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We are the Next Stage Radicals and we are on a mission to make work work better. We live and work in lots of different places, collaborating as a Community of Practice and "Exploring Aloud" together. Our podcast is one of the ways we do this; sharing what we are doing and learning so that you can learn with us.
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Paul Jocelyn #Insurgency-tactics-for-L&D

Next Stage Radicals

Paul Jocelyn #Insurgency-tactics-for-L&D

Next Stage Radicals

David Aula #art-and-harnessing-peak-experience-to-move-us-all
David Aula is the founder of Unfeasible. Unfeasible exists to create space in which people start to see that what they think of as ‘unfeasible’ can be done. Unfeasible combines insights and experience from personal, group and organisational development with the heart stopping potential of theatre to move from ’thinking’, through ‘feeling’, to ‘acting from who we really want to be as humans’. Unfeasible offers services at what David likes to call ‘All Quadrants, All levels”, borrowing from philosopher Ken Wilber. So they work with both individuals and collectives and from the inside, out as well as from the outside in. In this podcast, David discusses his radical idea, that “art can be a beginning as well as an end in and of itself”, and that “peak experience can be harnessed to help to truly move us all”. website: email: linkedin:
May 01, 2022
The Collective Impact Agency #Changing-organisations-and-changing-systems
Andy Crosbie, Abby Taylor, and Anya Bonner run a community interest company called the Collective Impact Agency. The Collective Impact Agency exists primarily to help people and organisations deepen their impact through collaboration. They work on disrupting the systems that stand in the way of socially minded organisations and people doing what they’re there to do – make the world a fairer, more equal place. They do this through building relationships between and within organisations, and asking big questions that challenge the status quo. They focus on supporting organisations to prioritise learning, running experiments in new ways of working with and relating to one another, and supporting others to do the same. In this podcast, we explore the idea that ‘you can’t change systems without changing the organisations that make up those systems’ – and how the Collective Impact Agency is trying to operate in a fundamentally different way both internally and externally. Connect with CIA via: LinkedIn: Twitter: @CIA_CIC Web: Email:,,
April 01, 2022
Anna Whitehead #Curiosity-and-connection
This month’s guest is Anna Whitehead. Anna is developing a portfolio career. As a qualified coach, with a Diploma in Executive coaching, she coaches individuals on work-related topics, while keeping a focus on the whole person.  She works as an Associate Coach for Genius Within, coaching neurodiverse adults to be the best they can be at work. She is motivated to collaborate with others to improve things and also provides service improvement and change management consultancy grounded in systems thinking principles. She is keen to use her skills and expertise to help individuals, groups and organisations who aim to make a positive difference for others. Anna has 15 years’ experience of working in local government, including roles where she worked closely with the NHS and charities. As a change management and service redesign specialist, Anna has facilitated managers and teams to design and deliver transformation projects. She has also held a role as Chair of Trustees and Director of a charity. This professional experience gives her in depth knowledge of how organisations work and different approaches to improvement, change and transformation. Anna is a member of the North West committee for The Association for Business Psychology. In this podcast we explore where Anna’s curiosity has been taking her and the connections she is making in relation to some of the things she cares about; making society more inclusive for neurodiverse people, improving mental wellbeing at work and cultivating kindness. Connect with Anna via: Linked-In – please include a message to explain why you want to connect Email Find out more about Anna via her website: Lifes Tapestry If you are reading this before 12:30pm on Friday 1st April 2022 then come and join Anna for her EXPLORING ALOUD workshop. It's free to join and a perfect opportunity to explore the ideas shared in this podcast live with Anna and others. The focus will be on exploring curiosity and connections with people: Curiosity helps people to make connections but does making connections help create curiosity? What makes curiosity and making connections important? The workshop will include  interactive exercises as well as opportunity for discussion. EXPLORING ALOUD: 'Curiosity and Connection' with Anna Whitehead
March 01, 2022
Sarah Yardley #Relational-reach-and-relational-glue
This month’s guest is Dr Sarah Yardley. Sarah is a clinical academic, combining clinical practice as a Consultant in Palliative Medicine with a Honorary clinical senior lecturer position at UCL, where she holds a THIS Institute post-doctoral fellowship. As a clinical academic, she’s interested in how people (patients, families, carers, and healthcare professionals) make sense of their experiences and how the meanings they create inform further actions, leading to a variety of consequences. In this podcast we explore the importance of relationships in creating public services that work. Sarah introduces the concepts of 'relational reach' and 'relational glue' and we explore the challenging, real world situations that people find themselves in as they strive to do the right thing. Connect with Sarah via: Twitter (@lavendercrew) Email ( Find out more about Sarah via: THIS Institute Activity Theory Analysis of Palliative Medications Prime Centre Wales The Curiosity Habit If you are reading this before 12:30pm on Friday 11th February 2022 then come and join Sarah for her EXPLORING ALOUD workshop. It's free to join and a perfect opportunity to explore the ideas shared in this podcast live with Sarah and others. EXPLORING ALOUD: 'Relational Reach and Relational Glue' with Sarah Yardley NB In this podcast Sarah references the 'fictional contract'; Dieckmann P, Gaba D, Rall M. Deepening the theoretical foundations of patient simulation as social practice. Simul Healthc 2007;2:183–93.
January 01, 2022
Steve Chapman #Re-weirdening-the-world
This month’s radical is Steve Chapman. Steve is an artist, writer and speaker interested in creativity and the human condition. He works as a consultant and coach with individuals and organisations who are interested in finding creative and counter-intuitive ways to free themselves from ever-tightening loops of common-sense where creativity, novelty and change are rather difficult. Steve regularly give talks on creativity, spontaneity, human culture change, imperfection, stuckness, counter-culture, shame and the inner critic and is a regular guest on various podcasts. He has held roles as visiting faculty on MSc programmes at Ashridge Business School, the Metanoia Institute and Roffey Park, where he has taught spontaneity, working with uncertainty, facilitation and creative activism both in organisations and society in general. As an artist he has exhibited his work alongside the likes of David Shrigley and Pablo Picasso and has sold pieces across five continents. Despite clearly knowing and doing A LOT, Steve describes himself as being at his best when he is on the edge of not quite knowing what he is doing. Connect with Steve via: Twitter Instagram Can Scorpions Smoke? If you are reading this before 12:30pm on Friday 14th January 2022 then come and join Steve for his EXPLORING ALOUD workshop. It's free to join and a perfect opportunity to explore the ideas shared in this podcast with Steve and others. EXPLORING ALOUD: 'Playful with not knowing - a gentle re-weirdening' with Steve Chapman
December 01, 2021
Gary Wallace #Whole-systems-for-whole-people
This month’s guest is Gary Wallace. Gary works in the Office of the Director for Public Health in the city of Plymouth and is a member of the Plymouth Alliance Leadership Team. His work there, with colleagues from across communities and public services, has pioneered a radically different way of thinking about leading, commissioning and improving public services. As a founding member of the Human Learning Systems collaborative he generously shares and builds on the insights of that work with others, while continuing to support initiatives in Plymouth across a wide range of issues. In this episode we discuss (i) appreciative listening as a strategy for 'at scale' transformation (ii) why programatic approaches to transformation fail (iii) why where you start doesn't matter. Connect with Gary on Twitter (@geerai) and find out more about the topics discussed in this podcast at: Human Learning Systems Lankelly Chase Next Stage Radicals If you are reading this before 12:30pm on Friday 10th December then come and join Gary for his EXPLORING ALOUD workshop. It's free to join and a perfect opportunity to directly discuss the issues raised in this podcast with Gary and others. EXPLORING ALOUD: 'Whole systems for whole people' with Gary Wallace
November 01, 2021
Joeri Torfs #Beyond-institutions-creating-a-world-of-frictionless-person-to-person-engagement
This month’s guest radical is Joeri Torfs. Joeri's mission is to create frictionless person-to-person collaboration, unmediated by institutions and underpinned by a novel socio-economic model which enables people to adapt and self-manage in the face of life challenges. Together with his partner Pim Ampe, Joeri pursues this through his work as an enterprise architect and as Operational Director at the Quality of Life World Foundation. In this episode we discuss (i) the presence of 'force' in our lives and how this is impacting our ability to meet our needs (ii) ways in which the 'next stage' is already here but not yet integrated (iii) the role of individual agency in making change (iv) opting out of the status quo while still remaining part of the world. Find out more and connect with Joeri and Pim via: The Quality of Life World website. Joeri's Twitter (@joeri) or Linked-In Pim's Linked-In Also, you can read more about the Collaborative Agreements that Joeri mentions in the podcast here. If you are reading this before 12:30pm on Wednesday 10th November then come and join Joeri for his EXPLORING ALOUD workshop. It's free to join and a perfect opportunity to directly discuss the issues raised in this podcast with Joeri and others. EXPLORING ALOUD: 'A frictionless person-to-person world' with Joeri Torfs
October 01, 2021
Adrian Brown #Rethinking-government-for-a-VUCA-world
This month’s guest radical is Adrian Brown. Adrian is Executive Director of the Centre for Public Impact (CPI) and has over 15 years' experience working on government performance and transformation in the UK and internationally. He has held a range of positions in the UK government, including stints at the Prime Minister's Delivery Unit, the Strategy Unit and as a policy adviser in the Prime Minister's Office. In his work at the Centre for Public Impact he is helping others to reimagine government in ways that embrace complexity, value relationships and prioritise learning. In this podcast we discuss this work and what it means to rethink government for a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world. Find out more and connect with Adrian via: On Being and Doing in Government - a blog that Adrian references a couple fo times in the podcast. Centre for Public Impact. If you are reading this before 1pm on Friday 8th October then come and join Adrian for his EXPLORING ALOUD workshop. It's free to join and a perfect opportunity to directly discuss the issues raised in this podcast with Adrian and others. EXPLORING ALOUD: 'Rethinking government for a VUCA world' with Adrian Brown
September 01, 2021
Owen Lewis #Sport-Wales-Journey-Into-Complexity-Friendly-Partnerships-Funding-And-Accountability
This month’s radical is Owen Lewis, Assistant Director of Sports Systems, Strategy and Services at Sport Wales. Owen has been at the centre of work to reshape the role Sport Wales plays to become better adapted to complexity. This has led to some radical and ambitious changes to how Sport Wales and its partners are thinking about their roles, the way that funding works and how accountability should be operationalised together. In this episode we explore (i) Why Sport Wales is doing this work (ii) How they and their partners are using data to improve, not prove (iii) How trust operationalises through learning and common purpose (iv) What it's like when the doubts creep in (v) And how doing this work has released creativity, energy and intrinsic motivation. Find out more about this and related topics via: Cynefin HumanLearning.Systems Or connect with Owen via: Linked-In Twitter And if you are reading this before 9th September 2021, you can also join Owen for a free EXPLORING ALOUD workshop where we will be talking about what Owen and his colleagues are learning about what it takes to 'work the work' and not just 'talk the theory'.
July 23, 2021
Toby Lowe #Human-Learning-Systems-A-New-Paradigm-For-Public-Service
Research has shown time and again that public service isn’t designed or managed for the real world. Toby Lowe believes there is a better way and it's called Human Learning Systems. Public service can support human freedom and flourishing by responding to the unique context of each and every person it supports - and in so doing can create better outcomes for less money. Toby is Visiting Professor of Public Management at the Centre for Public Impact and the main face, voice and agitator for the Human Learning Systems movement. In this podcast we explore (i) how HLS differs from New Public Management (the status quo approach characterised by Markets, Managers and Metrics) (ii) why anchoring to the real lives of people through a learning relationship is the essential foundation for public service (iii) whether HLS is scalable and (iv) where the HLS approach is being pioneered. Find out more and connect with Toby via: Linked-In Twitter HumanLearning.Systems RealWorld.Report And if you are reading this before 20th August 2021, you can also join Toby for a free EXPLORING ALOUD workshop enquiring into what it takes to 'do' HLS in practice.
July 01, 2021
Jose Leal #Discovering-Your-Radical-Purpose
This month's radical is Jose Leal. Jose started his first business at age 16. In his 20s, he co-founded Canada's first automotive media portal. After ten years with the media company that acquired it, he quit as VP. Corporate life had taught him how not to collaborate. For nearly six years, Jose has focused on understanding human nature and collaboration, leading him to conclude that the fundamental challenge is to see our way out of 'the Force paradigm' and back to ourselves and each other. What does that mean? Not just 'no more bosses' but 'no more employees' either. Genuine human-to-human connection, mutuality and interdependence, fuelled by each person's sense of their unique 'radical purpose'. Jose is now exploring how he can help people to do this through his work at Radical Purpose and through collaborations such as Society 2045. More via the links below. Find out more about Jose: - on Twitter. - on Linked-In - via Radical Purpose. - via Society 2045. And if you are reading this before 9th July 2021, you can also join Jose for a free EXPLORING ALOUD workshop on the theme of "The future of work is people, not bosses and employees".
May 23, 2021
Kathy Evans #Funding-Interdependence
This month's radical is Kathy Evans, Chief Executive at Children England, the membership body for children's charities. We explore Kathy's vision of a world where interdependence and collaboration are recognised as the cornerstone of public services; a world beyond markets and citizens-as-consumers, and a world where each child is supported to flourish within what Kathy calls 'the ChildFair State". During her career as a social care practitioner and policy specialist, Kathy has been the Chair of the Standing Committee for Youth Justice, a trustee of the Children’s Rights Alliance for England, a member of the ACMD Hidden Harm group and DCSF Care Matters advisory group. She was a consultant to the Police Foundation and Justice, devising potential alternatives to Youth Courts, to support the Independent Commission on Youth Crime and Anti-Social  Behaviour. Kathy was named Children and Young People's Champion of the Year 2018, by the panel of young people who decide the Children & Young People Now Awards. Kathy is also passionate about being a Humanist Celebrant, performing non-religious weddings and baby namings whenever she is able! You can find out more about Kathy and her work: - by following her on Twitter. - via the Children England website. - in Children England's new strategy paper "Our Mission, Our Direction 2021-2025" And if you are reading this before 11th June 2021, you can also join Kathy for a free EXPLORING ALOUD workshop on the theme of "Funding Interdependence".
April 30, 2021
Laura Seebohm #Changing-Lives-Through-Trauma-Informed-Practices
Laura Seebohm is Executive Director for External Affairs at Changing Lives, a nationwide charity helping people facing challenging times to make positive change - for good. She has over 20 years’ experience in the statutory and voluntary sectors, working as a Probation Officer before joining Changing Lives in 2006. Laura developed particular expertise supporting women with experience of the criminal justice system, sexual exploitation and domestic abuse. With experience of policy at a local and national level, multiple peer research projects, lived experience, inclusion and system change practices, Laura has found herself particularly drawn to the potential of Trauma-Informed Practice as a means to truly changing lives. This approach offers a strengths-based framework, grounded in an understanding of the impact of trauma in peoples lives, and helping them to rebuild a sense of what Laura refers to as 'being, becoming and belonging' in their lives. In this episode I hear all about what led Laura to this approach, what she sees as its potential and what she and her colleagues at Changing Lives are doing to explore it in practice.  Find out more about Laura via: Linked-In @ Twitter @ Changing Lives website @ NB if you are reading this before Friday 14th May 2021 then come and join me and Laura for her EXPLORING ALOUD online workshop. We'll be unpacking more about Trauma-Informed Practice in practice and considering how it can inform the way we all live our lives and support each other, not just those who are facing the most challenging times. More info and registration @
April 01, 2021
J. Kim Wright #Lawyers-As-Peacemakers-And-Changemakers
This month’s radical is J. Kim Wright. Kim is a legal systems entrepreneur - transforming the systems, ideas, approaches, and habits that have underpinned the legal system since… well, forever. Although based in the US, Kim’s work connects cutting-edge lawyers, like-minded professionals, and communities all over the planet. She writes extensively, teaches law, coaches and advises clients, hosts and mobilises action within the integrative law movement and plays a key role as a co-founder of the Conscious Contracts® process. She’s also been know to have a day off! In this episode I sit back and relax as Kim tells me all about her journey through life. It's remarkable, inspiring and a perfect example of what's possible when we grab hold of our place in the world and don't let go. Find out more about Kim: On Linked-In @ On Twitter @ On her personal website @ Or via one of her company websites: @ @ And if you are reading this before 13 April 2021, come and join me and Kim for her EXPLORING ALOUD online workshop where we'll be unpacking how people can connect to what really matters to them, find their purpose and make it happen; “Why not? How ordinary people achieve extraordinary things” with J Kim Wright. More info and registration @
February 28, 2021
Paul Jocelyn #Insurgency-tactics-for-L&D
For 28 years Paul Jocelyn's career was at Tesco. Working in a variety of roles he was part of an ambitious business, relentlessly pursuing change at its growing edge; a shift to online and digital, going international, diversifying into new retail models such as Tesco Local, Tesco Express and Tesco Direct, a shift from groceries to groceries + everything else, and much more besides. In all of this Paul saw how learning and development at the growing edge of organisations needs to shift away from a centralised, standardised curriculum of learning in order to embrace something different, more agile and better adapted to the complex world of the 'next stage' business. Paul now works as a consultant, helping organisations to rethink their approach to learning and development. His work is heavily influenced by his experiences and by the idea that, in order for organisations to compete in complexity, it is necessary for them to shift the learning relationship from something that is ‘done to’ learners to something that is learner led and anchored in the work. You can find our more about Paul and his work via: Linked-In >>> Twitter  >>> His website >>> If you are reading this before March 12th 2021 then you can also join Paul for an Exploring Aloud workshop, where he will be discussing the ideas and issues raised in this podcast. Find out more and register through the link >>> EXPLORING ALOUD: 'Insurgency Tactics for L&D' with Paul Jocelyn 
February 01, 2021
Andy Brogan & Anna Smart #What-Is-The-Role-Of-Moral-Outrage-In-System-Change?
Andy Brogan is founder and convenor of Next Stage Radicals, co-founder of Easier Inc and the Human Learning Systems Collaborative and a member of Society 2045 (a social action group). Based in Herefordshire (UK) Andy's work is all about creating better ways of working and better places to work. At the core of this he believes in the need for a profound shift from conventional models of accountability - which he argues dehumanise people and create systemic irresponsibility - to a fresh emphasis on personal responsibility and agency based in fellowship. Fuelling this shift, Andy proposes that it is necessary to engage with questions about work and the workplace as essentially ethical questions about what role it is legitimate for people to play in each others lives.  Joined by fellow Next Stage Radical Anna Smart (this episode's guest host), this podcast is an exploration of these ideas. It investigates how viewing work through an ethical lens can provoke personal discomfort - even outrage - and how this may be both useful and necessary in order to move the world of work to the next stage. You can find out more about Andy and his work via Twitter @AndyTBrogan, via his LinkedIn profile or via the Easier Inc website. NB If you are tuning into this podcast before 12th February 2021 you can also join Andy for an EXPLORING ALOUD online workshop, where he will be in discussion about the themes raised in this podcast. More details and registration available here.
January 02, 2021
John Lodge & Hesham Abdalla #Escaping-Role-Shaped-Boxes-To-Make-Skills-Count
John  and Hesham are NHS Quality Improvement leads who have worked together to create the platform ‘’, the UK’s first national skill exchange and time-bank for improving health and social care. In their day jobs, John is the Head of Quality Improvement for the London region of NHS England and Improvement, and Hesham is the Quality Improvement lead at Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust, and a Consultant Paediatrician. You can find out more about John and Hesham by: - Joining them on You can join the platform for free and start offering or requesting improvement skills immediately. The video tutorials on their help page can get you started with a profile and navigation of Hexitime: - Following them on Twitter @Hexitime. NB If you are listening to this podcast before 1pm on 12th January 2021 then you can also join John and Hesham for an in depth discussion about their experiences and your opportunities to make the most of your skills, as part of our 'Exploring Aloud' series of webinars. More details via: - EXPLORING ALOUD: Escaping role-shaped boxes to make skills count with John Lodge and Hesham Abdalla.
December 01, 2020
Alex Papworth #How-Nature-Can-Help-Us-Organise-Together-In-Harmony
As a one-time business analyst in one of the world's largest institutions (Lloyds Banking Group), Alex Papworth knows how big business works. He's seen it from the inside. He's also seen where it doesn't always work so well; for the people in it, those affected by it and for the world around it. Sitting at the centre of a £3bn transformation has given him a unique perspective. Understanding the importance of approaching change by looking at the world and his work in changing hearts and minds as a complex system left him with the question: "What is the simplest, quickest and most intuitive way to help people understand the world, their work and themselves as a complex system?" This question has led Alex to consider the interplay between the world of work and the world of nature; drawing him towards the (perhaps radical) conclusion that nature provides the ideal organising principles and the operating model for better ways to work... and that these are more-or-less opposite to the ones that govern most of our normal practice. Spending time in nature and including it in our 'practice' also helps us tap into our intuition, which is a much quicker and simpler way to increase awareness of ourselves and the systems we live in so that we can find a way forward. He recognizes the paradox that whilst we accept that we are part of nature we often act as if we are not. In this podcast I invite Alex to unpack the ways in which 'nature can be the best teacher' and to share what he is doing to explore this in his life and in his work as a coach and mentor to numerous businesses, social action groups, community groups and beyond. You can find out more about Alex: - via his Linked-In profile. - by reading his blogs on - by contacting him at
November 01, 2020
Jackie Le Fèvre #Flexibility-With-No-Loss-Of-Authenticity
Jackie Le Fèvre lives in South Cheshire and is mum to 2 daughters, who she says teach her more everyday than she could hope to help them learn in a lifetime. Jackie works with values; in particular, exploring how understanding values can provide insight and meaning for motivation. She does this through her work at Magma Effect and in her everyday life too! You can find out more about Jackie: -  on Twitter via @MagmaEffect - through her website at - in her blogs at
October 01, 2020
Jeremy Cox #De-Taylorising-Work
Jeremy Cox is a Partner at Easier Inc, where he helps organisations to create better, more human(e) ways of working and better, more human(e) places to work. Jeremy's work sees him challenging the conventions of Management 1.0 and the Taylorist ideas that gave rise to it. His approach aims to find the balancing point between the radical and the pragmatic, helping people to change what they can today while working away at the foudnations for a radically different - and better - future. You can find out more about Jeremy by: - Reading his blogs on - Getting hold of him on Twitter via @JGConline. NB if you are tuning in to this podcast before 1pm on 6th October 2020, you can also join Jeremy in a discussion about the more human(e) workplace as part of our "Exploring Aloud" series of webinars. More details via... - EXPLORING ALOUD: Exploring 'de-Taylorising Work' with Jeremy Cox.
September 02, 2020
Pilar Orti #The-Office-Optional-Workplace
Pilar Orti is the Founder of Virtual Not Distant, where she helps organisations transition to an 'office optional' approach. ‘Office optional’ means that there is no dogma about where people should work - that the right workplace is whatever workplace supports someone to thrive.  Pilar's work sees her challenging workplace conventions and creating thoughtful engagement with questions about what matters to us in our lives and at work, and how technology can help us to create workplaces that are more rather than less human. You can find out more about Pilar by: - Reading her blogs and listening to podcasts she hosts via - Getting hold of her on Twitter via @PilarOrti. NB If you are tuning into this podcast before 1pm on 3rd September 2020 you can also join Pilar for an in depth discussion about her work and the links between 'Remote Working, Planned Spontaneity & Visible Teamwork '. More details via: - EXPLORING ALOUD: 'Remote Working, Planned Spontaneity & Visible Teamwork' with Pilar Orti
August 03, 2020
Nicky Shaw #Emotion-Coaching-And-Next-Stage-Leadership
With 22 years of practical experience as a nursery teacher, Nicky Shaw has developed a neuro-aware approach to supporting children’s social and emotional development. Gone are the behaviourist-inspired techniques of naughty corners, reward stickers and discipline-focused strategies. In their place are attachment-focused conversations and responses, rooted in empathy, that help children to build their emotional literacy and self-regulate their response to emotional triggers. The impacts of this approach have been profound. Perhaps most remarkable has been the impact on how children connect with each other. Even at these very early stages of childhood, the improved emotional literacy of each child has led to empathic interactions and understandings between children and an ability to co-regulate. Nicky’s work with nursery children points the way to something essential in the human condition; a truth about how we really work. The model of emotional literacy and self-regulation that she has developed holds the promise of much a broader application. For example, if nursery children can learn to self-regulate and co-regulate then could this same approach provide a model for leadership, fellowship, coaching, team building, self-management and self-organisation in the workplace? Find out more about Nicky: - Connect via the Next Stage Radicals community of practice or on Twitter @brogeshaw - Read more and get in touch via her University of Strathclyde profile page - Read the National policy document Nicky mentions in the podcast (Realising The Ambition) and which is helping bring this work to scale in Scotland. NB If you are tuning into this podcast before 1pm on 16th September 2020 you can also join Nicky for an in depth discussion about this work and its wider implications for how we all live and work, as part of our 'Exploring Aloud' series of webinars. More details via: - EXPLORING ALOUD: Emotion Coaching & Next Stage Leadership with Nicky Shaw
July 10, 2020
Nick Parker #Creating-A-Next-Stage-Region-Of-200-Organisations
Nick Parker lives and works in the South West of England, while also acting as Council Chair for the 30,000 strong RSA Fellowship. His work is geared towards creating the South West as a 'next stage' region, where has already engaged 200+ organisations in exploring 'next stage' ways of being and working. You can find out more about Nick by connecting with him: - Through the Next Stage Radicals community of practice - At - On Linked-In - On Twitter @nickpkr
June 29, 2020
Henry Stewart #The-Happy-Productive-Workplace
Henry Stewart is author of “The Happy Manifesto”, Chief Happiness Officer and founder at Happy - a London-based learning and consultancy provider that focuses on helping organisations to create happy and productive workplaces. Henry's work sees him supporting people to rethink the role of management, from being 'experts that tell' to being 'coaches that help and support'. You can find out more about Henry by: - Following  or connecting with him on Linked-In. - Downloading the Happy Manifesto from - Signing up for Henry's Happy Workplace Leadership Programme, which is now available online.
May 27, 2020
Saskie Dorman #Making-What-Matters-BAU
Saskie Dorman is a palliative care consultant in Dorset who has been working with local, regional and national colleagues to explore how to make what really matters to people business-as-usual. Her work has led her to challenge many of the conventional approaches to understanding and managing performance and to experiment with alternatives. You can read more about this here, where Saskie and colleagues describe what they have been learning about what it takes to develop a shared understanding of 'what good looks like' in practice. You can find out more about Saskie by: - Viewing her blogs and sketch-notes on - Getting hold of her on Twitter via @saskie_dorman.
May 02, 2020
Mark Smith #Bespoke-by-Default
Mark Smith is Director of Public Service Reform at Gateshead Council in the North East of England (UK). His work sees him challenging the conventions of standard setting and standardisation in order to pursue an approach to public service that he describes as bespoke-by-default. You can find out more about Mark by: - Reading his blogs on  - Getting hold of him on Twitter via @MarkAdamSmith.
April 15, 2020
Introducing the Next Stage Radicals
One year ago (in March 2019) around 100 people met in London to explore the potential for new and better ways of working. From this small event a community of practice has grown; people who are active in exploring what it means and what it takes to really make work work better. We call ourselves the Next Stage Radicals and we are launching this podcast as another way of Exploring Aloud; sharing what we are doing and learning - warts and all - so that others can learn with us. Join us as we try to work out how to move beyond management 1.0 and into 'the next stage'.
April 15, 2020