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Le Run Down

Le Run Down

By WRG Media
This podcast allows runners to connect and envision what they could become. Everyone starts somewhere but it’s how you move forward that determines which path you’ll take. For some, running is just exercise, however we believe it is much more than that: it’s mental, physical and in some cases even spiritual. Our guests are inspiring in terms of their accomplishments but they put one foot in front of the other just like everyone else.
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#27: Cody Beals - Pro Triathlete, Ironman Mont Tremblant Champ and course record holder,

Le Run Down

#27: Cody Beals - Pro Triathlete, Ironman Mont Tremblant Champ and course record holder,

Le Run Down

#31: Laurent Caudrelier - November Project, The Speed Project, Community, Work/Life Balance
Presented by - Use the promo code LERUNDOWN15 and get 15% OFF your next order. #31: Laurent Caudrellier In this episode of Le Run Down I discuss group running, the November Project and The Speed Project with Laurent Caudrellier. After trying to make it in the big city of Toronto, it was apparent to him there was very little work-life balance. That’s why he moved back to Montreal and rediscovered himself just two years ago. Now he’s a community leader. Joining different run groups on a weekly basis, supporting other people's goals, and co-leading the November Project every Wednesday morning in the old port @ 6:29 am. It sounds like that was a life-changer for Laurent, so hopefully, it could help you too. News Links: Episode links: IG Laurent- IG November Project MTL- IG Yamajo- November Project Website-
November 13, 2019
#30: Olivier Collin - UTHC 65km, track, elite trail runner, redefine what running means to you, physiotherapist
On this episode of Le Run Down, I sat down with a good friend of mine and the most recent winner of the Ultra-Trail Harricana 65k, Olivier Collin.  Growing up he specialized in cross country racing and later on in the 1500m at the collegiate level. He was always a fast guy but when frustrating injuries came into play he was forced to change paths and pursue academics.  Now Olivier has found his passion for running again, this time through the trails. He's racing for fun, but with talent like his, it’s been tough to keep him off the leaderboard in his first season of ultras. Show notes: Episode notes: IG profile - IG physiotherapist profile - @physiomentum
October 30, 2019
#29: Lysa Jordan - Montreal Artist, Marathon Runner, Triathlete, Inspiration through nature
On this episode of Le Run Down, I had a nice chat with local Montreal artist, runner, and triathlete, Lysa Jordan. She started with kayaking but fell in love with running 15 years ago, and now she's added triathlon to the mix. But endurance sports aren't her only love, she's also an exceptional painter. Find out how she uses both passions to fuel one another and how it creates balance in her life. News Links: Show Links:
October 16, 2019
#28: Justin Pugliese - Le Run Down Host, Boston Marathoner, Ironman, Community Leader, vegan athlete
In this episode of Le Run Down, we've got a special show to celebrate our one year anniversary.  Many of you have asked to hear more about Justin's running story, and since he can't interview himself, our guest host Kelsey Hunter came to help out. You may remember her from episode 18, and her own show the Endurance Capital Podcast. We get into Justin's upbringing, how he was introduced to running and ultimately what led him down the path of endurance sports. She asked about how Le Run Down came about and how they were able to get some amazing guests on the show. We can’t wait to share all that and more with you. We hope you enjoy it! News links: Show links: IG @lerundown IG @wrgruns IG @wrgmedia IG @jpugs84
October 02, 2019
#27: Cody Beals - Pro Triathlete, Ironman Mont Tremblant Champ and course record holder,
On this episode of Le Run Down I spoke with pro triathlete and Ironman Mont Tremblant champion, Cody Beals. He's relatively new to long course triathlon but has been amazingly successful, winning all three Ironmans he has entered. Cody shared some insight into his unique training style, as well as race strategy, nutrition, mental strength, and his challenges as an athlete. He's on a roll going into the Ironman World Championships in Kona, and we hope he gets the Top 10 finish he's looking this October.
September 18, 2019
#26: Darcy Budworth - Take The Bridge, The Speed Project, Community
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September 04, 2019
#25: Rachel Cliff - National Canadian Marathon and Half Marathon record holder, Elite distance runner
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August 21, 2019
#24: Antoine Jolicoeur Desroches - Vegan pro triathlete, Ironman, Student, Sports Nutrition
-------->Fill out our quick survey here: On this episode of Le Run Down I speak with pro vegan triathlete, coach and Skechers athlete, Antoine Jolicoeur Duroches. He discovered at a young age that his passion was in endurance sports. Antoine split his time between cross country skiing in the winter and short track triathlon in the summer finding that they complemented each other quite well. Now 25, he’s been racing pro for the last 5 years and has been vegan athlete for just as long. In 2018 he placed 4th at Ironman Mont Tremblant and is looking for a better performance in just a few weeks. We’ll be tracking and cheering him on every step of the way. News links: Episode links:
August 07, 2019
#23: Tony O'Keeffe - Top Ironman age grouper, Ultraman, Ride across America, military, family
On this episode of Le Run Down I speak with endurance athlete and competitive Ironman age grouper, Tony O’Keeffe. He found running when he joined the military as a way to lose weight and reduce stress. Due to a running injury he took up biking, which inevitably led to his first Triathlon. Completing this first race made him so proud that he quickly decided to sign up for his first Ironman, and the rest is history. He's completed over 30 Ironmans, 9 Ultramans, and the Ride Across America 3 times. Tune in to find out how he got to this point and what fuels his inner fire to succeed. News links: Show links: IG @tonyokeeffe_racing  
July 24, 2019
#22: Tasha Wodak - Olympian, National 10,000 meter record holder, Vancouver native, ups and downs of running, coaching changes, believing in yourself, enjoying the process
On this episode of Le Run Down I speak with one of Canada’s best elite distance runners, Tasha Wodak. Wodak grew up playing multiple sports and fell in love with running on the track. Hailing from B.C, she studied in Arkansas on a running scholarship and eventually at Simon Fraser University. She's been running ever since. Find out how Tasha pushed through setbacks, overcame injuries and found success late in her running career. Tasha is an Olympian and holds the National Record in the 10,000m. She is off to an amazing start for 2019, already winning 5 races. We can’t wait to see what’s next. News links: Episode links: IG: @tashawodak
July 10, 2019
#21: Camille Charbonneau - Mental Skills Coach, Mindfulness & Meditation, Running, Developing the body and mind
On this episode of Le Run Down I spoke with mental skills coach, Camille Charbonneau.  She grew up playing rugby, and took a liking weight lifting and martial arts. Charbonneau embraced mindfulness and meditation in order to balance and counter the often aggressive nature of those activities.  We go in depth on the topics of mental skills, confidence, self-talk, visualization, stress management, and goal setting, all of which might help you in your own development as an athlete. IG: FB: Links from news: Links from the episode:
June 26, 2019
#20: Krista DuChene - Canadian Olympian, 3rd place Boston finish, mother of three, dietitian
On this episode of Le Run Down I drove down to Ottawa to speak with Marathon mom, Olympian, and dietitian Krista Duchene. Growing up she played hockey over the winter and ran in the summer, creating balance in her life. Her breakthrough came after her win at the Mississauga Marathon on mothers day. In 2016 she ran in the Rio Olympics, and in 2018, at the age of 41, she finished 3rd at the Boston Marathon. The results speak for themselves and Krista is proving that age is only a number. 
June 12, 2019
#19: Mathieu Dore - Ultra Runner, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Boston Marathon, Adventure Racing
On this episode of Le Run Down I had another great chat in Boston with ultra runner and strength coach Mat Dore. Growing up playing hockey, he used his competitive spirit to constantly challenge himself. That same intensity later translated into running and often pushed him to the limit. Since then, he's learned to harness that energy to train and race smart. We got to speak about this experience in ultra trail running, adventure racing and what he expected for his first ever Boston Marathon. Safe to say his prediction was pretty damn close. News links: Episode links: IG- @mathieudorerun IG- @vicefitnessalbury FB-
May 29, 2019
#18: Kelsey Hunter - Triathlete, OCRC runner, coach, marathon, managing stress, run goals
On this episode of Le Run Down I had a chat with Ottawa City Run Club member, triathlete and coach, Kelsey Hunter. She grew up as a swimmer and competed through university until it just wasn’t fun anymore.  She retired from the sport she loved, until a few friends encouraged her to sign up for her first triathlon just 6 years ago. Since then she hasn’t looked back. We discussed Ottawa Race Weekend, her journey to becoming a triathlete, the stresses work can put on training. Growing up with professional athlete as a parent has taught Kelsey hard work. And with the Toronto Waterfront Marathon coming up this fall. She’ll use that mentality to try and get a Boston Qualifier. Can’t wait to see how she does! News Links: Episode Links: IG @kelseyhunter IG @ottcityrunclub
May 15, 2019
#17: Tommy Rivers Puzey - Pro Endurance Athelete, Coach, Boston Marathon, Houston Marathon, Olympic Trials, Training, Family
On this episode of Le Run Down I was lucky to have a great talk in Boston with professional endurance athlete, Tommy Puzey. From early childhood through high school and into university, running remained a constant in his life. In fact, once he started he never really stopped. Years of hard work and determination brought him to where he is today. He’s a student of sport and continuously pushes himself, to unlock his true potential. With the U.S Olympic Trials in his sights, he’ll lean on the unconditional love and support of his family to make that dream become a reality. News links: Show links: IG @tommy_rivs FB
May 01, 2019
#16 Ben Leclair - Pro Wakeboarder, Wings for Life Ambassador
On this episode of Le Run Down I spoke with pro wakeboarder, Ben Leclair. He always had an interest in extreme sports but truly found his passion on the water. Determined to improve, he quickly found himself climbing the ranks and competing at the highest level. But one day an accident took that all away, paralyzing him from the neck down. 2 years later he sits in a wheelchair but has regained mobility in both arms. Ben has stayed positive since day one and definitely has the mindset to defy the odds and prove everyone wrong. News links: Episode links: @benleclair @wflworldrun Video links of Ben:
April 17, 2019
#15: Nicole Stevenson - Elite marathoner, Canadian National Title Holder, Run Coach
In this episode of Le Run Down I got to interview the fastest marathoner on show to date, Nicole Stevenson. She took up running at a very young age, and competed through high school and university. She enjoyed long distance running the most, and won her first coached marathon in Toronto with a time of 2 hours 36 minutes. She went on to improve to a personal best time of 2 hours 32 minutes and earned the Canadian national marathon title. Nicole is now retired from competitive running but she continues to share her passion and knowledge with high performing athletes. Coaching and helping them reach their full potential, the same way she was supported throughout her successful career.  News links:  For information on how to raise money in support of the Neuro Team at St-Justines hospital please reach out to Justin directly via email or @lerundown  Interview links:
April 03, 2019
#14: Katherine and Kevin Becker - Ironman, Ultraman world championship, Guinness world record, R2R2R
On this episode of Le Run Down, I'm excited to share a conversation with Ultra Triathlon couple, Katherine and Kevin Becker. Their journey in fitness began a little later than most, but it’s been incredibly eventful. They started with team sprint triathlon, but now they've completed multiple Ironmans, 4 marathon world majors, crossed the grand canyon, and hold the Guinness World Record for most completed Ultraman races by a married couple. Their goal has always been to race for fun and fitness, and they've shown that anything is possible, if you set an objective and put your mind to it. News Links: Rachel Cliff- Speed Project- Episode Links: Kat & Kev's website - Ironman- Ultraman- Grand Canyon R2R2R- Guiness World Record-
March 20, 2019
#13: Scott Sternthal - osteopath, Ultra trail runner, Bromont Ultra, Harricana, 125k, Marathoner
On this episode of Le Run Down I got to speak with ultra trail runner, Scott Sternthal. His journey in endurance sports began at the age of 18, when he started racing mountain bikes with his buddies.  His passion for being in nature ultimately led Scott to trail running. So far he's had some great results, with a 2nd place finish at the Bromont Ultra 80k in 2015 and a 5th place finish at the Harricana 125k a year later. All while establishing himself as a top osteopath and being a family man too. One thing’s for sure, Scott knows how to push his limits and we’re excited to see what he gets up to next. News links: Episode links: FB IG
March 06, 2019
#12: Melanie Myrand - Elite runner, Chicago Marathon, race strategy, preparation, training methods
On this episode of Le Run Down I had a great chat with Elite Quebec Marathoner Melanie Myrand. She started running at a very young age and it's clear that her passion for the sport has only gotten stronger. She continues to push herself and strives to bring down her best marathon time of 2 hours and 34 minutes. Mel has a natural talent for running, but still trains hard every day because she never takes it for granted. News links- Episode links- IG: @melmyrand
February 20, 2019
#11: Anne Bouchard - Elite Ultra Trail runner, UTMB, Bromont, Work & Family life, Time Management
On this episode of Le Run Down I spoke with Anne Bouchard, one of the best ultra trail runners in the province.  At a young age Anne enjoyed rock climbing as a great way to explore nature. She went on to build her career as a chartered accountant, started a family, and discovered a love for running that set her down an incredible path.  Her resume is impressive, finishing top 30 at the Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc and winning the Bromont Ultra 160 in 2017. She's accomplished a lot in six years at the sport, and it sounds like she's just getting started. Links from the news - Links from the interview -
February 06, 2019
#10: Sam Hebert - spartan elite athlete, run training, active lifestyle, building strength
On this episode of Le Run Down I had an energizing conversation with spartan athlete Sam Hebert. His love for running began in high school, where he immersed himself in cross country racing. From there his dedication only grew. Seven years ago he did his first spartan race and hasn't looked back.  He's become one of the top obstacle course athletes in the country,  and this season he’s aiming even higher. From the news:  From the episode: Sam Hebert IG - @the.modern.superhero
January 23, 2019
#9: Ravi Handa - group running, meditation and yoga, strength training, balancing life and entreneur
On this episode of Le Run Down I had a nice chat with Ravi Handa. He’s an entrepreneur and part owner of September Cafe, who uses running as a way to disconnect and meditate. With his background in soccer and cross country skiing, he has the endurance to tackle long distance running. And while has yet to sign up for a race, by the sound of it, 2019 might be the year. From the news: “Parkcours” Run indoor at Dix30 - Strava 40 | 80 Challenge - From the interview: The Perfect Runner - Social Media Handles: Architecture IG - @rhaworks Ravi Handa IG - @rizmoon September Cafe IG - @september_surf WRG Run Club IG - @wrgruns
January 09, 2019
#4: Arianne Raby - being an Elite athlete, transition to marathon running, Berlin Marathon
On this episode of Le Run Down we’ll delve into running at length with elite Quebec runner, Arianne Raby. Find out how she made the jump from winning 5 and 10ks to half and full marathons while maintaining her competitive edge and desire to win. Links from this Episode: 
January 02, 2019
#8: Raul Bugueno - keys to winter running, training methods, run community
 On this episode of Le Run Down I spoke with run coach, crossfit trainer and community leader Raul Bugueno. He talks about how a career change opened new opportunities for him in the world health and wellness. And in the spirit of winter, we go in-depth on ways you can enjoy running even during the cold winter months. He’s a smart guy who loves to help people reach their goals, and he’s even got a few of his own. Interview links - Raul Bugueno FB: Raul Bugueno IG: @raulitomtl Mile End Miles FB page: Mile End Miles IG: @mile_end_miles
December 26, 2018
#7: Marc Langevin - CCC run club, Boston marathon, winter running, race prep and goal setting
On this episode of Le Run Down I had a chance to speak with CCC run club leader, Marc Langevin. We spoke about how he grew his run club from 10 people to over 150 in only 5 years. He also explains his journey to the Boston Marathon and how he plans to run the Harricana 125k in Charlevoix, Quebec. He’s a coach, a teacher, an ultramarathoner and overall a really good guy. He inspires me, and I'm sure he'll inspire you too. Interview links - CCC FB page: Marc Langevin FB: Marc Langevin IG: @runmarcfast Boston marathon: Harricana: News links -
December 12, 2018
#6: Olivier Moraine - Ironman World Championships, Boston Marathon, pushing your limits
On this episode of Le Run Down we’ll discuss following a passion and making your dreams become a reality with triathlete, Olivier Moraine. We talk about how he followed the process and excelled at the long course distance. Which ultimately lead him to the starting line at the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. Podcast links: - - -
November 28, 2018
#5: Meg Feeney - benefits of Essentrics, becoming a better athlete, half marathon training
On this episode of Le Run Down, we’ll talk about goal setting with Essentrics trainer, Meg Feeney. We discuss her understanding of running and how Essentrics can help athletes of all levels find their stride. Show notes - Meg Feeney: IG @meg_feens Essentrcis: Movember: 24 Hour Move Challenge: WRG Run Club - IG @wrgruns and
November 14, 2018
Bonus Episode: Alex Garcia
On this bonus episode of Le Run Down I got to throw down with UFC fighter Alex Garcia, as he prepares for his upcoming fight Saturday Oct 27th. We are doing this bonus episode in support of Alex, who was actually my first guest during the test phase of this show. So it’s a pleasure to have him back in the studio again. He talks about how running has really helped his training and overall endurance. In fact, he a regular at WRG Run Club every Monday night on Mount Royal. We wish him the best of luck this Saturday, we know he’ll do great. Links from the Episode:
October 24, 2018
#3: Scott Gold - how running changed his life, Leadville 100, Boston, vegan lifestyle
On this episode of Le Run Down I speak with my friend Scott Gold. He traded in smoking and being overweight for a life of running and good health. It’s now 9 years later and he hasn’t looked back. He’s now done 50 races including 12 marathons and 23 ultras, which is a feat in itself. We also get into his attempts of the Leadville 100. A one hundred mile trail race across the high-altitude and extreme terrain of the Colorado Rockies. He explains how it’s not just about running but simply the will to keep moving forward. Links from this episode:
October 17, 2018
#2: Sabrina Cassis - joining a run club, meditation and mindfulness, personal development
Time for the second lap! Welcome to Episode # 2 of Le Run Down! In this Episode I sit down with the smart, talented and witty, Sabrina Cassis. From runner to entrepreneur, she’ll speak to us about her spiritual journey and how running has balanced her life. We’ll touch on her personal development and how it has lead her down a path of passion, health and wellness.
October 03, 2018
#1: Pierre-Alexandre Cardinal - run community in Montreal, trail running, plant based nutrition
It's here! Welcome to the first Episode of Le Run Down! In this Episode I sit down with Pierre-Alexandre Cardinal. Pierre is a great dude. We met and became friends at a run event a few years ago, even ran a 65km trail run together last year. He’s a run leader, trail runner and community leader in Montreal. We spoke about how we got into the sport, why we started running in the first place and even touched on nutrition, as we’re both plant based athletes. We’re also both involved in a few upcoming run events, so there was no shortage of things to speak about.
September 19, 2018
Teaser: Le Run Down
Running is more than a form of exercise, it’s a symbol of health, fitness and passion. It’s something we all know how to do. We ran to the park as children, we played sports that involved running growing up and we ran for the bus at one point or another. No matter what the speed, what distance, we all simply put one foot in from of the other and that is what connects us all.
September 04, 2018