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Guts and Girl Bits

Guts and Girl Bits covers all things digestion and women's health such a period problems, gut health, hormonal imbalances, pregnancy and parenting related topics. Hosted by Sydney based Naturopath Alison Mitchell with various guests.

Learn about how to improve yours and your families health naturally and be empowered with knowledge.
Alison is a Clinical Naturopath based in NSW, Australia. Contact her on Facebook or via

All information is general and not a specific recommendation that replaces consulting with a practitioner. Please talk to your healthcare practitioner before undertaking any changes to your treatment regime.

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Dear Daughters

Guts and Girl Bits

Brooke's journey with endometriosis plus how women's physiotherapy works with naturopathy #51
I interview Women's Health Physiotherapist Brooke Blair (previously Hile) about her health journey.  We discuss how naturopathy and women's health physiotherapy can work alongside each other.  This episode was recorded in early 2020 when the COVID-19 outbreak had just begun in Australia. Find the transcript here: Get in touch with Brooke: 0423471651 Instagram
June 05, 2021
Endometriosis - Natural Management Options
As we reach the end of Endometriosis Awareness Month I wanted to release a little recording I made a while ago for women's health week, in which I spoke about Endometriosis. Endometriosis is a condition that can significantly affect a woman's quality of life, however there is a lack of awareness and understanding of this condition. It is estimated that 1 in 7-10 women may have this condition, however it can take many years to receive a diagnosis. I discuss some considerations of addressing this condition with naturopathic medicine, addressing the root causes of immune imbalance. @gutsandgirlbits Created by Naturopath Alison Mitchell
March 28, 2021
Dear Daughters
Have you ever wondered what you might say to yourself as a younger person? This episode is a collection of words of wisdom and snippets of advice from a collection of naturopaths, other health practitioners and wise women targeted to a younger generation of women and daughters. Topics include Awareness of different body types, loving your cycle, being in tune with nature and more. Featuring Kira Sutherland (Naturopath and Sports Nutritionist), Renee Lynch (Naturopath), Brooke Blair (Women's Physiotherapist), Justine Curran (Family photographer) and Laura Harrison (Naturopath). Hosted by Alison Mitchell (Naturopath). Find the transcript here:
March 02, 2021
Do your kids have Worms? - Episode 48
You’d be surprised at not only how common worm infestations are in kids, but also how much something like worms can do to your kids. It can affect their behaviour, sleep, energy levels and more. And by the way, you don’t have to have an itchy bum to have worms. If you suspect that your kid (or yourself) might have worms, then you need to have a look. I find gastro-intestinal infections to be a key driver for many symptoms in children, but especially so in mental and behavioural health. In this episode I talk about the common signs and symptoms of worms, how to tell if your kids have worms and what can be done about it.
January 04, 2021
A Holistic Guide to PCOS - Episode 47
PCOS, also known as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a complex condition that can significantly affect a woman’s quality of life. One of the biggest ways it does this is by impacting on a women's ability to conceive and maintain a pregnancy, but it can also impact a woman's self-esteem by making it difficult to lose weight, it causes acne and hair issues, such as too much hair where a woman doesn't want it to be, and potentially thinning of scalp hair. Of course, there is more to it than that, but those are the major things that women report as the issues they're most upset by. In this article and podcast, I will discuss the lack of awareness and poor understanding surrounding PCOS, how it is often misunderstood and why its name has a role in this. I discuss the common, and not so common signs and symptoms of PCOS and talk about the driving factors that can cause PCOS to develop. I talk about how PCOS is often diagnosed and discuss some of the key ways PCOS can be addressed naturally.
September 29, 2020
How to Manage Thyroid Nodules Naturally with Lisa Costa-Bir - Episode 46
Naturopaths Lisa Costa-Bir and Alison Mitchell talk about thyroid nodules in this episode. Thyroid nodules are typically identified thyroid an ultrasound and indicate the presence of a growth of abnormal cells within the thyroid gland. Nodules vary in their sizes and impact, and while some may wish to manage this, many people may be told they have a nodule yet can observe no negative impact from it. It can be a diagnosis that brings uncertainty and confusion, and so we would like to share information about what thyroid nodules can mean, as well as how to help manage them naturally. Alison - Lisa -
August 28, 2020
A Naturopath's Guide to SIBO with Kirsten Greene - Episode 45
In this episode I chat with the lovely Kirsten Greene (previously Swales) all about SIBO and she shares her wealth of knowledge about what this condition is, and the process of overcoming it. If you have difficulty with bloating or other tummy problems you should definitely listen to this episode. The health of our gut is so important in all aspects of our wellbeing and you deserve to be free from gut discomfort. Kirsten Swales has been a practicing Naturopath, Nutritionist and Western Medical Herbalist for the past seven years, and specialises in working with clients who have SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth). Kirsten has worked in Australia, South Africa and Europe and consults with clients worldwide online. Originally from South Africa, trained and qualified in Australia, Kirsten is a practising member of Naturopaths and Herbalists Association of Australia and now calls Bali, Indonesia home. Her primary focus is helping women heal their digestive issues so they can enjoy a loving relationship with their body and food, and for some, so that they may feel “normal”, sometimes for the first time in their lives. Having been through SIBO and suffering digestion issues herself for years, Kirsten is super passionate in this area and can relate to what her clients are going through. SIBO free to this day, Kirsten has gone from living with an extreme fear of food due to bloating, weight gain and discomfort, to having a healthy, functioning digestive system and sound relationship with all food. This is what she wants this for all other SIBO sufferers too. SIBO, also known as Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth is a condition that can contribute to a wide variety of symptoms, but some of the classic signs that this may be something to consider include: Bloating, especially soon after eating Diarrhoea, or Constipation Wind (Farting, Burping) Stomach pain Food sensitivities – especially the fodmap group other inflammatory conditions that you can’t pinpoint the cause In this episode Kirsten shares information about: What is SIBO Her personal journey with SIBO How to test for SIBO How to treat SIBO, and how to target treatment based on whether you have a dominance of methane or hydrogen bacteria How to support digestive health while healing from SIBO What is hydrogen sulphide SIBO? Other forms of microbial imbalance: LIBO, and SIFO Strep infections and SIBO, and how your dental health can impact SIBO Biofilms and SIBO Connect with Kirsten: Instagram: Facebook: Youtube: Kirsten's Online Course:
June 08, 2020
PMS and PMDD with Naturopath Lisa Costa Bir - Episode 44
While PMS may be common is is not 'normal' and can be a sign of deeper hormonal imbalances. PMS can express in different ways (there are 150 different type of signs and symptoms that can be attributed to PMS)and one of the more severe forms of this is PMDD (Premenstrual dysphoric disorder). While up to 80% of women experience symptoms of PMS, 8% of women experience a more severe type of PMS called PMDD, and usually starts occurring straight after ovulation (yep, these women often experience 14 days of severe mood symptoms such as aggression, hostility, paranoia, anxiety and depression ). Naturopath Lisa Costa Bir shares her knowledge on how to nourish your hormones and to address the driving factors that cause PMS and we dive deep into PMDD. Read more here: Get in touch with LISA
April 20, 2020
Elemental and Intuitive Eating with Clara Bailey - Episode 43
I am joined with the ever graceful and wise Clara Bailey from Mediatrix Wellness. In this episode Clara shares her wisdom about elemental eating - how you can gain health and peace with your diet by eating in alignment with the elements. You will learn what the elements represent and support in your body, what foods and eating practices can increased or reduce certain elements. We also chat about intuitive eating, and how this practice can help to reduce binge eating, emotional eating and can help you to build a beautiful relationship with food. When you combine elemental eating with intuitive eating, it is a recipe for long lasting health. Links we discussed: Links we mentioned: Intuitive Eating - by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch Book: Workbook: Elemental Eating: A Life of Balance: Maya Tiwari - Get in touch with Clara: You can find her on Instagram @clarabailey__ and her website is . Clara creates cycle awareness resources for her newsletter community, called the Moon Times which you subscribe to over at the website.
December 29, 2019
Thyroid Problems after having a baby - with Renae Bartlett. Episode 42
After just having had a baby, being told that you have post-partum thyroiditis is not fun at all. You'd much rather put all your energy into your cute little bundle. Potentially, many mothers don't feel themselves, and unknowingly struggle with symptoms of post-partum thyroiditis because they don't know of it to ask for diagnosis and help. This episode will help to provide tools to those who have been told they have this condition, and information for any mothers that may suspect something is 'just not right'. I interview nutritionist Renae Bartlett who has experienced post partum thyroiditis herself and has made it her mission to help other mothers through this journey as well. You can contact me on About Renae: Renae Bartlett is a Clinical Nutritionist who until 12 months ago, was based in Adelaide South Australia. She is currently residing in Canada for the next two years with her husband, one year old daughter and their dog Diego. Renae assists people by focussing heavily on the fundamental basics of using ‘food first’ for healing, health and wellbeing. Renae was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s in 2016 and Post-Partum Thyroiditis following the birth of their daughter in 2018. This has led Renae down a path focussed on helping women who may have been diagnosed with post-partum thyroiditis, or who are at risk of developing this condition. Get in contact with Renae - Email:
November 24, 2019
Healing Autoimmune Disease by sorting out gut health, hormonal health and mould with Jenn Malecha
In this episode I’m joined with Jenn Malecha – also know as the (W)holistic Health Boss. I had a great time chatting with Jenn about her own health journey but she shared a lot of knowledge about functioning testing and considerations for chronic health conditions. We talk about how if you have a chronic illness, you need to look at getting your hormones and gut health under control to achieve long lasting results, and we also chat about black mould. We discuss: Jenn’s journey with her health overcoming autoimmune disease by battling hormone imbalance, mould and gut issues. The benefit of functional testing to put together the puzzle of your health, especially talking about the DUTCH test to look at your hormones and stress hormones indepth, and microbiome (stool) test options. How for some people, black mould can dramatically affect your health, and what to do to get on top of it. What major hormonal issues Jenn sees affecting women’s health. How to work out the causes of why you are chronically ill and putting that information together. Adrenal fatigue and nervous exhaustion. What are the nutrients and supplements Jenn thinks most people would benefit from. Her top lifestyle recommendations to improve health and wellbeing.
October 03, 2019
Reducing Chemicals To Protect Future Generations with Tabitha McIntosh
I'm joined with Naturopath extraordinaire Tabitha McIntosh. In this episode of Guts and Girl Bits (formally 'Health & Wellbeing Podcast') we chat about how the chemicals in our food and environment can impact on our health in more ways than we know. We also chat about how chemical exposure can impact on fertility, pregnancy outcomes and can impact on the health of our children, and even our grandchildren. We also talk about how certain chemicals and pollutants can affect hormonal health and wellbeing. But just chatting about how these chemicals can impact on our health isn't that good unless we also talk about how to reduce your exposure and help your body to heal. Tabitha shares some of her recommendations to reduce toxin exposure to toxins and pollutants from many different sources. Tabitha McIntosh is an experienced and respected Naturopath, clinical Nutritionist and educator. She is based in Woollahra NSW Australia. Get in touch with Tabitha and see to learn more.
September 23, 2019
Easing the pains of pregnancy - with Women's Physio Brooke Hile #39
How does your body change during pregnancy? How can you ease the discomfort of some of the common changes that occur and can cause pain such as pubic symphysis dysfunction, back and hip pain and abdominal separation. Previously named 'The Health & Wellbeing Podcast', now 'Guts and Girl Bits' - delving into all things women's health, digestion, kid's health and more. This episode we are joined once again with the lovely Brooke Hile, Women's Health Physio. Recorded in Brooke's backyard you get to enjoy the sounds of nature, plus a few contribution's from Brooke's puppy Simba. We chat about topics such as constipation, pelvic alignment, c-sections, abdominal separation, pubic symphysis dysfunction, pelvic floor preparation for birth, tearing, birth interventions, back pain during pregnancy and after birth, and varicose veins. We also answer some listener questions: - Once I've fallen pregnant is it safe to continue training? - Are there any exercises you shouldn’t do during pregnancy - Are there any exercises you should work on to prepare yourself for having a baby? - Are there any supplements that can aid fertility? (I talk a bit about what you should look to address when trying to conceive, nutrients needed to load up on during preconception and some of my favourite pregnancy/preconception supplements.) - What can you do to increase your chance of falling pregnant? - When would you recommend postnatal walks with bub, I felt heaviness early on during walks. -Posture during walking with a pram - Do you have any tips for strengthening back and shoulder muscles to condition the body for breastfeeding? Plus posture during breastfeeding -Managing colds during breastfeeding.
August 07, 2019
Coeliac Disease - How to take control of your health and healing your gut with herbs. Episode 38
Coeliac disease is an autoimmune disease that causes strong reactions to wheat. It can affect your hormonal health, mental health, nutritional status and more. In this episode I chat with herbalist Sarah Corbett about her personal journey with coeliac disease, and the herbal allies she used to help herself heal. We chat a lot about coeliac disease in general and a little about women's health and the risks of gluten contamination that people with coeliac / celiac disease need to be aware of in their herbs and supplements. Podcast breakdown 3:13 Sarah’s experiences growing herbs in her garden 4:17 What’s the difference between gluten intolerance, wheat allergy and coeliac disease. Sarah’s journey of being diagnosed with coeliac disease, and the healing process 09:46 the difficulties of a coeliac diet 10:45 how rare is coeliac disease, the prevalence of women having coeliac disease and autoimmune conditions 14:30 the symptoms Sarah was experiencing to prompt her seeking a diagnosis 15:50 Getting diagnosed with coeliac disease 20:56 Has the incidence of coeliac disease been increasing 22:00 Viral infections as a potential trigger for autoimmune disease/coeliac disease 24:00 Hormonal imbalances and coeliac disease – is there a link? 27:00 Mental health and coeliac disease, how it can impact brain chemistry, and impact the gut-brain axis. How living with a chronic disease such as coeliac disease can impact your mental health. 29:50 what are some of the biggest understanding around coeliac disease 31:00 how can we heal with coeliac disease. The increased nutritional needs. 33:00 Would you have done anything different to treat yourself now that you know what you do with herbs? What herbs did you use to heal yourself when you were diagnosed with coeliac disease? Healing herbs: Plaintain (Plantago lanceolata), vulverary herbs including Calendula (Calendula officinalis), lymphatic herbs, immune-modulators, astringents, bitters, carminatives, Cleavers, Peppermint, Marshmallow, Reishi, licorice.. 35:43 Does she use herbs as liquid extracts, teas, food etc? 38:30 Intestinal permeability and microbiome imbalance 39:56 Gluten contamination in herbs and supplements – what to think about 43:49 advil liquid gels contains gluten 47 :44 gluten free recipes 49:47 Favourite herbs for gut health 52:11 Sarah’s personal protocol. 55:00 How to get in touch with Sarah, Rowan and Sage
July 14, 2019
Preconception and Pregnancy Nutrition and Supplements With Nikki Warren - Episode 37
Nikki Warren is a Naturopath with a passion for supporting women and men through preconception period and pregnancy. In this episode we chat about the importance of quality nutrition during this time, and get into detail about some of the key nutrients we need to have when trying to conceive and throughout pregnancy. We talk about why you should choose a superior quality nutrition supplement during this time and what are some of the things to look for. Get in touch with Nikki: Find the range of Naturobest products at You can find Alison at PS - The name of this podcast will soon be changing to "Guts and Girl Bits"
June 16, 2019
Herbs For Fertility - Health Wellbeing Podcast 36
Interview with Kyra Howearth about how herbal medicine can be of help in couples trying to conceive. We talk about tips for boosting sperm health and egg health, a little about herbs during IVF, and the importance of preconception care. Get in touch with Kyra:
May 13, 2019
#35 Naturopathic Approach To Low Libido
Join us as we talk about some of the common causes of a low libido, and discuss the ways this can be helped with naturopathy (herbal medicine and nutrition). The guest on this podcast is Alannah Demunck, a Naturopath with a passion for helping people with their sexual health - be it hormonal imbalances, post-pill syndrome, STI co-management, vaginal infections and of course, libido.
February 11, 2019
#34 Breast Implant Illness
With Alysha Habgood Imagine this scenario: You’re a woman who has made the massive decision to get her breasts enhanced. Perhaps you have just had a few kids and after the ups and downs of breastfeeding, your once perky breasts are now somewhat deflated. Perhaps you have always had small breasts, and with the current obsession of western culture with big breasts, this really affected your self esteem. Perhaps you, like a surprisingly large amount of women, have assymettric breasts, and choose to get implants to even them out. Or perhaps you have had a mastectomy and you chose to get implants to feel like yourself again. But then it’s a few years later, and all of a sudden you start to experience all of these symptoms that you just don’t understand. Your tests come back normal and doctors can’t explain it. You’re losing your hair, you feel tired, anxious, you’re getting weird rashes, you get weird aches and pains, and a whole host of other symptoms that just don’t make sense. This experience is happening to a lot of women and sadly it has been going on for a fair while, but sadly there's very little awareness about it. It’s called breast implant illness, a chronic and diverse type of sickness that comes about as a result of having breast implants. These are some of the symptoms that have been linked to breast implant illness: extreme or chronic fatigue dry mouth rashes hypothyroid hyperthyroid cognitive dysfunction weight gain concentration issues anaemia constipation or other IBS symptoms sinus, post nasal drip heart palpitations SOB tightness in chest hair loss acne dry skin brittle nails exercise intolerance painful joints fibromyalgia type pain throughout the mouth metallic taste in mouth multiple chemical sensitivity pins and needles and or numbness in extremities It’s not fair. Why is something like this put on the market and touted as being safe when it’s really not. How much safety research went into this? Not enough! And why are so many women getting dismissed when they do talk about their concerns to their doctors about it? One, we shouldn’t have so much pressure on us as women, our boobs shouldn’t define us. And two, there should have been so much more done to ensure this is safe. I think the amount of different types of implants that we have gone through is a clue that the experimenting is happening on us continuously. We are guinea pigs. And breast implant illness is the result. And this is something that’s been going on for a long time, but we’re only just starting to talk about it. I’ve brought on the podcast today a naturopath who has gone through the journey of breast implant illness herself, and is passionate about bringing this knowledge to people, educating women about what BII is, as well as what can be done about it. About Alysha: Alysha Habgood is a Sydney and Online based Naturopath and Yoga teacher. Her interest lies in autoimmune disease, namely gut, thyroid and rheumatoid arthritis but her specific focus is on helping women overcome Breast Implant illness. Alysha's treatment encompasses not just the unique physical aspects of the disease but the underlying emotional and psychological impacts of Breast Implant Illness. Alysha is passionate about raising global awareness of this growing issue to both women and practitioners. Get in touch: PHONE: 0422 743 713 EMAIL:
January 11, 2019
#33 Mastitis with Women's Physio Brooke Hile
#33 Mastitis with Women's Physio Brooke Hile by Alison Mitchell
November 29, 2018
#32 Medicinal Mushrooms
Jeff Chilton is an expert in Medicinal Mushrooms. He joins me on the podcast to talk about all things medicine mushrooms. What they are, what they can be used for, why he chooses to grow his mushrooms organically in China, and why quality is so important. He talks about some of the quality issues that we face in choosing medicinal mushroom supplements, and shares a trick that we can do at home to tell if our mushroom supplements are quality or not.
November 07, 2018
#31 Coconut Oil
Are you a little confused about whether coconut oil is actually good for you or not? I don’t blame you, there’s so much conflicting information about there, some information says it’s bad for you and some says that it’s the magic cure for weight loss and brain issues, among other things. Well you don’t have to be confused anymore. I have done the hard work for you and sifted through papers and papers of research on coconut oil to bring you a balanced perspective. I get my nerd on discuss the available research in relation to every claim that’s been made about coconut oil that I can think of. I also get even deeper into my nerd form and talk about the composition of coconut oil, the different types of fatty acids it contains and what these do. Podcast Breakdown 0:00 Intro 2:12 How research on coconut oil can be confusing as the type of coconut oil makes a big difference, and how research on nutrition has a few issues we need to take into consideration when applying the information to our lives. 3:50 Traditional Use of Coconut Oil 6:22 About Virgin Coconut Oil 7:00 Copra (copha) vs. virgin coconut oil 7:31 Saturated Fat, medium chain triglycerides, short chain triglycerides and the breakdown of coconut oil 9:00 Can coconut oil help you to lose weight? 10:00 Can we extrapolate the benefits of MCT (medium chain triglycerides) onto coconut oil? 10:50 How does our body use MCT different to LCT? Plus more on MCT and body composition. 14:50 Coconut oil makes you feel fuller 15:30 Antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties of coconut oil 16:54 Coconut oil protects again antibiotic damage to the liver 17:20 Coconut oil for head lice treatment 17:47 Coconut oil for hair health 18:17 Coconut oil can help heal wounds 18:35 Oil pulling - how coconut oil can help your teeth and gums 19:47 Coconut oil for brain health, what research is available for its use in Alzheimer's disease 22:32 Can coconut oil help underactive thyroid (hypothyroid). 23:35 Can coconut oil endanger your heart 24:21 Is coconut oil a cure-all for thyroid function 25:02 Coconut oil and heart health: danger or not? How does it affect cholesterol? 26:00 Cholesterol is evil vs. Cholesterol isn't the enemy 28:37 Let's go back in time to when coconut oil actually was bad for you. 29:28 Virgin coconut oil but not copra is good for the heart 30:30 How to get the best out of coconut oil for weight and heart health 31:30 The dark side of coconut oil, and how to reduce the negative impact of coconut oil 32:20 Allergies and coconut oil 33:00 The environment impact of coconut oil, food miles and sustainability 34:00 Summing up, do I recommend using coconut oil as a supplement, as a cooking oil, topically or for oil pulling?
October 24, 2018
#30 Fibromyalgia
#30 Fibromyalgia by Alison Mitchell
September 20, 2018
#29 Pelvic Floor Tightness and Hypertonicity
Pelvic floor tightness, pelvic floor dysfunction, or hypertonicity of the vagina is when the muscles of the pelvic floor are too tight. This can cause pelvic pain for women that just doesn't seem to make sense. They might experience pain during intercourse (vaginismus), pain in relation to going to the toilet (1s and 2s), IBS and period pain that doesn't get better with other treatment. These issues can be due to a tightness in one of the muscles of the pelvic floor, something which a women's physiotherapist is able to help with. In this episode I chat with women's physio Brooke Hile @thingsdownthere about all things related to pelvic hypertonicity. Get in touch with Brooke: Instagram: @thingsdownthere Brooke's booking page:
August 22, 2018
#28 Caring for Mama
The fourth trimester is a period of time after the birth of the baby that many don't know about. This period of time is technically classed as the 6 weeks after the birth of baby, however as you will learn this period can actually extend for almost a year after birth. During this time the new parents can be under a lot of physical and mental stress. I had the privilege to interview the wonderful Kathleen Murphy from Mama Care Health about the importance of the fourth trimester and care of the new mother. In a time where the focus is all on the newborn baby, the new parents can often get neglected in care. This is exacerbated by being in a culture where asking for help is often seen as weakness, particularly when we have spent the last decade or so of our lives establishing ourselves as strong, independent people. In this episode we talk about the services Kathleen provides through MamaCare, and how and why we need more focus on the care and support of the mother during this period. Get in Contact with Kath: 0432 832 184
May 12, 2018
#27 Chronic Pain & Inflammation - Part 2
Part 2 of the Chronic Pain & Inflammation series, covering what natural methods can be helpful. In this episode I discuss herbal medicine, nutrition (diet and supplementation) for dealing with pain, as well as the techniques to support the mental aspect of pain. Most people will experience pain at some stage in their lives, however for some this pain can be chronic, at times severe. Many people struggle with the side effects of conventional pain medications, and turn to natural medicine for support. Herbal medicine and food can be used to assist in the management of pain conditions, both in addressing the underlying cause of pain conditions, and in providing some pain relief. Get in contact:
April 27, 2018
#26 Chronic Pain & Inflammation - Part 1
Most people will experience pain at some stage in their lives, however for some this pain can be chronic, at times severe. Many people struggle with the side effects of conventional pain medications, and turn to natural medicine for support. Herbal medicine and food can be used to assist in the management of pain conditions, both in addressing the underlying cause of pain conditions, and in providing some pain relief. In this podcast Alison will be talking about the underlying issues that feed into chronic pain and inflammation. Some topics that will be covered include: What is Pain? What is the difference between acute and chronic pain? Understanding chronic pain. Causes of chronic pain: These include diet and lifestyle, Biological make up (including genetics), Gut health, Hormones, Environment, Chronic Infections, and the Mind. Get in contact:
March 19, 2018
The Anxious and Sick Merry-Go-Round with Kimberly Vucurovic - Health & Wellbeing Podcast #25
Some of you may feel frustrated, if you feel like you are doing all the right things but your health issues don’t seem to be resolving. Every one of you are individuals and have individual reasons for why you are stuck. However, if you suffer from a tendency to be anxious this may be the reason you aren’t resolving your health issues. Research shows that if you have anxiety you are highly likely to also have thyroid disease, respiratory disease, gastrointestinal disease, arthritis, migraine headaches and allergic conditions. I’ve invited my next guest here today to talk to you about the link between anxiety and health issues. Kimberly Charlotte Vucurovic is a psychology trained clinical naturopath who specialises in treating anxiety related health issues. She has worked in the field of natural medicine for 18 years. She runs a busy practice, is an academic lecturer at Endeavour College of Natural Health and is continuing her research by currently completing an Honours in Psychology.
January 25, 2018
Medical Marijuana - Health & Wellbeing Podcast #24 with guest Dr Rachna Patel
Heath & Wellbeing Podcast #24 Interview with Medical Marijuana expert Dr Rachna Patel. You can connect with Dr Patel here: Her Youtube – Commonly asked questions: Dr Patel's Facebook page:
December 18, 2016
Menopause Take 2 - Health & Wellbeing Podcast #23
Join Naturopaths Alison Mitchell and Laura Yen who discuss all things menopause. Topics covered include: what is menopause and what is happening in the body during this time, natural ways to reduce menopausal symptoms such as herbs and diet, reducing the impact of menopause on heart health and bones in later years. This is a re-recording of an earlier podcast on menopause which had sound quality issues. Natural Menopause Facebook Group - Join to get updates about our future e-course Book for exercise and bone health mentioned was Strong Women, Strong Bones
October 29, 2016
Interview With Therese Kerr From The Divine Company - Health & Wellbeing Podcast #22
Health & Wellbeing Podcast #22 Interview with Therese Kerr from The Divine Company If I asked you to go into your cupboard and examine the labels of all your beauty products, I bet you wouldn't be able to tell me much about the ingredients. And that's fair enough, I wouldn't have either. And possibly, like me a while ago, you may have assumed that there was a good amount of safety testing that took place to ensure these products we used were safe. But the extent that most testing goes to is to see whether the product will give you a skin irritation, not whether that chemical will interfere with your hormonal and immune health. But if you look close enough, it's possible you will encounter a chemical that does much more harm than good. Chemicals which are classed as Obesogens, Neuro Developmental toxins, Endocrine disrupting toxins, reproductive disrupting toxins, developmental disrupting toxins, Teratogens (synthetic chemicals suspected to cause birth defects), Immunotoxins, and Carcinogens can all be found in beauty products. Our skin absorbs a great deal of what we put onto it, and unlike our digestive system which has a detoxification process, our skin is unable to filter a lot of the chemicals contained in our beauty products and so these go straight into our blood stream. Why should we worry? These chemicals can accumulate in our tissues and not only affect us, but also our children. Chemicals are passing through to our babies and into our breast milk, and this can have some pretty serious consequences for some. Therese released a range of beauty products which utilise the actions of herbs such as Lemon Myrtle, Rooibos and Aloe Vera, and are Australia Certified Organic. About Therese Therese is an Author, Visionary, Public Speaker, The Health and Wellness Ambassador of Australian Organic, a Wellness Ambassador for Mindd Foundation, Animal Rights Activist, Advocate for holistic family health and an Ambassador for Endometriosis Australia. In late 2015 Therese was voted Australian Organic Industry Leader and one of Australia’s Top 50 Most Influential Women. Therese is a recognised Public Speaker, sharing evidence-based research on holistic family health specialising in the impact of chemicals on the endocrine system and on overall health. Therese and the fellow Directors through The Divine Company: provides the world with the highest quality, nutrient and antioxidant-rich, Australian Certified Organic (ACO) products – products as nature intended. Through the use of the latest technology in scientifically proven, age-defying plant-based botanicals, the beauty benefits and efficacy of the Divine Company products surpass even the efficacy of conventional products. In addition all of The Divine Company products are free from the chemicals commonly found in most skin and personal care products. Leaders in certified organic manufacturing, The Divine Company educates and empowers people to make healthy choices without compromising quality. The Divine Company range of products currently consists of Certified Organic Personal Care, Baby, Self tanning and Men’s care products and soon to be released Divine Woman - certified organic age-defying skincare. Facebook: | Twitter: @divinebytk | @therese_kerr Instagram: @thedivinecompany | @theresekerr Website:
June 28, 2016
21 - Interview With Lee Holmes, Author Of Eat Right For Your Shape (Supercharged Food)
I recently had the pleasure of interviewing the beautiful and inspiring Lee Holmes, creater of Supercharged Food. Lee has created several amazing recipe books and her blog has always been a source of inspiration for my dinners. I am so keen to share her new book with you, it is filled with delightful recipes and an easy to read guide of Ayurvedic lifestyle practices. In this podcast Lee talks about her trip to India which inspired her recipes for this book and how her eating style has changed over the years. We also chat about intermittent fasting, some ayurvedic principles and Lee explains how we can balance our health by eating to suit our dosha. About Lee: Lee Holmes holds an Advanced Certificate in Food and Nutrition and is a certified holistic health coach (IIN), yoga teacher, wholefoods chef and bestselling author of the Supercharged Food series, which includes Eat Your Way To Good Health; Eat Yourself Beautiful; Eat Clean, Green and Vegetarian; Heal Your Gut; and Supercharged Food for Kids. She is a columnist for Wellbeing Magazine and Lifestyle Food Channel's Healthy Eating Expert, and her articles have appeared in leading Australian newspapers and journals, as well as The Times and The Daily Express in the UK and The Huffington Post in the US. Find Lee at her award-winning blog,
April 26, 2016
#20 Sleep - Health & Wellbeing Podcast, with guest Laura Yen
A Naturopath's Approach to Sleep Sydney based Naturopaths Alison Mitchell and Laura Yen talk about the problems that can affect sleep, sleep cycles and why sleep is so important. Also, ways you can improve your sleep naturally. Health & Wellbeing Podcast #20 with naturopaths Alison Mitchell and Laura Yen (Burton) 0:00 Intro and disclaimer. 1:07 Some sleep statistics and the connection between sleep problems and depression. 2:04 What is insomnia? 3:02 Sleep cycles 06:04 Why sleep is important 07:00 Biphasic sleep, or segmented sleep. 7:50 How can sleep problems affect our health? 9:57 Lack of sleep can affect your ability to think clearly, and getting a good night sleep is very important for students. 10:30 Are phones in the bedroom affecting sleep health? 12:28 Sleep deprivation can worsen inflammation and affect gut flora 13:00 Causes of sleep issues: light, shift work, artificial light, noise, temperature, sleeping environment 17:04 Earthing 17:55 Light affects dopamine which can affect insulin signalling and cortisol, and how cortisol can affect sleep 19:10 Get into a good routine and start improving sleep hygiene 20:39 How your dinner can affect your sleep 21:19 Sleep routine, and training yourself to sleep 22:19 The blue light from electrical gadgets can affect sleep. F.lux is an app you can get to change the colour of your computer screen, or you can get orange/amber coloured glasses. 23:19 Stimulants and sleep 23:40 More on food and sleep: carbohydrates and low-carb diet for sleep; amino acids in foods to help sleep hormones; alcohol 25:20 What time should you go to bed? 27:10 Mindfulness, meditation and journaling 29:47 Sleep debt 30:40 Address stress in the day, cortisol test and herbs for stress 31:55 Have a nice bedroom 32:45 Supplements and herbs for sleep
April 07, 2016
Naturopathic Approach To Acne - Health & Wellbeing Podcast # 19
Naturopath's view of Acne Health & Wellbeing Podcast Episode #19 Sydney based Naturopaths Alison Mitchell and Hayley Stockbridge discuss their approach to helping people with acne. Podcast Breakdown: 0:00 Intro and disclaimer 0:40 Meet Hayley 1:24 What's going on in someone who has acne? 2:40 Why do some people get acne and some don't? 3:52 Hormonal acne 6:43 Adult onset acne 7:34 The meaning behind the location of acne 8:55 Keratosis pilaris 9:20 Foods that can cause acne 13:20 Conventional treatments for acne and some issues with them 16:40 Naturopathic treatment for acne when coming off the pill 18:25 Topical treatment that Hayley recommends for acne. MooGoo Acne Cleansing Cream - 19:35 Essential oils for acne 20:30 Clay masks 21:00 Moisturisers and oils 22:40 Scar treatment 22:55 Nutrients for acne 25:26 Herbs for acne 28:45 The benefit of a wholefood, plant heavy diet for acne 29:30 Anti-inflammatory foods for acne 30:33 How to get in contact with Hayley and Alison ☆ Please subscribe! ☆ Click here to subscribe on Youtube: ❤❤❤ Connect with us! ❤❤❤ ❁✿ Alison ✿❁ Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: ❁✿ Hayley ✿❁ Website: Facebook: Instagram: Google+:
March 14, 2016
A Naturopath's Approach to Eczema - Health & Wellbeing Podcast Episode #18
Health & Wellbeing Podcast #18 with guest Hayley Stockbridge In this episode Hayley and I discuss our approach to treating eczema from a naturopathic perspective. We talk about the link between gut health and eczema; a nutritional approach to eczema such as nutritional supplements, diet change and looking at food intolerances; herbal medicine for eczema; what topical treatments we recommend; how stress affects eczema, and more. Hayley practices at Manly on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and in Stanmore in Sydney’s Inner West. Her major focus is always educating her patients to live healthier and happier lives. She treats women, men and children of all ages and a wide variety of health issues such as weight loss, digestive problems, anxiety/stress, fertility, hormone imbalances, food intolerances and headaches. You can also connect with Hayley on Facebook and Instagram. Want to subscribe to get podcasts automatically? You can do that here: Podcast Breakdown 0:00 Intro and disclaimer 0:43 Welcome 2:09 What's happening in the skin of someone with eczema? 3:15 Food intolerances and allergies 7:20 The importance of treating the gut 8:55 Types of people who experience eczema more 10:27 Increased prevalence of eczema 10:50 Immune imbalances leading to eczema especially in children 13:50 Probiotics to prevent and treat eczema 14:40 Stress and eczema 16:40 How can diet affect eczema? 17:33 Common nutrient deficiencies in eczema. 18:40 Herbs in eczema. 19:24 Low stomach acid is common in people with eczema. 20:33 The importance of changing your diet. 21:00 Topical treatments for eczema. Moogoo Eczema and Psoriasis Cream - Hope's Relief - 22:30 Cautions with topical coconut oil 23:40 Oat baths 24:30 The illusion of having less time 25:25 The importance of an individualised treatment approach 26:35 How to get in contact
January 13, 2016
#17 A Naturopath's Approach To Diet - Health & Wellbeing Podcast
A Naturopath's Approach to Diet Health & Wellbeing Podcast #17 with naturopaths Alison Mitchell and Laura Yen (Burton) We chat about our approach to healthy eating which is based on naturopathic principles. We discuss things such as a whole food diet, our opinion on the paleo diet and the key principles we recommend for healthy eating. Laura and Alison are naturopaths based in Sydney, Australia. Podcast Breakdown: 0:00 Intro and disclaimer 0:44 Welcome 1:33 The importance of an individualised diet 2:45 Diet wars and fad diets 3:56 The 80/20 rule 6:16 A Healthy diet shouldn't be about deprivation, rather learning to prepare and enjoying whole foods 8:14 Whole food diet 10:13 Processed foods 13:30 Fruit and juice 17:30 Calorie counting 18:55 Eat for health rather than weight loss and the importance of micronutrients 21:40 Antioxidants and other beneficial chemicals in food, herbs and spices 25:45 Wisdom from traditional diets 27:23 Anti-nutrient chemicals in food and how to minimise their impact on our digestive system 28:30 Our opinion on the paleo diet 31:03 It's not just what you eat but how you eat 34:23 Plan your meals and try new foods and recipes 37:04 Foods for specific conditions and eating for the seasons 39:28 Short term diets e.g. ketogenic diets 40:36 Health food product deceptions, low-fat foods 42:14 Water 43:35 How to get in contact ❤❤❤ Connect with us! ❤❤❤ ❁✿ Alison ✿❁ Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: ❁✿ Laura ✿❁ Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:
December 16, 2015
Adrenal Fatigue Part 2 - What To Do About It. Health & Wellbeing Podcast #16
Adrenal Fatigue: Part 2 - What to do about it Health & Wellbeing Podcast Episode #16 with naturopaths Alison Mitchell and Lisa Costa Bir 0:00 Intro and Disclaimer 2:00 The stages of Adrenal Fatigue based on tests and how that affects it's treatment 3:05 Lifestyle recommendations for Adrenal Fatigue Stages 3:58 Over-exercising could be stopping you losing weight and recovering properly 5:54 When it's lack of activity that starts the fatigue 8:00 Using herbs to support your ability to cope with training for an event 8:57 What sort of exercise to do if you have Adrenal Fatigue 12:10 Stage 3 Adrenal Fatigue misconceptions 14:22 Diet for Adrenal Fatigue: Balanced blood sugar levels, wholefoods. adequate protein, nutrient dense diet, to snack or not to snack, caffeine. 17:10 Food intolerances and Adrenal fatigue 17:53 Reducing sugar 18:05 Keeping your gut healthy, fermented foods, gelatin, prebiotics 19:00 Seaweed 19:10 Sleep 24:30 Vitamin C 26:57 Magnesium 29:03 B Vitamins 30:40 Nutrient depletors 30:58 Adequate nutrient levels to begin with reduces the effect of stress (read more here: 32:04 Phosphatidylserine 32:52 Using test results to determine treatment 34:50 Herbs for Adrenal Fatigue. 37:25 Adrenal fatigue is not always straight forward, and it doesn't have the most accurate name. Seeing a practitioner can help you target your treatment. 39:58 Immune involvement in Adrenal Fatigue and the importance of treating the gut. ❤❤❤ Connect with us! ❤❤❤ ❁✿ Alison ✿❁ Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: ❁✿ Lisa ✿❁ Website: Facebook: Instagram:
December 02, 2015
Adrenal Fatigue- Part 1. Health & Wellbeing Podcast #15 With Guest Lisa Costa Bir
Adrenal Fatigue – Part 2 Health and Wellbeing Podcast Episode #16 with guest Lisa Costa Bir In this episode Lisa and I continue our chat about Adrenal Fatigue, and this time we’re talking what to do about it. If you experience adrenal fatigue there is a lot that can be done about it. In this episode we give you some guidance about the strategies that may need to be put in place, such as diet change, adjusting exercise levels, improving sleep, and what herbs we love for adrenal fatigue. The thing about adrenal fatigue is that it’s not a straight forward condition. So while employing these strategies will help, it may be necessary to consult a practitioner who can help you work out the more complicated drivers of your condition. Podcast Breakdown 0:00 Intro and Disclaimer 2:00 The stages of Adrenal Fatigue based on tests and how that affects it’s treatment 3:05 Lifestyle recommendations for Adrenal Fatigue Stages 3:58 Over-exercising could be stopping you losing weight and recovering properly 5:54 When it’s lack of activity that starts the fatigue 8:00 Using herbs to support your ability to cope with training for an event 8:57 What sort of exercise to do if you have Adrenal Fatigue 12:10 Stage 3 Adrenal Fatigue misconceptions 14:22 Diet for Adrenal Fatigue: Balanced blood sugar levels, wholefoods. adequate protein, nutrient dense diet, to snack or not to snack, caffiene. 17:10 Food intolerances and Adrenal fatigue 17:53 Reducing sugar 18:05 Keeping your gut healthy, fermented foods, gelatin, prebiotics 19:00 Seaweed 19:10 Sleep 24:30 Vitamin C 26:57 Magnesium 29:03 B Vitamins 30:40 Nutrient depletors 30:58 Adequate nutrient levels to begin with reduces the effect of stress (read more here: 32:04 Phosphatidylserine 32:52 Using test results to determine treatment 34:50 Herbs for Adrenal Fatigue. 37:25 Adrenal fatigue is not always straight forward, and it doesn’t have the most accurate name. Seeing a practitioner can help you target your treatment. 39:58 Immune involvement in Adrenal Fatigue and the importance of treating the gut.
November 21, 2015
#13 Naturopathic Approach To A Healthy Pregnancy- Part 2 with Kellie Holland
In the second of two sections on a Naturopathic approach to pregnancy, Kellie Holland from Tonik Health and I chat about some more common issues that pregnant women deal with such as fatigue, urinary tract infections, mood swings, constipation, thrush and heartburn. We also answer some questions such as when to stop lying on your back, and how much caffeine you can have. We also discuss some recommendations for labour and birth preparation including positions, books and courses for birth and raspberry leaf. Podcast Breakdown: 0:00 Intro and disclaimer 0:41 Welcome 1:16 Listeria 3:55 Fatigue 5:29 "Eating for two"? 7:57 Urinary tract infections (UTIs) 13:36 Mood swings and stress 15:56 Thyroid issues linked to depression and worsening of menopause symptoms 16:20 Constipation 17:50 Heartburn/reflux 19:05 Thrush/candida 20:24 What to do for coughs and colds in pregnancy? 22:05 Can I drink green tea in pregnancy? (Caffeine) 24:25 When do I have to stop lying on my back during pregnancy? 26:18 Suggestions for preparation for birth and labour and recommended resources and the benefit of having a doula 35:16 Herbs in pregnancy - Raspberry leaf Books mentioned: Active Birth by Janet Balaskas - Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering by Dr Sarah Buckley - The Natural Way to Better Pregnancy by Francesca Naish - The Natural Way to Better Birth and Bonding by Francesa Naish - ❤❤❤ Connect with us! ❤❤❤ ❁✿ Alison ✿❁ Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: ❁✿ Kellie ✿❁ Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:
November 08, 2015
#12 Naturopathic Approach To A Healthy Pregnancy Part 1 with Kellie Holland
Naturopathic Approach to a Healthy Pregnancy: Part 1 Health & Wellbeing Podcast, with guest Kellie Holland (Naturopath) from Tonik Health In the first of two sections on a Naturopathic approach to pregnancy, Australian naturopaths Kellie Holland and Alison Mitchell talk about some of the most common issues that pregnant women deal with including morning sickness, stretch marks, gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia and fluid retention. We also discuss some things it's important to start doing with as soon as possible during pregnancy, and go into detail about the nutrients we need most during pregnancy. ☆ Podcast Breakdown: ☆ 0:00 Intro and disclaimer 0:59 Meet Kellie, and I talk a bit about what we will cover in these pregnancy episodes 3:10 Morning sickness, nausea in pregnancy and hyperemesis gravidarum. 4:06 Ginger for nausea: doses and the different forms you can take it in 5:15 Vitamin B6 for morning sickness 5:48 Keeping your blood sugar levels stable can help reduce morning sickness 6:59 Other factors which can contribute to morning sickness, stress and digestive problems, and dealing with these issues before you conceive. 9:42 Stretch marks 10:39 The oil I've been using: Vanessa Megan Mummy’s Tummy Pregnancy Oil 11:29 Nutrients needed to reduce/prevent stretch marks 13:00 Gotu kola and diet for stretch marks 13:33 Exercise during pregnancy 15:00 Things to get started with early during pregnancy : yoga, flossing, nutrition, probiotics 17:35 Probiotics in pregnancy in helping prevent eczema, management of Group B Strep, digestive health, candida 19:01 Folate (folic acid, folinic acid) - important before conception as well as during pregnancy 19:50 Other essential nutrients for pregnancy 21:31 Iodine 22:05 Vitamin B12 22:51 The different forms of folate (vitamin B9/folic acid/folinic acid) 23:50 Iron 26:49 Selenium 27:19 Calcium 28:52 Vitamin K2 29:29 Vitamin D 32:31 Magnesium 33:46 Pre-eclampsia 35:16 Stress 36:30 Gestational diabetes 41:08 Fluid retention ________________________________________­________________ ❤❤❤ Connect with us! ❤❤❤ ❁✿ Alison ✿❁ Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: ❁✿ Kellie ✿❁ Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:
October 05, 2015
Our Favourite Health Foods - Podcast #11 With Guest Laura Burton (plus A GIVEAWAY!)
This is a bit of a different style to the previous podcast/videos I’ve done which talk about conditions and naturopathy. In this episode Laura Burton and I talk about our favourite ‘health food’ items and discuss how we use them and what their benefits are. There are links to the items we mentioned in the podcast breakdown below. But the most exciting bit about this video is that there’s a GIVEAWAY! The good folks at Loving Earth and the Gingerbread Folk have been particularly generous in donating some items for the giveaway, and Laura and I have chipped in a few goodies as well. Find the link to enter below. Want to subscribe to get podcasts automatically? You can do that here: PODCAST BREAKDOWN 2.10 Nut Butter on brown rice crackers (Deli Grains with black sesame) 4.00 Pic’s Really Good Peanut Butter 4.20 Seaweed – Sea Shanti Sea Crisps and Sea Flakes 5.46 Bounce Balls 6.55 Miso Soup 8.07 Gluten free ginger bread – Gingerbread Folk 9.00 Crudites and dip 9.32 Ghee 10.22 Seaweed Salt 11.23 Savoury Yeast Flakes 12.15 Honey 13.10 Maca Powder 14.11 Apple Cider Vinegar – try to get a brand that contains the ‘mother’ for probiotic content such as Melrose and/or Bragg 16.05 Saurkraut – Peace Love Vegetables or Kehoe’s 17.20 Coconut Oil – Melrose, Loving Earth, Coconut Magic 18.30 Great Lakes Gelatin (read more about gelatin here) Aussies can buy it here, but it’s also available on iherb here. 20.00 Jarred tomatoes – Blis, and BPA free tinned tomatoes from Global Organics 23.53 Caramelised Buckinis – Loving Earth 24.35 Chia Seeds – The Chia Co 27.18 Sardines – Fish 4 Ever and Wild Planet 29.27 Raw cacao – Power Super Foods, Loving Earth 29.54 Cacao nibs – Loving Earth 31.06 Coconut sugar – Loving Earth 32.40 Kombucha – Mojo, Tonicka, Remedy or make your own! (recipe coming soon) 35.08 Burton Health Tea – Shop Here 35.40 Coconut Water – Pure Natural Raw C 37.10 Keep Cup 38.10 Burton Health Tea Club – Click here to learn more 40.34 GIVEAWAY!!! – Click here to learn more and to enter
September 11, 2015
How To Lose Weight Without Changing Your Diet (much) #10
How to Lose Weight Without Changing your Diet (much) Health & Wellbeing Podcast #10 with guest Lisa Costa Bir In this episode Lisa and I discuss how to reduce emotional and mindless eating to help control your weight by to reducing overeating. Dieting doesn't work long term so to reach a healthy weight you need to address your habits and maintain realistic healthy eating behaviours - it's what you can stick to that will have the biggest impact. Want to subscribe to get podcasts automatically? You can do that here: Lisa is a Naturopath, lecturer and writer as as well as an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant. Lisa has an interest in treating thyroid and adrenal health. Her practice is in Caringbah in South Sydney. You can connect with Lisa via Facebook, Instagram or on her website Podcast Breakdown 1.04 About Lisa 2.15 Changing behaviour and habits around eatings, vs. low carb/low fat diets. Some tips for good eating behaviours to help us eat mindfully and avoid overeating 6.28 The Mindless Margin 7.30 How to eat less and not notice, e.g. by tweaking plate and cup sizes 10.00 The placement of your glass affects wine consumption 10.30 More things that affect mindless eating: glass shape, type of wine, eating at the table, chewing 12.35 Get the family involved 13.00 Eating out: cafe/restaurant serves 17.28 More tips to avoid overeating 18.20 Keeping yourself accountable 20.50 Some reasons why dieting doesn't work 25.00 Emotional, boredom, comfort and reward eating 29.00 Food addiction 38.00 Guilty eating and eating when stressed 38.34 Dealing with stress and the importance of having a support team 42.04 Exercise and NEAT (non-exercise-activity-thermogenesis) 44.10 "Ideal" weight and body image, healthy vs. skinny 45.08 What you do on the weekends matters 48.00 Sleep for weight management 49.42 Lack of sleep in new mothers is a factor in weight gain after birth 50.45 Thyroid function and other hormone imbalances affecting weight Read more HERE and HERE 51.55 How to get in contact
September 01, 2015
Keeping Healthy When You Move, Coeliac, Pole -Episode 9 With Guest Ashley Hunt
In this episode I am joined with Ashley Hunt, a London based personal trainer and Health Coach. I got to know Ashley when she was living here in Sydney through the health and wellness website Move Eat Heal which Ashley co-founded with a friend. Now Ashley is based in East London and while she still writes for her own blog she is also a personal trainer and wellness coach. We talk about keeping healthy when you move, celiac disease, aerial fitness (pole dancing in particular) and Ashley's personal approach to diet, exercise and lifestyle. Ashley specialises in helping clients build their confidence as well as creating quick and effective workouts that can be done anywhere. Her signature style focuses on high intensity functional bodyweight exercises, incorporating a combination of yoga, pilates, gymnastics and calisthenics. Want to subscribe to get podcasts automatically? You can do that here: Podcast Breakdown 1:20 What Ashley has been getting up to 3:54 Changing your diet when you move and dealing with celiac disease 8:36 Food intolerances vs food allergies article: 10:00 Preparing so you can keep your diet on track when you move 12:00 Keeping exercise routine on track when you move 12:45 Ashley's exercise style 14:35 Ashley's recommendations to keep yourself healthy when you move. 15:50 Exercising without a gym 19:40 Over-training a no-no for adrenal fatigue 21:48 Ashley's exercise routine for the week 22:33 Aerial fitness, pole and straps: Ashley's experience with it personally and as an instructor, the benefits and how quickly you can see differences in your fitness and strength, bruising. 29:00 Busting the negative stigma associated with pole dancing 35:02 What inspires Ashley to write 37:55 Taking the stress and guilt out of getting healthy 43:14 Ashley's typical day of eating 48:04 Lessons Ashley has learnt in her health journey, the importance of individualised health management 51:15 What happens when you work with Ashley as a Health Coach 52:34 How consulting with a health practitioner or health coach can help you to navigate the huge amount of confusing and overwhelming health information that's out there on the internet and find what's right for you 54:09 How to get in contact with Ashley
August 23, 2015
Menopause - Health & Wellbeing Podcast #8 with guest Laura Burton
Menopause - Health & Wellbeing Podcast #8 with guest Laura Burton Laura Burton from Burton Health is back and this time we're talking about menopause. We discuss the symptoms and stages of menopause, helpful foods and nutrients for soothing menopausal symptoms and reducing the conditions associated with this time. Apologies the sound quality isn't the best in this episode (especially at the start, it does get better after a few minutes!) but I wanted to share the video anyway and not let the quest for perfection get in the way of me delivering this information to you. Laura is a clinical naturopath practicing in St Leonards and Dural. Her key areas of interest are female hormone disorders, digestive health, stress & adrenal fatigue. Through her clinical experience Laura has identified the prevalence of stress in our everyday lives and sees it as the most common cause or exacerbating factor of her patients health conditions. Laura believes that we need to get back to basics and work on our ability to release and manage stress in order to prevent and treat disease. Last year Laura set herself the mission to reach beyond the walls of her clinics and send her de-stress message out to Australian and New Zealand households through the Burton Health Tea Club. Each month she sends love letters and tea packages to her members to inject joy and excitement into their days and to remind them to slow down, relax and reconnect while sipping on a cup of organic herbal tea. You can connect with Laura via her website, on Facebook, Twitter or on Instagram. If you’ve got something nice to say about the podcasts please leave a review, but I’m also keen for any feedback if you want to comment below! Menopause - Podcast #9 Podcast Breakdown 0:00 Intro, and what we've been getting up to 1:59 How Laura became interested in helping women with menopause 3:49 The common feeling of being alone in your symptoms when going through menopause 4:29 Symptoms of menopause 6:28 Understanding the different stages of menopause and knowing what stage you're in: Pre/Peri-menopause, Post-menopause 7:44 Menstrual migraines in menopause 8:20 Surgically induced menopause 9:04 Chemically induced menopause 9:15 How long does menopause last for? 10:03 Is it menopause or PMS? 10:46 Hot flushes 12:56 Helpful foods and nutrients for menopause, as well as a few lifestyle tips 17:55 Bone health, osteoporosis and osteopenia. (Book mentioned was Strong Women, Strong Bones 19:24 Weight gain in menopause 21:57 Inflammation often increased in menopausal women, leading to more aches and pains 23:23 Soy 26:00 Xeno-oestrogens, and is high or low oestrogen the problem? 28:56 Q1: Could the role of the liver be explained and what are the benefits of supporting liver function in menopause? 29:41 Oestrogen forms and metabolism 32:45 Keeping inflammation under control 33:30 Common retail menopause supplements: Red clover, Black cohosh, Wild Yam cream. 39:24 Our favourite menopause herbs
August 15, 2015
Kid's Immunity - Health & Wellbeing Podcast #7 With Guest Kellie Holland
Kid’s Immunity – Podcast I’m excited to share with you another video/podcast! In this episode I chat with Kellie Holland from Tonik Health about children’s immunity. We discuss some of the most common infections that children can get such as coughs and colds, molluscum contagiosum, otitis media (also known as glue ear) and glandular fever, and discuss a Naturopathic approach to managing them. We also answer some submitted questions. (Don’t forget to submit any questions you want answered in future podcasts/videos!)
August 08, 2015
Crazy 2 Calm With Melinda King
In this podcast episode I interview Naturopath Melinda King about her stress management program Crazy 2 Calm, and we chat about her recent New York trip where she explored healthy restaurants, attended a seminar by Gabby Bernstein, Spirit Junkie and generally had a good time. Podcast Breakdown: 0:55 A bit about Melinda and her personal health journey and how she got into Naturopathy. 6:23 What has Melinda been getting up to lately? She discusses her New York trip and her mission to find healthy places to eat while there. 12:18 Melinda talks about her experience attending the Gabby Bernstein - Spirit Junkie seminar. 15:54 How Melinda developed the ideas for her Crazy 2 Calm program with a 'Think Week' in Bali. 18:26 A bit more about the Crazy 2 Calm program 19:44 Step 1- Unwind 20:26 Step 2 - Nourish 20:52 Step 3 - Breathe 21:12 Step 4 - Accept 21:34 Step 5 - Surrender 22:19 Step 6 - Slow 22:45 Step 7 - Refresh 23:03 Step 8 - Connect 23:22 Step 9 - Love 24:00 Step 10 - Create 27:40 Some of the effects stress can have on our health, in particular the way stress affects our nervous system balance which can impede digestion, hormone health, skin health and more. 31:30 The importance of addressing stress as the root cause of ill health 33:06 The ability to heal from injuries and illnesses is affected by stress 33:41 What do you do when you're too time poor to meditate? 34:42 the 4:2, 6:2 breath as a quick and easy way to pull out of sympathetic nervous system dominance 35:55 How to deal with negative/draining people. 37:19 How to pull yourself out of a bad day. 41:52 Affirmations to get through a bad day and when you feel pressured to be a certain way. 43:50 Why you should set your happiness around gratitude rather than goal achievement 46:55 Stress busting diet 48:51 The importance of blood sugar control for stable mood 50:50 Balanced blood sugar levels for stronger willpower to reduce emotional eating 52:15 Getting on top of the basics: Sleep, stress, whole food diet. 56:08 Our favourite calming herbs 59:28 How to connect with us
July 29, 2015
Ayurvedic Medicine
Ayurvedic Medicine - Podcast #5 I interview Naturopath and Ayurvedic lifestyle consultant Lisa Costa-Bir about Ayurvedic medicine and how she incorporates her knowledge from this into her practice as well as her personal life. Podcast Breakdown: 1.18 A bit about Lisa Costa-Bir, her Indian background and her first experience with Ayurveda in treating her skin condition. 3.24 What is Ayurveda/Ayurvedic medicine? 4.00 The origins of the Ayurvedic word: Life Knowledge 4.43 How does Lisa blend her Ayurvedic knowledge into her Naturopathic practice? 5.22 About the Prakruti, or the individual doshas Vata, Pitta and Kapha 6.30 Want to work out your own prakruti? 8.35 Lisa discusses what dosha she is, a Vata-Kapha and talks a bit more about Vata 9.56 Pitta people often love spicy foods even though it’s not so great for them. 10.36 Kapha people usually love ice cream and other dairy, but its often too damp and mucous promoting for them. 11.04 A bit more about Kapha and Pitta 13.16 Everything that we do in our diet and our lifestyle influences our health: “As is the atom, so is the universe As is the microcosm, so is the macrocosm As is the human mind, so is the cosmic mind”. 13.45 What are the main Ayurvedic teaching Lisa has incorporated into her life personally? Mostly they are around digestive function. 15.30 Food should be body temperature. Spices for Vata and Kapha. 16.10 Combining foods and spices to negate the negative effects of foods. 17.35 Start the morning with a spice mix to get the digestion going. 18.00 Classic ayurvedic recipes Lisa loves: Ginger tea with herbs and spices, 19.40 Golden milk and Benefits of turmeric, plus how to get more benefits out of turmeric such as adding black pepper, fat and using heat. 21.00 Avoid heating honey as it destroys the ‘vitality’ of the honey 22.30 How to look after your spices 23.20 Chai tea 24.00 Spice milk 21.19 The benefits of dates: A rejuvenating tonic, also known as rasayana which is often consumed after giving birth or after intercourse 25.00 Some health and lifestyle techniques that have their origins from Ayurveda such as self massage with sesame oil (great for all the constitutions) or coconut oil. 27.00 Tongue scraping and tongue diagnosis 29.17 Oil pulling 30.20 Seasonal eating 32.45 Some dessert ideas for winter 33.47 Dahl for breakfast? Yes! 34.45 Other techniques to adjust to the season: oil massage for the body and hair 35.25 Pranayama: A series of breathing exercises, a great way to start and/or finish the day. 36.10 Practise the breathing exercise along with Lisa. 38.00 We discuss our favourite Ayurvedic herbs: Shatavari, Ginger and Tribulus for Lisa, Holy Basil and Withania for me. 40.35 How to get in contact with Lisa.
July 20, 2015
Stress and the Nervous System
It’s time for podcast number four, and in this one I talk with fellow naturopath Laura Burton from about stress, neurotransmitter health, adrenal health, ways to deal with and reduce stress via diet and lifestyle techniques. Want to subscribe to get podcasts automatically? You can do that here: Podcast Breakdown: 4:27 What have Laura and I been up to? Laura has been busy with her Tea Club and clinic life, and I have been busy in the clinic as well. I also have the Stress Talk coming up this Saturday at Windsor. 5:50 Stress has a big impact on our everyday life and it can be difficult to recognise stress because it comes in so many different forms. Sneaky stress! 7:00 The impact of over-exercising or the wrong forms of exercise on stress and adrenal health. 8:22 Stress impacts on nervous system balance. 8:54 The sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. 9:24 Serotonin 10:45 Histamine 12:52 GABA 14:14 Dopamine 14:46 Adenosine 15:26 Laura talks about diet and nutrients for neurotransmitter and mood health 17:30 Digestive health is important in neurotransmitter health because we need to be able to breakdown our foods to absorb the nutrients required for neurotransmitter production 18:22 Vitamin C and other nutrients required for neurotransmitters and adrenal health 21:28 Iron supplementation risks, haemochromatosis and anxiety 22:40 Laura sums up how a balanced diet can usually provide the variety of 22:11 Adrenal health: How norepinephrine and epinephrine work in the body, and why high cortisol can impede muscle gain from exercise. Chronic stress can suppress out immune system and reduce our ability to heal from injuries. 24:50 Adrenal fatigue symptoms we’d look for in clinic. 26:36 Saliva testing for adrenal fatigue 28:00 Diet and lifestyle ways to deal with adrenal fatigue 29:29 Hugs for relieving stress! 30:39 Meditation increases dopamine and serotonin 31:09 Mindfulness, meditation and breathing exercises. One moment meditation video can be found here: 35:29 Changing our mindset and ways of thinking 37:43 Gratitude practice 40:31 Our favourite stress herbs
July 08, 2015
I talk to Naturopath Hayley Stockbridge ( about digestion and answer some questions which cover reflux, constipation, children's stomach pain, bloating and gluten intolerance. Podcast Breakdown 3:57 What is a normal bowel movement? 6:50 Question 1: I've had GORD ever since I can remember, I'm on Nexium and I take metamucil. I still get the occasional bit of reflux but mostly it's controlled with the medication. I don't want to stay on it because I don't want to rely of a medication. I also get diarrhoea every week or so that's watery, explosive and smelly and really urgent and uncomfortable, and I'm frequently bloated. Is any of this connected and what do you suggest I do about it? 9:05 Diet for reflux, food intolerances. 9:40 The importance of easing of PPI medications slowly. 11:00 Reflux often due to a structural/mechanical issue, but this doesn't mean you're doomed. 12:50 Testing and avenues to look at for assessing causes of reflux, most common food triggers of reflux. 14:15 Question 2: I feel bloated and grumpy whenever I eat bread, but my GP said I'm not celiac so I can eat as much wheat as I want. I don't get it though, why am I getting these feelings if I'm ok with bread? 15:00 Non celiac gluten intolerance including fructose mal-absorption 18:34 The general overconsumption of wheat and gluten containing foods and the issues with processing of wheat 22:40 It's advisable to rule out celiac disease, as knowing this will determine how much gluten you can tolerate. 24:00 Sourdough may be an option for people sensitive to wheat as the fermentation breaks down some of the gluten and gliadin 25:45 Gluten free products are not always better for you 26:45 Experiment to find out what foods work best for you 27:55 Question 3: Help for constipation please! I have been taking movicol for about 5 yrs now. I go to the toilet once a day, but if i don't take movicol I go once a week. I don't like relying on it, but I don't know what else I can do. Hayley and I discuss some common approaches to supporting constipation and diet for good bowel movements. 30:29 Papaya vs Pawpaw 33:00 Probiotics 34:40 Apple cider vinegar benefits 36:00 Dandelion coffee/tea 37:00 Manual work for constipation 37:25 The importance of exercise for healthy bowel movements 38:57 Toilet time - make time each morning to train your bowels to go at that time, and don't suppress the urge to go when you need to. 39:50 Our yoga efforts. 41:00 Question 4: My 4 year old daughter frequently complains of stomach pains, I'm always at the doctors with her trying to find out what it is but they can't find anything. It can be really upsetting for her, and sometimes she's doubled up and crying with the pain. We eat well, but she always has a runny nose and this stomach pain is very concerning. She started preschool last year and seems to get sick all the time, I'm worried about how she'll go at school with this stomach pain. She used to go to the toilet every 3-4 days, and even though this is considered normal the doctors gave her parachoc to try and help in case this is causing the pain, now she does go to the toilet easily (although it's very lose) . Is there anything else I can do for her? 46:00 Infant massage for stomach pain 47:15 Our favourite digestion herbs
June 30, 2015
Reasons for Fatigue
Today I talk about reasons for fatigue. Energy problems can affect everyone and they come in all different variations - ranging from general sleepiness to chronic fatigue syndrome. A lot of people experience fatigue and don't know why, so I want to go into some different reasons for fatigue and share a bit of information about how I would Podcast breakdown: 2:30 Mitochondria - The powerhouse of your cells, where energy is made. The health and quantity of our mitochrondria determine our ability to make energy, and they can they are susceptible to oxidative damage, and can be depleted by certain nutritional deficiencies. 5:22 Inflammation, particularly chronic inflammation can affect energy and cause other imbalance. 7:40 Andropause, also known as male menopause 8:16 Some tips on reducing chronic inflammation 9:14 Stress is a major cause of fatigue, usually presenting in the form of adrenal exhaustion of HPA Axis dysfunction. 11:28 Thyroid problems are another major cause of fatigue, especially hypothyroidism. 13:36 Nutritional deficiencies that can cause fatigue, Iron, B vitamins, magnesium, zinc 16:12 Certain medications can affect energy levels 16:46 Inadequate exercise can cause fatigue, but this isn't always straightforward 18:27 The wrong diet - not enough food, too much food, or the wrong type of food for you. 20:39 Sleep. Most of us aren't getting enough, or it can be an issue with the quality of sleep. I discuss some tips on sleep hygiene. 23:00 Sleep apnoea 23:40 Shift work 26:30 Obesity and fatigue 28:57 The importance of gut health; gut problems can cause fatigue as well. 30:00 Toxicity affects the mitochrondria- what is toxicity, where does it come from, how can you identify if you're toxic? 31:13 What do you do if you've been tired for a long time and you don't know why? Start by working out a timeline. If you can't do this because the fatigue has been going on for such a long time then testing may be helpful. There are several different types of testing available, but you may not need to do all of them. 33:00 Some tips for reducing inflammation and improving energy through diet 34:30 Depression is a common cause of fatigue. 35:29 My favourite herbs for energy
June 24, 2015
Thyroid Health
I talk to Naturopath Lisa Costa-Bir ( about thyroid health. We discuss the prevalence of sub-clinical thyroid problems, some common symptoms you experience with a thyroid disorder, links between thyroid, stress and depression, thyroid and cholesterol and also the way thyroid health can change during and after pregnancy. Podcast breakdown: 1:30 The prevalence of thyroid conditions; sub clinical thyroid problems are frequently going undiagnosed and taking into consideration more factors than just blood test results, the rate of thyroid problems (hypothyroidism in particular) would likely be much higher. TSH alone is not enough. 3:50 TSH can be artificially suppressed. 4:30 Reverse T3 6:15 Causes of elevated thyroid antibodies 7:47 Foods Lisa recommends for people with thyroid disorders 10:45 Wheat and thyroid 12:00 Soy and thyroid 14:14 Nutrients for the thyroid and how thyroid problems can cause reduced absorption of nutrients 16:35 Look the adrenals and stress first 18:38 Oestrogen, progesterone, PMT and thyroid 20:43 Thyroid medications - You need nutrients for it to work properly 22:00 Iodine and the building blocks for thyroid hormones 23:40 Vitamin D 25:30 Thyroid and Iodine in Preconception, Pregnancy and Post-Partum 30:22 Thyroid and Depression 31:26 Thyroid and Cholesterol 34:30 How long does it take to improve thyroid function? 35:35 Sleep for thyroid 37:44 Basal body temperature and salt in the morning 38:20 Our favourite thyroid herbs
June 15, 2015