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Bubbles of Wisdom

Bubbles of Wisdom

By Bubbleye
Bubbleye's interview series with experts in User Acquisition and Mobile Marketing. Find out more at
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Bubbles of Wisdom - Episode 2: Tom Nguyen, Founder of Tucmedia

Bubbles of Wisdom

Bubbles of Wisdom - Episode 3: Carole Le Van, Co-Founder of Potato Play
In this episode of The Bubbles of Wisdom Series from Bubbleye, we are joined by Carole Le Van who is the Co-Founder of Potato Play after previously managing User Acquisition at Gameloft, WarGaming & Ubisoft. During the conversation, Carole will discuss the importance of adding Automation to your arsenal as a UA team, how to get started with automation & what elements to automate.  She will also reveal top tips including getting the right blend of SDK Networks, SANs, and DSPs, how to adjust user acquisition based on monetization model, and the differences, pros & cons between LTV based bidding and portfolio-based bidding. 
September 07, 2021
Bubbles of Wisdom - Episode 2: Tom Nguyen, Founder of Tucmedia
In the second part of our Bubbles of Wisdom insider series, we explore various hot topics within UA with Tom Nguyen who founded Tucmedia 2 years ago after previously managing UA for Goodgame Studios and Zalando. He shares his wisdom on a range of aspects including: Automation for a Mobile App Publisher, Performance Indicators for Optimization, The Best Use & Management of LTV Prediction Curves, iOS 14.5, User Acquisition Methods: Networks (SAN's, DSP,s, SDK Networks) & Creative Strategy 
August 12, 2021
Bubbles of Wisdom - Episode 1: Arthur Chin, UA Lead at Snowprint Studios
As part of our Bubbles of Wisdom Series, expert wavemaker Arthur Chin (UA Lead at Snowprint Studios) shares his thoughts on  Automation for a Mobile App Publisher  Performance Indicators for Optimization LTV Prediction Curves Impacts on the Mobile Gaming Industry from iOS 14 & the Coronavirus Pandemic User Acquisition Methods: Networks, Marketing & Creative Strategy & Arthur’s Holy Grail for User Acquisition
July 20, 2021