potential and lead the life their soul craves. She reaches thousands of readers worldwide and leads innovative retreats and coaching programs that teach women to succeed in their most sacred work in parenting and business. Heather’s the creator of the New & Noteworthy Podcast, Mom Is In Control and has been featured on the OWN network, Huffington Post, TV outlets and others. Through her Courageous Rewrite Initiative, Heather has given voice too many humans who have courageously taking inspired action towards creating a life they’re proud of. With wit and wisdom, Heather inspires a global community of women to take back control of how they want to lead, work, play and parent. Key talking points: - Coping works until it doesn't work - Saying yes to yourself makes everything better -Stop sabotaging your happiness Find Heather at: Podcast: Mom is in Control Connect on Facebook + Instagram  Find Bev & Heather at:   Instagram: BitchesBeBrave  Facebook: Bitches Be Brave   Website:   Email us at: #coaching #mentor #lifechanges #goals #habits #hotmomma #transformation  #quotes  #momsclub #podcast #fitness #mom #motivation #rolemodel #balance #recovery #basicmom #inspirational #bossbabe #raisingdaughters #passion  #moms #nofilter #instadaily #relatablememes #podcastersofinstagram  #relatable #workingmomstruggles #parentsquad #instahub #instagood #worklifebalance #womenempowerment #workingmom #momguilt For a healthier wine and your 1 penny bottle, click here.
July 24, 2020
Tired does not mean you are Crazy, with Tiffany Mullen
Episode 75 and we are talking with Dr, Tiffany Mullen, who is the CEO and co-founder of Vytal Health, a telemedicine startup company.   Tiffany tells us about how, after years of feeling frustrated by healthcare, both as a a patient and a physician, she left corporate healthcare and founded Vytal Healthcare , a company focused on solving health problems that have been overlooked and underrated in traditional health care.  She talks about the challenges of women today, getting the care they need. She is against the knee jerk  reaction to diagnosing women as hysterical and administering antidepressants.  We talk about challenges of sleep, weight gain, and just not feeling well.   What patterns in your life do you want to look at and what things are contributing to how you are feeling.  We talk about supplements, hormones, and more.  We know you will love this episode with a frank discussion on how we as women can truly advocate for ourselves.  You and find Dr. Mullen at   Find Bev & Heather at:  Instagram: BitchesBeBrave  Facebook: Bitches Be Brave Website:   Email us at: #coaching #mentor #lifechanges #goals #habits #hotmomma #transformation  #quotes  #momsclub #podcast #fitness #mom #motivation #rolemodel #balance #recovery #basicmom #inspirational #bossbabe #raisingdaughters #passion  #moms #nofilter #instadaily #relatablememes #podcastersofinstagram  #relatable #workingmomstruggles #parentsquad #instahub #instagood #worklifebalance #womenempowerment #workingmom #momguilt For a healthier wine and your 1 penny bottle, click here.
July 17, 2020
Following Your Passion, with Therese Plummer
Episode 74.  We are talking with Thérèse Plummer,  who is an actor and award-winning audiobook narrator working in New York City. She has recorded over 400 audio books for various publishers.  She has appeared as an actor in  The Good Wife, Law and Order SVU, and Virgin River for Netflix. This episode is a reminder and proof that it does not matter what path you have chosen to walk in life, that we have all have a desire to make a connection, and to find our passion.  Listen as  Therese shares with us how she kept on the path to follow her dreams.  She went to New York by herself at age 26 and found the courage by overcoming her fear, and staying on track, even though many believed she was too old to pursue this dream.  She had those voices in her head, telling her she was crazy to think she could do this, but chose not to believe that voice and keep following her passion. She believes getting out in nature and staying grounded helped to keep her out of the crazy of NYC. She reveals the challenges she had as an adolescent and her recovery, which she shared for the first time on a podcast.  That success has motivated her to keep finding the peace.   She also discusses the important of having a support group around her and her brave bitches, the Lady Fingers.  This episode will resonate with you on so many levels, we hope you love the time with Therese as we did. You can find Therese Plummer at  Find Bev & Heather at:  Instagram: BitchesBeBrave  Facebook: Bitches Be Brave Website:   Email us at: #coaching #mentor #lifechanges #goals #habits #hotmomma #transformation  #quotes  #momsclub #podcast #fitness #mom #motivation #rolemodel #balance #recovery #basicmom #inspirational #bossbabe #raisingdaughters #passion  #moms #nofilter #instadaily #relatablememes #podcastersofinstagram  #relatable #workingmomstruggles #parentsquad #instahub #instagood #worklifebalance #womenempowerment #workingmom #momguilt For a healthier wine and your 1 penny bottle, click here.
July 10, 2020
Turning Your Health Around, with Suzanne Carpenter
Episode  73  .  We are talking with Suzanne Carpenter,  who helps us clear up food confusion so you can win at losing weight. She created CarpenterOne80 to equip people with the tools they need to help them lose weight while living a lifestyle they love. She knows that people want to lose weight, usually to feel more confident in some area of their life. The problem is, food is everywhere and there are many misconceptions about how to eat, when to eat, or what to eat. That’s why she calls it food confusion!  There are two problems people face when creating change; one, they don’t have the resources to devote to it and, two, they experience information overload. Suz, as her friends call her, can’t stand the idea that people are waiting on weight. Waiting to wear the clothes they love, waiting to stand in the front of the picture, waiting to be IN the picture, waiting on the job or the raise, waiting on the relationship. It must end. You need to live NOW!  We hope that our listeners resonate with her message.I. Maybe you want to do something but you’re not sure what. Maybe you need help getting started. Maybe you’re on the verge of burn- out. Wherever you are, If any of these apply, get ready, sit back and listen as Suz takes us through how she can help.  She named her company CarpenterOne80 because: CARPENTER: A person who builds, makes, and repairs ONE: A single decision or action 80: Number of days required to form a solid habit Suz has a special offer for our brave listeners who sign up for her SOS, if you put in the code BRAVE, at checkout,  she has 4 different amazing grocery lists for you. You can find Suz at: @carpenterone80 on Istagram and Facebook Find Bev & Heather at:  Instagram: BitchesBeBrave Facebook: Bitches Be Brave Website:  Email us at: #coaching #mentor #lifechanges #goals #habits #hotmomma #transformation  #quotes  #momsclub #podcast #fitness #mom #motivation #rolemodel #balance #recovery #basicmom #inspirational #bossbabe #raisingdaughters #passion  #moms #nofilter #instadaily #relatablememes #podcastersofinstagram  #relatable #workingmomstruggles #parentsquad #instahub #instagood #worklifebalance #womenempowerment #workingmom #momguilt For a healthier wine and your 1 penny bottle, click here.
July 03, 2020
The Empowered Wife with, Laura Doyle
Episode 72, We interview Laura Doyle and we discuss some many great topics about relationships and marriage. We uncover how we can have a happier marriage by becoming happier ourselves and how we can change how we speak to our significant others to get a much more favorable outcome and how to have a strong relationship even during a pandemic when you are seeing more of one another than you have in a very long time. You will want to listen to this episode and put to use the great advice asap like we do! Laura is a NY Times best selling author, the star of the Amazon Prime series Empowered Wives and the host of the Empowered Wife Podcast. She is founder of the Laura Doyle Connect Relationship Coaching School and has been on numerous National TV shows. She has a passion for helping women fix their relationships without their man's conscious effort so they feel desired, taken care of, and special no matter how hopeless it seems. Laura was trying to save her own marriage when she stumbled on some ancient wisdom and wrote a book that accidentally stated a worldwide movement of women who also wanted to fix their marriages and make them playful and passionate again. Thousands of women from all over the world reached out for help so she trained relationship coaches, created online programs, live events, and an Amazon Prime series to meet the demand. Her and her team of over 40 coaches have helped over 15,000 women with their self-confidence and their marriages. Find Laura Doyle at: Instagram: @lauramdoyle Facebook:, @groups/adoredwife Twitter:@lauraMDoyle Website:  Find Bev & Heather at:  Instagram: BitchesBeBrave Facebook: Bitches Be Brave  Website:  Email us at: #coaching #mentor #lifechanges #goals #habits #hotmomma #transformation  #quotes  #momsclub #podcast #fitness #mom #motivation #rolemodel #balance #recovery #basicmom #inspirational #bossbabe #raisingdaughters #passion  #moms #nofilter #instadaily #relatablememes #podcastersofinstagram  #relatable #workingmomstruggles #parentsquad #instahub #instagood #worklifebalance #womenempowerment #workingmom #momguilt For a healthier wine and your 1 penny bottle, click here.
June 26, 2020
Be True to Yourself, with Laura Bartlett
Episode 71, We interviewed Laura Bartlett. Laura is the most fierce female, a powerhouse in the publishing world and has overcome failure and rejection in front of millions on Dragons Den to now owning one of the most successful travel magazines in the UK. She has had to learn the art of pivoting in uncertain times and still manages to keep our team of 50 motivated to inspire our readers to live their best lives. With experience in cultivating a life of her dreams, building a 6 figure business and overcoming failure, Laura is tenacious, funny and so inspirational.  Twitter: @Laurabartlett0 Linkedin: Laura Bartlett Facebook: @houseofcocomag Instagram: @house_of_coco and @laurabartlett0  Find Bev & Heather at:  Instagram: BitchesBeBrave  Facebook: Bitches Be Brave  Website:   Email us at: #coaching #mentor #lifechanges #goals #habits #hotmomma #transformation  #quotes  #momsclub #podcast #fitness #mom #motivation #rolemodel #balance #recovery #basicmom #inspirational #bossbabe #raisingdaughters #passion  #moms #nofilter #instadaily #relatablememes #podcastersofinstagram  #relatable #workingmomstruggles #parentsquad #instahub #instagood #worklifebalance #womenempowerment #workingmom #momguilt For a healthier wine and your 1 penny bottle, click here.
June 20, 2020
What is Your Truth? with, Rosemarie Wilson
Episode 70, We interview Rosemarie Wilson for an intimate conversation about forgiveness and overcoming the stories that we have built around our life. We discuss how to uncover what your truth is and what you truly want out of your life. What are we here for and what do we want our legacy to be? Learn how to see fear as your friend and how not to live life by society's demands. Fuck the Fear and live a life of truth! Rosemarie's background stems from working in the corporate world where she spent over 20 years in Finance, FinTech and Change Management. Recognizing that her strengths lie in connecting, communication and supporting others she retrained as a Coach. She is a Speaker, Mentor and founder of Pragmatica Coaching, a Coaching and Training Company working with both individuals and organizations. Helping women to nurture their inherent talent, thrive in their current role or take the next step in their career and organisations, committed to investing in and retaining talent, whilst supporting a culture of diversity and inclusion. Rosemarie was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2003 and is now even more determined to live a full and fulfilling life. She believes wholeheartedly in the phrase “take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live”. She lives in London, England with her partner of 20 years. Webinar Resources Video/Webcast: How to set Goals in Alignment with Your Values Website Social Media LinkedIn: Facebook Twitter Instagram Articles Find Bev & Heather at: Instagram: BitchesBeBrave Facebook: Bitches Be Brave Website: Email us at:
June 12, 2020
You Are Enough! with, Megan Fenyoe
Episode 69, We interview Megan Fenyoe and we discuss her simple 5-step system to discover our true self and begin visualizing our passion and purpose. We discuss how to overcome sabotaging patterns and clear mental blocks so that we can create positive strategies and healthier habits for our mind, body and soul. Identify healthy habits including morning rituals, time management and self-care tools to get you believing that YOU ARE ENOUGH! Megan Fenyoe is an Air Force Veteran, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Therapist (LCSW), Speaker and Trainer, Host of The Blonde Bombshell Podcast and I Am Enough TV and Founder of the international I Am Enough Movement which is a 501c(3) Non-Profit Organization. She is an Amazon Best Selling Author and recently published her book You Are Enough: 5 Steps To Move From Struggle To Strength. She has been featured on SiriusXM Radio including the Jenny McCarthy show as well as over300 TV/Radio Shows and podcasts. Megan has gone through many struggles throughout her life most recently being involved in a narcissistic abusive marriage. She was left traumatized and this is when she began questioning if she was enough. For many years she was living a life without meaning and purpose. Megan’s life began to change when she finally said yes to herself and walked away from the abuse. She has successfully transformed every area of her life using her proven 5 Step System and is now am living a vibrant, beautiful life. A life where she truly believes she is enough. Working as a Mental Health Therapist for the past 15 years, Megan is considered an expert in her field.  Megan’s passion and purpose is to help you (1) build confidence, (2) find clarity in getting what you truly want in life (3) get inspired to take action towards building the life of your dreams, and (4) empower you to believe you are enough! Find Megan at: Join the I AM ENOUGH MOVEMENT here: Website: Facebook: Linkedin: Instagram: Twitter: Book: You Are Enough Community: Blonde Bombshell Podcast: Find Bev & Heather at: Instagram: BitchesBeBrave Facebook: Bitches Be Brave Website: Email us at:
June 05, 2020
Women with Money, with Jean Chatzky
Episode 68, We talk with Jean Chatzky about Women with Money! We discuss the 5 steps to creating  a joyful, less stressed, purposeful life. Learn how to:   1.  Bring in money 2.Spend less than you make 3. Take the money you earn and save and invest it 4. Give back. We talk relationships, the stories we tell ourselves, side hustles, emergency cushions and so much more. Don't miss this episode! Jean Chatzky launched HerMoney Media and in 2018 to provide women with information about money they can actually trust. The award-winning financial editor of NBC Today, Jean has also appeared on shows including Oprah, MSNBC, CNN, The View, The Talk and many others. Millions have tuned into her podcast, HerMoney with Jean Chatzky which has received shoutouts from The New York Times, Yahoo Finance and Refinery29. The best-selling author of 11 books and an in-demand motivational speaker, Jean is also AARP’s Financial Ambassador and a fierce advocate for financial literacy. In 2015, she partnered with the PwC Charitable Foundation and Time for Kids to launch Your $, an in-school magazine that reaches 2 million school children each month. Her most recent book, Women with Money: The Judgement-Free Guide to Creating the Joyful, Less Stressed, Purposeful (and Yes, Rich) Life You Deserve, is available now. For more details about how to hold your own HerMoney Happy Hour and more resources, go to Follow her on Twitter @Jeanchatzky Facebook: Jean Chatzky Instagram: @Jeanchatzky Find Bev & Heather at:    Instagram: BitchesBeBrave  Facebook: Bitches Be Brave    Website:   Email us at:
May 29, 2020
Be Bold, Be Brave, Be You, with Abby Bolt
Episode 67, We interview Abby Bolt, Elite Firefighter, Speaker, advocate, and podcaster. We have a deep, heart-felt and inspiring discussion that you will want to hear and share with your friends. Abby started her career in Wildland fire, on an elite Hotshot Crew.  Continuing on in her career she became a helicopter rappeller, Engine Captain, and moved up the chain of command to battalion chief.  Abby fought and managed fire beside the best of the best in the industry. In 2012, while on assignment, Abby was sexually assaulted by a firefighter who was not a member of her team. Her trust in leadership quickly went up in flames.  She realized not only would she have advocated for herself in this situation… as a leader, she was going to have to be an advocate and teach others how to lead with F.I.R.E. (fearless, integrity, resilience and empathy). In her quest for justice, Abby spent countless hours searching for solutions and found none.  With that realization, she set out to create the resources that were lacking.  Abby now draws from her experience in leadership, as well as the wisdom she learned as a firefighter to coach others how to lead with fire in their lives, in the workplace and beyond. Abby is dedicated to inspiring community, moral courage and a new generation of great leaders.  Her powerful keynotes and workshops include:  Lead with F.I.R.E: Be the leader you would want to go into a fire with, Ending the Crisis of Harassment: Inspiring the Hard Right over Easy Silence, Speak Up to Stand Out: Creating an environment of courage and integrity in the workplace. Abby has been featured on CBS News, NBC News, PBS News Hour, Daily Mail, PRI, and Wildfire Today. We discuss so much in this episode: What is the importance of moral courage in the workplace? Why we should fear the silence more than the noise.  How we can encourage everyone to speak up. How we can effect change in the workplace to provide a safe environment. What toxicity we are seeing in the workplaces today. What resources are there to help men and women Find Abby at  Find Bev & Heather at: Instagram: BitchesBeBrave, Facebook: Bitches Be Brave Website: Email us at:
May 22, 2020
Am I Stuck? With Elizabeth Pearson
Episode  66.   Are you living the life you think you wanted, but wake up every day waiting for it to end, to begin again?  Did the role models in your life, when you were growing up, influence what you thought you wanted, or make you strive for something that just is not what you want?  If so, today is your day, and this episode may help move you forward if you really want a change.  Listen as we  talk with Elizabeth Pearson, who is a nationally recognized executive career coach, speaker, and forthcoming author. She is a money mindset expert specializing in helping women entrepreneurs and executives increase their income by at least an additional six figures within a year. Passionate about helping women get unstuck, uncovering limiting beliefs and energetic blocks, Elizabeth routinely helps her clients get promotions, large salary raises and tap into their true passions. During this process, she helps them identify their calling so that they can do what they love and make a great living in the process. With a BA in journalism, Elizabeth climbed the career ladder in the traditional corporate world where she managed multi-million dollar accounts. After launching her coaching business in 2016 Elizabeth walked away from her corporate career, so she could devote herself to serving her coaching clients, writing, and speaking. Having achieved multiple six figures in her first year running the business, Elizabeth continues to grow and support her clients, who typically see significant improvement within just weeks of working with her. A contributor to Forbes magazine, she regularly appears in the media both in business and spiritual publications. We discuss so many key topics, such as these and so much more: How women can uncover who they really are, what they want and where they want to go. What are our limiting beliefs and how can we get over them? What is the main block to women reaching their full potential? What are the strategies to overcome fear that stops us from making change in our lives? Is it talent or grit that makes the difference? Find Elizabeth: Find Bev & Heather at: Instagram: BitchesBeBrave Facebook: Bitches Be Brave Website: Email us at:
May 15, 2020
Relationships Matter, with Rosina Racioppi
Episode 65, We interview Rosina L. Racioppi, Ed.D who is the President and Chief Executive Officer of WOMEN Unlimited, Inc., Dr. Rosina Racioppi spearheads her organization’s initiatives to help Fortune 1000 companies cultivate the talent they need for ongoing growth and profitability. Under her leadership, WOMEN Unlimited, Inc. successfully partners with organizations across a wide range of industries to develop their high-potential women and to build a pipeline of diverse and talented leaders. We Discuss so many key topics for working women such as these and so much more: What holds women back How to build a strong network Building confidence and skills to be savvy and successful How to leverage relationships What is a board of directors and how can you build one What can women do to improve their careers, but also maintain balance in their personal lives What are your strengths and how can you leverage them in your workplace. How to set guardrails in your life. Find Rosina's new book: Relationships Matter on Amazon and where books are found. Women's Unlimited Inc.  Website: Email: Twitter: @womenunlimited_ Faebook: @womenunlimitedinc LinkedIn: WomenUnlimited Find Bev & Heather at:  Instagram: BitchesBeBrave Facebook: Bitches Be Brave  Website:  Email us at:
May 08, 2020
Optimize Your Health, Sherry Zhang PH.D
Episode 64, we are talking today with Sherry Zhang PH.D, who helps us to understand our amazing  genes, and how they can lead to drastic differences in the way your body processes food. They influence how we metabolize nutrients and absorb certain vitamins. Heather and Bev did their own analysis in preparation for this episode and our results will surprise you!  We explore with Sherry how a genetic analysis provides you with your unique genetic results for important nutrition related genes. Research has shown positive health outcomes when people with certain genetic makeups consume certain nutrient levels. She uses this information to determine our recommended intake of 20+ nutrients. Sherry earned her Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from Marquette University. She is a well-published researcher and expert on obesity and metabolic health genetics. Sherry served as an Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin Sherry at You and find Sherry and more information about their program at  If you want to have your own analysis done, you can receive a special Bitches Be Brave discount when you go to www.genopalate. and use the promo code BeBrave2020   Find Bev & Heather at:  Instagram: BitchesBeBrave,  Facebook: Bitches Be Brave and  Website:  Email us at:
May 01, 2020
The Busy Living Solution, with Lynn Seth
Episode 63, We interviewed Lynn Seth who is an experienced business leader, executive coach, keynote speaker and former collegiate Division I athlete, Lynn helps women ignite their personal power by unleashing their inner self-leader. The leader within each of us who practices habits that: Enhance Wellbeing Nurture Best-Self Optimize Performance Lynn brings her engaging and personable style to a global clientele list that includes Fortune 500 companies, nonprofit organizations and prominent academic institutions. In her work, Lynn brings her expertise in behavioral change; specifically focusing on helping women implement habits that align with the life they desire. Recently, Lynn had the opportunity to do such work in her role as a performance coach for Know Your Value; an MSNBC national tour that helped women share their personal purpose with the world. Prior to starting her consulting practice, Lynn spent over 20 years working in organizations such as WIC (Women, Infant and Children), Planned Parenthood, Parke-Davis, Warner- Lambert and most recently, Novartis Pharmaceuticals. Lynn’s educational background includes a bachelor’s degree from The University of Arizona and she holds two master’s degrees; a master’s in public health from The University of Arizona and a master’s in organizational development and leadership from The Fielding Institute. Lynn has been formally trained as an executive coach through CoachU, a certified International Coaching Federation institution.  We Discuss: -According to HPI, “only 30% of American employees are engaged and performing to their full potential, and almost half are struggling to balance work and life” as a result of feeling pressure to always be “on.” Why is this such a problem in today’s society? What can women do to improve their careers, but also maintain balance in their personal lives? How does the Imposter Syndrome affect women vs. men? Women still seem to compete with one another, how can we better speak up and support one another? What are some of the most common obstacles seen with women in the workplace today? How can we overcome obstacles and position ourselves for success? Access Lynn's Free Ebook: Busy Living Solution System: The Busy living solution system is an introduction to unleashing the healthy, happy and best version of you! Connect with Lynn at Lead Her Solutions: LinkedIn: @Lynnseth Twitter: @leadherlive IG: Leadhersolutions FB: @Leadhersolutions  Find Bev & Heather at:   Instagram: BitchesBeBrave Facebook: Bitches Be Brave   Website:  Email us at:
April 24, 2020
Be the Story Teller of your life, with Tiffany Peterson
Episode 62, We dig in to a life changing conversation with Tiffany Peterson, who is a seasoned speaker and international coach guiding individuals, teams, and audiences in creating thriving lives and business results. Before founding her own company, The Lighthouse Principles, Tiffany worked with and for many popular brands: Franklin Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, the world famous Rich Dad, Poor Dad series, and Jack Canfield, creator of The Chicken Soup for the Soul series. Tiffany has been responsible for achieving sales budgets that range upwards of $40 million in annual revenue. She loves sharing her sales secrets and strategies with others to help them create a sustainable income living their business dreams.  We discuss the following and so much more:  -What you say determines your reality -Accountability vs ability in determining your results  -Only you can control how you how up.  -The importance of mindset  -The tools you can use to re-define your personal story.  Find Tiffany at: For more information about creating your ideal life and results, visit her website at  Find Bev & Heather at: Instagram: BitchesBeBrave, Facebook: Bitches Be Brave Website: Email us at:
April 10, 2020
When was your Younger Self Silenced? with, Sharon Ann Marie
Episode 61, There is no better time, in this era of self quarantine, to listen to our voice with our children and ourselves.  That is why you will love this chat with Sharon Ann Marie who is an Empowerment Specialist, best selling author , International speaker, motivator, mother, educator, roadblock destroyer, and lover of life, Sharon Ann Marie is an inspiring force on a mission to help young girls and women discover the power of themselves. Like most women, she experienced the hard trials and tribulations that teenage girls and young women have to endure. She suffered from an eating disorder, depression, and bad relationship choices, as a result, Sharon had to learn new strategies to discover her full potential. Her desire to be the voice for the silent and the strength of the weak, lead her to become the founder and president of Simply Anew Me; a non- profit organization dedicated to helping women to write new patterns for their lives, and have young girls 9-14 loving who they are. Her humour, passion, and love for what she does, has allowed her to coach, and educate over 10k  females discover the true power of themselves. We discuss: - Strategies to help teach girls and women to discover their full potential - How social media impacts women and girls. -Unrealistic social pressures that we are now being impacted by as a result of social media. -The changes that we are seeing in women and girls today in regards to their self-esteem, mental health, depression, peer pressure, and anxiety and how we can change it. -What we can do to inspire and navigate to see our own inner beauty ad true strengths that we possess. Find Sharon at: Simply ANEW ME:  T: +1 647 686 4555 E: Find Bev & Heather at:  Instagram: BitchesBeBrave, Facebook: Bitches Be Brave Website:  Email us at:
April 03, 2020
Amplify the Brand of YOU, with, Leslie Rubin
Episode 60, We talk with Leslie Rubin about building your brand. We address key issues that women face in the workplace such as: - The most common gap that women have in regards to executive presence - The importance and art of communication in leaders. -How to better communicate, inform, persuade and inspire others. -How to polish your brand -How to identify what you want to best be known for. Leslie Rubin is an internationally recognized strategic communications expert and executive advisor. She works with some of the most visible C-level leaders which include executives from start-ups, Fortune 500 companies, and non-profit boards. Leslie amplifies an organization’s voice, increases visibility, and maximizes corporate and personal brands. She knows how to develop messaging that weaves into storylines to address audiences such as investors, board members, employees and customers. Her experiences working at Cisco and CEO and Chairman, John Chambers along with other high-profile leaders such as Sheila Jordan, CIO of Symantec and Dr. Rosina Racioppi of Women Unlimited, fueled her co-authoring of an Amazon best-seller, MEANING: How Leaders Create Meaning and Clarity During Times of Crisis and Opportunity. Leslie consults with women in leadership programs including Women Unlimited, Inc. and is a Global Advisor with How Women Lead. She is also a faculty at the American Management Association. A speaker on the circuit, Leslie speaks on the topics of Personal Branding, Executive Presence, and Effective Leadership Communications. She holds a Bachelor of Science from California State University, East Bay, and completed graduate work at the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Business and Columbia University. Find Leslie at: Image Matterz Consulting LinkedIn: Leslierubin Twitter: @larubin04 Find Bev & Heather at:  Instagram: BitchesBeBrave,  Facebook: Bitches Be Brave and  Website:  Email us at:
March 27, 2020
Why being forced to slow down your life may be a good thing , with Bev and Heather
In Episode 59, we talk frankly about how freeing up the entire family and work calendar to hunker down during this time of hysteria, can take us to place of calm.  How simplifying everything, even when it is not by choice, can be the most stress. free time of you life.  We can't wait to hear from you and how you are navigating these times. Find Bev & Heather at: Instagram: BitchesBeBrave, Facebook: Bitches Be Brave and Email us at:
March 20, 2020
Slay Like A Mother, with Katherine Wintsch
Episode 58, Does any of this sound familiar? You're a people pleaser by day and an overthinker by night. The negative voice in your head is the meanest mean girl you know. You feel broken and believe you must hide that brokenness to be loved. You're tired. You are not alone. We talk with Katherine Wintsch, author of Slay Like a Mother, who dedicates her life to making the lives of mothers easier. In her role as founder and CEO of The Mom Complex, she helps the largest companies in the world such as Walmart, Johnson & Johnson and Wells Fargo better understand and support their mom customers and employees. In her latest venture, Katherine combines 10+ years of groundbreaking research on motherhood with her own personal journey in her popular book Slay Like a Mother. Parade magazine recently named Slay Like a Mother, one of the “top 10 life-changing self-help books of the year” and Katherine’s research has been featured by The Today Show, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Fast Company. Katherine is a recipient of the “Working Mother of the Year” award by the Advertising Women of New York, the “Outstanding Woman” award from the YWCA and, most recently, the “Woman of the Decade” award from the Women’s Economic Forum in India. Some of the topics we discuss in this episode: Struggle vs. Suffering. How talking about your stress can reduce it's power over you. How do we re-define the roles that we know of a mom or wife and how to get comfortable with our new role. Why our inner voice “Bitch radio” is so negative? How to slay this dragon of self doubt? Self-love (vs. seeking approval) and how we can see and appreciate our greatness. The importance of standing in your own greatness and how to stop suffering from the Imposter Syndrome? The power of meditation and how it can change your life. Find Katherine at Instagram: Slay Like A Mother Book: Slay Like A Mother, Check out her TedTalk Find Bev & Heather at: Instagram: BitchesBeBrave, Facebook: Bitches Be Brave and Email us at:
March 13, 2020
Brave your way to Happiness, with Courtney Cope
Episode 57, We interview Courtney Cope, who is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She holds a B.S. in Philosophy and an M.S. in Counseling Psychology and has completed training and certification programs in Hypnotherapy, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), and Aromatherapy. Courtney is a big picture thinker, human connection expert, and life coach for creatives and entrepreneurs all over the world. Her mission is to help her clients to connect with their own life vision more confidently and to create lasting, meaningful connections in their lives. She helps others enhance their relationships with their own self, their friends and family, their finances, and their creative work in the world. In her private one-on-one sessions with clients, she teaches others about the importance of setting personal and professional boundaries as well as helping others to learn how to confidently self advocate for their needs. Listen as we explore these topics and so much more: - How to "Be Brave" even when you feel like you're failing/life has hit you with an unexpected hammer  - Setting boundaries (in life, health, and relationships) - Overcoming relationships that have let you down and being brave enough to believe in yourself (talking about making peace with family/friends who may not support you or have your back and being okay with it) - Being brave enough to start over  Find Courtney on Instagram: Copinglikeaboss, Facebook: Courtney Cope, Copinglikeabossalways Find Bev & Heather at: Instagram: BitchesBeBrave, Facebook: Bitches Be Brave and Email us at:
March 06, 2020
It’s all about Sex , Baby with, Dr. Lauren Crigler
Episode 56. We talk with Dr. Lauren Crigler who is a doctor of physical therapy who specializes in women’s sexual health in her private practice in Atlanta, GA. She’s served on the review committee for the American Physical Therapy’s Section on Women’s Health. She also coaches women and couples worldwide who are having issues with sex, like pain, low desire, and decreased pleasure. She’s all about getting the partner involved too and helping women enjoy ALL of date night! We explore hot topics such as: -How many times should we behaving sex in a relationship? -When is lack of sex indicative of a problem in a relationship? -Sex drive in men vs women -Body image, confidence,  - Kegals -Sex toys in the bedroom Find Lauren at: Instagram: @drlaurencrigler Facebook: Dr.laurencrigler @drlaurencrigler LinkedIn: Dr. Lauren Crigler Pinterest: Dr.LaurenCrigler Find Bev & Heather at: Instagram: BitchesBeBrave, Facebook: Bitches Be Brave and Email us at:
February 28, 2020
The Most Powerful You with, Kathy Caprino
Episode 55. In this episode, we interview Kathy Caprino, M.A., who is an internationally-recognized women’s career success and work-life expert, leadership consultant, speaker, and trainer dedicated to the advancement of women in business.  A featured contributor on women’s careers, business and leadership for Forbes, Huffington Post, and LinkedIn, she is also the author of Breakdown, Breakthrough: The Professional Woman’s Guide to Claiming a Life of Passion, Power, and Purpose and the forthcoming book The Most Powerful You: 7 Bravery-Boosting Paths to Career Bliss (due in Summer 2020). A champion for working women, Kathy is a former corporate Vice President, a trained psychotherapist, specialized career and executive coach, and sought-after writer and speaker on women’s issues.  She is the Founder and President of Kathy Caprino, LLC  (formerly Ellia Communications, Inc.) and The Amazing Career Project, supporting women to build successful, rewarding careers of meaning and significance. If you are longing for greater success, fulfillment meaning and reward in your life and work, you need to listen to this episode. We dive into Redefining motherhood, balance, knowing when you need to make a change, mom guilt and so much more.  You will want to share this episode with all of your friends! Find Kathy at: and connect with Kathy on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.  Find Bev & Heather at: Instagram: BitchesBeBrave, Facebook: Bitches Be Brave and Email us at:
February 21, 2020
Lies, Lies, Lies with, Judi Ketteler
Episode 54- We interview Judi Ketteler and we discuss our complicated relationship with honesty and take a hard look at just how often we tell lies. We look at how our behaviors are or are not aligning with our beliefs and how it happens in all aspects of life including marriage, kids, work, friends and even that weight that you list on your drivers license.  - Do we really want a life without some sort of dishonesty? -When is deception better than honesty? -What to do when our kids are lying to us? Find "Would I lie to you?" The Amazing Power of Being Honest in a World That Lies." on Amazon  Find Bev & Heather at: Instagram: BitchesBeBrave, Facebook: Bitches Be Brave and Email us at:
February 14, 2020
Carpe Diem, with Riane Puno
Episode 53- Riane Puno is the host of Alma Matters, a unique podcast that explores the school experiences and career trajectories – the good, the bad and the ugly – of some of the greatest entrepreneurial and creative minds. She's also a girl in her early twenties, who was plucked out of the Philippines and planted in New York, trying to navigate adulthood, mental health, her identity, career, love and life. Riane graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and, after hating her first job and listening to podcasts to make the day go by, she realized that there was nothing that really captured the highs and lows of the whole path to success, from the days at school to being at the helm of a company or being the star of a TV show or being a change-maker in (insert industry here). Being unhappy at work, being lost when it comes to your future ambitions, joining a company out of pressure and not passion – these are all cyclical trends that people don't talk enough about. Through Alma Matters, she wants to try and break the cycle by asking accomplished people all the questions that students, young professionals and whoever else struggling in a job wants answered too. What classes shaped their future paths? What were the biggest lessons that still resonate today? What pivotal experiences have defined their careers? Most importantly, what advice do they have for people wanting to follow their passions in the same way? She sets out to educate and inspire, and hopefully she's done her job. Find Riane at: @almamatterspod Find Bev & Heather at: Instagram: BitchesBeBrave, Facebook: Bitches Be Brave and Email us at:
February 07, 2020
Finding Balance is a load of SHIT!
The elusive work-life balance everyone tries to find.......It does not exist. Bev & Heather discuss why you need to stop chasing it and instead, recognize that we have work-life rhythms. Sometimes, we have peaks of craziness and other times we've got it nailed, but you can’t schedule that ebb and flow; rather, you need to recognize different seasons in your life. By trying to BALANCE our lives, we are setting ourselves up for failure. We are looking at social media and comparing ourselves to a perceived balance. Stop. Be you. Be present and be authentic and your life will unfold in a beautiful harmony. Find Bev & Heather at: Instagram: BitchesBeBrave, Facebook: Bitches Be Brave and Email us at:
January 31, 2020
Honest talk about Health, for Self,and your Children, with Dr. Nadia Petaguana
Episode 51, and we welcome Dr. Nadia Petaguana who is a  mother, a wife, a daughter, a friend, and also a Naturopathic Doctor and Dietary Coach. She believes in the Healing Power of Nature; the body's ability to heal thyself.  She ran a multidisciplinary clinic as the Medical Director and Naturopathic Doctor and currently, and proudly, works as a Dietary Coach with Dr. Jason Fung and Megan Ramos at the The Fasting Method. Nadia take us through her philosophy on Keto and fasting as well as a real and honest approach to parenting as it relates to challenge of health and wellness in our families. You can reach Nadia at Find Bev & Heather at: Instagram: BitchesBeBrave, Facebook: Bitches Be Brave and Email us at:
January 24, 2020
Looking back and moving forward
As they look back over the year of Bitches Be Brave, Bev & Heather discuss overcoming fear and tackling your dreams head first. Listen to this first episode of the new year and get inspired to tackle your goals. Find Bev & Heather at: Instagram: BitchesBeBrave, Facebook: Bitches Be Brave and Email us at:
January 17, 2020
Lindsay Weisner, 10 Ways to be Happy
Lindsay Weisner is a clinical Psychologist in Long Island, New York. She graduated from Georgetown University in 1999 and was awarded a fellowship in child development at the NIH/NICHD. She received her doctorate from C.W. Post, LIU, and went on to pursue post-doctorate training at the American Institute of Psychoanalysis. Dr. Weisner is the current host of the Neurotic Nourishment Podcast and the co-author of the upcoming book Ten Steps To Finding Happy. This book will be released on March 20, 2020, in accordance with the United Nations International Day of Happiness. We dive in to many topics in this episode including Finding your happy place, having a purpose, Overcoming your fears, Finding your passion and so much more. ******************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Find Lindsay at: Book: Ten Steps To Finding Happy (Releasing on March 20, 2020), Instagram: Psychshrinkmom, Tenstepstofindinghappy Podcast: Neuroticnourishment **************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Find Bev & Heather at: Instagram: BitchesBeBrave, Facebook Bitches Be Brave and
December 19, 2019
Modern Approach to Dating, with Michele Emerald
On podcast 48, we meet Michele Emerald, a certified life coach specializing in a modern approach to dating for the empowered woman.  Michele began her career as a coach after 20 years working intimately with thousands of women in the beauty industry.  Her coach brand evolved through the realm of health & Business, when Michele realized the same mindset & manifestation techniques being used by the most successful people could be applied to dating to create outcomes far better than most were experiencing.  Join us as we navigate our questions and yours and how to overcome typical dating problems and learn groundbreaking methods in todays dating world. ******************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Find Michelle at:,, Facebook: Michele Emerald, Facebook Group: Moderndatingsociety **************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Find Bev & Heather at: Instagram: BitchesBeBrave, Facebook Bitches Be Brave and
December 14, 2019
Thank You Cancer, with Logan Sneed
Logan Sneed went for high school athlete and college freshman to a stage IV glioblastoma patient overnight.  (That is terminal brain cancer, for those that may not know). Doctors told him he couldn't survive his diagnosis, and even if he did, he'd never have the quality of life he wanted.  Logan refused to believe that.  Each time someone told Logan he couldn't do something, he used it as fuel to prove them wrong.  Today, Logan is a fitness entrepreneur, in remission, and inspiring the world with his story of beating the odds. In his new book, Thank you Cancer, Amazon's #1 best seller, Logan challenges us to thank the obstacles along the way.  By thanking the obstacles, Logan says, we can become the CEO of our lives and the best version of ourselves.  You will find the similarities in Logans challenges in your challenges every day. You can find Logan at and on Instagram @logansneed_ or you can email him at Find Bev & Heather at: Instagram: BitchesBeBrave, Facebook Bitches Be Brave and
December 07, 2019
Go past the Fear to the Life you Dream of with Kimberly Love
Kimberly Love is a Radio Host, International Speaker, and an Author of the book, You taste like Whiskey and Sunshine. Kimberly takes the reader through journeys that she has experienced overcoming abuse.  She has transformed her life and wants to help other women do the same.  Her radio show with 22,000 plus daily listeners showcases celebrities, coaches, and entrepreneurs who are an inspiration to women.  Crushing 40 is about empowerment and helps women to learn to have fun and to go past fear to discover the life they have always dreamed of. You can connect with Kimberly on instagram @kimmiloveauthor or on her website at Find Bev & Heather at: Instagram: BitchesBeBrave, Facebook Bitches Be Brave and
November 29, 2019
Parenting through Challenges with Dr. Esther Hess
In this episode, we dive deep into the challenges that raising kids with special needs can bring. Whether you or someone you know has a child with special needs, this episode is MUST! We discuss the impact on marriage, relationships, siblings and ourselves. Dr. Esther Hess, Ph.D. is a developmental psychologist and executive director of a multidisciplinary treatment facility in West LA.....The Center for The Developing Mind. The Center specializes in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of developmental and regulatory disorders including autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, selective mutism, childhood depression and anxiety disorders. In addition, Dr. Hess is an author and a national and international speaker on DIR/Floor Time: A Developmental/Relational Treatment Approach of ASD and Sensory Processing Disorder in Children, Adolescents and Young Adults.  -We discuss what couples can do to help protect their relationships -How to communicate with schools, family, friends an strangers about the challenges of these kids. -Advice to parents to help maintain peach and balance in their home. - How to take care of yourself. -And so much more.  Dr. Hess can be reached at Find Bev & Heather at: Instagram: BitchesBeBrave, Facebook Bitches Be Brave and
November 22, 2019
Motherhood Unstressed, with Liz Carlile
In this episode we talk with Liz Carlile, who is a mom, a certified health coach, the host of the Motherhood Unstressed Podcast and the owner of Motherhood Unstressed CBD products. Liz's mission is to empower men and women to take control of their stress and anxiety, and live life from a place of centered presence and calm. Her philosophy is founded on the simple premise that life is meant to be rich with purpose, cherished with loved ones, and wholeheartedly enjoyed. Do not miss this episode where we dive in to how to find your calm, your purpose and your passion and to let go of the stress. Find Liz at:, Instagram: Motherhood Unstressed Find Bev & Heather at: Instagram: BitchesBeBrave, Facebook Bitches Be Brave and
November 15, 2019
Escaping the working parent burnout, with Sarah Argenal
Sarah Argenal is the founder of The Argenal Institute, host of the Working Parent Resource Podcast, and creator of the Whole SELF Lifestyle. She combines twenty years of experience in areas such as psychotherapy, coaching, and complex project management to help working parents reclaim their time, energy, and identity in a demanding world. We discuss how to eradicate the burnout epidemic that is crushing working parents. Learn about Sarah's 4 step framework to guide you out of survival mode and toward a life that you will actually enjoy.  Find Sarah at The Argenal Institute:, email:, Blog:, Podcast:, Library: Find Bev & Heather at: Instagram: BitchesBeBrave, Facebook Bitches Be Brave and
November 08, 2019
Breathe your way to Love with Linda Vazin
Episode 42. We talk with Linda Vazin, owner of Breath Body Connection, where we discuss the power of breath. She shares how her work with clients on physical and emotional levels using fascia release, yoga therapy, pilates, life coaching, breath work and sound healing has transformed not only her life, but that of so many others. Linda shares her transformation from dealing with depression, back aches, shoulder aches, and feeling of loss to now helping others experience this life changing transformation that she has experienced. Stop, take a breath and listen to this enlightening episode. Find Linda at Studio in La Jolla, CA: Breath Body Connection Find Bev & Heather at: Instagram: BitchesBeBrave, Facebook Bitches Be Brave and
November 01, 2019
Find Your Inner Athlete, with Robin Legat
In episode 41 we interview Robin Legat, who is a certified Spartan Coach, owner of Rise Up Training and the host of the Seasoned Athlete Podcast. We discuss how people over 40 can pursue their bold athletic and fitness goals, and prove that age is more than just a number. You will definitely want to find your inner athlete after listening to this inspiring interview. Find Robin at,, Instagram: @robinlegatsgx, @seasonedathlete, Find Bev & Heather at: Instagram: BitchesBeBrave, Facebook Bitches Be Brave and
October 25, 2019
Birthday Gratitude with, Bev & Heather
It's Bev's birthday and we talk to her about her advice, goals and highlights on this special birthday edition live on location in Coronado. This is one hilarious episode that you won't want to miss. Find Bev & Heather at: Instagram: BitchesBeBrave, Facebook Bitches Be Brave and
October 11, 2019
Finding Joy, with Shannon Kaiser
Shannon Kaiser shares her extraordinary journey from grief to finding a full, authentic life filled with meaning, connection and joy. She discusses her newest book Joy Seekers and the path that will help you stop chasing, controlling, waiting, or hoping for happiness and instead discover it within you. Find how to embrace the amazing and show the world the real you and reach your highest potential.  Shannon Kaiser, named by MIndBodyGreen as one of the top 100 Women to Watch in Wellness, is an inspirational author, speaker, travel writer, and life coach who left her successful career in advertising several years ago to follow her heart and be a writer. She is the bestselling author of Find Your Happy, an inspirational Guide to Loving Life to Its Fullest, and a six-time contributing author to Chicken Soup for the Soul. Find Shannon  at Follow on Instagram @ShannonKaiserWrites Facebook @ShannonKaiserWrites If you love this episode, please leave us a review and comments, we love to hear from you! Find Bev & Heather at: Instagram: BitchesBeBrave, Facebook Bitches Be Brave and
October 04, 2019
Katie Sandler, You have a choice
Katie has overcome tremendous physical and mental hurdles, including being born without an ear, overcoming paralysis at age 17 and subsequently facing depression head on. These challenges amongst others, have become the key catalysts of her professional career and helping clients reach that “aha!” moment. Katie Sandler is an Impact Coach and creator of the Impact Retreat and Impact Adventures. She applies methods from her intuitive gift, backed by intellect, education and training, to impact the lives of others who will in turn impact lives around the world.  This is a powerful episode in realizing that when in things in life happen, you have a choice!  Find Katie at:,  Facebook: Katie the Impact Coach Instagram: The Impact Coach Find Bev & Heather at:    Instagram: Bitchesbebrave    Facebook: Being Brave    Email:    Twitter: Bitchesbebrave
September 27, 2019
Find your light in the Chaos, with Robert Heath, Sr
In this episode, we discuss how to master your time, set boundaries and Interruption Proof your life! Learn the 5 steps to mastering your time. Robert Heath, Sr. is an engaging communicator and leading expert in Empowering Leadership. Combining the Leadership principles he learned as an Officer and Company Commander in the United States Marine Corps with the personnel development strategies he has mastered over 20 years of leading, teaching, and coaching, Robert works with leaders who desire to increase productivity, initiative, and follow through; reduce stress; and get the very best out of their team on every project, regardless of who they may lead. Robert received his JD, cum laude, from the University of Illinois College of Law. He also holds an MA in Teaching from Christian Brother's University, as well as BA degrees in Economics and Speech Communications from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He served for 8 years as a United States Marine Corps Officer and was awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal for his leadership as a Commander of one of the largest companies in the Marine Corps. Robert is also the bestselling author of the book, "Why Can't People Just Do Their Jobs," Founder of the Legacy Empowerment Academy, and the President of Legacy Academy Press, LLC. Get a free E Book at Find Bev & Heather at:    Instagram: Bitchesbebrave    Facebook: Being Brave    Email:    Twitter: Bitchesbebrave
September 26, 2019
Follow your Heart, with Janine Finney and Lory Muirhead
Janine Finney and Lory Muirhead will inspire you with their quest to follow their hearts and find the jobs they would love. This is a must listen for anyone starting out, entering the workforce after a break, or wanting to find balance with work and home.  You can find Janine and Lory and on facebook book and Instagram.  Let us know what you think!
September 13, 2019
How to make Sh*t Happen with Sean Whalen
Episode 35, In his unfiltered and direct truth approach, Sean Whalen shares with us how he went from having everything in his life crumble, including his multi-million dollar business, bankruptcy, depression and divorce and turning to an empty bottle of alcohol and a gun in his mouth to becoming a massively sought after best selling author, speaker and founder and CEO of Lions Not Sheep. Listen to Sean's riveting story and how you can turn your life around and Make Shit Happen! MEETRZ app #seanwhalen #howtomakeshithappen #success #youmatter #bebrave #brave #bitchesbebrave #workingmom #workingmoms #fitmoms #love #wellness #bestlife #live #you #goals #podcast #fitness #mom #motivation #workingout #balance #workout #inspirational #aspergersmom #purpose #passion #bossbabe #moms
September 06, 2019
Life’s Curve Balls will come, what you do with it matters, with Bev and Heather
In this episode, Bev and Heather talk personal about the curve balls that life throws at you. It seems that when you least expect it or when things are plugging along as planned is when the obstacles will come. The difference is, will you let it get you down or will you rise above? Heather shares her recent health crisis with Malignant Melanoma and how sometimes you need to just stop and take care of yourself, whether you want to or not. This is an episode that everyone can relate to. 
August 30, 2019
Mom Style, with Kristi Brooks
Join Heather and Bev as they explore Mom style with Celebrity stylist Kristi Brooks.  She will take you through easy ways to update your look and move yourself to the top of list.  You can find some of the styles we discussed and more at  Let us know what you think!
August 23, 2019
What you want to know, but are afraid to ask about cosmetic enhancements, with Diane Allen
Today's episode discusses the topic of cosmetic enhancements and answers the questions that you may be wondering, but afraid to ask. Diane is the founder and owner of RefreshRx and she talks to us about everything that you've wanted to know about how to stay looking like yourself, but also feel your best. Bust the stigma and hype and learn what might be a good choice for you. Learn about how to care for your skin and slow the aging process. Learn about: -Injectable neurotoxins -cosmetic Fillers -Micro-needling -Microdermabrasion -Lasers -Chemical Peels and so much more..... Find Bev & Heather at:    Instagram: Bitchesbebrave    Facebook: Being Brave    Email:    Twitter: Bitchesbebrave
August 16, 2019
Our Favorite Things with Heather and Bev
On this latest episode of Bitches Be Brave, we discuss our favorite things! Things that either bring us joy or that we simply can’t live without, things that bring us happiness and balance. Let us know what your favorite things are that bringbyoi happiness right now. 🎙 Heather's Favorite Things: -Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar -Sweet Leaf Clear liquid Stevia -Skinceuticals CE Ferulic -Great Lakes Collagen -Audible -Magic Bullet Blender -DoTerra Essential Oils: -Mito 2 Max, Frankencense, Lavendar, Lemon, Peppermint, Grapefruit, and so many, many more Bev’s Favorite Things Rose Gold Birkenstock’s 💕Fab FIt Fun Subscription Box 💕Allure Subscription Box 💕 The Alchemist (Book) 💕 Audible with AirPods 💕 Find Bev & Heather at:    Instagram: Bitchesbebrave    Facebook: Being Brave    Email:    Twitter: Bitchesbebrave
August 10, 2019
Good Relationships Begin With You, with Tina Brigley
We talk with Tina Brigley, who is a Health and Life Coach. She is passionate about transforming relationships, and her mantra is “Any relationship begins with a relationship with yourself.” Tina shares her personal triumph with her own marriage and how she went from feeling stuck and depressed to confident and loved. She shares how she was able to mend her relationship after years of separation and lots of hard personal work to rediscover herself and find true happiness and love. This episode is sure to hit home with everyone. Learn how not to let issues from the past resurface and how to “recognize and let it go” Find Tina at: and on Facebook at: Tina Brigley Coaching Find Bev & Heather at:    Instagram: Bitchesbebrave    Facebook: Being Brave    Email:    Twitter: Bitchesbebrave
August 02, 2019
Eat Live Thrive Diet, with Danna Demetre and Robyn Thomson
In this episode, we interview Danna Demetre and Robyn Thomson, co-authors and well-known health & lifestyle coaches. They discuss their Eat, Live, Thrive Diet that is detailed in their book and their multi-faceted approach to total health transformation. They reveal how to unravel the mystery of why women gain weight as they age and they offer a sustainable plan to permanently lose pounds and inches. They discuss how to change habits from the inside out and how to customize a long-term eating plan to address your specific food sensitivities, carbohydrate thresholds, and personal likes and dislikes. Learn how to defeat your genetics as well as the clock and take control over you weight and body. Learn about their three-phase approach and how to successfully lose weight safely, but also how to improve overall health and energy in critical areas such as brain function, disease prevention and slowing down the aging process. Find Danna and Robyn at: Website: YouTube: Facebook: Lean, Healthy, Ageless ELT Academy Membership: Book: Eat Live Thrive Diet Find Bev & Heather at:    Instagram: Bitchesbebrave    Facebook: Being Brave    Email:    Twitter: Bitchesbebrave
July 26, 2019
Just, Breathe with Susan Axelrod
Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and uninspired?  Check out this episode of Bitches Be Brave and hear the story of how Susan overcame a breakdown and found the tools to find joy and confidence.  She is a motivational speaker, author, radio talk show host, and coach.  She shares her tools for finding your "okay".  You can find Susan on her website, and on facebook and instagram @susanaxelrod Find Bev & Heather at:    Instagram: Bitchesbebrave    Facebook: Being Brave    Email:    Twitter: Bitchesbebrave
July 19, 2019
FLEX, The Modern Women’s Handbook, with Annie Auerbach
Annie Auerbach is the author of FLEX, The Modern Woman's Handbook, Reinventing the rules for a smarter, happier life. She has worked flexibility for 20 years throughout her career and now she shares her research, wisdom and advice to women who strive to have balance in their lives with family, work, and self care. In this episode Annie shares her insights on:  - how to create FLEX in your life.  She will show you how to look at your routine and defy social norms (hint: working women typically do more housework than their partners).   -.How to know your body and the patterns of your relationships, and working out how to live, earn money and be happy in a way that is perfect for you and your unique talents.  -Listen how to make small changes with great impact.  Here is the link to Annie's book FLEX: Annie's twitter: annieauerbach instagram: annie.auerbach Find Bev & Heather at:    Instagram: Bitchesbebrave    Facebook: Being Brave    Email:    Twitter: Bitchesbebrave
July 12, 2019
Clever Girl Finance with Bola Sokunbi
There is so much good information in this episode! We talk with Bola Sokunbi, author of Clever Girl Finance is a Certified Financial Education Instructor, finance expert, speaker, podcaster, influencer, and the founder and CEO of the personal finance platform for women, Clever Girl Finance. Bola shares her personal story of how she managed to save over $100,000 in just over 3 years after graduating from college. Bola shares her tools and resources to kill debt, save money and find wealth. We discuss so much in this episode: - Discovering your core values and goals around money - Credit cards -Retirement -College Funds- -Why your spending habits make you rich, not your salary - Credit cards- the good, the bad, and the ugly - How to build an emergency fund and how much you should have in it! -How to create a budget - Teaching your kids about money. Resources: Find Bev & Heather at:   Instagram: Bitchesbebrave   Facebook: Being Brave   Email:   Twitter: Bitchesbebrave
July 05, 2019
When Life Takes You Off Track, Bev & Heather
It is the 25th Episode and we share our stories of balancing work, kids, life and our health. We laugh at the craziness of life with kids, parenting boys vs girls, life decisions and much more. We reminisce over our first 6 months of podcasting and our goals for the future. Don't miss this episode to catch up and hear what's is to come on the Bitches Be Brave Podcast. Find Bev & Heather at:   Instagram: Bitchesbebrave   Facebook: Being Brave   Email:   Twitter: Bitchesbebrave
June 28, 2019
Aging In Reverse, with Natalie Jill
Check out this episode of Bitches Be Brave where we sit down with Natalie Jill, Fat Loss Expert turned high performance coach. Today she shares how she has gone from the corporate world to creating a globally recognized brand helping people across the globe reach their health, business and life goals and step into their best version of themselves..  She shares the insights of her recently released book "Aging in Reverse" and what she has in the works to come. Hear her secrets on looking amazing, getting ripped abs, balancing being a working mom, wife and creator and host of the top ranking podcast "Leveling Up, Creating Everything From Nothing". Natalie is a fun, inspiring and truly authentic brave badass and we just loved our chat with her and we know you will too.  Also we are giving away a FREE copy of her book "Aging in Reverse" and here is how you get a chance to win it!! ✅Listen to our interview with Natalie Jill ✅Leave a rating and review on apple podcasts ✅Go to our Instagram @bitchesbebrave and like our post about this episode and tag two friends who will love the podcast too! Find Bev & Heather at:  Instagram: Bitchesbebrave  Facebook: Being Brave  Email:  Twitter: Bitchesbebrave
June 21, 2019
The Healing Power of Energy Medicine, with Jessie Mellor
Jessie Mellor, is a Ph.D in Educational Psychology and after experiencing a tremendous medical trauma, she was introduced to energy medicine. Hear her incredible story and how energy medicine has changed her life and brought her the realization that it is the missing piece to the comprehensive care puzzle. She is one Brave woman and strong mom who is changing lives. Learn how to recognize, release and replace and so much more. This is an emotional episode, but one that you will not want to miss.  Find Jessie at: Facebook Group: Energy Medicine For Growth Mindset Other References: -Energy Medicine Yoga- Lauren Walker -The Eden Method: Eden Energy Medicine, Donna Eden -The Hate You Give "Talking to your Kids about sex", Laura Birman. Find Bev & Heather at:  Instagram: Bitchesbebrave  Facebook: Being Brave  Email:  Twitter: Bitchesbebrave
June 14, 2019
Making Time For You, 6 steps to self-care
6 Steps to making time for you and improving your self-care. Rediscover the person that you were before you were a wife and a mother.  1. Schedule time for what makes you happy: Working out, going on a walk, biking, etc. 2. Quiet time: time to meditate, reflect, plan or just to relax 3. Get enough sleep! 4. Eat Healthy 5. Get away with friends once in a while. We deserve to take the time to make ourselves happy, less stressed, and better to everyone around us by making time to better ourselves.  Find Bev & Heather at:  Instagram: Bitchesbebrave  Facebook: Being Brave  Email:  Twitter: Bitchesbebrave
May 25, 2019
Sex Talk with Isiah McKimmie
Isiah McKimmie is a Couples Therapist, Sexologist, Sex Therapist and Tantra Teacher. She is Australia's most qualified Sex and Relationship Expert and she shares all of her juicy advice on creating loving relationships, deep intimacy and wholehearted sex. This episode will address practical tools for relationships and sex and to techniques on how to reconnect with your partner and reignite intimacy.  This is an episode full of exposed secrets, laughter and fresh ideas- you will not want to miss this! We dive dep into: -What is Tantra? - Can you recreate a spark between a couple who are experiencing a decline in their sexual desire for one-another? -Getting out of your head and back into your body to experience ultimate pleasure -The "M" word........Yep, we go there! -and so much more! Find Isiah at : Her podcast is Wholehearted Love, Sex & Intimacy: Instagram: Isiahmckimmie.sexologist Facebook: Isiah McKimmie - Couples Therapist + Sexologist Facebook Group: Whole Hearted: Love, Sex & Intimacy Find Bev & Heather at:  Instagram: Bitchesbebrave  Facebook: Being Brave  Email:  Twitter: Bitchesbebrave
May 17, 2019
Adrenal Recode, with Christa Orecchio
Christa Orecchio is a clinical holistic nutritionist and the founder of The Whole Journey. Christa's passion is helping people live their best life by using food as medicine to address the root causes of issues. She is the author of The Whole Journey Food as Medicine Cookbook and Healthy Life Handbook, co-author of the Anti-Inflammatory Diet with Cheryl Tiegs, and co-author of the best-seller How to Conceive Naturally and Have a Healthy Pregnancy after 30. She is also a nationally syndicated show host of 3 health and wellness shows. Christa is also the creator of The Adrenal Recode, Kick Candida for Good and Gut Thrive in Five.  In this podcast you will hear: How  your adrenal, thyroid and digestion are impacted by your nervous system The six pillars of the Adrenal ReCode and Christa's prescription to balance stress hormones The importance of carbohydrates What are the ideal ratio's of Protein, fat and carbohydrate What is metabolic chaos and how to fix it. What is emotional re-patterning Find Christa at: or Find Bev & Heather at:  Instagram: Bitchesbebrave  Facebook: Being Brave  Email:  Twitter: Bitchesbebrave
May 10, 2019
The Ups and Downs of Decisions and Diets, with Bev & Heather
Heather and Bev discuss the painful agony of making decisions and how to BE Brave when you need to make tough decisions. You will relate as they discuss some of the ups and downs of life. Find Bev & Heather at:  Instagram: Bitchesbebrave  Facebook: Being Brave  Email:  Twitter: Bitchesbebrave
May 03, 2019
Healthy Within, How to Reprogram Your Brain, with Divya Kakaiya, Ph.D, M.S.
Divya Kakaiya, Ph.D. is an Integrative Psychologist and a true visionary in the field of brain conditions and she shares how Neurofeedback can train the brain and help to re-wire the brain. She discusses the environmental factors that are affecting our brains, including technology and the increase in ADHD since the launch of the Iphone and Ipad. She shares how meditation (just 5 minutes a day) can help to reshape the structure of the brain and bring calm into the body. Learn how to prevent addictions and substance abuse in our kids and how to create more calm in your life. This is an episode that everyone can benefit from, you won't want to miss it. References:,, Find Bev & Heather at:  Instagram: Bitchesbebrave  Facebook: Being Brave  Email:  Twitter: Bitchesbebrave
April 19, 2019
Protecting Our Kids In A Digital World, how much is too much, how to go from mean to mighty, with Katey McPherson
This episode is MUST to listen to if you have kids or teens. Katey discusses how this generation is the least courageous and resilient of all times, and we need to look at how we parent our kids to change this. Parents need to model good digital behavior for our kids and set blocks of time that are digital free. Before our kids get a device, we need to identify: What is the function desired?, What is the value of the device? and What is the desired outcome? We need to create boundaries and restrictions with our kids and show them that we support them, so they will come to us when there is an issue. Learn why not all screen time is bad. Kids want us to listen, strategize and give them tactical solutions. We need to learn to acknowledge their needs and offer support and understanding. Criteria, markers for digital success: Grades, Behavior, Social/Emotional wellness Katey tells us that If we do 1 thing: Randomly check our kids phone, Have a central charging station - NO Phones in the bedroom (parents too!).  To improve communication: The No Trouble Bubble, Tech Night Tuesday and Crash & Tell For more information on how to stay on top of apps and social media, check out Katey's recommendations: Websites:, Documentaries: #Being 13, Screenagers Books: Glowkids, Untangled, Saving our Sons, The Self Driven Child, IGEN Routers: Apps: BARK Find Bev & Heather at: Instagram: Bitchesbebrave Facebook: Being Brave Email: Twitter: Bitchesbebrave
April 12, 2019
Taking Back Control Of Your Life, putting yourself first, pushing yourself, with Sharon Chisholm
Sharon Chisholm, International award winning coach shares her insights on how to uncover the blocks that are holding you back. Learn how to identify where your beliefs come from, decide what is important, choose your priorities based on your values, what is fundamental to your wellbeing and go from there. Having the courage to say I don't know everything..........You grow when you push yourself outside of your comfort Zone. You don't want to miss this episode! Find Sharon at:   My site link is My Facebook page is My Facebook group is Find us:  Instagram at: Bitchesbebrave  Email:
April 05, 2019
It Takes A Plan, healthy support, intermittent fasting, Keto and more, with Carley Jennings
Carley Jennings is the founder and owner of Carley's Kitchen and she shares her expertise and knowledge on how to make eating simple, convenient and fun. Planning and consistency is key to help eat healthy with busy lives. We know you will love her as much as we do. Email: Instagram: Bitchesbebrave
March 29, 2019
Mom Guilt or Guilty, the College Scandal, what drives a mom there, why all the guilt, with Bev and Heather
This weeks episode features Bev & Heather discussing the College Scandal, what mom's do for their kids and the mom guilt that we all experience. 
March 23, 2019
Discover Your Strengths, what drives you, are you following that drive and coupling it with your dreams, find out more with Karen Biebuyck
Karen Biebuyck, Founder and Principal Consultant at Strengths Advisors shares how to identify your strengths and those of others to be the best version of yourself.  To take your Strengths Finders Assessment go to: Instagram: Bitchesbebrave Website: Email:
March 16, 2019
21 Day Cleanse, with Nykki Hardin
Nykki Hardin, formulator of 21 Cleanse shares her knowledge and expertise on detoxing and cleansing the body and the emotional and spiritual connection.  Find Nykki and the 21 Cleanse at Log on for a free 30 min psychic reading
March 09, 2019
Investigate YOU! How to heal and stay well with Reed Davis, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition
On today's episode, Reed Davis, Founder of the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) Certification Course shares how you can be your own health detective and learn how to uncover the root causes of your symptoms. Learn the secret to discovering dysfunction and imbalances in your body. Find a FDN Practitioner near you: Environmental Working Group: Find us at: Instagram: BitchesBeBrave Email us at:
March 01, 2019
What you want to know, but are afraid to ask your Gynecologist, with Dr. Steve Drosman
This weeks guest is Dr. Steve Drosman, OB/GYN who talks about the questions that you want to know about your health, hormones, libido and more. After listening, you will definitely question if your Ob/Gyn is right for you. Find us at: Instagram: BitchesBeBrave Email us at:
February 22, 2019
Put Your Oxygen Mask on First, with Mary Kay Mullally
MaryKay Mullally, a transformational life and wellness coach, shares her wisdom empowering women to create results and to find their best happy self.  You can find more about MaryKay at and #bossupwithMK. We did not have enough time with MaryKay and hope to have her back to answer your questions. You can find Bev and Heather at  https://www.
February 15, 2019
Live your best Life, With Noelle Agape
Noelle Agape, Founder and CEO of Infinite Wellness is a Health and Wellness Counselor, Transformational Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner and International Motivational Speaker who shares the issues that women face that block them from living their highest version of themselves. Noelle talks about how to stop hiding and start mastering your mind to live your souls purpose. Contact Us: Instagram Page: Bitchesbebrave Email:
February 08, 2019
If life gives you limes, what do you do, getting off track and navigating back
New month, new goals......Time to reflect, redirect and refocus goals and priorities. 
February 01, 2019
Road Warriors with Bev and Heather - Traveling with our losing your mojo!
Hear about tips for keeping balanced during business travel and hectic times.
January 26, 2019
Learning to Fail and get to Success, with Bev and Heather
Bev & Heather discuss how failing is part of the path of success. They discuss the 5 Love Languages and how to discover what motivates you.
January 20, 2019
The imposter syndrome and how to step out of your comfort zone, with Bev and Heather
Bev & Heather talk about Imposter Syndrome and how to step out of your comfort zone and Be Brave! These are two friends, mom, career women, who love health, wellness, and wine. They raising the bar for Brave Woman and moving away from guilt.  Join Heather and Bev on your journey. #mom #family #bosslady #health # wellness #selfcare #noguilt #loveyourself #bebrave #bitchesbebrave #wine
January 11, 2019
You, 2.0 with Bev and Heather - What are your nonnegotiables??!!
On this episode of Bitches Be Brave, Bev and Heather discuss saying good-bye to chardonnay and hello to Kamboucha. They discuss the Keto diet, cleansing, detoxing, and colonics. Have fun and laugh with Bev and Heather as they support you and your vision for a better you.
January 02, 2019
All about us with Bev and Heather - New Years Days Goals, Cheers!!
B*****s Be Brave is hosted by Bev and Heather- two down to earth, everyday working women, trying to raise a family, succeed at their careers, stay fit and healthy and still look hot.  This sexy and saavy duo provides you with advice, expertise and discussion from top experts on a variety of issues, including nutrition, cleansing, detox, supplements, fitness, money, marriage and so much more. Together we can truly thrive and be our best selves.
January 01, 2019