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Bootstrapped Branding

Bootstrapped Branding

By Rohan Gandhi
An entrepreneurship podcast about the early stages of building a consumer brand. Learn how to go from zero to one through conversations with people who have done it themselves.
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01: Zero-to-one grit, handling haters, & building to a vision with Greg Frontiero of NOOWAVE

Bootstrapped Branding

04: You ARE your customer w/ Katie Webb of Aila
Aila is a wellness brand for active people. Founded, owned, and operated by Katie Webb, the brand was born from her own need for a higher-quality alternative to existing pre-workout supplements. We cover: Katie's path of following her own personal needs to creating a successful product How she developed, tested, and worked with key partners to make a shelf-ready product that met her standards How Aila builds customers and community without heavily relying on paid ads Check out Aila: Follow Katie on Twitter:
September 18, 2021
03: Get the idea, make the product, & sell your @$$ off w/ Alexander Harik of Zesty Z
You want to launch a food brand, but where do you start? How do you get retailers to take you seriously? And how do you get into every Whole Foods store nationwide? Alexander left the NYC banking world to start Zesty Z, a brand of Mediterranean diet-inspired snacks and seasonings. Hear how Alexander got from 0 to 1, how you can get scrappy with developing your products, and how putting in the smart-and-hard work leads to the growth you desire.
August 5, 2021
02: From farmer's market to store shelves with Joy Milk Tea's Max Blessen
Wondering if you can launch a successful brand as a team of one?  The answer is yes. Max Blessen is walking proof of that. He started (and still runs) Joy Milk Tea as a one-person show. What you'll learn from this discussion: Why a farmer's market (not a website) was the perfect starting point How Max fills every role at JMT, from product developer to brand director to sales The crucial growth phases for a bootstrapped beverage brand Check out Joy Milk Tea at Follow Max on Twitter at @max_blessen And head to to catch up with past episodes and newsletter issues.
July 21, 2021
01: Zero-to-one grit, handling haters, & building to a vision with Greg Frontiero of NOOWAVE
If there's one thing that radiates from NOOWAVE founder Greg Frontiero, it's grit. We get right into: Having a big vision The struggle of finding suppliers when you're starting out How Greg handles (and wins over) social media haters Also...what's been working with marketing and driving sales? What didn't work? Give a listen and find out. Check out NOOWAVE at: Connect with Greg on Twitter: @SfwGreg Keep up with Bootstrapped Branding at:
June 1, 2021