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Where do I learn how to market my business? Should I grow my audience or put my product out into the world first? What social media platform should I focus on? How do I reach more people online? In each episode Megan Lockhart dives into the world of modern marketing through teaching or hosting guest experts.
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28 - Glass ceilings in YOUR own business?

Hello Life Academy

30 - Meet the creators of Trailblazher Magazine
Jan & Erin are a mom and daughter helping to transform the way people see women in the creative rural space.  We talk a lot about modern feminism, supporting new entrepreneurs and shifting the "old" way of thinking when it comes to the rural space. There are SO many talented people in the world - and their new magazines helps to spread the talent. In this interview we get to talk mom and daughter biz things, the new magazine, the rural collective community and some of the talent they feature in their premiere issue.   Make sure you listen, share and tag us on social media. Check out Share on Air if you're looking to create a podcast (Emma Rushton is beyond talented).  Follow us on Instagram: 
November 10, 2020
29 - How to CREATE and stop consuming as a business owner.
We all want to have more eyes on our businesses & it can be easy if you're FOCUSED. Create content on one platform that people can gradually get to know you and your knowledge around the product, services you're offering. If you start with Facebook you can understand the BASICS and the foundation of relationship building online.  In this episode we talk specifically about where you can START with your own marketing instead of trying to do all the things (Pinterest/ Blog/ Podcast/ Tok Tok).  My fave part of this episode is the gentle reminder that you are not a consumer, you are a creator. Create content that is meant for YOUR AUDIENCE to enjoy ;). If you're not sure where to or how to start with this, I give specific ideas on what you can post on your platforms to encourage people to talk, share and eventually buy your stuff!  Find us on Instagram HERE. Facebook HERE.  The place for entrepreneurs who want to expand their business:  Modern Collaboration Society HERE. 
October 21, 2020
28 - Glass ceilings in YOUR own business?
You're only the expert in your industry if you're teaching other people.  In this weeks episode talk about how to create other leaders within your own industry so you can crush all of those goals. If you are holding onto your knowledge you're going to experience the so called 'glass ceiling' instead learn how to collaborate and create other LEADERS within your own industry. The teacher is always the most successful person in business ;).  As always please make sure to leave a review or tag us when you listen on Instagram (HERE), because love notes feel so good xo  What is YOUR glass ceiling? Is it that you're out of time? Can't make more money?  Get on the waitlist for the Modern Collaborate Society because networking doesn't work anymore but collaborating is here to stay. This is the incredible space that will teach you how to collaborate and expand both your life and business.  We talk: Booty Barre by Tracey Mallet (thank you Tracey so much!)  Hire Emma at Share on Air to produce your podcast & share your gifts with the world. Tell her Megan sent you and save some $$. 
October 15, 2020
27 - Top marketing trend you want to do this fall 2020
Marketing your business can be a lot of fun, but if you 'hate' following the trends your business will fall behind 😫. Right now more than ever before planning your marketing is important - you need to REACH people and share your story so they buy from you. During Covid-y times  Opportunity for people in business to say HOW can I move my business forward right now? WHAT can I choose to change? Marketing things ALL come back - just like scrunchies ;) Snail mail will come back, old school ways of building relationships - actually picking UP the phone and talking to people - is going to be more important.  Podcast recorded by: Emma with Share on Air, make sure you mention Hello Life Academy for a special discount when you hire her (because she's incredible!)  P.s We've got something AMAZING to help entrepreneurs all around understand modern marketing & collaborations. It's time to  increase your visibility - without spending a ton of money, be the first to find out about our society HERE. 
October 9, 2020
26 - Tiny Home Living Quick fire questions
I get a ton of questions about Tiny Home living, so we decided to get YOU all to send in questions (send a voice message or email to and I will answer them. In this episode we had questions from landscaping to POOP (yup!)  Make sure if you like it you leave a review on apple podcast, or tag us on Instagram HERE when you listen so we can share and celebrate YOUR business too! (Re-shares are the #beesknees for small businesses) xo  When you do it's like the good old days when your mom cut the skin off the apples and put them in your lunch 😆✌🏻 
October 1, 2020
25 - Suck at SELLING? Not after this xo
If you keep telling people they can "have it for free", you've got a hobby not a business. It's OKAY to charge for your services (even to your family members!) but there's simple things to do that can help you step into that. When I first started my business I couldn't even charge $10 because I felt BAD about asking for money, fast forward a few years and I can easily ask for $10 or $10,000.  In this episode I give you some seriously awesome tips to start stepping into being a SALES person even if you currently suck at sales ;)   Make sure to snap a pic or screenshot of you listening and tag us on INSTAGRAM HERE. Don't be shy - send me a message on facebook HERE.  Looking at releasing a podcast? Our producer and sponsor  Share on Air is the best, click HERE and tell Emma I sent you and get the HLA promo price. 
September 28, 2020
24 - Breaking patterns of unworthiness with Bobbie Cochrane
"I keep getting fired!"  "I keep dating the same kind of people" " Why can't I make more money in my business?" - These are all quick little sentences that stem from not feeling WORTHY enough.  Patterns in our life come up in love, business, parenting, health ....and so many other things.  Bobbie Cochrane has a master’s degree in counselling psychology, is a registered social worker, certified life coach and also specializes in hypnotherapy. Her years of experience in both organizations and institutions and her own private practice have given her a wealth of knowledge for helping you approach your unique situation.  Find Bobbie here, on Instagram HERE.  Make sure you leave a review or send us a message if this episode resonates with you. 
September 22, 2020
23 - My tiny home adventure (short but sweet!)
What was tiny home living like? Why did I chose to go tiny?  What was my BIGGEST lesson? How do you TRUST your gut?  Are you listening to too many outside influences?  Make sure to leave review on iTunes & take a screenshot when you listen and tag us #hellolifeacademy - Megan xo 
September 17, 2020
22 - Are you giving away TOO MUCH for FREE in your business?
I love talking about opt-ins, freebies and value adds - but sometimes as creative entrepreneurs we feel like all we are doing is giving and not making any money! If you struggle with giving away too many 'freebies' or 'samples' listen to this episode to hear how you can quickly make a shift and start charging what you want! 
May 11, 2020
21 - How to share your story so that it impacts others with guest Jilliane Yawney.
Jilliane Yawney is a narrative coach who empowers entrepreneurs and business owners to share their Core Stories™. A TEDx speaker coach and founder of A Narrative Approach, Jilliane has worked with Shark Tank winners, board game creators, and multi-national real estate managers to change lives and grow brands. For twenty years, Jilliane has supported over 1000 people in the transformative art of storytelling. Jilliane frequently shares her story and offers her expertise on radio & podcasts including CBC Radio, the Entrepreneur Motivation Podcast, and The Fast Track Entrepreneur Podcast. She is thrilled to be guest Megan Lockhart's Hello Life Academy Podcast.  Jilliane’s own Origin Story was published in Worn Fashion Journal. During her career in non-profit and management, Jilliane applied storytelling to strategic communications, confidence building, and sales. Jilliane has an Associates degree and BFA in performing arts and she wrote her Master’s thesis on the role of storytelling in education. She lives in Calgary, Alberta with her partner and their two cats.
May 2, 2020
20 - Fake it until you make it? What is it about Imposter Syndrome?
Meet Doctor Emee Vida Estacio, author and expert when it comes to all things 'Imposter Syndrome'. Have you ever thought "I don't really know what I'm doing" or "someone else is better at this than I am?" - if yes, listen to this episode! We have a real open and honest conversation about the stages of not feeling good enough and how we can shift it. 
April 16, 2020
19 - Guest Kamini chats co-dependcy
If you ever feel like you're always searching for GOLD stars, listen up! Author & expert Kamini Wood teaches us how to re-set the patterns so we can show up as our unique selves and have healthier relationships in life and business. Her book OM: Life’s Gentle Reminders is a compilation of short inspirational stories that come from taking time to stop and pays attention to the daily reminders that are all around us.
April 8, 2020
18 - OlnaLife owner and founder Naomi Kerr joins us to talk about giving back to the vulnerable
Naomi has a heart the size of the moon - she's giving, loving and has created a company that provides so much to the world. She is a mother, wife, daughter and passionate entrepreneur. If you are ever searching for a way to give back reach out and find OlnaLife online.
March 26, 2020
17 - Figure out what you don't want in life to get what you want with guest Gina Brogan
If you are feeling frustrated in your relationships, business & life listen to this episode. Gina Brogan and I talk about how this all comes down to feeling WORTHY. She walks us through an exercise that will help you get more clear every day so you can release the pressure of feeling confused & step into living a life you feel excited about. It's not about figuring out what you do want, it's about discovering what you absolutely DON'T want ;) xo
March 20, 2020
16 - Unravel
After reading Stephenie's book - "Unravel" I knew I had to talk to her. She talks about the death of her boyfriend, losing a successful business - and starting over in her early 30s. Together in this episode we talk about digging into healing, and trusting your own journey. If you have experienced ANYTHING in your life - listening to Stephenie's interview will help you in some capacity - and I mean that xo
February 26, 2020
15 - Marie Forleo and I chat all about her life changing program Bschool.
Spending time with Marie Forleo talking all things Bschool was a dream come true. She has helped over 55,000 entrepreneurs step into the online space, and every year she offers her free training and opens up Bschool so that the world can keep creating and serving millions xo She teaches creative entrepreneurs how to stand out, how to captivate their audiences, and how to create a business they love. Thank you so much to Marie Forleo for taking the time to chat with me xo If you have any questions about joining Bschool - make sure you send our team a message we have an incredible Bonus! xo
February 9, 2020
14 - The simple process for making decisions as an entrepreneur.
Everyday as an entrepreneur we are faced with a hundred and one decisions. From what social media platforms to use to who can I hire for support? For some of us all of these decisions in our heads can STOP us from making any progress. Our plate gets so full and nothing gets done (uh oh!) In this episode I chat how to move your decisions into a YES or NO so you can focus on the growth in your company.
January 22, 2020
13 - Quitting is not failing, with author Tammy Plunkett.
I sit down with author Tammy Plunkett to talk about letting things go in our life and business without feeling like a failure. Our conversation talks about letting coaches go, trusting your own decsisions and releasing the pressure of doing the same thing for years. It's time to take the pom poms off ladies, let go of the hustle!
January 17, 2020
12 - How to generate more sales online!
If your sales have stalled you don't have a product problem you have an audience problem. This week I give you specifics on how to build up your audience so you can increase your sales & visibility. Leave a review, follow and subscribe - we love ya! xo
January 13, 2020
11 - Two must have apps for every business owner
Want to make your social media content stand out without hiring an expensive graphic designer or content creator - get these two apps! In this episode I talk about the apps we are using and what we are leaving behind going into 2020. Read more on the blog and get the shownotes
January 10, 2020
10-How to make your heart sing again through travel & leadership with guest Melissa mackey
Melissa Mackey is passionate about helping women all over the world create real connections that happen OFFLINE through travel. We had an amazing conversation about women, connection and being an amazing leader for your team. Find more information on the website & make sure you share this episode to inspire another woman.
January 6, 2020
#09 - Entering into a Saturated market as a business owner! Meet the owner of Arrow it forward
She entered into the market KNOWING it was saturated *aka there’s a heck of a lot of candles out there* but she stood apart from the rest with unique names and an authentic voice. I can't wait for you to listen to my interview with the owner of Arrow it Forward.
January 2, 2020
#08 - The big D! I sit down and chat with divorce Lawyer Leanne Townsend.
Divorce, it's not something we always want to think about when starting our marriage or businesses - but it happens! In this episode I spent time chatting with the incredible Leanne Townsend. Our conversation is light, and full of resources for every woman who is running her own business. Whether you are going through a seperation or know someone who is - listen to this! She talks how to start, what to think about and why having a lawyer versus listening to your great aunt Linda is a good idea ;) Leanne is a partner with Brauti Thorning LLP. She practices exclusively in the area of family law, with a particular expertise in cases involving domestic violence and spousal abuse. Leanne spent over 16 years as an Assistant Crown Attorney prosecuting a wide range of criminal offences, and she acted as the Domestic Violence Lead Prosecutor within her office for over 10 years.
December 16, 2019
#07 - Map out your next product / business launch with our newest Planner
The Now or Never Business planner for female entrepreneurs who want to strategically map out their best launches! More info:
November 20, 2019
#06 - How to keep going when you want to quit (Tara Pickford)
#06 - Tara Pickford has a BIG message for us: Grit & Grind. There is no quitting when it comes from passion and a strong desire to feed your kids. Listen if you have faced challenges in your business and need inspiration to keep going.
November 8, 2019
#05 - Social media is a tool, here's how to use them to engage with customers.
How to treat your social media as a tool to connect with people versus sell to them. Change the way your potential customers engage with you online so they learn to trust and buy from you!
November 4, 2019
#04 - From struggling to keep her car to 6 figure HAPPY business owner, meet Lisa Marie.
Listen to how this woman, Lisa Marie Robinson went from having her car reposessed to making 6 figures within a few months. She uses her passion and inspiration to help WOMEN learn how to manage their money so they can live a life that supports, inspires and provides for their own families. Meet Lisa Marie with Lisa Marie Accounting.
November 4, 2019
#03 - Real truth of hosting Live Events my mom perspective & biz suggestions!
Want to hear the truth about hosting events? I have my top tips before hosting events so you can sell yours out! I'm coming off my high from hosting our LIVE event in Banff Alberta! I give suggestions, tips and the truth bombs about a live event.
November 4, 2019
#02 - Peloton, the only thing I’m riding…my experience
Listen up my new love for Peloton is my health obsession! This spin bike is going to change the way the fitness industry behaves. It's all about community and with a side of competition on the leaderboard! Let me know in the review section if you have one, and I'll find your username mines HLAMegan.
October 10, 2019
#01- Make your business standout like a Las Vegas Billboard
It's all about gaining visibility and being clear so when people find Your business -- they feel clear about what it is you offer. This is for female entrepreneurs who want to understand visibility and attracting the RIGHT clients.
October 7, 2019