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Do Something Good Today

Do Something Good Today

By Everybody's Juice
Welcome to The Do Something Good Today Podcast. My name is Najee and I will be your host. The Do Something Good Today Podcast will be giving listeners behind the scenes views into the health and wellness industries as well as highlighting back stories of entrepreneurs.
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Episode 2: Women's Health Ft. Dietitian Valerie Ageyman

Do Something Good Today

Episode 7: The Homegrown Episode Ft. Kinfolk Dispensary
Over 85% arrests and prison convictions for African-Americans in the United States have been marijuana and cannibas related. The Marijuana industry hasn't been too kind to the black community, but that is slowly starting to change.  In episode 7 of Do Something Good Today, I spoke with the Corey Barnette of DC based marijuana dispensary, Kinfolk about the behind the scenes view of the cannabis industry. He also explained how the cannabis world is not as glamorous as it’s made out to be. He broke down the traps to watch out for, how the safe banking act can lead to more funding for marijuana businesses and detailed the process of how more African-Americans get into the industry.  Everybody's Juice: Subscribe to our newsletter and receive 15% off your first order. Guest IG: @kinfolkdispensary @districtgrowers @mila_eff @vanessisamess
June 18, 2021
Episode 6: Overcoming Eating Disorders Ft. Dr. Marcella Raimondo
There’s this notion, that eating disorders is a skinny, white girl issue and that's the farthest thing from the truth. This type of thinking is dangerous and harmful to people of color living with an eating disorder. It creates additional and unnecessary barriers to recovery, and disregards the experiences of people who don’t see themselves in that stereotype. On this week's episode of Do Something Good Today, we’ll be discussing this with Dr. Marcella Raimondo, a psychologist specializing in social justice issues and eating disorders. In this week's episode we discuss how Marcella got into this work and her own experience with an eating disorder, how poverty can create unique challenges for people with eating disorders, diet shaming and more. Guest Facebook: Guest Website Link: Everybody's Juice Website Link:
June 4, 2021
Episode 5: Food Racism and Poverty in Underserved Communities Ft. Karen Washington
Your diet is everything. Our diet is a way to empower ourselves and create change within our bodies. It’s time for us to use it as a tool for changing racial injustice and helping Black, Brown, and low-income communities achieve better health, economic opportunities, and even creating wealth and legacy in the form of land ownership. Karen shares her story of how starting a garden in her backyard in The Bronx led her to acknowledging the bigger issues of food insecurity in underserved communities. Karen and I discuss how our food system in the United States is intentionally designed to harm to Black, Brown, and low-income neighborhoods, how she got involved as an activist to create change, why she doesn't like the term food desert, and more. Guest IG: @KarWasher Guest Website Link: Everybody's Juice Website Link:
May 28, 2021
Episode 4: The Game Will Test Your Mental But Never Fold Ft. Jason Gray
In episode 4 of Do Something Good Today, we’re digging into some of the common challenges that come up for entrepreneurs that can impact our mental and social health. For this conversation, I was joined by my beloved friend and business partner Jason Gray. Jason is the co-founder of Zumble, which is a media company that creates content based around 90s pop culture. In this episode we talked about, creating a career around your lifestyle, how Jason learning how to play poker, prepared him for entrepreneurship, his battle with imposter syndrome, and more. #DoSomethingGoodToday #Entrepreneurship  Guest IG: @HelloZumble Guest Website Link: Everybody's Juice Website Link:
May 21, 2021
Episode 3: Stop Being Afraid to Grow Old Ft. Gerontologist Christina Peoples
In episode 3 of Do Something Good Today, we tackle the issue of aging. There’s a lot of fear and stigma around getting old, even though it’s something most of us will experience. Aging should be embraced. It's a blessing to grow old and wise. I had the opportunity to sit down with Gerontologist, Christina Peoples. Christina holds a master’s degree in gerontology. She has an online platform dedicated to providing education on aging, called Gero What. In this episode we talked about, what the study of gerontology is and how it’s useful in everyday life, what gerontology is and why Christina got her master's degree in this field, ageism, age denial, and why these things can be problematic, common myths and stereotypes about aging, and more.  Guest IG: @Gero_What Guest Website Link: Everybody's Juice Website Link:
May 13, 2021
Episode 2: Women's Health Ft. Dietitian Valerie Ageyman
Registered Women's Dietitian, Valerie Ageyman has a great purpose in life. Given the fact that only 2.3% of dietitians across the entire field in the U.S. are black, she's out to make it her responsibility to show representation in the field.  It was an honor to sit down with Valerie to tackle representation in the dietitian industry and dispel myths about women's health. In episode 2 of Do Something Good Today, Valerie explained key nutrients needed while going through pregnancy, why supplements can't supersede a good diet, the difference between good fats and bad fats, and more. Guest IG: @ValerieAgeyman.Rd & @FlourishHeights Everybody's Juice Website Link:
May 7, 2021
Episode 1: Doing Something Good for Your Community Ft. Mary Blackford of Market 7
Native Washingtonian, Mary Blackford was inspired to create Market 7, a food hall market, while on a teaching trip to Ghana, where she saw firsthand how integral community markets were to underserved residents. In 2017, she began hosting pop-up and flea markets in Ward 7 to give Black food businesses and farmers an opportunity to showcase their products, but more importantly to give residents of Ward 7 a chance to purchase healthy food options. In 2019, Mary and her team broke ground on a 7000 square foot building that will operate a food market hall, food incubator and event space in the heart of Ward 7 DC. In episode 1 of Do Something Good Today, I spoke with Mary on the food injustice that has long taken place in Ward 7 & 8 in Washington, DC, the clear connection between food insecurity and the rise of poverty and health ailments in the black community, how she funded her 7,000 square foot food market hall, and more. We went in-depth on actionable items and even discussed topics that have that will take steps to eliminate food insecurity in these particular Wards.  Everybody's Juice: Market7:
April 30, 2021
Intro Episode
Welcome to the introduction episode of The Do Something Good Today Podcast. In this episode, Najee give a breakdown of what you can expect to hear from the podcast, what it means To Do Something Good and a brief story on how he created his nutrition and wellness company, Everybody's Juice. 
April 30, 2021