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The Sovereign Mother Goddess Podcast- with Constance

The Sovereign Mother Goddess Podcast- with Constance

By Constance
Hey gorgeous! I'm here to spread light and love while dancing with the shadows. In the shadows is where we find true light. I showcase both solocast and podcasts with other healers who share their journey to discovering the healer within themselves and creating the life they desire.
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Reiki Gem Wellness Featuring Shannon Marie

The Sovereign Mother Goddess Podcast- with Constance

Featuring- Ami Spencer Youngs -How to Hold Space For Yourself as a Mom Entrepreneur, and Giving Ourselves Grace Through Grief
Ami Spencer Youngs shows her clients how to balance being a mother and an entrepreneur. I can't wait for you to hear this epic episode where we discuss how to hold space for your business to thrive while rocking motherhood. We also dive into how to support yourself and how to support others moving through grief. We discuss the importance of mindset, releasing our need to fix others, and so much more!  Have you found yourself comparing yourself to coaches who can easily do it all and they don't have kids? Amy has been there and her wealth of knowledge will help you to see motherhood as your stepping stone to creating that dream business. How motherhood is an opportunity to grow into the best version of yourself.  Let's dive right in to the episode and make sure to follow Ami!  Connect with Ami on Instagram  @amispenceryoungs,  @amiyoungscoaching on IG Connect with Ami on Facebook  Join Her Group and Her Challenge Her in August Don't Miss Out on the Mom Entrepreneur Academy!  Book Your Human Design Reading- Learn How to Support Yourself and Your Dream! Self-Help books can feel like we need to be someone else, human design supports your manifestations happening in alignment with you being who you are- you knowing exactly what your strategy is. Share this episode with a mom entrepreneur in your life!  Whether you're a mom or not there is so much value in this episode! 
August 03, 2022
Preview of Episode 63- clip 2 with Ami Spencer Youngs
Here's another awesome clip from the episode with Ami! I'm so excited to share it with you on Wednesday! 
August 01, 2022
Sneak Peek at Episode 63- With Ami Spencer Youngs
So excited to share the full episode with you on Wednesday! 
August 01, 2022
How Your Monthly Hormones Impact Your Six Senses
Feel like you don't know what you like anymore? Don't know what to eat for dinner some weeks? Understand how your monthly hormones impact your senses and you'll know what to order on a date.  Master Your Monthly cycle hormonology website on senses all about our sense of smell and fertility.  link to read taking charge of your fertility and the fifth vital sign for free for two months More awesome episodes!  Intro to Herbalism with Wendy Rae Self-Gaslighting  Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energy in Business with Ember Rise Through Life's Changes Moving Through Ascension with Ease and Grace with Kami  Taking Back Your Power with the Morrighan  Honor Life Breaking You Open Social Media breaks for Empaths Reiki Gem Wellness With Shannon  Sex and Intimacy Talk for Moms with Theresa  The Origins of Halloween with Celtic  Healing PCOS Naturally with Robyn Shadow Work with Azure Inner Child Work with Bonnie  Working With the Akashic Records Working With Deities Messages from Pandora's Box The Notebook- Toxic Romance Gaslighting  Subscribe for more episodes! 
July 22, 2022
Animal Totem- The Wasp
I couldn't believe a wasp could be considered medicine in my life, a messenger until 3 years ago. Here's what it means when you find them around you often or they sting you.  Deity Shadow Work with Hera  Create Your Best Period Ever  How to Alchemize Your Triggers Into a Powerful Message Motherhood Overcoming False Hope Quitting Birth Control Pill and toxic Relationships  Cosmic Human Design - See if your type changes from traditional  Liberate Your Health With Sam of Raven and Reishi The Mom Podcasters Guide to Showing up Consistently in Her Podcast What to Do When a Podcast Guest No Shows Deity Work with Hades Herbalism- Getting Started! and Herbs for Men  Light Language and the Witch Wound with Sarah Lines Working With the Witchy Deity Cerridwyn Working With the Deity Thor  Meditation Find What Feels Good  How to Stop Attracting Cheaters 
July 15, 2022
Deity Shadow Work the Goddess Hera
The Goddess Hera is more than a goddess of marriage. She's often seen as jealous and rageful, but she has all the reason to be. Learn about shadow work with this deity. Also, check out my challenge deity shadow work.  Deity Shadow Work Challenge  All about the ancient herb used for birth control Episode on Social Media Breaks being important Self-Help Addiction  Mindful Drinking Loki and odin  Why I stopped drinking coffee Herbalism Coffee Substitutes Akashic Records Working with Deities Self-Gaslighting Balancing Masculine and Feminine in Business with Ember Release Waiting on the World to Change Master Your Monthly Cycle  The Notebook a Toxic Romance Film  Shadow Work With Azure Malloy Breakup With Your Mother
July 15, 2022
Coffee Alternatives I Love For Energy!
If you haven't check out my episode on why I no longer drink coffee. I know the episode left us longing for ideas on what to drink instead  I didn't mention it in the episode but I'll add it below a recipe with coconut water cause it's so hydrating and can help up your energy too especially making sure dehydration isn't zapping your energy. It's incredible on its own too.  My deity shadow work challenge Why I Stopped Drinking Coffee Matcha Lemonade Matcha Lemonade Recipe 2 Liberty Coffee- Coffee Alternative that is the closest to coffee that I love!  Matcha Watermelon Juice Drink you can keep it simple too and mix a cold water based matcha with WTRMLN - you'll find this in stores near the coconut water.  Maca Latte I love  Coconut water sports drink great for labor too  Turmeric Milk Latte How to Make Ginger Tea Chia Pudding- I use almond milk or coconut or oatmilk  Ashwaganda Drink- keep the ginger to up the energy 
July 09, 2022
Create Your Best Period Ever
#bestperiodever Let the dreaded period be a thing of the past. Learn ways to keep your mood in check and prevent pain. Time to honor yourself goddess!  More episodes to divinely support yourself and where to experience my challenge!  Deity Shadow Work Challenge  Sam's Liberty Coffee- Raven and Reishi Collective Message From Deep Reflection  Golden Milk Turmeric Tea  Maca Drink Sam Episode  Cosmic Human Design Herbalism Episode with Wendy Rae Goddess the Morrighan Thor Hades Lakshmi PCOS with Robyn Srigley Reiki Gem Wellness Pandora's Box Odin and Loki 
July 07, 2022
How to Alchemize Your Triggers and Trauma Into a Powerful Amplified Message
These times are so charged. We feel the demand to respond, but you have a right to do it on your own time. Trust your timing to respond rather than react. And learn how to respond with love vs fear during our own hard times and the collective.  I discuss the messages from The Morrighan, Quan Yin, and Kali.  Remember Unity starts with you. We'll dive into this more in my challenge will be July 13th. Join this group for deity shadow work.   Past Episodes I mentioned will help bring your A-Game  Of course there is nothing wrong with seeking help to work through trauma. Even I've gone to therapy. It's a great first step.  Find the healing modality that works for you. Check out NLP below
July 01, 2022
Motherhood:Overcoming False Hope and the God Ares
Have you felt so excited to get moving again on your passions while your little ones are so little still? Motherhood is not an easy transition. I wanted to share my experience lately with false hope and motherhood and some solutions.  CHeck out my last episode on how being on the pill can keep you holding on to toxic relationships.  I've been working with the deity Ares 
June 24, 2022
Losing Toxic Relationships After Coming Off Birth Control and the Witch Wound
Hey loves I'm so passionate about this topic. I was doing a tik tok and realized holy shit I came off the pill and then my life changed so much. I no longer felt trapped at home because I wasn't trapped in my body. I can't wait to share this with you. I thought the pill was the freedom advertised, but in taking it I lost any self worth I had as I lost myself.  Let's get to listening! Here's the resources I mentioned and share !  Cyclical Living Episode Robyn on PCOS Episode Wendy Rae Episode  Sarah and the Witch  Wound Episode.  Fam Method Book Check it Out on Scribd!  My Website Share your experience with me at
June 20, 2022
Cosmic Human Design with Ashley Dewey
After receiving a short reading from Ashley I knew I had to share her readings with you! I had no idea that your human design reading could change depending on whether you're viewing it from tropical or cosmic! I went from manifestor to manifesting generator.  Check out the episode and let us know your key takeaways! Here's the overview 00:12 How Ashley was introduced to Human Design 00:44 What led to her doing readings 02:21 Cosmic vs Tropical 03:32 Human design and our shadow 09:16 What is an authority in human design?  16:48 Different Human Design Types 23:37 Business and Human Design  27:52 Human Design and Digestion  29:13 Human Design and Wealth 30:25 Mirror Work  Links  Book a Human Design Reading With Ashley! HD Reading Including your 40 page manual Lit Up 4 month mastermind Sacred Alignment Check out Your Cosmic Human Design and book a reading with Ashley to Dive deeper Constance Site Facebook page  Tik Tok  Instagram- 
May 30, 2022
Revive Your Health with Sam of Raven and Reishi Apothecary
I'm so excited to bring you registered nurse, entrepreneur, mom of two, freedom fighter, and nutritional life coach, Sam of Raven and Reishi. She's sharing her story of how and why she left being an ICU nurse to start her own company, why you need sea moss in your diet and a healthy alternative to your morning Joe and so much more! I've watched all her tik tok videos and I'm excited to share her and her passions with you.  Sam's Website Follow Her on Truth Social  Follow Her on TikTok  Follow Her on Twitter Follow Her on Facebook  Follow Her on Instagram  Music is from Tide Electric Check out my website for more empowering wisdom Constance Twitter Sovereign Mother Goddess Facebook  Sovereign Mother Goddess Instagram Sovereign Mother Goddess Tiktok We both have a passion for Thor so I had to add that episode here. 
May 23, 2022
Mother Podcasters Guide to Showing Up Consistently
I have a magnet on my fridge over my kids that says be stronger than your excuses. If given the opportunity I could come up with all the possible reasons I can't do things because of my kids. We have a choice in holding the space to show up as parents, to show up to our partners, and to show up to our soul work. It's possible for you to hold the space for your own creative force to thrive through motherhood. Parenting while achieving goals is possible! You can level up while parenting. I'm talking from a mother's perspective which is what I know, but any of these tips could help anyone in parenting to thrive with their podcast. Remember your capacity as a sovereign to take what aligns and leave the rest.  Explore my comeback podcast where I talk about a book that can help you realize how motherhood allows you to find yourself.  Let's be honest, as parents, we have our moments where we say we don't want to do things because of kids when we really just don't want to do things. lol  Podcast recommendations and extras Podcasters Guide to What To Do When Your Podcast Guest No-Shows For Their Interview Descript Need Royalty Music for your podcast? Here's 20% With My Code From Soundstripe Scribd- Have Access to All the Witchy Books, Comic Books, Sheet Music, and Kindle format and audio all in one- 2 MONTHS FREE The Magic of NLP With Karren Kerrisk Working With Deities Deity Work With Hades Deity Work With Cerridwyn Deity Work With Thor Deity Work With Lakshmi Deity Work With the Morrighan Deity Work With the Goddess Akhilandeshravi Deity Work- Waiting On The World to Change- Green Tara Pandora's Box Meditation Find What Feels Good Motherhood and the Motherwound With Kaitlyn Algar
May 16, 2022
Podcasters Guide to What To Do When a Podcast Guest No Shows For Their Interview
Are you swearing off collaborating with another person ever again on your podcast?  I've got you covered with this episode!  Feeling forgotten is the worst feeling in the world! In today's episode, we cover ways to prevent guests from no showing, and what to do when it does happen.  Let me know your key takeaways! I've got 17 tips on surviving and preventing no show guests. Song is Aaron Sprinkle-Tore Up Here's the Episode Write Up Recommended episodes in this podcast:  The Morrighan Thor Lakshmi Hades Hades and Persephone Episode coming soon Descript- Less time editing and more time with family. Check out my affiliate link!  Scribd- Have all the witchy books in audio and kindle form! Check out my affiliate link and let's gift each other free audio books and kindle books! Need music for your podcast? Soundstripe is amazing! Enjoy a 20% discount with my affiliate link! 
May 09, 2022
Deity Work Hades
The prince of darkness, the ruler of the underworld, the wealthy one, the caretaker of souls, are just some name for the dark lord Hades. He is also known as Pluto by the Romans. When we say God of the Underworld we don't just mean the dead- we mean fertility- the soil and all it provides and the natural resources within the earth.  Discover your internal wealth with Hades.  00:00 Intro 00:14 About Hades 03:45 Why work with Hades and How 07:42 Message From Hades 12:01 Outro Episodes Mentioned for more knowledge Every Mother of a Podcast Needs The Editor!  Working With Deities Self-Help Addiction Healing the Witch Wound Balancing the Feminine and Masculine Working with the Deity Cerridwyn Working with the Deity Thor Working with the Deity Lakshmi Working with the Deity The Morrighan Goddess Akhilandeshravi  The Goddess Psyche and Eros Meagan Mermaid- Mermaid Conciousness 2 MONTHS of SCRIBD for FREE!- ALL THE WITCHY BOOKS Check out my affiliate link and let's get each other free months of books!  Need music for your podcast? Check out SoundStripe! This affiliate link gets you 20%
May 02, 2022
The Sovereign Mother Goddess Podcast
Hey Loves! Welcome back! A little reintroduction to what this podcast will be about. We cover why the name changed and the current direction we are taking.  Make sure to check out the Hades Episode too! It's out today as well!  Persephone episode is coming in hot and so is the episode on how to maintain a podcast as a mom!  Writeup of this episode Every Mother of a Podcast Needs This Editor! Click on my affiliate link!  The Morrighan Episode Pandora's Box Episode Previous podcast covering Herbalism for Beginners and Great Herbs for Men's Hormones with Wendy Rae Motherhood and The Mother Wound With Kaitlyn Algar Self-Help Addiction Shadow Work with Azure  Deity Work Episode The Empath and Narcissist Relationship Mirror Goddess Kali  My inspiration to podcast Melissa Ambrosini! - and check out her book Mastering Your Mean Girl  2 MONTHS FREE WITH SCRIBD - ALL THE WITCHY BOOKS IN ONE PLACE- AUDIO AND KINDLE! Clicking on my affiliate link helps you and helps me 
May 02, 2022
Herbalism- When Nature Nurtures the Healer Within
Herbalist, Reiki Master Teacher, and author, Reverend Wendy Rae has an extensive background in healing. In this podcast, we cover her top 5 herbs for beginning your healing journey with herbs. Also. There's so much information out there for women's health, here's a list for men's health. Holiday stress? Craving sweets? Here are some tricks to get you through. Teething baby? Wendy covers that too I really enjoyed working with Wendy this podcast blossomed from a post I wrote on how birth control depletes the body of nutrients. Discover the herbal birth control Wendy used Here are the links for this episode Wendy's Website Herbs for Stem Cells Men's Health Herbs... more info Safe Birth Control for Women Top Herbs for Beginners
December 01, 2021
Healing the Witch Wound and Light Language
IT was so much fun working with Sarah! In this episode, we discuss the witch wound, light language, working with guides, starseeds, and witchy parenting!  Follow Sarah Lines on Instagram! Here are my links~ Follow Me Loves 
October 31, 2021
After going through narcissistic abuse we believe we have escaped the narcissist, but we are forgetting about the pattern of gaslighting we developed within ourselves to keep ourselves safe- under the radar from triggering the narcissist. Let's talk about this and how to work on it! How are you still maneuvering around others and playing small?  Here are my links! 
October 24, 2021
Working With the Witchy Deity Cerridwyn
In this episode, I share a tale of the goddess of magic and witchcraft herself and explain the deep meaning behind it- and trust me this tale can go deeper. You also get tips on how to work with her.  For more deity episodes: Working with Thor Working with Lakshmi The Morrighan Episode 1 Psyche and Eros How to Work With Deities My links and check out live episodes!
October 17, 2021
Transforming Trauma into Power in Business With Angela
Today we're talking with Angela from As Free As You Can See. She helps women entrepreneurs unlock their power. As we've said before, from our deepest pain comes our power. Is your past trauma haunting your business? Let's explore those ghosts and start realizing our magic!  Check out Angela's Challenge this week 10/4 Get in her energy! Join her group! Here are my links! Check me out in foxhole 
October 03, 2021
Motherhood and the Mother Wound with Kaitlyn Algar
I'm so excited to share this all-new episode with you! New moms, seasoned moms, and those who want to cross the threshold to motherhood we cover everything from birth to postpartum and beyond. We're not afraid to tap into the good, the bad and the ugly of motherhood and our joys. Let us know your key takeaways.  Our guest today is Kaitlyn Algar! She’s an intuitive moon mentor. She teaches women how to harness their intuition to make more money in their business by following the phases of the moon. Make sure you follow her online! Her all-new program!  Kaitlyn's Facebook  Instagram  Facebook Group Moon Mystique and Mastery Claim your FREE Lunar Abundance Call.    Identify how to get into the energy of receiving.    Welcome in the unique way your intuition speaks to you.    Clear energy that is keeping you stuck.     Identify 2 things you can start doing right now to make more money in your life and business.   Free Lunar abundance Link to schedule  Tarot reading, crystal reading and more.  Moon Magnetism landing page starts 6-25-21 Early bird and bonuses end june 13 FREE Full Moon Survival Guide FREE New Moon Journal To follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Gab, etc. Here are my links-
September 22, 2021
Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energy in Business with Ember Renae
I'm so pumped for this episode featuring Ember Renae! It's been exciting watching her journey over the past few years on Facebook. She's a psychic brand activator! Are you ready to meet your soul clients? Are you ready to stop abandoning your business and starting over and over again- most of all- are you ready to stop abandoning yourself?  It's your time to shine and release the people-pleasing marketing strategy! Ember is amazing at helping her soul clients step into creating authentic content that feels liberating!   Check out this episode with Ember, check out her website and Facebook group!  The amazing graphic for the episode was made by Ember, it just felt right to show off her awesome work here!  Ember's Website Ember's instagram Ember's facebook group 
August 16, 2021
Working With the Deity Thor
Thor helped me as early labor started... Thor’s name means Thunder, but he is god of more than just thunder! He is also the god of lightning, war, leadership, bravery, taking action, leaving your comfort zone, taking up space and no longer playing small, and fertility. He could even bring things back to life- like his goats.  He could be called upon for protection- as his realm is Earth, also known as Midgard.  He is the son of the God Odin and Jord- she personifies the Earth. Receive messages through Thor.  Working With Deities Shadow Work with Azure Malloy-Finding Your Power in the Shadows Offerings to Thor If you enjoyed receiving inspiration today here are ways to donate to the show Cash App-$ConstanceD777 PayPal- My Website- Spiritual Sovereignty Sisterhood Telegram Group: Instagram-
July 30, 2021
Meditation- Find What Feels Good
You keep hearing how relaxing meditation is... well, any day now you're waiting for this to be true. You've done it like everyone else yet why is it not working? Why are you not coming out of it feeling refreshed and enlightened? Explore in this podcast ways to strengthen your meditation game and master the form of meditation that works for you! That's right! Stop doing what Bob or Steve or Lauren or Nathan or Jaime are doing to reach enlightenment. This is about you and your own experience! Likes make it fucking awesome! All the Places to find me online! And how to support me doing my thang thang.  Pandora's Box Episode I mention The Morrighan Episode Episode After the Morrighan Episode- Rising Blessed Through Life's Challenges Exploring Inner Child Work Episode Akashic Records Episode  Book on Learning to Breathe The Sophia Code Book  Inner Child Meditation Celtic Music for Meditation  Heart Chakra Meditation Music  Mindfulness Meditation Reiki Gem Wellness has so many awesome crystal meditations here is one.  Episode With Reiki Gem Wellness- Shannon Wealth Meditation  Lakshmi Wealth Mantra Green Tara Mantra All About Labyrinth meditations  Etsy Labyrinths Make a Labyrinth  Meditation Funny- Fuck that  Walking Meditation  Draw a Labyrinth 
July 23, 2021
Mindful Drinking and Your Inner Child
Pregnant in Montauk with my husband and friends I realized I could be me and dance without alcohol. Six months after having my baby I wanted to have that feeling again. I stopped drinking for 3 months and learned so much about myself.  We talk about my experience, what mindful drinking is and how alcohol affects your body. And how your inner child plays a role!  My Links Inner Child Episode with Bonnie  Club Soda Book on Mindful Drinking I mentioned Inner Child and Alcohol Connection Research 1  What your inner child needs to heal  The Drinking Journal on Inner Child Work While Sober Don't Let Your Inner Child Guide YOU with alcohol Living in Survival Mode as an Alcoholic  Youtube Addiction and Your inner child The Truth About Alcohol and Your Body  Vices Exploration
July 18, 2021
Why I Stopped Drinking Coffee
Hey loves, these next two weeks we are covering how releasing my two beloved old vices impacted me- caffeine and alcohol. Today we're talking caffeine. Are you reliant on caffeine to complete tasks and get through your day? What is your intention with caffeine and is it really doing what you hope it will and is it adding on some unwanted symptoms?  Make sure to load on some healthy fats before you have your daily cup and don't have it with a meal- have it after! Did you know coffee can deplete iron?  Are you working through caffeine addiction? My Links Here are links from the episode.  Anxious Talking- Slow Down Funny Clip from Taxi- Slow Down Yoga Breathe Sharks TedTalk Slow Down to Go Faster It's Time to Slow Down Vice Worksheet
July 05, 2021
How to Stop Attracting Cheaters
Every single relationship looked like it was finally something new, no more cheaters, boy was I wrong. It wasn't until I took some time with myself and learned these lessons that I stopped attracting men who were what I was looking for.  We can get so lost in books telling us why people cheat or Seventeen Magazine, Maxim, whatever else magazines saying it's not us it's them, but this doesn't stop the pattern. We must understand that's it takes two to make something amazing and a disaster.  Just as we can understand why a narcissist is a narcissist, if we never understand why part of us needs them we continue on unhealed- having narcissist bosses, the narcissist lovers, narcissist neighbors, narcissist interactions all magnetically heading towards us.  Are you ready for real love? Not the kind that lasts a week, a month or one night? Let's get listening and changing this pattern! 
June 17, 2021
Lunar Abundance and Phases with Kaitlyn Algar
Our guest today is Kaitlyn Algar! She’s an intuitive moon mentor. She teaches women how to harness their intuition to make more money in their business by following the phases of the moon. Make sure you follow her online!   Kaitlyn's Facebook  Instagram  Facebook Group Moon Mystique and Mastery Claim your FREE Lunar Abundance Call.   Identify how to get into the energy of receiving.   Welcome in the unique way your intuition speaks to you.   Clear energy that is keeping you stuck. Identify 2 things you can start doing right now to make more money in your life and business.   Free Lunar abundance Link to schedule  Tarot reading, crystal reading and more. Moon Magnetism landing page starts 6-25-21 Early bird and bonuses end june 13 FREE Full Moon Survival Guide FREE New Moon Journal To follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Gab, etc. Here are my links-
June 04, 2021
Working With the Deity Lakshmi
The planet ruling Lakshmi and Taurus is Venus- I felt called to work with Lakshmi during this past New Moon in Taurus. I want to share with you my journey with the goddess of wealth, beauty, love, luxury, and sensuality! Let me know your key takeaways and share this podcast with those you love!  Struggling to work through circumstances or waiting on others to change for you to feel worthy? Listen to this episode.  Find yourself stuck jumping from one thing to the next to heal? Check out my episode on Integration and the importance of allowing ourselves to absorb what we learned and use it.  Get your Goddess Journal! Lakshmi statue I love  Laksmi tanka I use.  Learn about Lakshmi
May 26, 2021
Release Waiting on People to Change
Return the power back within yourself where it has always been.  You didn't come into this world with batteries not included- with the need to search outside for resources.  You are a force to be reckoned with. It's time to come back to the truth of who you are.  In this podcast, we cover how to stop waiting on the world, circumstances, and people to change. How we can be the change we seek in the world.  Use the exercises in this episode and let me know what your favorite ones were and what insights you realized.  To follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Gab, etc. Here are my links- John Mayer interview: John Mayer Waiting on the World to Change Show where he mentions how he can't talk without his guitar in front of him. I'll link when I find it again. 
May 12, 2021
Rise Blessed Through Life's Challenges
Life can feel so difficult at times we start to wonder when things will change. Through these past few tough weeks I've been led to study the tao and understand how blessings are all around us.  Spoiler alert- if you haven't watched the wizard of oz I do talk about the movie.  Podcast Links The story of the Taoist Farmer I reference- The episode with Meagan Mermaid If you enjoyed receiving inspiration today here are ways to donate to the show Cash App-$ConstanceD777 PayPal- My Website- Spiritual Sovereignty Sisterhood Telegram Group: Instagram-
April 12, 2021
Take Your Power Back With The Morrighan
Welcome to the Spiritual Sovereignty Sisterhood Podcast! I’m Constance and today we will be talking about my journey with the goddess the Morrighan. The powerful Celtic goddess The Morrighan’s name means The Great Queen. She is associated with death, power, sovereignty, freedom, environmentalism, leadership, motherhood, prophecy, war, peace, fertility- sexuality, magic, protection, finding your voice, releasing codependency, and creating boundaries. You can call upon her when you need courage. If you recently went through a miscarriage, this podcast episode contains sensitive material that may not be for you. I recommend rooting into your power, your self-compassion if you have been through a miscarriage and then proceeding to listen with an open heart full of deep self-compassion. There is a spiritual meaning to why we have miscarriages and we must first move through deep compassionate allowance of our own grief without judgment or a timeframe. For more information on how to connect to Deities see this previous episode.  To learn more about shadow work check out the episode with Azure.   To learn more about the inner child check out the previous episode with Bonnie.  To learn more about the importance of integration and holding space for mourning check out the episode of Self-Help Addiction.  If you feel called and aligned to donate to this podcast Donate Through PayPal Donate Through CashApp$ConstanceD777 Want a shout-out? Leave a note with your donation. My Website New Facebook Group Twitter Instagram Facebook Page Gab: DLive Scribd- Audiobooks and Digital Books for 2 months free! Here my group on Telegram Check out the Life After Miscarriage Podcast and Facebook. 
March 25, 2021
Self-Help Addiction
Are you jumping from healing one area of your life to the next and feeling absolutely drained? Feel like you're constantly creating new circles even though you know what the problem is? This podcast is for you!  Life is waiting for you to trust what wants to be created through you!  If you feel divinely called, leave a review, I'd love to read them on my next upcoming episode!  If you feel called and aligned to donate to this podcast  Donate Through PayPal Donate Through CashApp$ConstanceD777 Want a shout-out? Leave a note with your donation.  Book an Akashic Record Reading My Website New Facebook Group Twitter Instagram Facebook Page Gab: DLive Scribd- Audiobooks and Digital Books for 2 months free!
March 11, 2021
The Magic of NLP with Karren Kerrisk
I met Karren through another amazing powerful woman, my coach Celtic. I had the opportunity to experience Karren’s NLP magic and I just had to have her on the show to share her magic with you! She's an internationally certified NLP Trainer and Life Coach Trainer. Karren actively continues to research neuroscience and social psychology and bring the latest techniques into the coaching world. Her mission is to support you in bringing the best you to the world of coaching and training. Find out more about working with Karren and her partner Aaron Waugh.  Mind Skills Mastery Facebook Page Mind Skills Mastery Website NLP and Coaching Mastery Group Karren’s Mindset Audit Class Start exploring NLP with the Well Formed Outcome-
March 01, 2021
Surprise Clip from- NLP with Karren Kerrisk
Here's another clip from the upcoming episode! Here's the full episode- Can't wait to share this episode with Karren Kerrisk with you tomorrow! She's an internationally certified NLP Trainer and Life Coach Trainer. Karren actively continues to research neuroscience and social psychology and bring the latest techniques into the coaching world. Her mission is to support you in bringing the best you to the world of coaching and training. Check out her group in the comments and a link to my podcast page where it will be posted.
March 01, 2021
Moving Through Ascension With Ease and Grace- Featuring Kami
Kami is an oracle healer prophetess.  In this episode, we discuss what ascension is, the different stages of ascension and how to move through it with ease and grace. Kami has years of experience working with clients through the Akashic Records, inner child work, shadow work, and mediumship.  Here are links to work with her on your spiritual journey!  Here's our previous episode together on The Dark Night of the Soul  Kami's Website and Readings! Book her here.  Shadow Work Coaching Series Inner Child Work Reading with Kami 30 Minutes  Inner Child Work Reading with Kami 1 hour Kami's Facebook Group Kami's Facebook Page My new Facebook group- Live in line with your divinity.  Spiritual Sovereignty Sisterhood
February 22, 2021
Mermaid Consciousness with Meagan Mermaid
I’m so excited for our guest today. Through Co-Vid 19 EFT tapping videos from Meagan Mermaid kept me positive and inspired. It’s an absolute honor to have her on my podcast. She’s an author, speaker, and teacher of Mermaid Consciousness. Meagan Mermaid has blended her metaphysical studies of astrology, tarot, and divination with Divine Feminine wisdom and modern manifestation principles to create a curriculum of spiritual empowerment whose teachings come from her High Council of Mermaid Spirit Guides. To Find out More about Meagan Mermaid: Her Website, and where you can get your Mermaid DNA activation for healing the root chakra! : Facebook: Instagram: Youtube-
February 17, 2021
2021- Self-Care Tips for the New Year
This episode comes from an oracle card pull I did for the new year! With everything going on in the world right now it is so important that you prioritize yourself. We can find ourselves going online looking for love in all the wrong places.  Also, check out my episode on self-care for empaths online for more tips. 
January 10, 2021
Honor Life Shattering You Open With the Goddess Akhilandeshravi
Welcome life cracking you open and allowing you the opportunity to become the best version of yourself. What you desire, might require a new mindset- that’s why life cracks us open. Embrace change and ride the waves of fear out. What cracks us open is an opportunity for liberation. We discuss how to heal physical pain through understanding. We can feel the pressure of life on us, but that’s how diamonds are made! Thanks so much for listening! Make sure to follow and share! You’re a blessing to all around you, most of all to yourself! Check out my website for more content: You can find more amazing titles at scribd. My favorite app for audio books and electronic books. Here's a coach I felt inspired by for the example I gave
December 29, 2020
Social Media Breaks for Empaths
These energetic times are not easy on you. During the election, I took a break to come back to self-and in this podcast I give you tips on how to do this for yourself. Come back to hear your truth. 
December 24, 2020
Reiki Gem Wellness Featuring Shannon Marie
At the start of this year, I found myself seeking gems to work with while hosting my first moon circle with Aphrodite. In my search, I came across Shannon’s channel on YouTube Reiki Gem Wellness. I have learned so much from her channel and it meant so much to me to create this episode with her. She recently started teaching all about reiki and has classes available online. I was instantly drawn to how she not only teaches you about the gemstone, but she gives you meditations and ideas on how to incorporate different stones into your daily life. Her deep passion exudes through her work. I’ve started her reiki course and I am really enjoying reiki 1, especially through this pregnancy it’s been amazing being more aware of my energy. Her reiki class link. You as a listener are given a code for 10% from Shannon.  reiki class code: fghpodcast Check out her youtube channel! : Website: Book mentioned Anatomy of Spirit You can find more amazing titles at scribd. My favorite app for audio books and electronic books. Here’s an overview of what we cover. When did your interest in gemstones start? Does she travel for rock hunting? When did she learn about the impact each gemstone has? How we can use numerology to discover what gemstone to work with. What led you to learn reiki? Is there a certain gemstone she loves to work with? What led to you reiki charging your gemstones? How many gemstones do you own? How many should we work with at a time? How can we use crystal healing to support improving our lives? Why do gemstones work with us so well? Is it a frequency? Her reiki tumbler. All about her book and how Co-Vid 19 changed her focus. Where you can find it once it is released. How to care for your crystals What stones are great for the holidays? For shopping and cravings. Why add reiki to gemstones? The importance of owning our discomfort Where to find her online.
December 18, 2020
The Dark Night of the Soul - Featuring Kami
Kami is an oracle healer prophetess. In this episode, she talks all about the dark night of the soul and her journey through it. We also cover what heaven is like and if there is a hell.  So how do you know if you're in the dark night of the soul and if it's for you? It is a complete breakdown of your foundations and the elimination of your identity and your beliefs and values, in order for you to be built back up in a way that is more in alignment with your true vibration. I had so much fun making this episode with Kami!  Please share this episode!  You have to experience  a reading with Kami you can book one here: Check out her Facebook Page: Her Facebook Group: Episode Breakdown What it’s like being gifted and her journey. How we play as kids is a hint to what we will love to do as adults. Plus the influence from our past lives on current jobs. How reading her own past lives has helped her What her support was like when she first started sharing her gifts. She shares a past life she’s working through right now. Are we all gifted? Was it hard for her to trust her messages in the beginning? All about ascended master Michael, and her awakening. Her corporate background What is the dark night of the soul? Michael’s message to us about the dark night of the soul. How the dark night of the soul varies per person. How it can show up in your life. Kami’s experience of the dark night of the soul- 2012. How Co-Vid gave us the opportunity to look in the mirror Tips for going through the dark night of the soul Any common signs you’re in the dark night of the soul? How long can the dark night of the soul last? What the dark night of the soul has led to for Kami- what you have to look forward to. What helps her feel more open to the universe's love. Were you afraid of talking to souls that had passed? Her boundaries with souls she works with, rules and how she learned how to set them. How we can create agreements with the universe. What’s heaven like? How to know if a soul has been reborn How we can talk to our unborn baby. Her premonitions on her sister's death. She shares what dying means. Does hell exist? Why you don’t always align with all lightworkers and the best person for you to learn from and be into. Was there a time she allowed herself to be influenced by others? The gifts of going through the dark night of the soul- the joys. The gifts she received. The blessing of having the narcissist in your life. Where we can find Kami online.
December 05, 2020
Deities Odin and Loki Message
Choosing the life you desire sounds so good! The thing no one tells you is how hard the shift is on your mind. It's like learning a new language. This doesn't mean don't do it. It just means love yourself and understand yourself in the process. Old conditioning is going to come up. Being who you want to be can cause your ego to set off the sirens to create a panic attack of inaction. How do we get out of that feeling? We learn to understand our egos.  Your rebirth is worth the process!  For more information check out the episodes Shadow work with Azure Inner Child Work with Bonnie I will be diving further into Odin and Loki soon! Enjoy!  Check me out on Instagram- constance_degroat
December 03, 2020
Sex and Intimacy Talk for Moms- with Theresa Mae Wood
Hey moms, has intimacy tanked since having kids? This podcast is for you! Theresa is an amazing intimacy coach helping women have hot marriages full of passion and intimacy. She's an amazing coach and teacher. I've taken one of her courses and I highly recommend you check them out. Women are inspired by her to become their best selves while in their marriage and to rediscover the woman they are now as a mom.  Check out her group: 00:40 Do sex coaches have sex all the time? 01:05 Sex- Quantity vs Quality 01:55 Having sex while married with kids- timing. 3:11 Theresa’s journey as a mom that inspired her coaching. 6:20 Theresa’s love language 7:20 Ask yourself if your partner left tomorrow what would you do- become that person now 9:55 Getting lost in your identity, the labels as a mom. Taking time for yourself. 11:05 How Theresa makes time for herself. 14:10 Not feeling sexy while pregnant and after giving birth. 18:06 Working with pregnant women 20:21 We touch on guilt and shame in not wanting sex and for wanting sex. 21:21 When old trauma comes up in the bedroom- rejection and abandonment issues. 23:50 Mom Guilt- I’m a mom now I can’t treat myself- dressing for who you are now 28:33 The importance of teaching our kids to love their bodies. How we should talk to our kids about sex without teaching shame. 31:50 Shame and women not putting their own pleasure first in the bedroom. 33:42- Porn- the absence of women’s pleasure. 36:07 Do we need to teach our teens that porn isn’t realistic- sex comes in many forms. 38:40 Know your body. Shame around female masturbation and why it’s important to explore. 42:00 Using the right terminology 44:44 Her family support. 48:00 Starting to be intimate again. 51:05 Theresa -working with mompreneurs. 54:00 How to start working with Theresa 56:40 Her one to one coaching.
November 18, 2020
Episode 17: PCOS with The Hormone Diva Robyn Srigley
I'm so excited to share this episode with you on PCOS with Hormone Diva Robyn Srigley! She helps women feel confident in their bodies again and reclaim their lives by balancing their hormones. She specializes in working with women with PCOS. She also helps women with endometriosis.  00:44 How Robyn became the hormone diva.  01:50 What PCOS is-  Physical effects and the 3 main criteria.  04:54 Going naturally and supporting herself.  6:04 Her discovery of the side effects of birth control on her health and mood. 7:17 Advocating for her own health and doing her own at-home testing- vitamins and hormones. 8:51 Coffee, caffeine, and PCOS. My B12 Anemia from the pill.  12:15 The importance of awareness to create change.  14:44 The removal of organs to cure PCOS 17:36 PCOS and feeling like we can't trust our body.  18:34 How Robyn conceived with PCOS. 21:20-  Birth and trusting our bodies no matter what.  22:30- Stress management for PCOS- balancing your hormones. How it affects your hormones.  26:35 Food anxiety and PCOS. Self-awareness with food.  30:40 How Robyn feels about women's health and how it needs to improve.  35:20 How we need to do research on the long term effects of the pill in combination with other medications.  37:21 Robyn's Sugar Challenge Coming Up! 41:44 Is there a cure for PCOS 45:15 Gynecology- Seeing a male doctor vs. female. Finding a supportive doctor.  47:57 FAM birth control  49:38 Hear more about Robyn's Bootcamp 51:15 The client journeys that stand out for Robyn.  57:20 Where to follow Robyn. Robyn's Website: Private Coaching with Robyn: Her Facebook Page: Her Facebook Group: At-home testing: UTI's and the pill More about UTI's and the pill The link between hormonal birth control and UTIs Book I love on periods and the deficiencies caused by the pill:
October 30, 2020
The Origins of Halloween Featuring Celtic Cherokee
In this episode, we dive into the Pagan origins of Halloween with my coach Celtic Cherokee.  Celtic Cherokee on Facebook- Celtic Cherokee’s Group Siren’s Call- Celtic’s page- Check out Celtic on TikTok: Song- Only the Brave Run Wild- by Sounds Like Sander- Check out the group for First-Generation Healers- Mythbusters- Embody Your Power Want to donate towards making this podcast dope, and magical?
October 26, 2020
Shadow Work with Azure Malloy-Finding Your Power in the Shadows
Shadow work releases the power old wounds have and helps us take back our power. In this episode, we talk with Azure Malloy, an expert in shadow work. She has an amazing class coming up for anyone starting out in shadow work. You can find the class in the link below for Endarkenment: Intro to Shadow Work Show Notes:  00:27 Naming our ego 01:30 Mirror Work 02:25 What Azure tried before Shadow Work 04:28 Why we can't just focus on love and light 05:16 Azure's Shadow Work Journey 06:36 What is Shadow Work?  08:35 Shadow work archetypes 10:08 The current shadow work in the world.  11:55 The healer trap- trying to heal ourselves all at once. Why we should talk about our failures. 15:18 How we are victims to ourselves 18:00 Teaching our kids to express their shadow.  19:25 How often should we do shadow work?  20:32 Endarkenment- Introduction to Shadow Work- Azure's class on Wednesday. 22:00 How tapping is shadow work 22:45 Shadow Work and Womb Work.  25:30 How we invite others to say things to us.  Azure's Facebook.  Azure Facebook Group Azure's Podcast Check out her Ebook!  Her Etsy shop  Are you ready to dive into your shadows and embrace your power? Endarkenment class: Azure’s group- Azure’s Womb Work meditaiton: The song is Love Catch from Tide Electric Audio Clip of Ozzy Osborne from The Osbournes- MTV Check out the group for First Generation Healers- Mythbusters- Embody Your Power Want to donate towards making this podcast dope, and magical? #shadowwork #tideelectric #mythbusters #firstgenerationhealers
October 19, 2020
Exploring Inner Child Work With Bonnie Burge
So excited for you to check out this episode with Bonnie Burge discussing inner child work and how this work has impacted her life!  Inner Child Episode show notes! 00:54- What is inner child work? 01:02- How being a parent inspired her inner child journey 01:51- Her near-death experience 02:27 How inner child work made her the mother she always wanted to be 03:52 - Inner Child Archetypes 0 5:18- Should I do inner child work? 05:31- How inner child work is shadow work 05:34- Why you should take your time healing your inner child. 07:15- The Addiction to Healing Ourselves 08:04- Inner Child Work Self-Care and Self-Love 8:28- Mom guilt and hearing your intuition 09:04 - What age could you start inner child work at? 09:30 How her deep inner child work affected her children and other areas of her life. 10:15- Self-forgiveness and finding your power 12:42- Reparenting your inner child and how she reparented herself. 14:51 Where the inner child resides in your body. 16:22- The question you need to ask yourself daily 18:00- What it was like working with her inner child in meditation 19:04 - Gifts from her inner child 19:11- Where you can follow Bonnie and all about her inner child work course 20:05 - Where to start your inner child work journey and steps to take 22:30- Working past the brain injury from the overdose to inspire others. 23:20- Sharing her overdose story with family and friends Bonnie’s Page: Bonnie Burge’s Group- Join Scribd- Unlimited books and audiobooks for $9.99 a month. Paypal Bonnie if you’d like to donate! Paypal First Generation Healers if you’d like to donate towards the podcast- First Generation Healers page : First Generation Healers Group- For Graphic Design Check out Jean
October 10, 2020
Claiming Your Soul's Desire- The Myth of Psyche and Eros
What do you desire? And are you dealing with blocks around it? Eros means desire and Psyche means Soul. When with all your soul you desire something you will have your bliss! The Myth of Psyche and Eros holds the keys to having that which we desire. Her story shows the journey to empowerment from within. Knowing when to ask for help, and when to be the help we need. If we are willing to explore our darkness, we can find our power to claim our desires, our bliss! Check out the page! Facebook Group My website Aphrodite meditation Medusa meditation- Feel inspired to donate?
October 07, 2020
The Akashic Records
Wandering through Union Square as a new college graduate, I was interning on Wall Street wondering what should I do with my life.  The square is an amazing place to people watch. Best of all, Barnes and Noble for my knowledge hoarding. Seated in the square was a couple doing Akashic Record Readings. I learned my guide's name and past lives. One is a French Prince. My voice has felt trapped like the Little Mermaid, and now I find it let loose since my teacher has helped me to discover the block.  My curiosity led to learning how to read them!  Facebook Page- Message me to book your reading for $100. The price goes back to $125 on the 8th of October.  We'll dive deeper into the records in later episodes.  I can't wait to introduce you to some gods and goddesses next week! Facebook Group My website
October 02, 2020
Working with Deities
Ever wanted to work with a deity- god or goddess? Here is your podcast on it! Join my group to add more questions.  I will be doing a LIVE on this soon! Facebook Page Facebook Group My website Aphrodite meditation Medusa meditation-
September 28, 2020
Pandora's Box
What we avoid has the gift of deep understanding and compassion for ourselves behind it. We've entered the shadow season! Time to explore our strengths and learn new ways to love ourselves by learning to love and understand our darkness! Every part of you deserves your love. The seven deadly sins are messengers. Whether you give in or do the opposite the choice can end up hurting you. Too much humbleness can be bad as too much pride. It can cost yourself a job on an interview if you don't take pride in your work.  To book a reading Check out my page on Facebook For more information on connecting with gods and goddesses and exploring the shadow season- For more articles and information on creating healthy relationships or leaving one
September 25, 2020
The Notebook- A Toxic Romance Film
Throughout my teens, I idolized this film. I wanted to date Noah. I failed to see Lon was a better choice over Noah. Noah was obsessive.  In this episode, we’ll be covering why Allie is blessed to have forgotten Noah. I’m kidding, a little. We will be covering all the toxic traits in the Notebook of not just Noah but the other characters. From the normalizing of fighting all the time as being crazy in love with each other to codependency and straight narcissist behavior. We’ll be looking at Allie’s codependent nature and how it impacted her decisions. Rewatch the Notebook and let me know what you think!  If you feel called to donate to this podcast: Books Codependent No More Book- Codependent No More Workbook- The Language of Letting Go- Boundaries- Psychopath- An amazing app for books is Scribd!!! for $10 a month you get digital and audiobooks, unlimited!!! The Movie- The Notebook Movie- For more content check out First Generation Healers on Facebook Book your Akashic Record Reading Today! Join a goddess circle!!! Also my website:
September 16, 2020
Master Your Monthly Cycle
Birth not only babies but your dreams through your cycle!!! The world runs on 24 hours when a woman's body doesn't. Men hit their peak in the morning, while women hit peak activity at ovulation- and during both their spring and summer. We have times when we are introspective and times when we are extrospective. Learn how to live in alignment with your cycles. Check out the links below for more ideas to help you make this the best month ever! Work with me on aligning your life and business with your period. Let’s talk about alignment! Every month doesn’t need to be difficult, period.  EXTRA READING ONLINE- TRACK YOUR PERIOD FLO APP: Seed cycling to help your hormones- TRACKING PERIODS IN SPORTS= SUCCESS PERIOD CRAMPS RELIEF- Pain relief without NSAIDs creating havoc on your body. Terry Naturally- options for 30-120 count. CalMag C- help prevent cramps and helps with sleep and stress. BOOKS  Majority of these amazing books are available on scribd. Enjoy two months free Period Repair Book Fix Your Period Naturally Fertility Awareness without the Pill- Taking Control of Your Fertility Book Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom Book- touches on patriarchy’s effect on women losing their trust in their intuition. Woman Code Why We Sleep PERIOD PODCASTS!  Fertility Friday Podcast The Period Party podcast- Kim Anami on Conscious Periods Exercise for your cycle Eating for your Cycle
September 12, 2020
Ever felt crazy while talking to someone? Like you know what you experienced, but this person keeps telling you it is all in your head? Gaslighting is deliberate crazy-making. Gaslighting is when someone twists the truth, in their favor to make you feel crazy and apologize to them, when they are in the wrong. It's the avoidance of accountability.  Have you ever been gaslighted? Do you find you keep choosing these relationships?  Don't know what gaslighting is? Learn all about it in this episode and how to starting choosing you.  For more about healing from narcissistic abuse: Like my Facebook page and setup a reading! Love what you're hearing and want to make a donation- Check out scribd for audible books! To create more embodiment, check out this book- Trust Your Senses The Body Keeps the Score Book - Dodging Energy Vampires Gaslight Workbook Out of the Fog Book=
September 01, 2020
Break Up With Your Mother
Exploring the mother wound with my coach Amanda White!  So excited to share with you an interview with my amazing coach Amanda White. She has helped me shed a light on areas I didn't realize needed further healing. She specializes in working with women to heal their narcissistic mother wound. I have gone through her program the Scapegoat Daughter's Guide-  where you'll learn how to release the shame, guilt, and paralyzing inner critic so you can finally become that secure, clear, and empowered woman who stops doubting her own reality and makes choices she feels great about it. Break Up With Your Mother  Facebook- Facebook Group- Website- Instagram: Great narcissist resource on religion- Recommend this article: 00:37 Origins of Amanda’s company name Break Up With Your Mother 01:28 Why we need to Detox from the Narcissist 07:15 How we date the unavailability we know- Dating our parents 08:32 The double life we live with the narcissist 10:20 Our Self-worth and assurance with the Narcissist 14:40 What it means to mother yourself 16:00 How Amanda formed her program while living with her narcissist mom.  23:42 The power in being vulnerable and sensitive. Working through the rage.  30:43 The value of the present moment vs. our interpretation.  31:57 Projection and the war zone 33:53 We lived needing permission from the narcissist. What Amanda Gives herself permission to do now.  35:14 Amanda’s advice on getting out of your comfort zone.  36:16 Avoidance vs boundaries. The ride or die. Why we bounce so quickly from relationship to relationship after the narcissist.  44:34 Switching gears from focusing on the narcissist 47:40 The normalcy of accepting abuse as love from mothers 54:33 How Amanda feels about becoming a mom someday 1:00:33 The Normalcy of anxiety during narcissistic abuse. 1:01:55 Sacrifice as a choice 1:03:50 What it was like first owning her freedom after 1:06:52 Choosing self-love - Advice you need to hear to help you leave the narcissist 1:11:45 Being our own advocate- being proud of ourselves.  1:14:00 Gaslighting 1:17:17 Seeing the narcissist as a human, person. Why is this so important?  1:19:19 Amanda’s definition of a narcissist 1:21:21 Amanda’s Group- Break Up With Your Mother- The Community 1:23:57 Amanda’s new course out in 2020 and how to work with her. For more content on narcissistic abuse or spirituality- Sick of audible charging you per book? Pay once with scribd. They have a huge self-help book collection:
August 21, 2020
Trauma Bonding
Every wonder someone won't leave an abusive relationship? The answer is trauma bonding. Trauma bonding doesn't just happen in love relationships, we mirror relationship from our childhood into our love relationship. If you have a trauma bond with a parent you'll look for it with a lover. Learn to heal your trauma bond and what it is in this episode.  Sick of audible charging you per book? Pay once with scribd. They have a huge self-help book collection: Learn more about me at: I have a huge selection of articles to help you move through narcissistic abuse. 
August 19, 2020
Interview with Tammy- Being a Voice for the Voiceless in Family Court
Family Court is not an easy place to be! Check out this amazing interview with Tammy- she is a former social worker and she has years of experience being a voice for the voiceless, the children. After 10 years of working in the system, she resigned and she's using her voice to help change a voiceless system and to prevent families from becoming victims of a flawed system.  Casa Organization- Justice for Children- Parenting course- Gabriel Fernandez on Netflix- Suggested Reading The Poverty Industry - Sick of audible charging you per book? Pay once with scribd. They have a huge self-help book collection: #familycourt #protectourchildren #womensrights #protectfamilies #knowyourrights #childprotection 
August 14, 2020
Healing the Father Wound
As I commit to learning how to become the parent I want to be a quote from an audiobook stopped me in my tracks and started the journey to healing my own father wounds. "It's not just what you do that matters as a parent, but what you don't do." I jumped from relationship to relationship looking for the love I never had. I even worked at a Breastaurant.  Learn about the signs of father wounds and ways to work through it. There is no set way to work at it.  My website: My facebook page: My group: Hawaiian Forgiveness prayer Oprah Episode I love and was inspired by to work on myself- Sick of audible charging you per book? Pay once with scribd. They have a huge self-help book collection:
July 20, 2020
No one puts baby in the corner, not even shame. Shame deserves your love and understanding to help you dive through all the versions of yourself you created to keep you safe in this world. Beneath all the bs masks we wear is the real authentic self we desire to be in this world- who we came here to be. Get more books monthly for less than you pay audible!!
July 08, 2020
The Power of Letting Go
Everyone wants to manifest the life they desire. The release is an important part of manifestation. We must be willing to let go of what is out of alignment and keeping us small. Join me for some tips and tricks. And my own share of releasing and creating alignment. Book your reading at Get more books for less than you pay on audible
June 29, 2020