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Staying Healthy Naturally- Dr. Gary Kracoff

Staying Healthy Naturally- Dr. Gary Kracoff

By Gary Kracoff
Welcome to Staying Healthy Naturally. A podcast that focuses on healthy ways to help you achieve optimal health.
I'm your host, Dr. Gary Kracoff. I have a degree in naturopathic medicine and am a registered pharmacist at Johnson Compounding and Wellness 577 Main Street Waltham, MA 02452. 781-893-3870
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Neurofeedback with Jeff Citro

Staying Healthy Naturally- Dr. Gary Kracoff

Benzodiazepine Awareness with Geraldine Burns
I was interviewed by Geraldine Burns the host of Benzodiazepine Awareness . Benzodiazepine Awareness is a podcast about the responsible use of benzodiazepines.  Interviews with experts and survivors stories.
November 11, 2020
Stress, Digestion and Immune Support-Get Ready for the Holiday Season
This year, the holiday season is going to be very different. Dr. Gary discusses: Stress-dealing with social distancing during the holiday season and the effect stress has on our immune system Digestion: eating foods we usually do not eat can cause problems and has a direct effect on our immune system Immune Support: even with masks and social distancing, immune support is essential.
October 21, 2020
Medicinal Mushrooms : get ready for winter and help with stress - with Danielle Ryan Broida, RH(AHG)
Danielle will discuss the many benefits of mushrooms, and how adaptogenic mushrooms can help us with stress and overall health. Danielle Ryan Broida, RH (AHG) is a key player in the worldwide mushroom movement. As a Registered Herbalist (RH) of the American Herbalists Guild (AHG), Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Instructor of Mycology, and National Educator of Four Sigmatic, Danielle is teaching the world about the importance of a life on functional mushrooms.
September 29, 2020
Finally help to Improve Cognitive Performance, Focus, Recall, Mood and Working Memory
Neurologix™ is a non-stimulant nootropic supplement formulated with modern, clinically studied ingredients for enhanced cognitive performance.* Neurologix is designed to improve cognitive function, including sustained concentration, focus, and brain energy metabolism.* Formulated with Neumentix® spearmint extract, Cognizin® citicoline, saffron extract, and the active form of vitamin B6. Neurologix is formulated to improve cognitive processes associated with working memory and concentration, and promote neurotransmitter levels such as acetylcholine in the brain.†* These benefits are suggested to occur through hypothesized mechanisms of action such as protecting brain tissue and neurons from oxidative stress. The key ingredients in Neurologix have been featured in several human clinical trials demonstrating significant cognitive effects in individuals. Neumentix® spearmint extract contains phenolic compounds, including rosemarinic acid, that improve sustained mental focus and cognitive performance and support working memory for individuals experiencing age-related decline.* Cognizin® Citicoline helps support brain energy metabolism and fuel mental processes, enhancing frontal lobe bioenergetics and increasing a marker of ATP levels in the brain.* Human clinical studies demonstrate the ability of saffron extract to support a positive mood and stabilize mood fluctuations.* †Memory improvement shown for those with age-related decline.* Please feel free to email me at or call 781-893-3870 x111 with any questions. To view the webinar, go to
August 9, 2020
Staying Healthy While Coming out of Quarantine
We miss seeing you in the store and discussing health topics with you! In place of an in-store lecture, Dr. Gary Kracoff, and our Dietitian, Tamara Luck, RDN, LDN  held  a live virtual presentation/discussion and Q&A to discuss how we can support our bodies and immune system as our society slowly starts to open up. Here is a recording of our Zoom meeting “Staying Healthy While Coming out of Quarantine” recorded on Tuesday,  June 16th at 7pm EST.
June 18, 2020
Chronic Sleep Issues? Maybe you need to change your daily routine.
Kali Patrick - Helping stressed-out, busy professionals learn to sleep better. Our lives have become more stressed recently. Many people feel they are anxious about the future, family, employment. This can affect our sleep. Good sleep is very important to good health. When we sleep well, we recharge our adrenals, detox, and repair damage from injuries and daily wear and tear. Knowing what condition your adrenals are in is very helpful, and the proper support nutritionally can help them calm down if to revved up or help them regenerate if they are burnt out. But wait, there is more! If our daily schedule, lifestyle is contributing to the high stress/anxiety, we need to learn tools to help us deal with these stressors or ways to remove them. Supplementation is very important, but addressing the why the adrenals/sleep was pushed out of balance is key to healing. Kali Patrick discusses Sleep Coaching: what it is, what it can do, and how to find more information about is working with a Sleep Wellness Coach right for you. Check out Kali’s website.
May 27, 2020
Immune System Support and the Cytokine Storm
Dr Gary discusses helpful products to support the immune system and a quick review of supplements that many doctors and medical centers are using. Feel free to call 781-893-3870 x111 with any questions, e-mail me at or shop online at  
April 24, 2020
Spring/Summer Allergy Season is Here
Many people are experiencing an itchy, sore throat, runny nose, decreased energy and are asking, is this Covid 19? During this crazy time we are living through, we forget that spring is here and the pollen count is very high most days. Now is the time to choose some natural therapies to help you help your body deal with the pollen and your symptoms. Presented in this short podcast are some very helpful products that do not make you drowsy and are helpful for the whole family. They range from nutritionals, homeopathics to herbal products. At the end is a short video explaining why some people have common allergy symptoms, and why some people do not have any problem with pollen. If you would like to watch the video of this episode, click here. Feel free to e-mail me or call 781-893-3870 x111 with any questions.  We can ship your products directly to you, free shipping on all orders over $49.
April 13, 2020
Hand Sanitizer Update
Hand Sanitizer is almost impossible to get at the present time.  Johnson Compounding and Wellness in Waltham, MA working with the Board of Pharmacy and the FDA is now able to compound hand sanitizer .  As of Friday April 24, 2020 we have a good supply in stock to be sold without a prescription.   Johnson Compounding and Wellness is also donate 1 bottle to local emergency responders for every bottle of hand sanitizer purchased on Fridays every week. At present, we have ample supplies of ingredients to compound hand sanitizer.
April 2, 2020
What is new for 2020: DNA, Nitric Oxide, NADH & Hydrogen Water
What is new for 2020: DNA, Nitric Oxide, NADH & Hydrogen Water is the lecture Dr. Gary was going to present at the store in March.  Due to the Corona virus, the lecture was cancelled. Here is the recording of the presentation.  Dr. Gary discusses the benefits of DNA analysis, and looking at the whole picture, not just one or two snps.  He explains the different types of DNA testing, and the benefits of Functional Nutritional DNA testing and analysis. Also discussed are some exciting new products that can be very helpful to many people from inflammation, aches and pains, lack of energy, foggy mind, cold hands and feet and erectile dysfunction. Since the lecture was cancelled, and the question and answer time was not available, please feel free to contact Dr. Gary with any questions. Phone:781-893-3870 x111 email: For more information about the products: NADH Nos Complex H2 Infuz -call for more infomation
March 29, 2020
Medigraytion(meditation) for support during the Covid-19 pandemic
Laura Graye joins Dr. Gary and provides a free Medigration(meditation) to help support us emotionally and physically during this very stressful time.  This Covid-19 Medigration is provided FREE at the end of this podcast by Laura Graye at . Find a quiet place, sit or lie down, and listen to the Medigration guide you through your immune system, your respiratory system, and helps you focus within to support your mind, body and soul.
March 23, 2020
Evan Healy - a socially and environmentally concious organic skin care company
Dr. Gary chats with Lindsay Geinert, National educator for Evan Healy Organic Skin Care She discusses the Evan Healy line of holistic and organic skin care products is inspired by the  wisdom of nature, formulated to support the rhythms of the body, and  created to transform the modern perception of beauty.
March 17, 2020
Organic, Regenerative farming with Sawyer Farms
Dr Gary discusses with Lincon why Sawyer farms strives to be carbon neutral, use regenerative farming and how this helps the environment, how and is better for the planet, the people and the food. 
March 9, 2020
Sawyer Farms - Grown and Harvested the way Nature intended part 2
Lincon and Dr. Gary discuss Sawyer Farm CBD, what CBD is, why a full spectrum extract is a more active extraction.  We also discuss how he grows hemp, harvest and processing methods that respect the delicate components in the plant. 
March 3, 2020
Sawyer Farm CBD- grown and harvested the way nature intended
Sawyer Farm is an organic, horse-powered family farm in Worthington, MA, run by Lincoln Fishman and Hilary Costa. We've been growing vegetables and raising animals to feed ourselves and our community since 2010. This 3 part podcast will discuss Sawyer Farm's goal to be carbon neutral, grow provide produce, meats and CBD in an environmentally friendly, carbon neutral way. Part 2: Lincon and I will discuss what CBD is, how Sawyer Farms grows and harvest it and why their method produces a very effective and clean product. Part 3: Lincon and I will discuss how he farms, wht he does to be carbon neutral, and what regenerative agriculture practices on Sawyer Farms is and how it benefits the environment and the people who use the products produced bye regenerative agriculture. Contact Sawyer farms at ​
February 25, 2020
Sneak Peek of the 2020 JAHC Conference with Lauri Grossman and Lynn Wagner
Earlybird registration is OPEN for the 2020 JAHC Conference, hosted by the National Center for Homeopathy.  Episode 1 Kelly Callaghan intro to JAHC202 Episode 2 Co-chairs Laurie and Lynn talk about the exciting speaker lineup. Episode 3 What is new for JAHC 2020. This year, join your homeopath friends and colleagues old and new in sunny Orlando, Florida, May 15-17.  Get your CEU's from international teachers and homeopathic leaders like Farokh Master, Nancy Herrick, Roger Morrison, Andre Seine, Miranda Castro and more. Witness inspiring colleagues collect service and dedication awards... peruse the vendors hall... soak up the excitement and energy of homeopathy students. The JAHC has it all, and Lauri Grossman and Lynn Wagner give us the inside scoop, right here. Register for the conference.  Apple for a medical professional or student scholarship. Nominate someone for an award.  Listen to episodes from the 2019 Baltimore conference!  See you there! Thank you Kelly Callahan for producing this podcast.   You can listen to Kelly's podcasts at
February 20, 2020
The Joint American Homeopathic Conference, 2019 recap
The National Center for Homeopathy collaborates to host the Joint American Homeopathic Conference every year. It's THE event for practitioners, students, dabblers, teachers, vendors and wanna-be's in the North-American homeopathic world.  Join Kelly Callahan as she talks to attendees, presenters, committee members and anyone else she could corner in Baltimore, Maryland 2019. It was an inspiring, fun-filled weekend that reinforces the homeopoathic community on every level. Visit JAHC 2020 for info and registration for this years conference. Click here for a Sneak Peek of the 2020 JAHC Conference with Lauri Grossman and Lynn Wagner Thank you Kelly Callahan for producing this podcast.  You can hear more from Kelly and homeopathy at
February 18, 2020
Puremedy-safe, effective and helpful for many problems
Joni the founder of Puremedy who will discuss what is in the Puremedy products and the clinical studies that prove their effectiveness.  Causes and help for acne, eczema, fungal issues will be discussed in addition to help for menopause and feminine lubrication issues. Puremedy products are all food grade, safe for the whole family and proven effective.
December 12, 2019
Compression socks: helpful for athletes, travelers, office workers, construction workers etc. Why you will benefit by wearing them.
Compression socks are not just for post surgery.  We will discuss the benefits and the different styles and materials available from sports to elegant attire.  Everyone can benefit from wearing compression socks.
December 9, 2019
Don't diet, learn how to eat right for the rest of your life
Dr. Gary talks with Tamara Luck, RDN about many diets being promoted such as the keto diet, intermittent fasting, Paleo diet, Mediterranean and why most diets fail. Tamara will explain how to change your eating lifestyle so you can enjoy eating well for the rest of your life.
November 18, 2019
Puremedy: Made from Nature's Medicine Cabinet
Founder Joni Siegel believes nature gives us all the tools we need to heal what ails us and to live healthy and prosperous lives. Equally important, she believes science must be explored in order to fully understand these natural remedies and how best to utilize them. In our family, we’ve seen hundreds and hundreds of examples of how this amazing salve has healed all sorts of things from third degree burns, to diabetic foot sores, bed sores, gangrene, surgical infections and much more. But it’s not enough to simply ‘believe’ our salve is effective. It is our job to prove it. We believe it is our mission to make our salve available to everyone on the planet using the purest ingredients available with the gentlest environmental footprint possible, and to help reduce the global mis-use of antibiotics. Joni explains the healing properties of Puremedy, why we need to stop using aluminum containing deodorants and some simple, healthy solutions.
October 16, 2019
Eczema - Why you have it and what you can do about it
Dr. Gary discusses Eczema with Joni Siegel, president and founder of PUREMEDY. They discuss the diet and lifestyle choices that can lead to eczema, and offer thoughts on how to correct these imbalances. Also discussed are the clinical studies that validate the the great results achieved with PUREMEDY ECZEMA SALVE.
August 5, 2019
Indigenous Medicine needs our help and support. Joni Siegel discusses how to help ensure their vast knowlege isn't lost.
Dr. Gary talks with Joni Siegal president and founder of PUREMEDY.  We discuss the vast knowledge of herbal remedies that the indigenous medicine men/women have and how we need to support them so their vast knowledge isn't lost.    The foundation she set up  supports Indigenous Medicine and its healing ways by providing: Opportunities to fund infrastructure projects, Educational programs for both Indigenous and Non-Indigenous people, quarterly conferences and monthly publications, online marketplace to help grow community based business for medicine people and documentary to help educate about the history and the future of indigenous medicine. “Remember this.  The earth does not belong to man.  Man belongs to the earth.    — Chief Seattle 
July 30, 2019
Truth or Myth - Common questions about Homeopathy with Dr. Christophe Merville
Dr. Gary discusses many common questions he hears often at the Wellness Clinic with Dr. Christophe Merville, D. Pharm. Many common myths are discussed and Dr. Merville answers often asked questions which help simplify the use and explanation of homeopathic medicines. Dr. Christophe Merville joined Boiron, the world's leading manufacturer of homeopathic medicines in 1990.  Since 2005, Dr. Merville has served as the pharmaceutical development manager at the company's headquarters in Newton Square, PA.  In this role, Dr. Merville has creased educational training programs for pharmacists and retailers on homeopathy and Boiron's medicines. Dr. Merville is a sought-after expert on homeopathy and its practical uses for consumers as well as medical experts.
July 25, 2019
Concussions: the lasting damage of subconcussive trauma and what you can do to help the brain heal.
Michael Lovich joins Dr. Gary for a talk about concussions and the lasting damage of subconcussive trauma.  Michael explains the cumulative effect of multiple concussions or head trauma and ways to help heal.
July 9, 2019
Functional Genomic DNA testing - Dr. Mercola interviews Bob Miller
Your DNA can help identify many underlying issues that may need to be addressed to help you achieve optimal health. In this episode, Dr. Mercola interviews Bob Miller who explains many pathways, enzymes and health issues that your DNA can affect, and also talk about how this information can be used to help you feel better. Feel free to contact me at or 781-893-3870 x111 if you would like more information about how Genomic DNA testing may help you.
June 5, 2019
Get organized-Help from the Organizing Diva
Maureen Nuccitelli has come a long way in the world of organizing and  consulting. In fact, in her youth she was pretty disorganized. What  changed? What happened? Well for one thing, it’s a “pain in the arse”  being disorganized.  Being disorganized sucks up way too much time,  effort and money. Sound familiar? She’d had enough. So she made a  concerted effort to learn all there was to know about organizing,  de-cluttering, efficiency and productivity. This was her new life’s mission. And guess what? She started to learn  new habits, new ways and new tools—all in the pursuit of knowing  everything about organizing. Then as the years went by she started to  help others with their organizing challenges. She taught them how to be  more organized. Woa! You mean you can learn how to be organized? You bet  your life, Sista and Brotha! Maureen helped clients, friends and family; she taught classes; wrote  newsletters and articles; and was quoted on blogs and websites.  She  lived and breathed all things related to organizing. It became her   passion. Then one day, a friend referred to her as “The Organizing Diva”. Given her sassy attitude about life, Maureen accepted the title with relish and a wink.  “Let’s have some fun” she thought. But wait a minute, could learning to be organized be fun and and not  so stressful—well at least some of the time? Of course it can! How about  a little humor when life gets crazy? How about the fact that we’re all  in this together and we’re here to support each other? How about while  we’re laughing, we roll up our sleeves and learn how to do things  differently?
May 13, 2019
The Benefits of CBD
Dr. Gary Kracoff talks with Miles Sarill, a national educator for CV Sciences, about the benefits of CBD. What is CBD, what is it used for and how to select the proper CBD product is discussed during this interview.  
April 20, 2019
What your DNA Can Tell You & How to Use This Information
• Interested in your genome?  • Have you had your DNA analyzed or thought of having your DNA analyzed?  • Are you confused about what the results mean and what to do with this  information?   Join Dr. Gary and listen the lecture he presented Tuesday Sept 25th 7 PM -  8:30 PM at Johnson Compounding and Wellness for a discussion on what  gene SNPS are, what they tell us and how to use this information to help  with current issues.     Understanding your genetics, epigenetics and methylation can help one  maintain health as we age and help deal with many current health issues.  We cannot change our genes or treat gene corruption, but we can help our  bodies clean up the metabolic mess that has occurred and assist with  lifestyle changes to support our system. 
April 15, 2019
Neurofeedback with Jeff Citro
Jeff Citro is a licensed mental health counselor interested in helping people discover and make the most of human potential.  He has experience in clinical, residential and academic settings as an educator, psychotherapist, and spiritual director.  Drawing on this wealth of experience he concentrates on treating the "whole person" rather than a diagnosis.
April 10, 2019
Functional Medicine with Dr. Alex Bingham: What it is and what a functional medicine appointment intails.
Dr. Alex Bingham will discuss his journey from premed to functional medicine.  He will discuss what a functional medicine appointment involves, and why it is different from the standard doctor appointment.
March 31, 2019
Natural Solutions for Spring and Summer Allergies
Why anti-histamine products are only a temporary band-aid, not a solution. What to do to help your body heal and respond more appropriately Helpful, natural products for allergies will be discussed that help the body balance and can lower allergic responses Protocols for the whole family, infants to seniors will be discussed.
March 25, 2019
Understanding inflammation- from leaky gut to heart disease
Poor diet and lifestyle choices, and stress are some common factors that cause inflammation.  There is helpful and harmful inflammation.  This 2 part podcast talks about some causes of inflammation, the difference  between acute and chronic inflammation and offers some helpful suggestions.
March 10, 2019
Functional Lab Tests to shape a personalized health plan to achieve optimal healt (part 2)
Symptom and disease management is NOT one-sized fits all. Practitioner Gary Kracoff, RPh. and Bridgitte Carroll, MS, RDN will teach you how to gain more knowledge about imbalances in your own body. The lecture will explain what functional lab tests are and how they can shape a personalized health plan to achieve optimal health.
March 4, 2019
Understanding DNA testing
Understanding  how DNA impacts human health is a revolutionizing the future of  nutrition.    Dr. GaryK can help you understand your results.  781-893-3870 x 111
February 25, 2019
Functional Lab Tests to shape a personalized health plan to achieve optimal healt (part 1)
Symptom and disease management is NOT one-sized fits all. Practitioner Gary Kracoff, RPh. and Bridgitte Carroll, MS, RDN will teach you how to gain more knowledge about imbalances in your own body. The lecture will explain what functional lab tests are and how they can shape a personalized health plan to achieve optimal health.
February 25, 2019