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16: Letters To The Editor

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By Joe Walsh
A Costa Rica Surf Culture Podcast.

Brought to you by Joe Walsh, the founder of Witch's Rock Surf Camp in Tamarindo, Costa Rica.

Join Joe, Niki, and P-MAC as we discuss surfing in Costa Rica and taking surf trips around the world. Listen to interviews with surf industry veterans, surf travelers, and other worldly surfing characters. Enjoy the show.

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Joe Walsh
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24: International Surfing Day, Kiribati, and The Beach Parking Lot
Saturday June 15th 2019 was International Surfing Day, though everyday should be Surfing Day I think. We didn't have any guests for this episode, it was just me, PMAC, and Niki hanging out and talking surf. I think you’ll enjoy! Who invented International Surfing Day? What ever happened to Surfing Magazine? Who is Steve Bigler and what did he tell me about Hollister Ranch? Where the hell is Fanning Island and why would you ever go there? What makes your local surf spot’s parking lot so damn special anyways? Happy Fathers Day all you surfing dads out there, I hope you’re shredding the gnar. I look forward to surfing with you down here in Tamarindo. Pura vida - Joe Walsh
June 16, 2019
23: Exploring Dominical, Costa Rica (with Greg Gordon)
Greg and Joe go way back. They both drove to Costa Rica “back in the day” searching for an adventurous surfing life. Greg found his paradise in Dominical, located along Costa Rica’s southern Pacific coast. Listen in as Greg talks about some of the surf breaks, waterfalls, and wildlife found in the Dominical area. Also hear about other surf trips the guys have taken to far-off spots like Zanzibar, Jeffrey’s Bay, Northern California, Munich, and Amsterdam. And yes, those are howler monkeys you occasionally hear in the background! Witch’s Rock Surf Camp 1% For The Planet Pretoma Shark and Sea Turtle Restoration Program
June 9, 2019
22: How To Prepare For Medical Emergencies On A Surf Trip (with Dr. Gordon Beh)
In this week’s episode we hang out with Dr. Gordon Beh, a world-traveling surfer and doctor that knows a thing or two about what you need to do (and bring) to be fully prepared for a medical emergency. If you've ever wondered what you need to do or what items you need to bring to be prepared for a medical emergency, this episode is for you.
June 3, 2019
21: Buying Real Estate In Tamarindo (with Trade Wind Properties)
WARNING. We didn’t actually talk about surfing in this episode! I get a lot of emails from podcast listeners and I get asked often from surf camp guests and from friends and family with questions about moving here to Costa Rica, buying property here, building a house here, general questions about relocating, setting up a business, sending kids to school, retiring here, etc. I get it, and I want to help support your dreams of surfing as many great waves as possible and living an amazing life. I found what I was looking for here in Costa Rica, and maybe you will too. But matter what, it’s always good to know what’s possible on the other side. I am not a realtor, but my sister in law Katie Meyers is. She’s lived in Tamarindo for the past 15 years and she’s a straight shooter, so I invited her and Jim Reily, the owner of Trade Wind Properties here in Tamarindo, to give us some answers to some of your most frequently asked questions about buying real estate in Tamarindo. Pura vida! Joe Walsh
May 26, 2019
20: Cabin By The Sea
Holy shit we made it to our 20th episode of the Get Out and SURF podcast! This week, Joe Walsh, Niki Hurren, and Patrick McNulty return from the new Get Out and SURF podcast headquarters, a secret cabin by the sea (with an epic surf break) located somewhere between Tamarindo and Panama City. Please take two minutes to subscribe and give us a review on iTunes. Future podcast listeners will thank you. Email the show: In this week's episode we answer emails about: - The Get Out and SURF podcast will be a major sponsor of the Great Lakes Surf Festival this August 17th in Muskegon, Michigan. - What to say in the lineup when you're about to catch a wave, when someone drops in on you, when you drop in on someone else, etc - Hurricane season in Maine and Nova Scotia - What's the rainy season like in Costa Rica in November? Thanks for listening to the podcast and sharing the love. We hope you like what we're doing, but make sure to tell us know how we can do it better. We are here to help, to entertain, and to perpetuate stoke. Pura vida! Mosquito Coast (the movie) Oliver Tree Grouplove  Great Lakes Surf Festival Christopher Mongeau Photography Witch's Rock Surf Camp music by: the Dirty Heads
May 19, 2019
19: Learning To Shape Your Own Surfboard with Robert August (part 1)
In this episode Joe Walsh, Niki Hurren and Robert August talk about their own experiences of shaping a surfboard and the magic of that first surf. 
May 13, 2019
18: What’s The Rainy Season Like In Costa Rica?
One of the biggest questions people have about visiting Costa Rica is "what's the rainy season like?". This episode aims to answer this question as Joe, Niki and PMAC explain what to expect from the rain, the weather, the swell, the crowd, water quality, getting around the country, and more. Listen in as the boys reunite in the recording studio upstairs above the brewery, hanging out and sharing some local knowledge. Pura vida! Witch's Rock Surf Camp ADI Tamarindo
May 5, 2019
17: How To Make A Career Out Of Surfing (Without Being A Pro Surfer)
Psst!  Guess what. You don't have to be a professional surfer to make a career out of surfing. There are all kinds of surfing jobs out there, as well as lots of jobs that will allow you to surf every day. And there are plenty of opportunities for you to start your own business structured around your surfing needs. This episode starts the discussion of how to approach this almighty quest, and hopefully leads you closer to finding your answer.
April 28, 2019
16: Letters To The Editor
This week we answer all of the listener questions we've received recently related to surf travel: What/Where’s been our favorite podcast episode? What’s the strangest food we’ve ever eaten on our travels? What’s the best way to pack surfboards for a surf trip? Is it worth traveling to Costa Rica in the rainy season to get good waves? Where has been our favorite wave to surf? Feel free to EMAIL THE SHOW at We hold on to all emails and we'll answer your questions on the podcast, so don't be shy!  Pura vida, Joe, Niki, PMAC
April 21, 2019
15: New Zealand Surf Trip Review
In this episode Joe answers all of the questions every surfer wants to know about planning a surf trip to New Zealand's North Island. - Best way to get to New Zealand? - When to go? - What to bring? - How to get around in-country? - Where are the best waves? - Most crowded vs. least crowded? - What surfboards to bring? - What else is there to do besides surf? And more! Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card New Zealand Surfing Guide The swell forecasting tool used by most New Zealand surfers Wind forecasting tool that works well in New Zealand New Zealand’s version of Craigslist (great for buying/selling surfboards, vehicles, etc)
April 14, 2019
14: Surfing Raglan, New Zealand with Ray Finlay
Joe Walsh travels to New Zealand in search of epic waves. In this episode Joe sits with local Raglan surfboard shaper and surfer Ray Finlay. Ray and Joe talk about all of the different waves found in Raglan. Hear about what boards work best here, what time of year to score Raglan, where to surf when it's flat, when it's huge, water temp, sea life, etc etc. If you've ever wanted to check out Raglan, this is the episode for you. Check it out! Burning Spears Surfboards
April 7, 2019
13: Andrea Diaz: Costa Rica’s First Women’s National Surfing Champion
Andrea Diaz and the Get Out and SURF crew hang out and discuss what it was like in the early days of professional surfing in Costa Rica. We talk about Andrea’s advanced surf coaching and the upcoming All Women Surf Retreats she’s hosting at Witch’s Rock Surf Camp this summer. But mainly we just talk about surfing and some of the “lesser known” surf breaks along the Nicoya Peninsula. You could have lived and surfed in Costa Rica your entire life and you probably didn’t even know about many of these surf spots. There are some real nuggets in this episode, you definitely want to check it out. Pura vida! All Women Surf Retreat Summer 2019 (hosted by Andrea Diaz at Witch’s Rock Surf Camp)
March 31, 2019
12: Talk Story: How Many Boats Have You Sunk?
Some great stories here, like how Joe first met Patrick McNulty back in the early days of Witch’s Rock Surf Camp. Joe was giving away the farm, focusing entirely on the surf experience with no handle on how to actually make money from the business. But the surf camp survived and thrived! Also hear about what happened when a huge tropical storm hit Tamarindo (hint: boats sink), and what it was like to experience the 7.8 earthquake in 2012. This was a really cool episode to make, hanging out with Joe Walsh, Niki Hurren, and P-MAC. Enjoy and pura vida!
March 24, 2019
11: Mark Cunningham: Lifeguard, Bodysurfer, Artist
How rad is this?? We just hung out with Mark Cunningham, bascially the best bodysurfer in the world, a veteran lifeguard at Pipeline, and such a talented surf artist! Listen up. Then go join the Surfrider Foundation if you haven’t done so already. GIVE US A (KICK ASS) REVIEW ON ITUNES Take 2 minutes to show us some love by giving us a review on iTunes, this pushes our podcast up the charts and gets more people finding out about Get Out and SURF 🤙  Witch’s Rock Surf Camp Rick Williams Merv Larson George Greenough Paipo boards Butch Van Artsdalen Timothy Leary - Turn on, tune in, drop out,_tune_in,_drop_out Tamarindo Lifeguard Program Oahu Jr. Lifeguards Red Cross Lifeguard Training Program Surfrider Foundation Plastic Pollution Coalition
March 18, 2019
10: Hawaii, British Columbia, Costa Rica: GOAS Travel Roundup
We’re hanging with the boys back at home in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. Niki Hurren, Patrick McNulty, and Joe Walsh share stories about the recent trip to the North Shore of Oahu, Joe’s extreme snowboarding adventure in the Kootenays, and everything that’s happening right now in Tamarindo. Classic podcast banter, enjoy! SUBSCRIBE TO THE SHOW And please take 2 minutes to show us some love by giving us a review on iTunes, this pushes our podcast up the charts and gets more people finding out about Get Out and SURF. Thank you in advance! Witch’s Rock Surf Camp Volcano Brewing Company Bavarian Finger Wrestling Papagayo Jet (Winds) North Shore Community Land Trust Surf Map of Oahu Spam Musubi Baldface Lodge, British Columbia Airwolf TV Show Travis Rice Jamie Lynn Mark Cunningham Tamarindo Lifeguard Program The Real World: Austin (Season 16, Episode 20) In Search Of Captain Zero: : A Surfer's Road Trip Beyond the End of the Road All Women Surf Retreat at Witch’s Rock Surf Camp Music: The Flirts (song: Helpless)
March 10, 2019
9: Pancho Sullivan: My Surfing Life
Born on the Island of Kauai and raised on the North Shore of Oahu, Pancho Sullivan has become recognized as one of the best power surfers in surfing. Pancho has seen success as a free surfer, earning a spot on the Rip curl SEARCH team for many years. He qualified for the world tour (at almost 32 years old), ultimately retiring 7th in the world. Pancho Sullivan has coached professional surfers, he has been a brand ambassador for Rip Curl, and he’s now putting his focus and experience into creating the best extreme sports watch in the industry with his brand AULTA. "If you’re driven to be the best version of your self… that’s going to carry over. You are going to not only be able to utilize that in surfing but also in business and other aspects of life and most importantly, your relationships." -Pancho Sullivan⠀ SUBSCRIBE to the show HERE. Email questions or comments to Follow us on I hope to see you surfing! Joe Walsh
March 3, 2019
8: Peter Cole: Dropping In At Sunset
The Get Out and SURF podcast travels to the North Shore of Hawaii to hang out surfing legend Peter Cole. Peter is a true big wave pioneer and one of the North Shore’s original watermen. He won the Makaha International surfing contest in 1958, considered the “world title” at that time. More impressive than his competitive record is the fact that he remained an active and respected surfer well into his golden years. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed making it, pura vida! SUBSCRIBE to the show HERE. Email questions or comments to  Follow us on  I hope to see you surfing! Joe Walsh
February 22, 2019
7: How To Catch More Waves Anywhere (with Ryan Waldron)
 This episode is for anyone who wants to learn how to catch more waves in any lineup anywhere. Join Niki, myself, and premiere surfer Ryan “the Intern” Waldron as we break it all down and give you actionable surfing advice that will help you catch more waves starting NOW. ALSO… Find out where we’re going, who we’re talking to, and what the future of the Get Out and SURF podcast looks like. Hint: it’s freaking awesome! Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to the show. Email questions or comments to  Follow us on  See you surfing, pura vida Joe Walsh
February 16, 2019
6: Surfing The Great Lakes (with Larry Larsen)
This episode of Get Out and SURF is for anyone who has ever wondered what it’s like to surf on the Great Lakes. Meet Larry Larsen, a local surfer from Muskegon, Michigan who has been surfing Muskegon and the rest of the Great Lakes since 1966. Larry answers all of our questions about what it's like to be a Great Lakes Surfer. This episode is so cool, I'm packing my bags and ready to go surf Lake Michigan (just gonna wait until it warms up a little bit!) Sorry for any extra background noise. Our recording studio is located upstairs above the brewery and it was open while we were recording. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to the show. Email questions or comments to Follow us on See you surfing, pura vida! Joe Walsh Links from the show: Witch’s Rock Surf Camp Great Lakes Surf Festival Wet Mitten Surf Shop Third Coast Surf Shop Great Lakes Surfer’s Journal Chicago Chapter of Surfrider Foundation Unsalted (surf movie) The SS Edmund Fitzgerald Music Artist: Atlas Genius Song: Trojans
February 8, 2019
5: Costa Rica Surf Trip Review
This episode is for anyone interested in taking a surf trip to Costa Rica, or returning to explore a new area of Costa Rica. We cover the ENTIRE country: the Southern zone, the Central Pacific, the Nicoya Peninsula, Guanacaste, and the Caribbean. Some of the questions we answer: - What kind of waves will you find in each part of the country? - When is the best time of year to surf in Costa Rica? - Are the locals friendly? - What surfboard to bring? - Where to fly into and how to get around? - What else is there to do besides surf? - What should you pack? And more… Subscribe to the podcast and receive a new episode of Get Out and SURF every Friday. Email questions or comments to Follow us on See you surfing, pura vida! Joe Walsh Music Artist: Beck Song: Dreams
February 1, 2019
4: Robert August: Making The Movie “The Endless Summer”
In this episode Joe Walsh and Niki Hurren hang out with surf legend Robert August. Robert shares some great stories from his experiences starring in the movie The Endless Summer. He also gives advice to anyone looking to get out of their comfort zone: Get out there and see (and surf) the world. Email questions or comments to Follow us on Subscribe to the podcast and receive a new episode of Get Out and SURF every Friday. See you surfing, pura vida! Joe Walsh Witch’s Rock Surf Camp Robert August Surfboards - Huntington Factory Music Artist: Dirty Heads Song: Vacation
January 25, 2019
3: Transitioning From a Longboard to a Shortboard (with Paco Vega)
In this episode we hang out with veteran surf instructor Paco Vega and discuss how to transition from riding a longboard to riding a shortboard. It’s a great show, check it out! For more info, check out the Witch’s Rock Surf Camp blog: How To Transition From A Longboard To A Shortboard Email questions or comments to Follow us on Subscribe to the podcast and receive a new episode of Get Out and SURF every Friday. Pura vida and thanks for listening, Joe Walsh Music Artist: Empire Of The Sun Song: Walking On A Dream
January 18, 2019
2: Urban Camping in San Diego
In this episode, we talk about: - Waiting until the last minute to decide where to go on your next surfing adventure - Surf Trip Destination: San Diego, California - Urban camping and how to do it well Links from the show: No surfboard fees for United flights to/from California: The best California surf book ever: Bird's Surf Shed in San Diego: Please feel free to email the podcast at Follow Get Out and SURF Pura Vida! Joe Walsh Music Artist: Slightly Stoopid
January 12, 2019
1: Welcome to Get Out and SURF
Welcome to the Get Out and SURF podcast. In our first episode, we talk about - ending our radio show on 99.5fm after 6 years and launching the new podcast! - opening our brewery in Tamarindo - how to survive Christmas and New Years on the beach in Costa Rica - favorite surf vehicles - finding uncrowded waves in Costa Rica
January 5, 2019
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