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Notes by Khia

Notes by Khia

By Khia Glover
Fostering children's mental wellness through connection between parent and child.

Khia Glover is a Licensed Social Worker, Child and Family Therapist, Mental Health Educator, and Parent Coach.

Khia has been working with families for over 10 years and is sharing her tips with the world on how to support children in a mentally healthy way.

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21. Kids and PTSD

Notes by Khia

24. Is This A Phase? The Power of Love and Acceptance for LGBTQ+ Youth
It seems like more and more youth are taking on (or taking off) labels that maybe you're not used to hearing.  I was joined by LGBTQ+ advocate, Jennifer Boudrye, to discuss what is going on with our youth and how we, as the adults, can show up for them.  According to the 2022 report conducted by The Trevor Project, a widely known advocacy agency for LGBTQ+ youth, "73% of LGBTQ+ youth experience anxiety" and 58% of those youth experience depression.  Being aware that this is still a hot/taboo topic particularly when it comes to youth, this podcast episode is not to debate what is right vs. wrong. This episode instead is intended to give adults support, as well as additional perspectives in how to support youth who you may know that share with you they feel connected to this community in any way.  Whether you have a child who has "come out" to you or not and regardless of what your beliefs are I encourage you to listen to the entire episode with an open heart and mind.  If you would like additional support or have additional questions you can always reach out to Jennifer through her website, or Khia at  Additional resources: CDC
June 28, 2022
23. Celebrating Black Fatherhood
With June having Men's Mental Health Month, Father's Day, and Juneteenth I wanted to do an episode celebrating Black Fatherhood and giving them a chance to speak the truths we do not always hear!    Stanley Peavy, Marquis Antwine, Kevin Woodfork II, Jesse Woodfork, and Rob Allen joined me to talk about their experiences being a Black father and what they are doing to make sure they are being present and connected with their children.    Connect with the guys:  Rob - and  Marquis -   Kevin - and    Listen to Kevin and Jesse's podcast:  Connect with Khia:  Watch the interview on YouTube FREE E-book:  Mindful Parenting Course:
June 19, 2022
22. Raising Boys with Kathryne Imabyashi
This week is Men's Mental Health Week. As we know the mental health of men starts in childhood so this week I am joined by Mrs. Kathryne Imabyashi, parenting coach of Sonhood Coaching. Kathryne specializes in supporting parents raising "remarkable men".  Connect with Kathryne: Instagram Website Free Mini Course Connect with Khia: Instagram Facebook Twitter  Website Freebie  Parenting Made Easy(er) Course Don't forget to subscribe, rate, and share!
June 14, 2022
21. Kids and PTSD
June is PTSD Awareness Month Did you know that children at any age can be diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)? It is often misdiagnosed as ADHD or Oppositional Defiant Disorder. In this episode we are discussing PTSD in children and how it is often missed and misdiagnosed and how you may be able to recognize it in your children.  Have a topic you would like me to discuss? Email me at or DM me on social  Instagram Facebook  Twitter  LinkedIn Please be sure to give us a rating on your favorite platform and share the episode! (Tag me on social!)
June 01, 2022
20. From Sibling Rivalry to Sibling Harmony with Lalaine Frankel
In this episode I got the chance to speak to Lalaine Frankel, of Parenting with Lalaine, Inc., about sibling relationships. We cover whether you should let your kids fight, how to intervene, and so much more!  Lalaine is a mother of twin girls, a son that was born just 10 months later, and a fourth son born with Down syndrome. Lalaine is a parent coach and has worked with children for many years as an early childhood teacher, program director, school-site director, and volunteered countless hours of working with children. Lalaine has a Bachelor of Arts degree in child development and is credentialed by the state of California in adult education, specializing in parent education and family management. Lalaine specializes in helping parents with children under the age of 12 create a path from sibling rivalry to sibling harmony.  Be sure to connect with Lalaine: Connect with Me: Instagram Facebook Group Facebook Page LinkedIn
April 12, 2022
19. Turning Red [Spoiler Alert]
Have you seen Disney and Pixar's new movie, Turning Red? There was SO MUCH to unpack I had to share my thoughts with you! I take a deep dive into the many different themes in this movie including friendship, freedom, allowing your child to be who they were created to be, and so much more! Take a listen and be sure to share (tag me if you share on social media) and leave a review. 
March 15, 2022
18. That's NOT Mindful Parenting!
If what comes to mind when you think of mindful parenting is the parent who seems to have no "control" and allows their children to run all over them I'm here to tell you, that's not quite it - that is parenting without boundaries. This episode discusses how to use boundaries to decrease your stress, improve behaviors, and help you get back to the joy of parenting. 
March 08, 2022
17. It's Not Working
Mindful Parenting is WORK!! One of the most common things I hear when teaching parents about being mindful in their parenting is, "We tried that, it didn't work". The thing is, as frustrating as it may be you have to keep working at it, it won't change over night - tbh, it probably won't change completely in the next 3 months. In this episode I am taking you through why it seems to be taking so long or not working and what you can do to make this a better experience for you and your family.  Connect with me:  Instagram: @notesbykhia  Facebook Community: Parents Raising Mentally Healthy Children  Let's Work Together: Book a Call With Me ☎️ 👀 FREEBIE 🎉
January 12, 2022
16. I'll Never Stop
Happy New Year!!  Wow, 2022  In this episode I talk to you about why I am so passionate about black parents switching from the old, abusive, way of parenting to mindful parenting.  You may experience some resistance in this episode but just hear me out!  If you are interested in starting or continuing mindful parenting grab my FREE e-book, 5 Puzzle Pieces of Mindful Parenting here today! Connect with me:  Instagram: @notesbykhia  Facebook: @notesbykhia  Parenting Group: Parents Raising Mentally Healthy Children  Website: Loving the podcast? Support by sharing on social media and leave a review on your favorite platform 
January 07, 2022
15. Adult Bullies
October is Bullying Prevention Month and we often think of bullying as something that happens on the playground between children. However, sometimes adults are the bullies. In this episode we discuss what an adult bully is, how to identify them, and how this can be changed.  Please be sure to share and rate on your favorite listening platform.  Connect with Khia:  Instagram  Facebook  Website  Free E-book! Instant Download!
October 26, 2021
14. Every Moment Counts
I often talk about Mindful Parenting and Teaching and that meaning that your interactions with your children/students have an impact beyond today. In this episode I will break down the three major ways that your interACTIONS with children impact them and what you can do about it.  P.s. don't mind the hammering in the background 🙄 We had yet another hail storm in Oklahoma for the second time this year and as I work on becoming more consistent this had to be done AND I lost all audio the first time 🤦🏾‍♀️😭 wasn't getting recorded again 😤 Please be sure to share, comment, and rate!  Get on the waiting list for the next workshop - Connect with me: Instagram: @notesbykhia  Facebook: Parents Raising Mentally Healthy Children  Book Khia to be on your podcast, speak at your event, host a workshop for your team, or provide consultation/training on children's mental health and/or minority mental health - click here   Have questions or topics you would like me to address on the show? Email podcast@notesbykhia.comm 
October 19, 2021
13. Parenting Teens that Struggle w/ Aaron Huey
This week I have a special guest on the show, Aaron Huey.  Aaron is founder of “Parenting Teens that Struggle” and the Host of the #1 Parenting Podcast “Beyond Risk and Back” which is Mental Health News Radio Network's highest-rated show internationally. He is also a Parent Coach for parents of kids at risk, a teen addiction interventionist, facilitates powerful parenting events, and is a very happy husband and father of 2 young adults. Aaron is an internationally known lecturer on archetypal imagery, body language, and martial arts and the Founder and President of Fire Mountain Programs, and since 2004 has run kids camps, teen camps, and family programming. In 2009, he and his wife Christine opened a residential Mental Health and Dependency recovery treatment center for teens ages 12-17 in Colorado. Fire Mountain Residential Treatment Center was in 2019 named one of the Top 50 Healthcare Providers in the United States and in 2020 named one of the Top 100 Innovators in Healthcare. Find him on Facebook at “Parenting Teens That Struggle” for a TON of free information and advice. You can find his coaching course for parents at: Connect with Khia:  Instagram: @notesbykhia Join the Facebook Group: Parents Raising Mentally Healthy Children  Website: Get on the waiting list for the next interACTIONS: Positive Parenting & Educating workshop Have a question or topic you would like me to cover? Email
October 12, 2021
12. Let's Talk About Sex Pt. 2
Let's Talk About Sex Pt. 2!  Last episode I talked about a few things including why you should be talking with your kids about sex, why you shouldn't wait or avoid the conversation, and more. This episode I am talking to you about the elder women and the sexualization and shaming of young girls.  Please be sure to share and leave a review on the platform you are listening on.  Workshop info and registration:  Instagram Facebook  Twitter  Website 
September 09, 2021
11. Let's Talk About Sex - Pt. 1's everywhere! And as much as you try to shield your children from it, it is pretty much impossible. I am amazed at how many parents/caregivers simply ignore the topic and act as if it does not exist. But, if you are not talking about it with your children and being honest and transparent about it who will be?  Be sure to share and subscribe so you don't miss Pt. 2!  Connect with me:  Join the Facebook Community Book mentioned: Black Girl In Love (With Herself) 
August 12, 2021
10. Black Women's Mental Health Matters Too
The Olympics 2021 is giving us LESSONS!!!  Teaching our young black and brown girls how to take care of themselves unapologetically!  Simone Biles, Naomi Osaka, Sha'Carri Richardson...all different stories but giving us the lessons we needed on taking care of ourselves.  _________ Notes by Khia is getting a makeover 💄 Join my email list to stay up to date with all of the updates IG: Twitter:  Facebook: and P.s. the sound quality of this episode kinda sucks because I was forced by the oh so great technology to record using a different platform. If you would like to donate towards getting a new legit mic feel free to cash app $notesbykhia 😄  If you have any questions, would like to be a guest on the show, or have topic ideas you would like me to cover shoot me an email Booking:
August 02, 2021
9. The Bad with The Good
We are back in this thang!!!  Starting off season 2 talking about sometimes even the negatives of not being parented mindfully can LOOK like positives on the outside but really can be detrimental to the individual from the inside out. Sharing my own experiences with looking like everything was good on the outside but how I was really struggling and suicidal with awful anxiety.  FREE Unlocking Mindful Parenting Webinar happening Tues, July 13 at 7p CST  Click here to save your seat -> Have a question, topic or comment you would like addressed on the podcast? Email  Need support with your child that seems to just not be listening? Book a Discovery Call with me today and let's discuss how I can help  ->
July 05, 2021
8. Heal Yourself!
Happy New Year!!! December was ROUGH for your girl but we are starting this year off back on target!  In this episode we are discussing the importance of doing your work to heal yourself and the detrimental impact that it can have on your children's mental health if you don't. As I always say "Healthy ParentING= Healthy Child" but you can not parent in a healthy way if you have not taken the time to heal yourself. During this episode I give you a look into what my healing has looked like, how I am learning to reparent myself in preparation for motherhood, and why you should be doing the same!  - -  Struggling to connect with your child and feel like you are hitting the same bumps in the road over and over again?  Book a Discovery Call with me today to discuss my Healthy Parenting 1:1 program where I help you and your family connect, build better relationships, and support you in raising mentally and emotionally healthy children - - -  Have a question you would like to be answered on the show? Want to advertise your products on the show? Interested in being a guest?  Email today  Subscribe now so you don't miss an episode! Connect with me: Facebook Healthy Parenting Group
January 06, 2021
7. Mindful Parenting Over the Holidays
Happy Thanksgiving! This week on the podcast I am giving you tips on how to be mindful in your parenting during the holiday season.  Connect with me:  Website  Instagram Facebook  Enroll in Mastering Mindful Parenting Course  As always if you have any questions you would like answered, a clip you would like me to discuss for the Parenting in Media segment, would like to be a guest on the show, or would like to be a show sponsor email
November 25, 2020
6. Say Something Baby
Do you find yourself always giving orders but not often giving your child affirmations and compliments? This week I share with you 3 things that you should be saying to your child daily.  Connect with me:  Instagram  Website  Facebook  Book a 1:1 Session with me  Sign up for masterclass 
November 18, 2020
S1 E5 It's Just Emotions Taking Me Over
We all know that children's emotions can be difficult to read, let alone manage. This week on the podcast we are discussing how to respond in a way that puts teaching and grace first.  Connect with me: Website Instagram Facebook  Be sure to get on my email list for exclusive access to Black Friday deals. Sign up here.  Have a question, topic, or media clip you want me to discuss on the podcast? Email me at  Please be sure to leave a review and share!!
November 10, 2020
S1 E4 My Child is Depressed & Suicidal: Now What?
Join me this week as I explain  • Dos and Don'ts for when your child is suicidal and/or depressed  • What it is like to be suicidal  • Myths vs Facts about suicide  If you are a parent whose child is suicidal, showing signs of depression or anxiety, or has a mental health diagnosis and you are needing support for how to support them book a call with me today (can it really wait?) Connect with Me: Website Instagram Facebook 
November 04, 2020
S1 Ep 3 What the Heck Qualifies You?!
Today I am sharing with you the very vulnerable experiences that I have had with suicide and how parenting impacted my depression.  Be sure to tune in next week as I give you specific Do's and Don'ts when you child expresses suicidal thoughts and ideations.  Connect with me:  Website Instagram  Facebook   Book a Session with me
October 29, 2020
S1 E1 Mindful Parenting: What is it & Why is it Important
In this episode we dive into the definition of mindful parenting, why you should be doing it, and what difference it makes in your chid's mental health. In the Parenting in Media segment we discuss what Iman Shupert said about supporting your children and so much more.  Connect with me: Website  Instagram Facebook  Need some guidance on how you can positively impact your child's mental health and enhance your relationship and connection? Book a free discovery call with me and let's get everyone on the same page today. 
October 23, 2020
S1 Ep2 Relationship Matters
In this episode we dig into the importance of your relationship with your child, the barriers to building those relationships, and tips for moving forward.  Get Connected: Website  Instagram Facebook  Have a question you would like answered on the show? Would you like to be a guest on the show? Email 
October 23, 2020
What Did I Get Myself Into?
It's official!! I have started a podcast! I am so excited about this.  We are going to talk all things mental health, mindful parenting, relationships with your children, and so much more! You can look for new episodes every Friday. Be sure to subscribe on your favorite podcast platform.  Connect with me: Website Have a question or a clip you would like to discuss on the show? Email
October 09, 2020