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What might a salon (in the French literary tradition) sound like if it were a podcast? Hosts and long-time friends, Neil & Louise, recreate what they can of the salon-aesthetic and chat about what they've each been reading and reflecting on.
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December 2021 - Recognising the human input

Hello You Podcast

August 2022: Spiders, Spuffy and impossible birds
Welcome to Episode 19 of Hello You Podcast - the Salon is open! In this episode, we talk spiders, Spuffy, neurodivergence, intersectionality and why animation can do things that 'live' TV shows just can't. Louise liberally sprinkles fabulous recommendations for things to read and listen to.  Neil pops in a few of his own too. And, for some reason, birds keep cropping up... It's another glorious conversation and exploration of our messy humanity.   Check out the shownotes to find out more ( 
August 28, 2022
July 2022: [To Pigeon] Are you in the Holly tree? Random animals abound ...
Hello you! If you're cool to slide into the chat via the picturesque venue of Lewes-twinned-with-Mordor (it will make sense during the first 5 minutes of listening) - WELCOME! Come on in - the Salon is open and we'd love you to join us! You can also find the shownotes at this link here: 
July 18, 2022
June 2022: Disrupting wolves with bananas
Well hello! Pull up a comfy chair for Episode 17 of Hello You Podcast ... This month we talk a lot about disruption in one form or another. Disrupting the dominant narrative, disrupting how we experience the world by (re)naming, disrupting our own ideas of what inclusion means and what it implies. And, of course, something about wolves and bananas ... (hint, it's Eurovision related). Come on in - the Salon is open and we'd love you to join us. For links & resources mentioned in the episode have a look at the shownotes here: 
June 01, 2022
May 2022: The unbearable heaviness of being perfect
Welcome to Episode 16 of Hello You Podcast! Come in, sit down and get comfy all in the name of exploring discomfort. It turns out that reflecting on things that make us uncomfortable is the emergent theme for this month's episode and, as ever, Neil & Louise dive in. Come on in - the Salon is open and we'd love you to join us. See the shownotes at the link below to give you a flavour of what you'll be dipping into ...
May 01, 2022
April 2022: From big views to navigating news
This is our first international episode - Louise is discovering new, big views, in Portugal where the weather isn't behaving as expected.  The coffee is cheap, and it transpires that Neil may be a coffee snob.   We cover a huge amount of ground in this episode - from appreciating big views and the effects they have on us, to deep reflections on cultural narratives and how is behind them. We do speak about the war being waged against Ukraine and its people from 22minutes in.  We understand if you are limiting your exposure to talk to the war - we speak explicitly about it for a bit before moving into other avenues of enquiry, before circling back in the last moments of the show with a reflection on something inspiring that is taking root despite the invasion. Shownotes as always waft a flavour of what you'll get in this constantly unfurling experiment into what it means to be human - or, more specifically, us.
April 01, 2022
March 2022: An episode in which we discover Nyctous
Welcome to Episode 14 of Hello You Podcast! As always, the Salon doors are thrown open and you're invited in! This time, Louise & Neil dive into the ebbs and flows of language, dig into a fabulous poem and explore issues of equality and inclusion. We'd also love to hear from you - what words or phrases have you collected over your lifetime which no one else has ever heard of?  Let us know! Shownotes and links are available here
March 01, 2022
February 2022: That's not a strategy ... that's barely ... even ... a ... TACTIC!
HELLO, YOU! Ready for an explosive welcome? Neil delivers ...   We starting with a poem that plays with surreal, yet specific, imagery "I want to write about an Orange" and so it goes on from there Welcome - the Salon is open and there's a chair waiting for you ...  do listen! Find the articles we reference in the shownotes here:
February 04, 2022
Christmas 2021: Eavesdropping into the lacunae
Hello, You! Louise is in deeley boppers, Shiro Cat is thoroughly spoilt and it's episode 12 of Hello You Podcast! It's both Christmassey themed and rich in references and links this month.  Welcome - the Salon is open and there's a chair waiting for you ...   And find the shownotes at this link: 
December 24, 2021
December 2021 - Recognising the human input
Hello, You! The unfurling HYP experiment continues, welcoming proper double digits (11.  Racy in Bingo language, apparently) with a dive into design, a recollection of the numb tongues of episode 8 and rather a lot of love shared for our favourite designer... As always, we're super grateful to our lovely LinkedIn gang for curating fascinating topics and sharing thoughts, ideas or opinions - have a listen to the episode and then please follow the links in the shownotes ( And, towards the end, we throw the floor open to you, fabulous listeners - the future of marketing may depend on you! Welcome - the Salon is open and there's a chair waiting for you ...
December 01, 2021
Nov 2021 - The curious case of the inaccessible colloquia
Hello, You! It’s our 10th episode! Thank you for sharing this journey with us. Neil & Louise reflect on what they’ve learned over the last 9 episodes about being in flow while we chat, including the episode with the unintended bread theme. Welcome in, the Salon is open and there’s a chair waiting for you … Find the shownotes here. (
November 07, 2021
Oct 2021 - An arc of dachshunds
Hello You!  The Salon doors swing wildly open for another amazing conversation between partners in chat, Louise & Neil. Louise is living up to the promises and challenges she's set for herself - performing one of her poems at an open mic in Lewes. There are rounds of applause, quite a lot of laughing, Louise reads a poem and Neil reveals that mental simulations are nagging at him quite a lot. We also cover the arc of dachshunds, performative dressing standards and more before ending on a wardrobe bombshell - so come on in, the Salon is open! (Shownotes, as always - 
October 03, 2021
Sept 2021 - A Life Scientist Walks Into A Tearoom
Well, Hello You! It’s been a minute since Louise & Neil last got behind the microphone (apparently). Louise has been on holiday and there’s a super sense of discombobulation as she picks up the threads again. From birdsong to happiness, we explore awe and dive into what positive stroke ratios are (and why they matter). We also throw out some listener questions (we would LOVE your feedback) and discover something that sounds like the start of an academic joke at the University of Sussex: A Life Scientist walks into a tea room… Shownotes available here:
September 08, 2021
August 2021: Swimming in Cloves
Well, Hello You! We're delighted to bring you the first ever Hello You Podcast listener drink along challenge!  In case you missed the recipe, why not make a glass of Japanese Punch ( and join in with the drink along fun?! For the full run down of everything we cover in this episode, please check out the shownotes:
August 02, 2021
July 2021: Like Citizen Smith charging down the ticket office
Well, Hello You! Since the last time we last recorded Neil has been offering customer service consultancy for free to a well known rail company, in other words attempting to resolve a troubling ticket issue and being led a merry dance ... and so it goes on from there.  You can find the show notes for this episode here:
July 08, 2021
Is that a shiny new object or are you just pleased to see me? (REPOST)
This is a repost of a conversation which originally took place in 2017. For the show notes - and links to the many fabulous things we cover - please check out the blog! Recorded late in 2017, this conversation takes place against a backdrop of Covfefe, allegations of Russian interference in the US election and a very, very frothy media scene. It was a strange time...  So Louise & Neil got together to talk it through!
June 13, 2021
Get among the weeds & chaos! (REPOST)
This is a repost of a conversation which originally took place in 2017. For the show notes - and links to the many fabulous things we cover - please check out the blog! What's the human experience of bringing the outside inside, how can we design cities for better mental health and - Look, there's a cinnabar moth! (Or how random disruptions can enhance our experience)
June 13, 2021
Pigeons ate my brussels sprouts (REPOST)
This is a repost of a conversation which originally took place in 2017.  For the show notes - and links to the many fabulous things we cover - please check out the blog! There are few things better than getting outside on a sunny day.  Relishing the rare British Summer, Louise & Neil head up to Louise's allotments to soak in some nature - and start talking about the experience of food, pigeons and stamping butterflies.
June 13, 2021
When language gets in the way of meaning (REPOST)
This is a repost of a conversation that originally took place in 2017.  For the full show notes - and links to all of the cool stuff we talk about - please head to our blog: Do some words get in the way of really connecting with others when we talk / write / tweet? As you contemplate yet another bag of 'authentic apricots', sit through the third 'innovative' idea pitch of the day or ponder why 'artisan' bread is more expensive than regular bread, but not as well shaped ... know you're not alone ;-)
June 13, 2021
SNAP! Voting and the 2017 General Election (REPOST)
This is a repost of a podcast originally shared in 2017.  For the shownotes and links to all the stuff we talk about, please head to our blog: On the 8th June 2017, the UK will go to the election booths for a ‘snap’ General Election, called by Prime Minister Theresa May. The issues here are big: we care about voter behaviour, pollsters being wrong and how negative campaigning affects the ballot box. So we did what we usually do when fired up about something - we got together to talk it out.
June 13, 2021
June 2021: A Handful of HYP! (Well, it is Ep5!)
Welcome back to the Salon! This episode was recorded one year and one day after the murder of George Floyd.  We spend some time reflecting on this (especially thinking about this brilliant piece from Philip McKenzie on Media Village) and we talk about what progress has been made in the past year.  While we do not dive deeply into the specifics of what happened, we recognise that this may be triggering for some people.  Our love goes out to all listeners - especially those who may find this content difficult.   To skip this section, please jump to 18minutes when we get into: The awesomeness of the HYP Feel Good Music Prescription Playlist /  Louise's most recent poetry publication /  ALL CAPS and eggplants being things that geriatric millennials (urgh) have had to adapt to because we remember a time before the internet was a thing. Full shownotes available here: - Enjoy!
June 01, 2021
May 2021: Taller Than A Rabbit
The Salon is Open!  It's May tomorrow, so Louise & Neil throw open the HYP Salon doors to have a darned good catch up on what's been happening in the hot 30seconds since the last episode! Neil's in-between contracts, Louise reveals that she's taller than a rabbit and we get into subjects as wanderingly diverse as: Challenging the language we use (and how doing this can enrich our understanding of our culture/history) Exploring the concept of the 'social biome', what it is and why its important Why it's weird leaving a job in a pandemic and what's ritual got to do with it anyway? Plus the usual listener shout-outs to the folks who tell us they're listening.  Why not say Hi & we'll say Hi back? We also reveal the results of our Feel Good Music Prescription self challenge - check it out here: LISTENER PARTICIPATION PROMPT!  What three songs would you recommend as a Feel Good Prescription?  Let us know and we'll add them to our playlist! So - come on it.  The Salon is open! (Full show notes, littered with link goodness, here: )
April 30, 2021
April 2021: Exactly where you need to be
It being 30-seconds-slash-a-month-ago that we last recorded, here we are again. So hello you! Welcome to the salon ... Louise has done her homework so we talk about aliefs and beliefs; we wind our way to writing, rejections and finding your own voice. Neil drops an absolute gem "You are exactly where you need to be in your life's journey." SHINY THING ALERT! We can share Louise's latest poetry collaboration. We talk about it towards the end of the show and you can access Louise's short video in the shownotes.  Find shownotes including links to some of the things we mention here
April 14, 2021
March 2021: The pitter-patter of soft little squirrel feet
It's that time again - so hello, you! We invite you into our salon ...  Positively effervescent and garrulously giggly, Louise & Neil embrace the mild hysteria of a Thursday evening. We fall into a reverie about squirrels and so it goes on from there. Find shownotes including links to some of the things we mention here
March 12, 2021
Not-Stories & Mercurial Poetry - how's your 2021 so far?
Well hello, you! How's your 2021 so far? Hello You Podcast returns and Neil & Louise chat for 40 minutes or so as if they'd never left off podcasting. They do, however, acknowledge some seismic shifts in the world since they last recorded: namely COVID-19, the 46th President of the United States of America and how it seems like pretty much everyone is now getting excited about poetry (yay!) Below are the links and resources we mentioned during this episode ... or there's an easier to read version of the shownotes here:  22mins - #PoetryForNHS  Louise's open call for poetry about the NHS - submit here: 23mins 35s - Poetry at the Inauguration of the 46th President of the United States: Transcript of Amanda Gorman's stunning poem, read at Joe Biden & Kamala Harris's Inauguration: 34mins 55s - Neil's recommendation:  Anxiety Empire -  37mins 20s - Louise's recommendation: Peeps Magazine -
February 08, 2021