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Round The Kitchen Table

Round The Kitchen Table

By Mandy Baker
Where all the best conversations happen - Mandy Baker talks with friends about life, business, wellbeing and lots of silly stuff too!
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Round The Kitchen Table with Darryl White

Round The Kitchen Table

Round The Kitchen Table with Sam Adams
In this episode I am joined by Sam Adams, The Real Life Coach to talk about just about everything!  We talk about her journey, life with it's ups and downs, and how she helps people find their mojo. We also talk about Black Lives Matter and prejudice that Sam has had to face during her life. It's a great episode and if you want to find out more about Sam, join her on Facebook
June 07, 2020
Round The Kitchen Table with Louise Long
The lovely Louise Long joins me for this episode to tell us about her weight loss programme Nowhere to Hide.  She is a personal trainer who has gone from working with one-to-one clients, and about to launch a membership, while juggling family life. Her own personal journey has influenced what she now does and her passion to help other women to achieve their goals, and live confidently shines through as she speaks. You can find Lou on Facebook 
February 21, 2020
Round The Kitchen Table with Anna Parker-Naples
I get round the "virtual" kitchen table with Anna Parker-Naples who is a a woman on a mission.  Her book "Get Visible" has just been released and within 24 hours the audiobook version has become a bestseller! It is now in the Top 100 Amazon Best Sellers. She has a huge amount of life experience, which includes being told that she can no longer walk.  She came back from that illness and has built a successful business, that helps entrepreneurs to become visible!  We talk about the kind of mindset you need to overcome such a difficult challenge in her life, along with having 3 small children.  She is inspiring but wonderfully "normal" (or as normal as any of us!). She comes to us from her airing cupboard which definately different! If you want to connect with Anna and learn more from her click the link :
December 09, 2019
Round The Kitchen Table Make Up Masterclass
Kirsty and I venture off to a Smokey Eye Make Up Masterclass with Leanne Perilly and Justine Warwick at Downham Hall, Essex.  It was a great day with lots of tips and advice on how to get the look - daytime and evening.  We don't wear masses of make up as a rule so this is new territory for us.  But we embraced it with full gusto - the brushes, the pallettes & the primer!  There are a few game changing moments so listen in to see if you can pick up a few ways to look your best! Bear with my croaky voice - we start actually at the class and then later in the episode Kirsty and I discuss the results plus alot more. For more info about The Beauty Club with Leanne & Justine go to:
December 02, 2019
Round The Kitchen Table with Jo Boxer
Today I talk to the lovely Jo Boxer from Boxer Creative - she is an expert in branding and design, and shares some of her knowledge with us, as well as how she started her business, juggle family commitments and all the things that go with that - being a mum, a business owner and making all those things work.   For more info on Jo and her work and how she can help your business
November 30, 2019
Round The Kitchen Table with Mat Hawkes
I talk to Mat Hawkes, The Open Water Swimming Coach, about getting out of your comfort zone, recovery from alcohol and drug addiction, bullying and the highs of swimming in the freezing sea!  Mat is based in Leigh On Sea, Essex but wants to share his love of open water swimming global!  We discuss the effects it has on his mental wellbeing and the benefits to your physical body.  Get yourself a cup of tea, sit back and enjoy! Go to for more details
November 30, 2019
Round The Kitchen Table with Jayne Buckley
Counsellor & Psychotherapist Jayne Buckley joins Mandy Baker chatting about becoming a therapist, the challenges and wins and lots more
November 24, 2019
Round The Kitchen Table with Darryl White
Darry is a PT with a difference, Owner of Body Hub in Billericay (bootcamp & obstacle centre), he has a varied career path, that led him to where he is now.  He shares with us the benefits of exercise and challenges for your mental health & resilience plus lots of thoughts on leaving a healthy, happy life.  From balloonology, children's entertainment, publishing and lots more - tune in to hear more
November 24, 2019
Round The Kitchen Table with Claire Bannister
A great chat with Claire Bannister from House of Colour - the UK's best Colour Consultant, who gives us tips and advice on how to embrace more colour into your wardrobe.  As you get older it's great to try some new colours and styles without going to mad!  A colour consultation is a great day, but these tips will give you confidence to try a few things - tips on making the most of your wardrobe, make up secrets and lots more!
November 20, 2019
November 19, 2019
November 19, 2019