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The Black Girl in CLE Podcast

The Black Girl in CLE Podcast

By Black Girl in the CLE
Host Shana Black will talk about trying new things, talk to interesting people and let you know what's happening in Cleveland, Ohio
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All Voting IS Local So Let's Vote Cleveland
Shana talks with Ifeolu Claytor, the Ohio Campaign Manager for All Voting is Local. They discuss what it all means to have a voting plan and offer resources to help you stay informed about your voting rights. Experiencing problems at the polls? Dial 1-866-OUR-VOTE Stay informed. Follow All Voting Is Local, the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections (, Common Cause Cleveland and the League of Women Voters Ohio on Facebook,  Twitter and online
October 30, 2020
Elections, History and Social Studies
The second episode of our #LetsVoteCleveland campaign. Shana talks with Cleveland resident and Founder Charesha Barrett of Charp EDucation consulting. She give perspective and links the lesson from our history and social studies classes to help make voting understandable. Learn more about Charp EDucation consulting at  and on Instagram Follow Charesha on Instagram and Twitter
October 20, 2020
#LetVoteCLE- Cleveland Votes
There are only a few days left to register to vote in Ohio.  Shana's is joined by Jennifer Lumpkin from Cleveland Vote to discuss the how and why of registering. She also give tips on how we can engage with others to encourage them to vote this November. Tell us why you're voting This episode was produced with support from a grant of the American Press Institute
October 1, 2020
Black Lives Matter- Cleveland Stories
#SayThierNames Desmond Frankiln and Tamia Chappman both lost their young lives due to interactions with local police.  Shana sits down with attorney Stan Jackson from The Cochran Firm to bring light to the cases as well as how you can get active to advocate in your community
June 13, 2020
Black Babies Lives Matter
"The infant mortality rate in Cuyahoga County (the county where Cleveland is located) is one of the highest in the United States. Of the 13,925 babies born in Cuyahoga County in 2019, 120 didn’t make it to their first birthday. The numbers are especially concerning for African American babies."- First Year Cleveland Shana is joined by Miesha Headen, from the American Association of Clergy and Employers,  Samantha Williams Pierce  from Renegade Soul, and Dr. Tisha Carter of Project 31 to discuss lived experiences of miscarriages, stillbirths and what can be called the Mosaic of Death for Black people. Share your thoughts, leave a message for the show at Links Parent And Infant Loss (PAIL)- Learn more about Miesha's project- Beauty for Ashes: Stories of Black Women's Maternal Hope Web address: Dr. Tisha Carter, Project 31: or email her at  Listen to Samantha's podcast- "The Truth About Child Loss" on Spotify  and learn more about Renegade Soul
June 3, 2020
Meet Tiffany H
Shana sits down with local real estate agent, and financial planner Tiffany L Hollinger. 
May 22, 2020
Mental Health w/Robyn Hill
May is Mental Health Awareness Month.  To start off this month Shana talks with Robyn Hill, Mental Health Therapist and owner of RC Hill Counseling and Professional Development Services, about mental health, finding support and how the current coronavirus crisis can take a toll on our mental health.
May 1, 2020
We're Talking Auto Show
The Auto Show is back in Cleveland! Sam Pierce from Renegade Soul sits down with Shana to talk about their favorite cars and experiences Auto Show at this year's auto show
February 24, 2020
Our Food Stories
Shana sits down and talks about food and The Taste of Black Cleveland with Pat Bennett of Pat's Granola and the CLE Food Stories Podcast. Follow Pat on Facebook, and Instagram at @Patgranola
February 14, 2020
Bonus: The Conversation Continues...
As an entrepreneur, there is always something to learn or to improve.  Shana continues her conversation with James Muhammad, owner of Capo Steaks in Glevenville about books he recommends and so much more. 
January 6, 2020
The Grind Requires Grit- with James Muhammad of Capo Steaks
Happy New Year! Shana sat down with James Muhammad, owner of Capo Steaks, to talk about the real grit and grind behind entrepreneurship.
January 6, 2020
From Child Loss to Physique- A Conversation with Sam Pierce
Advocate, Social Worker, Physical Trainer and more Season 3 starts with a sit down with Sam Pierce, founder of Renegade Soul and the Christyan and Jayden Project.  She Sam talks about her road to recovery after losing a set of twins and how fitness helped her along her journey to healing. Learn more about Sam at or learn more about her work with infant loss or hear her podcast visit Thanks to our sponsor Be Ready Cleveland for making this episode possible
November 6, 2019
Interview with Aseelah Shareef
Founded in 1915 Karamu House has been a pillar in the African American community both locally and nationally. Shana and Asia sat down with COO of Karamu House to talk about the history, future and impact Karamu has had on the arts community
September 20, 2019
End of Hot Girl Summer
This episode Asia brings out her fave sista, and best friend Miss Cocoa Camille. They discuss everything we did for our Hot Girl Summer, getting to the bag, women taking over the rap game and being un-problematic hotties.
September 6, 2019
Love Ties and WordSmiths
Poetry has always been a language of love, expression and relief. It causes the wells to spring forth from our hearts. Today the Smith’s are drawing us to a deeper depth of what that looks, sounds and feels like.  Follow the Smith's at @smith_loveties on Instagram or check out their website.  Follow our host Asia at @asian_chow on Instagram
August 5, 2019
Meet Asia
Kind of a cross-over, kind of a take over? Meet and welcome Asia our newest member to the Black Girl family
July 21, 2019
Ever been on a wine tour...In Cleveland?
What started as 2 co-workers who enjoy wine, became one of Cleveland's newest businesses.  April and Channez tell us all about their company the  Dancing Birds Wine Tours.  1 bus, 3 Wineries, 5 hours, snacks, raffle prizes and lots of laughs.  Find out where they'll be next in this episode. Follow Black Girl in the CLE at and @blackgirlincle on Facebook Instagram and Twitter. Check out the Dancing Birds Wine Tours at, on Instagram and Facebook @dancingbirdsw
June 30, 2019
Leveling up with Leap Frog
Calling all Girl Bosses! We're talking about business hacks for women of color to...."spring" them forward to the head of the class.  Shana is joined by Gloria Ware and Anne Richie in a continued conversation from our Reading and Riesling book club.  The topic? Unlocking the keys to success in Nathalie Molina Niño's book Leap Frog: The New Revolution for Women Entrepreneurs.  This episode is sponsored by Be Ready CLE: Empowering entrepreneurs with resources, services and support visit them at Connect with Anne Ritchie on LinkedIn or follow Gloria Ware on Instagram and Twitter @florishnflower. Follow the author Nathalie Molina Niño on Twitter @NathalieMolina  and follow @blackgirlincle on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or check us out online at
June 13, 2019
So Ready For A Breakthrough
Looking to re-energize her life Shana signed up for business coaching from a guy on Instagram.  After being transformed and getting insight on what's been holding her back she was able to focus and overcome her obstacles.  In this episode Shana talks with her Breakthrough Coach Nando Rodriguez about relationships, career and life situations that can be changed from the investment of working with a coach. Follow Black Girl in the CLE at, or on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  Follow Nando at @Nandoism on IG or visit his site at
May 16, 2019
It's Where the Men Are- with Pretty Ash
This week Shana sits down with Tiffany and LaShawn from Pretty Ash a local women's only cigar group. They talk about cigar culture, meeting men, and choosing the cigar lounge over the bar.  Each of “the ladies” tell you about their first cigar experience, picks for a 1st cigar and how to stop your hair from smelling like smoke.  Lots of laughs and tips on this one.  CW: May contain conversation not suitable for young ears This episode is sponsored by Haute Spot Destinations
April 27, 2019
Entertaining For The Culture- Luka Blackhill
In this episode Shana takes to Luka Black, local artist and drag queen.  Luka tells Shana about the creation and transition to becoming  Kimmy Kartaja.  Luka also talks about supporting local artist, the discrimination experienced by women,  Blacks or any minority, and gays and how it feels to carry the weight of the discrimination of all 3.    A conversation in finding yourself, living your best life and self expressing …"For the culture” Follow Kimmy on Instagram or on Facebook and Learn more about Black Girl in the CLE at or Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
April 14, 2019
Booze Infused Chocolate Sauce- You're Welcome
From wanting "a hot fudge sundae that wasn't disappointing, " to vending at one of our pop-up shops and now being in local stores, and on television with her products.  Shana sits down with Kelli Arndt the CEO of OH Fuudge.
April 1, 2019
Shop Small, Shop Locality with Wendy Horn
What started out as a person to know interview became a lesson and chat about the early days of entrepreneurship. Shana sat down with Wendy Horn the founder of Locality.   The two discussed how Locality started, how mindset can get in the way of success, the decision of needing a website or business social media and the value of undergoing business coaching.   Wendy shares her story of starting out and how having someone speak into her started her entrepreneurial journey. Enjoy this podcast or want to leave a comment?  Head over to our website or follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at @Blackgirlincle.  
March 19, 2019
Bella Sin from Cleveland Burlesque
“No, It’s an artist doing a piece of work” Bella Sin tells us how skipping school to go to the library put her on the path to burlesque... In this Bella from Cleveland Burlesque,  helps us understand the art of burlesque, clear up some misconceptions about burlesque and has a scholarship opportunity for those wanting to learn more. Along the way she drops so many nuggets about loving ourselves, body positivity and the struggles many women of color face trying to access opportunities.   This episode is brought to you by Daybreak Yoga Be sure to subscribe to this podcast and follow Black Girl in CLE on IG, Twitter and FB @blackgirlincle or online at
February 28, 2019
Refined the all-Ohio Alcohol Festival
Shana talks with new Clevelander, Clem Marshall producer of the Refined Festival and the Ohio Mead Festival. Learn more about the festival and find out what she likes about Cleveland. Refined takes place Cleveland February 24th at the Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds (yes it's inside) Find out what else is happening in Cleveland by signing up for our weekly events newsletter or checking out our site.
February 18, 2019
Ep 2- Car-less in Cleveland with Devon Settles Jr.
Could you make it in Cleveland without a car?  In this episode Shana speaks with long time mass transit user and Karamu actor Devon Settles Jr.  What was meant to be a discussion on the ups,  downs and pain points of depending on RTA because a conversation became an upbeat and positive look at our transit system, customer service and the RTA drivers and what's good in Cleveland.  Black Girl in the CLE online
January 17, 2019
Black Girl, Blockland, and Blockchain
The 1st episode of the new format! Shana talks with Tech Diva Denise Williams about the recent Blockland conference in Cleveland. What does being a blockchain hub mean for Clevelanders, what is blockchain and trying to understand it all. Plus talk about bitcoin. More discussion and Shana's ongoing attempt to understand from the post Cleveland to Blockland on Black Girl in the CLE.
December 12, 2018