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The Cosmic Mama Podcast

The Cosmic Mama Podcast

By Andye Murphy
Divine perspective to nurture you through Ascension.

Hosted by Andye Murphy, Rock ‘n Roll Shaman, Cosmic Mama Podcast will explore the new ways of an evolving humanity. You create reality! You are becoming the divine in form! This is the Awakening, babe and we’re here to stabilize and activate.

Conversations with leaders, healers, and visionaries that will inspire the birthing of the cosmic you and the New Earth.

A kaleidoscopic lens on reality. Inspired by the goddess Sheshat and Milkweed.

Music by lady love Jen Korte @ladygangmusic
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You are the New Earth | Episode 30

The Cosmic Mama Podcast

the Divine Child | Episode 48
Spontaneity is a mark of the Divine Child and ya'll today's podcast was just that. Unplanned, unedited, real sweet sap coming your way. And not just sappy but an invitation to play. As I've created Inner Space, I've sat in the lap of Sheshat (ahem we have an 11/11 Galactic Activation coming up she's had me preparing a month for!) and created in delight with my Divine Child. I'm so excited to share it with you and geek out a lil bit within on: - why the Divine Child matters so dern much - the 1999 time loop - the prophecies of David Wilcock - the grief of a dying world (and the damn karma we incurred to get here) Come play with us in Inner Space - or join us for the 11/11 Galactic Activation with Shehsat the David Wilcock prophecy series start here : My pro tips - listen at 1.5 speed - fast forward to where slides begin - step away as needed - use your own discernment Find More of  Andye Murphy at the links below: Instagram: Patreon: Book your Private Ceremony:  
November 5, 2021
the Body Code may Heal the World with Lauren Nielsen | Episode 47
I said inside and I'll say it here too. There is no magic pill on your healing journey, but... the Body Code is about the closest I've experienced... and  it just may save the world. But first -  It's that time of the year, love, when our weird gets extra celebration and the opportunities to work in deep spaces of healing open to us. Whether it's Dia De Los Muertos, Samhain, or Halloween you celebrate, please be mindful of your intentions. These energies are potent and will play however you show up. The Shadows are the mulch of your awakening and Episode 47 is all about healing those shadows with ease. Fudge, not even ease, but with zero effort at all... well you'll hear all about it inside. Lauren Nielsen is an Emotion Code practitioner. But we don't do ordinary 'round here. Lauren works as Shamanic Body Code priestess addressing: - entities - past lives - ancestral traumas - cord cutting Ya know, all the cool ass stuff a shaman would but in a way accessible format! Body code helps you illuminate your Shadows in the most passive and beneficial way I've found ... outside of shamanism, of course. You can find Lauren online : Schedule : Instagram : Her Website : If you wanna find out more about Inner Space, we launch the Live Experience on Nov 12 (ya know giving you time to soak in that 11/11 blessing!) Sign up for the newsletter here to be the first to access the Play Space. Body Code was created by : Dr Bradley Nelson - And my og Body Code love is : Leslie Herbel - And pssst you get $22 off private ceremony with moi. Just mention Cosmic Mama when scheduling. Find More of Andye Murphy at the links below: Instagram: Patreon: Book your Private Ceremony:  
October 29, 2021
Recalibrate | Lessons from the Rx | Episode 46
Emerging from this Mercury Rx, I feel new. Not all new but certainly like a major defrag of my life has just been had.  Perspectives shift and when they do, its like the whole world is new. Add to that an Apocolypsis and well, that's where we dive in. I keep being reminded at every level there is nothing to fear so of course there's a big dose of what the heck is actually up.   Inside we talk:  - the Purpose of Life - Transmutation - Space as an Element - How to develop your Intuition - plus a discount for you if you wanna join me in a private ceremony (squeel!) People and Episodes referenced within:  Larisa Gerace (Ep 12)  Jennifer Wai (Ep 39)  Katherine Skaggs (Ep 44)  Dr. Bret and Dr. Heather on Joe Rogan (whet your whistle here and follow them on their podcast too)  And since I'm the one who needs to see and not just hear, here are the dates for our upcoming live events. Inner Space Nov 12 & 19, Dec 3, 10, & 17 Families Can Suck | Akashic Tech to Clear the Karma with Saged Dec 9 & 16  (these are confirmed though I may have said it wrong inside) Keep on changing the world one act of self love at a time
October 22, 2021
Ascension 101 with Serapis Bey | Episode 45
In the process of waking up, you'll encounter a whole new world and with it a new lexicon, too. Some concepts make perfect sense while others take a while to digest. Ascension is one of those ideas that can be a bit more esoteric. No one knows what it is,  what it looks like in 3d practical terms, or if it is even something we  should be aspiring for at all. Biblically it is known as the Harvest (no thank you) while New Age philosophy espouses it as a salvation from the suckiness of this world (pretty by passy in my view). We'll break it down inside as it forms the founding principles in what we do here at the Cosmic Mama Podcast. We'll cover : - what Ascension is - a channeling from Serapis Bey (I'll explain both channeling and the use of light language right at the beginning) - why this is happening now - why YOU chose to be here for the big show Please, as with all new experiences, take what feels amazing in your cells and leave the rest. There are no experts in this field, simply those who show up and say yes.  That's you too my love and we're in this wonder ship together! Take a listen to what did come through on the Tea Please Podcast. Find More of  Andye Murphy at the links below: Instagram: Patreon: Book your Private Ceremony:
October 8, 2021
Katherine Skaggs | There's Nothing Wrong with You | Episode 44
Katherine Skaggs has saved my life more than once. As shaman, artist, author and wildly passionate creatrix, she is an elder, a sister, who I trust when the world gets weird. You want those allies who have walked a few paces ahead, the ones who have earned the medicines of the jungle and live to tell the tale. The ones who have found the courage and champion you to do the same. There are so many tales to tell, so I invite you into storytime. To sit around the fire with a wise woman and glean the droplets of wisdom as it speaks to you now. There's so many healing balms within. The first 20 min or so we dive into her background to explore what called her to the path of shaman (pssst, she wasn't looking for it and qualifies the title). From 30 minutes on, buckle up, buttercup! - what to do if you find yourself in an unclean plant ceremony - working with plant medicines safely - the shaman's view on what's happening now - how to be the dreamer of your reality Her book Artist Shaman Healer Sage is one of the most beneficial tacklings of this path. Ya know, talking shamanism can be a little ... altering. Her definition of shaman is one I am still pondering. Shaman is inherently alone - outside of this prescribed reality. Our medicine is hard won and totally unique to personal experiences.  Her book gives you a peek within and shows you how to invite your own mystical experiences, to expand in the world of spirit, and remember the love that is always available to you. Cause baby, There's Nothing Wrong with You! Katherine is remarkably eloquent in her words, so settle in and let it penetrate the sweet embers of your soul. Wanna support the show? Share your favorite quotes on social media so others can be comforted and inspired by her.  I'll be curious what it stirs up for you. Be Seen by Katherine Skaggs Order a Soul Portrait : Get the Book : Learn from Her : Explore all Katherine has to share : Find More of  Andye Murphy Instagram: Patreon: Book your Private Ceremony:   
October 1, 2021
the Dark Ages (Crowning Era of the Enlightenment) | Episode 43
This is the episode I've been dreaming in for weeks. It is Part 1 of a new conversation, a new teaching, to help us navigate back to hope. We are indeed in the Dark Ages boo, and after every period of darkness,  there is the Enlightenment.  You are part of Team Light and moving through these very dark, heavy, shit ass times are simply part of the  process. We offer hopefully some perspective inside. A few (🤯 pshooo 🤯) mind blowing, game changing ideas that will free you to sit with more certainty in your own sovereignty. - our society rewards liars - identifying the real fear under current events - initiations = vessels - strengthening our ability to transmute more darkness *****************  Trigger Warning for some personal opinions and experiences being shared.  We of course address judgement, shame, and fear of saying these things too.  But it still feels a lil scary to me... ***************** We align in unity and of coming together so that Truth (your personal Truth) is the only one that matters. There is also an activation inside that will help you heal and evolve some of those beliefs and freezes (it used to be fight or flight in that reptilian brain but now we just freakin' freeze). Part 2 will be a fuller teaching on How to Navigate Back to Hope. It is a cycle of healing that I've been working through to share with you.  1. When you can identify where you are (hello, that's what today's episode was all about) you have the power.  2. When you can remember this is a cycle,  you also remember it wont last. 3. Identifying where you are (and where you get stuck) is the way forward for enlighten(ing) beings.  Resources Shared Within: Kaypacha - Pele Report 8 Sept 2021 Law of One - 4th density   Christ logos  Barbara  Hand Clow - Alchemy of Nine Dimensions   Dr. Gabor Mate - THE trauma expert Part 2 - Navigating Back to Hope - coming soon Hey Lover - ya know I'm doing Private Ceremonies again, right?!?  You + Me + the Sacred in a Life Affirming Container of Love.  Book here : Find More of  Andye Murphy at the links below: Instagram: Patreon: Book your Private Ceremony:   
September 24, 2021
Getting Weird with Dr. Carmen Boulter | Episode 42
I've been sitting at the feet of Dr. Carmen for weeks. Editing and curating a conversation that felt complete, deep, and meaningful. You may know her work in the Pyramid Code, from the many speaking events and YouTube deep dives, but I was really more interested in the story of a self-made woman who: - remembers 85 past lives - packed a bag at the age of 6 to go "home to Egypt" - spent her life scientifically proving that her memories were true. And the ramifications on these forgotten memories on the true history of what we know to be real. FUCK. YES! She shared her own memories from Initiations in ancient Egypt and I certainly have been psychically tuned in since. Be gentle on you in case some spontaneous activations greet you inside. If you're loving this conversation - 30 bonus minutes are yours at the Luminous Mysteries.  We talk a lil more personally and honestly about our own memories and:  - Hawara & the Halls of Amenti - Atlantis  - her teacher Abd'el Hakim Awyan Want any other resources? Let me know or join us on Sept 27 for a live Q&A on Patreon to discuss the interview.  ****PLEASE SUPPORT DR CARMEN BY PAYING FOR THE PYRAMID CODE.****  What you find on YouTube has been stolen. If you feel her work and the continuation of it in the New Atlantis is important, pay through legitimate sources, please. In the US, Gaia is the only source I know (let me know of others if you have it!) You can do a search for her many interviews, here are a few of my favorites that geared up the conversation. Find Dr. Carmen at  Her website : Sign up to stay in the know about future Egypt trips with her : Find More of  Andye Murphy at the links below: Instagram: Patreon: Book a Private Session:
September 19, 2021
Heeeyyy, Andye Murphy | Getting to Know your Hostess | Trailer
I am grateful to know and love you whether we have met in this realm or not. I'm a freakin' olllld soul who has committed to serving through these times. You may feel something familiar here, and that's the point.  Let your intuition lead you. Trust yourself only. We're here to unlock the rest. If it doesn't feel good, stop.  A lil about me:  Andye Murphy is a multidimensional priestess, alchemist, and keeper of the Akashic Records. She leads through light acting as a living transmission of the wisdom of the divine. An ancient soul, she is an activator of higher consciousness and deeply committed to the enlightenment of humanity. In 2008 she was reunited with the Egyptian Mystery Teachings and actively lives this tradition as the keys to humanity’s galactic awakening. For more than a decade Andye served as Rock ‘n Roll Shaman, as mentor, healer and reader and is now committed to teaching through the Ascension. Andye leads an online mystery school, the Luminous Mysteries, hosts the Cosmic Mama podcast, and teaches soulfully from places of light and remembrance. To book a private ceremony with me - Sessions are portals into your truest soul. A little bit clean up, a whole lotta activating, and a reset on your path to divine embodiment. When you serve your role, the universe celebrates. Part of my job is to ensure you do yours so this whole party goes smoothly.  I usually book about 2 months out and trust that as time no longer exists, it will be divinely aligned! 
September 19, 2021
An Introduction to the Cosmic Mama Podcast | Trailer
In case you're new around these parts, here's a lil of what brings us together.
September 19, 2021
Making Space | Episode 41
Well boo, it's a hodge podge of an Episode sharing: - updates on my Pops and thanks for your love - how to "make" space" - thoughts on sacrifice and sovereignty - the groupthink of social media - a hekau to make it all better (... promise, just try it!) I wish I was able to keep my mouth shut about some real life state of the world shit, but nope. Your girl stays real so take in what you want and leave the rest. (insert trigger warning here and pssst, use your free will to walk away anytime it doesn't feel sparkly.) And yes... I really (really) do love me some Harry Styles.
September 5, 2021
Sovereignty Upgrade | The Blessings of Covid | Episode 40
I've been in what Ryan Singer and I called the Unrequested Initiations. Life has been blessing me with every opportunity to grow. But growth, both inner and outer, often looks like death. Hello Covid. Thanks for stopping by and teaching me about truly embodied Sovereignty. Inside I share a lot, it's a place of processing and reclaiming my mutha fuckin power! If you want to skip some of my Covid story, jump in at the 39 minute mark to catch the discussion on dissolving beliefs and claiming some dang sovereignty.  We explore: - surviving Covid - death processes (quite literally) - overcoming fear - crumbling beliefs - how EVERYTHING is here to help you align with truth and joy (seriously) - reality is a consensus - sitting in the Throne of your destiny ********************************************* Trigger warning - inside are my experiences and are in no way meant to change your beliefs or convince you of any damn thing. I share openly and honestly so walk away if it doesn't jive for you. ********************************************* The message at the very end was from Cricket - use it for yourself anytime sickness comes in as a teacher. ... Click on what tickles your curiosity ... People I love who got me through this :  Larisa Gearce and episode 12  Jennifer Wai on episode 39     Ruth Shepard Trode and episode 2  Documentaries that helped me :  Garnet's Gold Surviving Death 306 Hollywood Bruce Lipton on London Real   Resources I mentioned :  Agua Florida (currently sold out cause ya know, global pandemic) AntiViral Magic from Original Swiss Aromatics Nadia K Eagles is who I quote a bit. She lead the Huna (Egyptian) Mystery School lineage I carry forward over at Patreon. You heard me drop that MY BOOKS ARE OPEN for some 1-on-1 ceremonies with ya, right?!? jump here to book your private session! (or better yet, hit Patreon first to grab the $211 rate!)
August 21, 2021
Earning Super Powers with Jennifer Wai | Episode 39
Reality is breakin'. And while we kinna knew this would be inevitable, to be living through it is deserving of gold medals on the daily.  As my friend Cricket said - reporting from inside the shit storm. But there are those golden rays, those trials that build strength and character and show us what we're made of. You don't find power in peaceful moments but in the challenges that help us rise.  Or at least that's how I'll re-frame it, m'kay? We open with a bleak lil take from astrologer Hare of the Moon Astrology giving a wee perspective on what the fudge is happening down here, then we dive in with Jen. She is one of those precious gems of a friend whose sage wisdom has gotten me through this last month.  The shit storm is real, the unraveling is on track, and I wasn't quite sure where we would land during our conversation today. And that was exactly the point. Friends are there to witness it all and won't let you trash talk yourself too much along the way.   I'm so grateful to share Jennifer with you and hope you have friends as loving and available to support you with whatever super powers you're currently earning.  To keep up with Jen and drink in more of her velvety voice : Or give her a smooch on social media : Find More of  Andye Murphy at the links below: Instagram: Patreon: Website:
August 14, 2021
the "Yes And" Reality | Expanding Truths with Danielle Heller | Episode 38
The "Yes And" Reality is what we are asked to participate to move into Greater Truth and true Unity Consciousness. No one is wrong and all perspectives are right. Yet the brain sometimes glitches as we open to all these potentialities and possibilities. Danielle Heller seems to have discovered a lil blip where reality shifted. The teaching she shares gives not only validity to our most sacred personal experiences but also historical context for when this world view changed. I invite you to listen to Danielle as I do, as wise teacher, as sage, as scholar, and as story teller. She is magnetic in her presentation and the dots she connects I hope will affect you as profoundly as they have me. Bonus content for Patreon members includes an extra 12ish minutes of shared realizations.  To find more of Danielle To keep up with Andye (and get in on the beta testing for our new Mystery School portal!) Instagram: Patreon: Website:
August 6, 2021
N{h}ot Girl Summer : Episode 37
I thought I signed up for the Hot Girl Summer, the Hot Alien Summer at least. Alas, I'm having a sweltering summer that requires attentive healing and patience. I could look away but I'm so very ready to love up those shadows and end the suffering. I promise, not too much trauma sharing within, hopefully my illuminations ease yours. If you're smack dab in your own healing crux (let's not call it a crisis please, we've been doing great!) we've a soothing balm inside.  This is more medicine than podcast so please no driving while listening.
August 1, 2021
The Joy of Your Destiny with Remington Donovan | Episode 36
I've been giddy to talk with Remington for some time now. But ya know, nervous Projector and all, I needed the right timing. If you don't know Remington Donovan, you should. He is one of the most prolific and vibrant voices of our time. I schedule my own ceremonies around his offerings and take a ton of notes to maximize the energies. He's that freakin' good. I am thrilled to share our Love Fest with you and am grateful he said yes. To be in the mutual awe of a mystic walking his path with reverence and radiance. Well, it's just pure bliss. Explore all the gifts of Remington Donovan:  His website : Instagram : Patreon : Find More of  Andye Murphy at the links below: Instagram: Patreon: Website:
June 3, 2021
Season 2 | Reporting from a Future Timeline
I missed us. This time and space where we exist together. I needed to take a moment and change avatars. It must be the perfect time to launch Season 2.
May 28, 2021
Generation X-Men with Ryan Singer | Episode 34
I’ve had this theory for a while. Generation X, quietly spiritually developing, quietly gaining the acumen to run the world, and crushing the “slacker label.” We will be the great hope. I brought on my “Sense 8” Ryan Singer to explore and expand. Discovering him (through his podcast Me and Paranormal You) felt like home, someone born so close to me with similar passions and path. And heck, he’s just kind enough to indulge me by joining me here. Ryan is a comedian, a sensitive, a paranormal investigator, and a prolific podcaster. His Crystal Eyes app is a testament to his vision to change the world by bringing the woo forward. Not that crystals are woo by this point, but a flippin’ app to identify and procure. Now that’s a perfect glimpse of what Gen X may have in store for us still. And... if you wanna go way wild and weird, take a listen to moi on Ryan's podcast, Experience 347, love! Find the revolutionary Ryan Singer at: His website : Instagram : Patreon : Me & Paranormal You Podcast : Crystal Eyes App : Find More of  Andye Murphy at the links below: Instagram: Patreon: Website:
April 3, 2021
SoccerMom Shaman Martha Wright | Episode 33
When you have such a great moniker who needs a better episode title! Martha Wright is the person who lights me up like few others. Her wisdom, her ease, her effervescent goofiness matches the sincerity with which she walks her path as Shaman. Martha makes even the most esoteric accessible and breaks it down to show you a path to your own empowered truth. Find Mmmmmartha at: SoccerMom Shaman web : The Check Yourself Course : On the ‘Gram : (psssst, I really love her IG where Martha simplifies spiritual concepts) Find More of  Andye Murphy at Instagram: Patreon: Website:
March 20, 2021
5D, Failing Grids, and Entities | Talkin' Truth | Episode 32
I alternately called this episode "Nuthing to be Scurred of." Cause pookie pie of light, you are flippin' amazing.  Your power has been amputated and it's the time of your coming home to Truth. Well more accurately truth. (Capital T Truth is outside of our ability to comprehend, but that's a podcast for another day.) We're gonna talk the Fall (the Shift) cause March is here and this seems to be our fireworks display that has been culminating over the last year. The Liberation of the Light is nigh and its YOU who carries us through.  The Fear is an old story, programmed in over aeons. You are a being unlike the universe has ever witnessed. So we're gonna make sure you know what the heck is up.  - There is no dark agenda - The failing of the grids - 5D consciousness is anchoring through you - the tools you need to make the jump to a new timeline  - what those pesky entities are that I referred to in the Need for Vigilance post I'm here to love you back into true enlightenment, as I have been training lifetimes to do. I joyously serve because this cosmic party is way too much fun. New class Inner Space starts March 10 and carries us through whatever March may bring. We heal in community. We evolve in truth. Join us when you're ready, love.  Find More of  Andye Murphy at the links below: Instagram: Patreon: Website: Inner Space Class :
February 28, 2021
Your Power Your Medicine with Robin Kimbrel Wiggs | Episode 31
Sacred Guide, Cosmic Queen, Earthy Ass Shaman Robin Kimbrel Wiggs. She is my bestie and my Crone, my office mate and my sanity. I am so very delighted to share her with you to experience something deeply present and real. How do you bring your magic to this realm? Robin will guide you back to your power and medicine. We’ll cover a few things with plenty of cackles and love, like: Modern shamanism Wisdom of the sage Mama Robin to newly awakening healers Developing discernment as a healer How to hold your medicine Initiations as a way of life Dark night of the soul are an expansion of your medicine Giving clients what they need not what they want And to honor the lineages that blessed and activated us along the way: Katherine Skaggs Katherine Wood Sandra Ingerman Connect with Robin: Sacred Return to Self Coaching Patreon Instagram
February 18, 2021
You are the New Earth | Episode 30
A transmission from Sheshat on the state of things here on Planet Earth. Because there is no field guide for becoming a god.  As the Goddess of Ascension, Creator of the Cosmos, and Weaver of the Akashic Field, when Sheshat speaks, I listen. "Just following my marching orders" seems to be my motto of late. There is less me here as I clean my own karmic trashbins, so I am happy to convey updates and tools from the Boss Lady. Inside we'll unpack: - the shock of the new  - humans becoming gods and no one knows how! - "developing" your intuition - best practices with Galactic Allies - accessing Inner Earth (for conscientious humans) - why you should let the Earth allies love you boo for some extra energy in these weird ass times. I think there's an activation coming through with this, too. I can feel it brewing and I'll happily share as soon as its ready for ya. More tools to do this human thing better, woot! Find More of  Andye Murphy at the links below: Instagram: Patreon: Website: #newearth #ascension #awakening #spiritualawakening #transmission #akashicrecords #crystalskull #sheshat #cosmicconciousness #innerearth #humanbeing#cosmicmamapodcast
January 29, 2021
Fractals of the Divine with Pea the Feary | Episode 29
I wanted to see the world through Pea’s eyes. Yes, she is an expert in Human Design and you can listen to one of her many podcast episodes, but I was much more interested in knowing how her spirit manifested to be the unique expression that is Pea the Feary. Oh yeah and there’s this quote that really kicked things off: "When will you stop seeking and Instead Experience" I wanted to explore more of this idea with her and well, heck, a conversation is the best way to do that! We promise to preach and teach nothing inside. We explore life, the experience of this wild and wondrous moment that we are afforded each day, and how to stay insane to your own truth. From the watery spaces of a Cancer stellium and a Scorpio stellium, we’ll see you inside. FRACTAL - a repeating pattern FRACTAL OF THE DIVINE - that you, that’s me, that’s Pea. We are all the divine repeating itself in infinite expressions. Ok, so maybe not a true fractal, but hey, we’re creatives and allowed to take some liberties. If you want to find more of the lovely Pea the Feary: Instagram: Website:  Book a Session: Find More of  Andye Murphy at the links below: Instagram: Patreon: Website: PS new logo y'all but still the same starry love inside. What do ya think?!?  And my kid insisted you know she helped with the design for Pea's episode art.
January 14, 2021
From Anxious to Awakened with Charles Quijada Turlington | Episode 28
I loved Charles from the moment we met. How could you not? Well, he couldn’t for a long time. This was surprising to me, but isn’t that often the way? We can’t always see the love that we are. On Episode 28 we get to expand in love with the amazing Charles Quijada Turlington. Charles has completed the Shamanic Apprenticeship and fiercely walks his path as a loving presence of the divine and ancestral wisdoms within. His gifts in dream work are sublime and will blur the lines in waking versus sleeping. In this episode, Charles and I talk about how his spiritual journey has helped him to find peace within his anxiety, how it differs from intuition, and so much more y'all. If you want to find more of Charles of the lovely Charles Quijada Turlington: Instagram:           @queencityhealingarts Website:  Book a Session: Find More of  Andye Murphy at the links below: Instagram: Patreon: Website:
January 9, 2021
The Compassion Reset | Episode 27
I wanted to be with you one last time in 2020. No year in review here nor any predictions of the future. Nope, my astral boo, I wanted to be in presence. To share some hope, to share some space. Happy New Year however and whatever that means. We have been granted many blessings and permissions in 2020. It will be we who come together to dream in a new world. The basis for this Great Reset will be Compassion. I’ll share what I’ve learned and how I’ve struggled. No diagnoses here just an invitation to more love. Thanks for showing up for the party! Find More of Andye Murphy at the links below: Instagram: Patreon: Website:
December 31, 2020
the Astrology of 2021 with Liv Woodford | Episode 26
Liv Woodford has been my friend and astrologer since Sheshat brought us together. You'll hear a lil more about it inside, but this is THE episode to prepare you for 2021. We have lived through the unprecedented, the unexpected, and have found ways to shift and flow. I'm proud of us and look toward nothing to magically change but us.  Liv is not a wild eyed optimist which is part of the reason I love her so. She won't let me get away with any airy fairy hopes that might feel good but ultimately mislead my focus. We are in the Era of Enlightenment, an about face of humanity. And we're the lucky ones with a front row seat.  This is a "make notes" type of episode as there is so much rich content in here.  And yes, I'm getting this to you on Christmas, even though its been sitting here for a week waiting on my energy to match up with these here notes.  I've giving myself a big pile of grace for Christmas and I hope you're finding ways to be as sweet to yourself as possible, too. Schedule your session with Liv at Find More of  Andye Murphy at the links below: Instagram: Patreon: Website:
December 25, 2020
the Alchemy of 2020 with Cooper Kaminsky | Episode 25
I have a huge crush on Cooper. Dang, its hard not to love them. (My daughter feels the same without ever having met them!) I am elated to be that they said yes to being on the podcast. We have so many overlaps and yet their knowledge base is radically different than mine. Some of my favorite takeaways: The Occulted Body Mediumship and the nature of us as spirit The Elohim as Creator beings (!) The Akashic as the Judiac book of Life The difference between a Witch and a Magician If you want to find more of Cooper: Schedule a session at Make friends on the ‘gram @CooperKaminsky And take a listen to the Akashic Live Update we did way back in March 2020 Find More of  Andye Murphy at the links below: Instagram: Patreon: Website: #elohim #elohim #kabbalah #witch #magician #cooperkaminsky #cosmicmamapodcast #mediumship #alchemy #2020 #mysticism #hathor
December 11, 2020
The End of Time | Episode 24
You read that right sugar, Time is Done. This was the Intel that came forward from Thoth as we began the Akashic Initiation. And isn’t it funny, while time is dissolving it seems like I can’t find enough of it. The Episode Notes on the last 2 podcats have been paltry at best so I’m happy to be here now writing this up for you with some fresh space. Inside you’ll find an Activation (yup, turning those sweet codes of consciousness to 11) and Transmission notes from Thoth and Sheshat. As I work more in this Cosmic Command space, I am understanding my role and will be creating some definitions around it. We are all in the Now, in the New, and don’t quite know what it means. Thanks be the sweet Goddess, we get to play in it together. By coming together we figure it out, there is no right or wrong, there is only what resonates as Love & Truth. Let’s create it together! Because…. Time is Done The Era of Space is beckoning us forward Dream School starts 7 Dec to carry us into the New Earth energies of 2021 Plus , some Predictions on our winter inside, too, boo! We all do our part, knowing no one is more special than the next. So…. here’s to the mentions that came up inside so you can gain the wisdom directly from the Source. Amanda No episode 18 Nicole BZ episode 23 Larisa Gerace episode 12 Katherine Skaggs is my shaman mentor and a powerhouse Chronic Gals podcast (find me on Episode 37 and enjoy all the others, too!) Jessa Fuckin Reed Hoar Pod Lacey Free’s podcast! Mark Maron makes me laugh My hang drum was made by the loveliest Cameron at Ozark Chime Cylinders The rattle (ooooh that rattle) from Shaman’s Market Dream School is coming so so soon! If you want to join us in 7 week of 7 powers to bring us into 2021 - check out the website which is hopefully ready by the time you’re reading this. Love us up with some stars on iTunes or share us with the people you call family. #thoth #sheshat #akashic #ageofaquarius #dreamschool #starseed #chakras #galacticfederation #6d #7d #newearth #awakening #ascension #spiritualawakening #birthing #reality #akashicfield #shaman #cosmicmamapodcast
November 19, 2020
Punk Rock Shadow Work with Nicole BZ
We are in the Eye of the dang Storm. Facing a world that makes 0 sense and truth is nowhere to be found.  These are the perfect conditions for some Shadow Work! Get in there and break those patterns that are way older than you. PS, it's what you're here for - To gain the experiences, to love up those shadows, and to return to One.  Nicole is my Biz Coach. This convo started as my seeking help and well, it kinna became a podcast. She shares the most direct path through the Shadows and how to sit the fuck in the discomfort. Gain some tools to ease your healing form one of the most well resourced advisors I know.  And not to worry boo, the Punk Rock in the title is legit. Nicole is fearless (and succeeds at every dern thing she attempts!) She worked in the Australian music industry for a decade. And has the tattoos and stories to prove it.  Wanna work with Nicole? (You really, really should...)  on the IG @nicolebzcoaching or  on the net  And heyyy! We're finishing up the Akashic before launching into Dream School. When you're ready to Activate your Awakening, we're here to show ya how. In the most fun and sincere way possible, of course. Play with us in the Mysteries lover and find your way to Truth.
November 8, 2020
Ancestral Healing & Menstrual Mysteries with Raven Rose | Episode 22
Ancestral Healing begins with the blood. So of course when I got together with my friend Raven Rose of @MoonMedicines to talk Ancestral Healing we embarked by discussing the Menstrual Mysteries. You cannot heal the lineage without acknowledging the blood flowing through you. The honoring of this place we all began and (some of us) experience the magic of every month. Oh yesss. Even without a womb, you still have the potential to tap into the primal powers of you. We cover the lack of a womb explicitly at the 1hr 18min mark. Ancestral Healing seems to be a more prominent part of our work this time of year as the veils thin. I wanted to make sure you had some points to access the massive potential to release and move forward available to you. As you may notice, we could have gone on for hours. So much tender recognition of this path of healing awaits you within. Work with Raven: Instagram
October 24, 2020
A New New Hope | Episode 21
I want to remind you not only that it will be ok, but WHY, my precious darlin', WHY its will be ok…  It’s because of you. You who chose to be here. You who chose to lead a revolution of the light. You who knows how to create a new world. Fuck yeah. We;re activating the creators, and healers. Those who know you have a part in the shift. You are the (r)evolution! A few highlights… Covid as an Initiation The Web of Light (ahem - that's you) Ascension is for the Masculine The Future is not Utopia Galactic Citizenship And a correction… I said Margaret Atwood did the Handmaids Tale in 1976. Wrong-o. It was 1985. My apologies. I’m excited for you to listen and do hope you share it far and wide with others who may benefit from the messages inside. Akashic Records - a 3 week initiatoion to align with your purpose Dream School - 7 weeks 7 powers starts Nov 21. Details coming soon!  #anewhope #newearth #galacticfederation #acension #awakening #spiritualawakening #starseed #starseedascension #consciousevolution #evolutionofconsciousness #akashicrecords #dreamschool #notutopia #creator #creatrix #5d #6d #7d
October 16, 2020
Akashic Activation with Melanie of Seven Sisters | Episode 20
Mel and I connected without even knowing much about each other. It’s an old soul resonance… I hope you know what I mean. (if not, manifest that already, boo!)  When I dreamed of discussing Akashic Records, it was with her that I wanted to explore. The Seven Sister’s path so mysterious to me, I wanted to know how the Akashic was supporting her work a year after her initiation.  We hang out with Thoth, attempt to explain the Akashic field, and commiserate on our shattered reluctance to don this title of High Priestess.  Living in the Akashic Mystery as a witch we cover:  - playing with space and time loops  - how the Halls of Amenti illuminated her path  - Expanding acts of service within the Akashic Field  - What is an activation?  This conversation only made me fall more in love with her and I'm enamored to see her offering so much in this world now.  Join Melanie in ritual -  on IG @svensisters  Resources Mentioned Inside  Maestro Hamilton Souther on AMP Barbara Hand Clow Pleiadian Agenda  Love Fest  Out of this world art - @Eye.of.Iris.Artpothecary  Music that makes me feel groovy - @LadyGangMusic Are you digging what we’re laying down?  Give us some galactic love on iTunes Share us with a friend (I know, it seems so obvious…) ******************************************************** AKASHIC RECORDS INITIATION In case you feel the call to join us. We will be limiting this group to 200. The soul family is gathering to gain the wisdom and keys of activation to carry us into the New Earth. Wooot. Oct 31 | Nov 7 | Nov 14 Find out all the sweet details to turn on your star codes and align with your soul.
October 8, 2020
Galactic Shaman | A Human Experience | Episode 19
This human experience ...experiment.... well, it's sure something.  I sat down to record on a day that "reality" was kicking my ass. When the illusion felt real. I opened to the Galactics to see what could be offered. I wasn't let down and had to listen again -- oh, ya know, just a Galactic Federation activation to upgrade your star codes! If you can be patient with my whining you will be well rewarded. The activation begins at the 16min mark.  This is altered space so some ground rules to keep ya safe please : - cozy up and make it feel ceremonial. ...however "sacred" and "special" are for you - have some water, a pen, and journal nearby - grab a crystal ally to help you hold the new frequencies And for goodness sake, If it doesn't feel good stop. All journeys into altered space should be with clear intention. Your Intention here: "support in evolving your human experience" What you'll find inside: - me believing money is real (ha ha ha!) - me getting the fudge out of my own way - a shamanic journey to the galactic realms - a teaching from to a Galactic ally(!) - a starseed upgrade - an exploration of galactic shamanism Yup, just that when I lay my heart open bare and ask for help. I'm done apologizing (and hey, that money thing worked out just fine!) enjoy at your pleasure. Resources mentioned: - Jessa Reed  - Jason Louv - Steve Noble #aliens #galacticfederation #shaman #starseed #galacticshaman #galactic #starshaman #activation #galactivation #upgrade #cosmicconsciouness #cosmicmamapodcast #shamanicjourney #akashicrecords #akashicfield #evolution 
September 28, 2020
Grid Work with Amanda No | Episode 18
Ya know that thing that lives inside you waiting to come out? And when it finally does, it’s like - wham! That’s briefly the story of Amanda No.  She is ridiculously gifted but it took a minute for the faith and confidence to allow the magic to pour through. When it did… well, Grid Work is the first expression!  She works strongly with Thoth (oooohhhh yeah!) so you’ll feel him presently within.  You’ll learn what it means to do Grid Work plus:  - Discernment (find that full body yes!)  - Becoming a Supreme human being  - Being on the Earth transition team without rescuing anyone or anything  The Patreon crew have already been digging on this and many realizations of this collective work on the Grid have come to light. She offers us a Bonus Teaching on Patreon too about how to stay anchored on Birthing timeline (see Episode 15!) We put some stuff over there that may be too much. Patreon gives us permission to geek out with the freaky deaky galactic boom
September 15, 2020
Truth. Joy. Power. | Episode 17
Deep in the Mysteries, I've been following this thread of joy... I wasn't sure where it was leading me but I think what came through was a pretty solid transmission/teaching on what's happening in your awakening. An activation into greater joy awaits ya inside, love.  Plus you'll learn how your Ascension is really a Shamanic Initiation into true power. Margie Mulligan - my teacher and lineage holder, check out the Egyptian Healing Rods and I hope she will be teaching again soon. Nadia K Eagles legacy, teacher of the Huns Mystery School (1987) Remington Donovan - some of my gabbing about Remington got edited out, but he is an absolute gem you should be following! Candle I was burning while I recorded - Courage (hydrangea and poppy!) by Silver Bird Creations 
September 9, 2020
the Schumann Resonance with Pranita | Episode 16
There’s so much on this Ascension path to know. Maybe you’ve heard of the Schumann Resonance or maybe not yet… but Pranita is here to teach us everything. From her own awakening (her “quaken-ing”) the Schumann Resonance has been a pathway to greater trust in her intuition. Imagine it like a direct way of being in harmony with the frequencies of Gaia. As Gaia’s vibration goes up, so too does our consciousness. But this is only the tip of the iceberg. We’ll explore: Ascension Symptoms and how to celebrate them Understanding the Schumann resonance charts and what it means Using the Schumann resonance to navigate your ascension How the black outs show us the Timeline Jumps (!) You are a human tuning fork, honey. And it’s ok to ride the waves. Massive upgrades are coming at you daily. Permission granted to be even more gentle on your sweet human self. You can find Pranita on IG @I.Am.Pranita Her favorite Schumman resonance resources: Twitter’s SchumannBot The SchumannRecap on Insta And the tried and try dudes (or dudettes who have been doing it forevah) Celebrate the visionary loves who loved us into being: Jen Korte @LadyGangMusic Lara @eye.of.iris.artpothecary Love us up with some stars over at iTunes (the only place you can rate dern podcasts) #ascension #schumannresonance #ascensionsymptoms #vertigo #headaches #tinnitus #consciousness #consciousevolution #galactic #starseed #gaiatheory #empath
August 29, 2020
Timeline Jump | Episode 15
Another solocast… Gawd, I wanted to get something else in here for ya first. But this message is so pertinent to August. It just can’t wait. And really, Thoth is the guest today. It’s his messages, teachings, and healings that are ripe in here for you. We are in the shift. You have a choice now to stay on the current timeline or jump on over to a higher vibrational experience. The great chasm of humanity is happening now. In this month of August  2020 we are preparing to anchor into the timeline we want to ride  through into 2021.     Duality is expanding into a Quadrality before the split into 2  timelines, 2 realities, happening simultaneously on the Earth. While this  may be perceived as an uncertain threshold, Thoth offers instead how  your participation is a benediction to the awakening.     The more of us who can actively work on the Birthing Timeline, to more  light we will bring to Gaia and her people during the remaining days of  2020.     You have a choice, sovereign being! You get to craft you experience of  reality and bless the collective in doing so. I’ll show ya how inside plus, we cover a few more things like: Acceptance is the Cosmic Lube Quitting smoking Some predictions (eeks) on what’s coming this fall A healing activation to fill up with the feel goods A 2 part video of this is also on YouTube. Part 1 is the Teaching, Part 2 is the Activation. The podcast is the full experience but I wanted you to have this any way you want it, boo. Mentioned inside: Olivia Woodford - Mythic Astrology and embodied priestess (don’t tell her I told ya so) Noah Lampert Jessa Reed Classes that are ready for ya anytime: Cosmic Disco Dance Party The teachings of the healing activation were shared in Light Body Technology Akashic Records Initiation - live 3 week event happenin’ Nov 2020 **** Unedited Egyptian Mysteries Version **** This episode went pretty way way woo. I have an unedited version over at Patreon that works more with Akashic fields, Egyptian mysteries,  and Thoth. As well as his freakin’ call to action! Also at Patreon you’ll find the August Energy Update that includes the original transmission of this “quadrality” teaching. #thoth #duality #quadrality #timeline #teamlight #quittingsmoking #dimension #ascension #akashicrecords #akashicfield #newearth #6d #consciousness #activation #starseed #2020
August 21, 2020
Boogie Through the Apocalypse | Epiosde 14
It’s not really the Apocalypse… or is it? There is great Hope right now and many of us are feeling freakin’ fantastic. We come together today to remind you the Value of your Joy. And of course some rabbit holes into: Debt slavery Death is Evolving ... an Army of Angels gathers Its the Ascension of Humanity, honey And its ok to feel Goooood Join us in a spiral of possibilities and soothe your happy lil heart. You’re pretty darn amazing! Referenced within Episode 14 are : Jason Louv on Duncan Trussell Family Hour
August 13, 2020
the New Earth | Episode 13
Recorded in the time before the sun was rising, I share in the liminal spaces with you. The crusty eye’d waking state of the dawn of a New Earth. (Hint, you’re in it now, darlin’.) The question asked was - What does Ascension look like if I don’t want to leave Gaia? And oh honey, what came in response was: a galactic memory of the times before a return of the ways of the divine feminine an invitation form the Inner Earth Temples of Sophia and fuck… a peek at the Fall of 2020 and what you can do to ride through with grace So cozy up and take a listen to the latest transmission. Let the memories awaken something in you. This is always my most sincere desire in sharing so dang much of myself. Referenced within Episode 13 are : Plant Spirit Medicine - a text on how to be in relationship with plants without ingesting a darn thing! Return of the Divine Sofia Harriet Goudard - a beloved apprentice and freakin’ insane channel of the divine mother energies! Schedule at her website and follow her on the IG And let’s address that Scheduling A Reading thing… All Patreon members will have access to me for readings. I’ll send out a message when I’m available. Whoever is free is up! In this way divine timing of your and my energies will harmonize at exactly the right space. Give some love to the babes who invested time and energy into getting this to you! Music by Jen Korte  @LadyGangMusic Art by Lara @eye.of.iris.artpothecary Keep Inviting this lil Projector to keep staying too dang vulnerable by sharing us with a friend or creating us some stars! #divinefeminine #newearth #gaia #starseed #ascension #sophia #priestess #oracle #temple #galacticfederation #innerearth #agartha
July 26, 2020
the Art of Receiving with Larisa Gerace | Episode 12
I called Larisa recently to ask how I can receive from myself. Her work with Yin, her embodied wisdom in doing the dang work, and her fierceness within her light are a powerful testament to what healing looks like. You’ll need to make some notes, honey (bzzz bzzz)  to catch all the droplets of insight that flow through here. For real though. When you’re ready to move into your own places of activated empowerment, schedule your session with her. Support the Creative geniuses who believe in me - Music by Jen Korte  @LadyGangMusic Art by Lara @eye.of.iris.artpothecary When you’re ready to take charge of your Ascension, we’ve got some magic happening over at...  The Luminous Mysteries, my Online Mystery School on Patreon Help this projector continue to connect with you. Give me an invitation in the form of a review! --- and still working on artwork but wanted you to have this for your perfect lazy Sunday New Moon in Cancer--- #yin #divinefeminine #receiving #trauma #priestess #sexualpriestess #starseed #jenniferposada #ancientstarhealing #selfhealers
July 19, 2020
Pleasure is Your Power | Episode 11
Your Pleasure is your Power is a transmission. A healing of the divine feminine, a reclaiming of the ways of the Priestess. As you heal, Gaia heals. This is the true path of Ascension. A solocast and maybe way TMI. Unraveling the wounds of being a woman, a sexual being, and giving myself permission to feel pleasure. I share it all so that it might activate in you too. My prayer is this conversation is to spark within you your own reclamation of pleasure and power. Fuck yeah! Your Resources - Jennifer Posada and the Essential Self Love Course Katherine Skaggs The Fifth Sacred Thing by Starhawk Mantra & Magic podcast with Amy & Jeremy Apprentices You Can Work With -  Brookelynn Catherine (who hopefully be ready for ya by the time you hear this) The Loves who Invested in Me to Birth this baby - Art by Lara @eye.of.iris.artpothecary Music by Jen Korte  @LadyGangMusic We're getting Galactic in Light Body Tech. Join us for a 3 week initiation through July 25. If you miss the portal, weave into our School of Remembrance at the Luminous Mysteries, my online mystery school! I’ve got a couple of yall with questions we’ll be answering in a special episode. Send me your questions right meow. Keep us thriving with your affirmations to keep going and share us with a friend or give us some stars #priestess #divinefeminine #gaia #newearth #ascension #sexualhealing #pleasure #ecstasy
July 15, 2020
Intention Atlantis with Mandy Hartmann | Episode 10
Ready to remember some of your Atlantis memories, boo? What started out as a conversation about the power of intention diverged into a past life walk through Atlantis. Because who’s paying attention to linear realities anymore? I met Mandy Hartmann as a student and her power has blown my mind. Her understanding of the Akashic Records is a rare gift-- few people know their way around the records as she does. Mandy is a testament to what happens when you let your intuition be a guide. Miracles, baby! To book a session with Mandy head over to: Or follow her on the IG @gaias.healing Follow your Creatives: Art by Lara @eye.of.iris.artpothecary Music by Jen Korte  @LadyGangMusic Join us in the Awakening! New Class happening in July Light Body Technology Online Mystery School on Patreon I’ve got a couple of y'all with questions we’ll be answering in a special episode. Send me your questions right meow. Keep us thriving with your affirmations to keep going and share us with a friend or give us some stars.
July 10, 2020
You’re the Magic ( Abandoned by Spirit Guides) | Episode 9
Well fudge, I guess I have to talk about this now. In the retrograde isolation chamber of summer 2020, I finally can come to some peace with this deep sense of abandonment. It kicked off for me in Nov. of 2019 and thankfully, I finally have a wee bit of perspective now as to what the hell has been happening. If you’ve been feeling betrayed by Spirit, lost and alone, Cosmic Mama is to make some damn sense of it all. Really, its a pretty fun episode despite its ominous title, so get on in here and love yourself up to a new level of evolution. I dropped a few resources in and share them here because I dig em… - Tom Waits forever - Bill Hicks says fuck more than I do - Cory Allen listen to his podcast the Astral Hustle - You’re Becoming a Galactic Human and Sheldan Nidle (a great resource for your galactic forays!) CE5 - yes baby yes here’s the protocol from Dr. Steven Greer More ways to play in this multiverse with me - Classes (Light Body Tech kicks off in July!) The Online Mystery School the Luminous Mysteries Cosmic Milkweed inspired art for the podcast by @eye.of.iris.artpothecary My favorite music ever from Jen Korte of @LadyGangMusic Drop me a voice message to say howdy, what’s up, or ask some questions If you want more, share it… or leave a review at the only place you can
July 2, 2020
Ascension Tech - Birthing the Harmonic Egg with Gail Lynn | Episode 8
Ascension Tech -  Birthing the Harmonic Egg Gail is my boo… since the first session in her light box in 2014, I recognized this technology to be an ascension chamber. These were the modalities the galactic were talking about and I was lucky enough to have one here in Colorado! I could have spent an hour just geeking out on the Harmonic Egg, but we had so much more to cover.  From remembering her past lives to bring through a new Atlantean technology, Gail has committed to doing her part to facilitate wellness and optimal healing. She has worked tirelessly to bridge medical and woo woo to validate the veracity of healing using light, color, and sound.  We explore why the liver is in such need of our love and 4 things you can do to support it. I had to ask about Tesla tech and how it influenced the design and of course we go way starry about the galactic beings who have been guardians since the beginning. Yeah, it’s a lot and I hope you have as much fun as we did.  Resources mentioned inside: - Harmonic Egg - Gail's book, Unlocking the Ancient Secrets to Healing - Regina Meredith's interview with Gail on Gaia - Norm Shealy - Leslie Zehr - Egyptian teacher and guide A couple of notes on this episode… we refer to an episode I recorded but did not release. It’s too heavy right now and my provocative title proved to be a little too predictive. Maybe sometime I’ll redo it but ugh…  If you hear some blips, names were mentioned that I’d rather not. We protect our kids and others in this space, cause free will baby.  More of the voice … that’s me….  - Upcoming classes and what the heck ever else at  - the Luminous Mysteries online Mystery School  Cosmic Mama Podcast art by  @eye.of.iris.artpothecary  My new favorite song by Jen Korte @LadyGangMusic  Ya know this is all for you, right?  Drop me a voice message- for freaking real though, it would be so much fun to hear from you  Are you diggin' it? If so, share us with your friends or Spare a minute to manifest us some stars with a review?
June 8, 2020
You are an Alien An Ascension Chat with Laura Brown | Episode 7
Laura Brown of Intuitive Alchemy and I came together through the light coded algorithms of the ‘gram. Our work shares a frequency so I was excited to geek out with her on all things Ascension.  The topics went way farther than any notes I could keep up with. But here’s a lil taste for ya:  - Seeing through your "divine eyes"  - Remembering you are a hybrid alien  - Your power (yes, you!) is astounding  - Kundalini and Ascension  - A drop in teaching from Thoth  - The freakin' Matrix (seriously)  We had a ton to share so get on in there when you want some total non-normy talk that reminds you how rad and not crazy you are. Dig in there buttercup!  Laura is an Ascension Guide, Spiritual Intuitive, and Moprhogenic Healer. Work with her and get your ascension magic on: -  the Ascension Collective  - Private medicine sessions  - On the cosmic ethers of Instagram  And because we love the colleagues in our field who guided us…  - Naomi Brodner @psychesdreamwitch  - Guru Jagat @gurujagat  More of the voice … that’s me….  - Upcoming classes and what the heck ever else at  - And the Luminous Mysteries mystery school getting more populated everyday at  Imagery by the gifted Lara @eye.of.iris.artpothecary … ya see why I stumbled on the dang word, right.  Music by “now has her own beer!” Jen Korte @ LadyGangMusic  Ya know this is all for you, right? What you want us to cover babe? Drop me a voice message  Did you like that in there?!? would ya mind sharing us with your friends or Spare a minute to manifest us some stars with a review?
May 21, 2020
Sacred Rage | a Venus Retrograde Update & Healing | Episode 6
I don’t know shit. Seriously, I sat down to record a lil something for ya on sacred rage and how to get through this Venus Retrograde. Instead Mother Mary and Virgin De Guadalupe brought through a healing for you. Because love, honey, LOVE, even when you're not looking is still there for you! You can tell by my slower pace and "thank yous" this is more of a channeled love message more than anything I have to say. Part 1 - Transmuting sacred rage, a priestess teaching. The Venus Retrograde is ancestral, archetypal, deep ass healing so we can heal ourselves and the world. Geez… Plus some tips on how rage can be beneficial and released through "the roses of compassion." Part 2 - Healing at the 20ish minute mark I mentioned a few people who have been luminaries and loves for me. In case you’re looking for them… Michelle - currently in Akashic Records Certification, I’ll update ya when her website is ready Katherine Skaggs - shaman, visionary pained, all around incredible human Mazz Hanna - crystal healer, CBD high vibe skincare, and total sweetheart Karyn Seitz - Scorpio powerhouse who will illuminate your every limitation Cosmic Mama graphics by southern lovebug Lara @eye.of.iris.artpothecary  Music by ravishing Jen Korte @ LadyGangMusic Upcoming classes and what the heck ever else at And the Luminous Mysteries mystery school is brewing up for ya at Be heard! Leave your sacred rage to be witnessed here. Drop me a voice message because I love to hear from you
May 17, 2020
Twin Freakin' Flames with Amy Solara | Episode 5
Twin Flames - the whole experience can be rather reality shifting. You’re either praying for one or praying to get over one. We uncover with Amy Solara (@witchgoddessmama) this whole Twin Flame thing -- what is it, why you think you want one, and can they even last in the long run. She is in loving partnership with her Twin as I process the successful completion of mine. No resolutions in here baby, but some juicy conversations to help you navigate if and why you might want one at all. It’s really all about love honey, the labels just make it a bit stickier. Check it all out inside. Per usual, we get real and raw as we sort through the dissolving egos in quarantine! Find more of Amy Solara at: Mantra & Magic podcast On the gram @witchgoddessmama classes on Patreon Cosmic Mama Podcast graphics by Lara @eye.of.iris.artpothecary Music by rad ass babe Jen Korte @ LadyGangMusic Upcoming classes and what the heck ever else at The Luminous Mysteries mystery school is brewing up for ya at please as this is still in birthing mode. Wanna ask some questions? Yes please! Drop me a voice message because I love to hear from you
May 13, 2020
Staying Awake | the Ego Deaths of Pluto Retrograde | Episode 4
I’m waking up and in my own big ass existential crisis. I have no clue who I am right now and still finding the joy of re-membering the light. My guides asked me to step in and share it all. Here’s what’s keeping me a wee bit sane.  May my vulnerability be your blessing… cuz it sucks for me to have to share when I’d rather hide. Here are some resources that came through in this episode:  Inner Alchemy Summit May 22-24 Birthing the Light Class May 2, 9, 16 Soberish Podcast with Jessa Reed  Matt Kahn - Unknow Yourself  Paul Selig William Henry Egyptian Postures of Power by Jason Quitt Egyptian Healing Rods from Heal Like an Egyptian Olivia Woodford Astrology Attached (book to explore attachment theory) Sign up for my newsletter to get Awake | Your Thrive Guide to Disclosure for some exercises on finding your truth And a new option cosmic lover.... What do you want to explore? Drop me a voice message because I love to hear from you
April 29, 2020
Crowning and Questioning with Christy Smith | Episode 3
Christy Smith set as her yearly intention to “to wisely question and joyfully Crown my full-spectrum Authority.”  In this time of Corona - the Crowning - I was curious to see what the wild and radiant being was picking up on way back in January.  Christy is a creator! A shamanic practitioner, tarot reader, and belly dancer. We don’t stay too focused but instead explore shadow work - “the Shadow She’s”, labyrinths as ritual, and how cyber trust is being tested in this current era of questioning big tech.  You can find more on Instagram @the_enrichment_project or online at  Imagery by the gifted Lara @eye.of.iris_  Music by Jen Korte @ LadyGangMusic  If you’re liking what we’re bringing through, please consider sharing us with you enlightened star seed friends.
April 25, 2020
The Alchemy of Ascension with Ruth Shepard Trode | Episode 2
Ruth Shepard Trode joins us to explore the Alchemy of Ascension. Ok, well at least we get there eventually.  Trigger warning, we talk some Christian stuff. But think more gnostic mysticism rather than the toxic dogma. God is God is Goddess is Goddess. Let that sh*it go and feel your way back into enlightenment.  You can find Ruth online at  Music by Jen Korte @jenkorte &  Art by Lara @eye.of.iris_  Sign up for my newsletter to get Awake | Your Thrive Guide to Disclosure for some exercises on finding your truth More ways to play with me: Upcoming classes and what the heck ever else at The Luminous Mysteries mystery school is brewing up for ya at What do you want to explore? Drop me a voice message because I love to hear from you
April 21, 2020
Meet The Cosmic Mama Podcast
Yeah so Ascension. And what the heck y’all? I’ve been on this path for a lifetime and share inside my galactic history as a wee lil one. We answer the call to do this podcast thing and collectively build a container to connect, expand, and activate. Sign up for my newsletter to get Awake | Your Thrive Guide to Disclosure for some exercises on finding your truth More ways to play with me: Upcoming classes and what the heck ever else at The Luminous Mysteries mystery school is brewing up for ya at And a new option cosmic lover.... What do you want to explore? Drop me a voice message because I love to hear from you
April 16, 2020