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NBA Draft Preview

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Just two bros talking everything in the sports world and something’s outside of the sports world
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Dabbling in all the Sports
We dive into some of the big extensions lately in sports, some of the big moves surrounding the MLB Trade Deadline, and even give our opinion on the latest version of Madden
August 6, 2019
NBA Best Team of All-Time Debate
With special guest Tyler Miller, we debate who we think is the best team in NBA history
July 30, 2019
MLB Trade Deadline Preview
We go over some of the moves that have already happened and some potential players who could be on the move at the deadline
July 20, 2019
Russell Westbrook to the Rockets Reaction!!
We give our reaction to the news of Russell Westbrook being traded to Houston for Chris Paul! We also rank our top duos in the NBA
July 12, 2019
Talking Kawhi and PG to the Clippers, Lakers Roster and Thunder
We go over everything involving Kawhi signing with the Clippers and Paul George being traded to the Clippers, the Lakers filling out their roster and speculate on the possible Thunder rebuild.
July 8, 2019
NBA Free Agency Review
We go over everything NBA free agency related, besides Kawhi Leonard obviously
July 4, 2019
Giant NBA Offseason Preview!
We go over everything you need to know going into NBA free agency!
June 30, 2019
NBA Draft Preview
We go over the latest drama and moves in the NBA and give a preview of the first ten picks in this weeks NBA Draft!
June 19, 2019
NBA Finals Game Five, Early Offseason Rumors
We deep dive into game five of the NBA Finals and talk some of the rumors already circulating around the offseason, most notably a trade of Anthony Davis
June 12, 2019
NBA Finals: Games Three and Four
We talk games three and four of the NBA Finals, predictions for the rest of the series. Beyoncé and Warriors owner drama and then go off about the pay structure in baseball
June 10, 2019
NBA and Stanley Cup Finals Talk
We talk all things NBA Finals, dabble on the Stanley Cup Finals and some baseball
June 4, 2019
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