MWW 19: The Artist's Way

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A podcast on navigating the professional world including tech, travel, and books. Hosted by Habbi and Hailley.
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A podcast on navigating the professional world including tech, travel, and books. Hosted by Habbi and Hailley.

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MWW 19: The Artist's Way
Habbi and Hailley dive into their first MakeWorkWork book club and discuss The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. They also (for the first time) formally introduce themselves and share their work history. This episode was done in collaboration with ILYS. Subscribe for emails: Get show notes: Timestamps: 00:05:06 Intro to Habbi and Hailley 00:22:46 About The Artist’s Way 00:34:10 Thoughts on The Artist’s Way 01:11:02 Our writing 01:17:45 Getting in touch Mentioned during the show: This episode was produced in partnership with  ILYS The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron Episode 8 on writing Julia Cameron’s interview with the New York Times Julia Cameron’s interview with the Seattle Times Habbi’s Morning Pages notebook Rest: Work Less to Get More Done, by Alex Soojung Kim Pang Habbi’s three blog posts about writing: Part I, Part II, Part III Hailley’s blog Episodes to start with:  9, 4, 12  Our partnerships page Follow us on Twitter & Instagram MakeWorkWork bookshelf Habbi’s profile on Goodreads Hailley’s profile on Goodreads
November 22, 2019
MWW 18: Sent from l'phone
In the midst of a wild few months, the hosts record at an unusual time and place. Long-standing questions get answered, like what are Habbi's DailyDos and LinkedIn questions for Hailley. Finally, they explore the viral email sign-offs alignment chart from lawful good to chaotic evil. Subscribe for emails: Get show notes: Time stamps: 00:04:17 Follow up 00:17:20 Habbi’s DailyDos 00:34:20 LinkedIn tips from Hailley 01:13:35 Networking horizontally 01:24:50 Email sign-offs Mentioned during the show: Todoist Todoist karma Episode 14 Habbi’s DailyDos shortcut Health spreadsheet Christine Røde The Daily Stoic Hailley’s blog post on LinkedIn profile staying updated Hailley’s blog posts on LinkedIn editing Hailley’s blog post on LinkedIn tips The email sign off alignment chart Julia Burnham
October 31, 2019
MWW 17: This Isn't Leading Anywhere Good
The hosts check in on their yearly themes which stumbles them into a raw talk about the dark side of productivity apps. Oh, and Habbi got more airtime about music than probably ever before (finally). Subscribe for emails: Get show notes: Timestamps: 10:46 Follow up & book club update 50:35 Real talk about Todoist  1:06:20 Yearly themes  1:32:15 Shout outs  Mentioned during the show: Slack notification Flowchart The True Difference Between The Hogwarts Houses: 15 Tumblr Posts #SlytherinSquad Reading People by Anne Bogel 21 Signs That You’re a Highly Sensitive Person Princess Sultana book  Kindle highlights notes Todoist karma New bill would ban autoplay videos and endless scrolling  Omnifocus Yearly themes episode Taiflow Yoga with Adriene Alice’s blog post and musical identity thread The Snowman - Walking In The Air Nightwish - Walking in the Air Pour life decisions by Ade
September 6, 2019
MWW 16: You’re The Hero Of Your Own Life
In this longest ever MakeWorkWork episode, Habbi and Hailley reveal a long list of personality test results, with one particularly shocking and traumatizing answer. The hosts also finally discuss a book that’s been mentioned several times in the past, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck and chat about the merits of book clubs.  Emails: Get show notes: Timestamps: 03:10 Follow up  27:45 Myers Briggs  40:13 Four Tendencies  51:49 Hogwarts houses 1:19:27 The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck   1:47:27 Book clubs  Mentioned during the show: The Enneagram  The Enneagram Made Easy book  Article about an American who lives in Europe  Harry Potter and the Sacred Texts podcast 16 Personalities test Myers Briggs article  The Daily Stoic book  The Four Tendencies book  Gretchen Rubin  Hogwarts sorting hat by Pottermore Harry Potter as Enneagram article Marie Kondo  Better Than Before book The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck book The Make Work Work bookshelf  Ryan Holiday  Cortex podcast  CGP Grey  Northstack Rebel book club  Princess book The Artist's Way book The Artist’s Way workbook  Feed your brand podcast episode with Hailley 
August 2, 2019
MWW 15: An Almost Magical Couple
After their trip to New York filled with rain, internet friends and bagels, Habbi and Hailley finally talk about a topic Hailley's been obsessed with for the past year: figuring out one’s Enneagram type. Also, there are multiple segues into tea and desserts.  Subscribe for emails: Get show notes: Timestamps:  09:28 Internet friends  15:19 Enneagram types 37:05 Operating manual  48:04 Yelp skills  Mentioned during the show:  Twinings lemon tea  Brittany Berger  Interview with Brittany on the Buffer podcast  Enneagram types  The Enneagram Institute  Enneagram Made Easy book  The perfectionist problem episode  Hailley’s goal blog post  Enneagram and Coffee on Instagram  Operating manual questions  Lemon meringue pie  Snúður  Pastel de nata  Nanaimo bar Yelp  Hailley’s Yelp profile  Rocketbook  Frixion pen The 'Martyn Playlist' Habbi made Enneagram types Twitter thread Desserts Twitter thread
June 24, 2019
MWW 14: Part II: So Much Context
Habbi and Hailley add to their phone setup conversation by discussing their widget screens. They also share a few strongly held opinions about daylight savings, time zones (and Fahrenheit).   Subscribe for emails: Get show notes: Timestamps: 18:46 - Follow up  34:08 - Daylight savings and time zones  59:18 - Widget setups   Mentioned during the show: Laptop stickers Twitter thread (where Hailley mistakes horses for goats)  How to Start Your Own Podcast blog post  Parks and Rec (TV show)  Why We Sleep, by Matthew Walker BBC article: “EU backs ending daylight saving time”   Todoist Time zones and developers blog post xkcd voting software  Drone footage from Iceland  Habbi:  Screenshot 1  Screenshot 2  Screenshot 3 Screenshot 4 Habbi’s widgets:  Klok  Productive Weather line  Habbi’s shortcut “directions to next event”  Alex Muench, Product Software Designer at Doist  Brittany Berger’s suggestions for automation reading  Hailley:  Screenshot 1  Screenshot 2 Hailley’s widgets:  Google Calendar  Ecobee Smart Life  Carrot weather app  Tube exits app
May 8, 2019
MWW 13: The Virtual Junk Drawer
Addressing a big topic of conversation (and contention) from over the years for both co-hosts, in this episode Habbi and Hailley finally talk home screens. Learn all about how their phones are organized and tackle their daily-use apps from the obvious to the obscure.   Subscribe for emails: Get show notes: Timestamps: 23:50 Follow up  27:06 Homescreens 1:26:20 A first time request Mentioned during the show: Blueprint for Armageddon The Way of Kings audiobook  Structured procrastination essay  Laptop stickers Twitter thread  Habbis lock screen  Habbi screenshot page one  Habbi screenshot page two  Habbi’s wallpaper source  Media bias fact check website  Hailley lock screen  Hailley screenshot page one  Hailley’s old cover letter blog post  One year of making MWW reflection blog post 
April 5, 2019
MWW 12: The Perfectionist Problem
  After summarising their tech setups, Habbi and Hailley dive into a conversation about their themes for the year. A revelation around perfectionism and its relation to being goal-oriented ensues. Subscribe for emails: Get show notes: Timestamps: 2:38 Hailley’s new laptop  23:55 All of Habbi and Hailley’s work devices 47:00 Yearly themes  Mentioned during the show: Hailley’s hardware:  Macbook Pro Jaybird Freedom 2  Magic Trackpad 2 Magic Keyboard  Blue Yeti  iPhone 7 FitBit AltaHR  Habbi’s hardware:  Apple keyboard (that is no longer available) Portable Laptop Stand  Foldable Mount Stand for iPhone  iPhone XS Max  Apple Watch Series 4 Apple Airpods Bose headphones Habbi’s podcasting headphones Laptop stickers that are like art Habbi and Hailley’s Knomo bag (and on Instagram)   MWW Episode 7 from last New Year  The Cortex yearly theme episodes from 2018 and 2019  The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson   MWW Episode 9 about imposter syndrome  How to Be an Imperfectionist by Stephanie Guise The Enneagram Test  One year of MWW
February 27, 2019
MWW 11: Grandma is Flagged as Important
Dubbed “the reading year of impressiveness” Habbi and Habbi discuss the last year in books, share several books that they’re reading, and even make a few non-book recommendations. Plus, there had to be a little follow up on email.
January 18, 2019
MWW 10: Sobbing Emoji Lifestyle
We’re 10 episodes into MakeWorkWork and Habbi and Hailley are tackling a topic they both have a lot of opinions about, email. Everything from cold to warm email, plus intros and, of course, routines. This is an episode filled with the good, the bad and the ugly on email etiquette
October 31, 2018
MWW 9: MakeWorkWork work
Last episode, Habbi and Hailley accidentally started talking about Impostor Syndrome so in this episode they face this massive topic head-on in an attempt to figure it out. Further, this episode is packed full of app-related drama, specifically for apps of the article-reading persuasion.
September 14, 2018
MWW 8: Complaining Vigorously Totally is a Strategy
This episode is all about writing. The two hosts ponder the difficulties of writing plus share their processes and the tools they use. On top of it all, by the end of the show, there’s a personal breakthrough moment around books and reading.
June 15, 2018
MWW 7: A Three-Book Vacation
Habbi and Hailley dissect a mind-blowing concept about thinking, principles, and algorithms. They also discuss reading goals, will you read more if you’re challenged or setting realistic expectations? Plus, they finally share the exciting salad principles that they’ve been searching for, for weeks.
April 11, 2018
MWW 6: Super Ninja Grandma
From tumbleweed to audiobooks, this episode has Habbi and Hailley sharing how they are planning in 2018 and sharing their thoughts about journaling. In a surprise twist, Habbi has been sneakily doing something related to productivity and told no one. P.S.: If send them your personal processes, they’d melt.
February 5, 2018
MWW 5: You Are An Email Address To Me
The end of a year has the MWW hosts reflecting on their (sometimes strange) New Year traditions as well as top reads of 2017 which includes everything from novels to cookbooks to self-improvement, to the angriest email Habbi has ever sent.
January 9, 2018
MWW 4: Goats Are Not Known For Speed or Elegance
We have a podcast that is live now! It's a little meta to talk about launching a creative project, on said creative project – but that's exactly what we're doing. Oh, and also whether notifications are a nuisance now, and if the continental United States can be crossed in two trips.
December 8, 2017
MWW 3: None of This is Traditional
How do you make work work when you're not in your regular home? We discuss what counts as a real office, the importance of a routine – and somehow the zombie apocalypse gets a mention (at least it's not Harry Potter!) More at
October 16, 2017
MWW 2: Oh, You're from the Internet? Come Along!
We break down Habbi's 84 point travel checklist (and she tells us her secret to glide through international security!) and we discuss how we segment social media between personal and professional – or don't. More at
October 16, 2017
MWW 1: You Are Married to Omnifocus Now
In the first-ever MakeWorkWork episode, we compare and contrast task management apps, lists, and the merits of using a physical notebook. Hailley wants to know if anyone re-reads books, and turns out Habbi doesn't really – with a notable exception.
October 16, 2017
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