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How to achieve more with social entrepreneurship as a multipotentialite with Cortni Grange

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By Erol Ertumen
“Erol Helps Entrepreneurs” increase visibility, credibility and profitability. Failure is a great teacher! What do you need to be equipped with to succeed in your unique journey? Let's explore the valuable lessons from others who are not scared to fail in pursuit of their dreams. Let's explore the essential elements others have used to succeed in pursuit of their dreams!
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“Erol Helps Entrepreneurs” increase visibility, credibility and profitability. Failure is a great teacher! What do you need to be equipped with to succeed in your unique journey? Let's explore the valuable lessons from others who are not scared to fail in pursuit of their dreams. Let's explore the essential elements others have used to succeed in pursuit of their dreams!

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How to succeed using fun and strategy with Ian Lajoie
How are you implementing fun and strategy to succeed? Montreal based Serial Entrepreneur, Award Winning Performance Coach, Best Selling Author and CEO Coach Ian Lajoie shares insights on succeeding while on world tour promoting his new book and starting up trucking company performance enhancing company Lopia Technology. We discuss: - Global Entrepreneurship - How to successfully network - Importance of mentors - importance of fun - importance of strategy Web: LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram:
August 20, 2019
How to sell more online with Russ Johns
With over 30 years experience creating systems, connections and relationships, Russ Johns has become passionately skilled in developing strategies to improve your connections and to help you help others. We discuss: How to effectively leverage technology to deliver your message online How to refine your product offering and sell more How to make an impact online How to take online connections offline Connect with Russ: Linkedin: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: #twominutetips web:
August 7, 2019
How to achieve work/life balance in pursuit of millions with serial entrepreneur, founder Jason Jean
After being diagnosed with cancer, serial entrepreneur Jason Jean embarked on a mission to give veterans $4 million via his coffee company Tattered Beans. Join us as he shares insights from a lifetime of millions. We discuss: - the importance of revaluation and priorities - organizing time for work/life balance - the importance of mentorship - avoiding common mistakes of young entrepreneurs - thought needed to scale your business Connect with Jason: Tattered Beans:
July 26, 2019
How to succeed in digital strategy, business dev, & content /w marketing expert Justin Johnson
“I think there is a democratization of skill sets that allow people to be dangerous even as novices.” With a career defined by building of great brands like American Express, Walmart, ESPN, Ebay, Microsoft, Nesstlé, Frito Lay and US Bank, Director of Marketing & Business Development of Bublup Justin Johnson joins us to discuss valuable concepts related to succeeding with digital strategy, business development, content creation and networking. Topics discussed: - Selling creative marketing ideas - How to quantify the ROI of marketing - How to effectively market a commodity - Design thinking - User experience - Advertising - Marketing Strategy - Writing Copy - Business Development - Effectively networking and collaborating Connect with Justin: Linkedin: Web: Bublup:
July 13, 2019
How to increase profit margin and time by using pricing as a marketing strategy with Robert Fukui
Award winning marketing professional Robert Fukui joins us to share how to increase your company’s margin if profit and time by using pricing as a marketing strategy. He quipped: “People negotiate on price, People buy brands” We discuss: - purpose driven business - more margin of profit snd time - solving profitability issues - key ways to increase margin margins - how to charge what you are worth - how to use pricing as a marketing strategy Connect with Robert: Linkedin: Web: Web: Podcast:
July 2, 2019
How to grow your business by creating social ecosystems on and offline with Brandy Hollaway
Grow your business online and off by creating social ecosystems. Topics discussed: - fundamentals vs short cuts - effectively taking online connections offline - networking to thrive - how to restructure mindset to be more successful with the Burn technique: limiting beliefs, understanding where they came from, narrative - servant leadership, perseverance, actionable steps - relationship marketing management - succeeding on all the social media platforms Connect with Brandy: Facebook: LinkedIn: Insta: Web:
June 21, 2019
How to gain freedom from your business with Niajae Wallace
From burned out business owner to fully remote business owner with automated income, Niajae Wallace shares her story and insight Learn: How to gain freedom from your business How to automate revenue Structure your business tp fit your desired lifestyle What do when you feel like your business owns you How to effectively implement systems in your business How to transition from being busy to being productive How to get your business running like a well oiled machine How to effectively implement sales funnels online How to leverage the internet to attract your clients How to narrow down your target audience How to manage your mindset to succeed Connect with Niajae:
June 6, 2019
How to grow your thought leadership via TedX, social media and podcasts with Marie Incontrera
From classically trained musician playing the likes of Carnegie Hall to full time entrepreneurship, helping thought leaders spread their message via social media, podcasts and TedX stages. Learn: - How to grow your message via TedX - How to spread your message via podcasts - How to grow your business via social media Connect with Marie:
May 30, 2019
How to reliably achieve BIG goals faster with Carl Loop.
Significant success in businesses followed by a divorce, a custody battle and having his house destroyed by a hurricane led Carl Loop on a journey to strengthen the foundations of his pursuit of success. Learn: - How to incorporate Purpose, Meaning and Mission to perform higher and get more fulfillment on the journey to success - How to Reliably achieve big goals faster - How to achieve significant success and wholehearted fulfillment - How to achieve the impossible - About 4 different levels of goal types - How to connect with crazy successful people Connect with Carl:
May 24, 2019
How to grow your business with a podcast with top 200 business podcast host Donnie Boivin
On the brink of failure and shutting down his business Donnie Boivin found podcasting and everything changed. Now a Top 200 podcast on iTunes Donnie’s Success Champions is helping the world one story at a time. Learn: - Why everyone in business must have a podcast - How to fail and succeed in podcasting Right out of the Marine Corps Donnie Boivin landed his first straight commission sales job, and for 20 years he learned what it took to be successful in sales, business & life.   At that youthful age he thought he knew enough to survive in one of the toughest professions in the world (Being a Sales Professional), he quickly realized sales wasn’t as easy as it looked.   At the age of 40, he discovered he had been living other peoples dream and not chasing his own. Taking the biggest risk in his life, he jumped out on his own and started a business. Although he had great success at the start, he now understood he knew nothing about being a business owner.   Website: www.SuccessChamps.US   Linkedin Facebook Facebook Groups -  & Instagram: Twitter:   Email  
May 18, 2019
How to expand your market and influence with Prince Dykes
Prince Dykes was introduced to finance while serving as a logistics specialist on submarines in the US Navy. He earned an Associate’s degree, Bachelor’s degree, Master of Business Administration degree, Series 65, Series 63, insurance licenses, became a Certified Financial Educator Instructor, and an Accredited Financial Counselor while serving. In 2013, Prince founded Royal Financial Investment Group, and the highly successful YouTube channel/Podcast, “The Investor Show.” In 2015, Prince Dykes published the ground-breaking children's book,“Wesley Learns to Invest.” Prince titled the book after his then, 3 year-old son, Wesley Dykes. In 2016, Prince created the cartoon series, “Wesley Learns,” adding to the worldwide appeal for financial literacy. He was also a finalist for ABC’s hit show, Shark Tank Season 7, but was not selected for the taped showing. In 2017, Prince Dykes founded the Global Children Financial Literacy Foundation. His show “The Investor Show” became the first independent outlet to cover Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway annual shareholders meeting. He also hosted the Hawaii local financial literacy TV Show, “The Prince of Investing.” Prince then published his second children’s book to teach kids about credit, ”Wesley Learns About Credit.” He now has over 150,000 Social Media followers. His books have been added to over 7 public libraries globally, and 23 public schools. Prince Dykes’ cartoon, books, and show continue to set the standard for children and parents everywhere who want to learn more about finance. Over the years Prince has been featured on several major media outlets and earned several awards. Prince currently serves in the US. Navy. He is also a student at The College for Financial Planning to become a Certified Financial Planner. Prince resides in Denver, CO with his wife and their 7 year-old son, Wesley. Learn about: - How to Networking effectively - How to network with people more successful than you? - Effectively Branding - Relationship Building for Bigger Transactions and Partnerships - Expanding your market with exposure - How to keep your community engaged - Warren Buffett on branding and social media - Warren Buffett stories, lessons and perspectives - Key lesson learned from Berkshire Hathaway - More about the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting FB: FB: FB: Youtube: Instagram: Twitter: email:
May 13, 2019
How to use creativity to grow your business with Rob Howze
In 2007 Rob Howze founded a 501c3 youth centered organization called World Wide Community, for the benefit of school aged children to experience various sports, athletic and academic challenges, in a positive & empowering environment.✨☀️✨ In 2010 he expanded the vision with “Camp Fit”, a program/reality show designed to tackle the childhood obesity epidemic by encouraging and helping develop our youth in the areas of mind, body, and spirit. Camp Fit is currently on DirecTV, Comcast and several other digital platforms reaching over 200 million homes🏡 world wide 🌏 Rob’s mission is to help develop billions of healthy wealthy human doings by empowering people with the knowledge and tools that help lead them to living healthier more prosperous lives. He also created the 3 ingredient "Fulfillment Formula" Philosophy ⭐️Self Reflection-Course Correction-&-Humility⭐️ Learn: - How to utilize and optimize social media platforms for business - How to implement creativity to grow your business - How to be more creative - How to overcome failures Connect with Rob:
May 13, 2019
How to grow your business in the social media age with CEO Ted Jenkin
Co-founder of oXYGen Financial, one of the first firms to focus on Gen X and Gen Y clients as their target clientele, Ted Jenkin saw his company go from zero to over 1500 clients in just ten years. Today, his company manages nearly $1 billion of client assets. Ted shares the surprising strategies he used to generate leads and grow his company, as well as what he considers the best ways to use marketing dollars. Listen in to hear what he’s learned along his journey to success Learn: - How to grow a Billion dollar with non traditional ways business with social media - How to get clients to reach out to you - Why many people have the way to get to success backwards and how to - How to go from mo knowledge of social media strategy to successfully integrate - How to build a relationship with your ideal clients via social media - How to manage the narrative of your business online - How to elevate your ability to attract higher levels of business - How to secure opportunities to be on radio and television - How to successfully transition from a high paying corporate job with a family to successfully stepping into entrepreneurial pursuit - How to avoid some of the biggest mistakes when leaving a high paying corporate job to start your own business - Considerations for narrowing your client focus and niching down - What types of social media content works to engage your ideal clients Connect with Ted: Linkedin: Facebook: Web: Podcast:
May 13, 2019
How to effectively prepare for and manage growth with Karen Walker.
What lessons can we learn from one of the early team members of the fastest growing company of it’s time, earning $111 million in it’s first year and generating over $14 billion a year in its 14th year? Karen Walker joins us to discuss lessons learned during that time and in her 10 additional years helping senior leaders create internal strategies that support their organizations’ external growth. Listen and learn: How to align internal strategies to make external growth happen How to deliver after making the sale Fast growing company of the time - Compaq 111 mill revenue first year Fastest company to 1 Bill 15 Bill in revenue over 14 years How to build Great teams How to manage rapid growth How to create environments to manage growth Karen Walker, executive consultant, coach and  advisor; president of Oneteam, Inc., a consulting firm that helps senior leaders create internal strategies that support their organizations’ external growth; and author of No Dumbing Down, which was just published.   She helps her clients grow their companies with successful outcomes that include IPOs, acquisitions, market share increases, and significant leadership development. Her clients include Inc. 500 start-ups and Fortune 500 firms.   Prior to launching her consultancy, Karen was employee #104 at Compaq Computer - then the fastest growing company in American and fastest to $1billion in revenue.  In her 14 years as VP/Operating Services, she helped spur the creation of more than $15 billion in value. She resides in Jupiter, Florida, although she can most often be found aloft in seat 2C. Connect with Karen: Website: Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram:  karenwalkerus Book: Blog: Linkedin:
April 20, 2019
How to sell abundantly by identifying & operating in your zone of genius with Sarah and Alex Dumas
Alex & Sarah are a married couple with two kids. They have built several different businesses from Network Marketing to Financial Services. These years were spent building teams and serving clients. They decided to make a shift when they saw a need to serve entrepreneurs from all industries. Their purpose is to help entrepreneurs  reach a larger audience, and grow their income by upgrading their money mindset. Which led them to launch The Abundant Life Blueprint to help entrepreneurs thrive in their business. They also created the Abundance Daily Podcast to provide a free resource of inspiration and strategies to entrepreneurs. When Alex & Sarah aren't working, they are enjoying quality time with their children and time outdoors with their dogs.  In our conversation, learn: - How to switch from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset - How to do sales the right way - How being aligned with what you are doing vs hustle mode - The importance of the serving mindset - How to align with purpose - What the role of the money mindset is in successfully approaching sales from the serving mindset - How to identify and operate in your zone of genius - How to be more effective networking and marketing on social media Connect with Sarah and Alex: Web: Facebook: Linkedin: Instagram:
March 25, 2019
How to eliminate excuses and take consistent action with Edward L Moore
From being incarcerated to helping others eliminate excuses and take the action needed to achieve their dreams. Motivational speaker, Author and Life Coach Edward L. Moore shares with us his entrepreneurial story and the lessons learned. Learn about: How to move from knowing there is more, and not knowing what to do to taking action to succeed How to identify your niche How to realize your dreams Keys to growing and leveling up Growing an idea to a tangible product How to take action and eliminate the excuses preventing you from doing so 4 step process to eliminating excuses How to structure your offerings to position yourself as an authority figure, scale your business and find success at every level How to effectively speak to the heart of your audience The importance of key areas of: self development purpose finding your niche self reflection self awareness How to make money a predictable by-product of purposeful action Power of purposeful driven action How to clearly identify the excuses preventing you from taking action and to establish the actions needed for you to achieve your goals Importance community and how to build it Connect more with Edward: Book: “No Excuses” No Excuses: When Failure Is No Longer An Option Linkedin: Facebook: Instagram: Web: Youtube: Key books refered to by Edward: TD Jakes: “Reposition Yourself” Reposition Yourself: Living Life Without Limits Russell Brunson: “Expert Secrets” Expert Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Creating a Mass Movement of People Who Will Pay for Your Advice “Dot Com Secrets” DotCom Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Growing Your Company Online
March 16, 2019
Linkedin for business development (bonus convo with Timothy Corey)
Having found success in business development at Oracle and IBM and identifying a need in the e-commerce and content creation space, Timothy Corey embarked on a mission to found his own company, WIBI video, video hosting site like Youtube uniquely ad free and adding a clickable video feature to purchase anything seen on screen and be delivered next day. In this bonus recording, learn: - How to more effectively use Linkedin for business development Connect with Tim: Linkedin: Email: WIBI:!/
March 8, 2019
Monetize video & get funding for concepts with Timothy Corey
Having found success in business development at Oracle and IBM and identifying a need in the e-commerce and content creation space, Timothy Corey embarked on a mission to found his own company, WIBI video, video hosting site like Youtube uniquely ad free and adding a clickable video feature to purchase anything seen on screen and be delivered next day. Learn: - How video and monetization of content is changing - How to test and validate your idea in the market - How to capitalize on changing consumer behavior - How to secure funding for you concept - Importance of connecting - How to secure more appointments with those you want to connect with - How to craft an effective value proposition for your target audience - How doing one thing and doing it really well cultivates culture and creates remarkable solutions - Consulting process - Sales processes for success Connect with Tim: Linkedin: Email: WIBI:!/
March 8, 2019
How to stop Selling and start Serving to Grow Your Business with Farnoosh Brock
Scaling to $50,000 Contracts by Serving, not Selling with Farnoosh Brock We explore: - How to command a premium price - Finding your zone of genius - the danger of making assumptions - how to overcome objections in a sales presentation - how to establish a system to sell more - about the best timing to ask for sale - about the different forms of opportunity that service creates - how to structure approach to serving mindset - about the importance of being able to articulate the value of what you offer Purchase Farnoosh’s book The Serving Mindset Connect with Farnoosh: Connect with other entrepreneurs, network and see the rest of this audio podcast along with full video in our Facebook community, LinkedinmasterEEE:
March 3, 2019
Why entrepreneurs and leaders fail and how specifically to buck the trend.
In today’s conversation with Ron Caruuci, you will learn more about: Helping companies through periods of transformational change - accelerated growth - strategic pivots - cultural movements - leadership - getting out of holes Human endeavor at scale The importance of articulating your compelling, distinct storytelling and narrative How to define your story How business is the merging of two stories and the importance of being able to articulate your story in a compelling, distinct What are the fundamentals of distinction What most entrepreneurs fail to do Why language matters Ways to enroll all those around you in your story Biggest challenges in scaling Lessons on organizational design to increase efficiency and productivity Why most leaders rising in life fail in the first 18 months landmines put in front of leaders on the way up What the most successful leaders prioritize their stake-holds Role of context, breadth, choice, and connection in successful leadership Ron Carucci is a seasoned consultant with more than 25 years of experience working with CEOs and senior executives of organizations ranging from Fortune 50s to start-ups in pursuit of transformational change. His consulting has taken him to more than 20 different countries on four continents. He has consulted to some of the world’s most influential CEOs and executives on issues ranging from strategy to organization to leadership. His clients have included CitiBank, Corning, Inc., The Hershey Company, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Amgen, Deutsche Bank, Gates Corporation, ConAgra Foods, TriHealth, OhioHealth, Del Monte Foods, Midnight Oil Creative, Weyerhaeuser, McDonald’s Corporation, Starbucks, Microsoft, Sojourners, The Atlantic Philanthropies, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Cadbury, Miller Brewing, the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Johnson & Johnson, ADP, and the CIA. Connect with Ron: Web: Linkedin: Twitter: E-mail: Ron’s newest book:
February 26, 2019
How to go from an institutional, employee mindset to the entrepreneur mindset with John Price III
Christian Life coach John Price III joins us to discuss his journey to help men create lives full of peace, passion and purpose. You will find wise perspective in today’s episode on topics including: - transitioning from institutional, employee mindset to the mindset of an entrepreneur - best way to build your business - reassessing to overcome failure - Linkedin strategy for securing new clients and how to scale - The necessity to niche down to avoid being a broke expert Connect with John: Linkedin: Facebook: Web: email:
February 19, 2019
How to write your book in 90 days with Antoine Airioldi
Antoine Airoldi facilitates your writing needs. His premium ghostwriting services help entrepreneurs and influencers get clear on their messaging when it comes to writing books, email marketing, and articles. Listen to discover: - How to write a book in 90 days - Biggest challenges first time authors have and how to overcome them - How to successfully connect with your target audience on social media - How to successfully put on an event - How to scale your coaching offerings - One key to engagement on Linkedin Connect with Antoine: email: Linkedin: Web: Blogs: Instagram: Influencers Unite:
February 12, 2019
How to create demand and succeed in entrepreneurship /w 20yr NBA Chaplain Joel A Freeman
“There’s a pub in Ireland with a sign outside that says, Beautiful view, fog permitting. That’s a lot of what entrepreneurship is about.” - Joel A Freeman. Joel is a published author, serial entrepreneur, internationally sought after speaker, Black History expert, recipient of the Martin Luther King, Jr “We Share the Dream Award”, black history curriculum author, Rosetta Stone expert and former 20 year Chaplain of the Washington Bullets/Wizards. Listen to discover: - Keys to innovation and creativity - What enables one to overcome obstacles while others fail - How black history conveys incredible examples of the entrepreneurial spirit - When to turn down opportunities - How to effectively scale to speaking, writing and creating events - How to effectively be a pioneer in your space - The importance of confidence, and consistency in entrepreneurship Connect with Joel:
February 2, 2019
How to win the thought leadership game with Mindy Gibbins-Klein
“Are you allowing yourself and your work to be comoditized and just blend in to this big market? Standing out is nit a question of just having a clever gimmick or throwing money at it. The real question is, do you want to fee great about yourself and your you want to leave a real legacy? Not a book somebody has engineered to be a best seller for one day.” - Mindy Gibbins-Klein Together with an extensive network of associates, Mindy has helped over 1000 aspiring authors to get their books and articles written and published to build their profiles as leading experts. Her mission is to discover and expose REAL Thought Leaders and show them how to position themselves as the true authority in their field by writing and publishing the best quality books, ebooks, articles and blogs, and by developing powerful speaking content. Connect with Mindy:
January 25, 2019
How to rebound from business failure with Wilton Rogers
Failure is the best teacher. After having hit rock bottom early in his entrepreneurial journey two times, filing for bankruptcy, living in a jeep and experiencing a business failure three months after marriage, Wilton Rogers has much to share from his experience.  6 businesses later in his fifth industry, Wilton shares lessons including: - What #1 change agent, motivational speaker, and coach Eric Thomas taught him that helped him sustain a rebound from the bottom of what he called a black hole void of color - How to best approach going into business with others - The importance of networking - How to pick yourself after massive wipeouts - Key takeaways from large corporations to help small businesses thrive - How to systemize and scale a business - The power of goal setting Connect with Wilton: 3.5 million view "The Guru Story" from Eric Thomas that Wilton watched everyday for two years, to help bring himself from the depths of despair he found himself in after his first business failure:
January 17, 2019
How to Use Storytelling to Sell More with David Fiensy
Prolific 12x author David Fiensy joins us to talk how to effectively leverage storytelling to sell more: Learn: - What is it that makes an impactful story - How to infuse story with meaning - Why what you discover on your own is more impactful than what someone tells you David’s newest book, “As Far As You Can” can be found on Amazon Find the entire conversation and many more, as well as an engaged community of entrepreneurs to network with and a growing library of resources to help entrepreneurs increase their visibility, credibility and profitability in the closed Facebook community LinkedinmasterEEE:
January 10, 2019
How to Market Effectively, Lessons from Seth Godin with Stacey Moore (Part 1)
Want to learn how to effectively market to exponentially grow your business?  "This is Marketing" by Seth Godin breaks this down.  To learn the principles for marketing success you can either invest in his 100 day seminar, his 25 chapter book, 8 hour audio book, or listen to this episode. Learn: How marketing is different from advertising and sales Key perspectives needed to market something worth buying How to find, describe & communicate effectively to your target audience How to galvanize a tribe around you  Access more free material and the extended, full webinar here:  Connect with co-facilitator, Marketing Expert, Stacey J. Moore https:// Join us in LinkedinmasterEEE for access to live streamed recordings of podcast guests, incredible networking and to learn how to attract your ideal client via Linkedin.
January 6, 2019
How to use Linkedin, Networking, Rap and Self Development to Grow your business /w CEO Joe Apflebaum
Joe Apfelbaum is CEO of Ajax Union, a B2B digital marketing agency based in Brooklyn, NY. Joe is a business strategist, marketing expert, certified Google trainer, a contributor to Inc, Business Insider, Forbes, he sends out a weekly motivational strategy email to thousands of CEOs, has written over 100 articles on Linkedin, created over 500 video, been on over 100 podcasts, taken over 1,000 selfies over past 3 years, has 5 kids and he raps! “The right strategy will save you 10 years” - Tony Robbins In today’s episode we talk strategy to help in many areas: networking, Linkedin, value creation, peak state management, business growth, and increased effectiveness. Connect with Joe:
January 1, 2019
How to succeed in entrepreneurship with 2X Grammy Nominee, Sean Ardoin
So many lessons in entrepreneurship are conveyed in this episode by 2X Grammy Nominee and Eric Thomas Associates Certified Coach, Sean Ardoin. In pursuit of success, Sean has accumulated many incredible accolades that he pulls from to share nuggets of wisdom. Here is a highlight of his accomplishments: Some of his accomplishments on this momentous ride are as follows… Featured Artist on NCIS New Orleans, CBS Carnegie Hall performance for 100th anniversary Kennedy Center and Library of Congress performances National Mall 4th of July Show performed on Queen Sugar, Oprah’s OWN network Governing board of the Memphis Chapter of the Recording Academy Play festivals, concert halls, and corporate events in the US, Mexico, Australia, England, Scotland, Wales, Sweden, Italy, Brazil, Netherlands and Japan Live performance on BET’s Comic View New Orleans Season music featured on MTV, VH1, BET in movies and in commercials peformed on BRAVO TV’s Southern Charm New Orleans Wrote and produced 15 internationally released cd’s appeared as a feature on other artist’s projects Top 100 cd’s of 2001, Ebony Magazine New and Noteworthy cd, Best of the Beat award winner, Creole INC award winner, ZBT award nominee, Black Heritage award winner. Find more about Sean:,, and check out his Grammy nominated video Kick Rocks (highlighted in this episode) (This episode is brought to you by LinkedinmasterEEE where entrepreneurs go to network and learn to attract their ideal client via Linkedin, brokering powerful connections worldwide! Join us at LinkedinmasterEEE:
December 23, 2018
How to go from Invisible to Influential by podcasting with Annemarie Cross
Are you a change maker trying to understand how to monetize and scale your message? Annemarie shares how she landed two four figure clients after only 3 podcasts. In this episode you will learn: - about the critical concepts and mistakes made throughout the three stages of business Lean, Leverage, and Legacy - how to craft a valuable story that compels others to follow you - the critical problem people have with sales - the importance of a lucrative niche - how to build a brand - the importance of clarity - how to become a thought leader - how to monetize a podcast Annemarie Cross is the award winning host of three podcasts Ambitious Entrepreneur: Christian Entrepreneurs Podcast: Women in Leadership: She now supports Change Makers and aspiring Thought Leaders cut through the noise and go From Invisible to Influential and profitable with her Money, Marketing & Mindset Mastermind Program and her Done-With-You Podcast Platform and/or Done-For You Podcast Series.
December 15, 2018
How to attract success with Tony J Selimi
Tony J Selimi joins us to discuss his incredible journey to elevate the lives of One Billion people. He has sold over one million copies of his three books, formed partnerships with influential people from across the world, coached billionaires, and created an award winning documentary that is being expanded into a 25 part series. We explore the depth of meaning that can compel and attract success... leading from the heart and embarking on a mission to magnetize our pursuits.... Incredible wisdom and insight... - Authenticity - Clarity in Vision and Mission - Getting paid what you are worth - Heart centered leadership Tony J Selimi shares with us some things that can literally change your life. Words here can not do justice in conveying the remarkableness of his approach. On a mission to elevate the lives of One Billion people. Check out his award winning books and documentary and follow his story at
November 27, 2018
How to monetize your message with Robert J. Moore
International Best Selling Author, Speaker Robert J. Moore journeyed from homelessness and drug abuse to sharing stage with the likes of Dr. Eric Thomas, Les Brown, Bob Proctor... becoming an International Best Selling Author, and having outstanding individuals like World Heavy Weight Boxing Champion Riddick Bowe and Bob Proctor writing forwards for his books. Highlights: - Branding vs. Bragging - Why you are the sum total of the five people closest people to you - Becoming a thought leader - How to rid yourself of anxiety when speaking in front of large groups - Sharing your authentic story - Organic relationship growth - Advanced techniques to branding up Connect with Robert:
October 23, 2018
How to effectively brand and network up in the digital age with Nate Peterman
Nate “The Great” Peterman is the millennial mover of this generation. At the age twenty-two, he owns Symba Marketing LLC, which specializes in making brands go viral online and with social media. Nate, The Great Peterman, is also the host of The Roots of Success Podcast that started February of 2018. The Roots of Success Podcast is where he interviews people who have been in a struggle in their life and transformed into a successful entrepreneur or public figure. Notable recent guests Jairek Robbins, the number one health podcast in the world Shawn Stevenson, and welter weight champion Chris Van Heerden are solidifying his place on the podcast scene while successfully elevating his brand to new heights and deepening his network. He can be found on iTunes: Instagram: Linkedin:
October 23, 2018
How to network, scale, and podcast to grow with Tyler Wagner
A unique story of entrepreneurial success yields much value in this episode. From reading about Tim Ferris to meeting him.... from publishing a best selling book Crushing Conferences to interviewing the man who wrote Crushing It, Gary Vaynerchuck, Tyler has an incredible entrepreneurial journey. Based in networking and service to others, he wrote a book that was helped in distribution by a world class network he cultivated. This led to an opportunity to coach, teaching him some lessons about systems and scale. Transitioning to a lead gen model incorporating podcasting, he has interviewed over 700 people! Connection, community, networking and entrepreneurship modeled at it's finest. Tyler can be found on Linkedin, at and on his podcast
October 2, 2018
Entrepreneurial Reality from a Clinical Perspective with Thomas Miller
Entrepreneur, Clinical Therapist, and Coach Thomas M Miller LICSW, LCSW joins us to explore the realities of entrepreneurship from a clinical perspective. We explore what it takes to succeed with various family dynamics, many of the underlying challenges of entrepreneurship and some tools to help one succeed in their pursuits while successfully balancing other areas of their life. Connect with Thomas: web: Linkedin:
September 1, 2018
How to build an epic brand with Mike Ortiz
Mike wants to live a life filled with Mavriks, epic movies, barrels for days and countless trips to remote locations with no whiners or cheesy country music allowed. As a creative director with more than 12years experience, he has worked with companies like Verizon, Persolvent, Citrix, but really has a passion for working with Mavriks like Bryan, Braddock and Aaron Chang. When he’s not telling epic stories or building brands, you can find him taking the latest online course, surfing at sunrise with his buds or hanging with his family. Contact Mike at (833) 628-7457 or or subscribe at
August 14, 2018
How to grow your influence in business with LinkedIn and networking with Robert Youngblood
Robert T. “YB” Youngblood is the Founder and Chief Connecting Officer of YBConnects, LLC, a Richmond, VA based Strategic Relationship & Referral Marketing Firm.  As a Master Connector, Coach & Consultant, “YB” empowers Entrepreneurs, Professional Speakers, Sales Professionals and Students to enhance their Brand Awareness, Referrals and Revenue. In many circles, “YB” is known as the “LinkedIn Locksmith” for his ability to help his clients unlock the Power of LinkedIn to increase their Visibility, Credibility and Profitability. Within the past 3 years, he has helped 100’s of Professionals to Level Up on LinkedIn. For those who listen the podcast, YB is offering a FREE 15-minute Consultation and a Profile Makeover for $399 (Regular Price: $500) or $249 for those who are members of Breathe University/GRINDATION, BNI, or Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Web:
July 26, 2018
How to program your mind for success with Matthew Flores
Matthew Flores is a speaker, trainer, entrepreneur, self-development and business coach. Currently the Co – Founder of CiTY LiVN a Real Estate and Marketing Company and Geronimo International. Matthew specializes in selling and negotiation training. Matthew has had several small business ventures, from Multi-level marketing companies, Import/Export, and other opportunities. Throughout this Matthew has become a Sells and Self Development junkie, attended 100’s of conferences, having over 1000 selling situations. Matthew is MCNE (Master Certified Negotiation Expert) and successfully read the 100 books listed for the RENI (Real Estate Negotiation Institute).He is a First Year Real Estate Agent Educator. He is a published Author of the book “How to Read 100 Books in a Year” and “I am so tired of Quotes”. Matthew recently completed Dr. Eric Thomas Game Changer Speaking program and became a Certified Game Changer Professional Speaker.
July 17, 2018
How to Systemize, Scale, Niche, Market, and Mastermind with Karen Briscoe
We are joined today by one of the owner of one of Wall Street Journal’s top 250 Realtors and creator of the transformative “5 Minute Success” concept, Karen Briscoe. Together we discuss lessons from the founder of McDonalds, the importance of systematizing everything to enable scaling of an enterprise, Niching a business, succeeding in this social media content marketing age, and how to leverage Masterminds to tap into higher levels of creativity and success.
June 21, 2018
How to achieve more with social entrepreneurship as a multipotentialite with Cortni Grange
In today's unique episode, we explore the Psychology of Sales, the Multipotentialite work model, Branding, and Social Entrepreneurship with The Next Big Thing's 2017 Top Millenial Influencer Cortni Grange. Cortni Grange was raised in Largo, MD. With family roots to Linstead, Jamaica. He is a Father, social entrepreneur, sales psychology coach, purpose counselor, African traditional Priest, and Chief to all things connectivity. As the Principal and Founder of Grange Enterprises (, Cortni embraces his inner multipotentialite bridging the blindspots between all of his many interests and creative pursuits. Cortni has been recognized for his work in publications such as Black Enterprise and USA Today. He was named a 2017 Top Millennial Influencer by The Next Big Thing Movement and received one of the first Creator Awards from WeWork for creating sustainable change in his community. To connect with Cortni email him at
June 19, 2018
How to succeed in a multi generational workforce with Kevin Ward (Part 2)
Today we speak again with Speaker, Trainer and Business Consultant, W. Kevin Ward. This time around, we explore what all the ways that these generational differences in the workforce manifest themselves in organizations, how organizations need to adjust, and how they can approach that adjustment. As a business owner turned teacher, Kevin developed a passion for young people and industries that would employ them. This passion drives him to understand both and how to help both be successful. The key is finding ways for the generations sharing the current workspace to be able to work well together to benefit both. Kevin can be contacted via Linkedin:, email:, or via his website: Kevin is writing a book on the shifts in education that need to take place to properly adjust to this generational shift. Pre-orders can be made on his website at
May 31, 2018
What is the ROI of time with Richard Branson, Linkedin and Thought Leadership? with Josh Steimle
Author, speaker, entrepreneur, Josh Steimle joins us to discuss the Return on Investment of becoming a thought leader, how this helps entrepreneurs to grow their business, Linkedin, getting published in publications like Forbes, what a week with Richard Branson is like, and failing one’s way to success. Josh Steimle is an author, speaker, and entrepreneur. He started a marketing agency called MWI in 1999 while a college student, and in 2013 he began writing for Forbes, which led to writing over 300 articles for more than 20 publications including Fortune, Mashable, Entrepreneur, TechCrunch, Time, and Fast Company. He's the author of Chief Marketing Officers at Work, a TEDx speaker, and his most recent venture is Influencer Inc, a publishing, training, and events company that turns executives into thought leaders. book - LinkedIn -
May 22, 2018
How Macho Man Randy Savage influenced Gary Vaynerchuk's marketing approach with Kyle Burt
Kyle Burt, content creator, entrepreneur, and marketing strategist from #catchkyle and Coffee with Kyles discuss how he got Gary Vaynerchuk to reveal the influence that the wrestling legend had on his approach to marketing via this Linkedin post: We discuss branding and marketing strategy as well. 214-865-6918
May 19, 2018
How Jesus marketed his message; Christian entrepreneurship Part 2 with Will Owens
Will Owens is the CEO of WOW Mentoring, LLC and Founder of We Only Win Club & the B.R.O.T.H.E.R.H.O.O.D.   Will is focused on helping people obtain time and financial freedom, so that they can identify their purpose in life and win life through growing a relationship with God, and following God’s principles.   As a part of Will’s mentorship he leads and develops people in 5 key areas:  mentally, spiritually, financially, physically, and emotionally. He is a licensed financial professional and has graduated with an Engineering degree from the University of Pittsburgh’s Swanson School of Engineering. Will currently resides in Atlanta, GA with his wife, Cayse, and daughter, Madison.  He  travels all over the world leading mentees in-person as well as over the Internet. Will can be contacted through: Instagram: Facebook: Email: Website:
May 18, 2018
How to be a Christian entrepreneur; Part 1 with Erol Ertumen
Christian Entrepreneurship: what Jesus and the Gospels teach on ministry via business. - Mental road blocks Christians may have thinking of entrepreneurship - How Jesus ministered - Jesus marketing approach - Lessons on business - Faith demonstrated in business - how we can minister via business -servant focused leadership -abundance - faith vs fear -humility Being “filled” means to make full, supply abundantly, and impart richly. “Let the message about Christ, in all its richness, fill your lives. Teach and counsel each other with all the wisdom he gives. Sing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs to God with thankful hearts.” ‭‭Colossians‬ ‭3:16‬ ‭NLT‬‬
May 18, 2018
5 Levels of Entrepreneurship and the keys to Success
5 levels of Entrepreneurship. Engage Extend Evolve Expand Exit. Unique challenges at each level, but they are just the tip of the iceberg! Serial entrepreneur and Jack Canfield trained success coach, Robert Dempsey, joins us to explore this subject. Robert Dempsey has gone from being an entrepreneur at 23 to leadership positions in four corporations and back once again to forging his own path. He has developed and sold online applications, consulted to Fortune 500 and Inc. 500 companies, authored a book on Python development, and spoken nationally and internationally on software development and agile project management. Robert is currently a full-time, professional success coach, as well as the co-founder of four corporations (Awesome To The Core, Thai With Me,, and ESL in China). Learn more at
May 16, 2018
How to succeed in a multi generational work force with Kevin Ward (Part 1)
Today we speak with accomplished Speaker, Trainer and Business Consultant, W. Kevin Ward about the 5-6 generations currently in the workforce and what the implications are for managers, leaders, and entrepreneurs. As a business owner turned teacher, he developed a passion for young people and industries that would employ them. This passion drives him to understand both and how to help both be successful. The key is finding ways for the generations sharing the current workspace to be able to work well together to benefit both. Kevin can be contacted via Linkedin:, email:, or via his website:
May 2, 2018
How to successfully start a business with Thomas R Dosmann
Today we are joined by seasoned Entrepreneur and Business consultant, Thomas R Dosmann to discuss the Entrepreneurial Reality: What it takes to start a business. Thomas R Dosmann has been married to his best friend, and partner for 39 years and the father to four grown children and grandpa to 19 grandchildren. He started his first business at the age of eight and through the years has formed and run 6 other businesses for himself and has helped 28 entrepreneurs establish businesses. He is an exceptional public speaker and always has and open ear for anyone who needs someone to listen.  Mankind is his business and is always pushing forward and running towards his dream. Thomas can be reached via email: or Linkedin:
April 27, 2018
How to succeed on social media with Tristan Griffiths (Part 1)
Latest episode of Erol Helps Entrepreneurs
April 22, 2018
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