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Embrace Life With Maiyo Febi

Embrace Life With Maiyo Febi

By Maiyo Febi
"Embrace Life" with Maiyo Febi is about embracing all of life with its beauty and messiness because every experience has a role to play. Maiyo draws from her coaching experience to speak to key areas of life like finances, relationships, work, spiritually etc for an immersive, holistic take on life that will refresh and empower you.
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Kgomotso Khosa on Finding Courage to Pursue Your Passion

Embrace Life With Maiyo Febi

Embrace Life Continues....
It's been quite a while since an episode was recorded, but now we are back! Let's reconnect and continue the journey.   
November 04, 2021
Codependent Relationships and the Power of Boundaries with Joanna Kucherera-Maposa
What is a codependent relationship?  Codependency is essentially an underlying agreement that two people have in a destructive relationship. A relationship imbalance occurs where one person enables another person's addiction, poor mental health, immaturity, irresponsibility, under-achievement etc. A core characteristic of codependency is an excessive reliance on other people for approval and a sense of identity. Codependency is often an undetected dynamic at play in many relationships and yet the results of it can be debilitating  to both parties involved; leading to a lack of trust, weak boundaries, suppressed anger and controlling behaviour to name a few. How can you tell if you are in a codependent relationship? What role do boundaries play?  We tackle these questions and more to help you identify it, and; offer useful information to help you overcome it.
December 22, 2020
Kgomotso Khosa on Finding Courage to Pursue Your Passion
Most of us have something we are passionate about, however few of us have the courage to pursue it and end up putting off to a tomorrow that never comes. Following our dreams and passion can be a scary prospect and most of us wouldn't even know where to begin. Should we quit our jobs? Is it possible to do both?  In this podcast I chat to Kgomotso Khosa about how she pursued her passion and made her dream a reality. While all of us have different paths to follow, there's much to learn from each other's journeys.  Kgomotso is founder of Raising Giants  a NPO that mentors young people from environments with social challenges to rise above their circumstances and work towards becoming successful leaders in their communities, Raising Giants aims to create its own centre to promote innovation, entrepreneurship and computer training. 
December 09, 2020
Understanding Mental Health and Burnout with Counselling Psychologist Reabetsoe Buys
What are some of the symptoms that your mental health is struggling?  How do you know when you need to seek professional help? What's the difference between burn out and exhaustion? I tackle these pivotal questions with Reabetsoe to help us all understand what mental health problems look like.  We also talk about some of the many misconceptions there are about mental health and the importance of self care. Reabetsoe is a registered Counselling Psychologist, with over 10 years of clinical experience working in the corporate sector as well as higher education and private practice. Over the years she has presented at conferences and written multiple articles on various topics, specifically around parenting, family dynamics and mental health.
December 01, 2020
Author Patrick Neo Mabiletsa on his book, "Chronicles of a Fatherless Son"
Growing up without a father is a norm for millions of boys across the world. In South Africa in particular, it is somewhat entrenched in culture through the lasting effects of apartheid's racial segregation policies that led to migrant labour, forcing men to work far from home. What are the implications of fatherlessness on the boy child? What are some of the issues that men grapple with as a result of being raised without a father? Patrick Neo Mabiletsa shares his deeply moving account of what it was like to grow up without a father in his book "Chronicles of a Fatherless Son". He masterfully weaves in a longing and desperation into his story and draws you into his experience as though you were there, next to him, as a child. Patrick’s is a story of hope and life beyond growing up without a father. Patrick is also a life coach and motivational speaker in the are of encouragement, self-development and career guidance with a focus on young people.
November 26, 2020
Embracing Change for Personal and Career Success with Mpume Ncube-Daka
'Work life balance' and 'career success' are buzz words that often get thrown around in conversations about growth and personal development. But what do these terms actually mean on a practical level? How can they be achieved? Mpume Ncube-Daka, a corporate level coach,  unpacks these concepts and more.  Her deep understanding of the corporate and business environment offer a refreshing perspective on how to embrace change, honour who you are and take ownership of your life in a personal and career context. 
November 17, 2020
What is "Embrace Life" all about?
Hear in greater detail what "Embrace Life" is all about and what it aims to achieve. 
November 14, 2020
Renewing your Mind and Personal Development with Charles Kgwantha
How often do you check in on your thoughts to see what you are thinking about? What impact do your thoughts have on your reality? These are some of the questions that Charles shares great insight on to empower you to live an authentic life that is aligned with who you want to become. At times, challenging events or even day-to-day life can feel overwhelming and much of that feeling is to do with how we respond. How can you begin to choose to respond differently and what techniques can you use to cope with daily stressors? Tune in to this conversation to find out. 
November 10, 2020
Dealing with the Trauma of Infidelity with relationship expert, Joanna Kucherera
Infidelity can be a life altering experience. Many who have been cheated on suffer in silence and struggle to make sense of what is happening to them. Societal pressure to "forgive and move on" and the "cheating is normal" narrative make dealing with the situation even more daunting. Joanna shares on how to navigate this difficult space in a healthy, constructive way and how best to support someone that's been cheated on.
September 06, 2020
September 5, 2020
September 05, 2020