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Choose Don't Excuse

Choose Don't Excuse

By Jody and Judie Sedrick
Jody and Judie Sedrick explore your greatest power, the power to choose.When you discover this ultimate power you can literally change and direct every aspect of your life; emotional, physical, spiritual, build positive relationships, steer your career in new directions, the sky is the limit.No more excuses! You have the POWER to CHOOSE to truly own your life. Join us as we explore and tap into this most amazing gift.
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59. Are you Carrying the Weight Or Is It Carrying You?

Choose Don't Excuse

62. Break the Funk with 5G
2020 got you in a funk? COVID, BLM, concerns about work, family issues, the elections, and a myriad of other things can REALLY weigh on your heart and mind. We explore “5G” solutions to help you break the funk to not only survive but thrive during challenging times 5G's to Break the funk Grace Grounding your heart Gratitude God Goodness Have a blessed day! Jody & Judie Contact us at Instagram:  Judie - Https:// Jody -
August 14, 2020
61. Seeing Light and Hope in Dark Moments
It's been a minute since we sat down and recorded a podcast. Some heavy challenges have come to a head this summer for our family so we thought we'd talk about "Seeing Light and Hope in Dark Moments". This is as much a conversation for us at is for you. Show Highlights: Resetting We tend to give, give, give and not make time for ourselves Why do I have to cry? Why am I not strong? Recognize you are in seasons Being overwhelmed by what is happening in the world  The true core of today's challenges is due to one thing... the lack of love How do I with a pure, honest, heart say "Thy Will be done" Be the strength while finding the strength When you turn and serve others you invariably lift yourself Choosing to love no matter what the situation is Be the change that you hope to see in the world I'm going to choose love! The Grinch and his little shriveled up heart was healed by one little girl that saw the beauty in him. We'd love to hear from you. Feel free to contact us at  Follow Us  Instagram: Judie: Jody:
August 07, 2020
60. Effort Over Excuses
Happy Memorial Day Weekend! First of all we want to thank all of the men and women who have dedicated their lives to fight for and preserve freedom. We truly appreciate your dedication, sacrifice and service. Are you tired of the excuses? Excuses from other people frustrate you but why do we let ourselves get away with excuses? Time to reset, put forth some serious effort, not.meager attempt, and really pursue our goals Show highlights: Thank you to all the men and women who serve in the military 10 Day Challenge group - to take down the bad habits you’ve slid into during the COVID-19 quarantine Time to recommit and refocus on your 2020 goals When you get derailed and off track reset Get into problem solving mode and action Be willing to shift, adapt and push forward when and obstacle hits. Focus on the goal not the path Sometimes we miss the mark with our efforts because we don’t have all the information On the flip side don’t allow yourself to get into analysis paralysis because you are over analyzing Key is to execute Thank you for joining us every week Mahalo! Jody & Judie
May 23, 2020
59. Are you Carrying the Weight Or Is It Carrying You?
Are you carrying the weight or is the weight carrying or even crushing you?  Today we explore effectively managing and even thriving through the challenging moments of life. Show Highlights: Working out together - Amoila Ceasar coaching us to push through the pain and manage the weight Are you in control? Even under extreme pressure you can perform Challenges of life can weigh on our mind and spirit or we can become stronger through the experience What do you do to carry the weight? We as leaders can't lead without self mastery The first think you need to develop is the mental strength. Can you push a little bit more? True lasting growth occurs when you are tired and push to that extreme moment There is a time to rely on others. Be fiery independent but also be open to help Thank you for joining us every week! Mahalo! Jody & Judie Sedrick
May 08, 2020
58. Complainer or Creator
Does Corona have you complaining or creating? Complaining and grumbling is easy! Creativity can take a little more effort but the rewards are far greater! What are you doing to get creative during this time of being “Safe at Home”? Show highlights: Ke’ilani’s volleyball team encouraging the team mates to learn something new every week. Kids thinking out side of the box Opposition creates innovation and creativity Challenge with complainers Getting creative with kids at home Finding more effective ways to work together at work and at home Biggest challenge is the illness and not being able to work Work is an emotional, physical and spiritual necessity Taking advantage of the time you have Encumbered by fear darkens our perspective Peeling off the paint - What’s it going to look like on the other side? Check it out on your favorite podcast platform or on Spotify at Thank you for joining us every week! Mahalo! Jody & Judie Sedrick
April 23, 2020
57. Blessings of Corona
Weeks into Corona Craziness we are ready for a break. But has Corona been all bad? Today we explore the blessings of Corona. That Show Highlights: Corona has made us all equal in the since that everybody has the same issue Spending time together as a family that we may not have done Watching the clock when we are with our kids - rushing moments Focus on what we can control so we don’t go into a dark space Social Distancing - change to Physical Distancing with Social Connection Judie purposefully being cheerful to lift others Be the light that others need Be Blessed! Be safe and take care of each other! Thank you for joining us every week! Mahalo! Jody & Judie Sedrick
April 09, 2020
56 - Conquering Corona
The entire world is talking about and affected by the Corona Virus. We're not letting it hold us down. We explore adjustments we are making at home and work to stay on a positive and productive track. Corona is not going to hold us down. Let's foster a spirit of love, support, resilience and action so  we can all rise up this challenge. Show Highlights Shifts we’ve made at work to accommodate the impact of Corona The power of daily standup and accountability Judie’s baptism by fire at Alaska Airlines Corona has forced us to put in place things to make us more efficient and accountable Scarcity mentality and taking for granted the little things Look at the things you can do Judie’s experience of learning something new and being expected to execute immediately Keep an open mind don’t shut down There are ways to adapt so that we can connect and support each other Recognize some people are scared. It’s our time to wrap our arms around them and show some grace Check out last week’s episode “Be Like Water” Thank you for joining us every week! Mahalo! Jody & Judie Sedrick ----------------------------- Check us out on Instagram: Judie Sedrick Jody Sedrick Facebook:
March 21, 2020
55. Be Like Water
Life is extremely dynamic and ever changing. Events in the world have everyone wondering what to do. When we embrace the dynamic nature of life the ups and downs, the curves and unexpected events of life that impact us we learn that life is fluid. How we respond determines our happiness and success in life. Show highlights: The fluid nature of life Bruce Lee “Be Like Water” Are we allowing fear to determine the decisions we make? You need to make sure you look at the big picture Learning to know when you need to be fluid and adaptable in your life or when to hold back and preserve your power strategically Balance in life does not equal 50/50 Letting people learn and grow through their experiences Adapting to personality differences and learning how communicate The power of knowing your strengths and limitations Thank you for joining us every week! Mahalo! Jody & Judie Sedrick ----------------------------- Check us out on Instagram: Judie Sedrick Jody Sedrick Facebook: 
March 12, 2020
54. It's Not Extra. It's Needed
New ventures mean new challenges and opportunities to grow. Do we double down to ensure that we exceed? Or do we expect it to come easy and complain because we “have to do extra”? Are you willing to do what’s needed? Show highlights Judie’s favorite place to get dark chocolate Inspired by Judie doubling down to make sure she succeeds at her new job What are you doing to invest in yourself? “I don’t view it as extra” How are you owning up? Are you wiling to pay the costs of that goal? Decide that it’s not an option If you’re not evolving you are stagnating What it takes to excel at elite levels Thank you for joining us every week! Mahalo! Jody & Judie Sedrick ----------------------------- Check us out on Instagram: Judie Sedrick Jody Sedrick
March 05, 2020
Ep 53. More Open Arms. Less Iron Fists - Loving through Suicide
This week we discuss curve balls that life consistency throws at you. One of the biggest curveballs you can face is a loved one attempting to commit suicide. Join us as we have a very heartfelt discussion, and explore our own experience with suicide. We’ve learned from very personal experience that it affects everyone in the family. Show highlights: Fun curveballs - Starting something new The challenge of learning something new - bridges aren’t built in a day Learning how to handle the unexpected “curve balls” of low Two people very close to us trying to hurt themselves even trying to commit suicide The assumption they are doing it to hurt others. Judie’s struggle with depression - not able to control internal anger and irritability Feeling like you failed as a parent Get outside help - therapy, counseling, direction Jody’s first experience with suicide - the death of his uncle We have to be willing to have the discussion There may be accusations, self-doubt and guilt Extend the arm of love not a fist Some can’t fathom they are worthy of love We need to be gentle, kind, patient and full of grace to each other Resources: Suicide Hotline 800-273-8255 Website Thank you for joining us every week! Mahalo! Jody & Judie Sedrick
February 27, 2020
52. Core Values and Self Laws
Wow, what a week! Judie started a new job at Alaska airlines - a dream come true for her to work in the travel industry.  We explore her first week of training and the core values of Alaska. This launches a great discussion on establishing and living by core values and self laws. Show highlights: Judie's first week of training The 5 core values of Alaska Airlines Setting up and living by your own core values Garret Kroon's principle of establishing Self Laws Core values keep you centered when the challenges or unexpected of life hit you Lessons from a seedling and hatching chicken Thank you for joining us every week! Mahalo! Jody & Judie Sedrick Follow Us Instagram: Jody: Judie: Facebook: Website:
February 13, 2020
51. The Power of MINDSET!
We are back together. Jody spent the last week in Orlando attending and speaking at the Mobile Tech Expo. Jody's experience in a triathlon, the Kansas City Chiefs come back in the 2nd half of the Super Bowl, and Judie giving birth serve as the backdrop to the power of MINDSET in helping you push through obstacles to achieve your goal. Show highlights: 1st Super Bowl Judie and I weren’t together to watch the game. Jody Speaking at Mobile Tech Expo - 2020 Vision - Maniacal focus on your business Down 10 points, the Kansas City Chiefs, stay focused on their goal to come back to beat our 49ers in the Super Bowl. No way to prepare for arms, legs and waves in Jody’s 1st Triathlon. Pausing to get my mindset laser focused on the goal How do you train yourself to stay focused? When is it the right time to step away and quit? Starting with the mindset that you have a way out instead of having a “no way out” mindset Seth Godin - People quit all the time the quite at the right time Judie giving birth to Devon - expectations blown out of the water Andy Reid Coach of Kansas City Chiefs - 20 years to win the ring Book Mentioned in this episode: Seth Godin - “The Dip” Thank you for listening. Please make sure to subscribe and give us a review. Follow Us Instagram: Jody: Judie: Facebook: Website:
February 06, 2020
50. Mamba Out
We along with the rest of the world were sucker-punched with the news of the death of Kobe Bryant, his daughter, and 7 others in a horrible plane crash on January 26, 2020.  Our hearts are heavy thinking about the families who lost their loved ones so unexpectedly. Life can really throw you some unexpected curves. We thought we'd share some of our thoughts and even an indirect personal experience with Kobe.  The unexpected and unknowns of life Pondering our own mortality and how we are serving our family and others Moments can be upsetting but are they truly important The power of an indirect association with someone can have a powerful impact on your life Jody’s personal experience Kobe at a Volleyball tournament We’re all just people We are not in the limelight but people can be watching the example we are setting Kobe’s first time facing Michael Jordon Crab Syndrome Kevin Hart - Every time I succeed I see new opportunities View competition and obstacles as stepping blocks to propel you to be better Date Night Lessons learned Go-Kart racing chasing the pros Our condolences and love to all of the families that lost loved ones in the crash Thank you for listening. Please make sure to subscribe and give us a review. Follow Us Instagram: Jody: Judie: Facebook: Website:
January 30, 2020
49. Live Your Life On Purpose
Life can be overwhelming and all consuming. Living with purpose enables us to turn the unmanageable into the meaningful. Join us as we discuss how we can life with greater purpose. Show highlights: We are putting together the finishing touches on the 2020 Vision Workshop - Launch date Feb 3rd Comparing our lives to others - comparing someone else's chapter 28 to our Chapter 3 Focus on your purpose instead of your destination My journey looks different than your journey Shon Hart - I want you to live in chapters Don’t fast forward, don’t skip a page, live every chapter Jody’s experience “leaning in” to the child who’s being difficult this week Wanting to change your current chapter for another. Have you really gone the distance Current chapter is the building blocks for what is yet to come Working through the challenging 2nd year of our marriage Live intentionally and purposefully in the moment Think about that huge goal and then reverse engineer the steps to get there Managing many things so they are meaningful Do you have a personal mission statement for your life? You can be so involved you loose site of your purpose Life is about discovering, building and becoming Follow Us Instagram: Jody: Judie: Facebook: ​Website:
January 23, 2020
48. TBH - To Be Honest
TBH - To Be Honest We’ve had a number of experiences this week that have made us take a serious look at ourselves. We’re talking about taking a hard, honest look at ourselves and how we need to improve on a personal level. That honesty can be brutal but is exactly what when need to grow. Show Highlights The last 4 days have really made us look at ourselves and how we are interacting with our kids Judie’s thoughts on Ep. 207 of Secret to Success Do we stop to look at who we really are? Change the verbiage from I Can’t to I won’t To see if it doesn’t change the perspective You have to be “wanting” not “wonting” An outside influence can help you see areas you need TBH with yourself Only you can work on you Giving advice when directed in a spirit of love and being humble enough to receive Lessons from Toy Story 4 - Listen to your inner voice Fighting against that inner voice Nick santonastasso’s amazing story Launching our 2020 Vision Workshop of February 3rd - For information contact us at
January 16, 2020
47. College Bound and BIG Transitions
Our baby girl is off to college. Where did the time go? We explore transitions that come in our life and if we are truly taking advantage of those moments. Show highlights: Transitions our kids are going through A personal tour of UVU with Coach Sam Atoa Words of Wisdom from Coach Sam Atoa On-Time is late be early Filipino time versus military time We need to foster a culture or respect The power of setting a culture Take advantage of the moment Boils down to what is important to you Yep, 2020 is about transitions for all of us. Are you going to take advantage of the moment? Thank you for listening. Please make sure to subscribe and give us a review. Follow Us Instagram: Jody: Judie: Facebook: Website:
January 09, 2020
46. 2020 Live with Intention and Purpose
Happy New Year. As you know we have been talking a lot about developing and capturing 2020 Vision for the new year. It’s more than resolutions and goals. Many feel like they “fell off the wagon” during the holidays. Remember you are not restarting you are building on a foundation you already have What makes January 1st different than yesterday? We have an opportunity everyday to reset Set a goal and then deconstruct so that you can set milestones to check progress throughout the year Own the moment and manage the minutes and day Role of being positive in achieving our goals You have the power to choose how you respond to challenging Judie becoming very purposeful in blocking out her time so she can accomplish her goals Avoiding the Rabbit Hole Syndrome Honestly assessing where you are and implementing the changes needed to accomplish what you want Jody’s experience with the DISC assessment DM us if you would like to join our 2020 Vision Online Workshop or send an email to Follow Us Instagram: Jody: Judie: Facebook: Website:
January 02, 2020
45. 2020 Focus Word Reveals & 2020 Vision Workshop
Merry Christmas! We are truly enjoying the holiday season. We are super excited to have our son Devon and his partner Matt join us for this week's episode of Choose Don't Excuse.   Show highlights: Having all of our kids home for Christmas Christmas Olympics Judie and I reveal our 2020 Focus Words We discuss how we came up with having a focus word for the year Devon shares his strategy of focus words on a daily, weekly and yearly basis Matt's thoughts on focus words as this is the first time he's heard of using them for personal development The power of reach. What you reach for you achieve Afraid of success Sneak peek at our new 2020 Vision Workshop - Send us a message to participate in the 2020 Vision Workshop Happy New Year! We look forward to growing with you in 2020. Thank you for listening. Please make sure to subscribe and give us a review. Follow Us Instagram: Jody: Judie: Facebook: Website:
December 26, 2019
44 - 2020 Vision
We are truly ENJOYING the Christmas Season. Our kids are already talking about what time they will wake up on Christmas morning. We have also been working on a new online workshop title 2020 Vision that will help you kick off the New Year. We’re not just talking 2020 vision we’re driving toward 3D Vision for the new year. Show Highlights: Looking forward to 2020 - We’re working on something to help you focus on and achieve your goals Let’s go beyond 2020 vision to 3D We finished The Work - 6 weeks of serious HIIT workouts while doing M100 Once we started something the new thing really caught my attention Often we start pursuing a goal and then get derailed There is a time to adapt and adjust your original plan. Sometimes it is exactly what is needed. You have to have a “Why”. There are different kinds of why’s but you need the one that will PUSH you. How long doesn’t matter the key is finishing Until life gets in the way - Life is guaranteed to happen so why wait? Uncover, discover and build the inherent skills and gifts that you have Certain things you must not cross the line Frequently visit and assess where you are An invitation to join our 2020 Vision workshop For more information about our 2020 Vision Workshop kicking off in January send us an email to Thank you for listening. Please make sure to subscribe and give us a review. Follow Us Instagram: Jody: Judie: Facebook: Website:
December 19, 2019
43. We Discovered POWER in Focus Words
It’s been a year since Judie and I chose focus words to help us hone in on our personal development and goals in 2019. We discovered REAL POWER in focusing on one single word for the year. In this episode, we share what we’ve learned through this experience and how each of us have grown. And yes we will be choosing focus words for 2020. Show Highlights: Annual Christmas Date - spending a full day of shopping, going out to eat and to the temple. Judie even got Jody in a Ross Store Revisiting the Focus Word we chose as a theme for 2019 (See episode 3 - Jody’s focus word - Greatness, Judie’s 2019 focus word - discipline What we discovered Having a theme word really made a difference to have just one word to resonate in your mind throughout the year Jody’s observations of the changes Judie underwent being so focused on discipline Having a focus word forced us to really evaluate our time Jody discovered that some actions don’t lead to greatness so recognizing that chose to pivot Changes that we saw in each other through the process and our own self-discovery Evaluating our circle of influence and see if that group is leading you to where you want to grow The ripple effect of making changes within yourself Discipline helped me push through the hard times The importance of changing your language - changing the words we use We invite you to choose one FOCUS WORD to be your theme for 2020. We’d love to hear the word you’ve chosen and would be honored to help you be accountable throughout the year. Follow Us Instagram: Jody: Judie: Facebook: Website:
December 12, 2019
42. Holiday Mindset
We are full swing into the holiday season. With the holidays comes the Holiday Mindset. How do you manage your time, get things done and still enjoy the season? Jody shares the challenge he’s having in keeping productivity up but allowing his team to enjoy the season You are always going to have something going on whether it’s the holidays or not Meeting with the team to set a plan to hit the goals so everyone can enjoy the seasons Establishing habits before the busy or challenging times hit you. When the feeling of the season hits you is it genuine or fake? Are you only feeling love & gratitude during the season or all year round? Why Judie doesn’t Black Friday shop Is my Holiday Mindset and annual mindset? Is it a true indication of my heart and character? Fully enjoy the moment. It’s easy to be on either extreme - work all the time or play all the time Time management often is viewed as a negative when it actually FREES you to truly be present Choice and Excuse Segment Follow Us Instagram: Jody: Judie: Facebook: Website:
December 05, 2019
When You're Not Feeling Gratitude and It's Thanksgiving
We LOVE Thanksgiving and Christmas. This has been one of those weeks where discipline kicks in.  We want to be grateful but desire to be sincere and right now it feels like we are going through the motions. How do you find gratitude when you are just not feeling it? Join us as candidly discuss our struggle to be grateful in the face of heavy challenges. When emotions take over discipline is needed to pull you through Finding more gratitude for one of our children when you are frustrated and upset at their decisions Dreading the holidays when you normally love and look forward to the holidays Getting passed the quaintness of saying “I’m grateful” and finding true gratitude Sometimes you have to go through the motions first can start putting you in a positive grateful zone Serving others will get you out of your head and do something for others Be grateful for the specific thing you are struggling with. Going through the motions is a synonym for discipline Some gifts you have to work for Inky Johnson “you don’t rise to the occasion you revert to your training” (episode 201 S2S Podcast) Focus on Form Take out the ego and pride Having gratitude enables you to honestly say I’m sorry Be grateful for everything around you. Follow Us Instagram: Jody: Judie: Facebook: Website:
November 28, 2019
40. What? You're Not Perfect?
What do you mean you’re not perfect? How come we feel such heavy pressure to be perfect? Why can’t we give ourselves some grace? Grace to rest. Grace to Grow. Join us as we discuss the pressure to be perfect. Show highlights: Continually pushing ourselves that we are consumed by perfection Judie as a young mom falling into the comparison trap and struggling to “keep up” Society has set women up that they have to be able to do everything and be everything otherwise they are not a full woman The challenge women face of continually having to work extra hard prove their worth and play the perfection game Be ye therefore perfect even as your Father in Heaven because within me you can become like Him through his Grace We tend to only look at the bad things that we do instead of identifying and embracing our natural gifts Thinking of ourself less than others because we don’t have their gift Learning to know when to turn to others for their gift to complement our personal gifts It’s not about perfection it's about progression. Tips Assess the basics; did I eat, do I need sleep, or do I need movement Look at and keep a thankful journal Embrace your own gifts Write yourself a love letter Accept a compliment Mentioned in this podcast: Shon Hart’s 90 Days to Dominate Your Lane Follow Us Instagram: Jody: Judie: Facebook: Website:
November 21, 2019
39. Visualization and Vision - The realization of a dream
This week we visit the power of visualization to bring a dream to reality that was inspired by Jody attending the Glassparency product reveal at SEMA last week. It hit me like a ton of bricks with Ray Doran said, "I envisioned this exact event 3 years ago". Do you have a dream so big that it is pushing you to work the long game? Join us as we discuss: Ray Doran’s visualization of the GP Reveal that he envisioned 3 years earlier Holding tight to your vision and seeing it to fruition When things are going bad say “Good” It’s an opportunity to grow, to learn to become something new Flip the switch in your mind Sometimes you have to shed that which is holding you back Why is it that we retreat when we know there is a better plan, a better way for us? You need to be able to honestly, personally assess where you are? Are you willing to do what is needed to accomplish the vision you seek? Prep, plan, and plan in your mind what you need to do Get rid of works like “Can’t” and replace with “I Am” Admit where you are and then develop a plan to change Seek a trusted advisor to get honest feedback of where you are and what we need to become or what we need to shed Instead of blaming others discover what you need to change Declare your intentions and vision, Get it OUT! And of course we have our Choice or Excuse segment to wrap it up. Thanks for tuning in. Please like, share, subscribe and give us a review. Mahalo! Follow Us Instagram: Jody: Judie: Facebook: Website:
November 14, 2019
38 The ABC’s in Our Quest for Success
This week we revisit our experience speaking at the Success Quest conference in Salt Lake City this past weekend. What an AMAZING experience preparing for this conference as well as presenting. It was a great opportunity for us to work together to pursue and accomplish a goal. Show highlights: Vision of Kalob Valle and Jacob Harmon to create a community of “Questers” who are seeking to find, build and discover success in every aspect of your life Success Quest conference at the Olympic Training facility ( where greatness is literally being built) What does it take to find that inner strength to really push yourself to the next level Our 5 hour drive and conversation about success in preparation for us speaking at the conference The power of reflection The ABCs to success that we shared at the conference A -ttitude B -lessings C -ommitment and Celebration The power of POSITIVITY The power and coolness of pursuing and executing on a goal together Preparation lays the foundational steps for success Weekly Segment: Choice or Excuse ___________ Follow Us Instagram: Jody: Judie: Facebook: Website:
October 31, 2019
37. Get my MOJO Back
You ever find yourself on a POSITIVE vibe then someone or something happens your life to cause you to lose your MOJO?  Let's be real it happens to the best of us. Join us as we explore how to recapture and hold on to our mojo. Show Highlights We will be speaking at the SuccessQuest "Becoming The Best You" Conference Saturday, October 26th from 6-9 pm Feeling great and then losing your mojo Recognizing that it is a moment in time When the rain clouds and storms of life hit what do we do? Run for shelter - Retreat and Regroup; music, prayer, breathing Assess & Empathize - Your mindset determines your reality Separating the emotion from the event - Clinically address the situation Point of friction is where you grow Shelf it. Put on your performer hat and revisit later Your mindset determines your reality Follow Us Instagram: Jody: Judie: Facebook: Website: 
October 24, 2019
36. Lessons Learned from Judie's First Body Building Competition
This week we explore lessons learned from Judie preparing for and competing in her first bodybuilding competition. We discuss Judie's realization of her goal of competing in a Body Build competition. Lessons learned from this experience Why did it take you so long to achieve the goal? There are seasons in your life and the timing wasn't right Not being brave enough to ask questions Fear of the unknown - Posing on stage. "The unknowns were the hardest thing for me" Practice, practice, practice Evaluating each practice session to make minute improvements Don't baby me - hold me accountable Failing is a good thing - fail forward Ke'ilani's experience coaching a young athlete Compare to admire and be inspired. Don't compare and despair Why not do it now? We are excited to announce that we have been invited to speak together at the SuccessQuest conference in Salt Lake City on October 26, 2019. If you guys are in the Salt Lake City area and looking for a great event for motivation and inspiration come join us with Kalob and Jacob the founders of Success Quest. Register at We also want to invite you to join us for "No Excuse November" - 6 weeks of "The Work". Forget waiting until the new year. Let's get fit now as a Christmas and New Year's gift to you now. Contact us a  ___________ Follow Us Instagram: Jody: Judie: Facebook:
October 17, 2019
35. Maniacally Focused
Are you Maniacally Focused? What does it mean to be maniacally focused? Is there a difference between being laser-focused? Our conversation and thoughts are inspired by Matt Oppenheimer’s Keynote address at Boise Startup Week’s Grow Track.  Jody had the opportunity to Emcee the event and be one of the speakers on Tuesday. Join us as we discuss: 🥶 What happened to Fall? We are freezing. 🍁Boise Startup Week overview ( 😁A brief description of Jody’s speech, “Found Money Through Operational Excellence” 😈Maniacally focused versus laser-focused  😃Exponential growth happens when we are maniacally focused and open to pivoting based on new information 👁Staying laser-focused can inhibit your ability to pivot or adjust when needed  👀Preconceived notions can really trip you up.  🤔Do you find yourself asking the same questions over and over? If so it’s time for a change. 🧐Create Precision in Your Vision but open to new info and be willing to respond accordingly. We want to give a special thank you Zion’s Bank, University of Idaho, The SBA, Eide Baille and Perkins Coie for sponsoring a phenomenal week ___________ Follow Us Instagram: Jody: Judie: Facebook:
October 11, 2019
34. Your Past Doesn't Define Your Destiny
We are amazed at the response to our two past episodes exploring our personal battle with anxiety and depression.  If you missed them please listen to Battling the Internal Turmoil and Battling The Invisible Illness. This week we explore the importance of not letting our past hold us back and defining our destiny. Embrace the lessons, the heartaches, disappointments and even success of the past and use them as launching points for where you are trying to go. Show highlights: We touch on a few thoughts we received from people who are experiencing depression. Jody's discussion with Neil Legend about what he missed as a child with his dad. The tendency to make excuses because of our past and even our present to not taking action to change our destiny Not staying with a goal long enough How long do you stay working for a goal? Make a decision today and stay consistent in the efforts required to achieve your goal Set markers so that you can measure your progress Micro improvements compound to build big things Don't let the skeletons of the past define you. Finding your true self worth. Podcasts Mentioned in the podcast FathersFyre - Jody Sedrick ChampionFyre - Cornelius Dunlap LeadershipFyre - Michael Gingras Books mentioned The Dip by Seth Godin
October 03, 2019
33. Battling The Internal Turmoil
In followup to last week’s podcast, we share some tips that we've found or that were share with us to help you work through or prevent the downward spiral of stress, depression, and anxiety. Plus Judie rolls her eyes and Jody leading to a funny discussion. Show highlights: Recognizing that stress is real. There are points of friction that we need to embrace to grow. Battling the internal turmoil while putting on your best face for the world Extend a little more grace, kindness, and patience If you didn’t have bad luck you’d have no luck at all Laughter can help you face challenges and dark days Tips to battle the internal turmoil Be aware of yourself Journaling your good days and bad days so you can see patterns. Mind Mapping Talking to others Happy light. Getting sunshine Staying busy at productive things Say no at the right time If you are struggling and would like to visit with one of us please contact us at Make sure to check out last week’s episode where we have a candid discussion about our personal battle with anxiety, depression and stress. ____________ Follow Us Instagram: Jody: Judie: Facebook:
September 26, 2019
32. Battling the Invisible Illness - A Discussion on Mental Health
This week we have a very candid and heart felt discussion about mental illness. The battle is real. Enduring and coping with mental issues is a real challenge for your loved one battling the mental issue and those around them who are trying to provide love, understanding and support. One of the key things that makes it so challenging is that it is an invisilbe illness. While we are better about facing the biting reality of mental issues it still can be difficult to admit, confront and discuss. Join us as we open our hearts and discuss battling the invisible illness. Highlights from this episode I'm just not feeling my self Tell tell signs that we've noticed Tips for those who are supporting those suffering from mental illness, depression, anxiety, etc. Pushing past the stigma and recognizing mental illness is a real issue Dealing with dark thoughts The importance of loved ones developing greater empathy, consideration, and deeper love and commitment Celebrating and enjoying the good minutes, hours or days It's ok to get help If you are struggling and would like to visit with one of us please contact us at ____________ Follow Us Instagram: Jody: Judie: Facebook:
September 21, 2019
31. Fanning The Ember of Greatness
This week we pick up our conversation from last week’s interview with our son Zayne. We start by exploring what it takes to fan the ember of greatness that is already within you into a flame of opportunity.Show Highlights:Reintroduction to Jody and Judie and Choose Don’t ExcuseExploring your interest and natural gifts.Putting yourself in an environment that allows you to explore and explode your inherent talentsThe importance of being open Take the leap - overcoming fear and our tendency to be risk adverseWhen your vision is big enough it pushes you through the lean timesDiscipline and vision carry you through the lean timesLet time be on your side. Don’t let time hold you back. It your friend not an enemyJody's journey across multiple careersWrite down 10 things that interest you and explore themWe also introduce a new feature "Choice or Excuse"____________Follow UsInstagram:Jody: Check out Jody's podcast FathersFyre where explore the adventure of being a dad.
September 12, 2019
30. Insights from a 23 year old "Mobster" an interview with our son Zayne.
 This week we are super excited to have our son Zayne as our guest. Yes, he is a "Mobster" for Dutch Bros, a coffee and smoothie shop in the western United States.  It's more than a coffee shop. It's an experience!  Join us as we explore moving passed a transaction to creating a transformative experience focused on YOU!  This is such a fun and enlightening interview join us as we learn from a 23 year old mobster.Show highlights:Introduction to Zayne, our number 3 son Zayne and Dutch BrosMOB - Master of Barista. Protectors of Dutch Bros cultureHow you can make something transactional into something transformationalPush authenticity and being intentional in everything you doYou can get coffee anywhere but what Dutch Bros actually sells is loveTraining Dutch Bros team members to create a transformative experienceProviding the same direction to create a phenomenal cultureAnyone can have a BIG impact with the right heartInspiration comes from so many good placesWhat inspires and pushes Zayne to be inspirational to others. Discovering his own empowermentThe importance of self care. Take care of you so that you can then take care of othersHealthy Nos - Yes it's ok to say NoAdditional podcast mentioned in this episode - Champion Fyre with Cornelius Dunlap
September 04, 2019
29. Bridging The Expectation Gap
This week Jody is in North Carolina visiting one his customers, rolling out and training them on the use of RoadFS. We explore the expectation gap and how bridging the gap through solid communication and a heart that serves opens unlimited posibilities. And those possibilities will be a marriage of what you bring to the table and what the bring to the table to create somethign beautiful and amazing.Show highlights:Onsite with Visual Perfection in Morganton North CarolinaMissing that important human interaction. Yes, automation is a great tool but also can diminish true communication. Are we losing the human connection in certain aspects?A picture doesn’t give you full understanding. You can explain what a country is like but until you are there you can’t fully understand. Smell, hear, feel and see give full experience that otherwise can’t understandGetting the full picture enables you to truly understandWhen we communicate we tend to have our own agenda in our mind. Listen to hear or identify the essence of a problem.Speak in the language of how the person understands not how you understand The power of approaching a problem with a heart to serveDon’t be offended when they don’t act in the way you recommended your suggestions may have given them exactly what they needed to make a decisionOur way is not the only way. Your way may be adapted to be a perfect fit for them.____________Follow UsInstagram:Jody:  
August 29, 2019
28. No Fear
Today we explore overcoming fear; the fear of pain, the fear of starting something new, the fear of moving into the unknown. Swallow your fear and join us as we explore some hilarious stories that highlight the mental challenge of overcoming fear.Show highlightsStarting the new school year; Junior and Senior year for our youngest kids.Parent brag moment - Ke’ilani commits to play D1 Volleyball with UVU. Go Wolverines!Judie’s trip to the Doc In the Box to have golf ball sized cyst remove “Fear Set In” and how she overcame the fearSwallow your fear, lean in and take the leap it’s really only a Microsecond leap.The greatest challenge to overcome is the anticipation of the expected.Jody shares facing a huge snow wall on a 50 mile hikeF.E.A.R - False Evidence Appearing RealJody jumps out of a plane. The challenge wasn’t the jump it was stepping out on the wing.We can’t wait to hear how you’ve overcome fear and accomplished something amazing. Email us at choosedontexcuse@gmail.com_____________Followus on Instagram:Jody:
August 22, 2019
27. It Doesn’t Get Easier, You Get Stronger
It get's easier! No it doesn't, you get stronger!What do you think? Easier or stronger that is the question. Does a task gets easier or does your capacity increase making the task easier.  We also explore what it takes to build the inner strength to beat the internal bully of self doubt and fear into submission.    A few highlights from today's show:At first running up a hill may be hard but it becomes easier. The steepness of the hill didn’t change your ability to run does.Consistent efforts make it possible; slow down, take a breath and work the problemAs you progress what used to be your max becomes your everydayOvercoming self doubt and fear. Judie talks about her trepidation for going live on Facebook for the first timePushing past the internal and external bullies that are working to hold you back from using your natural gifts to bless the worldIt’s ok to plateau, take the respite, celebrate the climb and then get ready for the next phase of growthYou can atrophy both physically, emotionally and spiritually if you don’t push to become betterSelf help doesn’t mean your broken, it means you’re trying to improve yourselfThink of the challenge a seed has to bust through the ground. It has to struggle and work but that is where it grows and becomes strongWe’d love to hear your thoughts. In fact we'd love to hear how you are becoming stronger and developing new skills. Thank you for being part of our Vibe Tribe.  Please do us a favor and remember to Like, Share and Subscribe.  Until next week… Mahalo!_____________Followus on Instagram:Jody: 
August 15, 2019
26. Enduring Life's Challenges
“Endure to the end” they say. “Be Positive”, they say. But let’s be candid life can be REALLY hard. It can beat us down and we can find ourselves asking “How long”? “When will this trial end”? “How will I get through this”?In today’s episode we explore enduring life’s challenges. Show highlights:How we are structuring Morning Meltdown M100 fitness challenge group to foster success. Set little milestones to give you something Ito measure progress and celebrate along the way.Remember life is not a race it is endurance event. Things will go awry even with the best laid plains. How do you work through the messy middle?How do you press forward when you don't know how long?  Digging deep to discover and build your inner strength to go the distance.Enduring is NOT suffering patiently. It's perservering, conquering, executing, paying the price and going the distance.This episode sponsored by The Muscle DonutContact us at choosedontexcuse@gmail.comFollow us: Instagram: Choose Don't Excuse • Jody SedrickFacebook: 
August 08, 2019
Judgement Free Zone Part Two - All About You!
Today we jump into round two of the Judgement Free Zone. This time we explore the importance of not judging yourself.  Yeah you! Be honest we have tendency to judge ourselves harder than everyone else. We give other people grace. Why don’t we give ourself the same grace we give others - the grace to grow.  Join us as we explore placing yourself in the Judgement Free Zone.A few key points from today:Importance of being kind to yourself.Why do we need to compare ourself? The danger of comparing and desparingThe power of keeping a gratitude journal to see the good in your lifeIt’s about the journey not the destination.  Are you bringing others with you?Your story is exactly what others need. Why do we give everyone else a break but we don’t give ourself a break?There is no such thing as flawless. In fact your "flaws" make you unique and beautiful!Embrace our own uniqueness!Do you see your true worth?  How do you overcome your own self doubt and self judgement. We’d love to hear your thoughts. Send us a message at
August 01, 2019
24 Enter the Judgement Free Zone
Do you find yourself looking down on others, judging what they wear, the way they look, decisions they make and the way they live their lives? Enter the Judgement Zone. This week Judie is traveling with Ke’ilani attending college volleyball camps. While traveling she’s been working out at Planet Fitness. One of the motivational murals on the wall proclaims “No Judgement Zone”. Judie thought judging would be an excellent topic for this week's discussion on Choose Don’t Excuse. Actually join us as we work through our own thought processes regarding judging. Is there a place for judging and if so when and why?  A few highlights:  Our inclination to be judgmental  How do we balance between exercising good judgement and not judging others? One key indications is if you are pushing other people down to lift yourself up you’ve slid into the Judgement Zone No drama!  Don’t attract the drama to make yourself look better than other people. Your own insecurities lead to judging other people We explore an unexpected experience with they way our daughter was dressed and unintended attention from an older gentleman (Can I say pig) even though we were heading out to the lake How do you balance helping someone on a path to destruction? Are you helping or judging? Or Both? We fail to look at the true intent of the heart of others making it easy to judge Everyone has a backstory, one you don't see, if we understood that story we would cheer their progress rather than judge It's Time to enter the JUDGEMENT FREE ZONE! Yes this is a hot topic. One we will have to explore some more. Let us know your thoughts. Send us a message at  
July 25, 2019
Ep. 23 You Belong!
“You Belong Here!” Yes, You! You Belong!We are just getting back from a whirlwind 8 days of travel. Jody spent Sunday through Wednesday last week at the Air Force One Detailing event with The Detail Mafia at the Museum of Flight and then took the red eye to Indianapolis to join Judie at  the Beachbody Coach Summit. Yes it was a JAMMED pack week of service, learning, growing and spending time together.This week we share our thoughts based on the Beachbody Coach Summit theme “You Belong Here”There is something magical about working together in service that creates a bond like now otherWhy do we think we are not good enough to belong?Why do we need to belong?Is there a place you would like to belong (like a career goal? Are you willing to pay the price to belong?The incredible stories of the Beachbody Challenge winners and their impressive journeys overcoming their physical and emotional battles. Congrats to Christopher Pandolfo and Hanna DayAll of us have major self doubt because we put labels on ourselves and fall prey to the comparison gameCelebrate the goodness of you. When you do you can put your arms around others and pull them in too.We challenge you to write down 5 affirmations of the good traits in you every day.You are AWESOME. Believe that you are AWESOME, because you are.You belong because God made you and put you here for a reason. You are unique. You are IT. You need to find your IT factor and bring it to the tableWe’d love to hear your thoughts. In fact share with us one thing that is AWESOME about you!  Thank you for being part of our Vibe Tribe. And please do us a favor and remember to Like, Share and Subscribe.  Until next week… Mahalo!
July 18, 2019
Ep. 22 Lean In!
What a week! Jody has been in Seattle detailing Air Force One with The Detail Mafia and then joins Judie at the Beach Body Coach Summit 2019. We explore impressions and lessons learned from both these events. Join us as we picnic and visit outside Lucas Oil Stadium.  Today we discuss:Patio Talks at Air Force One - "How do I go to the next level?" Find the one thing that is most important, that has touched your heart and act on it.How do we level up?“Am I addressing the most important things?You can’t separate your personal life and business.. Address the personal and everything else will be impacted.What is the purpose of the valley of struggles we encounter? It gives us the strength and capacities necessary to accomplish the goal we have set. It's part of the process don't grumble about it. Judie's analogy of climbing out of the well - "Don’t miss out on those wins"Jody's experience running Beaverhead 50K - "Stop, rest, reset, and enjoy the progress you've made, then finish..There is a point of no return. You have to make a mental shift to improve. You can’t improve doing the same things.LEAN IN to Win!This episode sponsored by The Muscle DonutContact us at choosedontexcuse@gmail.comFollow us: Instagram: Choose Don't Excuse • Jody SedrickFacebook:
July 12, 2019
Ep. 21 Optimistic? No DEFIANT in the Face of Terrifying Reality
Optimism? We are told to be optimistic in every situation. When some times, what you need is DEFIANCE!In this episode we explore the role of optimism and defiance in the face of incredible challenges. Key ideas we explore about optimism and defiance:Standing defiant in the face of overwhelming challengesStepping back, assessing and attacking like an MMA fighterThe reality of life is it is messy. There are always trials we need to face to go to the next levelFinding the courage to stay in the game - a comparison to staying in the batters box facing a curveballBabys don't know they failed they just get backup and try again.Skipping steps is not sustainableWhere do you fall? Are you optimistic? Defiant? Or Both?Show Notes:This episode was inspired by Guy Raz's interview with Andy Dunn - Founder of Bonobos. Where he answered the question how he stayed optimistic.  "Stay optimistic? What makes you think I was optimistic? I was defiant in the face of a terrifying reality."How I Built This with Guy Ras - Bonobos: Andy Dunn Fee From Gold - Turn Your Obstacles Into Opportunities! episode sponsored by The Muscle DonutContact us at choosedontexcuse@gmail.comFollow us: Instagram: Choose Don't Excuse • Jody SedrickFacebook:
July 04, 2019
Ep. 20 Slow Down, Concentrate and Act!
Slow Down, Concenctrate and Act! Jody was reminded of this when struggling through some of the more challening combinations of Core De Force MMA Power.  In this episode we explore the importance of slowing down and not rushing the process. We also explore ideas from our favorite speakers and podcasters Gary V and Eric Thomas. Gary Vaynerchuck reminds us that "fast is not your friend". We also explore Dr. Eric Thomas' example of how life's challenges are similar to an archer pulling back an arrow. We feel the stress and strain on the string as it is being pulled back farther and farther, building pressure until that final moment when he final launches the arrow.   Judie shares how little wins or recognition from outside sources can reinvigorate you and keep you on track.A few nuggets from the show:Gary V " Fast is not your friend"Is there a time to tap out or do you need to simply readjust?Dr. Eric Thomas "Life is like the pull of an archer. We feel the strain and pull, waiting, waithing for the release"Taking "a breath" enables you to make minute adjustments to hit your targetHelping your kids push through challenges. A great discussion with Christian about training for his new jobThe power of "little wins" Remember when you made an impact -  hold on to those moments to push you through the tough daysComparison robs you of the opportunity to embrace your own sucessHonestly assessing yourself - doing a self-checkPodcast or Influencers mentioned:Gary Vaynerchuck - Vayner MediaEric Thomas - Secrets to SuccessAsha Dornfest - Edit Your LifeRachel HollisThis episode sponsored by The Muscle DonutContact us at choosedontexcuse@gmail.comFollow us: Instagram: Choose Don't Excuse • Jody SedrickFacebook: 
June 27, 2019
Ep 19 Persistent & Laser Focused and Interview with William Lara
Persistent & Laser Focused 2 Keys to SUCCESS! This is a LOADED episode with a wealth of nuggets to help you succeed. We explore how William started is business and what drove him to success.  Here are some highlights to get you excited:The power of PERSISTENCEHow LASER FOCUSED and create and open opportunitiesVisualized to MaterializeBelieving in yourselfFinding good mentorsDedicating at least an hour a day to your personal developmentOvercoming your biggest challenge... DoubtWilliam Lara is owner of Miami Luxe Detailing. He was selected to be part of the elite detailing team to detail Air Force One Air Force One Detail Team ?? Gordon McCall Detail Team????, Detail Mafia Member, Gtechniq Accredited Installer, IDA CD-SV, Miami and South Florida's Premier Detailer???? 1-866-MIA-LUXEShow Notes: MentorsBob Phillips - P&S Detail ProductsRenny Doyle - Detailing SuccessGrant Cardon - https://grantcardone.comBooks10X RuleRich Dad Poor DadSix Months to Six FiguresE-Myth RevisitedTractionMillionaire Next DoorThe Wolf of Wall StreeThis episode sponsored by The Muscle DonutContact us at choosedontexcuse@gmail.comFollow us: Instagram: Choose Don't Excuse • Jody SedrickFacebook: 
June 20, 2019
Ep. 18 Busting through the Comfort Zone
We all get trapped in the Comfort Zone.  Can the comfort zone turn into a danger zone of personal stagnation or is it ok to be comfortable?A few key points from this podcast:Is there a time when it's ok to let an interest, skill, or capacity wither away? Routine can lead to the comfort zoneYou have a choice. Are you going to stay in the comfort zone or progress? Pushing your team to growThe need to grow from comfort zone to comfort zoneIf you wait to long you may Reach a point where you are forced out of necessity Parenting different personalitiesWhen one person on a team or a couple isn’t willing to grow the team is crippled The Importance of being able to be adaptableMindset has to change to progress through comfort zone We explore ways to push through the comfort zone to progress to the next level?  How do you push through the comfort zone?This episode sponsored by The Muscle DonutContact us at choosedontexcuse@gmail.comFollow us: Instagram: Choose Don't Excuse • Jody SedrickFacebook:
June 13, 2019
Ep. 17 Habit, Habit, You Got a Habit! What Does It Take to Create a New Habit?
We return from a FABULOUS relaxing week in Cancun. No schedules, no kids, just the two of us. Yeah it was great! Habit, Habit you got a Habit! In this episode we discuss a question posed by Judie after our early morning work out. The question, “What does it take to create a new habit”?Let’s face it we are averse to change especially if it involves creating new habits.  We explore real-life examples of habits developed unintentionally and intentionally. Judie asks very poignant questions about creating habits which lead to some personal revelations of how we have grown in the past 3 years.  Join us as we explore:Is there a difference when a habit is made out of necessity versus one you want to create?Using events to change? Don’t last because the event is temporaryHow do you create a new habit when the change is rough?Why are we more accountable to others than we are to ourselves?Habits are for other people not me.How do you push through setbacks?Learning that setbacks are just transitionsThis episode sponsored by The Muscle DonutContact us at choosedontexcuse@gmail.comFollow us: Instagram: Choose Don't Excuse • Jody SedrickFacebook:
June 06, 2019
Ep. 16 Should We Stay Or Should We Go
Should we stay or should we go? We debate taking an escape to Cancun Mexico to celebrate our 30th Wedding Anniversary. Then the question arises again 3 days later while at the resort. We look at look at how life can be full of extreme highs, average days and extreme lows and how our vacation was a microcosm of that experience. Plus we get a surprise guest while recording.  Come join us for another exploration of the power of choice in your life.  A few highlights of today’s episode:Should we stay or go?You can’t put a price on memoriesYes you are a couple, but you have to take care of you. You can be alone but together Live is full of high, average and low experiences. How do embraced all that life has to give us.Creating the life you want doesn’t come without challengesA surprise guest drops in while we record our podcast that gives Judie a scareWe share a HORRIBLE experience with a time share sales. Should we go or push passed the bad moment and enjoy the trip.This episode sponsored by The Muscle DonutContact us at choosedontexcuse@gmail.comFollow us: Instagram: Choose Don't Excuse • Jody SedrickFacebook:
May 30, 2019
Ep 15 Children Raising Parents
This week Judie and I explore lessons learned through parenting.  We ask the question "Who's raising who? "When we first had kids we thought we were raising them. We honestly viewed it as our mission and opportunity to raise productive, interesting little humans that could change the world. What we discovered is that we are learning far more from them than we ever imagined. Nothing like having a child mimic you only to discover you don't like what they emulated. We explore things we've learned from our kids and the joy, challenge and some time tears that come with being a parent.We hope you enjoy the conversation and look forward to your comments.This episode sponsored by The Muscle DonutContact us at choosedontexcuse@gmail.comFollow us: Facebook: Choose Don't Excuse • Jody Sedrick
May 23, 2019
Ep. 14 Playing it Safe or Taking The Deep Dive
Navy Seals, Stewardess and Scuba Diving an exploration of playing it safe or taking the deep dive into your dreams. We discuss how security, pressure from parents, other people’s opinions and fear can hold you back from pursuing your dreams. We share our personal experiences of when we played it safe and when we took the leap of faith opening an entire new world to us.  Do you play it safe or are you all in? We'd love to your experiences Playing it Safe. Thanks for joining the conversation!.This episode sponsored by The Muscle DonutContact us at choosedontexcuse@gmail.comFollow us: Instagram: Choose Don't Excuse • Jody Sedrick  
May 16, 2019
Ep 13 Going With The Flow - Tossed to and Fro or Captain Your Destiny?
In today's we explore the idea of "Going With The Flow". Do we really go with flow? Do we aimlessly float through life tossed to and fro at the whim of situations and events in our life? Or, do we take charge and captain our joureny to success and a phenomenal ride? We share our experience white water rafting and draw parallels on how we can navigate the river of life while getting the absolute most out of it.Show overview:Happy Mother's DayHappy Birthday JodyGoing with the Flow Lessons from the Barney BoatTaking control of the situationUsing the tools at handThe importance of taking charge as a leaderWorking as a teamAnd navigating to have the best ride possibleDo you go with the flow or grab the oars and take charge of your destiny? Thanks for joining the conversation!.This episode sponsored by The Muscle DonutContact us at choosedontexcuse@gmail.comFollow us: Instagram: Choose Don't Excuse • Jody SedrickFacebook:  
May 09, 2019
Ep. 12 Execute vs. Good Enough
Are you living in execution mode or is good, good enough? Are so consumed with executing in every aspect of our lives that we set unrealistic expectations and pressure on ourself? Is there a place for good enough? Do you have to be passionate about everything? How do you recognize when your are settling for good when we should be pushing for excellence? Join us as we see who wins the mental battle of Execute vs. Good Enough.Thanks for joining our conversation!Jody & JudieThis episode sponsored by The Muscle DonutContact us at
May 02, 2019
Ep. 11 “Turn Your Back on The World”
Can you turn your back on the past? Or, Should we learn lessons from past experiences that will enable us to take action today?We explore how the past can cripple us into inaction. Judie shares how she purposely sabotaged herself in a spelling bee due to fear and what she learned from that experience.   We discuss how being stuck in the past can put you in a victim state. Let's face it you sometimes hold on to a mistake as if that's who you've become instead of learning from it and becoming the victor. We also discuss the power of being able to honestly self assess and make needed corrections today.We explore keys to pushing past the fear and self doubtGetting help or counseling from a trusted sourceHaving a goal but breaking it down into mini steps every single day.Seizing the day sometimes means simply seizing the momentAnd moreThanks for joining our conversation!Jody & JudieThis episode sponsored by The Muscle DonutContact us at choosedontexcuse@gmail.com________________Audio Clip from The Lion King - Product of Disney
April 25, 2019
Ep 10 Great Expectations
High Expectations!  Are your expectations living up to your dreams? Or are you left feeling disappointed? Should you learn to expect the unexpected? What do you do when the unexpected happens? Flexibility will help you overcome the unexpected.We explore some our experiences with expectations.First cup of coffee expectationsIron Man expectations - nothing but arms and legs everywhereBlocking out the unexpected to hone in on what you are trying to accomplishThe power of commitment and making certain things non-negotiableStarting our own businessDanger of comparisonYou can't skip stepsUltimately the only expectation we should have is to become the best version of ourselves.Thanks for joining our conversation!This episode sponsored by The Muscle DonutContact us at   
April 18, 2019
Ep. 9 What Happens in Vegas ...
Judie was in Las Vegas with our daughter Ke'ilani this past weekend for the SVCA Volleyball Tournament.   We explore lessons learned from her foray into playing Craps and Roulette.  Some laughs and insight from her experiences.   Is everything a game like gambling? We explore what it is' like to lose and win. We ask the questions:  Are you driven to win?  Do you hate to lose?  Do you love the process? Or a combination?  How do you play the game? In the end these are all different strategies to play the game; the game of business, the game or relationships, the game of life.
April 11, 2019
Ep. 8 PUSHING through challenges to SUCCEED!
PUSH!  We explore the mental strength and tenacity that is required to push through challenges. Where does that strength come from? How do we tap into it? We discuss the importance of reverse engineering a goal to earn your way to success in bite size manageable nuggets. We also discuss the power of realigning your efforts when needed and how to communicate that to yourself, your family or team. Join us as we explore what it takes to REALLY PUSH to achieve your dreams!
April 04, 2019
Ep 7. NEGATIVITY! Is it necessary? How do we deal with negativity?
Are you surrounded by negative people or situations? Let's face it negativity is catching. Are you letting negativity envelop and encompass your life and attitude? Is there a place for negativity? We explore how negativity impacts our life and discuss ideas and tools that we can implement to move out of a negative space into a positive space.  Recognize that you have power to push through negative situations even when you don't have the support of those around you.  We also discuss the power of looking at negative situations as opportunities to grow instead of being stuck in a "problem mindset".  Turn your WILL POWER into WHY POWER!Thanks for joining our conversation!This episode sponsored by The Muscle Donut 
March 28, 2019
Ep 6 "Pain Plus Reflection Equal Progress"
Today's episode is inspired by an interview with Ray Dalio and Gary Vaynerchuk (Ask Gary V Ep. 275). We explore our own thoughts and experiences based on Ray's quote "Pain Plus Reflection Equals Progress".  Let's face it many of us tend to complain. Complaining creates a sess poole of stagnation. Break the cycle, and break it early, by reflecting on mistakes made, lessons learned, and improvements that can be implemented that will serve as a tool  for your future growth and success.A special thank you to our sponsor The Muscle Donut! 
March 21, 2019
Ep. 5 Is Positivity Overrated? The Challenge of HYPER Positivity
"Be POSITIVE no matter what!" Do you struggle with feeling fake while working through lif'e's challenges? We discuss the challenge and pressure of being HYPER POSITIVE with our first guest, our son Devon Sedrick who is an aspiring entrepreneur and owner/creator of Restomp Pads . We explore the power of choosing to be authentic, identifying possibliites, resiliency, and determination.2 halves of a POWER couple2:50 Shout out to 1 Inspired Coach, Sean Brasfield, Michael Gingas, Bobby Berg, Aisha Thomas6:21 Embarased by Accolades8:40 Topic of the Day “Finding peace in trials” - Sometimes Positivity can be over rated - 10:40 Special Guest - Our son Devon Sedrick13:15 Not tearing yourself down - accepting compliments19:15 Challenge of Hyper Positivity in our society - negates all of our natural emotions23:35 Most common lie -“I’m fine”28:20 Instead of positivity let’s identify possibilities 30:45 - Determination and resiliency - Brene Brown35:00 Emotion coaching40:00 How do we empower people to make a choice?Thank you to The Muscle Donut for sponsoring this episode of Choose Don't Excuse
March 14, 2019
Ep. 4 Food is Information! A discussion on food, auto immune disorders and body reset
March is Auto Immune Disease Awareness month.  In this episode we discuss auto immune disorders and how food literally impacts every aspect of our lives.We discuss how food is fuel as well as providing key information about what your body needs. Are you taking note of how certain foods wreak havoc on your body while others give you energy. Judie shares her nutrition reset and the lessons learned just by changing a few food items. We discuss the importance of being your own advocate and power of listening to your body!3:00 Aloha - why we open with "Aloha"5:30 March is National Auto Immune Disease Awareness Month7:00 Working with doctors13:20 The importance of being your own advocate (Story of our son Christian)18:00 Auto Immune Disease info21:20 How does your immune system go bad?24:00 Gut health getting things on track29:00 Observe what particular foods do to you and how they make you feel33:00 Body's change so be willing to adapt37:27 Food can be medicine for your bodyThe episode sponsored by The Muscle Donut 
March 07, 2019
Ep 3. What Is Your Focus Word for 2019? A motivational word that will help you succeed.
At the beginning of the year Judie suggested we each come up with a FOCUS word. A word that would serve as a personal theme, a motivational word for 2019. In this episode, we discuss how we came up with our words, why we chose them and the impact they have already had on our lives.1:15 - Honeymoon story 2:25 - Topic intro - What is your Theme Word for 2019 - a Word that will be your motivator, a word that will keep you on task, a word that will inspire you for 20194:00 - Shout Out to Eric Thomas Secret to Success podcast5:45 - Jody’s Word for 2019 - Greatness13:00 - Story of 50K Ultra Marathon - Build the capacity to stay true and committed even when it gets hard 21:00 - Judie’s Word - Discipline27:05 - The power of a Habit Tracker33:00 - Come up with you word, share it and be intentional in following it
February 28, 2019
Ep. 2 Anniversary Edition - it's our 30th Wedding Anniversary!
This is our anniversary episode. What do you mean this is only the 2nd episode? It's our 30th Wedding Anniversary and we are each sharing 3 Power Tips each for building a strong, rich and long lasting relationship.Judie's 3 Power TipsCommunicationRespect each otherBe PresentJody's 3 Power TipsContinue to pursue each otherBe active in each other's livesLove fiercelyA special thank you to our sponsor  Muscle Donut   
February 21, 2019
Introduction to Choose Don't Excuse - Exploring the POWER of Choice in Your Life
Welcome to Choose Don’t Excuse. Our names are Jody and Judie Sedrick and we’ve been married for 30 years! Yep 30! We are pleased to have you join us as we explore the power of choice in every aspect of our lives.In our first episode, we discussThe genesis of Choose Don’t Excuse - launching from Sunday Eats And TreatsIntroduction to Jody and JudieThe power of CHOICE in changing your life.Healthy does not have to be yucky!Make the mental shift to empower your life.Choose to share your journey to bless othersOwn your decisions.
February 11, 2019