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Omicron Protocol - Kickstarter Preview

An episode of The Dog Ate My Meeple Podcast

By Omar Aazam
Welcome to 'The Dog ate my Meeple' podcast where I share my love for board games with you in a series of reviews, interviews, discussions and all things tabletop!

Buckle up and give it a go, why not consider a new board game in your collection during your commute, just be careful so your beloved pets do not get their paws on them and do not much our titular Meeple!

Get ready to roll some dice, lay some tiles, place some workers and embark on an amazing board game adventure with us!

Buckle up and enjoy!
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Hello fellow listeners ! In today's episode I'm (Omar) having a closer look at the 2008 Co-operative classic board game Pandemic. For many of people it is a modern classic, yet I was not so quick to play it and only got myself a copy 2 years ago. If you want to get a closer look on why this might be a game for you, or perhaps why so many people call it one of the best entry-level coop board games, join me in today's episode. Once again, Michael's is away so it's an episode on a shorter side, but I hope that the 20 minutes with me will be entertaining enough for you to come back in 2 weeks time! Enjoy and take care!
July 29, 2019
Digital Board Games (Mini-sode)
Hello fellow board gamers! It’s Omar here, going solo again as lately with our busy schedules it’s been difficult to meet up for a proper recording session with Mike, but fear not for soon we’ll be back with more content for you guys !  With the upcoming release of ever-famous top BBG dungeon-crawling giant Gloomhaven I thought it might be a good time to have a quick chat about board games and their digital counter parts and ports. With increasing number of board games becoming accessible on PC’s, phones and tablets they are getting a good chance to reach wider audience and be played on the go. So today I’ll give you my impressions so far based on my experience with digital board games. Hope you’ll enjoy it!
July 7, 2019
Let's roll some dice - Chupacabra Dice, Beyond The Gates of Antares Dice Game and Pizza Party
Hello fellow board games 😊 In today’s episode I’m alone, as Mike’s been unavailable for the recording being busy with work stuff, and talking about a game genre that many seem to know but few play often. Today we’re having a look at few of the dice games. I’ll have a very quick look at Steve Jackson’s Chupacabra dice, Warlord’s Beyond The Gates of Antares dice game and a small, fun, food-themed child friendly game called Pizza Party. I hope you will enjoy this weeks short episode and perhaps give some dice games a go, as I think they make great fillers and with so many different games out there I’m sure there’s a dice game to suit your needs! Enjoy the episode and I’ll catch you again soon!
June 17, 2019
Innsmouth Special
Hello everyone and welcome to our first ever SPECIAL episode which features me, Omar and Mike in our very first audiodrama. I personally always wanted to try it out and Mike’s once he heard of it was on board straight away, so I will not be lying by saying that we both enjoyed doing it and, if you like it and find it entertaining, will be happy to do some more. The story in the episode is a work of fiction inspired by the ‘Shadow over Innsmouth’ by Lovecraft, a story well-known and loved by many as well as a story which inspired 2nd scenario in the Mansions of Madness board game, hence that where our idea to make an audiodrama came from. We hope you will enjoy our special episode and will share it with other, perhaps opening eyes to a theatre for ears for those of your friends who have not heard anything like that yet. We know our acting skill is not up to par, but we tried our best to sound convincing for your enjoyment. Let’s walk together into Innsmouth in the search of Private Investigator Crawford as we read through his notes to uncover what has happened in the town of Innsmouth. All of the sounds and music were used under  Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 The music is credited to: Kevin McLeod of Incompetech Omar Aazam Kamil Karolczuk Sound effects are credited to: Sound Bible BBC Sound Effects As well as the following channels on YouTube: MasterHand125 Free Sound Stock Alyssa Huber – The life of an Aspie Berlin Atmosphere  
May 27, 2019
LOTR - Journey's in Middle Earth
Hello again it's Omar and Mike again this time talking about FFG's newest fantasy adventure board game set in the Lord of the Rings universe. We're talking of course about promised Journey's in Middle Earth. A lovely adventure game from 1 to 5 players where we set off to an adventure as some of the iconic characters such as Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli or Bilbo, along with some new characters added in the game itself. We'll travel through Middle earth in a campaign sprawling over series of missions each one affecting the future missions, thus making it a great game for those of you who want a bit of legacy taste but might not have the time to play a full on legacy system. Ready your shields, sharpen your swords and bows at the ready because we are about to go on a Journey across Middle Earth! Learn what makes the game unique, what to expect but also what to consider before buying and why this might or might not be a title for you! As always, if you want to get a better look at the mini's go directly to Mike's painting studio Instagram which you can find at:  Thanks for coming back to us and we hope you'll enjoy today's episode!
May 27, 2019
Omicron Protocol - Kickstarter Preview
Today in our very special episode me and our guest Michael (of Berserk's Painting Studio) are having a look at the upcoming Kickstarter game, from Dead Alive Games, called Omicron Protocol. Kickstarter is coming May 20th so add the date to your calendar because in the this episode we give you plenty of reasons to consider backing Omicron Protocol! Omicron Protocol is a mid-apocalyptic skirmish combat game, where player pit the representatives of their factions (of which currently are 4) in a story driven scenarios which emphasize close quarters combat, shooting, hacking and a plethora of wide objectives. Each players have up to 6 miniatures representing the specialists chosen from his factions and assigned to the task. Whether it's taking a chip from a cyber zombie's brain, whether it's retrieving a cache of research or wether it's delivering an antitode, Omicron Protocol delivers a easy to learn and intuitive combat, with story driven scenarios without the hussle of overcomplicated rules or complicated army builidng. Omicron Protocol is an intra-apocalyptic skirmish at its best, so why not learn more about and visit Dead Alive Games website:  Also, if you'd like to get any of your miniatures painted, get a booking for your very own group of survivors from Omicron or just have a look at how lovely the miniatures are, make sure to drop a message or have a look on our guest host Mike who's Instagram you can find here: 
May 11, 2019
Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle
Hello everyone, In today's episode I provide you with a closer look at one of my recent purchases which is Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle. We will delve deeper into the world of Witchcraft and Wizardry and see what challenges lie ahead in the lovely deck builder set in the Harry Potter Universe. As a Potterhead I talk about the game itself, the mechanics, few things that I adore about the game and few hiccups that USAOpoly (the publisher) did not manage to address appropriately, so hop on your best Broom, wear your best robes and grab your wands. It is time to spend our 7 years at Hogwarts in Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle. Wands at the ready?! Let's go! CREDITS  The Snow Queen Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 
April 27, 2019
Mansions of Madness - Banter Special
In the very first Banter episode we have guest host Michael of Berserk Painting Studio joining us to discuss our love for Mansions of Madness, why it's a game you should definitely try and what we both love about. Without further ado, expect chaotic chat, random banter, lots of jumping around the game related topics and some doggy steps in the background (one of the dogs is the inspiration behind the podcasts name, can you guess which one?)
April 17, 2019
Ticket to Ride: Europe
Hello fellow board gamers. In this video I'm having a closer look at a game which I consider a modern classic of board gaming. If you play board games yourself I'm sure you must've heard of it before, or even already own a copy.  If you have never heard of Ticket to Ride, then make sure to listen to the episode as I am sure you will see why the game is a great entry game and why does it deserve a space on your shelf! I give an overview of the rules and mention few different ways to make the game more accessible to the new players. We also have a quick look at what's to come in the next episode, so buckle up and enjoy :)
March 30, 2019
Pilot - Jungle Speed
In the very first episode of 'The Dog ate my Meeple' podcast you'll get a chance to meet your host and we'll have a quick look at Jungle Speed a lovely part game for all ages which offers some eye-boggling fun.
March 21, 2019
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