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What's Eating You?

What's Eating You?

By Kayla Douthitt
A place where we dive deep into understanding more about the body, mind, and spirit!
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A Quick Introduction to What's Eating You!

What's Eating You?

The Role of Our Inner Pep-Talk
Be careful what you to say to yourself, YOU are always listening FIRST!  I never knew the importance of positive self-talk until my own recovery and healing journey. But now I can't even imagine life without an inner "pep talk." It doesn't mean every day is easy, but reframing my inner-dialogue has made a huge impact on how I view situations.  Having positive self-talk helps with our anxiety, self-awareness, self-care, self-love, and A LOT more!  Tune in to the episode as my special guest, Mrs. Amber Whobrey and I talk about why we believe in the power of self-talk.  You can find Amber on Facebook, and her beautiful business Kimber Kollections.  As always, I invite you for a FREE 1 hour self-love discovery call, shoot me an email, and find me on social. Facebook: Wisdom 'N Wellness  Instagram: @wisdomnwellnessky LinkedIn: Kayla Douthitt  Website:  I'll be back next month with another episode of What's Eating You?! Take care! Talk soon, Kayla 
August 08, 2022
Girl Empowerment and Confidence
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Hi ya'll...Coach Kayla Douthitt here.....And we're talking all about self-confidence! It's something I personally struggled with for awhile, but I had to realize true confidence comes from within FIRST!  Tune in to this month's episode and learn more about the mission of Girls United #Gamechanger with the CEO Miss Christy Gordon. They're a non-profit building life skills for young ladies everywhere, and it's a privilege to learn all the great things they're doing in and around the community and beyond.  To find out more about Girls United #Gamechanger follow them on Facebook and Instagram. Also check out their website and send Christy and email to get involved.  Don't forget to follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and connect with me on LinkedIn.  Wanna be a guest and/or get a FREE 1 hour self-love call, email me here.  Till the next time,  Kayla 
June 07, 2022
Live With Purpose!
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Often times, we forget there's a bigger meaning to life. One that can help us get clear on what we want to attract and helps us move forward in a meaningful way.  Living with intention is a huge factor that helps our self-growth, step into more stress management, direct our mindset, AND give us clarity on why we want something. Being intentional is my word of the year. I'm working on becoming more intentional in all aspects of my life and have already seen improvements!  On today's show, I'm grateful to interview the wonderful Charlotte Petit Noble. She's my coach, a lovely lady (inside and out) and a sweet friend. Her advice is real, raw, helpful, impactful, and insightful. If you're ready to learn how to live with purpose, listen to us share our experiences about how to start becoming intentional. It's an important topic you don't wanna miss!  You can find Charlotte on LinkedIn, sharing her tips and tricks.  Don't forget she's giving you 80% on her intuitive workshop 10 Days to Your Next $10K! You'll love her style! The code is TRBLOVE on her website.  Ready for more? Send me a message. I'm here for you!  And if you're ready to have a self-love discovery call to find out how we can work together, let's do it!  Head over and find me on LinkedIn as well as Facebook and Instagram!  Till the next time...Stay tuned next month. I will talk to you soon!  Love, Kayla 
April 11, 2022
Manifest YOUR Mastery!
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Manifesting and self-love can go hand in hand. It starts with YOU to ask what you want, then receive by taking the steps to get your highest, best, most authentic self! You deserve to love your life AND love yourself!  Tune in to the show as I chat with the queen of manifesting your best life and owner of Sassy Healthy Fit, Ms. Hallie Avolio! Turn your ears up, get your notepads ready, and explore the how’s and why's manifestation works towards our own self-growth. Don't forget to give it a rating and subscribe.  You can follow Hallie on Insta, check her out at Tik Tok, and get her journal prompts to tackle your mindset!  And snag her book collab on Amazon and give it a review!  Wanna chat or be a guest? Email me at I'd love the have you!  As always, let's connect! My new private Facebook group has even more info to tickle your fancy about intuitive eating and body image. Join in on the fun and Check it out here! My Insta: @wisdomnwellnessky My FB: Wisdom ‘N Wellness My website: Till the next time…. Toodles, Kayla
March 14, 2022
You are NOT an Imposter!
2022!!! I’m back with a bang!!!  “Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring” Marilyn Monroe. This month’s episode is about imposter syndrome and ways you can overcome it. Listen in, as my guest, Ms. Hollie Sexton, discusses her experience dealing with imposter syndrome and what she’s learned along the way about NOT being perfect. You can find Hollie in many capacities, but check out Boss Lady Coaching where she gives a daily dose of encouragement. If you haven’t heard our episode on the Boss Lady Podcast, I was a guest several years ago. Check it out here! Enjoy the conversation, tag a friend, and don’t forget to follow me on Facebook, Insta, and LinkedIn. I recently started a private Facebook group for ladies wanting more inspiration on ditching the diet mindset and reclaiming their inner self-worth. Head over and don’t be a shy. In the meantime, talk to you soon!
January 22, 2022
Being Bold AND Beautiful
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Being BOLD can sometimes be tough, but believe me, strong is the new sexy! Check out my latest episode, as I interview the fabulous Jescanta Lucas. She’s empowering, sweet, and most definitely embraces her boldness =) She’s a model, a business woman, and knows how being courageous is our darn-given birth right! Listen up as we explore the importance of being bold AND beautiful (because ya need both). We uncover how being brave has helped us along our journey towards self-discovery and how it paves the way in finding our value and self-worth. “The doors will be opened to those who are bold enough to knock” Tony Gaskins. As mentioned, here is the link Matthew’s short video, check it out and let me know what ya think! Follow Jescanta on Instagram, Facebook, her brand ambassador pages Tokie & Taylor, and Happie’s Fashion Boutique. Head over to my Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn for more inspiration, posts, blogs, and more! Don’t forget your 1 hour FREE self-love discovery call. Book it on my website or email me and claim a spot
December 20, 2021
Decompress for LESS Stress!
Hi beauties! On today's show, I have with me, Dr. Jillian Carden, Executive Director of Silverleaf Sexual Trauma and Recovery Services to discuss the many benefits of why we need to SLOW DOWN, listen to our bodies, and why it's beneficial to find ways to relax for our mind, body, and soul connection.  We go over tactics to help with stress management, self-care, self-love, and all the good stuff to help you learn to destress for less stress. For more info on Silverleaf, give them a call at 270-234-9236. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  Don't forget snag a free self-love calendar over on my website, and book a discovery call to see how coaching can help you!  Please share the love of the podcast and this episode with a friend.  Wanna be a guest? I'd love to have you! Email me at and claim a spot!  Follow me on Facebook: Wisdom 'N Wellness Instagram: @wisdomnwellnessky Best, Kayla 
November 14, 2021
The Freedom of Vulnerability
Being vulnerable is POWER! Tune in to myself and special guest Kirsten Haglund Müller-Daubermann, Community Relations Specialist for Timberline Knolls Residential Treatment Center, Founder of the Kirsten Haglund Foundation, which advocates for and supports families seeking treatment for eating disorders and served as Miss America in 2008, as we discuss the inner-strength it takes to become vulnerable and the freedom it brings to open up and be yourself.  Don't forget to share this episode with a friend (or two).  In case you missed our previous partnership, you can find our video on IGTV here.   Craving more tips??? Check out this blog post on vulnerability, email me at for a free self-love discovery calendar, and book your free 1 hour self-love discovery call. I'll be in touch next month!  Toodles, Kayla 
October 18, 2021
You're a Hottie, Love YOUR Body!
Hey there beautiful souls! It's time to love your body. I'll explain some body image myths as well as tips to lean into alignment with your body...Don't forget your free 30 day self-love calendar on my website (link below). Toodles, Kayla
September 03, 2021
Anti-Dieting and Encouragement Towards Positive Self-Esteem
Are you feeling stuck on another freakin' diet? Feeling empty on the inside and the outside? On this episode, I share some of my past experiences with dieting, anorexia, and low self-esteem. I'm a firm believer diets ARE NOT long-term fixes or the answer to health and wellness! Tune in, and I'll give you practical tips of how to lean into self-esteem/self-care instead. Enjoy and don't forget to subscribe! Thanks for listening beauties =) 
July 09, 2021
A Quick Introduction to What's Eating You!
Welcome to the podcast! Let's dive deep into understanding more about the body, mind, and, spirit! Join me, intuitive eating coach Kayla Douthitt, to expand your awareness of unlocking limiting beliefs and get unstuck from the diet roller coaster as we learn ways to improve your self-esteem, mindset, and overall well-being. Excited to have you! 
May 31, 2021