The Motivational Intelligence Podcast

The Motivational Intelligence Podcast

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Welcome to The Motivational Intelligence Podcast, where it is our job to deconstruct what makes people and organizations successful, and provide you with tools, tactics and techniques you can use to build the life and career you want.

Dive in to exclusive conversations with world-class trainers and consultants, top business performers, psychologists, academics, athletes and more.

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The Art of Building Relationships
In this episode of The Motivational Intelligence Podcast, Dave Naylor and Sean Johnson discuss the art of building relationships. They cover many different aspects of building relationships, such as why building good relationships is important, how to determine if someone in worth investing in, setting goals together and more.   Shownotes 0:52- Intro 1:00- Why build relationships? 2:45- The life cycle of a relationship 10:49- How do you identify whos worth investing in? 14:16- How do you invest in someone? 19:41- Ask what's important 22:10- Setting goals together 24:17- How do you maintain a meaningful relationship over time? 25:58- How do you bounce back from rough patches in relationships?  30:24- How do you balance and maintain several different relationships?  35:02- Conclusion
August 18, 2019
The 5 Habits That Destroy Careers
Dave and Sean discuss how habits are formed, what they mean and why they are important to our careers.    Shownotes 0:48- Intro into habits 15:34- Once habits are set in place, they become automatic… 16:35- Sometimes habits can lead us to tough spots in our lives without us even realizing it  17:19- Ask yourself, what are the habits that are going to help me reach my goal? 19:47- Career limiting habits are also life limiting habits 21:07- Habit #1- victim mentality  24:42- It is easier for people to put responsibility on other people, rather than themselves 28:34-The victim mentality is not a stable foundation  30:42- Habit #2 resistance to change 35:44- #3 Habit of negative thinking, playing devil's advocate 44:21- Habit #4 fear 46:20- Habit #5- negative thinking
August 11, 2019
All The Time You Need
John Casey discusses how to make use of your time wisely using to do lists, setting realistic expectations and more! Show Notes    0:27- The concept of time 3:18- Unsuccessful and successful people all have the same amount of time.. 3:47- Successful people DON'T get everything done! 4:37- Have goals! 7:18- Break down your goals into action- plan strategies  9:07- High payoff activities  10:55- What makes up your day? 11:04- How to make a proper to- do list 14:38- Stay organized with the details 15:07- Contacts 16:17- When you should plan out your day 17:30- Prioritize  19:36-What can make us a master prioritizers?   23:01- Conclusion and bonus items
August 4, 2019
Why You Should Fail More, And How To Do It Better
On this episode of the Motivational Intelligence Podcast, we are discussing failure and how it isn't as detrimental as people may think.   Shownotes 1:29- intro 1:40- why is failure important? 3:52- why do we look a failure as a negative thing? 8:58- How the media alters the alters what we see 11:40- How does someone get more comfortable with the idea of failing? 20:52-People see the world through a limited perspective  23:52- The people you surround yourself with are so important! 26:47- Is there such a thing as absolute failure?  31:07- how do we fail better? 33:24- What do people struggle with in terms of failure?  40:33- Failing forward 46:09- Win or learn 49:05- Conclusion
July 28, 2019
Asking The Right Questions: Part 2
Join Sean Johnson and David Naylor as they continue their discussing of asking the right questions!  Shownotes: 0:00-4:30- Intro & asking the right questions when leading people 4:50- Why you shouldn't act like you have all the answers 8:44- How important is the wording of questions? 11:12- The subconscious & the concept of the negative 16:13- Dave's House story 20:30- Assumption- type questions & why they're important 34:15- Situational-type questions and why they're important 38:50- Common mistakes with questions people in new leadership roles ask 43:00- What questions should managers be asking?  50:00- Conclusion & final thoughts
July 21, 2019
Asking the Right Questions: Part 1
Part 1 of 2! David Naylor and Sean Johnson discuss how to communicate, listen and ask the right questions.     Show Notes: Asking the Right Questions: Part 1 0:25- Intro 1:40- Why asking the right questions is important 4:30- What are the most important questions we can be asking ourselves, in terms of getting to where we want to go? 16:00- Why it is so important to know what you want 22:25- What questions should we be asking in terms of our health? 36:00- What are the questions we should be asking in terms of our relationships? 46:28- What are the questions we should be asking in terms of our money? 56:00- Conclusion 
July 14, 2019
Family Mottos
John Casey discusses his family mottos and why they are so important!    Show Notes- Family Mottos 1:00- Intro into Family Mottos 1:15- What is culture? 3:40: Unlimited Potential 5:00- Never give up 5:54- Mistakes aren’t a bad thing 7:03- No one can ruin our day without our permission  7:45- Win or learn 9:10- Butterflies are good! 10:29- Have fun and laugh a lot 11:38- Nobody can tell us who we can or can’t be, or what we can/can’t do, unless they care about us and will be supportive 12:25- Learn too soon and too often 13:06- When people go wrong, we don’t have to go with them 13:37- Finish what we start 14:25- Give no complaints without suggestions 16:49- We all have the power to make people feel good or bad 17:36- We keep our word, even when it is hard 18:30- Make each day count! 19:37- If the answer is yes…do the right thing 20:44- We are kind 21:57- We think before we react…
July 14, 2019
The 5 Don'ts of Coaching and Mentoring
David Naylor and Sean Johnson discuss the don'ts of coaching and mentoring, along with the difference between the two, and why they are both important in the work place.  Shownotes: 0:00-1:05- Intro into coaching and mentoring  1:40- the difference between coaching and mentoring  6:35- what coaches and mentors mean to different people  12:07- High payoff activities  15:45- Coaching isn't just for sports 17:21- what makes a mentor effective? 20:30- People know what to do and how to do it, but sometimes are missing the drive..   21:04- How do you help someone overcome mental barriers?  28:06- The mentoring process 35:54-  Helping guide people to come up with solutions on their own  40:45-  everyone can benefit from a coach or mentor no matter the position they're in 52:37- not enough people have solid coaches and mentors 1:03:08- The root cause of problems in the workplace    1:03:29-why is there a lack of coaching and mentoring? 1:17:12- What can stop someone from becoming a great coach or mentor?  1:24:52-  The biggest excuse people use.. 1:27:38-  How people incorrectly view coaching and mentoring   1: 32:54- Conclusion
July 14, 2019
The Four Cornerstones of Wisdom
John Casey discusses the four cornerstones of wisdom and all the ways we can utilize them and use them to help us succeed in life.   Show notes  0:49- Why having wisdom doesn’t seem natural 1:18- Cornerstone #1- Unlimited Potential  2:39- The Key to Unlocking Our Unlimited Potential 3:29- Cornerstone #2- Turning Weaknesses into Strengths (the number 1 secret to success) 5:25- Think like a child learning to walk 7:50- Cornerstone #3- Look at Mistakes in a Positive Way 9:59- Making mistakes helps us learn 11:52- Cornerstone #4- Difficult situations accelerate growth 
July 14, 2019
The Greatest Inhibitor to Success: Fear
On this episode of the Motivation intelligence Podcast, we are discussing fear and the effects it can have in both personal and professional settings.     Shownotes: 0:00-0:36- Intro 0:38- Why understanding fear in the workplace is important 5:00- Dave's Bungee-jumping experience  7:57- Everyone has fears- where do they come from? 12:37- A lot of fears come from childhood 21:00 What to focus on in terms of fear 36:00 Why its important to be ware of what we fear 46:00 Don't be so judgmental towards yourself 48:35 Think about the worst possible thing that could happen 55:10 We all have similar people problems in the workplace 1:01- Win or Learn 1:05:30 People are seeking purpose 1:14  The difference in people- their beliefs in themselves  1:22 Conclusion
July 14, 2019
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June 27, 2019
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