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Common Mistakes

Common Mistakes

By Envision Horizons
Laura Meyer and Todd Piechowski are eCommerce experts at Envision Horizons, an eCommerce solutions provider that has helped over 200 brands reach their full potential on Amazon. In the series, Common Mistakes, Laura and Todd discuss common eCommerce mistakes with business leaders, investors, and other industry experts so that listeners can learn from experience shares and not have to learn everything the hard way.
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S2E1 Chris Gronkowski: Starting a Business, Presenting on Shark Tank, Developing a 5 Year Plan.
Chris Gronkowski talks about his journey founding Ice Shaker post-NFL, presenting on Shark Tank, learning from failed investments, and realizing the importance of a 5-year business plan.    Check out Ice Shaker: Follow Chris...  Visit for support selling on Amazon.  myHorizons is automating Amazon brand management. Sign up today for 75% off your first 90 days with the code COMMONMISTAKES.  With myHorizons...  ✅ Analyze Profitability - Visualize profitability data by brand as a whole or down to ASIN level.  ✅ Measure Individual Product Goals & Pacing - Easily track performance by product with data that goes down to ASIN level.  ✅ Gain Insight into Customer Behavior - Utilize pages such as dayparting analysis, returns analysis, and customer review analysis.  ✅ Consolidate Data from 80+ Amazon Reports - Get a bird’s eye view of your overall performance on Amazon in minutes, or dig deeper with ASIN level data on multiple pages. - View 25+ unique metrics not available in Seller Central, including LTV, Repurchase Rates, Forecasted Sales, etc.  ✅ Utilize Internal Research Tools - Product and Keyword Lookup: Use the Product Lookup Table to search your products by Parent or Child and investigate a curated page. - Use the Keyword Lookup Table to search your keywords and see where all they are applied, view a curated detail page for every keyword.   Reach out to to schedule your personal demo.
June 14, 2022
Amazon Listing Optimization
Envision Horizons CEO, Laura Meyer, met with Daniela Bolzmann of Mindful Goods to discuss common mistakes and best practices when it comes to listing optimization. Envision Horizons website: Goods website:
December 01, 2021
Doing Sh*t That Gets You Suspended on Amazon
This week we're talking about the mistakes that can lead to account suspension on Amazon. Envision Horizons CEO, Laura Meyer, reviews the most common reasons for suspension from purposeful tactics like review manipulation to slip-ups in your copy such as false advertising and copyright violations.
November 04, 2021
Not Using Amazon Return Data to Your Advantage
This week we're talking about the common mistake of not paying attention to your return data on Amazon. Envision Horizons CEO, Laura Meyer, reviews four commonly made mistakes and discusses ways brands can use return data to their advantage.
November 03, 2021
Not Investing in Creative Assets for Amazon
We review another frequent problem for Amazon sellers- not investing in creative assets. CEO Laura Meyer reviews the top 5 areas where brands fail with Creative.
November 01, 2021
Allowing Distribution Leakage on Amazon
Laura discusses another frustrating problem for Amazon sellers: being unsystematic with your distribution. Laura reviews 3 reasons why you should have a button-up distribution channel and only work with partners you can trust.
November 01, 2021
Listing Your Entire Catalog on Amazon
In our series, Common Mistakes, CEO Laura Meyer offers her expertise and explains recurrent e-commerce errors that your brand may be making. In our first ever episode Laura reviews five reasons why your brand may want to reconsider listing your entire catalog on Amazon and Walmart.
November 01, 2021
Running Out of Inventory on Amazon
Another common problem we see for Amazon sellers is being unsystematic with distribution. Laura reviews 3 reasons why you should have a button-up distribution channel and only work with partners you can trust.
November 01, 2021
Ignoring Harmful Unauthorized Sellers on Amazon
Laura interviews Brand Guarde's co-founder Joe Kovacs, and discusses unauthorized sellers on Amazon, the consequences of distribution leakage, preventative strategies to protect your brand, and more!
October 13, 2021
Having Imagery That Doesn't Stand Out on Amazon
Envision Horizons CEO, Laura Meyer, interviews Endia Turney from Soona to get her expert advice on making your creative assets stand out from competitors on Amazon. Tune in for best practices on eCommerce imagery and common mistakes to avoid.
October 12, 2021