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My 2 Cents Podcast

My 2 Cents Podcast

By Rahim Gulamali
This podcast is created by business leaders and executives, for business leaders and executives. Listen to your peers, executive coaches and mentors whilst we talk about today´s challenges when running a business, implementing change, and elevating your organisation to adopt and success in their imperatives. We will have fun along the way. Uncensored.
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S1/EP2: Downsizing on a Double Bubble with Kim Adele & Rahim Gulamali

My 2 Cents Podcast

S1/EP7: The inspiring story from Scientist to Innovative Executive with Gemma Casadevall, CEO NutraResearch
In this episode of My Two Cents, I Interview Gemma Casadevall. I am very inspired by her journey from Scientist to CEO. Her innovative mindset and the experiences she shares are great inspiration for many.    About Gemma:  Gemma Casadevall, PhD., is nowadays CEO at Nutrareseach and Nutra Procés. Overseeing executive operations for both companies in Spain. With more than 20 years of experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry, her career has focused on the formulation, drug delivery and development: she held several C-Suite and senior director positions at Medichem (Spain, Malta &China), Salvat (Spain), Esteve (Spain), Johnson and Johnson (USA) and Ferrer (Spain).  We discuss the journey, touch a. bit on diversity and inclusion, but mostly focus on what it takes to become a CEO. But also we look at what it will mean for you to step up the corporate ladder. Mindset, Motivation, Humility and being humble are a few traits we explored. But also the expertise she brings to the organisation in the area of science, makes her a hands-on executive.    Subscribe: Listen to the podcast. Subscribe to our channel for more inspirational and executive insights. If you have something to share and want to be part of our podcasts, we are happy to discuss topics
April 15, 2021
S1/EP6: How to become an influencer as individual contributor with Paul Turner and Rahim Gulamali
New episode: Paul Turner explains his JOURNEY TO BECOMING AN INFLUENCER ON LINKEDIN through videos and podcasts, and how this contributes to the SUCCESS OF HIS ENGAGEMENTS with clients and partners!   Putting yourself out there is never easy.  Am I good enough?  What will people think of me?  What will I get out of this?  Should I put myself out there? That fear of failure may be blocking you from sharing your niche online. In this week's Podcast, we talk about Pauls Journey, and subsequently what this brought him.  About Paul: As a former Executive, Paul now works as VP of Strategic Accounts at Vonage. Through Podcasts, he is sharing indispensable insights for executives and people in the contact centre world. Thanks to his podcasts he was ranked in the top 100 LinkedIn Sales Influencers of 2020.   Paul Turner LinkedIn profile Paul Turner YouTube Channel Paul Turners Book tip: They Ask, You Answer Duchain & Associates - Business Growth Network 
March 17, 2021
S1/EP5: How to build a strong collaboration with your outsourcing partner with Quincy Verkolf and Rahim Gulamali
Collaboration is the basis for a strong partnership. Yet, many organizations struggle with achieving that optimized partnership with their outsourced team members. This week I talk to Quincy Verkolf (Founder at to crack the code and understand his two cents on this topic. Trust me, you´ll like it:). Do you feel your outsourcing partner is your supplier? Do you feel you are getting the most out of the Service Levels? Do you feel the service levels are helping with optimizing the performance? Do you see room for improvement in the collaboration? Do you feel that you are getting what you really want? If any of the above situations speaks to your imagination, then listen to this week's podcast.  Interested in talking to one of your peers on this or another topic?  Contact us so we can bring you into contact and get the insights you need to make an informed decision! View the full video on YouTube, Subscribe to our channel, or visit our website!
March 10, 2021
S1: EP4 How to Be(come) a 50-Year-Old Startup with Paco Briseno and Rahim Gulamali
This week we have another episode of the DnA My Two Cents Podcast, with Paco Briseno and Rahim Gulamali. Disruption happens all around us. Transforming your organisation into a disruption machine is no sinecure. Especially when you are a settled organisation with strong processes and heavily designed to deliver the end to end customer experience.  Paco and Rahim talk about what is need to create that innovative mindset. That forward-leaning way of thinking and executing in abundance. Listen to this week's podcast where Paco shares his two cents. Learn more about our solutions via Have a topic you want to share, don´t hesitate to contact me. We are here to add value and help organisations transform their organisations and achieve the benefits you envision!
March 1, 2021
S1/EP3: Cracking the code on how to build a culture of innovation with Friska Wirya and Rahim Gulamali
SHOW LESSThis week I talk to Friska Wirya. We look at ways to crack the code to build that innovative culture within organisations. What is needed on the process, people and organisational level, and how to elevate celebrate ¨Friday F%CK&PS¨. Yes, you heard us right. Innovation is about learning from failures. It´s about trust and a lot more.    Join us. If there are topics regarding transformation, change, leadership or people development you like to learn more about, DM us.   Interested in learning more about Friska, check out her profile on
February 22, 2021
S1/EP2: Downsizing on a Double Bubble with Kim Adele & Rahim Gulamali
This week we talk you through some useful tool to help you navigate better through Downsizing, reengineering and redesign. Let us start with some insights: Almost 50% of executives in the US, expect to invest more in 2021 whilst in the EU only 16% expect to be able to invest. Most executives expect to be reengineering and will critically need to look at the skillset of their people. Unemployment rates in the EU are stable, we have fewer bankruptcies. The support our Governments put in place seems to help. At the same time, there is a lot of talk about Zombie companies. Companies who will not survive when the support stops. For you as a leader, these are challenging times. For your people, difficult times may be the result of your restructuring. The question then is, How Do I Downsize On A Double Bubble? This week my guest is Kim Adele. Kim is a former Executive/Boardmember, an internationally bestselling author, keynote speaker, and master coach in the area of cultural change AND motivation. She has led teams with empathy and trust throughout her career and now coaches executives and business leaders in Cultural Change. In this episode, Kim shares insights into the triggers and subsequent tools you as a leader possess to manage your organisation through reengineering. If you want to learn more about Kim. Visit her personal page  and check out her speakers bio at DnA  
February 15, 2021
S1/EP1: Navigating Uncertainty with Sally Anderson and Rahim Gulamali
S1/EP1. NEW EPISODE - NAVIGATING UNCERTAINTY with Sally Anderson - Leadership Coach To The Influencers and Rahim Gulamali. Uncertainty can be difficult, especially when it continues over a longer-term. Did you know that: ▶️60% of employees do not talk about mental health in the workplace ▶️69% of leaders found it THE MOST challenging experience of their career ▶️62% of leaders putting people into furlough ▶️52% at times doubting their ability to lead ▶️58% found leading virtually challenging ▶️56% responded that the pandemic has harmed their mental health ▶️74% believe this experience has had them question their own leadership style This week we talk about the challenges, give insights in how to identify them within yourself and your team, and highlight some great solutions for you to overcome and empower! SUBSCRIBE TO OUR PODCAST, SHARE WITH PEOPLE YOU THINK WILL BENEFIT FROM THIS, SUPPORT US SO WE ARE ABLE TO KEEP ADDING VALUE. #leadershipdevelopmenet #mentalhealth #teamempowerment #people #empoweredculture #linkedinfamily #influenceothers #valuesbasedleadership DnA - The Business Growth Solutions Network! Learn more about Sally via
February 5, 2021