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The Harvey Weinstein Trial: Unfiltered

The Harvey Weinstein Trial: Unfiltered

By The Unreported Story Society
Harvey Weinstein is on trial in New York for the rape and sexual assault of two women in what has been called the trial of the century. Celebrity accusers including Gwyneth Paltrow and Rose McGowan have launched the #MeToo movement by claiming Weinstein has harassed or sexually assaulted dozens of women. Ronan Farrow has exposed many of the allegations against Weinstein but is there enough evidence to convict him? The Harvey Weinstein Trial: Unfiltered is a compelling daily podcast from journalists Phelim McAleer & Ann McElhinney that will reveal the truth behind this groundbreaking case.
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Trailer: Introducing "The Harvey Weinstein Trial: Unfiltered" | A New Daily Podcast

The Harvey Weinstein Trial: Unfiltered

Ep. 22 | Harvey Weinstein's Sentencing: 23 Years In Prison
On Wednesday the Harvey Weinstein trial finally came to a close as Weinstein was sentenced to 23 years in prison for rape and sexual assault.  Weinstein was convicted last month for sexually assaulting Mimi Haleyi and for raping Jessica Mann.  Before today's sentencing, Weinstein was facing up to 29 years in prison. The defense sought a small sentence of only five years and argued that Weinstein would be unable to survive in prison no longer than five years.  Additionally, the defense argued that Weinstein had already faced significant financial and personal losses due to the trial.  Weinstein will likely serve his sentence in Rikers Island jail in New York. Listen to this exciting (and final) episode of the Weinstein Trial Unfiltered as Harvey Weinstein is sentenced to prison. If you enjoyed this podcast series, please check out our weekly podcast called "The Ann & Phelim Scoop."  You can access the podcast here: On our weekly podcast we cover unreported stories, politics, culture, and current events.  You'll also meet our cats Top Cat and Scaredy Cat who were unable to join us in New York for the Weinstein Trial.  We hope you'll continue being an avid listener!  Thank you for making the The Harvey Weinstein Trial: Unfiltered a success - Ann & Phelim
March 12, 2020
Ep. 21 | The Verdict
Finally -  a verdict in the case against Harvey Weinstein. But first there was discussion about  a mysterious letter received by the court claiming serious jury misbehavior. Is it true? Was it a prank?  Then the  jury presented their verdict  to the court - Weinstein was found guilty on two counts: criminal sexual assault and rape in the third degree. He was found not guilty of predatory sexual assault and rape in the first degree, the more serious charges. Weinstein was then taken away in handcuffs to prison. He will be sentenced on March 11.
February 25, 2020
Ep. 20 | The Jury Deliberates
In this special episode of The Harvey Weinstein Trial: Unfiltered, we recap some of the recent developments as the jury decides on a verdict. The jury has said they are deadlocked on two of the charges. They have been deliberating for almost a week and the judge has sent them back to continue considering a verdict. They gave no indication what their verdict would be in the other three charges. We expect a verdict as soon as this afternoon. In this episode we clarify the complex charges against Weinstein. We also discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the prosecution's case and what a possible verdict might look like.
February 24, 2020
Ep. 19 | The Gag Order
It was supposed to be a quiet day in court but the day opened with a bang with the prosecution accusing the defense of witness tampering and the defense demanding a jury member be removed for bias and lying about their bias. Then the jury began deliberating and started questioning the judge about his instructions. They also questioned the charges and combination of charges they are being asked to decide on. Has the judge helped tor added to their confusion? There were a lot of accusations flying and the judge put a media gag order on the defense. And then the jury left the room for the second time and we await the verdict. If you're enjoying this series, please consider giving a tax-deductible donation at
February 19, 2020
Ep. 18 | Dr. Elizabeth Loftus Discusses NYU's Decision To Cancel Her Distinguished Lecture
As there was no court on Monday - this special episode features an exclusive interview with Dr. Elizabeth Loftus, an expert witness for the Harvey Weinstein defense team. Dr. Loftus was recently scheduled to give a Distinguished Lecture at NYU, but the event was abruptly cancelled upon the announcement that she would testify for the defense.  This news came after NYU had purchased airline tickets.  According to Loftus, the plans had been in place for a long time. Dr. Loftus has asked several times but as yet no reason has been given for the cancellation. Dr. Loftus believes it is because she was expert witness for the Weinstein team. She discusses her disappointment with NYU's action as well as the importance of having free and open discussions on college campuses around the country. Is this another case of cancel culture? Harvard recently removed a professor from an internal post after students protested when he announced he was joining the Weinstein legal team.  If you're enjoying this series, please consider giving a tax-deductible donation at
February 18, 2020
Ep. 17 | The Master Of His Universe
The prosecution lashes into Harvey Weinstein in their closing arguments. Assistant District Attorney Joan Illuzzi-Osborn describes him as "Master of His Universe" with all the "hallmarks of a predator," 'The universe is run by me and they don't get to complain when they get stepped on, spit on, demoralized and, yes, raped and abused by me - the king," she said claiming this was Weinstein's thinking.  But has she produced enough evidence for the prosecution to find him guilty?  Listen to the podcast to make up your own mind.   The jury will decide soon. If you're enjoying this series, please consider giving a tax-deductible donation at
February 15, 2020
Ep. 16 | A Call From Ronan Farrow
On Thursday the jury heard the defense's closing argument.  It lasted all day with attorney Donna Rotunno arguing that movie producer Harvey Weinstein is the target of a movement and that the jury is the last ling of defense against an overzealous media.  Rotunno argued that accuser Annabella Sciorra relabelled a "crazy" consensual encounter and become a part of a movement to boost her flagging career.  Rotunno also reminded the jury that Sciorra originally denied being attacked by Weinstein when she was asked by Ronan Farrow in 2017.  She also attacked the credibility of Jessica Mann, one of Weinstein's main accusers, saying that the former aspiring actress "reframes" her positive emails and interactions for the jury.  Rotunno further argued that in the emails between Mann and Weinstein, Weinstein showed himself to be a kind and caring friend to Mann.  She added that in all the email traffic between him and his accusers there is no suggestion that he assaulted any of the women - all the emails are friendly. If you're enjoying this series, please consider giving a tax-deductible donation at
February 14, 2020
Ep. 15 | The Defense Rests
The defense rested their case yesterday in the Harvey Weinstein trial. They did not put up the defense they promised as a number of witnesses failed to appear. It was a short but exciting day in court as it seemed that Harvey Weinstein wanted to testify and the court went into recess while Weinstein consulted with his attorneys.  Ultimately, they took the decision that he should not take the stand. A spokesman said Harvey Weinstein made the decision reluctantly.  The last person to take the witness stand for the defense was Thomas Richards.  Richards is a friend of Jessica Mann who testified that Mann was friendly with Weinstein shortly a few hours after she says she was raped by him. Richards was staying with Mann in the hotel in New York where the alleged rape took place.  He testified Weinstein asked her to stay another night and she agreed with no indication that she was in distress at the time. If you're enjoying this series, please consider giving a tax-deductible donation at
February 12, 2020
Ep. 14 | Harvey Weinstein: My Spiritual Soulmate
Claudia Salinas, an actress, model and Instagram influencer took the witness stand today and denied the claims by Weinstein accuser Lauren Young.  Young said that Salinas had lured and trapped her in a hotel bathroom so that she could be sexually assaulted by the movie producer . She told the court on Monday, "that never happened."  Salinas testified that she had never been to the hotel room where the alleged assault occurred. She also told her version of a number of incidents which Lauren Young alleged ended in sexual assault. Salinas contradicted Mann on a number of key points. Who will the jury believe? Another one of Monday's witnesses was Talita Maia who is a former friend and roommate of Weinstein accuser Jessica Mann.  She testified Weinstein was in a relationship with Mann and that she did not witness arguing or conflict on the night Mann claims she was assaulted.  Maia testified that she never heard Mann speak poorly of Weinstein and in fact claims Mann once described him as her "spiritual soulmate."  Mann is one of the main accusers against Weinstein. If you're enjoying this series, please consider giving a tax-deductible donation at
February 11, 2020
Ep. 13 | Bad Memories
Today the defense called a memory expert who famously exposed the fake Satanic abuse cases in California in the 80s.  Dr Elizabeth Loftus is a cognitive psychologist who argues that people can become more vulnerable to post event information like media reports and questioning by police that will effect and shape their recollections of the events.  Her testimony includes explanations that could undermine the veracity of some of the accusers accounts.   It's a very controversial theory . . . but so was prior testimony from Dr. Barbara Ziv.  We give you the audio of both so you can decide for yourself. There was also a kerfuffle in court today over defense attorney Donna Rotunno's interview with the New York Times podcast, The Daily, where she made some controversial remarks about the complainants.  Have a listen to hear her explanation for seemingly disobeying the judges orders. If you're enjoying this series, please consider giving a tax-deductible donation at
February 08, 2020
Ep. 12 | The Sex Addict?
The Defense calls for a dismissal of all the charges as the Prosecution rests. The judge is less than impressed. A defense witness talks about a "dog pile of actresses" and claims a friend who claimed rape had actually told him about a consensual encounter. Hear the same witness defend Harvey Weinstein and how the work he did that justified a $50 thousand check from the Weinstein Company. If you're enjoying this series, please consider giving a tax-deductible donation at
February 07, 2020
Ep. 11 | "This is what all actresses do to make it."
The final accuser of Harvey Weinstein testified in court today.  Her name is Lauren Young and she is one of the witnesses  testifying so the prosecution can show a history of predatory sexual abuses. Young alleges that in 2013 she was enticed into his hotel room by a woman she thought was her friend and that Weinstein then cornered her in a bathroom before sexually assaulting her.  Weinstein allegedly said: “How am I going to know if you can act?” and “This is what all actresses do to make it.”  According to Young, she thought she was visiting Weinstein to discuss a script and followed him to a hotel room upstairs because he said he had to get ready for an awards event involving Quentin Tarantino.   Ms Young also made bizarre claims about Harvey Weinstein's genitalia. One witness said the movie producer was intersex whilst Ms. Young said he appeared to be deformed. The jury were required to look at drawing she did of Mr Weinstein's genitalia. Harvey Weinstein denies all the charges. If you're enjoying this series, please consider giving a tax-deductible donation at
February 06, 2020
Ep. 10 | The Big Picture
The big question at the end of today's trial was - Was the jury shown naked pictures of Harvey Weinstein and did the pictures confirm Jessica Mann's description of him being intersex and disfigured? That came at the end of eventful day where we heard from the third person in the Harvey Weinstein threesome and Jessica Mann who also took part. Jessica took the stand again on Tuesday after her Monday testimony was cut short when the judge found her inconsolable from crying. Weinstein's defense completed the cross-examination of Mann which included more details about Weinstein and Mann's relationship. The defense aimed to paint Mann as a manipulative liar who used her relationship with Weinstein to further her acting career and gain access to exclusive Hollywood events. Weinstein invited Mann to Oscar parties and Mann regularly enjoyed the perks of her relationship with the movie producer. Also testifying today was Italian actress Emanuela Postacchini who testified that Harvey Weinstein "manipulated" her and Jessica Mann into a failed threesome in Beverley Hills in 2013. Postracchini testified that the movie producer tried to orchestrate a threesome, instructing the women to engage with each other sexually.  According to Postracchini, Mann instead broke down into tears and laid down on the floor in the fetal position. If you're enjoying this series, please consider giving a tax-deductible donation at
February 05, 2020
Ep. 9 | Meet The Parents
It was the most dramatic day so far in the Harvey Weinstein trial.  Yesterday, we heard more from key witness and Weinstein accuser Jessica Mann as she was cross-examined by the defense.  The defense brought up a series of friendly emails between Mann and Weinstein and she was forced to defend her own words and tone.  She also gave another graphic recount of a sexual encounter with Weinstein. She claims it was abusive and therefore not consensual. At one point, Mann even sent Weinstein a friendly email asking him to meet her mother.  This was used by the defense to further question her claims.  The cross-examination further revealed that Mann saw Weinstein the day after her alleged rape and helped celebrate Weinstein's birthday.  Mann's testimony finished when she broke down and the judge decided that the testimony should resume Tuesday.  Listen to the dramatic reenactment of the courtroom highlights in this thrilling new episode. If you're enjoying this series, please consider giving a tax-deductible donation at
February 04, 2020
Ep. 8 | A Harmless Old Man?
Today's testimony from Weinstein accuser Jessica Mann is very graphic and very bizarre.  It was one of the strangest court testimonies we have heard in our 25 years covering court. It was full of wild allegation and graphic descriptions of body parts and personal hygiene. Mann says she met Weinstein in 2012 or 2013 when she was an aspiring actress.  Mann's relationship with Weinstein was revealed to be complicated and was often  consensual according to Mann.  After the alleged rape, she went on to date Weinstein and according to Mann, he would call her whenever he "needed a fix."  When Mann recounts the alleged rape, she goes into graphic detail, at one point even says she thought at one point that Weinstein lacked proper male genitalia or was intersex.  Mann also testified that her relationship with Weinstein was mentally abusive and that “he was like Jekyll and Hyde.” Will the jury believe that she continued to contact her rapist or will then believe the defense which is claiming she was always in a consensual relationship? If you're enjoying this series, please consider giving a tax-deductible donation at
February 01, 2020
Ep. 7 | I Come From a Land Down Under
In today's testimony we heard from several  witnesses who were brought to bolster the claims of the testimony from Dawn Dunning and Tarale Wulff.  We first heard from Australian Lincoln Davies, the former fiance of Dawn Dunning. Davies explains how they were invited to lavish parties through Dunning's connection to Weinstein.  He also recounts Dunning's shock when Weinstein allegedly asked her for a threesome. However his testimony came under attack when he said he couldn't remember the year or even the time of the year of the alleged incident.  He further revealed that she had not told him about the very serious sexual assault that she says had occurred before this meeting where she alleges Harvey Weinstein put his hand violently up her skirt - in a hotel suite in Manhattan. Then we heard from Mauricio Ferrigno who was the manager of Cipriani's Upstairs lounge where Tarale Wulff was a cocktail waitress. She says she was led upstairs by Weinstein in the restaurant to a darkened terrace strewn with building materials where she alleges he assaulted her. He said he saw them on the stairs but saw nothing untoward. If you're enjoying this series, please consider giving a tax-deductible donation at
January 31, 2020
Ep. 6 | What Do Uma, Charlize & Salma Have In Common?
Yesterday's testimony was full of celebrity mentions including Uma Thurman, Charlize Theron, and Salma Hayek.  It began with Dawn Dunning - another Weinstein accuser.  Dunning met Weinstein nearly two decades ago when she was a waitress and aspiring actress. Dunning alleges that Weinstein sexually assaulted her.  After the assault, Dunning says she still went for a meeting with the movie producer and that claims that Weinstein offered her a lucrative contract for three movies if she agreed to a threesome with his assistant.  When Dunning declined, she said Weinstein became angry, "You’ll never make it in this business! This is how the industry works!” He apparently screamed that this is how Uma Thurman, Charlize Theron, and Salma Hayek all got their big breaks.   Another accuser of Weinstein's testified yesterday.  Tarale Wulff  says Weinstein masturbated in front of her at a New York club when she was a waitress. After this incident, Wulff was called to do a script reading with Weinstein.  She says it was then that he  raped her.  While being cross-examined, Wulff admits that there are many gaps in her memory about the alleged rape. If you're enjoying this series, please consider giving a tax-deductible donation at
January 30, 2020
Ep. 5 | Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad . . . Chihuahua?
Today's testimony is short but compelling and it comes from Elizabeth Entin, a friend of Weinstein accuser Mimi Haleyi. Entin is a former roommate of Haleyi and she described how Haleyi told her that Weinstein forced oral sex on her.  She also told the court that she advised Haleyi to speak to a lawyer after the alleged assault but she declined. Entin also explained how Haleyi told her  that  Weinstein barged into her apartment and pestered her inviting her to Paris as his guest. However her chihuahua, Peanut, was chasing Weinstein around the apartment and according to Entin the 300 pound movie producer was afraid of the dog and he left the apartment abruptly. Weinstein disagreed and told a courtroom reporter as he left the building ,“Do I look like I would be frightened of a chihuahua?" Also in today's episode, we give you an inside look at the twelve jurors who will be evaluating the evidence against Weinstein.  The jury is diverse in background and includes a woman who is a writer with an upcoming novel that describes relations between young women and “predatory” older men. Defense lawyers, who were out of challenges, argued that she should not serve because she had not revealed details about her book in her questionnaire. If you enjoy this podcast, please send your tax-deductible gift to The Unreported Story Society at
January 29, 2020
Ep. 4 | Lots Of Love, Miriam
This is one of the most important days of the Harvey Weinstein trial. He is finally facing an accuser who is part of the actual criminal case against him. Actress Annabella Sciorra made allegations but he is not being charged with those offenses - they are being used to bolster the case against him. Former Project Runaway production assistant, Miriam Haley took the stand to accuse Weinstein of sexually assaulting her in his SoHo apartment. Her description of the attack was graphic and she cried whilst recounting the alleged assault. However will the jury believe her? Will they find Weinstein guilty? Miriam Hayley's story was undermined by Weinstein's defense team when she admitted accepting gifts and airline tickets and having consensual sex with him after she says he sexually assaulted her. The Defense also produced loving emails from Hayley to Weinstein - written after the alleged attack. She even pitched a TV series to her alleged attacker. What will the jury decide? If you're enjoying this series, please consider giving a tax-deductible donation at
January 28, 2020
Ep. 3 | Rosie Perez vs. Harvey Weinstein
Day 3 of the Harvey Weinstein trial was filled with drama and surprises!  And there was another celebrity witness today with the appearance of Oscar nominated actor Rosie Perez - she was the witness who almost didn't appear. The defense fought to keep her out of the courtroom but the prosecution argued just as vociferously that the jury should hear her evidence. Her evidence was damaging for Weinstein in that it backed up some of Annabella Sciorra's testimony from the previous day. Dr. Barbara Ziv, a forensic psychiatrist, also gave evidence. She was called by the prosecution to explain to the jury why Weinstein's alleged victims would continue contact or have friendly or even romantic relationships with the defendant even though they had been raped by him. Her theories are controversial and it remains to be seen whether the jury will be convinced by Dr Ziv. And just at the end of the day there was another celebrity witness. Kara Young, a former New York model, gave evidence. Young's major claim to fame was that she dated a Mr Donald Trump for two years in the late nineties. She told the court that when at an Oscar watching party in March 1994 she notice Annabella was acting strangely and was jittery and that there were long cuts on her upper thighs and that she asked Sciorra if she had been cutting herself. The testimony from Day 3 is quite compelling and we hope you enjoy the third installment in our series.  If you enjoy this podcast, please send your tax-deductible gift to the Unreported Story Society at
January 25, 2020
Ep. 2 | Her Truth vs. The Truth
On the second day of the trial against Harvey Weinstein, actress Annabella Sciorra, known for her role as "Gloria Trillo" in The Sopranos, gave evidence claiming she was raped by the movie mogul in the early 90's (although she cant remember which exact year). Sciorra is not part of this case against Weinstein as her allegations fall outside New York State's statute of limitations but she has been brought to testify against Weinstein to show a "pattern" of predatory behavior. Sciorra's testimony is graphic and she alleges that Weinstein forced himself into her home and raped her.  After the encounter, she alleges that Weinstein told her not to tell anyone what happened.  But under cross examination Sciorra admitted that she worked on the Weinstein movie Cop Land after the alleged rape.  Are Sciorra's accusations credible?  Decide for yourself as you listen to veteran Hollywood voice actors as they recreate the courtroom for you in the second episode of The Harvey Weinstein Trial: Unfiltered. If you're enjoying this series, please consider giving a tax-deductible donation at
January 24, 2020
Harvey Weinstein
Is Harvey Weinstein a rapist? Many have already made up their minds, but compelling evidence from the defense could prove otherwise. In the opening day of the trial, we hear statements from the prosecution and the defense. The prosecution argues that Harvey Weinstein is a sexual predator and a rapist. They paint a picture of a man who used his star power to abuse young women and in one case, the prosecution alleges he raped a 27-year old aspiring actress. The defense paints a much different picture. In their opening remarks, they revealed emails between Weinstein and the some of the complainants that showed friendly romantic relationships. The evidence includes texts and emails -- one of which even reads, "I love you, I always do. But I hate feeling like a booty call.” In the first episode of The Weinstein Trial: Unfiltered, our team of veteran voice actors will bring the trial to life and give you an inside look at the courtroom using the court transcripts to show you the truth behind the headlines.  With commentary from journalists Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer, we hope you enjoy the first episode of this daily series.  New episodes will be posted daily at If you enjoy this podcast, you can give to the Unreported Story Society at:
January 23, 2020
Trailer: Introducing "The Harvey Weinstein Trial: Unfiltered" | A New Daily Podcast
Harvey Weinstein is on trial in New York for the rape and sexual assault of two women in what has been called the trial of the century. Celebrity accusers including Gwyneth Paltrow and Rose McGowan have launched the #MeToo movement by claiming Weinstein has harassed or sexually assaulted dozens of women. Ronan Farrow has exposed many of the allegations against Weinstein but is there enough evidence to convict him? The Harvey Weinstein Trial: Unfiltered is a unique and compelling daily podcast from journalists Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney that will reveal the truth behind this groundbreaking case.
January 10, 2020