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What's Eating You?

What's Eating You?

By Kayla Douthitt
A place where we dive deep into understanding more about the body, mind, and spirit!
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A Quick Introduction to What's Eating You!

What's Eating You?

You're a Hottie, Love YOUR Body!
Hey there beautiful souls! It's time to love your body. I'll explain some body image myths as well as tips to lean into alignment with your body...Don't forget your free 30 day self-love calendar on my website (link below). Toodles, Kayla
September 3, 2021
Anti-Dieting and Encouragement Towards Positive Self-Esteem
Are you feeling stuck on another freakin' diet? Feeling empty on the inside and the outside? On this episode, I share some of my past experiences with dieting, anorexia, and low self-esteem. I'm a firm believer diets ARE NOT long-term fixes or the answer to health and wellness! Tune in, and I'll give you practical tips of how to lean into self-esteem/self-care instead. Enjoy and don't forget to subscribe! Thanks for listening beauties =) 
July 9, 2021
A Quick Introduction to What's Eating You!
Welcome to the podcast! Let's dive deep into understanding more about the body, mind, and, spirit! Join me, intuitive eating coach Kayla Douthitt, to expand your awareness of unlocking limiting beliefs and get unstuck from the diet roller coaster as we learn ways to improve your self-esteem, mindset, and overall well-being. Excited to have you! 
May 31, 2021